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Is it Stolen If Returned

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“Uh, Hisashi-san?”


“What is it, Kur-” Hisashi cuts himself off as he watched a small boy with curly green hair stepped through the purple portal. The boy stood there whimpering, clutching one of his arms tightly. Hisashi noted the tear streaks that marked the freckled face. The other’s hair was currently blocking Hisashi’s view, but he could safely bet that more tears were pooled in the boy’s eyes, threatening to leave more streaks.


Hisashi moved to kneel beside the kid as the portal closed, “Izuku, what happened?” Hisashi tilted Izuku’s head up to face him, noting the signs of a bruise on Izuku’s left cheek. Kurogiri watched from behind the bar with matching concern.


Hisashi heard the bookbag Izuku was holding drop as the boy lunged to hug him, burying his face into Hisashi’s chest. Hisashi, momentarily surprised, slowly moved to wrap his arms around Izuku. He heard a small bit of rustling to his side and caught a glimpse of Kurogiri moving, probably to retrieve some tissues and other supplies.


And while Hisashi was not fond of getting his suit ruined by tears, he had a more important issue at hand.


“Son,” he lightly pushed the boy off but kept a grip on both shoulders, “I sadly can’t read minds so-”.


And that’s when he noticed the burn mark on Izuku’s arm.


“Who did this to you?” He felt Izuku tense as he moved to examine the burn. Izuku mumbled but Hisashi couldn’t quite hear the answer, “Who?” He repeated.


“Ka-kacchan.” Izuku watched the ground nervously.


Hisashi should’ve known. He never exactly liked the brat. Bakugou’s attitude has only gotten worse ever since the child discovered his quirk. And those adults only continued to feed the brat’s ego. People like them were the reason this society is so bad. Maybe, he should go add a new quirk to his collection, specifically Bakugou’s.


“Why would he do that?” Kurogiri had returned with several tissues, handing one out for Izuku. Hisashi released Izuku so the boy could grab it and clean his face.


“I-*sniff*- I somehow t-took his quirk.” Hisashi and Kurogiri froze at the statement.


“You took his quirk?” Hisashi asked slowly.


Izuku nodded, refusing to make eye contact, “Does that make me a freak?”


“Wha--why would you think-” Hisashi growled.


Bakugou, of course.


Sighing, he continued, “No you’re not a freak son.”


Izuku sniffled, “I’m not.”


“Of course not.” Hisashi smiled, “In fact, that just makes you even more my son. I have a similar quirk.”


“Y-you do?” Izuku was not looking up at him in slight awe before confusion washed over his face, “But I thought Mom said you had a fire-breathing quirk.”


“It isn’t a lie.” Hisashi answered, “My quirk allows me to take a quirk from someone and, if I choose to, transfer it to someone else. I told her to tell others my quirk was simply fire-breathing to not endanger the two of you.”


“Why would we be endangered?”


“Well,” Kurogiri spoke up, “what your father and I do isn’t exactly accepted by society.”


“A-are you guys villains, Uncle Giri.”


“We prefer the term vigilante.” Hisashi corrected, “There are certain things that happen in society that people cannot or are too afraid to do. There are many bad people in the world. And while I cannot say that I may or may not be one of them, I simply want to make the world a better place.”


“So you’re like an All Might.” Izuku’s bright grin made it hard for Hisashi to correct the boy. It was best to leave the boy with his naivety.


“I guess you can say that.” He heard Kurogiri give a small snort and shot the warp-quirk user a quick glare.


Izuku seemed to have cheered up as he punched the air excitedly, “Yeah, I want to be a hero just like All Might.”


Hisashi chuckled, “And I’m certain you will, especially with a quirk like that. Tell me Izuku, do you still have Bakugou’s quirk.” Izuku was confused for a moment before shaking his head.


“It went back to Kacchan after a few minutes.” Such a shame, but maybe this will give Bakugou the incentive to be less rude to his son.


“How about I help you handle your quirk a little better.” Izuku smiled at the statement, and Hisashi swore it reminded him of his little brother.




“Ha, good luck trying to get into U.A.”


“Who would take in a freak like you?”


“U.A. takes in only potential students that are born with useful quirks, not stolen.”


“A quirk like that is better off with villains.”


“Ha, even they wouldn’t take him.”


“Why don’t you just stay out of my way, Deku?! Maybe take a jump and hope for a better quirk next time.”


The harsh and mocking laughter rang through his head as Izuku fished out his hero notebook from the school’s fountain. Flipping through the notebook, he sighed as he figured the notebook was still salvageable, though he may need to copy and redo several entries.


Izuku knew today was going to be a bad day the second Izuku’s homeroom teacher decided to begin a discussion on future careers. Didn’t help when said teacher outed Izuku’s decision to go to U.A. to the entire class. Izuku’s happy it just hadn’t led to Bakugou beating him up again. He didn’t need his mother finding out, or worse, his father.


Izuku snorted as he headed for the school’s gates. The people that believed in him the most about being a hero were villains.


‘Well,’ Izuku corrected himself., ‘they preferred to call themselves vigilantes.’




“Hey, is it possible for me to be a hero?” Kurogiri nearly dropped the glass he was cleaning, staring at the eight-year-old Izuku in shock.


“What’s with the sudden doubt?” Kurogiri stated after composing himself once more. He placed the glass to the side just in case as he focused on the boy.


“The other kids at school don’t think my quirk is suited for hero work.” Izuku nervously stated, avoiding eye contact, “They think I would endanger other people since I need to borrow someone’s quirk to be useful. The teachers think so too.”


“Screw what they say. They’re just being jerks and assholes.”


“Tomura, please avoid using such language around Izuku.” Even if Kurogiri agreed with the other boy’s statement. Hisashi had found the boy abandoned in an alleyway during one of his walks. Or at least, that what Hisashi had told Izuku when Izuku met the newest addition. Kurogiri knew Hisashi had planned for such encounter. Though ever since Shigaraki was introduced to video games by Izuku the boy seemed to have developed a slight addiction to them.


“Anyway, what Tomura said, although profane, is true. You shouldn’t let others decide what you can and cannot do. Your quirk is very useful. You can adapt easily to a situation if you equip yourself with the right quirk. Plus, you can disable an opponent from using their quirk, though remember to avoid using it against mutant-related quirks.”


Shigaraki suddenly groaned in frustration at what Kurogiri guessed to be another game over. The boy would’ve damaged the system too if Kurogiri didn’t have the foresight to use a portal to catch it as Shigaraki attempted to slam it into the ground.


“And you can prevent people from accidentally damaging things due to their quirks. If not for you Shigaraki would have destroyed the game faster than I could save it.” Kurogiri placed the game system down on the counter, “And not just your quirk. Taking up a martial arts like you’re doing helps to prepare yourself when you can’t use your quirk.”


“I still don’t see why you want to be a hero so badly.” Shigaraki butted in, “They’re nothing but jerks from what I've seen.”


“Not all of them.” Izuku protested, “There are heroes like All Might.”


Shigaraki seemed to want to say something else, but Kurogiri’s glare made the boy shut up.


“Besides,” Kurogiri directed his attention to Izuku, “you know your father and I will support you regardless of what you decide, right?”


The smile returned to Izuku’s face as he nodded, “Right Uncle Giri.” Kurogiri chuckled.


“Now let’s send you back home before your mother starts to worry about you.”




“Hey, kid, let me borrow your body for a second.”


And Izuku’s day continues to get worse.


Izuku had just finished reading that a villain with some sort sludge-based quirk was on the loose, but he didn’t expect for the same villain to suddenly attack him. His attacker likely used the sewers to make his escape from downtown. And now said villain was currently attempting to strangle him in order to somehow takeover his body.


“Ah, quit struggling kid.” The sludge villain complained, “It’ll only hurt for a few seconds, and then you won’t feel anything. You know, cause you’ll be dead.” The villain laughed as Izuku tried to claw at the muck near his face. It was getting harder and harder to breathe and it seemed there weren’t any heroes in the area to save him.


‘I can’t die here.’ Izuku thought as he scrambled for a plan.


“Plus, you can disable an opponent from using their quirk, though remember to avoid using it against mutant-related quirks.”


Izuku isn’t certain if this villain’s quirk was a purely mutant or a transformation quirk. But he’s certain if he doesn’t do anything he’s dead. Getting as much of a grip that he could manage, he began to mentally pull at the villain’s quirk.


“Wha-what are you doing?” The sludge around the villain appeared to shrink in and take a more solid form. Meanwhile, Izuku felt his skin and bones slowly began to melt into a matching green sludge. He may have considered it fairly cool if not for the fact that the transition was fairly painful.


‘So this is why I shouldn’t use mutant quirks; this hurts!”


“I am here!”




“How the hell do you still like heroes?”


“Not all heroes are bad, Tomuchan.”


“Did you see what they did to Hisashi-san?!”


Izuku gulped. He had persisted one day about visiting his father and Kirigiri had reluctantly agreed to take him there. Upon arrival, Izuku saw various doctors scurrying around the place. Several had stood next to a bed with different medical devices and machines hooked up to the bedbound patient. Izuku slowly made his way to the side of the bed, a few doctors moving aside when they recognized him, and he froze in shock and horror as he looked at his father’s face.


Correction, what was left of it.


Hisashi’s face was heavily scarred, stitches plastered throughout most of it in order to keep the skin from pulling apart. His head appeared to be shaven clean of the black bushel of hair that once sat atop it. His nose seemed to have been practically cleaved clean as well, leaving only his mouth and ears intact. The rest of his body did not fare any better.


Hisashi had told him all of this happened due to a fight with a hero.


“That doesn’t mean all heroes are bad. There are good heroes, too, like All-”


“Oh my god, if you say something about All Might one more time I may just use my quirk on myself.” Shigaraki groaned, “It’s because of him that we have jerks. He inspires people with strong and flashy quirks and leaves others like us to rot.”


“No, he doesn’t. He said so himself that anyone can be a hero.”


Shigaraki snorted, “Keep dreaming kid.”




“Izuku, where are you?” Kurogiri’s voice rang through the phone, “Your mother told me you haven’t made it to your lesson with Furutani-san and-...are you crying.”


“N-” Izuku rubbed at his nose, “-no.” His sniffling wasn’t exactly helping Izuku’s case.


The lingering silence made Izuku gulp nervously.


“Where exactly are you?”


“Uh,” Izuku looked around, “I’m a little way off from the convenient store me and my mom frequent. Probably about two intersections down-” Izuku cut himself off as he looked behind him. A purple portal had suddenly materialized itself several meters away.


Kurogiri’s purple portal had materialized itself several meters away.


Before Izuku could properly process what was happening Kurogiri spoke up, “Step through.”




“That was a terrible lie you gave. I know you’re not the type of person to suddenly cancel a lesson without prior notification. Now step through the portal and let’s talk about what’s upsetting you.”


“I-it’s alright. I was just-”


“Izuku.” Izuku gulped.


That was his dad’s voice.


“C-coming.” Sighing, Izuku hung up. All Izuku wanted to do was crawl into bed and pretend today never happened. But that wasn’t happening now with Hisashi getting involved. So, he turned around and headed toward the portal.


With two steps through Izuku was no longer in the side path he takes to get home, but rather a fairly lit bar. He’s only been to the bar through Kurogiri’s portal so he’s not certain where exactly it’s located. It was for safety reasons. Knowing the exact location would prove dangerous to everyone involved so it was best to keep it a secret.


Kurogiri was at his usual place behind the bar counter. From what Izuku could see, the man was fixing a glass of water. However, Izuku didn’t see any signs of Shigaraki or his father.


“It’s been a while, hasn’t it, son.” Izuku jumped when his father’s voice projected through the monitor, “I’ve been busy lately so I’m sorry that we haven’t been able to be together like we used to. But enough with that, what seems to be upsetting you today Izuku.” Kurogiri gestured for Izuku to sit at one of the bar stools, placing the glass of water in front of the seat.


Izuku took the offer, taking a sip of water in an attempt to determine what he should say, “I just had a bad day, that’s all.” Izuku really didn’t want to talk about it, especially since he’s uncertain how Hisashi would react to it.


“Izuku,” Kurogiri gave him both a concerned and disappointed look, “you missed your lesson with Furutani-san, your clothes are dirty, and you somehow smell like sewage. Something has happened and we wish to know. And don’t lie.”


Izuku sighed. He traced the opening of the glass, “Well, we talked about our high school choices today in homeroom; of course I got picked on for my decision.” Sad that was a near common occurrence, “Then, I was originally making my way to Furutani’s dojo but I sort of got attacked by a sludge villain.”


“You what?” Izuku gulped at the dark tone in his father’s voice.


“I-it’s okay.” Izuku quickly said, “I ended up using my quirk in self-defense plus All Might came to rescue me.”


“So All Might is back in Japan.” Kurogiri stated, “But why were you upset when I called. I would figure that you would be happy to meet your idol.”


Izuku fidgeted with his fingers, staring at the glass of water as he mumbled.


“Izuku,” Hisashi spoke, “what did that idiot do?”


“All Might is not an idiot.”


“Debatable, but you didn’t deny he did something. So what did he do?” Izuku looked down at his hand.


“He may have told me that I shouldn’t be a hero.” Izuku swore the sudden tension was currently suffocating him.


“Why?” Kurogiri questioned.


