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Facing Oblivion

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"Jack, You're Doing the Right Thing."


"I don't Know what you are, or where you're From, But I'd Like To Tell You about something I Read, a story, From Rome, A City You destroyed. It's a Classic. There Was a Guy, Horatius, Held a Bridge Alone Against a Whole Army. What Horatius Said was " How can a Man Die Better? " "

"You Don't Have to Die, Jack, SHE doesn't have to die."

"Everybody Dies, Sally, The Thing is to Die well."

" Jack, That's not the Survivor you promised me! "

"No, It's Not." " What Horatius Said was,
How can a Man die Better, Than Facing Fearful Odds,
For The Ashes of his Fathers, And the Temples Of his Gods? "


"I Created You, Jack,
I Am Your god!"








"Fuck You, Sally!"