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The Dead Green Magician

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"This is a bad idea..."

"Yeah? Says who?"

"Says me! You're supposed to be in that meeting!" 

Currently, the prince of Ekrixi is running away from his duties along with his royal aide- who is extremely against their actions right now but fucked everything up because he'd follow the delinquent of a prince anytime. The two escaped the castle and threaded the town to go out of the kingdom and through the forest. An evil grin is plastered on the prince's face as his red furred cape fluttered behind him.

"Fuck it Kirishima, that meeting's worthless."

Kirishima almost gasped at that. 

"Worthless how?! It was a meeting for the upcoming possible war!" 

"That's why we're here shit head!"

And the prince ran faster, only slowing down when his eyes saw a familiar someone and grabbed its rm to make him run along with the two of them. "Katsuki?!- I mean, your majesty?! What the shit???" Kirishima fought the urge to face palm. Of course his nasty prince is taking the whole gang with them. "Bear with us, Kaminari. And please prepare yourself for a massive battle." 

That was all the explanation needed for Kaminari to grin in understanding and run faster with them. The kingdom of Ekrixi is rather large and spilled throughout the vast green land. It is also a powerful one, capable of engaging battles and war, either to protect or conquer. The feet of the three magician warriors trudged through the streets of the town, looking like teenagers on the run because of stealing. 

"There you are fucktards!"

"Ashido! Sero! Heads up!"

The two mentioned people turned to Katsuki and Kaminari's voice. They were startled because the three were coming at them so they also ran out of panic. "What the heck are we doing this timeeeee?!?!?!" Ashido yelled and the guys just laughed. "Another run another raid, huh your highness?!" Sero shouted with a laugh. The prince just grinned manically. 

"Good that you fucking know."

Later on, they reached the walls of the kingdom which serves as the border. Since the word of the missing prince reached the ears of every guards and warriors of the kingdom, the keepers of the walls and gate are informed to stop the prince and his gang and throw the jackass prince back in the castle for the meeting- but of course, being the natural born genius and fighter he is- Katsuki commanded Kirishima to transform into a dragon. 

"You mean right now?!"

"Did I fucking stutter, shitty hair?"

If only he wasn't that dedicated to this devil of a prince then he wouldn't be transforming as he was told right now. Kirishima turned into a red ball of light and swiftly spread out his wings, his body growing with scales as it enlarged. Soon enough, a red humongous dragon flew over over the four- low enough for them to hop on to the flying creature. 

Once they're settled in, Kirishima flew higher, aiming to surpass the walls. Not long, of course, a bunch of arrows started chasing them. "Leave this to me!" Ashido raised her arms to activate her magic: "Acid Veil!!!" A magic circle with a massive diameter showed up and created a curtain of acid melted off the arrows coming at them. 

"Heeey, that's better than the last one, Ashido." Kaminari complemented to which she grinned. Now that the arrows are rendered useless, the magicians fired their own shots. A vein popped on the temple of the prince. "Let me fucking handle this." He walked over to Kirishima's tail to look at the elemental attacks coming at them, his own magic circle appeared before he can even raise his own arm. An when he did, the circle turned into a larger one. 

The circle neared the attacks and with the snap of the prince's fingers, it set off an explosion so powerful, it was enough to send back and nullify the attacks. 

"Well, that's the prince for you. Didn't even have a name for such a powerful spell." 

Sero chuckled as the prince walked back to Kirishima's neck. 

"Heh, if you think that's powerful then wait till you see the spells I've named."

The group had successfully escaped their kingdom- and they're gonna get it from the queen when they get back. 

"So, where are we headed this time?"

Kaminari laid back.

"Mavros. They killed a bunch of our men who're out for patrol outside the kingdom. Fuckers played with then fucking killed them just so they can send their corpses back at our gates."

"What, a direct challenge for war?"

Ashido asked.

"What else, Pinky? And now we're gonna fucking give them one."

Kirishima snorted flames through his nostrils. "Why is Kirishima acting up though?" Sero wondered to which Katsuki just shrugged. "Hungry, maybe." A growl confirmed the group that it was not because of hunger. "Let's see, they were running, the guards were after us, so we're probably doing something illegal like our prince here escaping from his duties and trying us with him to go to a war." Kaminari smirked. 

"Just how big is Mavros?"

"Why, 'ya scared tape face?"

"Oh please, your majesty. I was thinking that maybe we can plan our designated rampage area right now."

"Heh. Just let hell break lose. But remember that I'm taking the king's head." 

That's how confident the gang is since this is not the first time they're attacking a kingdom. They are indeed powerful and capable of crushing any kingdom they want but of course, they don't do this randomly and without a solid reason. Those who picks fight with their kingdom will get what they deserve and more. Though this time, prince Bakugou Katsuki got fed up of the meeting and shits and decided to go off on his own. 

"But seriously dude. If her majesty set up a meeting for strategies and plans then Mavros must be a powerful kingdom. I think we should-"

"Shut it dunce face. We can handle that shit."

"Or maybeee you're avoiding someone~"

Katsuki flinched uncharacteristically.

"Fuck you!!!"

"You're trying to avoid princess Setsuna!"

The said princess is to be betrothed to the prince- much to he latter's dismay. All he can think about is fighting, creating new spells, training, wars, battles, strategies and ruling the country. He has no time for some sappy lovey dovey shit. Although the princess has feelings for him, he had already rejected her in many ways possible.

But because their marriage was to strengthen bonds between their kingdom, their parents are not giving up till they both consent to get married. 

"Fuck off or I'll push you off. Your pick."

The gang laughed at that. After what felt like an hour, their eyes can finally see the targeted kingdom; Mavros. The said place has a nasty reputation. The citizens go out and kill and terrorize as they please- much like their tyrant king. The kingdom doesn't have an extensive history as it just bloomed years ago after Katsuki was born. Ekrixi never cared for the said country since they never bothered them but this time, it seems that Mavros chose them for their next opponent. 

"Fucking get ready shit heads."

Katsuki stood up, followed by his troops as Kirishima loomed over the kingdom.

"This is war."

And they jumped off to wreak havoc. Kirishima let out a tornado of fire from his mouth to burn the capital. War broke in all of Mavros. It's the kingdom's army versus the 4 magician warriors of Ekrixi and its prince but the odds were in favor of the lesser count. Katsuki and his friends dominated the whole battle. Kirishima crashed through the castle with Katsuki to find the king and wreck the whole place. 

"Transform back Kirishima. We need to find the fuck head and end his shenanigans."

The red dragon's magic circle glowed underneath it before taking on it's human form. As they rummaged through the castle, the hallways they took got painted with blood as they killed everyone in their way. Everything was going smoothly until they turned the place upside down but the king is still nowhere to be found. Katsuki took out a magic ball to connect with his friends and give out a command.

"Your highness! Everything's going smoothly out here."

Ashido cheered and the rest followed with the same news. They have almost dominated Mavros which is to be expected but there's something wrong. 

"We can't find the king. Search for him, make that a priority."

"Yes, your highness."

They all chorused before going off. Who knows, the king might be a cowardly one and escaped away.

Katsuki and Kirishima fought their way throughout their whole search inside the castle but the ruler was really nowhere to be found. The prince grabbed a dying magician and started interrogating the poor sap. "Where the fuck is he?! Spit it or I'll make you suffer before letting you die!" The blonde prince growled and made his prey whimper. 

"H-He's not here... he went away w-with the five generals..."

"And where to?!"

"Haha... that... I'm not telling. Just you wait when he returns. All of you will be-"

Blood splattered on the ground as Katsuki beheaded the cocky-turned magician. What a wrong time to ambush. With that information, the prince decided to retreat. They have done enough damage and it will be a great surprise once the king returns. "Kirishima, let's go. Tell the others to prepare for our leave." The red head heeded his command as they made their way back up at the throne room where Kirishima left a gaping hole to which they will use to take off again. 

This time, no one dared to cross their path. The hole revealed a view where the whole kingdom is on fire and chaos, making Katsuki grin.

"No one will try to mess with Ekrixi under my rule."

He turned to Kirishima to make him transform but something caught his eye. 

"The fuck is this..."

A magic circle's pattern is designed on the vast floor of the throne room. 

"Majesty? Let's go."

"Hold up." 

Katsuki's not just any other royalty. He's very sharp and observant. A suspicious magic circle laid there and no trace of effects can be seen. 

"This has a purpose."

He declared and went to the center of the circle, bending down on his knees, placing his palm on the floor before activating his magic. The two were expecting his magic circle to appear but instead, the circle of the floor glowed and emitted a high amount of magic. "Uhh... Katsuki? I think we should leave now." But the prince was frozen stiff.

Even when the floor crumbled, he let himself fall through the dark abyss that seemed endless. His aide fell with him and screamed out but the prince stayed quiet out of shock. 

Ironically, the hole did have an end. The prince landed gracefully while Kirishima landed on his butt and howled in pain. Katsuki looked around, the only source of light was the throne room up above that's so high up. His red irises landed on a massive wooden door. This is where his look of shock vanished and was replaced with a grin. 

"Away from the kingdom my ass. He's probably just hiding here." 

"Duuude. Can't we just go home?"

He ignored Kirishima's whining and let out a small magic circle in his fist before colliding it with the door. It easily shattered to pieces and revealed a cold, dark room. "Stay here, Kirishima." He commanded, cautiously walking inside the large eerie room. Once he's a few steps deep, a noise startled him. He looked back to see the wooden doors he just obliterated fix itself back. 