“I didn’t know if any heroes were in the area so I tried to take the villain’s quirk to save myself. Turns out the quirk was a mutant-type and I see why you guys tell me to avoid them.” Izuku shivered at the memory, “Anyways, I had almost fully taken the quirk by the time All Might arrived. He had mistaken me for the villain since I was more sludge than he was and attempted to apprehend me. I’m not certain what happened afterward ‘cause I passed out, but All Might did capture the villain.”


Izuku perked up a little, “Before he left I asked him if I could be a hero. I just wanted the confirmation, you know. I thought hearing my favorite hero say I could be a hero would be cool.” Izuku sighed, “But he didn’t think so. Said my quirk could possibly cause more problems than good.”


Hisashi sighed, “As I had stated, he’s an idiot. Attempting to crush a kid’s dream without even understanding everything. But I guess that just runs down that particular line of heroism.” He paused for a moment before continuing, “So what do you plan on doing? Are you going to let all your training and effort be of waste simply because someone who does not know anything about you said you can’t be a hero.”




There was a pause, and Izuku could slightly hear the sound of fingers drumming idly, “The entrance exam for U.A. is coming soon, correct?” Hisashi stated rhetorically,  “How about this; I have an associate who is willing to help prepare you for the practical portion of the test. If U.A is as stubborn as I believe, the test should be the same since he has taken it before. Kurogiri and I can help tutor you for the written exam.”


“A-are you sure that’s okay.” Izuku doubted, “I know you’re guys busy doing, well, whatever you guys are do.”


“Do not worry,” Kurogiri moved to ruffle Izuku’s hair, “we can easily set aside time to help you out.”


“Kurogiri is right. Besides, what type of father would I be if I don’t try to help.”


Izuku smiled at the response before pondering, “By the way, where is Tomu-chan?”


“Oh, he went out for today. Was meeting up with some people he said.”


Izuku was shocked, “Really, I thought he was going down some NEET route or something since he doesn’t interact much with others.”


“Coming from a guy that makes bullies instead of friends,” Izuku turned to see Shigaraki entering through the door. A black hoodie was drawn over his head, “despite having a strong quirk and years of martial arts training.”


“Oh, hey Shigaraki, I see no one has informed you of the wonders of moisturizer yet.”


“Haha, fuck you too.”




“Damn brat,” the Sludge Villain stated, staring angrily out of his glass prison. The police were still keeping him confined at the station until they could ensure proper transportation, “making me get caught. Had a nice quirk though. Wished I killed him off sooner, could’ve used his quirk to make a bigger name for myself.” He laughed to himself.


“Interesting, considering you’re already infamous enough.” Sludge Villain hadn’t noticed the newcomer. He certainly wasn’t a police, given the suit and black mask the man was wearing. It was surprising the man even made it to where the villain was kept.


But more importantly, “So you’ve heard of me. Man, I’m more famous than I thought.” He slid as much as he could against the glass wall, “So how you’ve heard of me. Was it during my time as that worker that set of a gas leak killing many of his coworkers. Or maybe when I took over a businessman and sent his whole company into bankruptcy for taking from the company’s funding. Or maybe you just found out about little ‘ol me after my run-in with All Might and planning on helping a buddy out.”


“I can assure you, one account is enough to make you infamous.” The masked man stated as he approached the barrier separating the Sludge Villain from the rest of the jail, “And while I plan on breaking you out, it won’t be a fair time for you.”


The Sludge Villain narrowed his eyes, “And why you say that?”


“You see, you messed with someone very important to me.” The Sludge Villain tensed as a threatening aura seeped out from the man, “And while I am a man of reason, I am not very forgiving of such actions.”


“H-hey, I don’t even know who you’re talking about.” The Sludge Villain stated as he backed away from the glass until he was against the wall, “Besides, I messed with a lot of people today. It was probably just an accident or something.”


“This important person was my son, the green-haired boy you attacked.” The Sludge Villain gulped, “You know, the one you were stating a few moments ago that you were upset you didn’t kill.”


“I was just trying to get away from All Might. It’s not my fault your son was at the wrong place at the wrong time. C-come on man, hear a guy out will you.”


“Quit your begging, it will do you no good.” The man approached the glass.


“G-guards. Guards! Help! Someone’s trying to murder me!”


“Yelling will not help you. I set up a a barrier that prevents sound from escaping and rigged the cameras relating your cell. Simple work considering the low-budget technology of this place. Besides,” The man tilted his head up and the Sludge Villain could practically imagine a smile underneath that mask, “I did state I was breaking you out, but death would be more of a kindness than a proper justice for your actions.”


The man placed a hand to the glass and it practically shattered at the touch. This would’ve been a great opportunity for the Sludge Villain if he wasn’t frozen in fear.


“Now, how about I introduce you to the latest experiment of mine, shall we?”

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“Breaking news from the Musutafu police station. A villain has escaped from his confinement and is currently on the loose.”


Yagi’s head snapped up to stare at the tv.


“The true name of the villain has not yet been released to the public, so for convenience, we shall be addressing him as the Sludge Villain. The Sludge Villain was rampaging earlier this afternoon in downtown Musutafu before escaping via the sewers. The number one hero, All Might, had taken pursuit and had managed to capture the villain before turning him in to the police.” An image appeared next to the reporter displaying a cell with the glass laying on the ground shattered at the entrance, “This is a scene of what remains of the villain’s cell. Evidence revealed that the cameras watching the cell had been tampered with prior to the escape. Thus, it is likely to suspect the Sludge Villain was assisted by an unknown associate. We’ll keep you informed of the following update, but as for now the~.” The tv clicked off.


Yagi blinked confusedly at the sudden interruption until his sidekick stood in front of him.


Well, former sidekick. They had separated after things got...well, complicated.


“Toshinori,” Nighteye glared at him, arms crossed against his chest as a remote dangled slightly from one hand. The two were currently staying in the teacher lounge at U.A., “don’t you dare think about going after that villain again. You’re at your limit for today. Leave it for the other heroes, okay?”


Yagi sighed, knowing the other was saying the truth, “I guess.”


“I mean it.” Nighteye’s gaze softened, “You should be more careful, considering…” He trailed off, but Yagi knew what the other meant. This was the year Nighteye had predicted catastrophe for All Might. And in all the years Yagi has known Nighteye not a single prediction had been wrong.


It was that foresight that driven the two apart years ago. Honestly, Yagi is surprised to be talking with Nighteye again considering how bad things seemed to have ended.


Silence persisted for a few seconds longer until it was disrupted by a question, “How did you think of Mirio?”


Ah, yes, the main reason the two were talking again after so long, “He seems like a nice boy. I’m certain he would make for a great successor. And One for All would greatly complement his fighting style.” They had just finished meeting with the boy. Nedzu had been there as well as Yagi offered Mirio the chance to inherit his quirk. The second-year wanted to take a bit of time to think about it before answering, and Yagi understood. It was a tall order he was asking of someone.


So Yagi decided to rest a bit in the teacher lounge before he returned home, and it was fine until the news regarding the Sludge Villain’s escape. He hopes the villain doesn’t go after that kid again.


“Something troubling you?” Yagi saw Nighteye sit in the chair across him.


The Symbol of Peace let his gaze fall, “I suppose you can say that.” He paused to gather his thoughts, “When I chased after the Sludge Villain, I found him attacking a kid. Though at the moment I had arrived the boy was more sludge then the Sludge Villain. I believe he has some quirk that allows him to swap with other people.” He hopes that’s the case. There’s no way the kid could actually take another’s quirk. Because then that would mean the boy was related to him . And there was no way he could have a child, especially after so many years.


“Anyways, I had initially attacked him at first believing him to be the villain. I realized my mistake soon after and had managed to capture the Sludge Villain before he could escape again.” Yagi stared at his clasped hands, “I had signed his notebook in apology, though I’m certain he would’ve asked for it anyway.”


Nighteye snorted, “Egotistical much?”


“He had asked for one soon after he woke up.” Yagi added with a smirk. He let it fall, “He had also asked for my opinion on whether or not he could be a hero with his quirk.”


“What you tell him?” Yagi saw an exasperated look fall over the other’s face.


“That his quirk would be too dangerous in the hero field and could create problems.” Yagi rubbed his neck, “To be honest, I wish I had worded it better to him. And I was a bit hasty since I was approaching my limit and still needed to get the villain to the police.”


“So you decided based on what you observed without consulting the boy about the nature of his quirk that he couldn’t be a hero.” Even after all the years, Yagi could recognize the look on Nighteye’s face that meant ‘You’re a dumbass’. Nighteye immediately sighed afterward, “Based on that mindset I shouldn’t have taken Mirio up on an internship, let alone recommend him to you as a successor.”


“Why is that?”


“Have you not seen him during the last Sports Festival? He couldn’t even keep his pants on due to his quirk. His quirk was difficult to handle and often caused him problems, but he learning how to manage with the disadvantage and he’s now rising in his class. Some suspect he’ll be in the top of the class by the time he reaches third year.”


Now Yagi was feeling guilty, “Maybe I was being too harsh in my judgment.”


Nighteye sighed. A few seconds passed before he stood up, “We should get going. I still have papers to finish and I’m certain you’re tired after everything you’ve done today.”






“You know,” Midoriya began, “when you guys had talked about tutoring me for the written exam, I didn’t think you meant this soon.”


It was the weekend, Sunday to be specific. It was supposed to be a rest day from the hectic week only for Kurogiri to practically kidnap him from his home. Though he didn’t do it before explaining to his mother it was for a tutoring session, which, much to Izuku’s betrayal, she agreed.


Though, he did have first semester finals coming up so it wasn’t exactly useless. But still.


“It’s best to be well prepared for anything.” Hisashi replied, “Besides, ten months will go by faster than you may expect. Time seems to do that when you least expect it.” Kurogiri was reviewing over the short essay he had Midoriya write, making small marks every once in a while.


“Very well.” Kurogiri returned the paper, “Though, you may want to avoid going off into short tangents. You tend to over explain your points, not exactly in a bad way but you may want to make sure your writing is concise.”


“Can we take a break?” Izuku groaned, “We’ve been at this for hours.” Kurogiri glanced to the monitor Izuku’s father was using to communicate with them.


“I suppose,” Izuku slouched on his stool in relief, “a break is always necessary to maintain performance.” A clicking sound made Izuku notice the bowl of katsudon placed in front of him.


“It’s a little past noon and you still need to eat.” Kurogiri explained, “It may be a little cold though since it has been sitting out for a bit. I was uncertain when a break would be called.”


Izuku gave Kurogiri a bright smile, “It’s okay, Uncle Giri, thanks.” Green eyes focused back onto the bowl as the boy clasped his hands together, “Itadakimasu.” He then grabbed the chopsticks placed beside the food and began to plunge into it.


“Slow down, Izuku.” Kurogiri had raised his hands in slight worry, “Don’t need you accidentally choking.”


“I wouldn’t bother Kurogiri.” Hisashi gave off a small chuckle, “You know how much he loves his katsudon. Makes me question whether or not his mother is feeding him properly sometimes.”


“Hey, I was hungry, okay!” Izuku argued, “I didn’t get to eat breakfast since Uncle Giri came and kidnapped me.” He gave a small glare to the other, “I’m still upset about that.” He placed a piece of katsudon in his mouth and began to chew.


“You should get up sooner then.”


“You know Sundays are my sleep-in days.”


“We’ll give you warning in advance next time son.” Hisashi compensated, “It simply seemed that Sunday was the best day to do this, considering school alongside your martial art lessons. Though the arrangement can be remedied during the breaks. I’m also arranging potential training days with Nagano-san, the friend I mentioned before. Would Tuesdays and Thursdays after school work?”


“I guess. By the way, is Tomu-chan out again or something.”


“Ah, yes,” Kurogiri seemed to pause in thought, “he discussed trying to...find a place of his own. We thought to give him a bit more independence considering his age was necessary. Though I will stay with him for the time being until he stabilizes himself.”


“Did he somehow get a job?!” Izuku would be stunned if that was the case.


“Ah, not quite, but he is currently looking into one at the moment. Seemed really interested but wanted to keep it a secret until he managed to get it.”


“Oh, then when are you guys moving? And would I be able to visit?”


Kurogiri seemed to be trying to determine his words carefully, “We will be moving sometime between late March and early April, a bit after your entrance exam. As for the visits, well we’re not certain. Shigaraki will be fairly busy if he gets the job and visits from me may endanger your future hero reputation.”


“Oh,” Izuku scrapped at the sides of the empty bowl, “I understand.”


“Good.” Kurogiri waited for Izuku to let go of the chopsticks before taking away the bowl, “Now let’s get back to your studies. You do want to the have the rest of your day before school begins tomorrow. Speaking of, you have explained to Furutani-san about your absence last Friday, correct?” Izuku felt a chill travel his spine at the reminder.


“Shit!” Izuku smiled sheepishly when Kurogiri gave him a disappointed look.




Izuku groaned, gasping for air as best he could. Quite hard with his face pressed into the blue mat. The knee digging into his spine wasn’t helping either and--oh god his arm should not be bending like that!


This is the predicament Izuku found himself when he arrived at Furutani’s dojo the following day. The smile that greeted him was a promise of suffering.

