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In Arms Reach

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If you're wondering where you are

'Cause you wandered way too far

You're safe with me

If you're in arms reach

If you need a place to go

Somewhere you can get a taste of home

All you need to see

Is you're in arms reach with me





The cafe is too loud. The music is too jazzy. The question is, will he like it?

Calm down, Chris says to himself. Calm down, crazy.

But, but, seriously. The answer to that question is, not to be dramatic, a matter of life or death.

What if he doesn't? What if he does? Will his – their – pup be playing jazz all the time when they're home? Oh my god. Chris isn't sure he can stand it.

But, parenthood – it's about sacrifice. Agony. Uncle-hood sure is, so, like. It just makes sense that parenthood would be that, but worse.

Chris takes a deep breath. He should stop. He can not be this anxious. He's done this before. Just because this guy, this – this gorgeous, perfect, Sebastian – is his last chance at having a pup it doesn't mean Chris should be this nervous.




Chris exhales slowly – okay, yeah, not so slowly – and takes his phone from the table, punching his security code in and pressing his thumb against various corners of his phone until he finally gets to Sebastian Stan's Instagram profile. His name, well, is a bit – original, but. Just because his Instagram name is sebslutstan doesn't mean he's, uh... a slut.

Chris has wandered through the omega's profile quite a bit – a lot – already, so he definitely knows how much he has to scroll down in order to see his favorite photo of Sebastian. Chris likes it because of how genuine it looks; Sebastian is wearing very short shorts, leaving his beautiful, tanned skinny legs on full display. His colored socks are very visible as well, especially since he's wearing a pair of low-top red converse; one of his legs is bent at the knee and up into the air, while one of his hand is mockingly imitating a military salute and the other one is pulling his own white shirt down, exposing a very puffy, very pink nipple.




Chris swallows down nervously, then takes his eyes away from Sebastian's chest and up to his gorgeous face; the omega's tongue is sticking out of his mouth and his eyes are gray and mischievous, full of juvenile mirth. He's very, very attractive, and so pretty it's frankly ridiculous.

His legs, though. A bit too skinny. Hips a little too narrow. It's not so unusual, especially with male omegas, but – isn't he a bit underweight?

Chris squirms unhappily on his seat. He wants Sebastian to eat .

No, no, no, no, no, no . Chris has to chill the fuck up. He doesn't even know if Sebastian will agree to carry his pups – he doesn't even know if he himself will want him to carry his pups. Sebastian seems to be a little on the young side, even if his folder clearly stated that he's twenty-seven; Chris is twenty-eight himself, but this dude... he looks way younger. Maybe it's just Chris' imagination.

Those thighs, though, they are...


Chris' eyes widen. Someone is calling his name.


He lifts his gaze towards the cafe entrance, where Sebastian is waving his hand at him excitedly; he's smiling like it's Christmas and he's screaming his name like a madman, turning all heads in the shop towards him and looking like he couldn't care less.

Chris can't even bring himself to feel embarrassed, though. He's currently very clearly staring at Sebastian's thighs, which are so wonderfully, perfectly thick


Sebastian sits down with him. “I thought you were skinnier,” is the first thing Chris says.


Oh no. Oh no , oh fuck fuck fuck


Sebastian's smile doesn't even falter; he glances down to Chris' phone still grasped tight in his hand, then only smiles wider. “Sure ain't, pal,” he chuckles, patting his thigh loudly, “gotta put on some fat for the pups, right?”


Chris is completely, utterly defeated. He's in love already.


He gulps down some air and says, “yeah. You look – you look gorgeous. Hello.”

Why did he say that? He did not want to say that. But Sebastian's eyes light up, so Chris can't bring himself to regret it. He smells so good. “Hello,” he says back softly. “You too.”

Sebastian blatantly scents the air – it's a bit rude, but he looks unfairly cute while doing it. “ Hmmmm !” He hums, purring like a kitten. “You smell amazing !”

He offers Chris his hand a second later, like he hasn't just said that. “Great to meet you. I'm Sebastian.”

Chris blinks a few times, then slowly takes it – it's unbelievably soft, Sebastian's skin so pale and so cold; it's snowing outside, and his nose and cheeks are all red and fucking adorable. Chris wants to hold his hands and warm him up. “I'm Chris,” he says simply instead, stopping himself before he can voice his stupid thoughts. Or return the scent compliment, which. Wouldn't simply turn out to be a cute humming sound. At all.

