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Revisiting the Memory Lane

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The training grounds were in shambles. The once smooth ground shattered and reformed into a rocky landslide. Izuku leapt into the air as the earth rumbled and erupted, lava pouring out in small streams. Quirk-formed lava was still lava; not as scalding as natural lava, but lava nonetheless. A glance around alerted him to the villain responsible for the eruption: a basalt-skinned woman, her hands buried deep in the ground.

It seems like she is immobile while using her quirk. That puts her at a disadvantage, but— Izuku cried out in shock when something solid hit his back and he rolled over the ground, swiveling around to face a second villain ganging up on him.

A burly adult man with giant metal clamps for hands stood before Izuku, large boulders in his grips. Izuku took a quick breath, letting one for all flare up in his veins. The man roared and hurled the boulders at him, adrenaline coursing through him as he dodged to the side, burying his iron soles in erupting rocks. He felt the heat of the lava pound around his body as sweat rolled freely, sticking his hair to his face along with the dirt and grime. He wiped a hand over his forehead to be rid the sweat, grimacing at the feeling.

He was exhausted; his mind was begging for one of his classmates to help him. But a quick survey of the training grounds found him supportless. Everyone had to deal with their own fights, seeing that the villains had them four to one. Izuku had managed to knock out two foes, but he was tired. And now he had two more villains to fight against.

Why did the world deem it necessary to always force their class' training to become a grand battle royale with villains? And they were doing so well before this fiasco.

A rumbling sound made him gasp and leap atop a fallen tree that had been knocked over by Kirishima throwing a bubble-like woman at it.

“SORRY MIDORIYA!” Kirishima shouted and immediately charged at a shimmering illusion.

“IT'S A MIRAGE!” Izuku shouted back. He did not know if Kirishima heard his warning since he used the momentary break to let loose a punch and hit the basalt woman square in the face. She was sent flying, crumpling as soon as she smashed into the ground. Izuku dashed behind clamps-for-hands, catching his other fist on the base of the villain’s neck. Clamp man toppled over as Izuku gave himself a moment to regain his breathing and wipe the dripping sweat from his face and neck. He grimaced, sensing a dull ache beginning to build up in his back and feet. He shook his legs out before turning to see the others, rushing forward to help Kaminari with a rubber manipulator villain.

“Thank you, man!” Kaminari gasped when Izuku rammed into the rubber villain, giving the blond a chance to reach the villain's vulnerable neck and shock him into submission. "You're the best!"

Izuku smiled reassuringly and tied the fallen villain, knocking shoulders with the blond. “No problem. Did you fight anyone else?”

The electric blond nodded and pointed to four crumpled bodies smoking near a crater. "Smoked them out like a fork to a socket." The blond gave a grin, then wobbled and clutched his head. Izuku immediately caught him and checked his pulse. It was erratic, and the teenager stunk from ozone and smoke. Izuku decided to let Sero, who flew towards them, take over tying up the villains. Kaminari was nearing his limit.

"Hey, Sero!"

The tape quirk user looked at him and landed by the unconscious villains. "Midoriya? You need help?"

Izuku smiled, glad for the other's timing, and gestured to Kaminari. "Kaminari needs medical attention. can you wrap them up?"

Sero grinned widely and gave him thumbs up. "Absolutely. Catch you later!"

"Thank you!" Izuku picked up the dazed Kaminari and jumped away. While getting away, he surveyed his surroundings again, finding out to his relief that the villains were being rounded up by the other students and teachers.

They really had gotten too used to being attacked, hadn’t they...

“Deku!” Uraraka’s shout steered Izuku towards the exit, where a huge hole had been punched through the wall. Sirens blared and paramedics were already escorting some of the students out. Snipe was dragging villains to a big van and dumping them in it. Aizawa was holding onto a half-conscious Shinsou, staring wearily at Izuku when the teenager landed before him. The hero looked at the now sleeping Kaminari and inclined his head in question.

Izuku sighed. “He neared his limit fighting a rubber armor quirk. It’s better to let him rest than risk a meltdown.”

Aizawa nodded in agreement and called for a paramedic to free Izuku of his load. Kaminari was soon patched up and placed on a futon the paramedics had unrolled for the many students.

Uraraka yanked Izuku back, only for the boy to start flailing. “Uraraka, I need to help them

“Deku,” Uraraka turned to glare at him, “You’re burned all over and you seem like you’re about to pass out. Leave cleaning up to Bakugou and Momo, okay?”

Izuku bit his lip but didn’t get a chance to answer since he heard a loud yell from behind him. Izuku turned around in alarm, only to yelp when a body crashed into him. Only Aizawa’s relentless trainings and his inhuman strength saved Izuku from eating dirt. Instead his arms caught the body and his feet absorbed the impact.

Izuku grunted as he straightened up and inspected the man who crashed into him. He blinked and then stumbled when the man shifted and raised his bloodied head.

Bloodshot eyes opened up and a red smile blossomed on the man’s face. Izuku’s eyes widened in panic as he moved to ask Uraraka for help. Broken fingers brushed against his forehead, halting his exclaim.

The moment he registered the touch, Izuku found himself surrounded by blue light.

Then everything vanished and he fell.




Katsuki had let one villain slip out of his sight and creation girl yelled to him, pointing to the exit of the training grounds. Her mechanical wings shifted so he could see the villain’s trajectory.

The villain was heading down straight towards the ambulances. Katsuki cursed to himself and propelled himself down, wincing when his hands burned. He was reaching his limits but he couldn’t stop.

He wouldn’t lose to this villain!

“FUCKING DUCK!” Katsuki yelled from the top of lungs and brought his arms forward, releasing the biggest explosion he could muster. He couldn’t see beyond the light as he was pushed back from the shockwave, falling for a short distance before he was caught by creation girl.

“That was unnecessarily reckless, Bakugou-san.” She frowned at him. “That excess power could kill the villain.”

“I don’t fucking care, elite girl,” Katsuki grumbled. “Bring us down.”

She stared at him for a moment before sighing and slowly maneuvering into a descending position.

Then the screaming started.

Katsuki and Yaoyorozu exchanged alarmed looks and nodded. The wings folded and the two plummeted to the ground, passing the smoke to see the cause of this new pandemonium.

The villain was hovering over gravity girl and a pile of clothing, unmoving. Yaoyorozu spread her wings and slowed their falling so they could touchdown gracefully.

The moment they landed, they were off. They reached the hysterical girl who was screaming at the villain.

“What happened, Ochako-san?” Yaoyorozu asked frantically. Uraraka looked at her then broke down and pointed at the pile of clothing while sobbing.

“He did something to Deku! He fell on us after the explosion and Deku caught him then he just disappeared into blue light and his clothes just fell into a pile! He killed Deku!” Uraraka wailed.

Katsuki felt cold as he took in the pile of dark green fabric, bone-deep dread taking root. He knelt by the pile and reached out only to freeze when the mount moved.

A loud intake of breath was heard behind him, but Katsuki ignored that and slowly gripped a bit of the fabric and lifted it to reveal—

“Kacchan! Oh, thank god! I can’t move! A villain escaped!”

Katsuki stared incredulously.

“Don’t just look at me like that! Help me up!”

Katsuki couldn’t help it. He gave out a loud snort and doubled over, laughing hysterically. Pudgy fingers swatted at his hand, the only thing that Deku seemed to be able to reach.

Since Deku now appeared to be a four year old child with huge eyes and wild hair that was lighter than the teenager’s counterpart.

“Stop laughing!!” Deku whined, flailing. His tiny legs were trapped under the thigh-high boots and the fabric. Katsuki smirked amusingly and slowly pulled Deku’s new body from the pile and placed him on his bare feet. Deku released a relieved sigh, and waddled a bit before faceplanting.

Katsuki snorted and nudged the small body. “Get up, nerd. We got to make sure you’re not a brat forever.”

No response.

Katsuki raised a brow and pushed at Deku until the toddler was on his back.

Unconscious. Deku had passed out.

For some odd reason, fear hit Katsuki and he gently picked the toddler up, looking back to see the whole class gawking at him and the unconscious child Deku.

This was turning out to be worse than expected.

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“He passed out from fatigue,” Recovery girl stood before Aizawa and All Might. The two teachers shared a look before gazing at the small toddler staring back at them from the white bed, swallowed by its size. Small Izuku was clutching a pillow far too large for him, a frown appearing on his face.

“Did anyone get more information from the villain?” Izuku asked, his voice squeaky. All Might coughed and looked away, sunken cheeks pink. Izuku pouted and shot a glare towards his mentor. Recovery girl sighed and Aizawa pinched the bridge of his nose.

“No,” Aizawa said after a moment of awkward silence, “But we think it’s temporary since we ran his profile through the system and got a hit. Unfortunately, it seems that it wasn’t filled properly. We only know that he steals progress through some sort of a link. We made sure to keep him close to UA in case the link severed and you would permanently lose anything.”

“Steal… progress? Permanent?” Izuku blinked his huge eyes and pouted when All Might fidgeted. The toddler sighed and raised his hands, making grabby motions at the tall former hero. All Might gulped and sat down on the bed, reaching and picking Izuku up. Izuku sighed in relief and curled in the man’s arms, looking at Aizawa.

Aizawa shook his head at the display in displeasure. “We don’t know what that means. But we think it’s just some fancy wording for turning victims into toddlers.”

Izuku bit his lower lip when it started to wobble. He didn’t like the situation he landed in, and these childish reactions only made it worse. He would usually never cuddle like that with people and now it seemed to be all he wanted. He was so tired…

What if he won’t change back?

Izuku’s breath hitched and the toddler shook as panic bubbled in him again. He was scared that he wouldn’t be able to protect anyone he cared about in this form. He was stuck as a toddler, unable to control himself. Could he still use his quirk? Does he have his quirk, still? ...Was he quirkless again?

“Young Midoriya?” All Might’s voice echoed from far away, wrapping about Izuku like a warm blanket. The toddler whimpered and snuggled closer to the voice. He was terrified of returning to quirklessness. He loved One For All. He loved the rush of power and the knowledge he could save people. Being quirkless meant returning to being a useless Deku.

All progress, lost.

Tears rolled out of his eyes and he shook.

“Young Midoriya, please breath with me.”

Izuku hiccupped and shook his head, burying it in the bony chest. He was tired of being scared all the time. He was tired of this tiny body. He couldn’t move properly, he couldn’t fight. He couldn’t be the hero Deku.

He… he…


Where was he?

The last thing he remembered was going to sleep. Why was he being held? Those arms weren’t his mom’s. They were too bony.

...A skeleton hug?

“Young Midoriya, are you okay? You had a really bad panic attack earlier.”

Panic attack? What’s that? How can panic attack anything?

Izuku blinked and pulled away from the warm embrace, looking up to see who was holding him.

An angular face and chin. Frazzled blond hair. Sunken eyes only allowing the blue irises to show. A warm smile. Not a skeleton.

Izuku didn’t know him.

Where was mama?

Where was he???

Tears welled up and Izuku started to wail loudly, flailing in the stranger’s arms. “Mama! Mama!”

“Young Midoriya? What’s wrong?” The man asked in panic, looking up and then at Izuku, who was too busy trying to get away.

“All Mi—” A cough was heard. “Yagi-san. Put Midoriya down. Right now.”

The blond froze but then nodded and gently placed Izuku on a mattress. Izuku whimpered and scrambled away from the blond, looking around him in panic.

He wasn’t in his room. He was in a room reminding him of the doctor’s office.

Where he was declared quirkless.

It was yesterday. He was here yesterday so why was he back? Did mama throw him away for being quirkless like all the horror stories he heard from Kacchan?

He whined and curled on the mattress, hiding his face in his hands. He wanted his mama. He wanted Kacchan.

“Mama! Kacchan! I’m scared! Don’t leave me! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to be quirkless! Please come back!”

He heard the previous voices talk over his screaming, but he was scared of looking up.

He was terrified of facing reality. Clear, unnatural blue began bleeding from behind his eyelids and he panicked.

He was... he was—

“Oi, damn nerd. Heard you were crying a river.”


Izuku snapped his head up, the blue vanishing. “Kacchan!”

Izuku faced an adult male version of Aunt Mitsuki. He screeched and stumbled back, pointing at the male Aunt Mitsuki in horror. “Aunt Mitsuki! You turned into a boy!!!”

Male aunt Mitsuki stared at him with a scowl and folded his arms. “What the fuck are you on about?”

“Young Bakugou, language,” The blond stranger scolded aunt Mitsuki. Izuku frowned and crawled to aunt Mitsuki and made grabby hands at him. He wanted to ask aunt Mitsuki so many questions.

Aunt Mitsuki snapped his jaw shut and then scooped Izuku up and held him awkwardly. “Oi, Deku. What do you remember?”

Izuku worried his lower lip. “Aunt Mitsuki? Since when are you male? And only Kacchan says Deku...”

Aunt mitsuki snorted. “That’s because I’m Katsuki , dumbass. What even made you think I was my own mom?”

Izuku pouted and poked Kacchan’s cheek. “‘Cuz you look like aunt Mitsuki. You too big.”

Kacchan rolled his eyes and turned his red eyes to Izuku’s. Izuku frowned at the serious gaze and looked up to Kacchan’s hair, uncomfortable.

The hair was even more spiky than Izuku remembered, like uncle Masaru. He slapped his hands on the blond spikes, giggling when Kacchan startled with a shout. His Kacchan always reacted that way when he did that.

“Seriously, Deku?! Stop doing that or I’ll punch you!”

Izuku giggled and smiled brightly at Kacchan. “Kacchan is here! I was so scared!” Izuku’s smile waned and he burrowed into the broad chest. A huge hand patted his back. “I woke up with a stranger holding me. Where’s mama? Why am I in hospital?”

Kacchan huffed. “What do you remember?”

Izuku hummed and sat up, eyes sparkling. “I am going to the doctor tomorrow! Mama wants to talk about my quirk!”

He felt the arms tighten around his legs and Izuku frowned, tilting his head when he saw Kacchan’s face darken. “Kacchan?”

“Deku… he lost more memories,” Kacchan turned to the strangers and said grimly. “Whatever that quirk did to him, you have to find the cause or he’s going to become a fucking baby.”

“Kacchan!” Izuku gasped at the curse and slapped his hands over Kacchan’s mouth. “Uncle Masaru said no potty mouth!”

Kacchan grumbled and glared at Izuku. Izuku smiled shakily and glanced at the strangers leaving the room except for a tiny lady who disappeared in the opposite direction…

She looked familiar…

“Who is she?” Izuku asked softly, ignoring the glare from his best friend; old edition.

Kacchan huffed. “Recovery Girl, obviously.”

“Recovery girl?!” Izuku muttered in shock. He snapped his head to where the old lady disappeared to and then back to Kacchan. He then whispered sharply “You know Recovery girl?! Why is she here? Can I get an autograph?”

Kacchan rolled his eyes and sat on the bed, attempting to put Izuku down next to him. But Izuku wasn’t having that. He was scared of being left alone…

Even though he didn’t know why he was scared…

Maybe because he found himself with a strange Kacchan and no mama in sight?

“What is it, you damn nerd?” Kacchan snapped. Izuku bit his lip and pouted, poking the long green sleeve covering Kacchan’s arms.

Was that a bandage peeking out?

“Why are you big, Kacchan? Why are you hurt? Where am I? Where’s mama? You didn’t answer me...”

Kacchan exhaled loudly and leaned back onto the pillows, letting Izuku curl on his chest. “I’m big because both of us aren’t fucking four anymore. Your shitty nerd ass just turned seventeen. I am still older, of course. We’re at UA’s infirmary wing since we were having an out of school training but some stupid villains attacked. I overused my quirk and you were hit by a fu… by a fudging baby quirk and now you’re a whining toddler again. You had your memories at the beginning but now you fudging lost them and lost more now. Understood, shitty nerd?”

Izuku stared at Kacchan in shock. “Kacchan… you spoke more than a sentence.”

Kacchan snapped and pushed Izuku off him, causing the toddler to hop on the mattress and nearly fall over. Izuku yelped and flailed, holding onto the sheets and managing to stay on top of the bed. The toddler whined and sniffled, widening his eyes and letting tears fall in big droplets.

Izuku internally grinned when Kacchan faltered then folded his arms and bristled. Kacchan always hated it when Izuku would start crying since it made uncle Masaru give Kacchan the worst sad eyes Izuku had ever seen.

But now that Izuku had a moment to himself…

He was seventeen? He was at UA? With Kacchan?

“Kacchan…” Izuku whispered in fear. “So-so I have a quirk?”

Kacchan tensed. Then after a moment of deep thought, he shook his head.

Izuku’s heart crashed.

Kacchan’s eyes gleamed. “You don’t have a quirk now. But two years ago you got a quirk, so as a four year old brat, you don’t.

But as a seventeen year old nerd, you do.”

Izuku burst out crying.

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“The villain didn’t tell us what triggers the regression. But from witnesses’ accounts; Midoriya was in a state of fear whenever he lost more of his memories. So in light of this information, we probably should keep him as calm as possible to stop him from getting worse.”

“Can we return him to normal? What about his mother?”

“Hopefully. No quirk affecting others both mentally and physically is permanent. There are limits to any quirk. We’ll find this one’s as well. Midoriya Inko would not be notified until we find out more about the situation as to not raise panic. Any more questions?”

“So what now, Eraserhead?”

“Keep Bakugo and Midoriya together at all times. Keep Midoriya calm. Get more information from the villain. Protect the students. That’s it.”

“You heard the man. Meeting adjourned.”

A shuffle of chairs.


The man turned to face the shrunken All Might. “What is it, All Might?”