Now the room's darker than ever. This didn't scare the prince though. He just shrugged with the thought of he can always destroy it again. He took a few more steps, looking around until he saw two glowing green eyes staring at him. Because he's on his guard, he lunged at its direction. He managed to grab something and immediately recognized that it's a neck. 

He held it down only to find out that they're on a bed. 

"Touch... this is... a touch..."

A soft feminine voice broke out. The prince glared down and kept his hold.

"Who are you?"

At his growl, green balls of light came out of nowhere and scattered throughout the room, illuminating the whole place. This enabled his eyes to see his prey. 

"You're a human..."

A girl said, with big, round emerald eyes staring up at him with fascination. Her long wavy green hair splashed underneath her head with her hands just above it, as if letting Katsuki pin her down. The prince wasn't expecting this. He thought he just grabbed some kind of humanoid monster or the king but instead, an angelic, freckled face looked at him with hazy eyes and amazement. 

"Touching... so this is what it feels like... touching another human."

He's not getting a single fuckery in his head. He doesn't know why the girl kept mumbling things like an alien. He doesn't know why his hand slid off her neck and went to cage her wrists above her head instead and use his other hand to cradle her cheek. He doesn't know WHY he's leaning in close to her face. And lastly, he doesn't know why he's kissing her right now. 

"Mmm... nn." 

The girl beneath him moaned and that's when Katsuki snapped out of his senses and pulled away. 

"What do you call that?"

He blinked in confusion.


"What was that you did to me?"

"A kiss?"

"Kiss... so that's a kiss."

Feeling a little creeped out, the prince took away his hold but stayed on top of her. 

"You touched me... because you want to make me stay in one place. But you kissed me because..?"

Now that's a question that the prince can't answer. Why did he kiss her? He's not a pervert. He's not interested in girls and romantic shits so why the fuck did he kiss her? Katsuki's brain flipped but no answer came up. 

"I-I don't fucking know, okay?!"

Did he just stutter?

"What is fucking?"

He wants to scream at the girl right now but decided against it and brushed up his spiky hair in frustration. Just who is this dumb girl? Is she even serious with her questions or is she just messing with him? He searched for deceit in her eyes but only found innocence, curiosity and beauty in them. He wants to slap himself right now, why is he being drawn to this stranger?

"I'm the crown prince of Ekrixi. I just raided your kingdom, what is your purpose here? What's your name?"

The girl let out a small smile. 

"I'm Mavros' treasure, Izuku."

Katsuki's eyes widened. The name pulled him back to his childhood. He used to hear that name roll off his parent's tongue all the time with a sad look on their faces. When he got old enough, he was told of the story behind the name. Who is this Izuku? Why does she seem so important? Apparently, princess Izuku was the one and only child and princess of the kingdom of Yuuei. 

And the first princess who's meant to be married to Katsuki. 

But all of those crumbled when the infant princess was murdered, a knife stuck on her chest with Ekrixi's emblem on it. This caused a war to break out between Yuuei and Ekrixi. The friendship of the two kingdoms vanished and throughout the years, they remained as quiet enemies. The prince doesn't know how everything happened but one thing's for sure, Ekrixi will never betray their allies.

His musings were stopped  when Izuku's hands crawled to his cheeks.

"Eyes... they're red. I've never seen another set of eyes... and they're so beautiful."

"What do you mean?"

"You're my first everything... the first human I've seen, touched... kissed." 

Her words tugged his heart strings. 

"You... you've never been outside?"

"This room is my only world."

If that's true then 'Is it possible that she's..."  Katsuki thought.

"That's impossible... she's dead." 


Izuku asked innocently one more time. And again, the prince's captivated by the beauty presented right at him. He has this strong urge to take this girl with him. It's an odd feeling that he can't explain, a feeling that's telling him to never leave Izuku and protect her at all costs for the rest of his life. There's this gut feeling screaming at him that this girl is the Izuku that was meant for him. 


The owner of the named hummed and rubbed her thumbs on his cheeks.

"You're coming with me."


He couldn't believe at how she easily agreed. The smile on her face made him want to keep her, make her his and kiss her again. 

And so he did. 

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The prince of Ekrixi and his four trusted magician warriors sat on the forest grounds, seemingly defeated- although they just won the war that they fought... somehow. When the prince took out the treasure from her room, he wasted no time commanding Kirishima to transform and pulled the innocent girl with him on board- off to escape the castle and the chaotic kingdom.

But unfortunately, after all of them have got on to Kirishima, along the way a powerful magic attack hit his left wing. 

Thankfully, despite the pain, the magician warrior managed and stayed in flight until they're far enough from Mavros to land safely. Kirishima's wing is heavily damaged that no amount of basic recovery magic can fix it. They have no choice but to walk their way back to Ekrixi and have the dragon transformer healed by top medical magicians. Currently, Kirishima's on his human form and away from any pain but come his transformation, the same large wound will still be visible on his wing. 

"Hey fuckhead." 

Katsuki grumbled to steal the attention of a certain greenette wearing a white dress with long sleeves and the hem past her knees- staring up at an old tree. The prince failed to capture her attention as she continued gaping fascinatingly at the tree.

"Don't you dare ignore me, you loser!"

"Uhh... Izuku , I think his highness is calling for you."

Only then did Izuku turn to them. 

"Ah-! Hey, this is what you call a tree, right? Ka... Bak...Ka..."

She trailed, trying to remember the prince's name to which the latter narrowed his eyes at her.


"That's not my fucking name! Damnit!"

He stood up abruptly and his team followed, grouping around his before Sero whispered; 

"Uhh, Bakugou? Tell me again why you pulled her in with us?"

"I'm gonna fucking confirm something...

"Confirm what??? Are you going to make her your slave???"

"Shut it, racoon eyes."

"With all seriousness, Bakubro. Who's she and what are you gonna do with her?"

Everyone nodded at Kirishima's question. The prince crossed his arms on his chest and huffed. 

"Her name's Izuku."

"... And?"

His team chorused. 

"And she might be the dead princess you fuckheads."



5 heads turned to Izuku. 

"This is amazing! This tree has been living for 316 years!"

They all blinked in surprise, once, twice, thrice, the same chill is creeping through them. How can she tell that? Sure the tree does look that old but how can she accurately tell the years? At the moment, they all believed that the girl before them is the dead princess but the odds make it too impossible. One, she's dead. Two, she's not the only one who's named Izuku and there's many more to list. 

Katsuki can't take it anymore and stepped up. "D-Dude? What're you planning?" Kirishima started preparing for the worst. "I don't wanna beat around the bush anymore. The princess isn't just some fucking fortune cookie, I'm gonna ask directly." Izuku tilted her head innocently at Katsuki's words. 

"How did you know that tree's 316 years old?"

"How? Well, it told me."

They froze at that. Maybe they really have found the princess. 

"What the fuck do you mean by that?!"

"I don't know..."

Katsuki knows that it's useless to make her further explain.

"Fuck it, show us your magic."



An intense stare down happened between the two. Green innocent eyes stared widely at red, fierce and dangerous irises. The 4 magician warriors felt the secondhand pressure. "The princess not only has fate as her ally but also a great amount of magic." Kirishima mumbled under his breath, making Sero, Kaminari and Ashido turn to him. The treasure's display of magic right now will determine whether she's the dead princess or not. 


They held their breaths. What is she going to show them? A sea of fire? A tsunami of angry waters? Roaring winds? Or maybe she's gonna end the fucking world? The prince and the magician warriors hearts almost stopped when Izuku stretched out both of her arms, her face serious. Everyone except Katsuki wants to hide now or something. 


Kaminari almost screamed but was thankfully stopped when there only came the appearance of balls of light. The prince recognized it immediately as it was the same lights that illuminated her room back at Mavros. 

"A-Are they gonna explode or something?!"

"No, you dunce face. They're ordinary balls of light. Tch."

"Pretty, huh Kacchan?"

"I said stop calling me that! And I need you to show me something more than just lights!"

"Something... more?"

"Ah-! Izuku, I think he means, you know something like elemental magic or something extra ordinary."

Izuku looked at Ashido dumbfounded.

"But that's the only thing I know how to do with magic."

It's like Katsuki's heart sank when he heard that. Cause deep inside, there's a small flicker of hopefulness that Izuku is the dead princess. He had hoped, that somehow, the princess had escaped death, that somehow, she's alive and well because the moment he found out about Izuku long ago, a parade of 'what if's' had been crossing his mind ever since. 

It's as if he's interested on a person that he had never met. 

"A-Are you going to release her now, Bakubro?"


The magician warriors choked. What is their prince trying to do? Katsuki only smirked and walked over in front of Izuku. The latter looked up at him with wide innocent eyes. The prince's right hand went to grab the treasure's chin, his thumb going over her lower lip.

"Princess or not, she's mine. I was the one who wrecked Mavros and I'm taking anything and anyone I want from it."

"Does this make me your treasure now, Kacchan?"

"Why the hell does she look so willing to be his highness' slave?!"

"What's a slave?"

Izuku turned her head to Kaminari. The prince clicked his tongue and turned to walk away. "Let's go. We have a long fucking way to go." The remaining 5 looked at each other before following him. "So by foot, how many days will it take to reach home?" Ashido lazily asked. "A-About 5. Really sorry guys. I could have dodged that last ambush but I got too careless." Kirishima scratched the back of his head with guilt. 

"Doesn't matter. We're going to pass by Prospatho on the third day of our journey. We can stop over and replenish over there."

"Prospatho huh... I think I can get healed over there. Do you really want to stop over or do you just miss strangling your rival, Katsuki?"