“So. Chris!” Sebastian repeats, getting very excited very quickly. He taps his hands against the table a few times, and the sudden noise almost startles Chris. “Want a hot chocolate? The one they make it is absolutely orgasmic. Or maybe coffee? A milkshake? Anything you want. I sucked the guy who own the shop off once and I never had to pay for anything ever since, so – ”

Sebastian turns unbelievably red in a matter of seconds, and throws his arms in the air and then right in front of Chris, shaking his hands and looking like he's on the verge of death as he basically yells, “not that I normally do that! Well, not always! I promise! I just – ”

A blonde waitress blessedly comes to their rescue. She asks for their orders, which they awkwardly give, and then she leaves.

“Just leave when you're done, Basha,” she says over her shoulder, walking to another table.

“You weren't joking,” is all Chris manages to say.

“Well, um, anyway,” Sebastian hurries to reply, “let's just – let's just forget about that. Alright? We've got more important things to talk about.”

Chris is now very vividly envisioning Sebastian's plush, pretty lips wrapped around someone's – preferably his – cock, so he nods without really listening. Then he asks, “what?”

“The pregnancy!” Sebastian all but whines. “Isn't that the point?”

“Oh,” Chris nods again, a bit embarrassed. “Yeah. 'Course. So. Um. About that.”

“You read my file?” Sebastian asks, looking a little hopeful and mostly hopeless. “The one I gave to RDJ?”

Chris blinks. “RDJ?”

“The, um – the Pupsmaker girl,” Sebastian explains, blushing a little. “That's – that's just a silly nickname, I've. Uh, I've known her for a long time. She's my best friend. We've been, she's been, ah – she's been helping me with this – thing – for years. Um.”

Chris blinks again. He emits a long, confused noise, then blurts, “Robyn Downey?”

“Yes!” Sebastian nods happily, slapping his fist on the palm of his own open hand and then gesturing wildly, very excitedly at Chris. “The short brunet girl! That's her!”

“Okay,” Chris says slowly. “Yes, I – she gave me your file. Twenty-seven. Right?”


Sebastian blinks. “What?”


Chris blinks back. “What?”


“Twenty-seven what?” Sebastian clarifies, furrowing his brows like he's trying really hard to understand.


“Uh,” Chris mutters, mentally saying what the fuck to himself, “ah, well – years?”


Understanding dawns on Sebastian's face. “Oh! Of course!” He hurries up to say. “Yes! That's my age! I'm twenty-seven!”

Chris doesn't really know how to react. He also doesn't really want his pups to be as dense as this guy is.

“But, but,” Sebastian says, looking all concerned all of a sudden, “let's get back on track. So. The pups.”

He takes a notebook out of his messenger bag, followed by a sparkling pink pencil. “I've written down a few questions to ask you. Can I?”

“Sure. That's actually smart,” Chris says, then immediately regrets it.

But Sebastian doesn't seem to have noticed the blatant insult to his intelligence. “Okay, so. How many?”

Chris knows that, as the father of the pups, he's the one who has to try harder to make a good impression. Sebastian is incredibly gorgeous, and, alright, maybe a little dense, but – maybe he's just nervous. He bites on his full bottom lip, staring up at him with beautiful gray eyes, and Chris completely forgets about everything that's happened in the last five minutes. He wants to make a good impression.

“Two would be awesome,” he answers.

Sebastian's eyes light up with interest. “So, twins?”

“Oh,” Chris breathes, only now realizing what the question was about. “No, I mean – I meant, like – not twins. Siblings.”

“Ah,” Sebastian says, looking a little disappointed. Chris never wants to see that expression on his face again. “Alright. We can talk about a second pregnancy after the first one, then. I mean – if you want me to be the mama of the second one too, that's it."

Chris blinks one too many times. “The – the what? The mama?”

Sebastian blushes a deep, wonderful crimson red, and immediately hides his face in his hands. “Sorry, sorry, just – just ignore that!” He says, all flustered and embarrassed. “That's – oh my god, that's so stupid. Forget it. I meant – ”

“That's – really cute,” Chris can't help but say. He lets out a breathless chuckle, and his eyes must be full of hearts right now.

Sebastian peaks up at him from in between his fingers, hands still plastered on his face. “Seriously?”

“Seriously,” Chris says gently. He smiles at him.

Sebastian lets his hands fall back down to the table, reassured, and smiles softly back at him. His cheeks are still red, and Chris's heart is beating just a little bit faster. “Okay,” he murmurs, biting on his bottom lip again, “that's, okay. Second question. Do you think you're going to stay in Brooklyn for the time to come?”