“Do you think young Midoriya should be informed of my status? Or should I keep away from him until he’s better?” All Might asked anxiously.

Aizawa sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. “No. You will have to interact with Midoriya as Yagi Toshinori. It would upset him should he find out you’re All Might. I’m not in the mood to deal with hysterical problem children. He’s four now. I am not dealing with a two year old if I can help it.”

All might chuckled softly to himself. “He’s worried.”

“What was it?”


Aizawa huffed and left the room, leaving the blond behind.

“...He’s absolutely worried.”




Izuku was sleeping at last. Katsuki was not happy despite wishing for it earlier.

Why? Because that damn shitty stupid nerd fucking fell asleep on his chest. In a stupid green dragon onesie brought by Aizawa that belonged once to Eri. And Aizawa threatened Katsuki with detention should he made Deku stressed or ruined the onesie.

Katsuki bristled from his entrapment, repressing the need to explode something. He didn’t want to risk scaring Deku if he made sparks explode over his hands. He didn’t know if Deku still had the instincts from when he was older.

Although, he was being very clingy toward Katsuki, so it could mean that even Deku’s body didn’t remember anything.

Having a sudden but still strange thought, Katsuki gingerly raised Deku’s right hand and peeled back the onesie’s sleeve to uncover the rest of the tiny arm.

Many freckles. Discolorations in place of scars. Un-crooked pudgy fingers. Soft.

Katsuki’s chest tightened and he pulled the sleeve down, letting the hand return to under Deku’s chin. Deku shifted and let out a incoherent mumble and shiver.

Katsuki sighed and pulled the white blanket over the two of them and adjusted so he was comfortable, resting his hand on the spiked back of the onesie.

It was almost unpleasantly warm.

It smelled of babies. It smelled like warm and unpleasantly damp hair. Katsuki hated the smell of babies. He hated having to smell it now.

And Deku… Deku was stupid enough to get himself into this situation. Just like any other type of trouble that the shitty nerd seemed to attract like honey to bears.


Katsuki froze and looked down in fear that his momentary respite had finished, but it was only the toddler muttering under his breath and burping softly.

Katsuki looked up to the white ceiling, not wanting to blast Deku to space for fucking burping on him. It was a close one, but he managed to keep himself in check.

He didn’t want to explain to Aunt Inko why her son was a midget again and stuck to the ceiling. Shitty teachers not thinking of telling her what’s going on. Auntie always found out. Nothing got past her..

He didn’t want to be on her bad side again.

All this situation really raised all bad memories Katsuki had hated thinking of and it only has been like five hours since the whole mess began.

Five hours of remembering all the bullying he had put Izuku throughout the years. Disguised as putting Deku in his place and dissuading him from becoming a hero. Disguised as teaching a brat to not play hero when he can’t even protect himself.

All the miscommunications and the misunderstandings. Thinking back, Katsuki was finding it hard to understand how any of Deku’s actions could be read as looking down on someone. The only instant he could remember was the incident that began all this mess; the river incident.

It irked Katsuki of how uncool he had been according to Kirishima. He should have helped Izuku become stronger like the both of them were helping each other now. He should have not been such a bastard. They would have been way ahead of they were now if he wasn’t a brat.

But now there was no way to change the past and no way to get away from his memories.

…Stupid nerd giving him headaches.

Katsuki inhaled deeply, wrinkling his nose at the smell and closed his eyes. His hand came up to the back of Deku’s neck, where the spikes bunched together. Grimacing at the feeling, he returned his hand to the small back and relaxed.

Just when his consciousness trickled away, small warm fingers grasped onto his free hand.

Katsuki gave back a weak squeeze.

Damn nerd…




Izuku blinked when he raised his head and realized that he was sleeping on a strange chest. It was soft as mom’s, but was considerably flatter. It was also clothed in black and not lilac like mom’s pjs.

Also whatever he was wearing was tight and he couldn’t breathe. It was also way too warm and Izuku felt light-headed when he tried to move.

He couldn’t breathe.

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no.

“Oi, what are you doing up in the middle of night, stupid nerd?”

‘Stupid nerd’? Kacchan?

Izuku looked further up to meet with…

“Aunt Mitsuki?”

Aunt Mitsuki groaned and her head fell back to the pillows. “Not fucking again!”

“Aunt Mitsuki, you look weird…” Izuku mumbled to himself and slapped his hands to his mouth when he realized that he said it out loud. Aunt Mitsuki let out a bark of laughter and plucked Izuku up and Izuku flailed in panic until he was placed on the mattress of whatever bed they were on. It was dark enough so Izuku couldn’t see properly but the moonlight coming from the window managed to hit the bed and a curtain surrounding them…

A curtain?

Izuku bit his lower lip and looked down on himself, paling when he realized that the thing constricting his breathing was a onesie of a dragon.

He would have loved the onesie had it not been killing him slowly. He flapped around, trying to find a zipper to free himself from his current prison.

Aunt Mitsuki sighed loudly through her nostrils and reached for Izuku, finding the zipper just under his chin and pulling down. “You grew too much in a few hours, nerd. Aren’t you like two?”

Izuku pouted and peeled the tiny onesie then used his newly freed hand to raise a whole open hand. “I’m five now, Aunt Mitsuki!”

“That’s not that much bigger, nerd. Also, I’m not Aunt Mitsuki. I’m Katsuki. Did you forget again?”

Izuku tilted his head in confusion. “How? You’re too big to be Kacchan. And what do you mean ‘again’?”

Aunt Mitsuki (Kacchan?) sighed in annoyance and briskly jumped from the bed and disappeared behind the curtains. Izuku’s breath hitched and he was left alone.

He didn’t know why he was suddenly so terrified of being alone, especially since that’s how he was for most of the time. Kacchan still hung out with him and Tsubasa and Nagai followed along most of the time. But he was mostly left to his own devices. And that’s how Izuku predicted it would stay the rest of his kindergarten experience.

He was used to being alone. So why was he so scared now? Why was he feeling panicked and close to a break-down?

Suddenly the light turned on and Izuku whimpered, covering his face and curling on the bed. He wanted Aunt Mitsuki to come back. He wanted his mom. He wanted Kacchan.

He wanted…

He wanted…

“Deku, I left for like two minutes. Why are you crying?”

Kacchan? Why did Kacchan sound so… deep? And why was he here? He just left Izuku seconds ago on the playground to play with Nagai.


Izuku flinched and looked up, blinking back tears. He faced Kacchan…

No, that wasn’t Kacchan. “Aunt Mitsuki?”

Aunt Mitsuki slapped a hand over her eyes, doing breathing exercises. “Not again. Really? Two minutes? He freaked out over two fucking minutes? I’m not doing this bullshit anymore. Okay, Katsuki, breathe. You would get a detention if you don’t get it right.”

A deep breath and red eyes locked onto Izuku’s. “I’m Katsuki. Do I need to staple a sign onto my forehead or something?”

“But, you look grown up…” Izuku pointed out. “What happened to you, Kacchan?”

Kacchan grumbled and passed Izuku a carton of milk he brought from thin air. The usual cool Kacchan… “Nothing. You were the one hit by a stupid de-aging quirk. You’re actually seventeen.”


“Yes. Oh. Now drink your milk, maybe you’ll grow back taller than before.”

Izuku pouted, inserting the straw more forcibly than he wanted. “I’m tall enough, Kacchan. I’m probably taller than you now.”

“Hah! You wish.”

Izuku giggled and drank, eyelids lowering in exhaustion. He felt so heavy and something burned inside him. He didn’t like the suffocating sensation but it probably connected to the quirk he was hit with.

If he was actually seventeen and Kacchan laughed with him they probably became even better friends! Than Kacchan forgave him for being quirkless! He was so happy! …And tired. But happy!


Izuku snapped to attention, looking up groggily. Kacchan looked at him with a deep frown… worryingly?

“Yes?” His voice was muffled around the straw. He was beginning to wonder if he should go to bed. It probably was really late if the lights were on...

“Oi!” A hand caught him just as he toppled over. Izuku blinked, realizing wetness spreading over his neck. Oh no… he spilled his milk…

But no use crying over that. He had a more concerning matter… like how he was burning up from the inside.

“Izuku! Shit, what is happening? Is it the quirk?”

“Kacchan...” Izuku couldn’t even force himself to panic or get scared over the frantic questions, he was that tired. He could only smile wobbly and let boiling tears burn his cheeks as the pain began to spike.

“Oi! Stupid Recovery Girl! Come here right now! Wake up! Oi, Deku, stay with me. Don’t fall asleep.”

Sorry… Kacchan… ” Izuku muttered, closing his eyes and going limp.

White-hot pain consumed him and then vanished to a reliving darkness.

Chapter Text

“Shit! Deku! Oi, get up!” Katsuki was patting the flushed cheek, hating how scared he was feeling.

He didn’t know what even happened! One moment, Izuku was drinking his milk like a normal fucking toddler. But then he suddenly collapsed and started paling. That was enough to get worried over. But then the glow.

The stupid glow.

Deku was fucking glowing like a christmas tree! Streaks of green and red flashed over the pale skin, blue blotches appearing at random and then disappearing under the flashes.

But worst of all were the eyes. They were glowing white, big tears streaming and leaving streaks of faint white glow.

It was clear that Deku was in big distress, whimpering leaving the trembling toddler. The eyes were closing and Katsuki had a terrible feeling that if they closed, they wouldn’t open back up.

He raised his head to where he knew the pro-hero was sleeping. “Oi! Stupid Recovery Girl! Come here right now! Wake up!”


He growled and turned back to the twitching toddler. “Oi, Deku, stay with me. Don’t fall asleep.”

Sorry… Kacchan… ” Izuku’s voice was faint, barely catching Katsuki’s ears before the toddler went limp and his eyes closed, the skin glowing green for a moment and then fading to normal.

The light show was over. But now a dark flush blossomed on the pale skin. Deku’s breathing grew heavy and perspiration coated the red face.

Katsuki cursed and released the toddler from the rest of the onesie and grabbed a small t-shirt and small socks that still managed to dwarf the tiny frame, quickly pulling them over the whimpering child. He tucked Deku under the blanket and pressed his hand to the smaller forehead, cursing when he felt the heat radiate from the flushed skin.

Whatever the quirk did, it made Deku develop a fever. That was bad. That was really bad.

He needed to get Recovery Girl.

“I heard screaming.”

Katsuki snapped around to see said doctor come from the corridor. He scowled and gestured to Deku. “He kept switching between ages. Then the stupid quirk was making a lightshow over his skin and when it stopped he developed the fever. It’s a really bad one.”

Recovery girl frowned and came closer, showing that she was wearing a purple shawl over a simple heavy dress. She shed the shawl and pulled her sleeves back, grabbing a few tools and pushing Katsuki away so she check on Deku’s vitals.

She kept humming and giving out displeased noises as she buzzed around the small body, giving no hints over the diagnosis.

Finally, after half an hour, she sighed deeply and lowered the stethoscope and looked at Katsuki. “It’s only a fever. But his heart rate is is a bit higher than before, probably from adrenaline. I need more details on what you saw earlier but if I can take a guess, his quirk is still there and it’s fighting the invading effects, which could explain the ‘light show’ and the frequent age changes.”

“...Like an immune system?” Katsuki raised a brow, not liking the diagnosis.

Recovery Girl nodded. “That’s what it seems like. For now, it seems that whatever happened stopped. I want to give him some fever drops to help him recover. Then, you’ll be in charge of switching the cold rags. Wake him up in a few hours to give him more drops and also give him a chance to eat or drink something and relieve himself. Understand?”

Katsuki nodded, his arms folded over his chest. “I’ll be the best fucking babysitter.”

Recovery Girl gave him a glare. “And no cursing next to him.”

“Whatever…” Katsuki grumbled, grabbing the offered items and medicine. He settled them on the desk next to the bed and placed his hand on Deku’s shoulder and shook him. “Oi, Deku. Get up.”

Recovery Girl muttered something about aggressiveness and shuffled away. Katsuki ignored her and flicked the flushed cheek. “Deku.”

“Mmm…” Deku mumbled something, his tiny hand came up and the toddler started sucking on his thumb, a soft sigh of relief escaping him.

Katsuki sighed louder and rubbed the bridge of his nose. Deku always tried acting older than his age, but when sleeping or sick, he would revert to being a stupid baby. If he recalled correctly, he stopped thumb sucking when he was six… after the river incident.

He grunted in annoyance and poked the button nose. “Get up or I’ll tickle you.”

“Nnnn...” Deku slapped his disgusting hand on the bed and groggily opened his eyes, making a puckered face. “No tickling Aunt Mitsuki.”

The joke already lost its charm after the first time. He wasn’t that similar to that old hag! But despite the rising rage and urge to slap the toddler, he kept it well together.

Instead he poked the soft stomach. “You need to drink something.”

Deku looked at him and then nodded, yawning and rubbing his eye as he sat up. Katsuki thanked the air for at least that going well, and gave the glass with the medicine to the boy along with a straw.

Deku sleepily sipped from the straw, eyes hooded. He seemed halfway to sleep land but Katsuki was under orders and he was not in the mood to get another scolding.

After the medicine was finished (Katsuki laughed at the fact that Deku was too tired to complain about anything. The toddler hated taking medicine), Katsuki picked the stupid nerd up and brought him to the bathroom to let Deku do his business.

Deku didn’t fight him and soon enough they were back to the bed. Katsuki tucked him in and wiped the sweat covered face and hair then placed a cold rag on the forehead. As he  was about to stand up and get to sleep in the other bed, pudgy fingers clutched his shirt.

Resigning to his fate, Katsuki layed down on the bed and let the small monster curl next to him. Wet breaths came from Deku and Katsuki simply stared at the ceiling.

He was feeling oddly tired.

He closed his eyes.

He’ll wake up at midnight for the next round of medicine…

He will...

“Kacchan, are you okay?” A hand had extended to him. Huge eyes had been dripping with concern.

Rage. How dare that useless bastard!




“Tell us more about your quirk,” Tsukauchi calmly said, facing the villain cuffed to the table. He had requested an audience with the man after Toshinori contacted him and told him about Midoriya’s plight. He had expected to have man shipped to him but was a bit miffed that he had to come to the small police office one street away from U.A. on his own. On top of that, he was given this small interrogation room and a simple file.

Aizawa Shota, codenamed ‘Eraserhead’, had given him the background about the case and requested that the villain would remain in close distance from the school in case Midoriya would be affected by the distance.

Tsukauchi didn’t like the hint of desperation in the underground hero’s tone. The man was good on hiding his emotions, but the dark circles on Eraser’s eyes betrayed him.

He pulled the chair back in a loud screeching noise and sat down, staring down the villain, who was smirking at him through bloodied teeth. Tsukauchi didn’t react. “Shinpo Jidai, also known as the babysitter. Quite an interesting nickname.”

Jidai’s smirk waned at the name. “I have the best quirk and those pussies are laughing until I turn them into babies and then they’re not laughing.”

Tsukauchi nodded, detecting no lie. “So why keep Midoriya Izuku a baby? It must be extremely taxing on you to keep the effects.”

The villain shrugged with a smug face, not answering. Tsukauchi frowned, realizing now what was the problem. The man didn’t let them any information over the nature of his quirk. He wanted a leverage as to negotiate deals with them.

The detective smiled pleasantly and placed his elbows on his chair armrests and interlaced his fingers. “You want to cut a deal knowing you’re facing a life sentence and possibly a death row.”

Jidai’s eyes flashed blue and blood trickled from his mouth. “That’s right, True Man. Deciding to keep me close was smart, but it’s a double edged sword.”

Tsukauchi narrowed his eyes in suspicion only to hear his ringtone go loose. He quickly answered the call.

Tsukauchi, ” Toshinori’s voice echoed through the receiver, “ Midoriya got sick from the quirk effects last night. He was getting better but he became six years old again. I’m scared for him.

The timing was too perfect.

Tsukauchi sighed. “I’ll see what I can do. Don’t worry, he’s a fighter. Everything will be alright. But I got to go now.”

Thank you, Naomasa… ” The phone call was cut and Tsukauchi returned his attention to the grinning villain.

“So you had made your point. What would happen if we bring you away from Midoriya?”

“The link would be cut and everything I stole would be thrown to the air,” Jidai replied happily. “So about the deal~”

“What are your terms?”

“I guess asking to release me to freedom would not go by?” At Tsukauchi’s nod, Jidai shrugged. “You’re no fun, detective. So how about no death row and an extremely reduced sentence? Also, no Tartarus. I hate not being able to move.”

Tsukauchi shook his head. “I can do away with Tartarus and the death row. But a reduced sentence would only be shortened to fifteen years.”

“In protective custody.”


“I want an even shorter sentence so I’m willing to give away information about the group that attacked you.”

“We caught everyone.”

“Not the boss’ crew. He wasn’t as stupid as to come with us. We all know how strong your kids are. It was a noble effort but we already knew it would take a miracle to win.”

“So why even try?”

“Take as many as possible. Weaken the next generation of heroes. Didn’t expect no casualties from both sides. Well… maybe that Midoriya kid of yours. It would be so easy to kill him in this state…”

Jidai froze, a tip of a pen millimeters from his eye. Tsukauchi stared at him calmly. “They’re children. They’re under my custody. I wonder if killing you would return Midoriya to normal.”

Jidai gulped then chuckled nervously. “Let’s not be hasty, detective. As I said, give me protective custody and I’ll tell you everything.”

“And fifteen years.”

Jidai stared at the pen still uncomfortably close and nodded. Tsukauchi nodded back and retreated, returning to his previous position and turning on the recorder. “Carry on.”

