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Need You To Take Care Of Me

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Louis woke up, nervousness brewing in the pit of his stomach. He snuggled further into Zayn’s embrace. Zayn kissed the top of Louis’ head. “Hey baby.”

Louis smiled sleepily at his Dom. “Hey, love.”

Louis had been with Zayn for a few weeks and now was supposed to meet the rest of the boy’s in the band today. He sat up, glancing fondly at Zayn. The Dom’s soft raven hair was mussed and his big brown eyes were sparkling. One of Louis’ favourite things about the beautiful Dominant were his eyes. They were mostly a deep brown, but had a bit of green. One of his eyes had a small dark dot in the white part. 

Louis leant back down to press his thin lips to Zayn’s full ones. Zayn smiled into the kiss, reaching behind Louis to squeeze his bum. Louis sighed, pulling away. “Can I get a shower?”

Zayn snorted, shrugging and propping himself up on his elbows. “Liam smells like shit, Niall can burp like a bitch and Harry’s breath always has a hint of kale. Do whatever you want.”

Louis nodded. “Okay...are you going to pick out my clothes while I shower?”

Zayn nodded. “Yes, but you’ll feel comfortable, I promise. Also, babe, don’t feel uncomfortable with our lifestyle. Harry and Niall are in the same kind of relationship and Liam just does it in the bedroom.”

Louis felt a bit reassured, but these lads were like Zayn’s brothers. He definitely didn’t want to screw this up, if he did Zayn would surely dump him.

He went into the bathroom, stripping out of his briefs and turning on the water. He stepped into the hot water and let it run down his back, soothing him. 

He scrubbed down his body and shampooed his hair. He washed it out and put the conditioner in. He shaved his legs, genital hair, armpits and everything else. He hated the feeling of body hair and loved the feeling of his own smooth skin. 

Louis stepped out of the shower, turning off the water and wrapped a fluffy blue towel around his waist. He left the bathroom to see Zayn styling his hair into a quiff. 

Clothes were laid in the middle of the bed and Louis let the towel drop to the floor and dressed in an oversized, cream coloured cashmere jumper and black skinny jeans with holes in the knees. 

He walked over to Zayn and wrapped his arms around the Dom’s waist. “Hey Zee.”

Zayn smiled sweetly at him, fixing Louis’ now dry and fluffy hair into a fringe. “Ready to go, babe?”

Louis nodded nervously. “As ready as I’ll ever be, I reckon.”


Zayn led his small Submissive by the hand. Harry had Niall tied up with his hands over his head. Niall’s nipples were clamped and he was writhing on the hotel couch. Zayn pulled Louis to his side, wrapping an arm around him and he cleared his throat. 

The couple on the couch looked up and Niall’s eyes widened, but he didn’t say anything. Harry was strict and the Irish lad had to ask permission for most things.

Zayn lifted his Sub onto his hip and sat on the bed. Louis was blushing slightly and he rested his head on Zayn’s shoulder. 

Zayn raised an eyebrow. “Could you untie him for a second? Also...where’s Liam?”

Harry started unknotting the rope and taking off the clamps, while he spoke. “In the toilet.”

Louis was biting his thumbnail, his cerulean eyes shining with nervousness. Zayn felt his heart swell. It was too early for him to actually love the Submissive, but he was ninety-percent sure that he did. Zayn leaned down to whisper in the small lad’s ear. “Calm down, beautiful.”

Louis looked up, smiling a bit. He turned back to ”Narry,” with a small wave. “Hi. I’m Louis.”

Harry nodded. “I’m Harry. This is Niall. Hey, wanna hear a joke. I’m really funny.”

Niall and Zayn exchanged a look, both trying not to laugh. Louis nodded. “Okay. I’ve been told I can be a bit of a laugh. Let’s see what you got.”

Harry grinned, looking so excited. Liam walked in and the boy’s smile grew. “Li! Li! Louis wants to hear a joke!”

Liam fish mouthed, eyes nearly popping out of his head. Niall started howling with laughter and Zayn covered his mouth. Louis looked between them, a thin eyebrow raised. He turned back to the curly haired boy. “Okay then...”

”What did the baboon say to the giraffe?” Harry bit his lip, dimples making an appearance. Louis shrugged. Harry looked like a kid on Christmas. “‘Why the long face?’ He thought his neck was his face!”

Harry started gutting himself and Louis let out the fakest laugh Zayn had ever heard. Zayn smiled at his Sub, happy that the boy was humouring Harry. The boy was the baby of the group and the most sensitive. 


Zayn and Louis got into the car. Zayn looked at the adorable Sub. “How was it?”

Louis smiled. “They were all really cool. I liked them.”

Zayn smiled, nodding. “Good. Yeah, that’s great.”

He reached out and squeezed Louis’ knee. “You’re so beautiful, baby.”

Louis blushed, staring down at his lap. “Not as beautiful as you.”