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This is what goes through Sheena’s mind when she’s falling to her death in the Tower of Salvation: last time she tried to exchange her life for her friends escaping safe and sound, Lloyd shouted at her to stop, and Zelos grabbed her and forced her into the portal - he grabbed her, but she could have fought him off, and she didn’t; she let him pull her through the Otherworldly Gate and save her life; for all that he gets on her nerves, she’s always trusted him (i always thought you were a good person when it came down to it!).

Turns out they were both better at lying than she’d thought: she promised Lloyd she’d make it out okay and he believed her, and Zelos tricked all of them into thinking he was on their side. She fooled herself into falling for it (him, the thought rushes past her like the air around her ears, too fast for her to catch and rip) and now, there’s nothing to it - she’s falling too hard to save herself and there’s no-one to break her fall the way he broke her trust.