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Need You To Take Care Of Me

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Louis watched the boy’s dance, covering his mouth to suppress a giggle. Zayn didn’t seem to care, Liam kept on getting frustrated, Niall had lots of energy but was constantly doing the wrong moves and Harry just fell over a lot.

Louis’ Dom made his way towards him and sat beside the blue eyed boy. Louis moved halfway into Zayn’s lap. He brushed a strand of black hair out of the Dom’s face. “You all suck at dancing.”

His tone was teasing and he was awarded with a light slap on the bum. Zayn stared into Louis’ sparkling blue eyes. He adjusted the collar on the Sub’s neck, pecking his cheek. “You’re so beautiful, Lou.”

The boy’s face flushed pink, but he smirked cheekily, leaning into Zayn’s touch. “I know. It’s a blessing and a curse, really.”

Zayn shook his head, letting out a fond laugh. “I love you, baby.”

Louis bit his bottom lip, running his hand over Zayn’s shoulders. “I’m pretty fond of you, too.”

Their lips met gently and Zayn loved Louis’. They were thin, but soft and the boy knew how to use them. 


Louis was cuddling with his Dom when Harry came into their hotel room. He waved Zayn over and the Sub paused their rerun of Friends on Netflix.

Zayn and Harry were both smirking, speaking in hushed voices. The younger lad left and Zayn crawled back to Louis. His eyes were filled with lust. “If I said I wanted you to do a scene with Niall, what would be your colour?”

Louis thought about it, picturing the blonde beneath him, pressing little kisses to his mouth as Harry and Zayn watched. Both of the Doms would be wanking off and the smell of sex would fill the air.

Louis nibbled on his bottom lip, leaning forward to whisper in Zayn’s ear. “Green. So green.”