Jidai took a deep breath and spit blood out. “My quirk is called Progress. I create a link between me and a person and steal their progress in life, meaning age and even quirk development or memories. Usually I make them three, so no quirk and gullible so I can kill them and then dump them somewhere easily. Children’s screams are the best when they have no idea what’s going on.”

Tsukauchi felt churning in his gut. He would never show it, but listening to murderers gleefully brag over their kills. Especially of kids, made him sick to his bones. But he had to listen. Midoriya’s life was at stake here.

“It starts if I can touch their forehead and if the poor brat is in panic. That’s how the initial link forms. Then the more panic the kid is in, the easier it’s for me to steal more. I can’t keep it with me for more than four days, but if I slowly return it, I can spread the effects for a whole week.”

“Can you return it at once?”

“Oh, don’t even try it,” Jidai cackled, “That kid’s brain would be overwhelmed and he would go into coma. It’s best to let him age up a bit at a time.”

“You kept taking from Midoriya from what the reports say.”

“The brat’s quirk is fighting the effects so it’s hard to keep the link working properly. If he doesn’t calm it down, the link will snap.”

“I’ll make note of that.”

Jidai pouted. “Although I wouldn’t have minded to see that… You guys take all the fun out of using our quirks.”

“Duly noted.”

“As I said, you’re no fun. Anyways, you want a normal brat again, I’ll return it. But it’ll take a few days and I want proper food.”

Tsukauchi eyed him. “I’ll arrange that. In the meanwhile, tell me about your group.”

“Of course.”

Tsukauchi wondered if, after Midoriya returned to normal, he could accidentally leak to Toshinori the recording. After all, no one would miss a child murderer.

Not to mention that the foolish villain never asked for a contract deal or a lawyer… it would be a great satisfaction to see his reaction after the trial.

Chapter Text

Katsuki swore that he was in moron hell.

He had gone up and died and ended up in moron filled hell for his sins against Deku. Or however Deku would have phrased the bullying.

He was in hell since there was no other fucking explanation as to how he ended up being pushed back by Kirishima while moon head and half ‘n half were held back by pedals.

“Let me at him!” Moon head screeched, glaring bullets at Katsuki. “Iida, let me go! He deserves to be punched so hard! Let me punt him to the sun!”

“YEET!” Kaminari was heard laughing in the background, only to be slapped across the head by jack ears.

Kirishima and pedals shared looks and Kirishima sighed. “I know it looks bad, but remember that Midoriya and Bakubro already dealt with their past. Isn’t that right, Bro?”

Katsuki huffed and shook Kirishima off him, pushing his hands deep into his pockets and scowling. “Whatever. I don’t even fucking care about any of your opinions. You stop pushing your stupid noses into my matters.”

And he finally turned to the source of all of his current problems -

Seven years old Deku curling in Momo’s arms, sobbing.

Dial back.

Several hours ago

Deku had de-aged to six and Katsuki had simply dumped the confused baby into squealing moon face’s arms and went to have a break from life. He had a proper shower, scrubbing off the disgusting night off. He had changed into a comfortable black cotton t-shirt and black jeans, feeling much more like himself. He dried his hair and stared in annoyance at his fuzzy spikes.

He could just hear Deku squealing over his ‘fur’ hair. Stupid brat had worse hair after showering.

He had gone to Lunch Rush and fortunately no one had asked why he was walking around during school hours wearing civilian clothing. He had slipped into the kitchen and blinked when Lunch Rush turned to him and gave a thumbs up followed by a gesture to the counter. Katsuki was slightly surprised when he had spotted a bowl of spicy smelling cholent. He eyed the cook. “How do you even know how to make this?.”

Lunch Rush tapped on the wall. A paper was framed there. Katsuki took a long look at it and then huffed and shook his head. Of course.

“Didn’t die out even after the last two hundred fucking years. Of fucking course.”

Lunch Rush had given him a cheerful thumbs up and shoo’ed him out of the kitchen. Katsuki shrugged and munched on the pieces of meat and egg.

He had such a great break… but then he returned to the nurse room.

The moment Deku had seen him, he had burst out crying.

Of course, those stupid extras tried to see what happened. And all the ruckus plus Katsuki glaring holes at Deku caused moon face to begin blaming him and then pedals and Kirishima stepped in.

But oh no. It hadn’t been over yet.

Damn half ‘n half had opened his stupid mouth and commented on how ‘Bakugo is scaring Midoriya because he’s a bully’.

Katsuki had tried to explode him only for Kirishima to appear and stop him.  

And now back to the present.

And that’s why he was surrounded by idiots. Now he was pushed onto a chair and Creati came to him, holding Deku in her arms. She was murmuring something to the stupid brat, motioning to Katsuki and giving him a sharp look. He folded his arms and schooled his expression to a neutral one when Deku looked up and studied him with his huge eyes (god, how huge can they be? Even seventeen, his eyes are like bug eyes).


Deku flinched and Katsuki felt moon face’s ire rise. He ignored her and focused on Deku. “Relax. I’m not going to fu...fudging explode you. I grew up.”

Deku blinked and then stared at Momo, who nodded in reassurance. Then he turned to Katsuki and extended his arms in a silent request.

Katsuki sighed heavily and stood up, picking up Deku and letting him dangle from his hands. The brat flailed a bit, confused, then blinked his stupidly huge eyes. “Kacchan? Can you let me down?” The brat asked softly. Too timid.

Katsuki smirked. “I couldn’t hear you.”


Katsuki, once again, ignored these idiots, and focused on Deku. “Speak properly.”

Deku pouted and flailed a bit more, too light and too weak to actually escape Katsuki’s hold. The brat took a deep breath and steeled his eyes. “Kacchan.”




“C-can you please put me down?”


“Kacchan! Let me down!!”

Katsuki huffed in amusement and lowered Izuku down, letting the kid jump off with a pout. He rolled his eyes when Izuku came to him and punched his stomach.

‘Punched’ - as if you could call it a punch.

Katsuki chuckled and flicked the shortie in the forehead. “If you want to punch me, get stronger.”

Deku scowled, which looked even worse than the pout. “Momo told me I kicked your bum!”

Katsuki glared at the smug culprit. “Well, someone was obviously lying to you.”

Deku grumbled. “Why are you so nice now?”

Katsuki blinked, then he realized that he barely cursed and that he never punched back. Seven year old Katsuki would have exploded already. He hated when he felt he being talked down to, and the years after the incident had made him extra sensitive to whatever bullshit Deku tried.

He used to be such a self-entitled brat.

So he sat on his knees and before Deku could make another stupid noise, he pulled the tiny kid into his arms and placed a hand on the green mop. Damn, it was soft. “I’m not nice to you, stupid brat. I’m just not as awful as I used to be. You and I had a sh… an epic fight during our first year’s summer break, where we realized that there were big misunderstandings piled up between us, especially when I thought you were looking down on me... I won, by the way.”

Izuku was silent, face smushed in Katsuki’s tank top, but then tiny hands rose and clutched at the black fabric. The small body shook as sobs wrecked through it, and Katsuki silently grieved over the loss of another article of clothing to the snot and tears.

And he just showered, damn it. Damn Deku better buy him a whole set when he gets back to normal.

“Why the fuck are you crying?” Katsuki grumbled.

Izuku whined, sobbing harder. “You stupid Kacchan! You are the most amazing person I met! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Why would I look down on you? Stupid Kacchan!”

“Stop calling me stupid, shitty nerd!”

“Stupid Kacchan!”

“You Deku!”

Deku pushed back and glared with his huge eyes at Katsuki, his angry demeanor ruined by his snotty face and round cheeks. The brat pointed childishly at Katsuki and yelled. “You’re so smart but you’re so stupid! I just wanted to return to being friends! I wanted to become heroes with you! I wanted to see you become a number one hero! But you just laughed at me! You told me it was impossible for a quirkless loser! And now you’re sorry? Stupid Kacchan!”

Oh no, the brat started stomping on the floor, not noticing the deathly silent class still crowding the clinic.

“I hate you so much, stupid Kacchan!”

And suddenly Katsuki couldn’t breathe.

“I hate you so much, stupid Kacchan!”

Why couldn’t he breathe? Why did it feel like a bus just hit him?

...Was he fucking affected by that stupid exclamation made by a fucking kid?!

Izuku never said he hated anyone while they grew up. It would take a lot to make him admit to not liking someone. But to fucking hate someone?

And Katsuki made him say that… and he probably deserved that...

Why did it suddenly matter to him how Izuku thought about him?


Huge green eyes invaded his foggy sight - since when did his sight fog over?

“Kacchan? I-I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it! P-please say something!”


Tiny fingers pinched his cheeks and Katsuki blinked, sight clearing up. He looked down, realizing that stupid Deku began to cry again.

Katsuki huffed. “Why are you crying?”

Deku’s eyes widened and he hiccupped, throwing himself at Katsuki and burying his face in the thick neck. Katsuki’s chest unclenched and he could finally breathe properly.

What the hell was that?

He shook the strange moment out of his mind and patted the brat’s back. “Just spill it.”

Deku sniffled. “I didn’t mean to say that. I don’t hate you, Kacchan. Please don’t leave me.”

“It’s not like I have a better place to go to… Also, why should I care if you hate me or not?”

Deku nodded and some snickers were heard in the clinic and Katsuki looked up, bristling at the amused faces he was met with.

Fucking Mina made a cooing face followed by a phone camera flashing. Katsuki glared daggers at her, wishing he could toss Deku aside and kill her, but moon face gave him a calculating look and when she noticed his gaze. She sighed and mouthed ‘Fix your problems’.

Half ‘n half, on the other hand, was letting flames flicker from his hand as a promise for pain if he threw Deku aside. Pedals looked away, cheeks pink.

What the hell?

What the hell happened? Since when those stupid side-characters think they can threaten him? And Deku can take care of himself perfectly well. He wouldn’t be rivals with a weakling.

Deciding he had enough of this bullshit, he picked up Deku and stormed through the crowd, pushing everyone out of the way.

“Where are you going?” Pikachu hair called.


“Shut up!” He snapped. “Obviously none of you thought of feeding him so of course it falls on my fuck-fudging shoulders! Now back off or I’ll kill you!”

He heard laughter and cooing sounds but he simply thundered down the hall back to Lunch Rush’s kitchen.

“Kacchan still mean to his friends…” Deku sleepily mumbled. Katsuki grunted and the brat chuckled with a sniffle. “I missed you…”

“I didn’t leave.”

“No, I didn’t mean now… you stopped talking to me at school…” Deku muttered. “I didn’t have any other friends… cuz I’m quirkless and all… Tsubasa moved away and Nagai only talked to me because you were there. I was so lonely…”

Katsuki felt like hitting his head on the wall. Damn everyone and their guilt tripping! Why did he fucking had to deal with it? Idiot should return to normal already.

“Well, now you have too many fucking friends. Everyone seems to want to be your stupid friends.”

Deku exhaled, slumping in relief. “I’m glad… are you one of my friends?”

“We’re rivals. Don’t lump me with those weaklings.”

“Meanie…” Soft snores were heard and Katsuki looked down to see Deku sleeping on his chest, pudgy fingers clenching and unclenching over the black fabric.

The blond sighed and resumed his walk. “Fucking Deku.”

Chapter Text

Deku didn’t wake up when they reached the kitchen. Katsuki grumbled in annoyance and dropped the brat on one of the chairs Lunch Rush gave him, making sure the damn kid wouldn’t tumble off.

He grabbed a pan, oiled it, stirred eggs in a bowl before dumping them on the pan, and turned on the fire. He busied himself with the cooking, not noticing the faint blue light until he poured the scrambled eggs on the plate and turned around, freezing on the spot.

Deku was glowing blue, flashes of green appearing but soon disappearing and the blue moved and grew. Katsuki took long strides to the chair and caught the green haired menace just as the blue shape nearly fell to the ground.

The moment his hands touched the blue light, it dimmed until it uncovered a ten year old Deku, whose eyes were fluttering open.

Katsuki sighed, preparing himself for another round of ‘aunt Mitsuki’ question. He seriously didn’t get any break from that bastard.


Oh, that was different. The blond regarded the pre-teen and noticed the boy clutching his head. “What is it?”

Deku stared up in shock, looking as if Katsuki grew a second head.

Katsuki scowled. “What?”

Deku startled and pinched himself. Then he shook his head and poked Katsuki’s arm, gasping when he met resistance.

Katsuki was losing patience and let out a soft growl. Deku tensed and looked into his eyes before averting his gaze, fidgeting in place.

Katsuki sighed and then realized he was still holding the pre-teen so he placed Deku gently on the chair and crouched before him, glaring into the murky green eyes. “What is the last thing you remember?”

The menace bit his lip when it started to tremble, giving a sniffle, eyes welling up.



“How many times do I need to tell you to stop chasing impossible dreams, you damn Deku?”

A ripped notebook. A bag thrown to the side, contents strewn everywhere.

“I ca-can be a-a hero, Kacchan!”

“A quirkless nothing can only be nothing!”

A slap. A yelp.

Green eyes looking up with tears.

A huff. “Get out of my way.”

A push. The menace disappearing into a bush.

Deku had gone to class the next day like usual despite the many bandages, eyes blank. He scarcely spoke for the rest of that month.

Katsuki’s chest tightened.

He caused that. At the time he thought arrogantly that Deku finally learned his lesson and wouldn’t try and get in his way. But in truth, Katsuki broke Deku deeper than ever before.

He wanted to ask what happened in the bush, but he had no right to pry.

And he still wondered how Deku forgave him after everything…


Katsuki startled, shame bubbling in him when he realized he trailed off again. He didn’t like not having control over his emotions and over his actions.

He shook his head and put on a grim look. “I’ve been a terrible brat. I apologized to you many times over the course of this year, but you probably don’t remember it in your current form so I’ll do it again.”

Deku looked extremely confused so Katsuki, for the probably tenth time in less than two days, explained what had happened to him at the training grounds. He then told the preteen about his class’ reaction to his seven year old outburst and how since they started their studies in U.A. Katsuki wasn’t getting away from being an asshole and thinking lowly of others.

Izuku sat through the entire explanation, blinking blankly at him, mouth set to a firm line. When Katsuki finally finished the story, the small boy hopped from the chair and wrapped his arms around Katsuki’s neck and pressed his cheek to the blond’s. Katsuki relaxed and stood up stiffly, easily picking up the preteen, then sat on the chair to stretch his numb limbs.

They stayed in the chair for a while, simply holding each other. Katsuki’s eyes fluttered close and he lowered his head to rest it on the bony shoulder, too exhausted to care about anything. Deku answered that action with a shy pat on the broad back.

The serenity of the moment was interrupted when a growl was heard. Deku squeaked and Katsuki chuckled deeply and retracted himself from the embrace, facing the now red faced preteen. “Someone hungry?”

Deku pouted but nodded.

“Well, I made eggs for a reason.”

Sadly, the scrambled eggs were cold so Katsuki had to make another batch and add some slices of bread and butter. Deku yawned as he swallowed the food and nearly choked on his slice. Katsuki cackled and gave a hearty slap to the boy’s back to help him. Deku squeaked and tensed, but after a moment he relaxed and coughed weakly, smiling sheepishly.

Katsuki didn’t comment on the slip.

He would have to talk with present Deku, wouldn’t he?

He already dreaded the thought.





The brunette smiled brightly, round cheeks flushing. “Correct on one! It’s very nice meeting you, Deku-kun.”

She was using the insult Kacchan was using, but she made it sound like a nickname… so to ask her to not call him Deku or keep quiet…? Apparently present Izuku didn’t mind being called Deku. Izuku gulped and bowed his head to her politely, unused to so much positive attention.

His present self’s classmates seemed really nice and kind. They managed to tame Kacchan and make him nicer. Kacchan actually apologized and admitted he was in the wrong. It made Izuku realize how much Kacchan had to grow from his memories. The fact he even did helped him to forgive the blond and to be near him.

He spotted a crow head swimming between the heads and froze for a moment before releasing Kacchan’s sleeve and, ignoring the startled questions from the others, slipped between the teenagers until he clutched a normal shaped hand and pulled the crow head a bit closer.

The teenager yelped and then coughed bashfully, standing before Izuku at eye-level. What a tiny teenager… tho he noticed an even tinier boy around the edge of the group talking to a marker-yellow haired teenager. Izuku realized he was stalling and smiled shyly at the teen, itching to write down anything.

“I’m Izuku Midoriya…” Izuku finally managed to mumble out. “Is… is your quirk only a mutant type or do you have any addition abilities? Do you have wings? Can you fly? Your beak is really cool! Do you have teeth?”

The teenager looked a bit taken aback by the barrage of questions and Izuku balked when he realized what he was doing. His shoulders hunched up and he took a step back, clutching his shirt. “I-I’m sorry. I was really rude. I-I-I…”

Crow head cleared his throat and shook his head. “I’m Tokoyami Fumikage… It is not a heresy to want to learn more.”

Suddenly, a crow head shaped shadow appeared from crow head’s stomach and cackled. “ Just admit you like the attention!

“Shut up. This menace is Dark Shadow, the darkness I must tame and overcome.”

You’re so dramatic!

Izuku stared in awe at the shadow, already reaching to pet the shadow only to flinch and look down. He kept forgetting that people didn’t like him to intrude. He suddenly squealed, unprepared for the shadow to push its head to his hands, reveling in the attention. Izuku gulped and ran his fingers over the shadow surface. It was… like a cold spot in those ghost movies. But he felt calmer so he kept petting the strange crow shadow, smiling softly at the blissed expression it wore.