“Where were you yesterday?” Furutani growled above him, “You’re aware I have a dislike for sudden absences, correct?” She dug the knee deeper. Izuku yelled out, his free arm held out in a desperate plea for help. Sadly, none of the other students dared to get involved and Izuku couldn’t blame them. Though, he wishes some of them would stop snickering at his misfortune. The others had pitying looks and second-hand embarrassment for him.

Realizing the difficulty in voicing a response, Izuku nodded as best he could. Furutani twisted his arm as a final reminder before releasing him. Izuku immediately curled in on himself, rubbing the sore arm as she stood above him.

She huffed, pushing back loose black hair before placing a hand on her hip, “I really want to chew you out some more but class is about to start. Get up and go change into your uniform.” She quickly directed a glare toward the snickering kids, her ponytail whipping behind her, “And all those snickering can have an extra set for each exercise. Don’t think I don’t know who you were.”

Izuku moved to stand up, sighing that the scolding would be delayed. Maybe it was a good thing Bakugou held him up today.

“Oi,” Izuku tensed, “don’t think you’re off that easily.” Izuku glanced at his teacher, noting the return of her smile…, not a smile, that was clearly a smirk.

“You’re going to be my training partner for today, Midoriya.”

Izuku was starting to regret the Sludge villain not killing him.


“So, tell me exactly why didn’t you show up to lessons?” Furutani questioned, sipping at the tea she brewed seconds ago.

Class had ended nearly ten minutes ago but Furutani had instructed Izuku to stay after class. Izuku had expected Furutani wanted to chew him out. Instead, she had handed him an ice pack. Noting his confusion, she stated it was for the bruises she found on him.

Bruises they both knew didn’t come from the training.

“You’re a really good student Midoriya, one of my best actually.” She continued, “You never miss a class unless something happens, whether it be sickness or...problems at school.” Izuku gulped slightly as he fidgeted with his fingers, “My job is to train students in various martial arts techniques, not provide an alibi while kids run off to do who-knows-what these days. That’s why I have a policy regarding absences. I know you have a reason for missing out yesterday, but I would be expressing some sense of favoritism if I allowed you to give me the excuse moments before class starts.” She took another sip, raising an eyebrow expectedly, “Well, what happened this time?”

“Uhm, well, Friday wasn’t exactly one of my best days.” Izuku looked everywhere but at his martial arts teacher, fully aware of brown eyes staring at him like a hawk, “School, well school went as it usually did.”

“An utter disappointment then.” She sighed, “I would be upset that you haven’t been using your lessons to defend yourself if I wasn’t already aware how tragic that had ended.” Izuku slouched at the reminder. He had attempted to defend himself after Bakugou and some other students had cornered him. But one of the students ended up running their face into the wall during the scuffle.

Izuku received full blame despite it being self-defense and the others got off scot-free. And the name-calling had simply gotten worse. To Furutani, the only good thing that came out of it was that kid now had a crooked nose since it had broken on impact.

“And then I kind of got attacked by a villain.” Furutani choked on the tea.

“Kid, you should’ve told me that sooner. Hell, I feel bad now for putting you through all that today.” She placed her head in her hands with a groan, “For a moment, I just thought you were just having a really crappy day at school and needed a cooldown. I’m guessing someone came around and helped, huh?”

“Uh, yeah.” Izuku wasn’t going to tell her it was All Might. Then she would question why his day was still bad if he had met his favorite hero. And that was a rabbit hole Izuku did not feel like going down, “I didn’t tell my mom cause I didn’t want to freak her out about it and I forgot to tell you.”

Furutani raked a hand down her face with a groan, “Not telling people things will cause more problem, especially something serious like this.” She sighed, “You promise to keep me informed if anything comes up.”


“I’ll try.” Furutani pointed a stern finger at him.


“Not try, will.”


“Yeah, I will Furutani-sensei.”


“Good.” She grinned, “And if needed I’ll come up to that school again and ‘encourage’ them to leave you alone.”


“Please don’t, you nearly got arrested the last time you did that.”




“His name is Nagano Saito.” His father had sent in a text after school, “He works as a contract worker for various support companies and dabbles in hero work as a part-time job. I sent the location of his current job site. He should be there for the duration of your training. If there are any problems please inform me and I’ll make sure things get straightened out.”


Izuku wonders as he stares at the unhinged door rocking slightly at his feet if this counts as a problem.


The receptionist at the front desk was very willing to point him in the direction of where Nagano was stationed at, but not before giving him a word of caution. Izuku did not understand what that meant until a door several meters ahead of him was launched off its hinges. Some sort of projectile had flown out of the room and ricocheted off the wall toward the boy. Luckily he managed to duck in time, though he is certain a part of his hair was slightly singed.


“Oh god, are you okay kid?!” Izuku looked up to see a man leaning past the doorframe. Soot and oil were splattered on him, even in his shaggy white hair. Luckily, his eyes were spared due to gear-designed goggles protecting them.


Izuku was still processing what exactly had just happened, patting his head slightly. He’s found a piece of his hair slightly burnt but otherwise, “I’m good I guess.”


The man gave a sigh of relief before turning to look back into the room, “Hatsume, you need to be more careful with your things!”


“They are not things!” A younger, feminine voice shouted back, “They are my babies!” The man raked a hand down his face with a groan, dragging the soot and oil across his face even more. He then stepped from the room and approached Izuku.


Now that the man had fully stepped out, Izuku could tell the evident steampunk influence in the other’s attire. The guy was dressed in a dark blue waistcoat with a now partially-white long-sleeved shirt underneath it. A shoulder belt was strapped across his chest diagonally and attached to a utility belt at the waist. The man pulled slightly at leather gloves before having them drop next to black trousers. Izuku could hear the boots’ muffled squeak with each step.


The man stopped a couple of meters in front of Izuku and leaned down slightly, “So what’s a kid doing all the way here anyway?” Izuku could now note the steel-colored eyes behind the goggles, “Don’t you know it’s dangerous to wander around a support building. Besides, I’m already stuck babysitting one troublemaker and have another one coming-” He glanced at his wristwatch, “-any minute now.”


“Uhm, that may be me.” The man looked at Izuku confusedly before realization flashed over his face.


“Oh man, sorry about that. Please don’t tell your dad.” The guy Izuku could now pin as Nagano Saito frantically said, “I’ve been having a stressful day, and then the staff decides to dump the responsibility of watching her.” Nagano pointed back toward the room. A second later an explosion echoed out the room. Nagano simply groaned.


“Uh, shouldn’t we check on her?” Izuku looked at the doorway worriedly as he glanced at the man. Nagano shook his head.


“That’s a near constant thing for the last couple hours. You’ll get used to it.” Nagano straightened slightly and offered a hand, “I nearly forgot to introduce myself, I’m Nagano Saito. And you must be Midoriya Izuku, correct?”


“Yeah.” Izuku shook the offered hand and slightly regretted it when he felt the grease and oil.


Nagano gave an apologetic smile, “Sorry, I forgot how dirty I could get sometimes.” He searched through one of his pockets before pulling out a handkerchief, “Here.” Izuku gratefully took the cloth to clean his hand before returning it. The man shoved it back into his pocket before gesturing for Izuku to follow, “Come on, let’s go in before she blows something up again.”


The room was just as much of a mess as Izuku had expected. Machine parts and various inventions were scattered across the room. Izuku noted the pink-haired girl standing at a cluttered table with a welding torch in hand. She wore a gray tank top and green baggy pants with a jacket tied around her waist.


“Aha!” Izuku jumped slightly when she suddenly rushed toward him. He felt something heavy clamp around his wrist and nearly fell from the weight, “Oh wait, you’re not Nagano-san.”


“No, he’s not.” Nagano tried to hold back a slight chuckle, “You should take that off him before he strains his arm too much.” Hatsume quickly did as so and Izuku sighed in relief. He didn’t have much time to relax before the girl was practically up in his face, a wide smile on her face.


“So who are you? Nagano-san did say he was expecting someone else.”


“Uh, I’m Midoriya Izuku.”


“Hatsume Mei.” She replied, “Are you applying for the support course too? May want to be careful. May babies may blow you out of the water with how impressive they are.”


“Yeah, if you can stop making them malfunction.” Nagano remarked. Hatsume grinned at the man.


“Failure is just another step to success.”


Nagano shook his head, “You’re a crazy one kid. Anyways, Izuku here is applying for Yuuei’s hero course, not support so you don’t have to worry about him giving competition.” Izuku saw Hatsume’s gaze turn predatory as they locked on him again.


“Really, then you better request me to handle all your support gear and costume. Oh, all the babies I can make.” She practically swoons at the thought, “What’s your quirk anyway? Can’t work on those babies without knowledge about that.”


“Ah, my quirk is called Transfer.” Izuku explained, “It allows me to temporarily take someone else’s quirk and use it for my own. I can only hold it for a few hours though. And I can take more than one quirk but I start to develop a headache from it.”


“So that’s what he meant by having you borrow my quirk for the exam.” Izuku heard Nagano mutter slightly. The man rubbed at his hair slightly, “Welp, seeing now how I'm actually supposed to train you I guess I should tell you about my quirk..” He held his hand out with the palm facing Izuku, “My quirk is Momentum. Basically, I can control the speed of any object that I touch, even people. Mostly use it for testing out equipment for speed-based heroes.” Nagano then placed the hand in his pocket, “Considering your quirk, I'm supposed to train you on how to use mine for the exam. We’ll need to go to the testing grounds for that though.”


Nagano began walking toward the door, glancing back slightly once he reached it, “Oh, and since I'm supposed to be watching you gather your stuff, Hatsume. You can test your ‘babies’ there as well.” Hatsume quickly started scrummaging through the mess. Pulling out various inventions and letting some stuff fall to the floor with a thud.


“Now then,” Izuku looked back to see Nagano looking at him with a smirk.


“Let’s see how well you can throw.”

Chapter Text

Izuku took a deep breath, readjusting one of his bookbag’s strap onto his shoulder. Hisashi wasn’t kidding when he said time could slip by when you least expect it. Though, considering Izuku’s hectic schedule it was easy to lose track. The only true break he had gotten was during winter break, and that was because his mother had stepped in to have him relax for the holidays.


But after several months, here he stood at U.A.’s entrance. All that time and preparation spent and here was reality finally crashing down on Izuku. And oh god was his anxiety making him feel sick. Still, he couldn’t back down now. Not after everything he’s been through to get here. Not after all the work he had gone through to now has Momentum coursing through him. He was going to march in there and prove that he had the potential to be a hero.


“Oi, Deku!” Izuku let his shoulders slouch.


After he deals with this asshole.


Turning to face the other boy, Izuku jumped when Bakugou practically charged at him, one hand grabbing at his shirt while the other released tiny, angry explosions.


“What the fuck you think you’re doing here?!”


“Uh, taking an exam just like everybody else.” Thinking logically, Izuku shouldn’t have much to worry about at the moment. They were standing near the entrance gate to U.A. with a few other kids walking by them. Bakugou wouldn’t dare strike him without risking his own chance of getting accepted.




Bakugou paused for a moment before his scowl deepened, “Still chasing after your little dumbass dream, huh, Deku? Get it through your fucking head that you’re too useless to be a hero. I’m going to be the first and only one from our damn school to get in so stop getting in my fucking way.”


“Strange, you seem to like making it that way.” Alright, Shigaraki has rubbed off on him a little too much. Izuku was so going to get it when this exam was all over. Though based on Bakugou’s pissed expression he was about to get it now.


“Hey, let him go!” Izuku released he was holding his breath and sighed. Oh, thank god someone decided to step in. It was a strange feeling, honestly. Both Izuku and Bakugou turned to see a brunette girl glaring at them, specifically Bakugou, with a pout, “What gives you the right to decide whether or not someone can be a hero, huh?”


Bakugou growled, glaring at the girl before roughly tossing Izuku down, “Whatever, I ain’t wasting any more time with some damn extras.” He then stomped his way toward the school.


“Rude.” A hand was held out for Izuku, “Need some help.” The girl asked.


“Ah, thanks.” He went to grab it. But when he did he suddenly felt himself become weightless and float up into the air, “Huh?!”


“Ah, sorry about that.” She placed her fingers together and suddenly he felt gravity pushing on him again. Luckily he was able to land on his feet, “The name’s Uraraka Ochako. And you’re...?”


“Ah, Midoriya Izuku. Anyways, thanks for the help."


“No problem, but we should really get going if we don’t want the doors closing on us.”


“Crap, that’s right!”




“The U.A. practical exam is a point-based system that tests your quirk against multiple robots in a makeshift city.” Nagano had explained near the start of their training sessions, “There are four types of robots in total, though only three of them provide points. The higher the points, the more difficult to destroy.”


That matched with what Present Mic was saying as the pro hero explained the test to the examinees. Despite the years, it seemed that U.A. still hasn’t updated their practical exam. Not exactly fair for those like Izuku whose quirk isn’t designed for physical combat. Luckily, Izuku wouldn’t have to worry about that, feeling Momentum pulsing through him. He patted one of the pockets on his pants, ensuring that the bag of marbles was there.


Though, Izuku did wonder what was the purpose of the zero-point robot. U.A. wouldn’t include it into the test if it didn’t serve some form of purpose. Present Mic hadn’t really explained anything about it and neither had Nagano. What was it that Nagano said about the fourth robot?