Chris shrugs. “Do you?”

“Well – yeah,” Sebastian nods, caught a bit by surprise by the question. “I've lived here my whole life. My family lives here. I don't want to move away.”

“Me neither,” Chris says, smiling at him again. He can smell Sebastian's nervousness in the air. “It's alright.”

“Good,” Sebastian smiles back, nervousness replaced by reassurance in a second. “Do you want to raise the pups on your own when they're in your care, or are you comfortable with the idea of us spending some time together in certain occasions?”

“Like a family?” Chris asks.

“More like, awkward parents meeting up at birthdays and celebrations,” Sebastian chuckles.

Chris smiles, charmed by the soft sound of that chuckle. “Sure,” he nods.

Sebastian doesn't comment on his answer, but Chris can smell his happiness about that choice. He taps his paper with his ridiculous pink, shiny pencil, and asks, “got a house? A stable job?”

“Yeah, 'course,” Chris replies. “I'm an architect. I'm in a really safe, really good position at work. I'm saving money for a bigger house, too, but the one I live in right now is already perfect for the pups. I don't have a backyard yet,” he clarifies, “but I'll get to that later. When the pup is actually old enough to play in one.”

“A backyard,” Sebastian echoes, looking completely enamored with the thought. “Yeah.”

Chris stares at his happy, blissed out face for a few, long moments, then starts to feel very awkward very quickly. “What, um – what about you?”

“Oh,” Sebastian breathes, falling from his happy cloud and shattering back to the ground. “I'm, well. I'm – I'm making good money,” he says, quite vaguely.

Chris tilts his head to the side. “That sounds – ”

“It's just – it's embarrassing!” Sebastian groans, hiding his face against the table. His forehead makes a loud thump sound. “I'm a bed warmer,” he whines.

Chris blinks. He tries to speak, but the words simply won't leave his mouth. He tries to formulate the question in a way that isn't offensive, really tries, but then Sebastian lifts his head from the table and Chris' gaze falls on his full, plush, wet mouth, and all he says is –

“So are you, like, a prostitute? ”

Said Sebastian's full, plush, wet mouth falls open, and his brows furrow beyond belief. “What?” He replies, clearly offended. “No! I'm – I'm literally a bed warmer!”

“Oh,” is all Chris can say, surprised.

“I get into hotel beds and warm them up,” Sebastian continues, still very much clearly upset. “Did you really think – ”

“No,” Chris immediately lies. “I'm sorry. I just – I don't know what I was thinking. I'm sorry. Really.”

Sebastian literally pouts. “Okay,” he concedes.

Chris clears his throat. “What about, um – what about your place?”

“As I said, I make good money,” Sebastian replies, lifting his chin somewhat haughtily, “because my body heat is absolutely crazy. The best in the US, pal. Which means I got a really nice flat a the moment, but I'm still definitely going to buy a better, bigger place when I finish university.”

“Alright,” Chris replies, a bit distracted by Sebastian's lips and the way they manage to look pouty even while he speaks. Okay, very distracted. So much that it takes him a second before he processes Sebastian's next question.

He's asked him if he's got any pets. “Ah, well – yeah, but I think, I think a dog would be great for the pups. And he's so good, like, really, I promise he won't be of any trouble. Promise!”

Sebastian smiles, evidently amused by Chris' momentary panic. “It's okay, Chris,” he chuckles, “relax. I think a dog would be good, too.”

He tilts his head to the side, a soft smile still in place on his beautiful mouth. “What's his name?”

“Dodger,” Chris smiles, fully aware of how big of an idiot he looks like right now. He tries and completely fails to keep himself from info-dumping the poor bastard in front of him, immediately turning his phone towards the unfortunate omega and showing him some pics of his dogs before he can even reply. “He's three years old, or, well, I think – I got him from a shelter, but he was already grown up, so I got no idea of his actual age. But I took him to the vet, run a DNA test on him, so I'm pretty sure – ”

Sebastian bursts into laughter. “You had your dog's DNA tested?”

Chris bites on his tongue, desperately hoping to turn it into pieces so that he can stop talking and making such a big fool out of himself. “Ugh – ”

“It's okay,” Sebastian smiles, patting his arm gently. “It's, well, it's not just okay. It's mostly adorable. He seems very nice.”