Kirishima joked. 

"Fuck you. I could care less about that fucking half and half."

"At least show some gratitude to prince Shouto when he lets us stay at the palace."

"Prince Shouto?"

They all looked back at Izuku. "Oh, along the way, we're stopping by an allied kingdom, Izuku. The crown prince of that kingdom is prince Shouto, meaning he's next in line to be the king." Izuku's eyes shined in amazement before running to Katsuki's side. "Kacchan, are you the crown prince?" A glare from red irises answered her first. "Duh. I'm the only child, of course the crown's mine."

"I didn't know. I've never known anything outside my room." The greenette smiled innocently making the prince remember her condition again. "That reminds me..." The blonde mumbled before pulling out a magic item and casting in on Izuku before smirking. "Was that magic?" Izuku asked. "A magic item called 'bounds'. You even try to think of escaping me, an electric shock will run through your body for seconds. Letting both of us know that your bullshit ain't working." Katsuki's smirk didn't falter. 

"What?! A mind spell item??? Where did you get that?!"

Kirishima accusingly asked the prince since such items are rare and shady.

"The underground sorceress, Hatsume Mei of course. His majesty's a regular already."

Kaminari sighed when Katsuki didn't bother aswering Kirishima.

"That's the point! He shouldn't be getting chummy with those kinds of people."

"Shut it shitty hair. She's useful."

"Useful, suspicious, weird and dangerous. C'mon Katsuki, it's signing a contract with a sea witch."

"If she's gonna play tricks me on me, it's not gonna work."

"You should still be care-!"

"Excuse me, sir but why are you touching me?"

5 heads turned to the source of Izuku's innocent voice and effectively stop the warrior and the prince's arguing. Their eyes almost popped out when they saw a huge bandit who has Izuku by the neck with a cutlass sword pointed at her. The man wore a manic grin but his hostage remained clueless and touched the pointy end of the sword.


Katsuki screeched in anger. 

"What do we have here? Fancy high class warriors huh? Hey guys, come out. We hit a jackpot."

About 10 more men came out of their hidings, surrounding the group. "Never knew this area's guarded by bandits..." Sero  grumbled as he took out his sword along with everyone else. "Oh? You're going to fight back? You don't care what happens to this missy, then!" The man tightened his hold on Izuku's neck to which the girl winced. 

"T-That hurts... Please stop, I don't like this."

"You're not in the position to make demands of me, lady!"


The bandits only laughed at Katsuki's threat, not really aware of his status and how capable the whole group is, only seeing them as young starting warriors. "Just hand over those jewelries and weapons kid and no one will get hurt." One of the thugs snickered. Though that was a lie. Once their victims hand over the goods, they always go for the kill. 

Katsuki clicked his tongue. He could very well blast everyone with his explosions but that would also mean for Izuku to get hurt and they don't need more medical problems now since Kirishima's already handicapped. "Your boyfriend's really protective of you huh? HAHAHA!!! You got a pretty face but you have almost zero magic in you!"

The group glared at the fact. It's true. They also felt a small amount of magic inside Izuku but put the thought away when she was able to tell the age of the tree. There really is no telling if she's the dead princess. The man who held the greenette hostage released his hold on her neck but instead grabbed her hair and pulled hard. 

"You're so pathetic! Being this week and such a burden! HAHAHAHA!!!"


To everyone's surprise, Izuku's face warped with pain as tears flowed down her pink dusted cheeks. 

"Haaahhh?! Not only are you weak but a cry baby too huh?! You can cry all you want, you're not the boss of me. Now, hand over the goods!!!"

The bandit yanked on her hair harder.

"You fucking-!!!"

Katsuki was stopped mid sentence when Izuku started crying louder like a child. More fat tears stained her cheeks as her nose got red from the crying. "Shut up you brat!" The bandit demanded. For a few seconds, only Izuku's loud cried can be heard... Until the wind started howling. "Fucking windy." One of the thugs said. The trees started swaying violently to the point that it looks as if they're trying to move from their roots. 

Everyone felt the impending bad omen. "E-Enough! I said hand it over or she loses her head!!!" The group looked at each other, sending silent messages for a plan until they noticed the surroundings getting dark. All of them looked up to see the clouds gathering, swirling above them with heavy gray as their color. It seems that a storm is about to brew. 

Izuku's crying continued while everything around started going wild and angry. Moments ago, the sky is clear and sunny but now the sky is angry, along with the winds and forest. Not long, a clap of loud thunder startled everyone except for the girl who kept crying from the pain. Lighting danced afterwards above the sky and all of this continued like Izuku's wailing. 

"Your highness..." Kaminari mumbled to his prince. The group of magician warriors just stood there, not knowing what to do because they know what’s causing all of this. "The Earth is angry..." Katsuki said in a low voice as he looked up at the raging sky. The bandits are now scared but the leader smirked.

"Heh. I get what this is. You're pulling magic shits to distract and scare u-!"

'Let her go...'

He was stopped when a whisper went through his head.

'Release her Release her Release her Release her Release her...'


'Release her Release her Release her Release her Release her Release her...'

The voices multiplied and got louder inside his head that he almost felt insane. The bandit grabbed his head, letting go of Izuku until his scream pierced through everyone's ears and a lighting came down from the heavens to punish him. Everyone's eyes went wide as they witnessed the man get burned into crisp as the electrifying light take away his life slowly.

Honestly, even Katsuki was horrified. About what felt like eternity, the lighting finally released the bandit and left his charred corpse collapsing on the ground. The man is dead but the earth is still angry. Izuku just sat on the ground, her crying lessened but tears still kept falling. When the lackeys witnessed the death of their boss, it is only natural for them to scream as they run away. 

"My prince, what do we do now???"

Ashido panicked as they might be next to get zapped mercilessly. The prince gritted his teeth before running over to Izuku, going down on his knees to cage her in his arms. His right hand soothed her scalp where the bandit yanked hard and pressed his lips on her ear.

"Ssshhh... Izu, stop. No one will hurt you anymore. I'm here..."

His sweet whispers effectively turned Izuku's cries into sniffles.

"I'm not going to let anyone hurt you anymore, okay? Stop crying..."

And she did. Katsuki pulled away slightly to see her face- all red with puffy eyes and runny  nose. If the prince was a person of emotions, he'd let himself smile outwardly because of the cuteness he found on her. He started fixing her face, wiping away her tears as she sniffled from time to time. By the end of his ministrations, he leaned down to give her a chaste kiss. Her usual smile welcomed his after he pulled away.

"You okay now?"


The two of them turned their heads to their comrades because a bunch of relieves sighs and thuds just came from them.

"Remind me to never mess with Izuku."

At Kaminari's statement, Katsuki looked around to see the calm forest and skies. Katsuki had another gut feeling. When Izuku smiles, the Earth smiles with her. When she cries, the Earth would even kill who dared to make her spill tears. Izuku's connected to mother nature. She affects everything around her. Fate is by her side... Just like the dead princess. 

A forlorn look decorated Katsuki's face before he stood up and continued their journey. The usual noise of the gang resonated again- with Izuku's yapping as an additional. This time, Katuski held her by the hand to prevent anything from happening again. Everyone's noisy except for him who's deep in thoughts. Izuku must be the dead princess... but then again there were many factors to consider.

Her name is Izuku- that's already one thing. But then again, how is she alive? She can talk to the forest- that's another thing. Though again, she has very little magic wherein the princess should be the one who has the most magic out of everyone. Another factor is fate and earth adores her. Everything falls into her favor at the very end despite the hard situation she went through. 

Katsuki's mind flipped. What if she is the dead princess? What  will he do? What if she's not? He's about to get married and having Izuku won't please his mother. He feels like he's about to get a headache with all the thinking. 

When the sky turned orange- signalling the presence of the night- the group found a vast lake and decided to stay there for the night. The prince decided to take a bath when the warriors scattered to find what they need for the night. Katsuki took advantage of the alone time and stripped naked before heading to the waters and settled where the water covered his entire lower body. His brows knitted still as he cleaned himself, still thinking about the princess.

He needs to confirm another thing to Izuku...


The prince's eyes turned into saucers, snapping his head back at the dry land to see Izuku smiling and waving at him before getting into he water herself.


Izuku didn't listen and splashed around as she waddled over to him. Pink dusted  his cheeks when Izuku finally neared him.

"This is the first time I got to play with so much water! I wanna join Kacchan!"

"I'm not playing, you stupid fuck! And look! Now your clothes are fucking wet!"

"What's a stupid fuck?"

Izuku ignored his last statement to which he growled. Amidst his glaring, his eyes went down to her neck, then her chest. Since her white dress is soaked, the clothing is now see through as it clung to her skin. His mind reeled back to his thoughts before Izuku interrupted. 



His left hand grabbed her shoulder. Izuku's white dress is shoulderless that has sleeves. Frills and detailed embroidery decorated the clothing. Katsuki noticed all this as he observed her body. 

"Hold still..."

Izuku just tilted her head but agreed. The prince hooked his fingers at the dress- just at the top of her chest before yanking down to expose her pale hidden skin. Katsuki's eyes widened as the question in his head has been answered. 

"You don't have a scar on your chest..."

Disappointment tinted his voice. 

"A... scar?"

"The princess was murdered by a stab on her chest..."

Izuku just blinked in serious confusion.

"Fuck- sorry. I shouldn't even be saying this to you. I-"

"What is the princess to you, Kacchan?"

That question made Katsuki's breath stop.