“Pet Ojiro next! Pet Ojiro next!” Izuku was ambush-hugged from the behind and he flailed in panic. Tokoyami sighed and pulled Izuku away from the invisible attack, letting the preteen hide behind him. Dark shadow cackled and nudged Izuku’s cheek.

Izuku watched as the invisible… girl? Whined about pics and someone named Kaminari already petting Ojiro’s tail… a tail? He looked around them and spotted a huge masked boy with six webbed arms and kind eyes who was talking to a rock shaped teen, the latter looking a bit shy. The taller boy turned and their eyes met.

A ninja. Izuku found a real life ninja. He was really part of this class?

“Midoriya, is that alright for me to assume to you want to ask about my quirk?” The ninja teen asked, approaching him and Tokoyami. Izuku shyly nodded. Tokoyami placed a hand on Izuku’s back and nudged him towards the huge ninja.

Izuku fidgeted but a hand turning to an eye extended to him, gazing into his own shocked eyes. Then the eye morphed into a mouth and it smiled, voice coming out a bit strangely. “My name is Shouji Mezou. You can feel comfortable with any one of us, Midoriya. We all had help from you before about our quirks and to explain our quirks once again is no big payment for your kindness.”

Izuku felt his face heat up at the praise and he reached for the once again normal tanned hand, feeling the calluses and the rough nails. It was amazing how flexible the skin was despite its roughness, which probably reflected the need to shift to an eye or mouth. But are the nerves here make up three systems or just seem to be able to change recipients at will.

“You want to see Kouda’s quirk as well?” Shoji gestured the rock head, who frantically flailed, abashed. Izuku shared the sentiment, clutching the bigger hand. Shoji chuckled softly and drew Izuku closer until the preteen was in a semi hug of three arms. The teen gestured for rock head to come closer and a frog faced girl joined them.

“I’m Asui Tsuyu, but you can call me Tsu,” The girl introduced herself, “You are very adorable as a child, Midoriya.”

Izuku blushed furiously. “TH-thank y-you… Asu-Tsu...”

Asui’s eyes crinkled even when her permanently smiling mouth didn’t change, but she looked happy. Izuku felt a bit better over his shyness if he made a girl happy… he also made Uraraka happy. He smiled warmly and waved to rock head.

“Nice to meetcha…”

He got a wave back. “You too…”

“God, he’s too precious! Make sure you got a picture of that, Mina!” Invisible girl exclaimed.

“Don’t worry, Girl, I already texted you the pics.” A pink skinned girl… Mina, replied cheerily.

“You’re the best, sis.”

“You two are awful, you know.”

“You love us, Kyouka.”

Jack ears sighed but she only shook her head once and then winked at Izuku and pointed her thumb at the two girls. “Ignore them. These two are gossip queens.”

Pinky poked her tongue out at Jack Ears then smiled brightly at Izuku. “I’m Ashido Mina! Our resident invisible girl is Hakagure Tooru and punk rock is Jirou Kyouka.”

Izuku waved and hid his face in Shoji’s arms, becoming overwhelmed with the amount of friendliness and people.

Shoji noticed his discomfort and soon Tokoyami was back and herded Izuku out of the classroom. Izuku kept as close as he could to the crow head, noticing Uraraka, a tall blue haired teen, and a split haired teen follow them. He knew that apparently they were his best friends, but right now the darkness Tokoyami offered was more comforting than the shining kindness radiating from the trio.

He couldn’t believe that he managed to make such amazing friends, let alone besties. He was a quirkless loser after all. Kacchan regretted calling him useless, but that was because he became useful. Right now he was still useless. He was much more comfortable out of the spotlight even if he wanted to be like All Might.

He wanted to be somewhere familiar. He wanted his mom. He was scared.

“Midoriya.” Izuku hummed. “Bakugo awaits our return in the clinic. Would you like to be somewhere else beforehand?”

Izuku considered for a moment but then shook his head. He wanted to see Kacchan. He needed something to anchor himself with. Everything changed too quickly too abruptly. Kacchan was a safe point.

...What a depressing thought…

“Bakugo, we’re here.”

“Right, right. Just give him over.”

Izuku looked at Tokoyami, red eyes meeting his. “You want to come in?” Izuku blurted.

Dark Shadow made a whooping noise but Tokoyami shook his head. “I have pre-arranged obligations to meet. I would like to have a proper conversation when everything would be back in order.”

Izuku nodded, uncomfortable with the knowledge that he would soon return to the bush and to the bullies.

He wished desperately to remain in this time even when forced to deal with people. He envied present Izuku right now…

Kacchan forced him out of his derailing thoughts. “Oi, Deku. Come over and read some stories before bed. I am going to sleep.” And then the teenager went to sleep in a bed away from the obviously lived in bed.

Izuku blinked.

Then blinked again.

He felt… uneasy. He didn’t like having Kacchan so far away from him right now, not when he was the most vulnerable. But he wasn’t a baby. He could sleep on his own. No problems.

It’s just… just…

Izuku hated feeling hope. Not when it could be crashed by the simplest things.

Chapter Text

Izuku wasn’t able to sleep. He twisted and turned, the fuzzy blanket wrinkling in his hands. For some reason, any time he closed his eyes, he saw flashes of strange images.

Beak and exposed brain.

Swords and blood.

Clothing turning to dust.

An eyeless man.

A spark twisting and seperating to eight colorful sparks and then molding back to one.

Black lightings drowning everything.

Izuku whimpered and curled tighter, holding his head. What was he seeing? Were those his present self’s memories. They seemed so terrifying. What would happen to him in the future? Why  had the last image terrified him the most?

Droplets of tears rolled down and he sniffled, choking on his fears.

He didn’t want to disappear when he became seventeen again. He didn’t want to go back to the bullying. He didn’t want to deal with another seven years of bullying, or five if he entered U.A. and his classmates were this nice.


Izuku froze, heart lodged in his neck as he slowly turned to the other bed. Red eyes shone in the dark as Kacchan yawned and sat up. A shuffle of blanket and the teen came closer to Izuku’s bed, hand reaching out to him.

Crumbling to dust.

Against his will, Izuku whimpered and trembled.

Kacchan halted and then retracted his hand. He sat down on the floor with folded legs and arms. “A nightmare?”

Izuku sniffled and nodded, face burning with shame.

Kacchan looked as if he swallowed something too sweet. “Do you... uh… This is stupid…" The teen looked struggling with wording his question. Izuku didn't like the uncertainty rolling off his childhood friend. Kacchan took a deep breath. "Oh, screw it. Wanna to talk about it?”

That was unexpected. Izuku gawked at the teen, not believing what he just heard. Kacchan groaned and looked up in exasperation. “I know, I know. Kacchan hates talking about feelings. But my apology earlier should have fricking tipped you that I changed… somewhat.”

Izuku exhaled and smiled in acknowledgement. Kacchan did change. He was much kinder and emotional than his Kacchan.

He really envied present Izuku…

He slowly untangled himself from the blankets and slipped to the floor, curling to a small ball at its base. He then stared with huge eyes at Kacchan, teeth worrying his lower lip.

Kacchan stared back.

Izuku looked down. “They’re too strange...“

“Try me.”

“.Uh... A monster with a b-beak… and ex-exposed brain.”

Kacchan hummed. “Nomu. It happened at the beginning of our first year at the USJ. All Might defeated it. What else?”

The mention of All Might caused Izuku to startle and feel lighter. “I met All Might?”

“You did.”

“Oh... Oh my god...”

“Yeah. He fudging adores you. Is that the only nightmare?”

Izuku shook his head. “A man with lotta swords… a lot of blood… long yucky tongue...”

“Probably shit-Stain.”


“A vigilante. News said shitty endeavor dealt with him, but it was obviously a lie so I’m guessing you, half ‘n half and pedals did.”


“Anymore nightmares?”

“...Someone was making things turn to dust…”

Kacchan looked weary at that, as if all energy left him. “That bastard Shigaraki… he kept attacking our school. He’s still out there unfortunately. He was in charge of the Nomu.”

“...I don’t like him…” Izuku bit on his lip, voice muffled.

“None of us do. He kidnapped me during our first summer to try and make me a villain.”

Izuku’s head snapped up in alarm and he crawled to Kacchan, looking for any external scars or any sign of the kidnapping. Kacchan huffed and pushed at his face. “I’m fine, you damn nerd. You, Kirishima and the others saved me while All Might fought the leader.”

Izuku watched from between the fingers as Kacchan’s eyes darkened. Worry heavy in his gut, he held Kacchan’s huge hand gently and pried it off, resting his forehead on the warm palm. The warmth calmed the worry. “I’m glad you’re okay…”

“...You big crybaby. I bet the rest were about finals or some stupid shit like that.”

Izuku shook his head. “I saw a man with a scarred head. He was floating in the air… and then sparks in different colors appeared and became one rainbow colored… and then… and then...”

He began to tremble. “I… I couldn’t move. I couldn’t see anything but those black lightings. They swallowed me whole and I felt so scared, Kacchan. I don’t want to return to the bush, but I’m even more scared of those images.”

Kacchan, who had gone stiff, pulled Izuku forward and huge arms held him tight. Izuku was confused at the sudden embrace, but warmth engulfed him and he melted into it. A hand landed on his head, giving a sense of safety.

“Kacchan?” Izuku mumbled.

“Don’t say anything, Deku. Just let me have this…”

Izuku quieted down, still confused. He had never seen Kacchan this touchy. Heck, this entire experience from the moment he woke up in this place had been a bizarre happening after a bizarre happening.

A soft Kacchan. Amazing classmates. A nurse who cared about his health. He apparently met All Might and All Might adored him! He couldn’t wrap his head around the last thing. He was adored by his hero. He was in U.A.

He was going to be happy.

It was too good to be true. It had to be a dream.

“Stop! Please, stop! One for all! Just stop! Please!

All hard work on controlling his quirk, gone! All progress, gone! He had gone so far and managed so much and yet! And yet!

“Please just stop it, one for all!!!” He cried.

A silhouette covered his sight and darkness had fallen on him.

His breath hitched and he buried his face in Kacchan’s shirt, burrowing into the warmth. He was safe in these arms. He was safe from whatever scary things present him dealt with. He was safe from bullies and from bully Kacchan. He was safe. Safe. Safe. Safe.

“Breathe, Deku. Just breathe.”

Izuku took shaky breaths, squeezing his eyes tightly shut. He was safe. He was safe. He kept thinking this mantra as Kacchan’s hand on his head rubbed the back of his neck and helped seep warmth into Izuku’s frozen body.

Izuku slowly calmed down, blinking groggily and nuzzling the comfortable shirt. He was so exhausted…






“He had nightmares about memories from our first year,” Katsuki told Aizawa the next morning. The teacher sat on a spare chair, looking deader than the dead sea as he sipped his black-as-his-soul coffee. “Fortunately, despite panicking, he hasn’t de-aged again. You fixed the villain’s fuck up?”

Aizawa grunted and threw his phone at Katsuki. The blond caught it easily, managing to avoid hitting the sleeping child in his lap, and turned in on.

“No password?”

Another grunt.

“Whatever, see if I fucking care.” Katsuki opened the chat app and found himself looking at a picture of a disgruntled bloodied man. Under it was the message ‘ He is returning Midoriya to normal. To avoid any complications, he will do it slowly. He is now waiting to be sent to Tartarus. Send Midoriya my wishes.

Katsuki released a breath he didn’t know he was holding. He turned off the phone and threw it back to Aizawa, who let it drop to his lap without even flinching. Katsuki felt a begrudged respect to the man. “So what now?”

Aizawa shrugged.

Of fucking course. When was it ever easy for their class? He was not looking forward to whatever age Deku will grow to next. Especially since if he would grow\ to just after the sludge incident… Katsuki, in truth, was wary of Izuku returning to the meek teenager that he was in middle school. He grew to appreciate the determination flaming in these green eyes. He felt unbalanced when Izuku cried from seeing him while being seven years old, the feeling growing tenfold yesterday.

He hated those feelings.

His arms tightened on Deku’s tiny body - why was he always so fucking tiny? - drawing Aizawa’s dead eyes to him and then at Deku. The hero suddenly lowered his cup, more awake than before.


Katsuki’s eyes narrowed warily. Aizawa returned the gaze blankly.

“Your relationship has been slowly repairing itself, but I get the feeling that this incident had triggered some inner demons.”

“Your point?”

“What do you think of Midoriya?”

Katsuki blinked, not expecting the question. “...Huh?”

Aizawa sighed, looking already done with this conversation. Good, because Katsuki didn’t like the direction it was heading. “What are your feelings towards Midoriya? You two started first year as enemies and then turned to reluctant rivals and then proper rivals. Now, faced with your past relationship with Midoriya, what do you feel? And before you ask, no, I don’t like this as well. So answer me truthfully and we’ll be done with it quickly.”

Katsuki scowled. He couldn’t refuse the order from his teacher, so he reluctantly looked down to the still sleeping preteen in his arms and thought.

He always thought Deku  had looked down on him - something that was proven false in their confrontation in Ground Beta. He used Deku’s quirkless-ness as the reason why he could push Deku aside and not think of him - something Deku kept trying to prove otherwise, eventually succeeding in entering U.A. and gaining All Might’s favor. He hated Deku’s stubbornness and inability to face reality - but at the same time, he knew he couldn’t hate the sheer passion and gravity Deku’s being held.

Everything he had with Deku was made out of contradictions.

Katsuki calmed down a lot since middle school. Since being beat down with the humbling hammer of reality.

Huh... how ironic.

He used to tell Deku to face reality, but when he faced people stronger and better heroes than him… he snapped. How Pathetic of him was it.

Kamino was the last straw to him.

After that… he finally realized how much he was letting himself fall behind. How arrogant he was letting himself become. He was strong. But he was weak. Oh, so weak.

Returning to U.A. helped him regain some sense of clarity.

But he knew that he wouldn’t keep winning for long.

The provisional hero license exam confirmed his suspicion.

He lost when it most mattered.

And then he won against Deku. He won against the one always looming in his sight.

He lost in the provisional exam… but he gained so much from that…

He won against Deku and it felt so hollow.

So his ‘a hero wins’ was skewed greatly, beginning to include ‘a hero saves’ as well.

On the other hand, Deku... Izuku kept losing at the beginning but slowly won more and more until he became a formidable opponent and a reliable partner.

Katsuki noticed his thumb fondly brush the freckled cheek and froze. He looked up to Aizawa, who went back to his coffee cup.



“What does it mean to care for someone more than others?”

Aizawa eyed him. “You care about him?”

Katsuki winched. “Shut up. I just feel like if I lose shitty Deku here I would feel like a huge piece of myself would disappear. I don’t like it.”

“The great Bakugo feels love... fascinating.”

“Like you’re any better, caterpillar-sensei.”

“I’m not emotionally constipated, young Bakugo.”

Katsuki glared at Aizawa. The man smirked, eyes flashing. “So you care for Midoriya. Great discovery. We all figured that much. This incident gave you an insight to your previous wrong doings, am I correct?”

Katsuki gritted his teeth.

“Of course I’m correct.”

“Go to hell.”

“Already in one. Your class is terrible.”

Izuku gave a loud snore. The two older people in the room shared a look and snorted. Aizawa regarded Izuku exasperatedly and finished his drink, throwing the cup in the trash can and then rising to his feet. “I can’t give you all the answers, Bakugo. But… I think you’re heading down the right road. Just figure them out before Midoriya returns to normal. You might find a lot of shared emotions between you two.”

Katsuki blinked. “What the fuck do you mean?”

Aizawa ignored his inquiry, leaving the clinic and the blond more confused than before.

Katsuki wondered if everyone liked to mess with him.

Chapter Text

Izuku was woken up by familiar arms picking him up. He yawned and shifted, opening his eyes to see Shoji regard him fondly.

“Morning, Shoji…” Izuku yawned, feeling more lethargic than usual. “Why do I feel so tired…”

Shoji adjusted Izuku so his head rested on the broad shoulder and that the webbed right arms carried him. The left upper hand checked his forehead and then brushed his hair back. The hand turned to a mouth and smiled. “You grew during your sleep. What do you remember last?”

“Last?” Izuku strained his memories and then blinked. “I remember first day of middle school. I’m twelve now. But… how do I remember yesterday then with such clarity?”

“We don’t know sadly. It could be that now you can handle memories better?”

Izuku yawned and shrugged, relieved that he wasn’t disappearing soon. Maybe he’ll get back to seventeen without returning to the bullying. It was a pipe dream, but Izuku rarely had anything going for him, so he’ll take it.

“What are you thinking, Midoriya?”

Izuku smiled warmly at Shoji. “That I feel lucky for once. I don’t want to forget any of you.”

Shoji looked away but the preteen smugly noticed a bit of reddening peeking from the mask, he closed his eyes and hummed pleasantly. He couldn’t wait to write down all of his class’ quirks. Wait… present him probably has notebooks. He had to ask Kacchan if he could go home to get his notebooks. He also wanted to see mom. He was missing her terribly.


Shoji hummed.

“I wondered if present me has a notebook about the quirks of everyone in our class. You’re my classmate, right? Your quirk is perfect for heroics and since Kacchan is in heroics and I somehow got into it as well, we must be classmates, right?”

Shoji chuckled, the noise thrumming where Izuku laid his head. “Thank you for your kind words. And yes to all questions. Your notebooks should be in the dorms.”

That had Izuku sit up. “Dorms? But U.A. doesn’t have a dorm system.”

“It’s the first year it has. You want to see your room?”

Izuku nodded excitedly, vibrating in the huge teen’s hold. “Can we go get Kacchan and see my room? Oh, and bring Tokoyami too!”