“He is,” Chris nods, forcing himself to put his phone away before he slams it directly in Sebastian's gorgeous face. “Promise. He's a good one. He'll be great with the pups.”

Sebastian's smile widen, and he taps his pencil against his notebook again. He reads the next question on the page aloud. “Any bad and/or hereditary illness in your family history?”

They exchange information about the topic, but it turns out they both come from a pretty healthy family background. Sebastian looks pleased about that.

“Is this your first time meeting a potential omega mother?” He asks, muttering around a mouthful of his poor pink pencil. When he moves his mouth away from it, his lower lip has a dusting of pink glitter on it.

Chris has to blink several times before he can answer.

“Uh – no, definitely no,” he finally says. “I must have met five or six omegas already, I think. I also met many, many betas before. But, um... none of them really... impressed me, I guess,” he shrugs. “I don't know. I'm supposed to see the other parent of the pups for, well, eighteen years to say the least, right? I'm not going to pretend that they don't exist. So...”

Sebastian looks pleased by that answer, too. “Yeah,” he agrees, scribbling something on his notebook. “Same here. I tried so many people,” he sighs.

Still, there's hope in his eyes when he glances back at Chris.

Sebastian asks him around a dozen more questions, then finally gets to the last one on his list. “How do you want to do this?”

Chris can't help but frown. What kind of question even is that? “Um – the normal way?” He replies. “Like, I'm going to, um – give a... sample... of my... thing... and then they're gonna, the doctors, they will... uh.... put that, sample, in... well... your….”

Sebastian stares at him through the whole awkward attempt at an explanation, munching at his pencil like he's an hamster or something. “I was hoping we could do it the natural way,” he finally says.

Chris almost has an heart attack right then and there. “What?”

“Yeah, the omega-meets-alpha way, you know?” Sebastian replies, completely at ease. “The bees and the flowers? I mean – ”

“I know what you mean,” Chris cuts him off, a bit scandalized. “But – why?”

Sebastian remains still for a moment, then shrugs. “Why not?” He replies. “I don't want to be all alone with my legs up in the air. I don't even paint my toenails. I'm not going to be staring at something pretty while they splash your seed in me, ya know?”

Chris gulps down, trying really hard not to get a boner on the spot at that last mental image. “So – you're saying – ”

“I'm extremely fertile,” Sebastian cuts him off again. “Really. My yespups! app is sick of telling me that every week of the month,” he explains. “I've got the premium version.”

“Okay,” Chris nods slowly, pretending he knows a damn thing about said app. “But – ”

“We're going to make a pup,” Sebastian insists, a little whiny. “I want it to be in me, Chris. I don't want a test tube to stand in between me and my pups, alright? I want it to be intimate. I want it to be natural. I want it to be real!”

Forget whiny - there's real desperation in his tone now. “No epidural. No helping pills. I want it all, Chris,” he protests, like Chris is somehow telling him no, “like my mama did! And her mama before her, and her mama before him, and his mama before – ”

“You're asking me to knot you,” Chris interrupts, still processing, “like – for real, like me inside you without a condom real, like – ”


His eyes suddenly fall on Sebastian's messenger bag.


And he sees a water bottle. More notebook. A travel sized pack of tissues. And a university ID, peeking out from the pages of a seemingly very old, very ruined Shakespeare something book.


He suddenly remembers Sebastian saying, but I'm still definitely going to buy a better, bigger place when I finish university.


Oh. Oh fuck.


He's not twenty-seven.


The guy is a fucking teenager.


“You're not twenty-seven!” Chris immediately accuses him, absolutely shocked. He didn't think someone could actually cheat on official papers, send in fake documents, play around with his hopes. “You deceived me!”

Sebastian's mouth falls open; Chris barely has time to talk before he sees his eyes fill up with tears. “I can explain!” He murmurs, extending his arm to grab Chris' bicep. “I'm – no one took me seriously! I had to – ”

“Of course no one did, you're a teenager!”Chris replies.

“I'm not!” Sebastian whines, shaking his head. “I'm twenty-one. That's not so young – ”

“That is crazy young, Sebastian,” Chris reasons, anger dissipating as soon as tears start rolling down Sebastian's cheeks. “Crazy young.”

“But I really want a pup,” Sebastian whines again.

“You are a pup,” Chris says gently, grabbing Sebastian's hand when it falls from his bicep. “You're still going to university. You're – ”

“But I'm almost done with it,” Sebastian protests weakly. “And you were going to say yes!”