“Oh, the fourth robot, I wouldn’t bother trying to fight against it.” the man dismissed, “It's supposed to test a different aspect of heroism. Not exactly certain how it works but that’s my guess at least.”


A different aspect of heroism? How could the zero-point robot do that? Based on what Present Mic did explain they were robots to avoid at all cost. So why did something feel off to him about the situation?


Izuku would have to figure that out later. Shortly after the explanation of the rules, the examinees were dispatched to their assigned meeting areas. And when Nagano mentioned they were gigantic he wasn’t kidding. The area before him resembled everything a modern city had with just the lack of a population. And based on how many areas there were for the practical exam, there was at least six more of these. Such a shame they were simply being wasted on kids racing to destroy the most number of robots.


Izuku glanced around the area. It didn’t really look like any of them were nervous for the exam, or at least were really good at hiding it. Some were testing out their quirks, others were stretching on the sidelines, and a few just stood around patiently for the test to begin.


Though, amongst the crowd, Izuku did manage to spot Uraraka.


‘So she got assigned to this area too.’  Izuku thought as he perked up, ‘I should go wish her luck on the exam.


“And what exactly do you think you’re doing?” Izuku jumped at the sudden weight on his shoulder and glanced back to see a tall boy with glasses glaring at him. From what Izuku remembered, the boy had brought up the question concerning the zero-point robot.


As well as pointed out Izuku’s bad habit of muttering when in thought. He really needs to get a handle on that.


“First you distract the people around you with your constant mutterings and now you want to obstruct a fellow test taker. Do you know no decency?” Izuku gave a baffled look at the boy’s accusations. Talk about jumping to conclusions.


“I was just going to wish her luck considering she helped me out earlier today.” Izuku answered, “I wasn’t going to ‘obstruct’ a fellow test taker as you are doing now?” He didn’t really like how the area got quiet as attention was drawn toward them. He did manage to give a small wave toward Uraraka when she spotted him though.


The boy in front of him was looking at him with widened eyes and a slightly gaping mouth before he recovered from the statement. Izuku had to take a step back in surprise as the boy made chopping motions at him, “I did not mean such a thing. I simply wanted to ensure that no foul plays would be conducted.”


“AND START!” Izuku sighed as he turned toward the city. Everyone else seemed confused by the situation and had turned to glance back at the main tower Present Mic was shouting from. Which was lucky for him as he ran toward the city. Hopefully, he doesn’t have to deal with glasses guy after all this.


“WHAT ARE YOU GUYS WAITING FOR?! THERE ISN”T A COUNTDOWN IN A REAL BATTLE! ONE OF YOU GUYS GETS IT!” Izuku heard Present Mic say, but hopefully, Izuku had managed enough of a lead to find a robot first. Having prior knowledge of the exam really helps out.


“There isn’t going to be a countdown for the exam like an actual race.” Nagano had said, “And there’s a limited amount of robots to fight. So the second you hear the officiator say start or a buzzer or something else, get moving. First come first serve they always say.”


First come first serve, and first up was a one-point robot. Digging in his pocket, he pulled out a medium-sized marble that Nagano had supplied him with for the exam. Taking aim, he flicked the marble at the robot’s head. It sped out of his hand like a bullet, easily piercing the robot and forcing it to stop working and drop.


Izuku smiled. As long as he doesn’t get too careless this exam should be a piece of cake.




Alright, Izuku has a problem. Well, several problems.


One, He had a limited supply of marbles to use.


Two, the higher-worth robots required more marbles to take down.


Three, many of the other examinees were stealing some of the robots he was working on.


Four, he has run out of said marbles.


He could gather some pebbles, but it would be difficult to ensure he had the right amount to take down the robots. Plus, the robots seemed to get more and more scarce as time passed by. It’s been a few minutes since Izuku saw one that was fully functioning and threatening to attack.


And then the ground shook.


Izuku paused. He was never warned about this happening. He watched as several kids ran past him, and in the opposite direction was the zero point robot.


He sees now why Nagano said not to bother fighting it, but a warning of how gigantic the thing was would’ve been nice.


Izuku was about to book it along with the rest of the examinees when he spotted Uraraka trapped under some rubble. A large piece seemed to be keeping her pin to the ground, and she seemed a bit too dazed to realize she was in the path of the rampaging robot.


And without a second doubt, he ran over to where she was.


He first tried to push the large boulder off, but it was too heavy. And he couldn’t use Momentum without the risk of accidentally injuring Uraraka. And with every second wasted the large robot was gradually getting closer.


And then a thought raced through his mind, and with little hesitation, Izuku bent down to touch Uraraka’s shoulder. He felt his body buzz and his head throb as a new quirk raced into him. Shifting his attention back to the boulder, he grabbed at its side and watched with brief amazement as it became light in his grasp. The shaking ground quickly reminded Izuku that now wasn’t the time for quirk-studying.


Aiming the boulder as best he could, he gave the item a slight push and quickly activated Momentum as well. The rock quickly flew from his hand and straight towards the robot, leaving a gaping hole in its head. The robot staggered back before seeming to implode on itself.


Izuku would be proud of his work if the sudden sense of nausea didn’t punch him in the gut. And it certainly wasn’t helping his headache. He never felt this when handling two quirks. Then again, it’s been a while since he held two quirks at once.


“The test has ended!”


And just like that, Izuku released both the quirks and his breakfast.




“Ah, cheer up Zuku. I’m certain you passed the exam.” Izuku groaned at the statement.


He was currently sitting at one of the tables in a cafe not far from the support company Nagano worked for. Opposite of him was Hatsume, who was looking at him with an amused look as she shoved another forkful of coffee-chocolate cake into her mouth. They had agreed to meet up here after their respective exams had been completed. They often frequented here when they left from Nagano and Hatsume had been too busy to realize she hasn’t eaten. Which, sadly, was often.


“I don’t know Hatsume. I was doing well at the beginning and then I started running out of marbles. It really didn’t help with everyone else practically picking off what I was fighting.”


“Looks like you could’ve used some of my support items instead of going through baseball boot camp.” The pink haired girl sipped at her drink with a smug look.


“You’ve heard what Nagano-san said.” Izuku absentmindedly stirred at his coffee, “You’re not allowed to have support items during the exam except if your quirk requires one. I barely got away with having marbles I think.”


Hatsume narrowed her eyes at the curly-haired boy before leaning back into her chair with a sigh, “Well, I guess we just have to wait and see the results.” She then straightened up, a grin on her face, “Which, I repeat, I’m certain you passed. And if you won’t believe in yourself then I’ll just do it for you.”


Izuku chuckled, “I don’t know whether you’re supporting me because you’re a friend, or for your own personal goals.”


“Why can’t it be both. Speaking of, have you decided on your hero costume yet?” Izuku gave a bewildered look.


“But I haven’t gotten accepted into the-”


“Believe in the me that believes in you.”


“You totally ripped that off an anime.” Hatsume chuckled.


“At least that made you loosen up some.” she stated, “Being all gloomy isn’t exactly a good look on you. But seriously, I want to get a head start since I’ll be your support partner when you do get into the hero department. Unless you’re still going with the bunny costume.”


“It’s not a bunny!” Izuku defended.


“Pretty sure it is.” Izuku sighed. Talking with Hatsume could be exasperating sometimes. He then dug into his bag and pulled out one of his notebooks.


He flipped to a certain page before handing it over to Hatsume, “It is not. Besides, I worked with, uh, a friend of mine to design this one. He thinks this will fit me better considering my quirk.” Hatsume looked at the design and had to cover her mouth to keep from bursting out into a laugh.


“Who’s ripping what now?” She laughed. Izuku slumped slightly into his chair.


“He really liked video games okay. Do you think it’s good or not?”


It took a moment for Hatsume to finally manage out a sentence amidst the fits of giggles and chuckles, “Yeah, I do admit your friend has decent taste. Consider this done. The second you get your acceptance letter I’ll get started on it.”


Several weeks later he received the letter. And Hatsume, with one of the smuggest look Izuku has seen so far, goes...


“I told you so.”




"Hey, take your feet off the desks. A hero-in-training should have the decency to respect school property. That behavior is disrespectful to both the school and your fellow students."


"Who the fuck even asked you, four-eyes."


This is what greeted Izuku when he opened the door to Class 1-A on the first day. There were two people he was hoping to avoid being stuck in the same class with, and here both of them were currently arguing with each other. He didn’t want to be stuck with Bakugou for obvious reasons. He’s already spent enough years with the jerk. As for the other student, Iida Tenya the boy had said, it was more that there first meeting wasn’t exactly a friendly one.


Izuku was currently contemplating if he should walk away and ask one of the faculties to be switched over to 1-B instead.


Izuku’s a bit too late, though. Annoyed, Iida had looked away from Bakugou and noticed him standing at the doorway. And now the kid was approaching him.


“Hello, I’m Iida Tenya from--”


“Uhm, yeah, I overheard.” Izuku interrupted. Okay, this was going better than last time, “I’m Midoriya Izuku.”


“Midoriya,” Izuku stepped back in surprise when Iida suddenly bowed at him, “I wish to apologize for my behavior during the exam before. It is no way for a person to behave and I am deeply sorry.”


“Ah,” Green eyes blinked with confusion as they watched the other boy warily, “I’m pretty sure it was just a bunch of misunderstandings. I didn’t exactly give off the best impression myself either.”


Iida straightened himself, readjusting his glasses, “It’s not only that. You also managed to discern the true nature of exam and did so with little hesitation.”


‘Some of it because I just happened to already know the basics of the exam.’ Izuku thought.


“And I was blind to the true nature of the exam. For that, I admit that you were the better man.” Izuku admires how earnest the other boy was, but could he tone it down a little. Izuku wasn’t used to the sudden attention. And he’s certain Bakugou is glaring at him at the moment.


“Ah, Midoriya-kun, you’re in this class as well.” Izuku turned to see Uraraka standing at the doorway with a wide grin.


“Ah, Uraraka-kun, glad to see you made it as well.”


“Man you were really cool during the exam.” Uraraka exclaimed, “And the way you took out that zero-point robot. You must have some sort of super strength or something.” Izuku rubbed his head sheepishly, trying to decide if he should explain his quirk or not. He doesn’t want to have his first day ruined if his new class react badly.


Before Izuku could gather a response a gruff cough brought his attention to the ground behind Uraraka. Which is where he found a man lying on the ground in some yellow sleeping bag.


“If you want to catch up do it someone else’s time, not mine.” The man stated.


“Ah, sorry sir!” Iida proclaimed before directing the others to their seats.


The man...wiggled into the room, tired eyes roaming the classroom as he stood up, “Took a bit for you all to quiet down."


"I’m Aizawa Shouta and I’ll be your homeroom teacher.”




The first day was often seen as an adjustment day for freshmen. The students usually attended the first-day assembly before meeting with the school’s counselor. The homeroom period often involved students introducing themselves to their classmates for the following years.


This is the setup at a normal highschool. But Yuuei is not a normal high school, and neither are the teachers. This is proven when Aizawa states they will be skipping the assembly and meeting altogether.


As for the homeroom introductions, the class was sent outside donning their new P.E. uniform.


“Is that everyone?” Aizawa questioned, scanning the crowd of kids for any missing people. He nodded to himself in mild satisfaction, “Good, I don’t feel like repeating myself. You all already wasted time chattering amongst yourselves.”


He pulled out a small ball, “Today, we’ll be doing a series of eight exercises. They’re just like some of the exercises you performed during your middle school P.E. classes, but this time you will be allowed to use your quirks.”


Excitement was now buzzing amongst the class as Aizawa finished his statement. Many were quite eager to show off their quirks to the others. But something seemed off about the situation to Izuku. Aizawa seemed to be waiting to say more. And the fact he was purposefully waiting probably means it’s nothing good.


Or maybe he’s just become paranoid of things being simple.


“Oh, and these exercises are a part of a test to determine each of your levels of potential. Furthermore, the student that comes in last will be deemed ‘hopeless’ and expelled immediately.”


There it was. These are the reasons Izuku can’t have nice things. There was always some sort of catch to them.


And the excitement left just as quickly as it came, dread now taking its place as students paled at the declaration. Many stared in disbelief at the sudden threat of expulsion. And on their first day too. The twisted grin on Aizawa’s face meant he was expecting this reaction.


“U-uhm sir,” Izuku wasn’t certain who had spoken up, too bust trying to comprehend the situation he just found himself in, “isn’t that a little too extreme?”


“Nope.” Aizawa quickly denied, “The school gives us teachers plenty of freedom to teach and train our students as we see fit. That same freedom also gives us the ability to expel students as we see fit. U.A. is designed to train the next generation of heroes. It would be a waste of time and resources to train those that are unfit for that line of work. So if you want to prove that you deserve to be here, don’t come in last.” He gave that same creepy smile that sent shivers down Izuku’s spine.


“Welcome to the heroics. Let’s see how long you last.”

Chapter Text

A normal student would be patiently standing in his or her class’s line as the weird dog-bear-rat thing that just declared itself the principal began the first-day orientation. But Mei had more important things in mind. Besides, the staff was just giving the same spill every other school practically gives. This may be U.A. but they still have to have some of the basics aspects of a high school.