Shoji nodded… then pointed behind Izuku? Izuku blinked in confusion and looked behind him, immediately flushing deep red.

A very irate Kacchan and a calm Tokoyami stood between the beds, silent. Izuku became flustered as he jumped out of Shoji’s arms and rushed to Tokoyami and Kacchan. “I’m so sorry, Kacchan! I didn’t know you were here!”

Kacchan huffed, already going into his ‘I wasn’t bothered’ mode. “Whatever. I know where your stupid notebooks are. I’ll get permission from Aizawa and then we’ll go.” Then the explosive teen left the clinic room.

Tokoyami strode to the distrust Izuku, craning his head a bit up. “Morning, Midoriya. I do not blame you for not noticing. I was merely one with the shadows. Not many would find me.”

Izuku sighed in relief and then brightened up with dark shadow came out, its white eyes wide with giddiness. Izuku smiled brightly and reached for the shadow, nuzzling the strange bird. Tokoyami didn’t stop him, merely stirring Izuku to head out of the clinic room.

“Aizawa said to not stay there all day!” Kacchan yelled as he caught up to them. Izuku smiled happily at his childhood friend, enjoying the sight of U.A.’s inner halls. He released Dark Shadow and skipped to Kacchan, walking next to the teen.

The halls soon shifted to stairs and soon Izuku passed by doors to different classes. Then he saw windows showcasing the sport fields out of the building. His eyes sparkled, taking in all the exciting sights. He was ecstatic to be inside U.A. and knowing that present him belonged here. His grogginess was fading and he felt excitement buzz through him. He wanted to explore everywhere. He wanted to see everything present him saw.

“Calm your pants down, stupid nerd. We’re going to the dorms and back. We can’t have you run off.” A hand yanked at Izuku’s shirt and he yelped, pouting at Kacchan while being dragged away from the windows. Why did Kacchan suddenly reverted back to his mean side? He liked soft Kacchan!

“But we’re in U.A.! Where All Might studied! We got into the best school in Japan! Well, except Shiketsu. But the best in the east! Present me is going to become a hero!”

“You’re too excited, Deku. You can fawn over the grass when you get back to normal. Now come on.”

Izuku sulked, following his childhood friend out of the building and to a series of smaller brown U.A. Buildings. They walked for several minutes and stopped before a building that said ‘1-A ALLIANCE’.

Tokoyami and Shoji entered the building before Izuku and Kacchan, much to Izuku’s displeasure.

That displeasure turned to awe the moment they walked in. The room they entered first was obviously the common room, homey and accommodating.

“Deku!” Uraraka called and Izuku found himself hugged tightly and he flailed, flustered. He was being hugged by a girl! Have mercy on him!

“Oi, moon face, let him go, we’re not here for a slugfest. We came to get something from his room.”

Uraraka made a ‘bleh’ noise and Izuku heard Kacchan explode and stomp away. Izuku reached for him but was pulled towards the couches instead. “Don’t worry about that jealous death machine, Deku. I want you to meet the rest of the girls!”

Izuku flushed at meeting more nice people like Uraraka but he couldn’t help but worry about Kacchan… he was acting really strange this morning…

“Good morning, Midoriya. I hope you’re feeling better,” A kind voice pierced his thoughts. Izuku looked up to see a girl he hasn’t seen before. She had black hair flowing over her back, kind slanted gray eyes and a beautiful smile. Izuku blushed when she stood up and approached him, much taller than he had expected. He felt tiny next to her presence.

“U-uh, g-good mor-mor-morning, uh…” He stuttered, not knowing what to say to this elegant angel. Not that Uraraka wasn’t pretty. Now that he thinks about it, he was learning with so many nice girls.

“Oh dear. I forget you don’t remember me,” Elegant angel said, a hand on her cheek. She smiled warmly and extended a hand. “I’m Yaoyorozu Momo, you can call me Yaomomo like Mina coined me, that imp.”

Izuku swallowed heavily and grasped the hand, hoping she won’t feel his sweaty hand as he shook her hand. He was overwhelmed by how lucky his present self was. So many amazing people and he was along them for the ride.

Yaomomo chuckled and led him to the couch. “It’s okay, Midoriya. The girls wouldn’t try to play tricks on you… I hope.”

“Yaomomo! You made Midoriya blush like a maiden!” Pinky poked her head from behind the couch, a huge grin on her face. Invisible girl’s uniform appeared next to her, betraying the girl’s hopping.

Yaomomo sighed. “I hoped in vain…”

Izuku chuckled nervously.

Jirou and Asui sat on the second couch, sharing a plate of sandwiches. Asui noticed Izuku and gestured him to come closer. Izuku glanced at Yaomomo, who nodded with a smile, and skipped to them. Asui plucked a sandwich from the plate and gave it to Izuku. “You haven’t had breakfast.”

Izuku felt the heat from his blush reach his ears as he accepted the gift. “Tha-thank you, Asu-Tsu. Go-good morning. Y-you too, Jirou.”

“Morning,” Jirou mumbled, looking dead to the world as she munched on her meal. Izuku giggled nervously at her antics and sat next to her, enjoying the food and watching the rest of the students milling around in the common room.

He hoped Kacchan would return soon…




“Here you go,” Kacchan dumped the pile of notebooks into the half-sleeping Izuku’s lap. Izuku jumped and looked frantically around him before realizing that he wasn’t in any danger. The preteen glared at his childhood friend, getting back a smirk as a reply. “Stop whining and get going. Everyone is already in class.”

Izuku blinked and looked around him, realizing that he was covered with a warm blanket and that he was the only one in the common room. A pink letter caught his eye from the table and he reached for it, curiously opening it.

Hey, Deku!

Sorry for leaving you behind! But Aizawa-sensei would have our heads if we were late! The girls are saying hi and would love to hang out properly later!


Your bestie Ochako!

P.s. Don’t tell Bakugo, but we all know he stayed in your room to give you time with us.

P.s.s. And to gawk at all the All Might you have. You’re too much of a fanboy, only rivaled by your explosive bf!!!

P.s.s.s. Iida sends his regards as well!!!

“What did those idiots write?” Kacchan reached for the letter only for Izuku to yelp and clutch the paper to his chest. Kacchan gave him an annoyed look. “Give me that.”

“No! Uraraka said not to!”

“Grrr… You brat!” Kacchan tried to swipe the letter again. Izuku squeaked and jumped from the couch, scattering notebooks everywhere. He sent a silent apology to them, but the letter was more important!

“Get back here!”


“I’ll explode you!”

“No, you won’t!”

“Try me!”

Izuku ducked under a hand an hid under the dining table, taking great delight on having the entire building for him and Kacchan. They were playing just like they did when they were toddlers. He missed this fun.

“Found you, nerd.” Izuku jumped and crawled from under the table, only for Kacchan to appear before him and capture him. Izuku squealed and flailed, laughing as he got tickled. Kacchan didn’t relent until the preteen surrendered the letter, dropping then the heavily breathing Izuku onto the couch, walking away with his prize.

“What the hell, moon face?!” Kacchan’s swear echoed moments later, leaving Izuku to giggle.

“You wanted to know, meanie Kacchan. By the way, what is bf?”

“Boyfriend, something you don’t have.”

“Neither you, Kacchan! Who would want an explosive boyfriend?”

“Shut up, nerd. I’m a delight.”

Izuku’s smile was starting to hurt his cheeks, but he couldn’t stop smiling. He was so happy to have this moment with his childhood friend turned bully turned proper friend. Kacchan eyed him and then huffed, picking up the notebooks and placing them on the table. “What are you crying about, damn nerd?”

Izuku blinked and touched a hand to his cheek, noting the wetness coating it. His smile waned and he sniffled, rubbing his eyes with his sleeve. “I-I don’t know! I-I’m happy! I never thought I’ll get the chance to be friends with you again. You hated me so much and now you don’t. We played! I had so much fun with you!”

He sobbed, burying his face in his hands. “I hate crying all the time! Why am I crying? I’m happy! I got you all to myself for a whole game. I got to see you smile and not try to hurt me for standing up to you. We played and you didn’t explode once! I just! I just… I...”

“...I guess one apology session isn’t going to erase all the shit I put you through…” Kacchan’s sigh was full of mingled feelings as he settled on the couch. Izuku inched away from the teen, struggling when warm hands drew the preteen to the blond’s broad chest.

The preteen hiccupped and began to hit his former bully’s chest, pushing against Kacchan. “Don’t hug me! I’m angry with you, you bully! I wanted to be your friend and you treated me like trash, you terrible childhood friend! Stupid! Idiot! Go to hell! I wish you never had gotten your quirk!”

Kacchan rubbed his back, not flinching before his weak hits and never letting him go. Izuku cried out all insults he could think of and even tried to kick at the teen. But at the end, he slumped against Kacchan. “Why were you so mean to me, you awful Kacchan? I admired you so much but you just called me names and tried to put me down. What did I do? Where have I gone wrong?”

Kacchan exhaled and shook his head. “I was an egotistical asshole, Deku. I thought that I was the best talk in town. That I was invincible. I would be number one hero like All Might.

And Then you came around and even though you had no quirk, you didn’t give up on your dream to be like All Might. I thought it meant that you were looking down on me. That you thought it would be easy peasy, piece of a fucking cake.”

Izuku shook his head. “I want to save people like All Might. I never thought I was better than you. You’re the most amazing person I ever met!”

“I know all that now… We screeched our misunderstanding at each other while fighting like children.”

The preteen relaxed at that and gave a tired chuckle. “We’re such a mess. Why didn’t you say anything, you moron?”

“Like you’re any better, shitty Deku... Have you calmed down?”

Izuku eyed Kacchan. “Only if you promise me something.”


“Give present me a hug.”

Kacchan’s brows furrowed, cheeks reddening. “The fuck? Why?”

“You give warm hugs. You hadn’t given me hugs since we were like two and you were a bully. I’ll calm down if you promise me!”

Kacchan groaned in irritation. “You’re such a baby. Fine, fine! I’ll hug your stupid self when you get back to normal! Happy?

Izuku smiled brightly, using his sleeve to clean his tears and snot. “Yep.”

Kacchan pushed him away and got up from the couch. “Shitty nerd. Lunch then back to Recovery’s clinic. Also, clean your fucking face with a tissue!”

Izuku giggled, yawning and curling on the couch, pulling the blanket over him. He watched Kacchan mile around in the kitchen, a fond smile blooming on his face.

It was good to see fond Kacchan back.

If only he wasn’t so tired…

Chapter Text

Katsuki wanted to smash his head into the wall.

What the hell just happened? What the fuck possessed him the past two hours? He was calmer than asshole Katsuki from last year, but that wouldn’t explain playing hide and seek, tickling Deku, and having another fucking apology/Deku crying fest.

That wouldn’t explain him walking to the main campus, carrying Deku piggyback style. The stupid nerd fell asleep halfway into the meal, face falling into the plate. Katsuki had cracked up but when Deku didn’t rise up, he lifted the other’s head to find out that Deku had fallen asleep. Annoyed at that, he cleaned the bastard and gathered the notebooks into a bag and began carrying the brat back.

Deku’s arms were draped over Katsuki’s, face squished on his shoulder. Seaweed curls tickled his cheek, warmth radiating over Katsuki’s shoulder and back.

He was so light… Katsuki didn’t realize how heavy Deku had gotten during their last middle school year.

“If you were so focused on being a hero… why didn’t you work harder before?” The question left his lips in a soft whisper, not heard by anyone but Katsuki.

Why didn’t Deku try to become a proper hero before meeting All Might?

“That’s what irritated me the most at the end…” Katsuki continued. “You kept trying to stand up to me. You tried to play hero… but you never worked to become a hero. It was like you weren’t even trying. Like you were mocking me. ‘I can be a hero without working as hard as you. Without having a quirk.’

...What am I even fucking saying? It’s not like you can hear me or whatever. Sleeping like a moron. Only break you’re taking since being born.”

Deku exhaled a soft snore, oblivious to the turmoil Katsuki was experiencing. The lucky bastard.

Katsuki was always seen as overly egoistic and self-centric. And he was, no denying that. But he was also smart. He knew that to be the best hero, he had to be better from what he was a second ago. He worked hard to be where he was.

And Deku made it look like it was all just a waste.

Katsuki gritted his teeth. He knew Deku worked hard as well, but separating useless Deku to U.A. Deku had taken him a long time to manage.

“Kacchan… Mochi...” Deku breathed out softly.

Katsuki halted.

“Hey, Kacchan.” Deku had stopped Katsuki on the way to class. Katsuki glared at the teen, but Deku simply smiled and showed him a new notebook. “Want to help me with something?”

“Like I got the time for your bullshit.”

“Oh, don’t be like that. It’s for politics class. I had some views I wanted to run by you.”

Katsuki hmph’ed and pushed by Deku. “Ask round cheeks or speedo.”

Deku didn’t falter, jumping to stand before Katsuki and shoving the notebook to his hands. “Please? I’ll have mom make some of your favorite mochi!”

Katsuki growled. “Don’t make Auntie do your dirty work.”

Deku blinked then chuckled. “So want me to make the mochi, then?”

“Since when you can cook? You’ll just burn the house.”

Deku pouted. “I can cook and you know that! You complimented the curry I made last week at dinner.”

“That was your curry?” Katsuki’s eyes widened. Izuku nodded happily. Katsuki looked away, bristling. “It was awful then. Now I’m leaving.”

“Hey! You can’t change your mind!” Deku laughed and nudged Katsuki’s shoulder. “So help me with politics and I’ll make you mochi, okay?”

“Hmph. Whatever, I’ve got nothing else to do.”

“Thank you, Kacchan!” Deku beamed, leaving the notebook with Katsuki and running away.

“Come back here, you bastard!”

Katsuki wanted to facepalm. He promised Deku to help with his stupid whim the morning of the attack. He didn’t want to deal with Deku’s notebook, but anything triumphed babysitting.

Anything triumphed the heat rising in his face.

“You good for nothing Deku…” He grumbled, resuming his walk and adjusting his hold on preteen Izuku.

Why was Katsuki the one taking care of this mess…?




Recovery girl sighed in relief when Katsuki appeared in the clinic room with Deku still out cold on his back. She had the teen put his load on the bed and then ran some check ups on the preteen, brows furrowing.

“Did he wake up this morning at all?” She glanced at the wall that read 12:32 in the afternoon.

“He did. Six arms and Goth brought him with me to the dorms to meet some of the others and get his notebooks. Then he fell asleep on the couch and woke up an hour ago. I cooked him some food but he fell asleep again before finishing his food. He hasn’t woken up since.”

Recovery girl hummed, eyes clouded with worry. “He grew.”

“To twelve.”

“Hmm… might explain why he’s so tired. The villain explained that it can overwhelm Midoriya’s mind to be aged up so much at once. He aged up in six years in a day after all…”

“Is he crashing or something?” Katsuki scowled, not liking the situation.

Stupid Deku.

“His vitals are fine. His body is healthy albeit underdeveloped for his age. Did he mention any eating disorders to you?”

Katsuki frowned. “He’s not obese at all. Where are your eyes, lady?”


“Hey! What the fuck?!”

“Shut up, you brat!” Recovery girl yelled. “That’s not the only eating disorder there is.”

Katsuki grumbled. “Then what?”

Recovery girl sighed and looked at Deku. “He’s thin. Too thin. That’s a big change from where he was when he came to U.A.. What made him eat properly?”

“He mentioned training with All Might to get One For All.”

“...At least that idiot Toshi did something good for a change.”

Katsuki wanted to ask her what she meant but the dots connected themselves in his head and he went silent, appraising Deku in the new light.

He really wanted to smash his head in the wall. Why damn nerd has to be such a mess? Why did Katsuki had to be the cleaner? Why? Why? Why?

He really wanted a fucking break.

“So when to come pick his skinny ass?” Katsuki asked.

Recovery girl eyed him critically. “After school. I’ll contact Tsukauchi to delay the next aging up to minimize strain.”

“Whatever,” Katsuki huffed and stalked out of the clinic room.

He then remembered that he had forgotten his school bag in the kitchen.


It’s all Deku’s fault!

Chapter Text

Izuku’s eyes meeting Kacchan’s eyes.

Red eyes full of fear staring back.

His feet starting moving.

“KACCHAN!” Izuku screamed, bolting from the bed only to find himself in a tangled mess on the floor. He cried out, looking around in frenzied panic.

He was in a nurse room.


Green goo covering Kacchan.

Fear filled eyes staring back.

“Kacchan!” Izuku screeched, struggling to release himself from the blankets and only managing to get himself more tangled.

Kacchan! Kacchan! Kacchan!

Kacchan was about to die!

It was all his fault! It was all his fault! He got Kacchan killed because he was selfish! He made All Might lose the sludge villain and he. Got. Kacchan. Killed!

“Young Midoriya. Breathe. You’re safe here.”

No, he wasn’t the one in danger. Kacchan was! Kacchan died! He was dying because of him!

“Young Midoriya. Everything is okay. Breathe with me. Nothing could be solved until you breathe.”

Izuku tried to breathe! He really tried! But he can’t move and he can’t think and he got Kacchan killed!

“Kacchan is young Bakugo, am I right?”

His breathing stilled. Izuku snapped his head up and seeing for the first time the one gripping his shoulders.

It was the deflated All Might.

Izuku’s breath hitched and he groveled on the floor. “I’m so sorry, All Might! I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry! It’s all my fault!”

“Young Midoriya? What’s wrong? What is the last thing you saw?”

Red eyes full of fear.

“I-I-I!” Izuk sobbed. “I got Kacchan killed! I made you lose the villain and it got Kacchan!” Izuku then gasped and clutched All Might’s hands, the man looking too fond for his liking. “Please save him! He’s dying!”

