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"Christmas Present"

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This was bullshit. Biology, was bullshit. Alphas were bullshit, omegas as well. Everything, and everyone, was bullshit.

This was the only thought going through our angry blond omegas head as he paced around his tightly locked down room. It was Christmas break, and he was stuck in the damn dorms. It’s not like he actually wanted to go home, but it would have been nice to be in his own damn room with his nesting material he’s had for years. But no, his stupid fucking heat cycle, decided it was going to give him his own little present.

Katsuki Bakugo was an omega. He hated that, but he got over it and decided he would be the first omega hero and show those “stupid fucking alphas that omegas aren’t shit they can use to just fuck”. Katsuki stopped pacing and sat down, he could feel the slick gathering in his pants, but he couldn’t find the fucks to give at the moment, trying to decide if anyone else was at the dorms- He would have to leave to get food and shower at some point, but he knew his heat would over take him and force him to stay in bed before too long.

Then it came to him, Kirishima doesn’t go home. The alpha, next door, doesn’t leave during breaks. His friend doesn’t go home during breaks. A wicked grin cross his face as he leaned over on the bed and banged on the wall. The omega waited for a response… Nothing came though. His grin seemed to grow wider as he stood up as fast as his body would allow him and rushed out of the room-making sure that no one was coming as he exited his room- The omega opened the unlocked door- typical alpha, typical Kirishima. A breathy chuckle came from the omega as he walked in. He decided to lock the door behind him, surely that shitty-haired dumbass would have his keys on him.

Bakugo’s body seemed to be… overall pleasured by the scent of alpha that overtook his senses. No matter how much suppressants he took, his body, always seemed to have a certain time that it decided, “Oh! Your a hero in training? Haha, fuck you. You need to have your heat to try to force you to have kids no matter how many times you try to suppress me!” Sometimes, he hated being an omega.

Well, it hadn’t been that bad till he got to UA. And met Kirishima, ever since then his body and some fucking voice in his head has been boycotting against him and trying to make the two friends mate. Hell no. Bakugo, even if he had slightly ever wanted that, he wouldn’t want them to do it while they were running off adrenaline and hormones, But that didn’t stop the omega from going into the alpha’s room before his heat fully, now did it?

The omega was making himself comfy on the bed. Or… trying to at least. Bakugo was sprawled out on the bed, a low growl breaking the air as he sat up after a few minutes of laying there. Something was wrong. Something wasn’t right, a voice was telling him he wasn’t safe. Then it clicked why his brain was sending that signal. It was because he hadn’t built a nest. Bakugo shut his eyes stubbornly shut as he refused to get up and make a nest. The omega was stubborn, he didn’t want to give in to his fucking instincts.

The longer the blond laid there, the more tense his body became, the more the burning intensified, the more he felt the itch to move and make his nest then use his fingers to fuck himself and get somewhat relief till Kirishima came in.. though he didn’t know if the chivery hero would even fuck him when he got there. Bakugo didn’t want to waste any time thinking about what the alpha wouldn’t do. The omega heaved his heavy body up, the heat making him not want to move. His body too tense for being so early in heat, he would get up and go to the shower but… what would the point of that be when he was just going to fuck himself and get just as dirty as he was already? His body would relax once he got that fucking nest done anyway. Fuck omega instinct saying he needed some shitty nest to have his heat in and, hopefully, get fucked in.

Bakugo huffed and headed to the door, but stopped just as soon as he reached the door. If he left now, what would happen if the alpha came back when he was in his room? Bakugo scoffed and growled lowly as he turned on his heels and headed to the closet and he made a disapproving noise as he looked and noticed there was… hardly shit in there to make a nest with. “God fucking damn it shitty hair… If you ever want an omega, invest in blankets or better fucking clothes. Where is your winter shit or do you just run around naked you fucking asshole!” Bakugo growled in frustration as he dug around in the closet, grabbing what he declared passable to use in his nest. This had to be the best nest. Not that every nest Bakugo hadn’t made wasn’t the best, but this one had to go beyond that. Once he had a good amount of clothing, he picked it up and walked over, laying the clothing down and went to work. It only took a few minutes and built up the edges of the nest, it was just big enough to fit two people… if they squeezed in tight enough.

The blond laid the removed blanket over the outline of the nest and tucked under some parts. He growled, it wasn’t perfect, let alone good, but it was his only option at the moment. In less than two seconds, the omega was ripping his clothing off and getting in the nest once he was completely naked, he laid on his stomach, ass up in the air towards the door… Was he doing that on purpose? Hell fucking yes he was. He didn’t mind playing cards in his favor if the dumbass alpha couldn’t take hints. Bakugo laid his head on the pillow that was the only part that he didn’t put under the blanket- It smelled like Kirishima. So did everything else in the room. Bakugo took a shaky breath. Was he actually doing this? He could still bail.. But that wouldn’t be him, now would it?

Bakugo growled as he inhaled the scent of his spar buddy and shut his eyes, allowing his imagination to run wild. Bakugo thought about his friend, what would he be like in bed? Would he go all out like they did when they spared or would he be gentle and slow? Would Kirishima scent him? Would he be able to hold himself back from digging those sharp shark like teeth into his neck or would the alpha bite down and mark the omega up? Bakugo inhaled shakily and he reached a hand up to his scent glands and gently pressed down on it, rubbing small circles on his neck, his scent increasing tenfold as his body trembled with the stimulation to such a place that was meant for mates and close friends. Bakugo’s breathes slowly started growing heavy, his hand that was on his neck slowly trailed down his body, nails grazed his sides he could only imagine that it was the red-headed alpha. Kirishima… he would be too caring for the omega. But if the omega was in heat? Would Kirishima be able to control himself or would he fuck the omega into the bed and force his knot into him? If the bastard wouldn’t take him like he wanted, the omega would just have to flip them and take what he wanted.