‘Where is he?’ Yellow eyes scanned the crowd as best she could for a bushel of green hair atop an ordinary-looking boy. After her third sweep of the room, she figured that searching for Izuku was a lost cause. Even with Zoom activated she had not spotted her friend. In fact, she noted that one of the hero course classes was entirely missing. And Vlad King, the other hero course homeroom teacher did not look entirely pleased by that.


“Excuse me Nedzu-san,” Mei directed her attention toward the orange hair girl of 1-B who had momentarily interrupted the boring speech, much to the relief of some of her classmates, “but class 1-A has yet to arrive. Shouldn’t we wait for them before going through the orientation?”


“They won’t be coming.” Well, that’s a response Mei wasn’t expecting. She could see some of the General Education students murmuring to themselves in obvious frustration, “The homeroom teacher for Class 1-A likes to give an exercise trial on the first day of school. Of course, since attending orientation is based on the discretion of the teacher it is his or her decision whether or not to bring the class here.” Wait, so they didn’t have to sit through this boring assembly, “But do not worry, they will receive the same information as you all so nobody will be lost, provided that nothing happens of course.”


‘“Provided that nothing happens”?’ Mei furrowed her eyebrows at the statement. What would prompt the principal to include that ominous statement? What kind of teacher did Izuku get himself stuck with this time?


Mei let her shoulders slump. It’s barely been an hour into the school day and she was already tired and bored out of her mind. When can they back to class so she can start working on making more of her wonderful babies?


‘I bet whatever Izuku got himself into, it’s more entertaining than this.




“I’m screwed. I am so screwed.” Izuku was pacing back and forth. Back in middle school a test like this wouldn’t be causing him so much stress as it does not. Although he wasn’t the strongest person in his previous class (that title went to Bakugou) he was still one of the fittest. So he would excel compared to most of the class. But there was one main difference between the middle school’s physical exam and this one.


Izuku didn't need to worry about quirks.


Compared to people during the time before quirks, he would be far above average in terms of alethics. But now with quirks people could use them to excel in specific areas. For example, Iida just blew away the fifty-meter dash with his quirk. He may be able to get a higher score in the endurance run but Izuku doubts it would be enough to offset the lack of points from the other events.  The best thing to do would be to borrow someone else’s quirk for a test but-


“What you mean by borrowing someone’s quirk?” Izuku swore he jumped ten feet into the air and had to bite his tongue to fight back the shriek as he whipped his head around to look at a mildly amused Uraraka. She had a hand to her mouth but Izuku could tell she was hiding back a chuckle based on how her shoulders shook, “Sorry about that but I couldn’t help but overhear you mumbling.”


“Oh, uh, yeah,” Izuku rubbed his head sheepishly, “I tend to do that a lot.”


Izuku tensed slightly when Uraraka repeated, “But anyways, what did you mean by borrowing someone’s quirk?”


Izuku took a few moments to think about it. If he told Uraraka, maybe she would understand and let him use her quirk for the ball toss test. Then again, maybe she would react like all the other kids from his middle school and he’ll get ostracised again, granted that he doesn’t get kicked out by Aizawa-sensei first. Though she did help him out with Bakugou on exam day. But maybe she was just-


“Midoriya-kun you’re doing it again.” That shook him out of his muttering trance.




“Look, I see that you’re nervous about telling, but I’m willing to help if you would explain.” Izuku fidgeted with his fingers for a moment longer.


“Remember when during the exam I tossed that large boulder at the zero-point robot. And how this morning you thought I had a super-strength quirk.” Uraraka nodded. Izuku took a deep breath. This was the make or break moment, “Well, the truth is that isn’t exactly my quirk. “My quirk is, well, it lets me borrow someone else’s quirk. I was using a friend of mine’s quirk for most of the test. When that zero-pointer came up and you got pinned by the boulder, I borrowed your quirk and paired it with his to make that rock fly like that.”


“Oh,” Izuku opened one eye (when did he have them closed) to see Uraraka’s expression. It wasn't one of disdain or fear but rather understanding, “Oh, that makes sense. And that boulder was fairly heavy so you probably weren’t expecting the nausea that comes with my quirk.”


Izuku felt the tension in his body melt away, “Yeah, but that’s why I’m panicking. Without using someone else’s quirk I’m essentially quirkless.”


Uraraka glanced between the next student up for the ball toss exercise and the panicking Izuku, “You know, if you want you can borrow my quirk for the exercise.”


Izuku looked at her confused before getting teary-eyed, “Really, are you sure?” Uraraka nodded, “Thanks a lot, Uraraka. I really appreciate.”


“No problem, that’s what friends are for, right?” Izuku froze. She called him a friend. He actually made a friend that wasn’t trying to pick on him.


He believed he may have cried if Aizawa hadn’t interrupted the moment.


“Midoriya, you’re up.”


Shaking his head, he gave Uraraka a light tap before walking up to retrieve the ball from Aizawa. He noticed the prickly feeling on his fingers and noticed small pads form on his fingertips. He probably didn’t notice it during the exam due to adrenaline.


Grabbing the ball, he felt it immediately go light in his grasp when all five pads pressed against it. Moving into one of the throwing stances Nagano drilled into him, he tossed the ball as hard as he could. The ball flew out of his hand as it normally would before slowing beginning to rise into the air. He felt a mild sickness in his stomach but it was bearable.


“Woah, wait a minute,” Izuku turned around to see the short boy with purple hair pointing at him accusingly, “wasn’t that someone else’s quirk?”


“I think that was the brown-haired girl’s quirk.”


“Yeah, what gives?”


“Quiet.” The murmuring grew silent as Aizawa continued, “The objective of the exercise was to use your quirk to toss the ball without stepping out of the circle. That is exactly what Midoriya did.”


“But isn’t it unfair! He’s giving himself an advantage?!” The purple-haired boy continued.


“By that response then nobody should be allowed to use their quirks, since each person’s quirk  gives some form of advantage based on the situation.” Aizawa argued, “Plus, he has done fairly well without even using his quirk to the full advantage, unlike you Mineta.” The boy gulped, “And when he did use it he made sure to not affect another student’s performance.”


He then displayed the scoring device, an infinity symbol showed on its screen, “If anyone would like to argue about my decision, best make sure you have some decent reasons as to why I should change my mind. Otherwise, the score will stay.” Aizawa waited a few moments to see if anyone dared to speak up. Izuku swore Bakugou wanted to say something, but the challenging look on Aizawa’s face made him seem to back down a little.


And this was a new feeling for Izuku. No teacher (Furutani-san did not count) ever attempted to stand up for him. First, he gets a new friend. Then he gets a supportive teacher, even if said teacher is fairly scary. Things were starting to look up for Izuku.


After the long silence, Aizawa continued, “If that is all we’ll be continuing with the exam.”




Shouta sighed as he began to walk back toward the teacher lounge. It was a bit odd to not have expelled a single student yet but that wasn’t exactly a bad thing. That just meant he got a class full of potential heroes, granted that they don’t pull anything stupid over the course of the three school years.


Still, this group of kids was fairly interesting, especially that green-haired child. Midoriya had done well for the majority of the exam without the use of a quirk. And then the stunt with the ball toss. He would’ve been surprised as well if he didn’t have the foresight to view over each of his student’s profile. Best to know what he was getting himself into.


Though he wasn’t expecting to find All Might spying on his class.


“Why are you here? Didn’t you say you have a meeting to go to?” Honestly, all he wanted to do was go to the teacher lounge, fix a cup of coffee, and fall asleep in his sleeping bag.


“Ah, well that isn’t until a little later and I thought I stop by and see how your class was doing.”


“By lurking behind a wall like some sort of creep.” Seriously, why did this idiot even think that was a good idea?


“Ah, well I didn’t want to accidentally distract the students with my presence.” Well, at least he had the decency to think about that. That would probably skew the results if he had shown up then Shouta would’ve actually had to expel a kid, “Though isn’t it a bit harsh to threaten expulsion like that.”


“I don’t tell you how to do your job, Mister Symbol of Peace, so don’t tell me how to do mine.”


“I still think it was harsh. But overall, your class was fairly impressive, especially young Midoriya.”


Shouta narrowed his eyes at that, “Why Midoriya?” There were other impressive students like the recommended students, Yaoyaorozu and Todoroki, or even that Bakugou kid. So why Midoriya? Plus the way All Might said it made it seemed like he met Midoriya prior to Yuuei.


All Might’s nervous stance made Shouta’s suspicion grow, “Ah, well I was impressed by his performance. Despite not using a quirk for the majority of it he still performed well among his peers.” Not a lie, but Shouta’s had enough experience to tell when someone wasn’t telling him the whole truth. He contemplated for a moment whether or not to pursue the topic.


The underground hero decided it was not worth addressing, at least for now, “Yes he did.” Shouta moved to walk away, “Now I’m going to my office. Instead of wasting time spying on kids you should be doing your paperwork. You’re a teacher after all.”


“Ah, yes, that is a good idea.” Shouta rolled his eyes. He swears what was Nedzu thinking when he hired this guy.


Shouta deserves an extra long nap after all that.




Aizawa didn’t pull a similar stunt the following day. In fact, the entire morning went relatively peaceful. Izuku’s still not certain which hero the man was exactly, seeing as the rest of their teachers were indeed heroes. Maybe an underground one. Izuku needed to look back through his notes on those heroes. He has never been able to get enough information on some of them to develop a detailed profile of them. Or at least as much as Izuku would like.


But now wasn’t the time to go scouring through his lunch. Next was their first foundational hero studies class and that meant...


“A battle trial?”


“That’s right.” All Might answered. “This class is supposed to help you all develop your foundation in heroism by having you participate in various trials. The first one we will be doing just so happen to be the battle trial.”


Izuku heard several of his classmates chatter amongst themselves in excitement. But who wouldn’t be excited with the number one hero teaching their class? Izuku still held high respect for the man, but it was kind of difficult to forget your idol almost crushing your dreams nearly a year ago. The memory of it still leaves a bitter taste in his mouth.


The class was soon directed to change into their costumes and meet All Might at Ground Beta. Izuku couldn’t help but buzz in excitement. He had worked really hard on this design with Shigaraki and Hatsume and he really hoped it turned out well.


It still felt weird going from his older design, but he couldn’t help but admit that the concept did fit his quirk. It consisted of a green, high-necked waistcoat with two short tails hanging behind him. The black, short-sleeved shrug jacket was to be thrown over the waistcoat and left open. The gloves were red with black cuffs around them. There was also a pair of black, jogger-style pants and some red formal sneakers. To make up for the lack of a fully offensive quirk Izuku had added in a red utility belt with various tools upon Hisashi’s recommendations. Of course, his main weapon of choice was the two tonfas he had Hatsume create. A pair of latches were created into the back of the waistcoat as well as on the belt to hold them. And to top of the design was the red, birdlike domino mask placed on his face.


The complete contrast it had to his All Might inspired green jumpsuit costume was tremendous. Izuku still wished he could find some way to incorporate the extensions. But he was getting tired of being called a bunny by Hatsume so he left it alone, for now. Putting everything on took a bit of time though, so he wasn’t surprised to find himself being the last person to arrive at Ground Beta.


After confirming that everyone had made it, All Might explained how the battle trial would be a two-on-two team battle conducted inside one of the many building of Ground Beta. It made logical sense since most major villain battles began indoor. As for the teams, one team would play as the villains attempting to guard a bomb while the hero team attempts to either apprehend the villains or the bomb.


Izuku let out a sigh of relief when he learned he was partnering with Uraraka for this exercise. And then he nearly choked when All Might announced that he would be facing Bakugou in the very first round. Man, wasn’t Izuku’s luck just great.


Bakugou and Iida were sent into the building first with a five-minute headstart to prepare. So for the meantime, Izuku tried to plan out the best course of actions he and Urarka should take.


“Hey, Midoriya-kun, you okay?”


“Yeah, just thinking.” Izuku glanced up at the building, “They probably will have the bomb stashed on the top floor to buy enough time. The smart thing to do would be to set up an ambush, considering Iida-kun’s speed and Kacchan’s power, but I doubt they’ll actually work together.”


“What makes you say that?”


“Kacchan isn’t exactly known for getting along with others.” Izuku commented, “Plus I’m certain he’s going to be gunning for me the second we go in. That’ll force Iida-kun to stay behind to protect the bomb.”


“So what’s the plan?” Izuku scanned the map of the building. In the background, he could hear All Might announcing that the trail can begin. Taking another look at the building, he paused to think for a moment before smirking.


“All right, this is what we’ll do.”




Even though this was his plan, Izuku couldn’t help but shiver in nervousness. If their two opponents were going to separate then it would be best for them to do so as well. But he couldn’t risk Uraraka running across Bakugou on accident. So he would play bait.


Hopefully, he’ll come out of this with all his limbs attached.


“Hey, Kacchan!” He shouted, “We both know your target is me so come on out!”


“Like I would waste the effort hiding from a weakling like you.” And as expected Bakugou came from around the corner. His red eyes were sending daggers at the green-haired boy, “What, you think that just cause you just so managed to get into U.A. that you somehow stand a chance against me. We both know you’re useless without someone else’s quirk.”


“I wouldn’t underestimate your opponent like that Kacchan.” Izuku pulled out the two tonfas and taking a ready position, “Especially someone who has known you for as long as I have.”