"She seems important. Why are you seeing her in me?"

"I don't k-"

"I'm sorry if I'm not the princess..."

This somehow saddened and confused Katsuki as Izuku bowed her head with a sad smile. "I don't really know why Kacchan took me but... I've never been so happy my whole life. All I knew was darkness that would only light up a little as I use my magic. I've never felt the kind winds and the feeling of the sun kissing my skin before... I'm very happy and grateful to Kacchan for taking me away..."


"But if I'm not the person you're looking for... Please don't put me back in there... don't leave me."

That delivered a terrible blow on Katsuki. 

"I'm not Mavros' treasure anymore... I'm not a princess either... Just Izuku."

She lifted her gaze to look up at him but instead got her lips stolen instead in a heated kiss. Katsuki wrapped an arm around her as his other hand cradled her cheek. 

"Didn't I tell you that you're mine already? Princess or not you're not going anywhere without me."

"But... Kacchan seems so sad that I'm not-"

"Fuck it. To hell with that anymore. I want you to stay with me forever, you got that you fucking freak?"

"I'll be with Kacchan forever? Really???" 

Pink suddenly dusted the prince's cheeks. 

"Yeah... whatever."

The girl smiled at that and grabbed Katsuki's hand to place it over her bare chest. 

"I'm yours... Kacchan for now and forever."

Chapter Text

"Where's Izuku?"

Mina asked when her eyes landed on her 3 comapnions. Currently, they were gathering fire woods and possible fruits to eat. They dragged Izuku along with them for fun but somehow they managed to get separated from each other minutes later. All of them had one thing in mind though; Izuku's probably with the others. Which is now proven wrong when the greenette is nowhere to be seen now that they have regrouped.

"Wait, I thought she was with you???"

"What are you saying, Kirishima? You were the one who dragged her into this!"

"Yeah well I last saw her with Kaminari but when we saw that she's not with either of us, even Sero, we thought she was with you!"

Silence reigned for a moment until Sero decided to state the obvious.

"We're doomed."

That made them shiver in comic fear and screamed Izuku's name to look for her. The warriors looked everywhere but still, there were no signs of Izuku. With dreaded hearts, they decided to run back to the lake and tell their prince. It couldn't be that the girl tried to escape right? Aside from the magic item, Izuku seems to be completely attached to their majesty.

"YOUR HIGHNESS!" They called out as they scrambled to get out of the trees and bushes to capture Katsuki's attention. Once they arrived at the shore of the lake, not only did their whole body freeze but their eyes almost popped out of their sockets. Why? Because there's their prince with his captive on the lake with his hand on Izuku's breast while kissing the living daylights out of her.

"Wuh..?" Kaminari dumbly blurted out- a loss of words. The warrior's faces heated up, still not moving from their position. "S-Should we stop them?" Sero stuttered. Kirishima thought things over and over until he finally reached into a conclusion and  stomped forward, nearing the lake. 


Kirishima called out.

"Hold on, what are you doing?!"

"Why are you interrupting them???"

"Do you want to get killed?"

Ashido, Kaminari and Sero questioned the red head's action. Katsuki and Izuku abruptly pulled away from one another and are now heading over to shore- with Bakugou steaming in anger. "Guys seriously..." Kirishima  started. "Our prince is already engaged to princess Setsuna. This is wrong..." Kirishima turned back to his friends with a sad face.

"But... with this, doesn't it mean that the one Katsuki truly loves is Izuku? Our prince doesn't love Setsuna and I believe that we should support where Katsuki is happy." Ashido butted in. "I know that but- the mother queen- she's not going to like this. And how are we so sure that it's love? They only met today!" The three looked at each other then back to Kirishima. 

"It's love. Have you ever seen our ball of anger get interested to a girl before?"

Kaminari deadpanned. 

"C'mon dude. If Izuku happens to be the dead princess then that only means she's the rightful partner of Katsuki. Think about it, fate brought them together again despite the tragedy, and to top it off, they immediately fell in love with one another! I don't think it's a coincidence dude."

Sero pointed out this time.

"Yes, but-"

"What the fuck are you retards doing here?"

A large hand grabbed Kirishima's neck through the back, making him stop. With pale faces, they turned to Katsuki- except for Ashido who turned away to get the prince's clothing. "We... uhm... E-Everything's ready, Bakubro. Haha... uhhh." Katsuki's face only turned darker with Kirishima's words. When Ashido tossed him his clothing, only then the prince let go of the red head.

An awkward span of silence swallowed them as the prince got into his clothes. Surely they don't want to ask him about their seemingly sexual act. Kaminari decided to break the silence by pointing out Izuku's wet dress. Ashido helped her  out of her wet clothing and used Katsuki's furred red cape as a temporary clothing. Izuku, on the other hand, doesn't even seem fazed that the four caught her and Katsuki in the act. 

Either she doesn't mind or she doesn't know the weight of what just happened. 

The awkward air disappeared when the night came and they ate dinner beside the fire that Katsuki had lit up with his explosions. It's noisy again with all the yapping and laughing of the squad except for  the prince who just watched them deadpanned. He had observed that- surprisingly- Izuku fits in perfectly with his squad wherein a lot of people their age tried getting inside their group but failed dramatically. 

The five of them had been together since childhood and no one had ever been able to break them. It was just the prince and his four best friends but now... a green haired girl whom he just dragged along is now laughing with them. It had never felt right when an extra tries to join them and get all chummy- well, except for prince Shouto but he's hardly ever with them. 

It's always just the five of them but his squad is now wrapped around Izuku's fingers. The prince won't admit it but he's the same too. Izuku's one likeable little fuck- Katsuki thought. 

Deeper went the night and the group decided to sleep. The four slept beside each other by a tree while Katsuki and Izuku slept on the other side with Izuku still wrapped  in the prince's cape. Everything's peaceful until Katsuki opened his eyes to see Izuku missing. He sat up abruptly and looked around. She was just sleeping beside him and now she's gone. 

He decided not to wake his friends and go find her himself. 

"I knew I should have fucking caged her into my arms."

He stopped at that. That came in spontaneously... 

"What the fuck is wrong with me..."

He ruffled his ash blonde locks and continued walking to look for the girl. He narrowed his eyes when he saw her in the distance, now wearing her dress and smoothed it. It didn't take long when she noticed him and let out her usual innocent smile. 


"What the fuck are you doing here?!"

"The winds told me that my dress is dry now hehe, see?"

She twirled around to prove her point. Katsuki wore his cape back before sighed.

"Whatever, let's go. We need to sleep, come morning we'll-"

"Kacchan look, something's glowing over there."

The prince glared without even turning to where Izuku's pointing and grabbed the handle of his sword. To his surprise, Izuku walked to the place of her interest- into the forest. The little runt was too fast and now Katsuki  had to enter the forest too to get her back. "Izuku, what the fuck, get back here!" He growled and surprisingly, the girl did stop.  The prince finally caught up to her and grabbed her wrist.

"You fucking freak, what are you-"

"What are those, Kacchan?"

The prince looked to  where Izuku's looking. Now he gets why she's so  fascinated. 

"... Fireflies."


"Bugs that light up at night."

"They have magic?"

"No. That's just how they are."

This time, the prince didn't  stop the greenette from going over to near the said lightning bugs. From his place, he watched as Izuku capture one from her hands and illuminate her face once she opened them. Soon enough, giggles escaped her lips as she looked around her surroundings made seemingly magical  because of the fireflies. 

"They're so pretty..." Izuku's eyes shined in fascination to which Katsuki smirked. "You are capable of creating the same balls of light, you idiot." She stopped to look back at the prince with a sweet smile. "I think they're prettier." The blonde would like to disagree. He's not into some sappy shit which is why he has never been able to say it out lout but he knows; she's the most beautiful thing he had ever laid his eyes upon.

"You really like those bright, sparkling things?"

"Uh huh!"

"Then I've got something to show you."

His confident smirk showed again as he let out his hand for Izuku to take- and she did with excitement. Katsuki lead her to a tree. He climbed up first before letting out another hand to help her. Their actions continued for some time for the tree is indeed tall. It almost felt like they were climbing their way up to the heavens. 

"Uwahh... Kacchan, it's a long way down." Izuku wailed when she glanced down before continuing their climb. "I ain't letting you fall, idiot. And I'm sure as hell that even if you did fall, this tree will grow a hand just to catch you." He grumbled and that made her laugh. "Kacchan, that's impossible." The prince just rolled his eyes at that. 

It's possible and he knows that. The skies even killed someone who hurt her, what more if she's hurt accidentally? They continued climbing for a good minute before reaching the top. Katsuki settled in first before pulling Izuku with him. The latter struggled at first to sit but immediately found comfort on her seat. 

"Look up."

Katsuki instructed to which she followed, eyes slowly widening and shining.

"Kacchan... this is..."

"Don't tell me you don't know what those things are."

"Nu uh."

"Ughhh... Stars, you idiot."

"So pretty..."

"Heh, knew you'd like it."

The whole galaxy displayed itself on the sky just for Izuku. The stars shined to their brightest just to make her happy. Some even fell just to make her gasp in wonder. "Kacchan what was that? It zoomed down like whoosh!" Her child like words made the prince laugh boisterously. "Hahahaha!!! Shooting stars. Those are stars that falls here on earth. Some dumbasses make a wish when they see one."

"Can I make a wish too?"

"I'm not stopping you."

Izuku closed her eyes for a few seconds before opening them again with a grin and a blush on her cheeks.

"The fuck did you wish for?"

