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Need You To Take Care Of Me

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Louis didn’t know how long they had been arguing but his voice was raw and tears were freely streaming down his cheeks. His heart was breaking in his chest and he hated this.

Zayn turned around, tugging at strands of dark hair. “Fuck! Get on the fucking bed right fucking now.”

Louis heard the dominance and it made him tremble. He hurried to the bed and sat on it, broken sobs still escaping his mouth. “W-why didn’t you tell me?”

The Dom pursed his lips. “Don’t fucking speak.”

Louis obeyed, covering his face with his hands to stifle his crys. Zayn had gotten a text from Gigi asking for him to come over. Her contact was saved in his phone with a heart emoji next to it.

The Sub looked up from his hands. “Please...why do you have her number...?”

Zayn raised his chin. “Get on all fours.”

Louis frowned. “B-but...”

Zayn stepped closer. “Fucking listen to me!”

Louis scrambled to obey, resting the side of his face on the pillow. He felt hands roughly tug down his jeans, before a rough spank hit his bum.

More followed, so many that Louis couldn’t count them. He winced, tears escaping his eyes and sobs escaping his mouth.

He waited for the next spank, but it didn’t come. He looked over his shoulder. Zayn had his head in his hands and he was breathing heavily. 

Louis started to speak but was quickly cut off. “Don’t...just don’t.”

The Sub sat up and let out a shriek when his bum touched the mattress. Zayn tensed, but didn’t look up. Louis started to cry harder. “Why are you mad at me? I-I should be mad a-at you!”

Zayn finally looked up and moved towards him. “I’m not mad at you.”

Louis frown at the Dom. “What?! They why did you punish me?!”

Zayn sighed. “I needed to...I needed....”

Louis’ voice was snappy. “You needed to get your anger out? You fucking kissed her and now you have her number in your phone!”

He stood and made his way towards the door. Zayn grabbed his arm, but the older lad shook him off. “I can’t...I need some air.”

He left, leaving Zayn with a broken heart and guilt coursing over every inch of his body.