Bakugou growled, “I’m gonna put you in your damn place, Deku.” The blonde boy let out an explosion, letting it propel him at his childhood friend. “Time to die you bastard!” Bakugou reeled back his right hand to let out another explosion and Izuku lifted one of the tonfas to intercept. Pressing one of the buttons in the handle, Izuku smirked at Bakugou’s “What the-” as the attack blasted against the shield. Izuku released the button and quickly flicked the tonfa around to strike. When Bakugou dodged Izuku swung a foot around, which forced Bakugou back a bit with a gasp.


“You seem to have forgotten that I’ve been taking martial arts lessons for a while now.” Izuku grinned as Bakugou looked up to glare at him, “What’s wrong? I thought you were going to put me in my place.”


Bakugou roared as he lunged again at Izuku, but this time Izuku ducked under the incoming explosion and flicked the tonfa around to jab Bakugou in the back. The other boy gritted his teeth and he stumbled slightly before attempting to backhand the green-haired boy. Izuku dodged the strike but hissed from the heat of the explosion as the blast forced him back some. Seeing Bakugou ready to pounce at him once more Izuku took advantage of his current position…


...and ran down the intersecting hallway.


“Get back here you fucking nerd!” Izuku heard the other shout as he gave chase. Any other time Izuku would’ve let this be the moment to stand his ground and properly fight against his childhood friend turned bully. But today sadly wasn’t that day. There was only so much time they had in the exercise for Izuku to actually fight fair. So now he was just waiting on…


“Midoriya-kun, I found Iida-kun and the bomb but he spotted me.”


...Uraraka’s signal. Izuku couldn’t help but smirk.


“It’s alright.” He relayed through his comm, “I’ll be there in a moment. What room are you in?”


“The middle room on the fifth floor. But what about Bakugou?”


Izuku put one of the tonfas up so he could fiddle with a dispenser on his utility belt, letting a small ball fall into his hand as he rounded another corner.


“Don’t worry, I got him covered.” There was only so much room to run anyway. Plus, purposefully keeping a pace where Bakugou could easily spot which way he went was only going to work for so long. Speaking of Bakugou, he could hear the other just about to come around the corner as well.


“There you are you damn-”




Bakugou had little time to react before a large, bright flash filled the area.




Ochako really hopes Midoriya will be alright. She remembers the animosity coming from the blonde boy back on the practical exam day. She’s not exactly certain what history the two had but there seems to be nothing good about it.


But if Izuku said he has things covered on his end then she just needs to trust that he does. Besides, Iida was the biggest problem right now. The other boy was giving no sort of leeway in getting the bomb. Iida was not only moving the bomb out of her grasp each time she approached, but he had also cleared the room so that Ochako would have nothing to use her quirk on. But they were quickly running out of time so…


“Hey, Uraraka-kun,” She heard Mdiroyia speak up, “could you try to lead Iida-kun near the door. I have an idea.”  Well, at least he sounded alright. Maybe they still have a chance. She circled Iida a bit for a moment before charging at the boy. And as expected Iida simply picked up the bomb and ran to another part of the room. He wasn’t too close to the doorway, but she hopes it’s close enough for whatever Midoriya was plotting.


“I thought I already told you hero that I’m not letting you get close to the bomb or me.” Wow, Iida was really pulling off the villain act, “I’ll keep doing this until time runs out. And there’s nothing you can do to stop me.”


A large explosion sounded from behind Iida. And as both turned to look they saw a green and black blur rocket toward the bomb before sending the objective flying with it, much to Iida’s shock.


“Remind me never to do that again.” Midoriya said as he rubbed his wrist, flinching in slight pain as he got off the bomb. Uraraka let a wide smile cross her face.


“Exercise over, hero team wins!”


“ did...when did you...where is…?” Iida was stuttering in clear confusion as he glanced between Midoriya and the doorway.


“Oh, and by the way, that last line of yours is so generic, Iida-kun.” Midoriya commented, “Most villains avoid saying that these days, it’s just an invitation for trouble.”


Ochako couldn’t help but chuckle.




Even as the students behind him gave a rousing cheer for the victors of the first exercise, Toshinori could help but feel dread pool in where his stomach once was. The signs were being laid out right in the open and the hero could help but take note of them.


There was when he first met the Midoriya boy, practically transformed into the pile of slime while the true villain regained his human form. Toshinori had passed it off as a simple swapping quirk. Nothing to freak out about besides the potential danger for those unprepared.


Then he overheard about the boy using Uraraka’s quirk during one of Aizawa’s stress-filled exercise test. Toshinori had learned about one of the kids from the other heroics class having a copy-based quirk. He decided that maybe the two were related and had similar quirks. Cousins perhaps.


There was no denying what had just happened a few minutes ago though. How Bakugou, shortly after being blinded by a flash bomb was quickly stripped of his quirk right before his capture. He had stiffened when Bakugou had suddenly stopped blasting off explosions. And the declaration of his quirk being taken by ‘Deku’, a nickname Toshinori guesses though not a very nice one, sent a chill down his spine.


There was only one person Toshinori knew with the ability to steal quirks.


Toshinori shook his head as he left to retrieve the four students. It was just a bunch of coincidences, right? Just because they have similar quirk doesn’t mean they’re related, right?


There was no way a slimy bastard like All for One could actually have a child after so many years.



Chapter Text

“Uhm, sir, I do not mean to be disrespectful, but are you alright?” Hisashi hears the mild worry hidden in the doctor’s voice. He figures the need for concern was a bit reasonable.


His heart rate did spike up suddenly after all. It wasn’t for long, but it was enough to surprise both the doctor and him. 


For a moment Hisashi thinks about speaking the truth. About how he has the impulsive need to storm into Yuuei, tear All Might to shreds, grab Izuku, and walk out. He squashes the thought as quickly as it comes. To act in such rash manners is unlike him. He is a man that makes plans for about every situation. He has a reputation for being several steps ahead of his opponents. To be off by even the slightest of margins could spell tragedy for him.


His current state is proof of that.


Hisashi can’t exactly brush the question off either. He may be an expert in keeping a calm demeanor about him but machines don’t lie. Besides, the doctor is one of his most loyal subordinates.


“I’m simply concerned for Izuku, that is all. A man can be worried every now and then, right?” There is a short pause. Hisashi is certain the other man is attempting (and will fail Hisashi is certain) to hold back his laughter. He can almost visualize the way the doctor’s mustache scrunches up against his nose.


Hisashi wonders if Inko still looks like how he remembers. 


As expected, Hisashi could hear the squeak of the chair as the doctor chuckles, “Pardon the laughter, but anyone else would find it impossible to believe you have a heart under that cold exterior.” If Hisashi still had eyes he would roll them at the remark, “Besides, you never worried for the boy like this before. What’s with the change?”


Hisashi sighed, raising a hand up to prop his head, “The change is that Izuku is now attending Yuuei. If something were to happen I can’t interfere as easily as I previously could. And having that fool, All Might, as one of my son’s teachers doesn’t exactly leave a pleasant feeling.”


“Hey Dad, are you coming home tomorrow? I really want to watch the Sports Festival with you?”


“I’ll see if I can make it son. You know Daddy can be a very busy man sometimes.” 


A sigh echoes through the phone, “Yeah, I know.” A short pause, “Hey, if I get into Yuuei would you cheer for me during the Sports Festival?”


A chuckle, “What’s with this “if”, you’ll get in, and nothing in the wold is going to keep me from watching.”


Hisashi’s free hand grips the arm of the chair tightly. Thanks to All Might he can barely feign any resemblance to a normal life. Hisashi never liked any of his brother’s successors, but this eight successor has by far been the most insufferable out of the bunch. 


The doctor snickers, “You won’t have to worry about All Might for much longer. The last tests are being conducted as we speak and Shigaraki is verifying with how many fodders-I mean “allies” would be available for the plan. It won’t be long before we stamp out the Symbol of Peace.” The doctor’s snickers transformed into a mad cackling, and Hisashi couldn’t help but snort at the other’s behavior. 


Though, Hisashi couldn’t say he had complete faith that this plan would bring the end to All Might. He may have guided Shigaraki in its development, but there were still a lot of variables that weren’t properly accounted for yet.


In the meantime, Hisashi just hopes U.A. is treating Izuku better than his previous schools.




After being checked over for any major injuries, Izuku and the others were directed back to the viewing room for their performance evaluation. Of course, Izuku and Bakugou were placed at each end of the four-person line when Bakugou attempted to lunge at Izuku. Still doesn’t stop the blonde boy from angrily glaring at him. Uraraka gives him a reassuring smile but Izuku can’t help but fidget slightly.


“Alright,” All Might said, though Izuku notes how the hero glances between him and Bakugou like he’ll need to step in (again) at any moment, “to begin I would like to announce that the best in match goes to Young Midoriya.”


Green eyes blinked in confusion, “Wait, what?” 


And it seemed the statement was enough to make Bakugou lose his death stare, or at least redirect it, “How come the damn nerd gets fucking best. He fucking cheated.” 


“On the contrary,” one of the other students argued, and Izuku realized it was Yaoyorozu, “it makes perfect sense to give it to Midoriya. The objective of the trial was to either capture or protect the bomb. Prolonged fighting would only result in the loss of time so Midoriya and Uraraka devised a plan to work around it.”


“Bakugou was to focus on fighting Midoriya that he failed to realize he was being baited until he fell into Midoriya’s trap. If he had made an attempt to work with his partner they could have likely set up an ambush instead of it being the other way around” Bakugou snorted as he looked away.


“Uraraka did well in tracking down the bomb, but without Midoriya’s help she would’ve never been able to get it away from Iida before the timer ran out.” Uraraka chuckled nervously as she rubbed her head.


Iida already had his head down as Yaoyorozu continued, “Iida had adapted well to the situation, devising a counter-strategy to the enemy and focusing on the protection of the bomb. However, moving the bomb closer to the doorway was a reckless decision considering he had no knowledge of Midoriya’s whereabouts.” 


“Though Midoriya is not without fault. If that was an actual bomb the stunt he pulled at the end with could’ve led to deadly consequences. Just because this is training doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be cautious in our actions.”


The silence following Yaoyorozu’s lecture wasn’t very comforting to Izuku. And for a second he had the mild impulse to scratch his neck like another certain someone always does. 


It took a while before All Might decided to break the silence, “Uhm, well, I believe that covers just about everything so yes, you are correct.”


They were still in the middle of class though, so there wasn’t exactly much time for idle conversations before the start of the next match. Izuku wished he had brought his notebook instead of leaving it back in the classroom. Oh well, he’ll just have to have to jot down what he’s learned later.


“Young Midoriya.” Izuku turned to see All Might fidgeting his fingers slightly as he says, “Good job today boy.”


A year ago he likely would’ve been bouncing in joy at the simple praise. All Might recognizing his hard work should’ve left him ecstatic. But All Might’s last words echo in his head. How his quirk could cause more harm than good and that he should abandon his dream of being a hero.


Maybe in another timeline he would be excited, but instead Izuku turns back to screen as the villain team of Hagakure and Ojiro make their preparation while Todoroki and Shouji await outside the building and replies, “Thanks, I guess.”


Izuku feels All Might’s gaze linger a moment longer before the hero addresses to the hero team that they are free to proceed into the building.


And then the whole building gets frozen over.



Kurogiri runs warm water over a sud-covered glass before grabbing a towel to dry it. Today had been quite a long day for him, so when he and Tomura finally made it back to their hideout Kurogiri had been quick to pour himself a glass. The drink helped to settle his ever-fluctuating stress levels. It was not a good habit he admits, but when you have worked in bars for as long as he had you tend to pick out a drink for yourself every now and then to deal with the patrons. 


Earlier today, the two had gone to retrieve a necessary component for their plans, the teacher’s daily schedule. Considering that they were about to break into a school who’s security was equivalent to a high-ranking government facility, Kurogiri had honestly expected a bit more difficulties. Kurogiri guesses he has to thank the media for that. Their desperation for an article provided was useful in distracting the heroes long enough for them to get the data and get out. 


Though, Kurogiri would’ve preferred to find a less...messy way to enter


The headache of today was dealing with the crowd of villains Tomura had been recruiting for the plan. Just thinking about them was about to make Kurogiri pour himself another glass. If this had been a more delicate operation only a handful of them would have been accepted. But since the target was All Might, they needed any sort of advantage they could get. 


“Hahaha,” Kurogiri looks up to see Shigaraki slide into one of the bar stools, a large grin on his crackled face, “tomorrow’s the day. We can finally get rid of that Symbol of Peace bastard.”


“Remember what Sensei has said. It’s still too early to consider it our victory just yet.” Sensei, it felt a bit odd calling Hisashi by that title again. Though, Kurogiri admits it was odd to call Hisashi by Hisashi at first. And the constant switching between the two names had been utterly confusing at one point. But his boss was a precautious one, and even if Izuku was aware of his villainous nature Hisashi wanted to prevent the boy from learning just how villainous he was. 


At least, not while Izuku was still so very young.


“Then why the hell are you doing a mass cleaning of the bar.”


“...I would like to be prepared just in case.” Kurogri grabs Shigaraki’s forgotten glass and proceeds to wash it out, “Though, what exactly do you plan to do if we run into Izuku?”


