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    They've successfully completed what might be the most dangerous mission in history: the recovery of the Winter Soldier.

    Now comes the recovery of Bucky Barnes, which is turning out to be even more difficult.

    A story about Bucky coming back to the surface with the help of Steve, Sam, pancakes, video games, the city of New York, assorted Avengers, and beds that--really, let's be honest here--are too soft to sleep on.

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    They loom above Steve, their solid base. Bucky looks down at them, moving together, his mouth open in awe. His body is giving and taking; he is given and taken. He's in love, he's in love.

    He catches Sam's gaze and holds it. Mouths a silent 'thank you.' Sam shakes his head, and they lean in together to share a deep, lingering kiss. Bucky sighs and enjoys the feel of Sam's facial hair scratching against his skin. Beneath them, in their hands, Steve shudders and comes.

    Bucky pulls back to let Steve catch his breath. His cock, still hard and dripping wet, slips from those pink lips. Steve moans at the loss, moves to chase after him, but Sam keeps him still with a firm hand on one narrow hip.

    "Getting close," Sam gasps, and Bucky is there on the other side of the bed in the blink of an eye. He coaxes Steve's legs open a little more, slots himself in behind Sam, wraps an arm across his chest to feel the rapidfire heartbeat there.

    "Give him what he wants," Bucky says.

    Steve is staring down the length of his body at them, pleading for it too. He chants, "Yes, come on, Sam, please."

    "Always rushing me," Sam grits out between clenched teeth. Bucky actually laughs then, lets it rumble from his chest. Steve reaches up, frames Sam's face with his hands. When he comes, they kiss. Bucky watches in satisfaction.

    He releases his hold on Sam and starts to back away, but two sets of hands grab onto him, pulling him by hips and wrists into their arms.

    "We're not finished if you're not finished," Steve says, glancing at Buck's stalwart erection.

    "It's fine." Bucky bats their hands away. "I'm all right." He'd felt good for once and that was enough.

    "You sure? Because I think Cap can take some more." Sam waggles his eyebrows.

    Steve nods, a small, secret grin spreading across his face. He tugs Bucky into the V of his legs, right where Sam had been a moment ago. "You don't have to do anything you don't want to do," he says, "but you're always saying I don't need to go without. So I'm telling you, I don't want to go without this." He nudges Bucky in the small of his back with his heel, penning him in. "You up for it?"

    Bucky looks to Sam for guidance, but he doesn't know what he expected. Sam just gives him a lazy, post-fuck shrug and says, "I recommend it. Highly."

    Bucky ducks his head, lets his dick nudge up against Steve's hole. "Fine," he says. "But tell me if I—" He rubs at his scarred shoulder where the metal meets flesh. "I don't want to hurt anyone."

    "Don't even worry about that," Sam says, slinging an arm around his neck. "You got two top-of-the-line guys here spotting you."

    Bucky takes a deep breath, looks to Steve. Steve just smiles, close-lipped and beautiful. His legs squeeze Bucky briefly. "Come on."

    It takes a moment to get his bearings. Steve's cock is half-hard, still dribbling fluid. His inner thighs are slick with lube and sweat and Sam's come. Bucky runs his fingers up the damp skin, collecting moisture on his fingertips. "You ready?" he asks. He's stalling, and Steve knows it.

    "Whenever you are."

    Steve is tight, but still wet and relaxed. His body welcomes Bucky's like it's the easiest thing in the world. Bucky bites down on all the noises fighting to get out of him, and Sam rubs his back in encouragement.

    "Open up those eyes, Buck. See how he likes it?"

    Bucky does as ordered, and he sees. Steve is thrashing his head from side to side, swallowing lungfuls of air.

    "In me, come on," he pants.

    Sam stretches out alongside Steve's trembling body, offering him kisses and fingers to suck on. "There you go, you got it. Doing so good."

    The words are meant for them both, Bucky can tell, and he loves Sam for it. His chest will burst with everything he's trying to remember of this moment, something he wants to keep inside for himself. But he doesn't have to, not this time, because there are two men here with him who will help him carry it when he tires.

    "S—" he stutters. "S-steve. Sam? I can't—"

    "We're here, Buck."

    "We've got you."

    Steve rises up to meet him, and Sam folds in behind him. Their hands are in his hair and touching his face, and their lips meet his again and again. He's the one who should be fucking Steve, but it's Steve who's grinding onto him while Sam holds him steady.

    "Oh my god," he says into someone's neck. Steve's, given the angle. "I can't, I can't."

    "You are," Sam laughs into his ear.

    A desperate sound is torn from his throat, and his body goes somewhere else. The sensation should be familiar and disconcerting, but this time he's allowed to follow it, to feel it. He's held inside Steve, held up by Sam, pulsing out the last of what he has to give.

    "Oh," he sighs. The room spins, tilts on its side. "Oh," he repeats as they lower him to the pillows.

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