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The Power of Words

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Dazai rushed to the apartment where the kids were kept. He got a distress call from Odasaku's cellphone. If Odasaku was unable to handle it, then it was either serious, or stupid… Just in case it was serious, he had a backup team ready.

He went to the door, gun on the trigger before he opened the door. He expected at least Odasaku to be around, but he saw only the 5 children, one of them holding the phone.

“Ah ! It really worked!” Sakura exclaimed and took out the postcards.

“Dazai-san please help us! We need your help!” Yuu tugged on the sleeve of Dazai's blazer and pulled him down to sit among them at the tiny table.

“What is the meaning of this?” Dazai asked. He didn't know much of the kids beyond their names. He wondered what they needed him for.

”Well… We need to give New Year's postcards to the old man!” said Kousuke, putting his hands on his hips.

“And what do I have to do with this?” asked Dazai.

The kids looked at each other, “Well… We can't write… And the old man is out.”

The nerve of these kids! To call me just for this! Dazai thought, yet kept his cool

“How did you even know how to call me? You can't read me name…”

“Well if you press the call button twice, it calls the last person called!” replied Shinji

Ah, and he did have a pretty lengthy conversation with him… The kids were smarter than he expected.

“Very well, I'll write your postcards for you.” He took a pen and started writing whatever the kids told him.

“Dazai-san, are you sure you can write?”

“It looks… Scribbly.”

“I'm sure he can read it,” Dazai retorted, his handwriting couldn't be that bad...

He listened to all the heartfelt speeches the kids had to say, slightly amused by the honestly sweet words they had for Odasaku. He could tell that they really cared for him.

Finally, there was one card left, which left Dazai confused. He filled out five cards, then who was the sixth one for?

“It's your turn now Dazai-san!”

Dazai blinked. Why were they making him write a card?

“You love the old man don't you?”

“We saw you both kissing the other day! And you kiss only the ones you love right?”

Dazai felt his face get hot, these kids were too honest for their own good. Just like Odasaku…

“Fine fine… I'll write a card for him… “ He stared at the blank postcard, wondering what to say to him. How could he convey everything he felt about him in just this tiny postcard?

He took the pen, and simply wrote, “Thank you for being there for me.”

“Eh? You wrote so less?”

Dazai gave a smile, and got up to leave, “Sometimes a few words are more than enough. Now excuse me.” He stepped out of the doorway, postcard in hand. He didn't tell the kids that they needed to mail the postcards. It didn't matter as long as they reached Odasaku after all.