"I wish for Kacchan and I to stay together forever. Along with everyone too!" 


"You make a wish too, Kacchan!"

"I told you, only fools wish on those things."

"But if you were  to have one wish- not on the shooting stars- then what would it be?"

The prince contemplated on that but he immediately found his answer.

"Then I wish to be a great king. One that can rule and protect my kingdom. A king that everyone will love and follow."

Red irises stared intently up the gems of the sky.

"My mom protects the kingdom... and my dad rules it with care... Making everyone love and follow them. I want to be like them. I want to be the greatest king that ever lived but... I just can't get the fucking hang of everything at the same time. Training, studying and helping people and shits..."

"Kacchan, your mom and dad are two different person."

"I know, dumba-"

"That means that you don't have to bear all of those alone, just like them."


"Kacchan can be a great king without doing all those at the same time."

"Heh... what? Are you trying to say that I need a queen?"

"Not necessarily a queen but a partner that can help you with everything so you don't have to shoulder all the burden."


"Someone that will always be by your side to complete you... each other. Just like your mother and father, see?"

"Where do you think I'll find this person?"

Katsuki smiled playfully at her which had  Izuku  tilting her  head.

"Uhm... I don't know."

The smile turned into a full blown smirk  before the prince leaned down on Izuku, nearing his face so that their foreheads touched. 

"Kidding. I already found mine, I don't need to search."

"You want me to be your partner in a kingdom, Kacchan?"

"Yeah. What if I do want you as my queen?"

"I don't need to be your queen, Kacchan. I'll be your Izuku forever!"

Katsuki  couldn't help it anymore. His hand slipped through the back of her neck to cradle it as he kissed her with all the passion he has inside of him. Fuck his current fiancee, fuck what his mom wants, fuck what everyone thinks. He wants Izuku and that's it. No one's going to stop him from having Izuku. Whether everyone likes it or not, It's going to be the two of them forever. 

Morning came in a few hours later and the group decided to continue their journey to Prospatho. Everything went the same except there were no more bandits at the span of their 2 days of journey to the allied kingdom. "Oh- There it is!" Narrow eyes widening, Kaminari  pointed  towards the span of  the kingdom named Prospatho. 

"Wahhh... It's bigger than Mavros." Izuku gasped. "Wait till  you see our kingdom, Izuku." Kirishima grinned as he slung an arm around Izuku's shoulders. "Quit the yapping and let's go." They cheered to agree with the prince before following him. They were easily given entry by the gates of the kingdom, having identified as the prince and the warriors of an allied kingdom. 

The group stuck together as they walked through the kingdom, headed towards the castle because the prince refused to be taken there by a carriage. Why? Because Izuku looked way too fascinated about the town and so they decided to tour her though the civilization. 

"So many people..."

The girl mumbled as she gripped Katsuki's  cape. While Izuku's eyes roamed around, the people of Prospatho had their eyes glued to them. 

"Why the fuck are there decorations and streamers around?"

"Oh- today must be the start of the fire and ice festival, your majesty."

Kirishima answered. 

"Fire and ice..? Festival?"

"Oh, a festival is a time of celebration with everyone, Izuku. The fire and ice festival celebrates the wedding anniversary week of the king and queen of Prospatho." 

"Waaahhh... That sounds fun! But what's a wedding?"

"It's a-"

"Shut it shitty hair. Her questions will never end."

Katsuki cut off Kirishima and continued walking towards the palace. Along the way, Izuku would pull Katsuki - because he has his grip on her wrist like a leash- towards various shops and stands that would fascinate her. Mostly bookstores and food stands to which the prince would buy anything that she pointed. Anything just to shut her up- the prince reasoned but the warriors knew that he's spoiling Izuku. 

Izuku ended up with two thick books while munching on a candy apple happily. It was made known that Izuku only had books to pass the time back at Mavros which is why she somehow has knowledge of the outside world. And she yearned for more knowledge, hence her love for books.  She was having the time of her life as she first laid her eyes on a civilization. 

Seeing the forest was one thing but here she is now in an actual kingdom- a town where she can see different people,  be it old, young, male or female. Soon enough, they reached the golden gates of the castle. They were given entry and was guided inside. Of course, Izuku went agape at the structure before her- even though she's been inside a castle her whole life. 

Katsuki requested for Shouto's presence before coming face to face with the king. A butler made them wait inside a large and fancy waiting room where they decided to rest for a short while. Everything's peaceful until Katsuki remembered something. 

"Sero, give me your cloak. It has a hood right?"

"Uh- yeah. But why-"

"Just give it!"

The warrior handed over his white cloak to his prince who went over to Izuku and made her wear it, draping the hood over her head to hide her identity. 

"Uhhh... Kacchan?"

"Don't remove that thing until I tell you to, okay? And when asked who and what you are, tell them you're Izuku and you're  my slave, got it?"



The warriors screeched.

"Shut it you fucking-"

"Never knew you're the type to take in slaves, Bakugou Katsuki."

They all turned to the source of voice.  Standing by the large wooden doors of the room, there was prince Shouto. A small rare smile adorned his face as he teased Katsuki. "While slavery is legal in both of our countries, they're only for the people who were once our enemies or to those who had gravely done sins. I never saw you with a slave till now."

"What? You jealous? Go get your own then."

"I have no need for a slave. I can do anything on my own and I'm contented with what I have."

"Then suck it."

Shouto's eyes landed on the 'slave' when it waved hello to him. He couldn't see the face to determine if it was a boy or a girl but the height gives away the fact that Katsuki's  slave is young just like them. He returned the gesture with a bow before turning back to Katsuki. "So, what brings you here? Queen Mitsuki already apologized for not being able to come to the festival because they're busy with the kingdom. Are you here as a proxy? We never received such letter that states so."

"No. We're here for a stop over. Just wrecked some kingdom that tried to mess with us."

"I see. You're free to stay in the castle then. Even participate at the festival if you want."

The warriors cheered at that. 

"Whatever these guys want but I'm not interested. Instead, I want to fucking settle things with you."

An evil smirk showed on Katsuki's face and Shouto returned it with a smirk. 

"I'll take you on anytime but first, you must go meet my father."

Shouto lead them out of the guest room and towards the throne room where the king and queen awaits the prince and the warriors. When they reached the large doors that would lead to their destination, Shouto stopped them before entering. "Katsuki, you know the rules. A slave can't enter the throne room unless summoned."

That had Katsuki taken aback.  "Then I'll leave Ashido here as her companion." He hoped that that would do  but the other prince shook his head. "No.  The five of you are the official guests and all of you must greet my parents. It's fine, I'll look after her for you, it won't be that long since my old man still has arrangements to do for the festival."

The blonde prince contemplated on that before agreeing. It's only for a short while, right? When they entered the throne room, the warriors had noticed their prince's troubled expression. "Dude, what's wrong with you? It's not like he's going to hurt Izuku." Kirishima whispered. The three others agreed with him and tried calming their prince down.

"That's not what I'm worried about, you dipshits."

He gritted his teeth. 

"Then what?"

"Todoroki Shouto..."

The prince trailed, making his friends more curious. 

"He's the cousin of Izuku."

Meanwhile at the other side of the door, Izuku kept munching on her apple and decided to initiate a conversation with the quiet prince. "Shouto?" The prince was quite surprised with the casual call from a slave but he didn't mind. He's not that arrogant but it's just that he's used to be called with a title when talking to someone who's not close to him.

"That's your name, right? Kirishima told me." He smiled at her innocent question. "Yes, that's my name." Izuku smiled as she went closer in front of him. "You're the prince of this  kingdom, right? Kacchan bought me this book from your kingdom." Shouto held a breath again. 'Kacchan?'  He thought. Is this really a slave? He brushed off the thought and took the book that Izuku held out for him to see.

"I know this book. I've read this already. My mother wrote it, after all."


"Yes. It's an adventure book about a lost princess. She dedicated this book to the queen of Yuuei."


"Yuuei Kingdom. My uncle rules it. They used to have a daughter but was killed years ago, hence my mom created this book for queen Inko. To let her imagine a life if my cousin ever lived."

Izuku felt sad about that. 

"Poor queen Inko..."'

"Don't be sad. That was years ago and this book has a happy ending."


"Yes. Really."

"Then I can't wait to finish this!"

Izuku jumped up and down in excitement, making  the hood fall back to her  shoulders, revealing her face and everything, also making it possible to create eye contact with the prince. Heterochromatic  eyes met emeralds and a sudden surge of familiarity washed through them. Both of them are surprised with the strange sensation rushing through them. 

For sure, Shouto had never met this girl before and it's the same with Izuku but why?  Why does it  feel like they share a strong bond? Why does it feel like they share some part of their blood? Not only that but when Shouto observed the entirety of Izuku, he noticed that she has the same round eyes as queen Inko, even the same color of irises and hair. 

It couldn't be, right?  Shouto thought but he couldn't help but let the name slip past his tongue. 



Shouto swallowed a lump in his throat. Her name is also Izuku?! What are the odds??? 

"You're... alive..."

Chapter Text

"... and I do hope all of you will enjoy the festival."

Queen Rei smiled upon the royal visitors who bowed in return. 

"Again, I thank you for letting us stay despite crashing in so suddenly and at a busy time too."

Katsuki stated formally to which king Enji smirked.

"Crashing in is fine but I wonder about the reason. Did you really went into a war or are you avoiding someone from your kingdom?"

A vein popped on Katsuki's temple. His comic rage only doubled when his friends snickered. 