“Who the hell is dying, stupid nerd?”

Izuku stiffened, releasing his death grip and peeking from All Might’s shoulder.

“Kacchan!” Izuku gasped as he saw the teen standing at the door. He went to rush to the blond, only to forget he was still tangled and end up sprawled all over All Might, furiously blushing from humiliation.

Kacchan sighed in exasperation and strode to them.

“Don’t worry, young Bakugo. I’ve got this.” All Might waved the teen off and slowly helped Izuku untangle himself. “Also, he last remembers the attack on you.”

“Of course that’s what he fucking remembers.”

“Ka...cchan?” Izuku’s voice wavers. What was going on? Why is Kacchan acting so nonchalantly about nearly dying? Why isn’t All Might avoiding him? How do All Might and Bakugo know each other? Why isn’t Kacchan freaking out about All Might’s true form?


All Might smiled and patted Izuku’s hair. “We’ll explain everything. But first we should get off the floor and have some dinner. Is that alright with you, young Midoriya?”

Izuku stared blankly at his hero, slowly nodding his head. He watched as the pro hero stood up with a soft groan. He watched Kacchan helping All Might with the last part and then leading the older man to a chair.

He stared.

Kacchan… now that he looked properly without the panic fog his head, there were some key oddities.

First - Kacchan was much bigger than he remembered. His hair was also shorter. More muscled.


Edges that were there before were smoothed over. Kacchan’s eyes were softer. Calculating.

“Deku.” Kacchan knelt before Izuku. “You’re back on earth?”

Izuku gulped. “Kacchan… are you older?”

Red eyes narrowed, but not in anger. “Figured it out in one for once, damn nerd. You were hit by a quirk that made you a baby. You became seventeen a few weeks ago.”


Wait,” Izuku blinked and then gripped Kacchan’s arm. “Are you okay? The sludge held you hostage and All Might—”

“I’m fine, nerd. All Might saved us both after you stupidly rushed in to try to play hero and nearly got yourself killed,” Kacchan grumbled.

“I’m sorry…” Izuku hung his head down. “I’m just glad you’re safe. O-of cou-course I kno-know you would b-be fine any-anyways!” He started to stammer, realizing he just confirmed to Kacchan that he had weak moment.

Kacchan sighed. “Whatever. I was an asshole and weak back then. That stupid sludge wouldn’t win against me now.”

Izuku smiled nervously, not understanding why Kacchan wasn’t exploding. “O-of course.”

“Young Midoriya, young Bakugo. We should head for dinner. Lunch Rush prepared some food,” All Might interrupted their conversation.

Izuku stood up and dazedly followed the older two, unable to wrap his head over what just happened.

One moment, he was seeing his childhood friend choke to death and the next moment he found himself three years in the future. Kacchan was alive, albeit softer, and All Might wasn’t hiding his true form. He was hit by a de-aging quirk that made him a baby? So why was he fourteen now? Is he going to age back to seventeen? Is he going to return to seeing Kacchan nearly die? But Kacchan said they were both saved by All Might? Why couldn’t he remember anything from being a baby? Where were they? Those halls look suspiciously like U.A.’s halls? Wait, did All Might said Lunch Rush?

“Yes, he said Lunch Rush. Would you stop muttering already?” Kacchan snapped and Izuku clamped up, looking in shock at his childhood friend. Kacchan sighed irritably. “I’ll explain more when we eat. I missed my dinner because of you, don’t make me lose appetite.”

“O-okay…” Izuku muttered timidly, shrinking into himself.

“Young Bakugo, he’s in an unfamiliar place after facing your possible death,” All Might scolded Kacchan. “He’s worried.”

Kacchan clicked his tongue and looked away, looking flustered by the pinch in his eyes and the tint over his cheeks. Izuku gaped at All Might, the only one he had ever seen reprimand Kacchan like that. And Kacchan listened to him!

The future was so bizarre.

“We’re here,” Kacchan stomped through big doors that led to a cafeteria. Izuku looked all over the huge space with wide eyes. It was empty but not eerily so since the kitchen’s door was open and from there Lunch Rush appeared.

Izuku squealed and tried to find a notebook to ask for an autograph… wait, he was in pj’s. He was walking around a school in pj’s!!!

Lunch Rush gave a thumb up when he saw them, not commenting on Izuku’s freakout, gesturing to a round table with plates already set. A bottle of orange juice stood there and Lunch Rush placed a steaming pot of… katsudon?

Izuku was in heaven.

And of course, at this moment, his stomach decided to ramble.

Izuku flushed in embarrassment. When had he eaten last…? Mom usually forced him to eat once a day but he was apparently in the future so… oh no, he didn’t want to fall back to bad habits.

“Young Midoriya.” A big hand landed on his shoulder. Izuku jumped and looked up to All Might, who smiled. “You should eat something. You haven’t had the chance to properly eat or clean yourself. So after that, we’ll head to the showers, okay?”

Izuku nodded silently, letting himself be steered to the chair. He sat down and smiled nervously at the fond look All Might had given him. Kacchan flopped next to Izuku and already began taking meat from the pot.

Izuku took in Kacchan’s calm expression, drinking in the knowledge that his childhood friend was safe and sound. He was also much quieter… far less explosive.

Izuku felt a bit uneasy from that, but he couldn’t help but be drawn in by Kacchan’s serene expression.

“Are you going to eat or not, stupid Deku?” Red eyes locked onto his and Izuku jumped, nodding quickly and returning his attention to the mouth watering katsudon.

All Might asked Izuku a few questions about his notebooks - should Izuku be worried about them being common knowledge? - and smiled kindly when Izuku stuttered, blushing red.

All Might had told him he couldn’t be a hero, so why was he so nice to him all of the sudden? Why was he here with Kacchan? What happened after All Might saved them?

Izuku was terrified of breaking the tranquility with his stupid questions so he ate quietly, occasionally replying to inquiries, but otherwise stewed in his own muddled thoughts.

A soft tap of chopsticks being placed down jarred Izuku out of his misery and the teen jumped slightly at the sound of throat clearing.

“My boy,” All Might began, then stopped. He coughed roughly, a spit of blood coming up. Kacchan passed a napkin to the older man without looking up from his bowl while Izuku froze in worry and fear.

All Might thanked Kacchan and took a deep breath, beginning again. “My Boy. I realize that your last memory of me… was not of a good kind. I must apologize for that.”

Izuku gulped.

“If one without a quirk can become a hero? …I’m afraid not.”

“It’s good to have dreams. But you must be realistic.”

That’s right… All Might shot down his dream… but to apologize for making sure Izuku would be safe?

“A-All Might, you have nothing to be sorry for

“My boy, I was wrong.”

Izuku stiffened. “W-what?”

Kacchan still hasn’t risen his head. Why won’t he say anything? Why was All Might apologizing to him? Why was he not waking up from this dream?

“I told you that someone without a quirk couldn’t become a hero. And yet, that same day, you proved me wrong.”

Izuku’s hands quivered and he clasped them together, holding them close to his chest. He shook his head in denial.

He couldn’t be the reason of All Might’s apology. He hadn’t done anything to earn his approval. He wasn’t a hero. He was just some quirkless kid.


Izuku’s breath hitched.

“Deku.” Red eyes rose from the bowl, pinched with annoyance. “You saved my ass, so you better take responsibility for that and not blow All Might’s apology off like it’s an insult.”

“Young Bakugo

“No, All Might. Brat should learn to stop pitying himself and start to take compliments like a normal person.”

“Ka-Kacchan!” Izuku exclaimed, thoroughly embarrassed. “I-I know how to take a compliment!”

Kacchan eyed him in doubt. “Your hair is nice.”

Izuku blinked, then felt heat rise in his head and he flailed. “Wha-what? I-I!

Kacchan rolled his eyes. “See? And don’t worry, your hair is shitty as usual,” He smirked and went back to eating his pork cuts. Izuku pouted, feeling played.

All Might snorted into his hand, shaking from suppressed laughter. Izuku sulked, looking down at the floor, his shoulders hunched up. All Might chuckled and picked his chopsticks up again.

Izuku grumbled but copied his hero. Soon, the tension melted away and Izuku talked to All Might about some villain fights he had seen, gushing over some heroes he remembered seeing fight before. All Might then filled him on old timer heroes like Gran Torino and Hurricane. Izuku listened with rapt attention, not wanting to miss a word his hero said.

After what seemed both like an eternity and a moment, they finished their food. Kacchan took their plates and brought them to Lunch Rush, leaving All Might and Izuku alone.

“A-All Might?” Izuku managed to stammer.

“Yes, my boy?”

Izuku fidgeted. “Are we in U.A.?”

All Might smiled and nodded. “That we are, my boy. You passed the entrance exam on your own merits. You earned your place here between your friends.”

“Friends?” Izuku’s voice wavered, heart filling with hope. “I made friends?”

“Of course, my boy. They care about you dearly. They will come to visit after classes are over. Aizawa would not allow them to slack off.”

Izuku smiled brightly.

He had friends in the future!

He was in U.A.!

All Might told him he earned his spot!

He was in heaven.

Chapter Text

Katsuki’s handle on his sanity was slipping.

“Bakubro?” Kirishima patted his back, probably freaking out that the blond didn’t blow him up or even moved. “Bro, you haven’t moved in like, ten minutes? What happened?”

Katsuki gritted his teeth. Don’t comment. Don’t comment. Don’t say anything that will snap your control.

“Is that because Izuku complimented your hero suit while giving you a good advice to implement?”

Katsuki’s hands slammed onto the table as he glared at Kirishima. “Great, you learned a new word. Shut up and leave me alone, shitty hair!”

Kirishima, immune from over a year of dealing with Katsuki’s bullshit, only gave a playful glare. “Go eat a grenade, asshole. You’re reacting way too harshly to Izuku. Man, you weren’t this pissy since the beginning of first year. What happened, bro?”

Pikachu cackled and flung an arm around Kirishima’s shoulders. “He can’t handle seeing Midoriya fawn all over him while still looking like an adorable kid. Man is he in denial.”

Kirishima blinked and then laughed, smiling widely. Katsuki’s sanity cracked. “I am not in denial! I have nothing to deny so shut up and piss off!”

That only caused Pikachu to crack up harder, holding onto Kirishima for dear life.

It couldn’t get worse.

“So what’s the joke?” Tape elbows grinned.

It just got worse.

Pikachu wiped his eyes and pointed at the livid blond. “Bakugo is still in denial about Midoriya. He’s actually getting jealous.”

Tape elbows laughed at that. “Don’t worry, man. Midoriya is getting there. Then you can play with him properly.”

Katsuki growled. “Don’t patronize me, you fucker!”

“And he’s back. Hope I helped,” Tape fucker high-fived Pikachu and waved Kirishima. “Now I gotta go. Got to make sure the kid doesn’t break himself again.”

Because reaching age fifteen during the night meant all the control Deku had over One for All went out of the window, again . After explaining to Deku what happened, Katsuki forced Deku’s bitches to fawn over him and left the clinic room. He was no longer needed to keep Deku calm or to make sure he won’t get lost.

Besides, not remembering anything beyond the USJ meant Deku was more concerned with the others. Katsuki was glad to take the break.

A break he would have been enjoyed if it weren’t for those fuckers. They were lucky he had calmed down since he entered U.A. or they would have already been a splatter on the wall.

He was rethinking becoming a better person socially.

And then the bell rang and Katsuki sighed heavily. There went his break.

He was actually looking forward to returning to class.

He needed distraction.



Screw distraction.

“Why the fuck is he here?” Katsuki turned to glare at Deku, who was sitting in his usual seat, looking at the blond nervously.

“W-well, I wanted to take a breather from the clinic room…” Deku replied sheepishly. “Besides, I want to see if I can help present me bridge the gap in school material.”

“Tch,” Katsuki clicked his tongue and returned to face the front of the class.

Aizawa eyed them in exasperation. “Now that you two settled down. Open your homework about yesterday’s debate.”

Groans echoed around the classroom. Deku simply opened his notebook and scribbled in it, look of utmost concentration taking over his eyes.

Katsuki went back to his notebook, not wanting to lose to this brat.

Only fifteen and still giving him headaches.

Get back to normal already, shitty Deku.



“You had something called ‘Full Cowl’,” Katsuki grunted, glowering at the wall.

“And I didn’t harm myself at all using it?” Deku sounded hopeful.

“I hope the fuck not. Because you are an absolute moron who would hide anything from recovery girl that would take you out of training.”

Deku made a strangled noise but didn’t deny Katsuki’s claims. Of course he didn’t, everything Katsuki said was the truth.

Stupid nerd and his stupid non-existent self-preservation instincts making Katsuki inexplicably angry.

“So… You know how it works?” Izuku asked. “I want to control my quirk better.”

Katsuki’s eyes darkened.

Deku didn’t know what he was getting himself into. Hell, All Might didn’t know until the damn brat literally self-destructed during the joint class training. Class B had taken a long time to agree for anyone to face Deku again in following exercises. Copy-cat basically cowered when Deku followed him to apologize. Brain dead said something to Deku and then went back to normal, looking too giddy for a nearly dead mincemeat.

Deku took a long time to forgive himself.

Katsuki wanted to shake the stupid bastard so much. One For All wasn’t the first quirk and it won’t be the last quirk to act up. It also wasn’t the worst case scenario. Deku was just unnecessarily sensitive.

“Kacchan?” Green eyes met his and Katsuki’s breath stuttered. When did the damn nerd come so close? And without Katsuki noticing? He huffed and rested his chin on his palm. He didn’t want to deal with the other teen. He just wanted a break from insanity.

Was that really that much to ask?

“Don’t worry, Midoriya. Bakugo is just tired from the past couple of days.” Half ‘n half appeared and placed a hand on Deku’s shoulder. “If you want, I can help with some tips.”

Deku brightened up and jumped up, waving Katsuki goodbye and following the bastard. Katsuki fumed, ire rising to explosion mode when half ‘n half gave him a knowing look.

Moon face started laughing, hanging off froggy as she tried to collect herself. Pedals hand chopped while berating moon face for being inconsiderate to a clueless classmate.


“I’m not clueless! Don’t look down on me!” Katsuki bristeled. Pedals jumped and stared at him, eyes behind his square spectacles wide. Moon face lost it, nearly dragging froggy to the floor from how hard she was laughing.

Kirishima wept into his hands with pikachu patting his back. Acid horns was squealing and jumping up and down next to an exasperated tape elbows.

The rest of the class either was absent or regarded Katsuki with long looks ranging from pitying to amusing.

Katsuki snapped. He slammed hands on the table. “Would someone explain what the fuck is happening here? And stop laughing!”

Kirishima whined into his hands. “He’s so clueless! Where have we gone wrong?”

“Shitty hair…” Katsuki gritted his teeth, explosions popping around his hands. “You better come and explain properly what the fuck is on or I’ll make sure there would be nothing to identify next class.”

Pikachu squeaked and yanked Kirishima away just before Katsuki could reach him. Then an impromptu game of tag began with Katsuki trying to wrestle answers from the redhead only for the rest of the class to intercept him.

Fortunately, before Katsuki tried to explode the entire classroom, a giggling moon face came and dragged him out.

And so Katsuki found himself on the bleachers, overlooking the running field for the general studies classes. He glared as moon face sat down with two bottles of water. “What do you want, round cheeks?”

Moon face sobered from her giggling, extending a bottle to him. Katsuki eyed her suspiciously, but at the end snatched one bottle and opened it.

And then, just as he took a swig, moon face opened her mouth.

“Do you like Deku?”

Water sprayed her.

Moon face sputtered, dripping water and looking absolutely disgusted. Katsuki wanted to feel smug by that, he really did.

So why the fuck was he feeling mortified?

Moon face grabbed Katsuki’s sleeve and wiped her face. Katsuki let out a growl and pushed her away. “Don’t touch me!”

“You sprayed water on me! That you drank! Ew!”

“It was your goddamn fault!”

“How?! By telling you the truth?!”

“What truth!”

“You like Deku!”

“No, I do not!”

“Then explain the past few days!”

Katsuki’s mouth clamped up.

Moon face turned smug then disgusted as she wiped her face with her sleeve. “Like, Bakugo, you need to sit down and think hard about your life choices. Izuku had been hurt badly from you. You two have one of the worst relationships I had ever seen! I am so annoyed by you right now and I want to kick your ass for hurting Deku.” She took a deep breath. “But Deku is more important. And somehow, despite all your asshole tendencies, you two still gravitate towards each other.”

She jabbed a finger at Katsuki’s tie. “So. fix. This. Stop being a scaredy cat and talk to him. Tell him how you really feel.”

Katsuki looked at her as if she had grown a second head. “The fuck would I do that?”

Moon face frowned. “Because even when we were all there for him, he went to you. He cares about you more than he wants to admit. So go there, and be a man for a change.”

Katsuki’s shoulders hunched up defensibly. “He’s fifteen for god’s sake, you moron.”

“He won’t be for long. By tomorrow he should be back to normal. Don’t drag it.”

Katsuki looked away, not admitting defeat. “Whatever.”

Moon face smiled like she won the lottery. “Great. We should head back. Deku is probably worried.”

Bakugo ignored the heat rising in his face and flipped the bird to the bubbly girl, stomping back to the campus.



The two stepped into the corridor of their classroom when a familiar scream pierced the serene atmosphere.

Chapter Text

“Deku!” The two teens shouted, slamming open the door to the classroom.

First thing Katsuki noticed was the destruction.

Second thing he noticed was Aizawa, kneeling on the ground and holding onto a screaming Deku. His long hair was floating up, meaning his quirk was in effect.