Tomura scratching at his neck and Kurogiri holds back the slight impulse to swat the hand away, “That is a bit of an issue. We didn’t get the chance to swipe the class rosters while we were there so we don’t know which class he’s in. Plus, I doubt we can move the attack to any other day. I’m not exactly certain those idiots we call allies are willing to wait it out any longer. Besides, I doubt the school will just let us get another schedule.”


Tomura leans back, being sure not to have all five fingers touching the bar counter. Kurogiri really doesn’t feel like have to get it replaced again, “But there’s like, what, a fifty-fifty percent chance of him being in Class 1-A. I’m certain we won’t have to deal with the squirt.” 


Kurogiri glances up at Tomura before setting the now cleaned glass down, ignoring the nagging thought that he may need to open up his emergency drink supply when this whole ordeal is over.




“Can I have everyone’s attention please?!” Various conversations quickly ground to a halt as attention turned to Iida, the class’s recently appointed class president. His arms did their signature robotic swinging as the boy continued, “To ensure that we get on the bus in an orderly fashion, I want everyone to separate into two lines according to their numbers!”


“Woah,” Uraraka whistles as Iida moves to direct their classmates into their appropriate line, “first day as official class president and he’s already at full throttle.” Izuku chuckles next to her.


“Yeah, glad he’s the class president and not me. I think I would’ve felt sick having that type of responsibility.” The green-haired boy held his stomach for emphasis


Uraraka lightly punches him in the shoulder, “Oh come on, I’m certain you would’ve done fine.” 


“But you got to admit that the role perfectly fits him.” Uraraka nodded in agreement. Any further conversation would have to be put on hold as the duo boarded the bus. It turns out the layout was different from what Iida had expected, throwing the boy’s planning off a good bit. But hey, Izuku had to applaud the effort.


With the bus now set for departure, many of his classmates chose to spend the journey engaged in conversations or sleeping. Izuku, instead, stares out the window and lets his thoughts wander. There wasn’t exactly much told about where they were going, but it had to be far enough from the school to warrant a bus. Plus, Aizawa had previously stated that he, All Might, and some unknown hero would be supervising the activity. Izuku wonders who is the third hero and what activity are they about to do that would need three heroes watching them. 


Speaking of heroes, he still hasn’t exactly figured out Aizawa-sensei’s hero identity. All Izuku is certain about is the man had to be some underground hero. Izuku has his suspicions but he’s waiting for further proof to confirm it. 


“Hey, Midoriya?” Izuku startles as he quickly looks to his side at Asui and his first assumption is that he was muttering to himself. He also notes that while not all the talking has stopped, it has become considerably quieter. 


“Huh, uh, what’s up Asui?”


“Call me Tsuyu.” She corrects, pausing for a moment before continuing, “I tend to say what’s on my mind so I hope I don’t come off as rude…


...but what exactly does your quirk do?”


Alright, Izuku knows the noise level just dropped to zero at that question and he can now feel the anticipating gaze of his classmates.


“Tsuyu-san!” Uraraka gave an outcry which Asui, sorry he means Tsuyu, shrugs unapologetically to. Izuku had already frozen up in place, his brain attempting to process the situation and immediately diverting his thoughts to the worst possible scenario. Though, he is a bit surprised nobody had asked sooner.


“Well,” Kirishima rubs the back of his neck as he gives an awkward smile, “I don’t think that was exactly the best way to bring up the topic but many of us were wondering about it. We just didn’t want to bring it up sooner because Uraraka said it made you uncomfortable.” Izuku glanced over to Uraraka for confirmation. The brunette was looking down sheepishly. Izuku guesses she’s fidgeting her fingers as well.


“I knew you were nervous about explaining your quirk so I had asked everybody to hold off on the questions until you’ve gotten a bit more comfortable around everyone. Though it seems like somebody couldn’t wait.” She gives a quick glare at Tsuyu who, again, shrugs.


“Not sorry, kero.” Uraraka pouts.


“Plus,” Kaminari jumps in, “if you were simply trying to hide your quirk you’ve been doing a fairly poor job on that.”


“Who the fuck wants to know about the damn fucking nerd’s quirk anyway?!” Bakugou interjects, half-grumble, half-shouting, all angry, “He’s practically quirkless unless he steals one from some idiot.”


“Oh, you mean like you?”


“What you say you fucking pikachu reject?!”


“Though seriously dude, why so nervous about your quirk?” Kirishima questions, “I mean, we probably didn’t exactly give the best reaction on our first day, but if you ask me I think it’s pretty cool.”


The people listening to the conversation, which was practically the entire bus except for a select few, looked to the green-haired boy in anticipation for an answer. Izuku had to admire the way they were blatantly ignoring his childhood friend that seemed seconds off from committing mass murder.


Izuku sighed as he glanced away from the red-haired boy, “If only more people thought that.” When he looks back up, Izuku was surprised to see the understanding look in the other’s red eyes.


“Well, those guys are just jerks.” Kirishima gives a wide, shark-like grin, “Your quirk is pretty manly. You can have like practically any quirk in the world.” 


The upbeat boy suddenly sighs as he activates his quirk to harden one arm, “Meanwhile, I’m stuck with my ‘hardening’ one. It’s good and all for fighting but it just not that flashy.”


“Well, I think it’s a cool quirk.” Izuku argues, “I’m pretty sure it’ll be of great use to a pro so don’t worry about it being flashy.”


“Well, yeah,” Ashido adds, “but you got to admit heroics has a lot of things that make it seem like a popularity contest.” A fact Izuku dislikes about the current system.


“Though, I must pity you.” Izuku glanced over to Aoyama, “While my navel laser is both flashy and strong I doubt you’ll ever be able to pull it off like I can.”


“But doesn’t your quirk have the potential to make your stomach collapse.” Even though Aoyama tried to make it seem the comment hadn’t fazed him, Izuku could sense the dejected aura surrounding the boy. 


The tension in Izuku’s body eased as the other’s shifted the conversation away from specifically his quirk to the popularity aspect of the heroics profession. He let out a snort when Tsuyu’s blunt comment on Bakugou’s personality being likely to offset his popularity. The boy was then worried for Kaminari’s sense of self-preservation when the other made another verbal jab at Bakugou. Luckily, Aizawa announced that they should settle down since they were almost at their destination.


When they finally arrived and everyone got off the bus, Izuku felt Uraraka nudge him in the side as she stood next to him.


“See, I told you there was nothing to worry about.” Izuku chuckled as he ruffled his hair.


The facility the class arrived at was huge. If not for the Sports Festivals Izuku would’ve mistaken the building for one of Yuuei’s several stadiums. Well, that and the fact the letters ‘U’, ‘S’, and ‘J’ were installed on its front. He heard several of his classmates joking about the place being the hero equivalent of the Universal Studio of Japan.


Upon entering, they were right.


“Hello, glad to have you all here.” Izuku saw Uraraka bouncing in his peripheral and as he turned to see who had spoken he understood. Walking up to greet them in their iconic puffy astronaut suit was Thirteen. And based on the various disaster-based areas can guess what today’s exercise is on. Who better to help oversee a rescue exercise than a rescue hero. 


“Now, for anyone who doesn’t know me, I am the Space Hero, Thirteen, and this,” the hero gestures around them, “is a training facility of my design in order to help stimulate the various accidents and disasters that may occur in your future hero careers. I like to call it-”


“I swear if you pull that joke one more time I will dropkick you into the flood zone.” Based on Aizawa’s glare, Izuku doesn’t think their homeroom teacher is joking.


“But I only said it that one time.”


“And yet here I am, boiling with hate.”


“Fine.” Thirteen relented, “The official name of this facility is the Unforeseen Simulation Joint. There, are you happy?”


Aizawa simply tilted his head, letting his tired glare continue to rest on the space hero.


Thirteen raised their hand in defeat, “Sorry, forgot who I was talking to.” They sighed, “Oh, and before I forget I received a call that All Might won’t be able to make it today. It seems he’s been out heroing on his commute here and is currently resting in the nap room.” Izuku notes that Thirteen had raised three fingers when they started talking about All Might. But what exactly could make the number one hero too tired to teach? He’ll probably just have to look on the hero news when the class end, but he does not the small amount of disappointment and dread that settles in his chest.


Aizawa sighed at the news, “That man is as irrational as ever. We’ll just have to handle this ourselves.”


“Yes, though there are a few things I would like to say. I think there are just a few things.” 


Thirteen proceeded to explain about their quirk: Black Hole. How while they use it to help others and remove the wreckage, the quirk can easily be used to kill. Although it was interesting hearing the lecture from a hero, Izuku had already heard this speech before by his father and Kurogiri. How all quirks had the potential to do both good and bad, and how not everything should be viewed in a black and white spectrum. Kurogiri’s quirk could easily kill someone if he cuts a person off half-way, yet his ‘uncle’ prefers to use it for transporting people or deflecting attacks.


‘Wait a minute.’ Izuku tilts himself slightly to see around Thirteen, the hero explaining how today’s exercise is to showcase the ways the class can use their quirks to help others, ‘Is that…’ He feels the dread building up.


‘Isn’t that one of Uncle Giri’s portal?’


Izuku’s eyes widened in shock as a purplish black portal began to materialize in the plaza area. The portal began to grow larger and by this point, Aizawa had also noticed the situation going just a staircase away.


Izuku watched, horrified, as a practical army of villains swarmed out of the portal and flooded the plaza area and why the hell is Shigaraki fucking here?! And what hell is that thing next to him?!


“What the hell?!”


Chapter Text

‘Fuck! Shit! Fuck! Damn it! Why the hell does he have to be here?!’ Tomura sure hopes that father’s hand is covering up his face properly because he’s certain his face was showing every level of shock right now. 


It seems Kurogiri had finished depositing the other villains at their assigned location as he solidifies beside Tomura, “Hm, ‘certain we won’t have to deal with the squirt’, huh?” Tomura grinds his teeth as the other mocks his words. 


“Oh fuck you.” 


“And it doesn’t appear that All Might has arrived yet.” True to his words, Tomura sees no signs of All Might as he scans the crowd on top of the staircase. And it seems some of the cronies were noticing that as well. At least they were too distracted by one of the hero teachers jumping at them to complain-wait, what?!


God, could today get any worse?


At the moment Tomura wants nothing more than to shout out his frustrations and disintegrate the closest thing to him, but sadly the two closest things to him were Kurogiri and the Noumu and they were the only competent beings he had. Which is saying something because the Noumu is practically brain dead. The rest of villains in the plaza were practically getting their butts handed to them by the scarf hero, “Okay, okay, let’s just stick to the quest. I’m certain the final boss will spawn soon enough.”


“Really, video game jargon.”


“Look, I’m stressed okay!” Tomura rubbed at his temple, “Look, just, just go split the kids up as we planned.”


“And Izuku?”


“Bring him here I guess. I don’t want to even think about what Sensei would do if anything happened to the brat.” Kurogiri hummed at the comment. He waited a few moments, then teleported away just as the hero’s hair fell back down around his face, much to the hero’s displeasure. 


Huh, so that’s how you can tell when the hero’s quirk was active. Maybe if the rest of them took the time to notice and stopped charging in blindly they could stop being practical training dummies. Tomura’s going to have to be a little more strict on his recruitment process next time.


“Ugh!” Tomura startles as he hears something thud behind. Of course, the Noumu beside him doesn’t even twitch, staring blankly ahead like the imbecile it is. Whipping his head to look back, he finds Izuku groaning on the ground as he rubs his back from the rough landing.

Tomura scratches at his neck nervously, feeling a few skin flake off, “Hey, uh, glad to see you took my advice in costume design.” 


Green eyes snapped opened to look at Tomura in surprise before just as quickly morphing into a stern glare, “What the hell Tomuchan?!” 


“You may want to watch your language, Izuku. You know Kurogiri doesn’t like hearing you use profanity.” 


Izuku sneers, “Oh I’m sorry, am I suppose to care about Uncle Giri’s opinion after watching him send my classmates off to their supposed deaths!” Tomura winced as Izuku’s voice rose to a shout, “Why the hell are you guys here anyway?! What’s with that creepy outfit? And what’s all this about extinguishing the Symbol of Peace?!”


Tomura groans, “God, I forgot how annoying you can be. Noumu,” Izuku flinched as the creature tilted its head to face Tomura, “make sure the boy doesn’t move from that spot. And if he does gently put him back.” The Noumu gave that weird shrieking sound as it turned to face the green-haired boy.


Izuku watched the thing cautiously from his position on the ground. When he made the move to try and stand up the Noumu made a small step forward, making Izuku freeze in place before abandoning his efforts. When he did so the Noumu took a step back. Tomura sighs. Hopefully, this will keep the boy from doing something reckless. Tomura still doesn’t understand what the other sees in these so-called heroes.


“Midoriya!” Speaking of heroes, Tomura turned to face the battle meer meters away from him. He could tell the hero’s gaze was currently directed at him despite it being hidden beneath those yellow goggles. Probably noticed that he had Izuku in his clutches and made the assumption the boy was in danger. That was far from the truth, but Tomura would let that thinking be the man’s demise.


Let the hero charge into his inevitable death.


“Aiza-Eraserhead, cover your eyes.” Tomura barely got the chance to look back to question what Izuku was blabbering about when he saw a small ball whizzed right past his head in the general direction of the other villains.