"I've heard that a princess has been staying in Ekrixi for quite some time now. Shouldn't you at least be always there to entertain her as a prince?"

"I'll be straight forward with you, your majesty. I don't give two fucks about her."

"Katsuki, language!"

Kirishima reprimanded in a low voice before king Enji let out a huge laugh to which his queen lightly hit his arm to bring him back to his senses. "Man up, you damn thing. Shouto had already agreed to be engaged with the princess of Pragma. At your age, it's about time you secure the throne with an heir." Katsuki internally cringed at the idea with princess Setsuna. 

"Dear, prince Katsuki just said he doesn't like princess Setsuna that way."  queen Rei hushed with a quirked brow. "Shouto's like that the first time princess Momo was introduced to him." The king reasoned. "Wow, so the loser gave in." Katsuki mumbled under his breath, thinking about how his rival prince just got trapped into some arranged love shit. 

"You're dismissed, brat. And try not to destroy places when you, Shouto and Natsu are going at it."

Katsuki smirked. 

"We'll try."

And they bowed for the final time before dismissing themselves out of the throne room.  When they got out, his friends were quick to bring back the conversation back at the throne  room. "See, even the king knows your shit, Katsuki." Kaminari laughed. "Damn, are you really that disinterested in her to dive into a war just to avoid her?" Sero followed. 

Katsuki was about to answer them in rage but he noticed one thing.

"Wait, where the fuck is Shouto and Izuku?"

The warriors looked around but the two are nowhere to be found. 

"Maybe prince Shouto toured her somew-"

"Hey you!!!"

Katsuki grabbed one of the nearby guards standing by the large doors of the throne room.

"Where the fuck is Shouto and my slave?!"

"H-His highness dragged her somewhere in a hurry. They w-were talking about something un-t-til the prince took her, headed for the west wing."

The blonde prince let go of the poor guard and ran to the direction that it had previously stated. "Find them! Leave no room unscanned!" He commanded to which the warriors replied with a solid agreement. The castle is huge and so is the west wing which is why it took them quite some time to rummage every place but there were still no signs of the two. 

"Katsuki, why  are you so against them spending time with each other. They're only might-be cousins." Kirishima huffed, getting a bit tired. "Just shut up and look for them!" The prince commanded as he dashed out of a room to look for more rooms that are still not rummaged but only  found one room left at the end of the west wing- Todoroki Shouto's private quarters.

The prince stomped his way angrily, followed by the warriors and pushed the large doors of the room open. The room was sunny and it almost made him want to shield his eyes but his vision is stuck on the two figures sitting on a large bed. This made his blood boil to the highest level and couldn't help himself but enter the large room and confront the crown prince.

"Shouto!!! What the fuck do you think you're doing with my slave?!"

The said prince narrowed his eyes in silent anger, standing up from the bed and facing the blonde.

"Your slave??? Really???"

"You can't just take away my possession without my permission!!!"

"Possession? Slave? She's not yours!"

"She's mine!"

"She's MY cousin!"

Katsuki froze at that.

"Is that it? Is  that why you're desperately trying to hide her from me?! Because she's the dead princess of Yuuei!"


With a louder voice, Katsuki managed to silence Shouto.

"She's a former prisoner of Mavros! Stop clinging on to the princess, she's dead!!!"

His last statement visibly hurt not only Shouto but him too.

"You're telling me she's dead when she's right here in my room?! The spitting image of queen Inko and the leap of blood that I felt between us?! Katsuki, what the fuck..? What are you trying to prove? Don't tell me that Ekrixi killed h-"

"Ekrixi has nothing to do with this, you bastard!"

"Then why?!"

"She's MY Izuku!!! She's not a princess  or some magician!!! Tell me, can you feel any powerful magic towards her?! And guess what??? She doesn't have a scar on her chest like how the princess was killed! You're going to jump into the conclusion that she's the princess? And what if she's not? You're just gonna stir the pot and hurt everyone again!" 

That hit Shouto like a brick. He's right. He can't feel any powerful force from Izuku like how the princess should be and to top it off, she doesn't have a scar. If he were to tell the news that Izuku right here is the princess, everything would be stirred up. History will be unearthed. It would be great if she really was the princess but what if she's not? Not only is he going to hurt queen Inko but Izuku might get into trouble.

Izuku watched them in sadness and confusion. Still sitting on Shouto's bed, holding on to the picture that he had given her.

"Her face... the leap of blood... keep everything to yourself, Shouto."

Katsuki calmed down and went over to Izku to hide her face back into the cloak before scooping her up into his arms.

"We shouldn't reopen wounds that had been too deep."

With that, the prince walked out of the room and signaled the warriors to not follow them. Izuku buried her face on Katsuki's chest as  they silently walked through the hallways of the castle. They reached Katsuki's personal quarters of the castle, the latter settling Izuku down on his bed before locking the door. The sun is almost setting and its orange rays spilled through the room because of the opened curtains.

The prince joined Izuku on his bed and to the latter's surprise, he suddenly pounced on her with a tight hug, tackling her down on the mattress with his arms wrapped around her. This worried Izuku because he's been silent for a while with his face hidden away from her. She pulled down her hood and returned the prince's embrace.


"I'm sorry..."


"You shouldn't be getting caught up with all of this..."

"Kacchan... will you tell me?"


"Who is princess Izuku..?"

Izuku pulled away from him to look at the worn out picture that Shouto gave her. Katsuki took it and was surprised to see a familiar family picture.

"Who's king Toshinori? Who's queen Inko..?"


"I want to know... I'm always involved with them... my whole being here in the outside world... it's like it's tied to them."


"Please tell me, Kacchan..."

"This picture was taken a few hours after the princess was born..."

Izuku listened intently.

"Princess Izuku... She was the long awaited blessing of Yuuei kingdom... for the king and queen had failed so many times to produce an heir... a fruit of their love if looking more into it than just that. They were sad. The entire kingdom was sad until the wise sage predicted that a princess will be born."

"The princess was finally born after all of those?"

"Yeah... and not just any princess but also the greatest magician that ever lived. So powerful that even the threads of fate will dance around her..."


Katsuki smiled forlornly at Izuku's innocent reaction. It's as if telling a bedtime story to a child.

"She was named Izuku. Her birth gave not only joy to the whole kingdom but the others too. Yuuei is, after all, a kingdom of kindness. Not making enemies but allies all throughout. Ekrixi was their best and closest ally..."

"That's your kingdom, Kacchan."

The prince only nodded. 

"When the princess was still unborn- a few months inside the queen's stomach, my mom would regularly visit Yuuei with me. I was still an infant at that time and couldn't remember a  single thing... but my mom told me that nearing me to the unborn princess was one of the only ways to calm me down. 'It's like they're communicating.' Queen Inko said. That was when it's been decided that I'll marry princess Izuku in the future."


"I know... she's been killed. The night after she was born, a knife was stuck into her chest. Ekrixi's knife..."

Izuku's face warped into a horrified one. "Izuku I..." Katsuki trailed before asking in a faltering voice. "... do you think we can betray a friend?" That surprised the greenette. She hasn't been to his kingdom and much less know him for that long to be able to tell but- "I know your kindom didn't do it." Katsuki hid his face, his hair shadowing his eyes away from Izuku's gaze.

"I'm not saying this to comfort you."

With a soft touch, Izuku raised Katsuki's face to look back up at her. 

"3 days..."

Katsuki got confused for a second.

"At the span of 3 days you and everyone showed me how you value each other, your friendship."


"Even with a stranger like me... everyone had been so kind and treated me as a friend despite being a stranger. Kirishima told me... you raided Mavros because our warriors attacked yours in provocation... It just struck me how far you would go just for your people..."

With a kind smile, Izuku caged the prince back into her arms again.

"That's why... I don't see how a kingdom with people that's so warm, kind and values each other to betray a kingdom that had been so dear to them." 

"I wish... I can tell that to the king and queen of Yuuei."

"You can but not now... It's only natural of them to get angry after all that." Katsuki gave a low smirk. "You're too positive." 'As if they will ever listen.' He thought sadly. The princess is dead and that's that. No use bringing back the past just to fish out an old friendship that had been broken for years. Not only will it bring back painful memories but there's also the fact that it can never bring the princess back. 

As the sun went down, so did their energy- letting their eyes flutter close and their breaths become even. It had been a long tiring day so it's natural for them to fall asleep easily with the darkening of the the dawn. For at least two hours later, a soft knock woke up Katsuki. He went to answer it and came to face wih the royal butler, giving him the message that he's being summoned to greet a visitor with the royal siblings and his friends before starting dinner. 

Izuku, as a slave, of course, cannot join them and so he ordered the butler to bring her dinner- a complete and nutritious one once she wakes up and tell her to never leave the room for he will come to her immediately after he's done with his business. The butler was dismissed after promising him that he will meet with the others after 5 minutes. 

Closing the door and walking back to Izuku, the prince leaned down to give her a sweet kiss on her forehead before lovingly caressing her cheeks. After drinking in the girl's sleeping face, Katsuki decided to leave the room quietly and lead himself at the entrance of the castle to meet with his friends. Once out, a hard slap on his back welcomed him. 

"Katsuki, my man! It's been a while!"

"We just saw each other last two months ago, Natsuo."

The white haired prince grinned at him.

"And at the right timing too, the festival's gonna have a small tournament y'know?"

"Bring it, I'll blast your ass off."

"Please try not to go over board this time, you three."