That could only mean one thing.

Deku lost control of One For All.

“I couldn’t stop it, Kacchan. I couldn’t stop One For All. I can’t control it. I can’t be a hero. I almost killed Uraraka, Monoma and Shinso. I’m a monster. I’m a villain!

“What happened?” Moon face rushed to half ‘n half and pedals, body trembling as she demanded answers. Pedals looked uneasy and made jittery hand chops, looking ready to spring into action but lost at the same time.

“Midoriya glowed blue and suddenly those same black things from before appeared and lashed out. Aizawa was thankfully able to stop Midoriya in time. But he hasn’t stopped screaming.”

Katsuki didn’t let pedals finish his spiel before he knelt before Deku and addressed Aizawa. “Let me try.”

Aizawa didn’t move, barely twitching. His face was pinched with pain and concentration.

“Aizawa. Let me. Concentrate on erasing his quirk.”

It took a moment, but Aizawa robotically moved and quickly blinked. A black tendril hit the ceiling but then One For All was suppressed again. Katsuki took the time window and gripped Izuku’s shoulders.

They were so different than baby Deku’s shoulders. So… fragile.

He had never realized how fragile Deku could be.

Another tendril shot out, narrowly missing Katsuki.

Katsuki sharply inhaled then exhaled, grabbing the scarred hands, bringing them up and…

Using them to slap Izuku’s face.

Dazed eyes widened and a gasp left previously screaming lips. Deku trembled in Katsuki’s hands, trying to say something only for more gasps to come out. Katsuki held Deku’s wrists tenderly. “Deku, look at me. Calm down. You’re in control of One For All.”

Two lightnings shattered the windows. Aizawa was having harder time erasing Deku’s quirk.

Fuck it.

Katsuki embraced Izuku, burying his face in the tanned neck.

The teen stilled, hands hovered above Katsuki’s back.

Aizawa exhaled sharply.

There was a collective breath intake within the classroom.

Katsuki paid nearly no mind to that, taking in the slimy feeling of perspiration coating Deku’s skin. Hair fuzzy as if electricity went through it. Body too still.

Katsuki slowly withdrew in case of another freak out, making eye contact with unseeing radioactive green eyes.

“Deku.” He started. “You’re in control. Think about that horn kid. She also lost control of her quirk but the moment Aizawa erased it, everything went back to normal. So just fucking snap out of your pity fest.”

Deku didn’t move, but his eyes dimmed to their normal dark green shine. Tears welled up and trickled down pale cheeks.

Katsuki relaxed. Crisis averted. “See? Now was that so hard?”

...Kacchan? ” Deku’s voice was so faint, the blond nearly missed it. The moment it registered tho, Katsuki nodded.

“I’m fucking here, for some reason I can’t even fucking fathom. The class is screwing me over since apparently I’m supposed to like you or something. But with all shitty honesty, you’re turning up to be a major pain in the ass.”

Deku stared eerily at Katsuki, then his eyes rolled back and he collapsed. Katsuki managed to catch him in the nick of time.

Silence surrounded him for a moment.


“Is he okay?”

“We need to get him to Recovery Girl!”

“Better to bring her here. Aizawa looks completely spent.”

“Alright! I’ll get her as my job as a class rep!”

“Ride forth, dear knight!”

“As much as it’s sad to say; this is a much better of an outcome than the last time.”

“Bakugo, is Midoriya okay? Are you okay?”

Someone was poking Aizawa’s cheek. “I can’t believe our teacher is fucking dead.”

“Stop that, Toru.”

“Would you all just shut the fuck up?” Katsuki barked.

Everyone turned to look at him. And suddenly evil smirks spread over most of the teenagers’ faces.

Katsuki would never admit it, but he was preparing to blast a way out of the window.

He didn’t trust what was currently happening.

A moment passed and the atmosphere sobered. Moon face dropped to her knees next to Deku and pressed the back of her hand to Deku’s forehead then to his nostrils. “He doesn’t have a fever and he’s breathing normally,” Her voice cracked at the end. She turned to Katsuki, relief and shame crossing her face. “You remembered what I did last time.”

Katsuki scowled. Moon face had acted recklessly when it had happened last time, using brain dead to stop One For All and then forcing Deku to focus on her and her touch. It had nearly killed her and brain dead but by the time Aizawa and All Might had reached them, Deku was unconscious and harmless.

Deku had taken a long time to forgive himself. Katsuki sometimes wondered if he had ever fully forgiven himself.

“Tch,” Katsuki looked away, “It wasn’t hard to remember.”

Moon face sighed and faced the door just as it opened. Katsuki didn’t bother to look, recognizing Recovery’s taptap steps and shifting Deku so his back laid over Katsuki’s chest.

The old woman first checked over Aizawa and then gave him some gummies and chastised him for overusing his quirk. The man grunted and shuffled to an overturned chair, picked it up and sat on it.

Then it was Deku’s turn.

Katsuki’s hold on the other teen tightened when Recovery held a scarred wrist and then checked the rest of the arm. It had streaks of dark red surrounding the limb and now that the quirk stopped wrecking havoc, normal blood bubbled out of them.

Recovery sighed. “This is so much better than last time...” She pressed a kiss to teen’s temple and the cuts slowly closed until they were nothing more than dark scars. The old woman cleaned the arm and then addressed Katsuki.

Katsuki absent-mindedly wished not to be the babysitter again…

“He’s too exhausted from both quirk overuse and aging up. Help me bring him to the infirmary and he’ll need to sleep the healing off.”

Moon face looked at Katsuki, reaching for Deku but then hesitated for a moment before brushing the pale cheek fondly. She then stood up and stepped back. “Take care of Deku.”

Katsuki numbly nodded and picked the smaller body easily, finally taking notice of the ripped hero costume (that somehow appeared on Deku this time when no other clothing changed during previous age-altering). How the suit dwarfed Deku’s body. Like a child wearing his father’s too big uniform.

He silently followed Recovery out of the classroom, passing by the others. Half ‘n half tried to come closer but one glare from him had pedals stop him. When half ‘n half protested, pedals told him something and nodded to Katsuki with a grim expression. Katsuki didn’t grace him with a reply.

The halls felt longer than ever. His heavy steps next to Recovery’s taptap steps reverberating in the empty space; classes still in session.

Deku’s deep breathing tickled his neck, the only sign of life he could feel from the limp teen.

Katsuki felt like he was walking through sludge, and wasn’t that a nice memory to drag out of its hole. His ears were plugged. His mind was in a slow motion mode.

He didn’t like how affected he was by seeing Deku struggle with One For All for the second time. Didn’t like to remember the months of Deku working himself to the ground to gain any resemblance of control of One For All. Of Deku struggling through his fears of losing control again. Of Aizawa and Hound Dog taking Deku to therapy sessions.

“Just stop being an idiot…”


“We’re here, foolish kids,” Recovery girl said. Katsuki stared at her with annoyance, not liking to be included in the insult. The old woman smiled ruefully at him. “You rushed in even knowing you could get hurt. If I didn’t know any better, I would have said you acted like Midoriya.”

Katsuki faltered. “Huh?! How am I anything like the nerd?!”

The old hag didn’t reply until he placed the unresponsive teen on the bed and began taking off the destroyed costume off. “You just rushed in without a second thought to save him.”

Katsuki accidentally ripped off the boot too harshly. Deku twitched. Katsuki softly swore under his breath, trying to be more gentle with the rest of the removing and restrain himself from glaring a hole into the old hag.

Soon Deku’s tattered costume was replaced with plain boxers and a white t-shirt. Recovery cleaned and bandaged the teen, then covered him with a blanket. She ordered Katsuki to keep an eye on Deku, providing him with a panic button in case another incident happened.

Katsuki resigned to his fate, slumping on the chair next to the bed and shooing the nurse out. Recovery huffed good-naturedly and left the infirmary.

Katsuki heard the door click shut and released a long breath, hunching over. He ran hand over his face and then buried his face in his palms. The sweet smell of sweat grounded him.

He didn’t want to look at Deku. He didn’t want to remember.

“I’m so sorry, Kacchan! I’m so sorry I-I! I am a monster! I’m a villain !”

He didn’t want to recall the devastation in the nerd’s eyes.

“I can’t be better than you. I told you I’ll be better than you, But I-”

“You’re a fucking asshole…” Katsuki exhaled shakily, gritting his teeth. “You’re making me remember stuff I don’t want to recall. I hate seeing you showing such weakness. I hate you for letting a quirk taking over you. I…”

Hate the thought of losing you.

He thought back to what he had told Aizawa. About not knowing what to do if he would lose Deku.

“Damn it!” He slammed a fist on his knee, his other hand clutching at his hair. “This fucking week had been a nightmare after a nightmare. You made me go through every bad memory we both had. And no, I don’t like remembering I was the cause of most of them.”

Katsuki sighed. “You made me take care of your useless shitty ass. You fucking had me save you like you were some kind of a damsel in distress. What the hell is wrong with you?”

No reply.

“Of course. The only time I’m allowing myself to breakdown is when you are knocked off your ass. Aren’t you supposed to hate fainting or some-fucking-thing? Get up and fight me properly, stupid nerd. I need to let some steam out.”

Deku remained stubbornly still.

“I am going to explode you.”


“I’ll kick your flat ass and become the next number one hero.”


Katsuki let explosions run over his hands as he took deep breaths, trying to push down his irrational anger. Deku was sleeping off whatever that damned quirk did to him this time, not playing dead.

And now his sight was getting blurry. Just great. Just fucking perfect.

“Shitty nerd. Just get back to normal already.”

“... Ka...cchan?

Katsuki jumped and looked over to the bed, zeroing on dazed green eyes. Deku blinked slowly and his left hand rose and landed on Katsuki’s arm. Deku’s brows furrowed a bit.

Katsuki became aware of the heat rising over his cheeks along and looked away. He didn’t want to shout at Deku for being an annoying pest.

Kacchan…” Deku muttered, cracks in his shaky voice. Katsuki sighed and turned his head back to the nerd, not surprised to see tears already staining the pale cheeks.

“Don’t cry over being an idiot,” Katsuki placed his left hand on Deku’s that was still lying on his right arm. Deku stared at him wide eyed. “No one got hurt but your stupid arm.”

Deku tried to raise his bandaged arm but it only trembled a bit before slumping, useless. A whimper left the teen and fresh tears rolled down.

Katsuki wasn’t a babysitter! And yet, he rubbed a thumb over the quivering fingers. “It’ll be back to normal soon. A bit of therapy and you can still use your arm. But for now learn to stop being an idiot and rest.”

Deku shook his head. “Can’t… lose… control…

“You won’t. Aizawa is close by. Besides, you really think you can take me on?” Katsuki smirked.

Scared...Kacchan…” Deku’s fingers on his arms tightened. “I...I… I’m a monster…

Exactly the same scenario as back then.

“Shut up and listen,” Katsuki put a stop to Deku’s self-deprecating muttering. Deku looked at him with a lost expression; the same expression a nightmare-ridden ten years old Deku adorned two nights ago.

Katsuki felt like it had been longer than that. “You knew nothing about something being wrong with One For All. All Might didn’t know. No one knew.

And before you say it’s because of you, shut up ” Deku’s mouth closed. “ One For All is a quirk with eight more people in it. You told me they spoke to you before and that this time one of them had appeared and shouted at you about some stupid issue with emotions.”

Deku looked confused. Katsuki gave a wry grin. “You’re in the future. A quirk regressed you to a baby. You’re seventeen.”


“You say ‘oh’ too much, shitty nerd,” Katsuki continued.

Deku snorted, relaxing. The hand on Katsuki’s arm loosened its death grip, uncovering deep crescents in the skin. Katsuki refrained from hissing at the renewed pain.

Deku exhaled and his hand turned to hold Katsuki’s. Katsuki tensed, but the warmth calmed him and he squeezed back. The blond moved his right hand so that Izuku’s hand was held by both of his.

Izuku closed his eyes. “ I’m sorry.

“Stop apologizing. You’re giving me a headache.”


“What did I say?”

Deku clamped up, stubbornly facing away. “You’re mean…

Katsuki chuckled humorlessly. “You keep telling me that. I don’t think it means what you think it means. I’m awesome.”

That had Deku open his eyes and stare at him in annoyance. “Mean.



Katsuki snorted. Deku smiled and yawned, closing his eyes. “M tired…

Katsuki raised Deku’s hand and rested his forehead on the slightly bent fingers. “Just go to sleep, nerd. Hopefully you’ll wake up back to normal.”

Deku’s hand stiffened. “I’m scared of going back…

Katsuki frowned and looked up. “You’re not going back. You’ve been through this before. It’s just your memories that are messed up. You’re still going to be here, annoying my ass off.”

Do you promise?

Katsuki rolled his eyes. “Whatever. Just sleep already, my back is stiff.”

Deku chuckled and took a deep breath, relaxing. His hand slackened in Katsuki’s grip, nearly slipping out if not for the blond’s renewed hold on it.

They stayed silent until Deku’s soft snores filled the clinic.

Katsuki released a breath he didn’t realize he was holding. He lowered his forehead to the small fingers trapped between his hands, numbly noting the wetness dripping down his cheeks.

Deku was fine. Katsuki was fine.

Everything was fucking fine.

Just a little bit more.

Just a little bit more before everything will return back to normal.

Just a bit…

Chapter Text

“Kacchan… Can you release my hand? Kacchan, wake up! It’s bad for your back to sleep like that.”

“Shut up…” Katsuki sleepily mumbled, not in the mood to be woken up at the moment. A sigh was heard, followed by shuffling. Then something warm pressed to Katsuki’s knees and fingers tried to pry open his grip.

“Kacchan! My other arm is bandaged too tightly and it hurts! Give me back my hand or else… I’ll pinch you!”

Katsuki snorted at the half-assed threat and yawned, sitting up with a wince when his back popped. “Ugh…”

“I told you, but no~ Kacchan knows everything. Kacchan is the greatest! Will you release my hand already?”

Katsuki grumbled and loosened his hold. “Whatever, nerd…” He then realized what had just happened and opened his eyes.

They met with annoyed green eyes.

Katsuki blinked. Deku huffed and shifted so he sat away from Katsuki, grumbling to himself while he unwrapped the cloth binding his right arm. Soon deep scars were uncovered in different places last night’s Deku had.

Deku was back to normal.

Katsuki took a moment to actually wake up. But when he did, he rubbed his eyes and exhaled in exasperation. ”You finally got back to normal, shitty nerd. ‘Bout fucking time.”

“What are you even talking about, Kacchan?” Deku eyed him in confusion. “Did something happen to me after I caught that villain?”

Katsuki stared at him for a long time and then shook his head, not liking the pinch he felt in his chest. “Your dumb ass got hit by a quirk that turned you into a baby. I was appointed by your fucking friends to be your babysitter. You should be on the floor, thanking me for not ditching your ass.”

Deku pondered over the information for a moment and then smiled brightly. “Thank you for taking care of me, Kacchan.”

“I was forced to.”

“Sure you were,” Deku’s smile softened to a fond grin. Katsuki hated that smile and clicked his tongue, looking away. Deku chuckled and yawned loudly, stretching loudly. “Well, if you were ‘forced’ to take care of me. Anything happened that I should be aware of?”



Katsuki could feel the searching glare burning into his head but he refused to look at the other teen. He couldn’t face Deku after the past several days of him pouring his fucking soul to the younger Izukus.

He felt cheated out.

“Kacchan… What’s wrong?” Deku shuffled closer and settled into position before Katsuki, bent knees touching Katsuki’s. Scarred hands were placed on his tight fists, thumbs rubbing soothing circles into the knuckles. “Please look at me.”

Katsuki refused. He stubbornly looked down.

Deku sighed and his forehead fell on Katsuki’s hair. “I don’t know what happened while I was incapacitated and I’m sorry that you had to be held back by me


Deku stilled. “What?”

Katsuki took a deep breath and released it shakily. “Don’t ever say that. Please.

“Kacchan…” Hands left his fists and arms embraced him so his face was snuggled in the other’s neck. “Alright… I won’t…”

Katsuki’s fists trembled as they rose and clutched at the white shirt, drawing Deku as close as he dared. The smell of antiseptic from the infirmary was overtaken by the smell of damp hair and earth. Deku’s fingers buried themselves into the blond spikes, combing through them. Katsuki’s breathing slowly evened out, comforted by the action.

They remained in this position until Deku shifted and hissed. “Kacchan? I need to stand up. My knees are killing me.”

Katsuki snorted. “Weakling.”

“Really? I’m not allowed to make self-deprecating jokes but you’re allowed to? Who’s the hypocrite now?” Deku gently extracted himself from the embrace and jumped from the bed, only to falter on his feet. Katsuki twisted in his seat and pushed Deku back to the bed. Deku released a big ‘oomph’ when he fell on the bed.

Katsuki eyed the sheepish teen blankly. “You just got back from being a baby, don’t get up. Idiot nerd.”

Deku sighed and sat up, poking his quivering legs. “So what’s now?”

Katsuki stood up, kicking the chair away, and flopped down on the bed. Deku yelped when he was nearly sent flying, grabbing Katsuki’s shirt to keep himself from face-planting the floor. “What the hell, Kacchan?!”

Katsuki chortled into the mattress. Deku took a moment but then he was laughing loudly, burying his face into Katsuki’s side. “You’re impossible.”

Katsuki chuckled. His back and shoulders were killing him, and something was poking his hip, but he didn’t want to move.

Deku was back to normal. Katsuki could bury everything and continue with life as usual. Act as if he didn’t face his past mistakes and tried to make amends.

