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Need You To Take Care Of Me

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Louis shifted on Zayn’s lap, reading over the contract. He signed his name, feeling the Dom pepper his neck with kisses. “Good Kitten.”

”Do I just call you Daddy, or can I call you something else.” Louis turned around so he was facing the gorgeous lad. 

Zayn bit his lip, running his thumb over Louis’ cheekbone. “You can call me...Zee, Zaynie or any other variation of my name. Unless we’re doing a scene, then you call me Daddy.”

Louis nodded, kissing the other lad’s cheek. “So...what do you do for a living?”

”I’m a singer. Ever heard of One Direction?” Zayn raised a perfect eyebrow.

Louis’ mouth fell open. “Damn. That’s actually sick. I’ve heard of you guys, but like, don’t really follow you.” 

Zayn nodded, pecking the Sub’s lips. “What about you?”

Louis felt kinda ashamed, but also proud of his sass, as he explained, “I used to be an assistant for a big shot lawyer. He’s was an asshole and when I didn’t put up with his shit, he fired me.”

Zayn nodded, but pinched Louis’ hip as he spoke. “Don’t swear. Next time you do I’m going to spank you five times. It will be doubled ever time after that.”

Louis swallowed hard, feeling a boner start to grow in his jeans. He leaned forward, licking a spot on his Dom’s neck. “Can I suck you off?”

Zayn nodded. “Swallow when I tell you.”

Louis scrambles off his lap, his errection growing as he sunk to his knees. Zayn pulled his pants off his hips, ones he slipped into after sex, and Louis tugged to get him fully hard.

Zayn moaned loudly, sounding almost pornograpric, as his cock was surrounding in wet, perfect heat. He glanced down, biting his lips as Louis made eye contact, deep throating like a fucking pro. 

Louis slid his pink tongue along the underside of Zayn’s dick, before it kitten licked the head of the cock, making the Dom cum hard.

His fingers gripped Louis’ hair, not tugging, just holding. Once he was done, the Sub slid off with a pop, holding the sticky liquid in his mouth.

Zayn regarded him. He was beautiful, feathery brown hair sticking up, bright blue eyes dark with lust, lips dark red with cum dripping down his chin. 

Zayn lifted him up, kissing the top of his head as he carried him back to the bedroom. He layed him on the bed, on his back, a tear rolling down his beautiful cheek. 

“Swallow.” Zayn pulled his pants back up all the way, laying next to the Sub. Louis was massaging his jaw, pouting endearingly. 

He crinkled up his cute button nose. “Despite what they say, cum tastes like shit...oh fuck...oh!”

He covered his hand with his mouth, eyes wide. Zayn sat up, tossing his legs over the side of the bed and patted his lap. “C’mere.”

Louis hurried to obey. He laid over Zayn’s lap, giving the Dom full access to his round, plump bum. He rubbed both shapely cheeks, loving having someone this beautiful at his mercy.

He lifted up his hand, the boy squeaking and tensing. Zayn smiled, enjoying the reaction. “Count for me. You owe me fifteen. Five for ‘shit’ ten for ‘fuck’. Understand?”

Louis nodded. “Y-yes Zaynie.”

The Dom ran his hand through the small lad’s hair, before lifting his hand back up and hitting the boy’s left cheek. It jiggled under the touch and Louis squeaked, jolting his hips forward, into Zayn’s lap. “O-one. Thank you...”

He spanked the right cheek next, and Louis squeaked louder. He was growing even harder with each hit.

Zayn alternated between cheeks, Louis’ voice growing whiner as he sobbed. Zayn stopped at ten, rubbing gently. “Five fast ones, but they’ll be hard and with a paddle, or since we’re taking a nap anyway, I’ll put a vibrator up your pretty bum and put a cock ring around your pretty dick.”

Louis was breathing hard and he turned his head, looking Zayn in the eye. His errection was obvious against the Dom’s leg. “I-I w-want...ring.”

Zayn smiled. “Lay back down, love. I’ll get what we need.”

Louis nodded, whimpering when he put pressure on his red ass. Zayn grabbed the biggest vibrator he owned, a cock ring, lube and balm for his bum.”

Louis was laying on his back, waiting for Zayn to come back. The Dom smiled at him, getting a shy smile in return. The Sub spread his legs as Zayn got on the bed, sitting between his legs.

He pulled the boy into his arms, on his lap, rubbing the balm on his red ass. Louis nuzzled his neck, gripping the back of his shirt.

Zayn rubbed his boy’s back. “Colour?”

”G-green.” The Sub didn’t sound sure, but the look in his eyes confirmed his words.

Zayn finished with the balm and layed the boy back on his back. He spread the lad’s thick thighs and the boy opened his mouth, before quickly closing it again.

Zayn captured the boy’s soft lips, before pressing their foreheads together. “You were going to say something. What would you like, Lou?”

Louis blushed bright red, looking absolutely adorable. “I-I, um, I l-like i-it w-when you manhandle m-me.”

Zayn felt a smirk tug at his lips. “You’re just tiny enough to manhandle.”

”M’not tiny.” He bit his thin lips.

Zayn smiled, shaking his head. “Sure you aren’t.”

He then lubed up the vibrator and lifted up Louis’ hips, pushing it inside of the fluttering pink hole. Louis gasped, mouth opening in a perfect ‘O’ and his eyes widened. 

Zayn put the cock ring on the small Sub and layed next to him, spooning him. Louis whimpered as Zayn’s thigh pushed the plastic further inside of him, brushing his prostate. Zayn smirked, absolutely loving this, and turned the vibrator on the lowest setting, to hear Louis’ squeak in surprise.

Zayn kissed his cheek. “G’night baby.”