Fuyumi- the only princess of Prospatho sighed with a smile after reminiscing their destruction. Katsuki looked at Shouto who's intently waiting for a certain carriage that can be spotted in a distance to arrive at the castle before walking over to the princess to ask. "Who the fuck's going to come and why is he waiting like a hungry mutt?"

The princess giggled at his words despite the curses. "The crown princess of Pragma; Yaoyorozu Momo is coming to celebrate the festival. She's Shouto's soon to be fiancee. Aren't they cute?" Katsuki just gave her a tired look. Soon enough, the carriage arrived and opened up to reveal a princess in pink, gracefully rushing out to let her self collide to Shouto who welcomed her with open arms. 

"I missed you!"

"And I, you..."

All of the spectators smiled with a blush on their faces as the couple hugged each other- except for Katsuki.

"Wow, the cringe."

"But your majesty, you've done things far vulgar with Izuku."

"Fucking shut up, you electric twat."

Though Kaminari's statement didn't escape Shouto's ears. A glare appeared on his face before letting go of his fiancee and walking over to Katsuki and jabbing his pointer finger on his chest. "What have you been doing to my cousin?!" He shushed as not to raise questions from his siblings and partner. "For the last time, she's not your cousin!" Katsuki argued back quietly. 

Shouto crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes at him. "You can't conclude that yet. I've been thinking about many factors that may explain her current situation and I'm not letting myself easily get caught up with your words. Like you said, I'm only keeping silent about this but until I have found confirmation to whether she is or isn't the princess, I see her as my cousin."

Katsuki growled comically at him.

"Fucking half and ha-" 

"Shouto, who's this? Mind introducing me?"

Momo suddenly came up from behind the said prince. 

"Ah- Momo, this is the prince of Ekrixi- largest kingdom of the northern valleys; Bakugou Katsuki. Katsuki, this is my fiancee, crown princess of Pragma; Yaoyorozu Momo." 

"I-I'm sorry! The way acted was too boorish, I never realized that there are other royal visitors too."

The princess bowed her head in apology. 

"'s fine."

"Our kingdoms are really far away from each other. Pragma is by the sea while Ekrixi is on the valleys which is why we have never met before. But I'm very honored to meet you, Bakugou Katsuki."

With a smile. Momo curtsied for the blonde prince and the latter returned it with his own formal gesture. "The pleasure is mine." And with that, all of them decided to go back inside to start dinner with the king and queen. The couple couldn't be more happier with Momo's presence and talked to each other non stop which annoyed Shouto since his parents are hogging all of the princess' attention. 

Though he wasn't the only one who's twitching in annoyance at the dining table. Katsuki wants everything over with just so he can get back to Izuku because she won't leave his mind. Has she woken up yet? Has she eaten? Is she looking for him right now? God he wants to excuse himself so bad. For almost what seemed like forever, dinner is almost over. Katsuki thanked the gods but a certain prince had other plans with him. 

Shouto nudged Momo to get her attention and once he has it, he leaned in to whisper in her ear. "Help me get Katsuki to a drinking session after this." This surprised the princess because her fiancee is never into alcohol. "B-But why?" Shouto looked back to the anxious Katsuki before answering. "I need to find out something..."

And in no time at all, everyone's dismissed from the table. The blonde prince was about to dash away but was stopped by a yank on his red cape.

"Ah...Uh... your highness! I was wondering if we can celebrate our new friendship together with our friends!"

Katsuki looked at Momo dumbfounded. 

"Let's have a drink, Katsuki. It's been a while since we've bonded that way."

Shouto urged.

"No. What the f-"

"Drink?! We'll be drinking?! Let's go!!!"

Kaminari cheered followed by the three other warriors.

"Katsuki, c'mon it will just be for a little while."

"Your highness please???"

"Just this night, dude!"

"I don't want to, you freaking fucks- hey! Let me go!!!"

The prince had no other choice but to get dragged by his friends. He wants to use his magic but its destructive power will ruin the place and he's not gonna have that inside a different castle. Shouto smirked in accomplishment. He only has one motive and that's to get his friend so drunk that he can extract information from him.

Shouto is gifted with a high tolerance for alcohol as he's never been drunk before. Katsuki's the same except for that he had already revealed his limit; getting drunk at 15 shots. They started their session at 9 and one by one, they're starting to pass out on their seats till the only ones that are left is a completely sober Shouto and a tipsy Katsuki. 

The bi colored hair prince checked the grandfather clock to check the time. It's almost 12 midnight. He looked at his fiancee and made a mental note to carry her to her quarters and have the ladies in waiting tend to her. He looked back at Katsuki before giving him another shot with a smirk. 

"Here, think you can still handle another?"

"Fuck you..."

"Can't huh? Too bad, guess I'm-"

"No you're not! Give that shit to me!!!"

The blonde prince is far too competitive to back down and so he chugged his 16th shot, giving him the last blow. Shouto smirked at this before drinking his own shot and started his interrogation. 

"So, where did you find your slave again?"

He started with the obvious.

"Told ya it's Mavros! Fucking king is gone so I took his treasure..."

"Treasure? I thought she was a prisoner?"

"Treasured and imprisoned, dumbass."

Shouto went into deep thinking before asking again.

"Do you know how she was treated there?"

"Never been outside of her quarters. She doesn't seem to be treated badly. No signs of trauma and the fucker's too carefree."

"I see..."

Katsuki smirked.

"You're not getting anything from me, Shouto."

The prince flinched in surprise.

"I told you everything I know about Izuku. I'm not hiding the dead princess. I don't fucking know whether she's my Izuku or not. If she was, I'd bring her back to Yuuei and marry her in a heartbeat."

He's been found out. Shouto just looked suspiciously at him. 

"Do you love my cousin, Katsuki?"

It's the latter's turn to freeze. 

"Princess Izuku was betrothed to you, after all but she's long gone in your perspective. Why would you want to marry the person you've never met?"

"I... don't..."

"Are you seeing my cousin in your slave?"

"I don't fucking know, okay?!"

Katsuki's voice raised an intensity.

"I've always..! Always thought about the princess and I don't know why!!! But when I found 'zuku..."


"I can't get off that nagging feeling that she's the princess... that she's alive but there are also so many fucking things that are telling me otherwise... That's why for now... as she is, I'll be taking Izuku. Not as a princess or anything."

"You're currently being betrothed to another person, Katsuki. You can get Izuku imprisoned!"

Pain broke into Katsuki's face. "If she is in fact my cousin, you two can have the possibility of being together but what if she's not? Katsuki think about it." Shouto pressed in. "The throne is only yours... that's why... your parents will do whatever it takes to make you a great king. Even taking Izuku away..." That was the final statement that made Katsuki's eyes glassy. 

"I'll do anything..."

He hushed and this surprised Shouto.

"I don't want anyone else but her. If I have to fight through my parents then I'll do it. If it's not her then..."


"...then I'd rather die."

As Katsuki stood up, his final words had taken Shouto aback. 

"I'll be going. I may be spewing out bullshits because I'm drunk but I'm serious about having Izuku." 


"I trust you to not let anything escape from our conversation, Shouto."

He took his leave after that. The prince of Prospatho was left speechless  but nevertheless, a smile broke out his face moments later. "This is what I admire about you Katsuki..." He looked out the windows to see the diamond studded night sky. "Always recklessly doing what you want... even if it kills you." He wished he could be the same. 

Back to Katsuki, he reached his room minutes later after struggling to walk straight on the hallways. When he opened the doors, the room is still dark. He searched for the sleeping figure on the bed but it was empty. His eyes searched around and found the greenette staring out the large windows. He closed the doors and that's when he got her attention. 

"Ah-! Kacchan, you're back!" A familiar cheeky grin crossed her face. "Look, stars!" She pointed out as Katsuki walked over to her. "There aren't any shooting stars tonight but-mph!" When he reached her, he  didn't waste any time pulling her to him and let their lips collide. The prince initiated a rough kiss which surprised Izuku but welcomed it anyway. 

Soom enough, he dragged her to his bed, letting her fall first before climbing on top of her, never breaking their kiss. Izuku just took it all in, she doesn't know why but she can never go against Katsuki when it comes to this- even when they first met. After a while, Katsuki pulled away, allowing Izuku to see his sad gaze. 

"Kacchan? What's wrong?"

He took a deep breath before looming over her neck.

"Nothing... nothing's wrong."

He closed  his eyes before starting his ministrations. "I promise..."  Those were his last words before licking a wet stripe on Izuku's neck. The latter was confused with the action and feeling but soon gave in- feeling something new and she doesn't understand yet so addicting."K-Ka..cchan..." Heat crawled to her face when the prince wasn't just licking anymore but also sucking, kissing and biting on her skin. 

This went on for a while till Katsuki's satisfied- and what satisfied him was littering Izuku's pale skin with his marks; and so he did. For about what seemed like an enternity, the prince had stopped and fallen asleep due to the alcohol. He finally passed out on Izuku's chest with her arms around his neck. The latter's confused and in euphoria.

Even so, she still wondered why Katsuki came in just like that and at a late hour too. Not to mention that his words were off. Though she decided to keep this all to herself and position the prince on the bed with her properly. She took off his cape and tucked him into the blankets before joining him- using his broad chest as a pillow. 

She won't ask about Katsuki's odd behavior tomorrow but maybe a few days later to observe him. That's what she thought before closing her eyes and drifting to sleep.

Morning came in but the rays of the sun didn't wake Izuku up- instead a knock on the door did. She sat up and rubbed her eyes before looking at Katsuki who's dead asleep. "Kacchan?" She shook him awake but the loud snores only continued. It would be rude not to answer the door right? So the greenette  decided to answer it heself- getting  out of the bed and skipping over to the door. 