He could

The door slammed open, startling both teenagers to sitting up. Katsuki was about to shove Deku back when he registered the tiny silhouette at the entrance.

“Recovery Girl?” Deku asked in bafflement. “What’s wrong?”

Recovery looked at them for a long time before stomping towards Katsuki and hitting him with her cane over the head.

“Ow!” Katsuki held his head. “What the fuck, hag?!”

“Why were you pressing the panic button like crazy if there was nothing wrong, you damn brat?”

“What button?” Katsuki grumbled then froze and looked at the bed.

There, lying innocently, was the red button Recovery had given him earlier. That was the thing poking his hip before.

The cane hit his head again.


Deku resumed laughing.



“You seem back to perfect health,” Recovery Girl informed Izuku as she unwrapped the blood pressure strap. She checked over his scars, massaging his crooked fingers and deep scars. Izuku sighed in relief. His bones had been aching more than usual, even when taking into account the previous cold winter aches.

He thanked the old woman and slipped on the t-shirt he had woken up with. He was told to wait in the infirmary until Kacchan came back with his uniform. In the meanwhile, he was to get rest.

Izuku was too restless to obey the last order. He wished he had his notebooks with him. He wanted to write something.

But seeing he was out of notebooks, he was forced to take the desperate route - look around the infirmary.

And in the second drawer next to his bed, he found, to his surprise, the notebooks.

Izuku stared at them in suspicion and carefully picked one up, a small folded paper falling on his lap. The teenager returned the notebook to the drawer and picked the note. He turned it around, looking for a sender or a clue to its contents. Unfortunately, it held no hints, so he unfolded the paper.

It was his handwriting.

Hello, present Izuku.

I’m age twelve Izuku. I also remember age ten Izuku, but that’s not as important.

Kacchan went to cook lunch. We played hide and seek when he tried to read U-ra-ra-ka ‘s note and he didn’t punch anything when he read it. He’s so nice now, I’m quite jealous of you.

To be honest. I’m scared of returning to school and the bullying. I don’t want to return to my Kacchan. I really like your Kacchan. He held me when I had nightmares about your memories.

I’m really sorry you had to go through all these really scary memories.

Also, your Kacchan promised me to hug you when you come back. Make him fulfill his promise!

Anyways… I don’t know if you’re going to remember me and my time here, so just hold onto Kacchan, okay? We really care for him.


Age twelve Izuku.

P.s. To-ko-ya-mi and sho-ji are really cool!


Izuku startled and turned around, seeing Kacchan standing by the bed with his uniform hanging from the blond’s hand.

Kacchan frowned when Izuku made eye contact with him. “Why the fuck are you crying?”

Izuku touched his cheek, and to his surprise he felt the dampness. He rubbed his eyes and held the note close to his heart. Kacchan sighed and dumped the uniform on the chair, sitting next to Izuku and holding his hand out for the note.

Izuku smiled faintly and shook his head. “Age twelve me told me you tried reading notes not for you.”

Katsuki’s brows rose and was it panic in his eyes? “Kacchan?”

Kacchan looked down and then he sighed. “What did it say?”

Izuku put the note on the notebook and faced his partner, spreading his arms. “He said you promised me a hug.”

Kacchan groaned. “Of course he would mention that.”

Izuku wiggled his fingers. “I’m waiting.”

Kacchan glared at him for a moment, then bent and sweeped Izuku into a strong embrace.

Izuku’s breath was knocked out of him, warmth engulfing him like entering a heated home. He froze, arms spread like a moron while Kacchan hugged him.

But then Kacchan was releasing his hold and Izuku might not get another chance like that

“Don’t.” Izuku whispered, arms clinging to Kacchan’s back and his face smooshed to the other’s neck. Kacchan made an irritated grunt, but tightened his hold. Izuku melted into the warmth.

It felt like returning home.

“Stupid Deku… getting emotional over a letter…” Kacchan would have sounded ruder if his voice didn’t crack at the end.

Izuku wisely didn’t comment, simply humming.

He didn’t know why, but he felt like he had been through the wringer. He didn’t notice before because he didn’t get a chance to simply sit and absorb everything that happened in the past two hours.

He felt… it felt like he was missing something important.

Kacchan rubbed his back and Izuku closed his eyes, losing himself in the moment.

He wanted to remember so badly.

Why couldn’t he remember?

Chapter Text

“Deku!” Uraraka glomped him the moment he walked into classroom at the end of school. “I’m so glad you’re okay.”

Izuku grinned and patted her back. “I-I’m glad as well. Even though I don’t remember anything, I hope I wasn’t too much of a bother.”

“Not at all!” Ashido quipped from behind Uraraka, mischief in her eyes. “You were so adorable! Toru and I have so many pictures of you!”

Izuku paled. “Please nothing that I would regret seeing.”

Uraraka released him and giggled. “Don’t worry. Momo and Kyouka made sure they stayed in line.”

Yayorozu and Jirou gave waves. “Count on us.”

Izuku chuckled. His attention then was pulled towards the back, where Shoji and Tokoyami stood conversing with Asui and Kouda.

Recalling the letter, he quickly moved between his classmates and approached the four.

Shoji noticed him first and nodded in acknowledgement. The other three looked at him and each greeted him in their own way. Izuku smiled brightly at them and asked about his younger self’s antics.

“You seemed really fond of my hugs,” Shoji replied with a warm tone. “And you really enjoyed asking us about our quirks.”

Dark shadow burst from Tokoyami and nudged Izuku’s chest. “PET ME!

Izuku laughed and complied with the request, noting amusingly the relieved expressions. “Just because I’m back doesn’t mean i’m done with questioning you guys. I hope we’ll hang out more often.”

“I hope you’ll remember soon, Midoriya-chan,” Asui said, eyes crinkled in a smile. “We had a really good time talking to you.”

Izuku returned the gesture. After chatting for a while and getting tired of petting Dark Shadow, he waved goodbye to the four and headed to Iida and Todoroki.

“I’m so glad to see you well, Midoriya,” Iida clapped his back. Izuku nodded, resting his head on his friend’s arm. Todoroki patted his shoulder, giving him a faintly pleased look.

Izuku was really glad his friends knew when to keep quiet.

Too soon to his liking, his classmates had to return to the dorms while Izuku had to remain at the clinic for one more night in case of a complication.

Izuku didn’t like the loneliness that greeted him when he entered the infirmary. The bed looked way too familiar for his own sake and the whiteness, after his colorful dorm walls, was taxing mentally.

With a deep sigh, he sat on the chair and bent a bit awkwardly to write on the desk next to the bed. He had found earlier study notes from his fifteen year old self to help him bridge the gaps in knowledge. He was truly thankful for the other’s foresight of helping him learn.

He looked back when he heard the door open, pleasantly surprised to see Kacchan walk in with a scowl.

“Hi, Kacchan

“Grab your shit and come,” Kacchan said abruptly. Izuku stared at him and the blond bristled. “You moronic ass didn’t think of eating dinner, so I’m here to make sure you don’t starve.”

Izuku blinked. He had forgotten to grab some food for dinner… he relaxed and set aside his notes, grabbed his phone Iida had brought him and followed Kacchan through the halls.

“Are we going to the dorms?” Izuku asked after a couple of silent minutes.

“Too far. We’re going to the cafeteria. Lunch Rush lets me cook there at times.” Kacchan huffed, burying his hands in his pants’ pockets. “Besides, I’m not letting those fuckers get near me when I cook.”

Izuku chuckled. Kacchan should really be more honest with his feelings.

He felt a twinge in his chest.



Kacchan moved really well in the kitchen, Izuku noted absentmindedly. When they reached the kitchen, Kacchan unlocked the door and shoved him into one of the chairs and began on preparing dinner without any extra fanfare.

Izuku rested his cheek on his palm, fondness quirking the corners of his mouth up.

He wondered how it was for twelve year old him to see Kacchan move like that in the kitchen.

The blond milled around in the dorms’ kitchen. Izuku pulled the blanket over him and curled on the couch, watching his childhood friend.

Izuku blinked and looked at Kacchan in bemusement.

He was in the bush one moment, growing more and more panicked as he struggled to free himself from the thorns, and suddenly he was looking into familiar red eyes.

Izuku held his head, a dull ache rising in his head.

“Deku?” Kacchan placed the bowl of katsudon on the table and crouched before Izuku. “What’s happening?”

Kacchan just finished explaining everything. Kacchan apologized for being a bully. Kacchan…

Izuku jumped and hugged Kacchan. Kacchan relaxed and picked him up so the blond was sitting on the chair instead.

Izuku groaned as images assaulted his head.

Kacchan sitting on the floor, comforting him after the nightmares.


Meeting his present self’s classmates. They’re so nice! So kind! So bright! Even Tokoyami and Shoji are brighter than what they claim!

“Deku, I’m going to call Recovery. Can you hear me?”

“Aunt Mitsuki?”

“Seriously? He freaked out over two minutes?”


“Don’t leave me behind! I’m sorry for being quirkless!”


All Might looking away, blush dusting his cheeks. Izuku pouted.


“KACCHAN!!!” He scrambled out of the bed and face-planted, tangled in the bed sheets.


Arms embraced him. Izuku stilled, One For All suddenly quieting down.

“Was that so hard?”


Kacchan. Kacchan. Kacchan.

“Kacchan…” Izuku muttered. His head throbbed from all the memories pushing themselves into his brain. He held onto strong arms, forehead on a strong shoulder.

“Fucking finally… is your brain still working, shitty nerd?” Kacchan’s gruff voice soothed Izuku’s headache. “What happened?”

Izuku took a moment to find his voice again. “I… I remember… everything.”

Kacchan froze. He then made a move to release himself from Izuku.

Izuku felt panic hit him. He couldn’t let Kacchan go.

If he did. They won’t ever talk about this.

All their progress would be lost.

“Kacchan.” He gripped the arms harder. “Stay.”

“...Don’t… don’t order me around.”

“Please…” Izuku begged, head pounding. “Don’t leave me. Not this time.”

Silence. Neither of them moved.

Then reluctantly, Kacchan settled back to kneeling on the floor. Izuku got off the chair and sat on the floor, not letting Kacchan’s arms slip away.

Kacchan wasn’t looking at him. Izuku didn’t know whether to be upset of glad.

“Kacchan… did you…” Izuku gulped. “Did you mean anything you said and did for me? You didn’t just take pity on me, right?”

Red eyes glared into Izuku’s. “Do I look like I give fucking pity?”

Izuku released a dry chuckle, looking down in shame. “Of course not. Of course you wouldn’t…”

Kacchan sighed and cupped Izuku’s cheek and raised his head so they would look into one another’s eyes. “We need to talk about all the shit I put you through. I need to properly apologize. I was such a little shit

“Not now…” Izuku shook his head, accidentally nuzzling the warm hand and melting into it. “I just remembered everything. I just got back to normal. I got you worrying about me. I got you…”

“Oi, Deku.”

Izuku looked up and squeaked when warm lips pressed onto his.

Chapter Text

Deku was staring at nothing when Katsuki approached the table with the bowl of katsudon, green eyes tainted with blue.

Katsuki’s chest tightened in alarm. He stood before the chair and snapped his fingers before the unseeing eyes. “Deku?”

Silence. Then Deku held his head, a pained noise leaving him.

Katsuki immediately placed down the bowl and crouched before Deku. “Deku? What’s happening?” He tried to look for any sign of response, but Deku only groaned and his fingers tightened on his curls.

“Deku,” Katsuki made one last attempt to communicate.

No response bar a faint tremor spreading over the teen.

“Deku, I’m going to call Recovery. Can you hear me?” The blond was wishing for the panic button now. He didn’t want to leave Deku here alone, but he didn’t know what was happening.

Damn it! Just when he thought that everything was back to normal.

He reached for Deku, wanting to shake him awake, when scarred hands shot out and grabbed his arms with a death grip.

Katsuki stiffened and breathed in and out, calming down his instinct to lash out. Deku wasn’t attacking him. Something was up with the nerd and Katsuki now had no way to get Recovery… wait, Deku brought his phone, no?

But how to get the phone…

Kacchan… ” A mutter echoed between them, a forehead finding its way to Katsuki’s shoulder. Katsuki slumped in relief. Deku was back from wherever he was.

“Fucking finally… is your brain still working, shitty nerd?” Katsuki grouched. Deku’s grip loosened. The blond sighed. “What happened?”

The nerd coughed and seemed to be having trouble saying something. Unable to move, Katsuki could only wait till the other spoke.

Finally, after a long moment, Deku swallowed and whispered. “I… I remember… everything.

Katsuki froze.

Shit. Shitshitshit. He didn’t want to deal with everything now. He didn't know how to deal with everything now. He Had to go. He was an absolute moron for thinking everything was back to normal.

He hadn’t even realized he was standing up until nails dug into his skin. “Kacchan.” Deku said, panic in his tone. “Stay.”

Katsuki’s throat felt dry, self-control slipping. “...Don’t… don’t order me around.” Please...

“Please…” Deku begged pathetically, echoing Katsuki's thought. “Don’t leave me. Not this time.”

Katsuki’s breath hitched. He didn’t want to stay. He didn’t want to leave. He didn’t know what he wanted. He had Deku back but he was so confused.

“The great Bakugo feels love… fascinating.”

Katsuki found himself reluctantly settling back on his knees. Deku got off the chair and copied his stance, grip strong on Katsuki’s arms.

Katsuki felt trapped under the scarred hands. He couldn’t face Deku. He was feeling too much. He couldn’t ask Deku to make sense of his feelings.

“I can’t give you all the answers, Bakugo. But… I think you’re heading down the right road. Just figure them out before Midoriya returns to normal. You might find a lot of shared emotions between you two.”

Shared emotions?

Would Deku really accept him after everything? The nerd forgave him. They were rivals and partners. But it was a stretch to hope for more.

He ruined too much of Deku’s life to ask for more.


“Kacchan… did you…” Deku gulped, the noise too loud in Katsuki’s ears. “Did you mean anything you said and did for me?”


“You didn’t just take pity on me, right?”

Did that nerd really think…?

Katsuki finally raised his head, glaring into worried green eyes (that had no blue in them at last. At long last Katsuki was rid of the now dreadful color). “Do I look like I give fucking pity?”

Deku released a dry chuckle, looking down in shame. “Of course not. Of course you wouldn’t…”

No… no, Katsuki hated that expression. He was reminded of too many pesky memories to like that expression. What could he do to erase that face...

“I’m not emotionally constipated, young Bakugo.”

He sighed.

“You might find a lot of shared emotions between you two.”

That stupid teacher…

Katsuki gathered his sanity and cupped Izuku’s cheek. It was so soft and warm, the freckles giving a childish look to the no longer round cheek.

He raised Deku’s head so they would be able to look into one another’s eyes. Deku’s eyes were darkened with shame and guilt.

Katsuki really ruined Izuku… His thumb rubbed the warm skin. “We need to talk about all the shit I put you through,” He whispered, ashamed. “I need to properly apologize. I was such a little shit

“Not now…” Deku shook his head, nuzzling Katsuki’s hand and melting into it, eyes closing. “I just remembered everything. I just got back to normal. I got you worrying about me. I got you…”

“You might find a lot of shared emotions between you two.”

Screw it.

“Oi, Deku.”

Deku looked up, green eyes filled with curiosity and worry.

Katsuki cupped his other cheek and with his heart pounding in his ears, pressed his lips onto Deku’s.

Deku made a squeaking noise, hands tightening on Katsuki’s arms, eyes blowing wide.

Katsuki inwardly cursed at the unexpected reaction and drew back, already planning to get out of there as quickly as possible

Deku pulled Katsuki’s arms down and crashed their lips together. Katsuki winched when their teeth hit, yanking himself back with a confused growl. “What the hell, Deku?!”

Deku, nursing his own aching teeth, frowned in bafflement. “You were the one who kissed me first!”

“I didn’t fucking crash our teeth like in a boxing match! Did you try to knock my teeth out?”

“Of course not! But you were running away, again!

“You weren’t responding, you shitty nerd!”

“I was too surprised! Give me a warning next time, you idiot!”

Katsuki blinked. “Next time?”

Deku looked at him as if Katsuki grew a second head. “Of course there’s going to be a next time. Unless you were pranking me.”

Katsuki bristled. “Of course not!”

Deku relaxed and then his lips quirked up in a fragile smile. “So you like me?”

Katsuki felt his cheeks heat up and looked away. “Like I would kiss anyone I didn’t like. What do you take me for, shitty nerd?”

Deku chuckled and released Katsuki’s arms, wrapping his own arms around Katsuki’s shoulders. His smile widened then turned shy. “I like you too, Katsuki…”

Katsuki jolted at the name, glaring at the beaming nerd. “Don’t call me that. It’s too weird.”

Deku laughed. “But aren’t couples supposed to call each other with their first names?”

The blond snorted. “We aren’t like those boring extras. Besides, Deku is the name of a hero, no?” He gently held the other’s waist, the t-shirt thin enough to feel the warmth radiating from the smaller teen. Katsuki hated the feeling of his face burning, but the blush on Deku’s face was worth it.

“So you can be sappy…” Deku mumbled, bashful at the intimate gesture. “You’re too embarrassing, Kacchan.”

Katsuki smirked through the embarrassment, pulling Deku closer. “I’m going the best at everything. Including dealing with your skinny ass.”

“Hey! I worked hard on it!” Deku pouted, then grumbled when Katsuki chuckled. “Are you going to kiss me already or

“Shut up already, nerd,” Katsuki lowered his head to Izuku’s, connecting their lips properly this time.

And completely forgetting about the perfectly made Katsudon growing cold on the table.