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[FFD]Music night

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[FFD]Music night
"Wake up,Wake up now! is 8 o'clock at morning now c'mon Nacht!"
Sol,the young boy with red-white clothes raise up the handsome male in teal hair Nacht, He wear only black troser
"Why you raise me up i'm stil sleepy" Nacht said ,his blue eyes already opened
It is what Nacht see ,Sol has shacking his’s body, If He don’t wake up from bed
“Hey!hey!don’t thicking me *haha!*” Nacht get laugh because Sol thicking his’s hip
After the little playing Nacht had already dressing now, his’s original dark blue clothes walk to table for eating breakfast,later he got enter his and Sol bedroom.
“Hey!Nacht are you okey,why you tired?”Sol ask question
“Noting,Sol,I’m fine” Nacht said
“Maybe I’ve frond very-very interesting inn: giant size bed,karaoke,music play and beautiful light in room wow! I frond 2 ticket on that inn!Nacht can you join with me?”
“….Okey,I’m going with you,Sol”Nacht answer him
Sol has happy,his’s face full smile of joyful and then Nacht and Sol pack them bag go to inn
Room 103
They has came to ther’s room Sol had begen to singing.
“Tenshi no Enogu’huh?sound interest is rock?”Nacht ask
“Is pop-dance music,that is my favorite song!”Sol said,he had start music
Sol is the best singer when he sing any song,his’s voice is gentle, sweet but stong like him
Maybe he can be the best singer but Sol want to pilot on airship.
“what a matter?” young boy in pale eyes ask to Nacht
And then, Nacht dang Sol intro his body and kissed him
Sol’s eyes widened in surprise, He don’t think it happened his best friend, brother, sidekick
“What wrong Sol” Nacht said and smile at same time his blue eyes glowing in loved
“You…love me Nacht?”
“Of curse, My sweet heart”
Nacht get another kiss to Sol, They want live in this paradise of love anymore
Story: Jaksana Boonchom