Within seconds the ball exploded, releasing a large flash that Tomura barely had the chance to cover his eyes from. Loud annoying shrieks and angry yelling several of the idiot brigade were blinded. Well, he had more important things to worry about, considering he could feel Eraserhead’s scarf wrapping around him.


“Oof!” Tomura’s body slammed into the ground with a knee digging into his spine seconds later. The scarfs bind around him tightly like he’s some overdone Christmas present. Even as he wiggles his hands to grasp at the item it still remains firm. Eraserhead’s quirk likely focused on him now.


God, he now wishes Sensei never recommended that utility kit.


“Call off the attack, and maybe you’ll get it off with a lighter sentence.” The hero threatened, and Tomura couldn’t help but chuckle. His quirk sparked up every now and then but it wasn’t exactly enough time to make any progress in escaping the hold.


“My, I guess you can thank your student for helping you get the jump on me. I was certain you wouldn’t last for much longer considering prolonged fights aren’t exactly your thing.” He could feel the questioning glare on the back of his head and Tomura let out another chuckle, “Izuku liked to ramble about the mysterious Eraserhead when he was younger.” He feels Eraserhead stiffen up on top him at the casual mention of the green-haired boy several meters from where they are at, “Which is funny because I can’t particularly stand heroes.” Tomura hisses, “He was especially a fan of your fighting style, and after seeing you in action I must admit you are quite cool. But--


--I really need you to get off of me right now.”


Tomura could feel the abnormal, looming presence of the Noumu as the creature easily picks Eraserhead off Tomura’s back and slams the hero into the ground beside him. The second the hero’s gaze was directed off him Tomura disintegrated the binding. Tomura dusted himself off as he stood up, picking up any fallen hands of his former family and placing them where they once were. As he turned around, he couldn’t help but smirk at the prone form of Eraserhead within the Noumu’s grasp. 


He caught a glimpse of Izuku’s shaken form still sitting on the ground, and Tomura felt a tinge of guilt but promptly ignored it. Izuku chose the pursue a heroic path while he diverted toward villainy. He had long acknowledged a crossing like this was going to happen sooner or later.


Tomura has just wished it was later.


His focused returned to the hero in front of him. Snickering of delight came from the villain gang around them who has clearly not earned the right to do so. Or at least the ones conscious enough to understand the situation, “I’d like to introduce you to the artificial human, Noumu. Or, as he shall soon be known as, the All Might killer. Now,” Tomura kneels down as Eraserhead tries to forcefully lift his head up against the Noumu’s grasp, “what should I do with you?”


“…” Eraserhead says through gritted teeth and blood smearing down the corner of his lips. His goggles laying broken on the ground. Tomura signaled to the Noumu and the beast slammed the hero’s head into the ground, leaving a crater in the ground. Eraserhead’s head is lifted back up as Tomura ponders in thought.


“You know, those eyes of yours are really annoying. Wouldn’t it be such a bad thing if they,” Tomura lifts a piece of Eraserhead’s scarf with four fingers, “disintegrated.” The fifth finger joined the others, and the material turned to dust in a matter of seconds. He didn’t miss the momentary fear in the hero’s eyes before they quickly steeled themselves.


Tomura let the dust fall from his hand as he moves to do the same to Eraserhead’s eye. He could see the red glow, likely indicating the quirk’s activation, but they would prove no use once he forcefully closes Eraserhead’s eyelids. And soon there won’t be a functioning quirk.


“Stop!” Tomura hears Izuku shriek but the villain’s quick to ignore. But as he closes the eyes of Eraserhead for presumably the last time he feels a small, familiar tug from inside of his body. And he’s quick to recognize why it was familiar when nothing disintegrated against his touch.


Confusion was Tomura’s first response. He could clearly see Eraserhead with his eyes unwillingly closed in front of him. The hero trying to move away but the Noumu’s firm grasp keeps him in place. And he’s certain Izuku wasn’t close enough to use his quick against Tomura.




Tomura turns to look where Izuku is at. The boy was clearly attempting to stand, likely to pull some stupid heroic stunt that would get him killed if it was any other villain. But the boy had paused in his effort, staring at the ground beside him in clear surprise and Tomura quickly understood why.


Beside Izuku, where his hand laid to push him onto his feet, was a growing crater as the ground quickly disintegrated into dust.




“Hey, All Might sir, is it possible for someone with a quirk like mine to be a hero.”


Yagi groans, letting a hand raked down his tired face as he sits hunched over on the break room’s couch. The unexpected rest (read as confinement) coerced by Recovery Girl had given the number one hero additional time to think. And in that time he is reminded he is currently letting down his students with his reckless actions, especially Young Midoriya.


He knows he was running short on time for his buff form. That because of Midoriya’s quirk (which luckily doesn't work when unconscious) Yagi nearly jailed an innocent kid while the true culprit got away. But he still shouldn’t have ended things that way. Telling a kid whose quirk he didn’t fully understand that he would be more of a liability than help in the hero profession. Wasn’t he the one to always tell the press that anyone could be a hero?


God, Nighteye was right. He is a dumbass, even if his former sidekick had never outright said it.


“My, my, the gloomy expression doesn’t exactly fit the Symbol of Peace now does it.” Yagi jumps at the sudden voice as he whips his head to see who had just walked in the door, “And here I am thinking you were seconds away of leaving for the USJ.”


“Principal Nedzu, uhm, your fur is looking great today?”


“Oh yes, the trick is maintaining a healthy level of keratin.” The animal hybrid rakes a paw through his white fur as he approaches, “Of course, I didn’t come to simply be flattered.” He lifts himself onto the second couch, “But before I get into that matter, what seems to be making you so gloomy today. I’m certain Recovery Girl hadn’t scolded you out that badly.”


The other appeared to be preparing some tea, though by the ways his ears were perked he was very much listening. Yagi props his head in one hand as he glances away from Nedzu, “Do you think I’m really cut out to be a teacher?”


“Of course.” Nedzu, not skipping a beat, replies, “I wouldn’t offer you the job if I didn’t think you the potential to be one.” He pours himself a cup of tea, “Especially considering that Mirio had declined your offer of being your successor. A pity but you have to respect the boy’s decision.”


Yagi slumped even more at the comment. Mirio was a highly promising fellow. He could see why Nighteye was insisted that the boy become his successor. But after a period of waiting Mirio had declined the offer.


“I’m sorry to say this All Might sir, but I have to refuse the offer. It’s just, I feel like if I accept One for All all the training I did for my own quirk would kind of be pointless. Plus, I don’t think I would be able to pull up to your standards as a Symbol of Peace. So the least I can do is be a hero because of my own quirk. I hope you understand.”


Yagi may have been approaching the whole successor thing from the wrong angle. 


“Thus the search for a successor continues, and what better place to look for one than at U.A.” Nedzu sips his cup as his voice snaps Yagi back from his thoughts, “Plus, I’m certain that staying here will give you adequate enough time to make up to the Midoriya boy.” Yagi startled, coughing choking up a bit of blood as he looked to his boss.


“How did you-”


“I had my suspicions; you just confirmed them.” Nedzu smirked as he took another sip. Yagi quickly reminds himself that this is one of the smartest people he knows. Of course, Nedzu would have realized sooner or later, “And just like your successor dilemma, the best place to bond with the boy would be here. Who knows, maybe Midoriya will make a good successor. Of course, that means you will need to let the other dozens of heroes patrol the city.”


‘Uh oh.’


“I understand your strong drive to help others, but I would be pleased if you prioritized your duty as a teacher a little more.”


‘Is he about to…’


“Now let’s not worry too much about future endeavors. Maybe listening to some of my humble educational theories will help.”


‘He is.’


Now, the benefits and burdens of transversing the line between hero and teacher…”


“Nedzu,” Yagi interrupts, earning a curious look from the principal, “you haven’t changed much after all these years.”


Nedzu mouth quirked a little higher as he sips his tea.


“And neither have you. Now, onto my theory. The first thing you need to be aware of is…” Nedzu began his lecture.


Yagi sighed as he subjected himself to the ramblings.



Kurogiri doesn’t consider himself an alcoholic. He dabbles from time to time in the pleasure of drinking but he has never exactly formed an addiction to the beverage. But after this whole ordeal, success or not (which is where it is more leaning toward), Kurogiri may need to reconsider.


He may have managed to incapacitate Thirteen, but not without letting one of the students escape the building. He was impressed by their coordination though. To think they have likely only known each for just a few days now. But that’s beside the point, he needs to warn Tomura about this new development.


It seems that they have reached the game over screen of this mission.


Teleporting himself back to the central plaza, he was further surprised at what he saw. Several of the cronies laid unconscious on the ground. The remaining ones appeared tired and wary, a few covering over marks that resembled the short-term effects of Tomura’s quirk. Tomura, standing near the Noumu that has Eraserhead pinned to the ground, is shouting for the others to stop attacking. All their gaze was directed at one person.




The boy was standing in a fighting position, panting slightly as he glanced around himself for any would-be attackers. Kurogiri took note of the partially disintegrated ground near the boy’s feet and quickly deduced that Izuku has managed to get Tomura’s quirk. But he’s certain Tomura wouldn’t have been that reckless to let cause this slip-up. Then again, today has just been one mess after another.


“Tomura, what is going on?” Tomura turned to glance at him before focusing his attention back on the green-haired boy.


“The damn brat managed to take my quirk without touching.” Kurogiri’s eyes widened in surprise. Though, this new information makes a bit of sense. Inko’s quirk was an untrained form of telekinesis. He guesses Izuku’s quirk uses traits from his mother’s to attract quirks to himself even at a distance. They had considered the possibility, but it had never been proven until now.


What caused it to show now?


Because he could ponder for an answer, his thoughts were interrupted by a large booming sound. Looking in the direction of the source, Kurogiri saw a ship beginning to sink into the water as it has been ripped in half. He’s certain he had at least sent two people into that zone. Maybe this was the break they needed.


“Boy,” Pretend they don’t know each other; their role here is hero and villain, not uncle and nephew, “if you return Tomura’s quirk I will be willing to help out your friends over there.” He gestures to the rapidly sinking vessel.


“And why should I even believe you. After everything…”


“We don’t have time to argue.” Kurogiri hisses, “Every second you waste in doubt is another second your classmates get closer to their death.


And if you let a grudge be stronger than the need to protect, then you’re no hero.”


Kurogiri knows those words might be a sucker punch to the gut for Izuku, but he needs the boy to return the quirk before he manages to injure himself or worse, kill somebody by accident. Izuku scowled, looking to be contemplating the options before sighing. Seconds later he sees Tomura shiver slightly before flexing his fingers, a probably sign that Izuku released the quirk. And though Kurogiri may be a villain, he prefers to keep to his promise.


He just never said he would directly save them.




“We’re going to die! We’re going to die!” Mineta screams as he latches onto Tsuyu. He had just recently chucked a large number of balls into the water before continuing to scream out in panic. Tsuyu noted that while the villains appeared to be a little more wary around the sticky balls that didn’t deter them away. Why would it when in less than a minute the two would be at the villains' mercy. 


She could have possibly managed to escape at her own, but then she would be leaving Mineta to his death. And while he comes off as uncomfortable to be around despite the short amount of time knowing him, she couldn’t just abandon him. She came here to be a hero. And thus it is important to save someone in need.


But it seemed she was only delaying the inevitable. And in between Mineta’s panic yelling and the stress of being surrounded by villains, she hasn’t managed to develop an escape plan.


And then a purple portal opened up above them.


“It’s another villain! We’re going to--oof!” The air was knocked out of the small boy as whatever was ejected from the portal landed on top of him. Tsuyu cocked her head at the sudden predicament. She would love to question why the strongest person in class suddenly got sent over into this mess but this was not the time to be looking a gift horse in the mouth.


“Hey Todoroki, since you’re here could you help us out?”




“Alright, I gave the quirk back.” Izuku growled, moving his hands to reach for his tonfas, “Now help them out.”


“I did.” And barely a second after replying the entire flood zone was frozen in ice. Kurogiri blinked in surprise. He knew that boy was strong have taken on an entire squad on his own but he never thought this strong. Maybe they shouldn’t have underestimated these kids. 


“Now I would suggest you don’t bring out those tonfas of yours.” Tomura stated, “I’ve been trying to be kind but if you keep causing trouble then you’ll be forcing my hands.” Izuku tsked but didn’t grab the weapons. He remained tense though, as if ready to strike whenever an opportunity presented itself.


Well, for now, that’s at least one situation handled. With that Kurogiri turns to face Tomura, “I’ve managed to incapacitate Thirteen.” He sees Izuku stiffen slightly from his peripherals, “He’s still alive, but one of the students managed to escape and I’m certain that reinforcements will be arriving any time now.”


“And you’re just telling me now.” Tomura groans, “Then it’s game over. We failed the mission. I’m not even certain we have gotten any of the side objectives.”


“Tomura, can you stop your whining. We’ll just have to be more prepared and certain next time we-”




“Oh what now-” Tomura cuts himself off. And as Kurogiri looks to the top of the staircase he understands why. 


“HAVE NO FEAR,” Standing there was the sole purpose they had come here in the first place, and the man did not in any way look happy, “I AM HERE!”


Well, maybe today was not completely ruined yet. Kurogiri looks over to Tomura.


“Would you like to continue?”


The crusty grin was a clear answer.