Bakugo wanted to do the whole “foreplay” with himself, but that burning sensation was screaming at him to skip all that useless bullshit and take care of it. So, that’s what he did. He shoved his middle finger in without hesitation, a low groan fell from his lips as he went to work, trying to find that one spot that would make his heat cease even if just for a few hours. His imagination ran wild, imaging that Kirishima would walk in, see the omega sprawled out on his bed, ass held up presenting himself with a finger deep in his ass moaning the others name like a cheap whore. Bakugo was sure that the showing of the blonde would surely make the alpha snap. Kirishima would bend over the omega, his form would fit easily over the hot and bothered omega, he would growl and nip at his ear, “You snuck in my room when I wasn’t here to play with yourself on my bed? If you wanted me to fuck you that bad, you could have told me Bakugo. I could never turn you down.” The red-head’s hand would pull the omega’s hand away from his dripping hole, making him not be able to pleasure himself as the alpha would play with him. Teeth would graze against the scent gland, playing with his nipples until they were sore and Bakugo would be forced to beg the alpha to stop, growling at the alpha would just result in the top to make his movements rougher and faster.

Kirishima would loss his cool, would start to rut against him with his pants still on, “F-fuck.. Kirishima.. Shitty-hair stop fucking around..” Bakugo snarled as if the red head was actually there, “Oh? What do you want me to Katsuki~?” Bakugo would keep his lips shut tightly, catching onto what Kirishima was trying to do. “Do you want me to leave or do you want my knot deep in your ass?” That had his body reacting, even if it was all in his imagination, Bakugo’s hips quickly raised themselves, rolling backwards towards Kirishima’s cock, a soft crooning noise fell from his lips as he felt the alpha press against him. This, of course, was all in the omega’s mind, as he fingered himself, he paid no mind to anything else.

This being said, the omega never noticed the alpha coming in after unlocking the previously unlocked door, thankfully Kirishima had his keys on him and never left them in his dorm room. The red-headed alpha was hit with the smell first then the sight of Bakugo fingering himself while moaning his name. Kirishima blinked as he stared at the sight that laid before him. Kirishima started breathing heavy, he could feel drool start to gather in his mouth as the scent of the omega was getting to him. Kirishima swallowed the drool and just sat back and watched the omega get off to him.

Bakugo arched his back, his breath shaky as he started curling his fingers to hit that spot, his toes curled and cried out as he came. His body slumped forward and laid down, not caring about the fact he was laying in his mess now. Kirishima gulped and shook his head. He wouldn’t take advantage of Bakugo’s weakness. Kirishima took his shoes off and slowly walked over, being quiet as he could be as he entered the nest the omega made. Bakugo fell asleep soon after he came, finally finding a small amount of relief to sleep now. Kirishima laid an arm over the naked hero in training. He took a deep breath and sighed. He couldn’t do anything to Bakugo, he wouldn’t do anything to hurt the other. Bakugo trusted Kirishima enough to make a nest in his room, with his very little items and on his bed. Kirishima didn’t plane on ruining that anytime soon. Kirishima’s sharp teeth grazed Bakugo’s neck as he opened his mouth and nipped gently at his neck, teasing the omega in his sleep. Was this appropriate of the alpha? No, no it wasn’t. Did he care? Not really.

Kirishima sighed, he was pining after the omega. That much was obvious to anyone. Except Bakugo, or at least he hoped. The hardening quirk user knew that the explosion boy wanted nothing to do with mates and only wanted to be the number one hero. He wouldn’t have time for anything other than work. Being an omega was hard enough, being an omega hero was harder. Kirishima sighed and shut his eyes, wanting to go to sleep around his friend even if he woke up to his face being blown off.


Kirishima was awakened by a rather hot hand trailing under his shirt and a mouth being against his neck. He blinked and looked at the omega that was trying to eat him up. Oh. Oh shit. “Hey.. Bakugo.. I uh.. Whatcha doing?” Kirishima felt the throbbing in his pants, he knew what the omega was doing.

Bakugo scoffed, “Shut the fuck up. Lean back and enjoy this shitty hair.”

“Wait, Bakugo you don’t need to do this just cause-”

That seemed to piss the omega off, lips pulled back over pearly white teeth and shoved the alpha back so he was laying under the omega, “If you finish that thought I will kill you right here fucker. I’m doing this out of my own will, not because I just want to get your knot in me.” Well, while that part was true, it wasn’t the entire reason he was doing this. “You really think I would hole myself up in a room with someone I hated? Stupid fucker.” Bakugo kissed Kirishima. If you could call that a kiss, at least, it was mainly teeth clashing against each other. “You.. Just sit back and enjoy your present.” Bakugo growled as he roughly pulled the alpha’s pants off.

The redhead who had been woken up by his “present” gave a soft laugh and leaned back, “Merry Christmas Katsuki.”

The blond’s face seemed to grow even more red if that was plausible. He scoffed and bit down on Kirishima’s shoulder, receiving a low grunt from the receiver of the teeth, and pulled back, he offered a few licks to the mark. “...Merry Christmas Eijirou…”