“I was going to say yes, because I thought you were older,” Chris quietly explains, like Sebastian really is a stubborn pup in need of some gentle soothing. “If you were older, sure. But – ”

“I've wanted this since I was five years old,” Sebastian sobs, cutting him off. “I played with baby dolls until I grew too old to keep doing it. I have a nursery ready at home. I just need – ”

He grabs Chris' hand tighter, big gray eyes full of tears and hope and despair. “I just need you,” he whispers.

Chris blinks at him, completely taken aback. Sebastian suddenly looks older than his years; his scent has turned into something sad and bitter, tears are rolling down his cheeks, and his hand it's so warm – professional bed warmer, Chris thinks. He would wrap his arms around Sebastian at night, after making their pup in the most natural of ways, and Sebastian's body heat would keep him warm all night.

He would feel soft; wrapped all around him, his sweet fruity scent filling up the room, breathing slowly and calmly against Chris' chest.

He would grow full and happy and swollen and he would absolutely glow

“You're my last chance, Chris,” Sebastian adds quietly.


Chris sucks in a breath.



As Chris had perfectly guessed, Sebastian is, in fact, amazingly warm in his arms.

Sebastian's legs intertwine with his own, and his fingertips keep drawing silly pattern across the skin of his chest. He smells incredible, tastes amazing, feels so great under his touch; he's warm, and soft, and a bit sleepy, and all Chris will do tonight is kiss him.

He strokes Sebastian's pale, slender arm slowly, caressing his skin as he touches it gently. Chris is prodded on one of his elbows, watching Sebastian's beautiful features as he hovers carefully over him; Sebastian smiles even as he slowly falls asleep, listening to Chris' voice telling him I promise. Just a few more years.


That night, they both dream of their pups.




“Miruna! Come here!”

Chris watches as Sebastian storms out of the kitchen, wooden spoon held tightly and threateningly in his hand while the other one rests safely on his eight-month belly, all big and very much noticeable by now. “You made mama angry,” he shouts, disappearing through the corridor, and Chris slowly stands from the couch to quietly, carefully come to his poor pup's rescue.

“Mama, please!” Chris hears Miruna plead, venturing down the corridor to reach her room. “I promise, I didn't mean to!”

“Yeah, that sounds familiar,” Sebastian replies, as Chris sees him putting his hands on his hips. He doesn't risk actually entering the room. “Where have I heard that before?”

Sebastian pretends to think about it. Chris feels his blood freezing in his veins. “Oh, right!” Sebastian finally says, with completely false glee. “Two freaking weeks ago, when you said that Dodger had eaten your homework again!”

“But mama!” Miruna whines, big gray eyes – Sebastian's – full of tears. “He just really likes it!”

From the floor, still clutching Miruna's shredded homework between his paws, Dodger makes a vaguely apologizing noise.

“That's it,” Sebastian says, lifting his chin up in the air like a diva, “no cake for you tonight, Miruna. And no treats for you today either, Dodger!”

Dodger whines. Miruna bursts into tears.

“But mama!” She pleads again. “Please!”

“No,” Sebastian insists.

“I'll put all my old toys in a box for the baby!” She sobs, gesturing to the absolute mess that her bedroom is.

Sebastian's mouth opens up as if to deny her her salvation, but then his gaze on her turns interested. “Hmm,” he hums, tilting his head to the side. “Would you?”

“I'll start right now!” Miruna assures him, nodding quickly up at him. “Please, mama, please!”

“I'd say that's a reasonable offer,” Chris says, stepping into the room and wrapping his arm around Sebastian's lower back. “Isn't it, love?”

Sebastian is so fucking weak for petnames – almost as much as Chris is. “I guess it is,” he sighs, patting his full belly like that's officially a settled matter. “Hurry up, baby,” he says, lifting both of his eyebrows in a somewhat warning way, “I want to see everything into those boxes by dinner, is that clear?”

“Perfectly clear, mama!” Miruna nods with all seriousness, immediately throwing herself to the floor. “Thank you, mama!”

Chris snorts as they leave the room, whispering into Sebastian's ear while they walk back into the living room. “You've raised a baby soldier,” he jokes fondly.

“In less than a month time, me and you are going to be outnumbered,” Sebastian says, keeping a completely straight face and not laughing at all. “These twins are going to be two absolute devils, Chris, I hope you know that.”

Chris grins. “Oh, baby, I know. I was a devilish pup myself.”

He kisses Sebastian before he can reply.