"Who's there~?"

She opened the door and the crown prince of Prospatho showed.

"Izuku. Sorry for disturbing you so early."

"Ah, Shouto! Good morning!"

The prince smiled at her, ruffling her hair fondly.

"Good morning. You left your books in my room and thought I'd deliver them... here..."

His gaze suddenly narrowed as he eyed Izuku's neck and collarbone.


"Izuku, where did you get those?"

He pointed to where he's looking at. Only then Izuku noticed the bruises and bite marks on her.

"EHHH?! I don't know, what are these?!"

"You... didn't have those yesterday."

"I-I know, but after Kacchan bit and kissed me here last night, these appeared..."

Okay, THAT put Shouto into a dark and sour mood. "Stay here." Is what he told his cousin before stomping inside the room. He looked over the prince who passed out from last night and grabbed a pillow to smack it over his face again and again. "You bastard! What did you do to her?!" A  few more hits and the prince finally awakened- in anger.




Shouto grabbed him by the collar and shook him to his senses.

"You were drunk!!! I swear to god Katsuki if you got MY cousin pregnant I'll-!"

"Who the fuck's getting pregnant?! Why would I knock up someone who doesn't even know what stars are called! And you're one to talk! You were the one who got me drunk!!!" 

“I got you drunk to extract raw information from you! Not to have you attacking my cousin like a perverted beast!!!” 

“I said I didn’t fuck her!!!”

”Then explain those marks on her!!!” 

Katsuki froze at that and turned to Izuku slowly. His eyes almost popped out of his sockets when he saw the result of his work last night. “Well?!” Shouto half mocked and half reprimanded. “I-I...” He only shook his head at Katsuki’s dumb response and walked over to Izuku to grab her wrist. “Fix yourself first Katsuki. I’ll take care of her for now. Meet us at the dining hall for breakfast, we’ll be going to the town’s square.” 

“Yeah... whatever.” 

“Let’s go, Izuku.” 

“Eh? Where to?” 

Shouto took a deep breath before answering and taking her away. 

“Let’s get those marks removed.” 

After the two had gone away, Katsuki felt like hitting is head onto a wall. He never knew he can do something like that when he’s drunk for fucks sake. He got drunk once or twice but instead of grabbing a girl and kissing the daylights out of her, he either passes out or trashes the whole place. Which is why once again- his actions had surprised him. 

But what the hell, right? It’s not like they haven’t kiss before so what’s the big deal? Except that this time... he left marks. The prince messed up his hair in frustration before standing up to get himself ready for facing everyone at breakfast. Shouto had better fix her or she’ll be wearing a cloak the whole day or something less revealing. 

At the infirmary of the castle, Shouto watched as Izuku’s being treated by the kingdom’s magician doctor. Slowly, the bite marks and bruises disappeared and her skin’s clear and clean like before.

”There you go, sweetie. Skin like Snowhite.” 

“Thank you!” 

“Doctor, can you make it that no one will hear of this?” 

Shouto requested that got him an odd look from the royal doctor, 

“My lips are sealed but your highness, were you the one that did this?” 

“What? No.” 

“It was Kacchan!” 


Hurriedly, Shouto slapped his palm over Izuku’s mouth to prevent her from saying anything else that could lead to gossips. “It was some perverted freak that roamed around the town. She’s prince Bakugou’s slave so I took the initiative to bring her here.” Shouto reasoned. “I see. It’s troublesome to have them running around when the most awaited festival’s starting.” The doctor frowned. “I’ll do my best to keep them at bay or even capture them. Thanks again, doctor. Please do try to enjoy the festival as well.” 

“My, I will then. Take care!” 

They left the infirmary and Shouto let out  a relieved breath, freeing the girl’s mouth. 

“Izu, please try to keep your relationship with Katsuki a secret.” 

“But why?” 

“It’s... complicated. A lot of people may take things wrong and we can’t have that, Also...”


”Don’t let Katsuki do that thing to you again.”



“But I like Kacchan’s kisses.” 

Shouto feels like he had just turned into a stone. 

“You... like Katsuki that way?”

”I like Kacchan in every way possible!” 

This is becoming all too coincidential now. The girl likes the barbaric prince and the latter reciprocates it without even knowing. Even without the great amount of magic or the scar, Shouto can tell that this girl right here is his dead relative. He cupped her face to make her listen to his advise. He needs to let her know how serious this is. Despite having no ill intentions, the world will be cruel to them and so he has to explain to her the danger she can get into if everything’s found out. 

“Izuku, listen-“ 


The prince turned to the source of voice, even Izuku who still has her face held and came to face with a princess about their age- who’s about to burst into tears. 


Chapter Text

"Where the hell is Shouto, he's late!"

The king slammed his fist on the table. "So is princess Momo..." The queen worriedly stated after him. The Todoroki family is sitting on the large breakfast table along with their royal visitors but the two aforementioned people are missing. "Maybe they went for a walk? You know how those to are to each other." The princess of Prospatho suggested to ease the tension. "I don't think they'd skip breakfast though..." Natsuo slouched on his seat, also wondering where the two are because breakfast won't start without them.

On the other hand, another prince is also slouching but remained quiet. His mind is still stuck at that time when Shouto yanked away Izuku because of the marks he gave her. He still couldn't believe that he did that... 

"Bakubro hey!"

Kirishima nudged him hard. Katsuki almost flinched but decided to just glare at Kirishima for breaking his train of thoughts. "The queen is talking to you!" The redhead half screamed half whispered to him. Only then did he fixed posture and paid attention. 

"I saw Shouto headed towards your quarters just half an hour ago. Did he stop by and say anything to where he's headed next?"

Now he doesn't know how to answer to that. 

"He did... drop by..."

Bakugo is rarely at a loss of words but he really doesn't know how to answer the queen's question. What the fuck is he gonna tell her? Tell her that he marked up his slave inappropriately and Shouto took her to the infirmary? He'll be wrecking his kingdom first before telling her that. Everyone's eyes is on him, excepting for a longer answer. "Did he say anything about going somewhere with princess Momo?" The queen added. The prince internally calmed himself down and after that, with a straight face; 

"He didn't. He just came to deliver me a book."

"Oh! Speaking of which..."

Thank god Natsuo decided to change the subje-

"I heard you're with a slave, Katsuki!"

Actually, no. Fuck him. 

"Really now??? So you decided to take in a slave, you brat?! That's pretty bold of you."

King Enji laughed with pride. While royalties and rich people can take in slaves, not much really does so. Having a slave with you at all times is like displaying and flaunting your position and wealth, which is why it's such a trivial thing despite the whole idea being normal. The topic of Shouto's whereabouts was pushed aside but now they're on an even bigger mess of a situation. That slave that the king's talking about is his own fucking niece by chance and Katsuki's not going to have any of that shit. 

The warriors started sweating bullets. 

"I'd like to get one too but I've really no need! Is it a guy or a girl?" Natsuo excitedly asked. "A girl." Katsuki flatly answered. They're gonna find out about the gender anyway but there is no way in hell is he gonna let them see Izuku's face. Shouto knowing was enough trouble already. "I see now..." The white haired prince smiled or more like smirked which pissed off Katsuki. "What the fuck is with that smile?! It's not what you're thinking!"

"I heard from dad that you're avoiding a princess. So you're being rebellious now by taking in a female slave, huh?"

"No, fuck off, you freak-!"

The doors of the dining hall opened. Everyone's attention got sucked into the prince who just entered the room- gloomily. 

"Shouto! Where were you?"

"And where's princess Momo?"

Queen Rei asked followed by her daughter. 

"She... uhhh... wasn't feeling well. 'Said she can't join breakfast and apologizes for it." 

He sat on a chair facing Katsuki- he gave him a reprimanding look, also gesturing to ask where he left Izuku. Though Shouto could only stare at him like a zombie. This taunted Bakugou more but Kirishima's words kept him docile. Everyone got the idea of what might have happened since it's obvious that the princess is not really feeling unwell and decided to leave the matter to the two. 

Breakfast started but not as lively as usual and how it's supposed to be since they have visitors because the crown prince's gloomy mood spread throughout the room like a virus. '

Meanwhile, a clueless green haired girl in a cloak wandered around the castle. When a certain princess suddenly found them, Shouto went into a panic mode and the two got into an argument- or more like helpless explaining on Shouto's side- before the princess ran off somewhere. Because of that, Shouto shoved her a white cloak, warned her to not let anyone see her face and chased after his fiancee. 

"I wonder where Kacchan is..?"

The girl hummed. 

Izuku skipped along a grand hallway, smiling to herself until it got pulled down when she felt something. Her feet stopped on its tracks. "Someone's sad..." She mumbled before turning to her left side- large doors faced her. It's big and tall, towering over her with detailed carves on it. Green eyes looked at it intently. 

She doesn't know what it is but something's compelling her to open the door and find that someone. Being the innocent freak she is, she pushed the doors open and unceremoniously walked inside and pulled down her hood. The room was bright because of the sunlight. The fancy curtains were set aside, illuminating the large, royal room.


Izuku's eyes landed on the bed in the middle of everything. There's a familiar girl on it, face hidden. 

Tilting her head, she neared the sobbing figure and patted her shoulder.

"Hey, you're sad."

She stated the obvious to which the other lashed at.

"Go away! I thought I made it clear that I do not want to be disturbed?!"

"Really? Why?"

"Because I..! I..."

The princess lifted her head from the bed and cried even more.

"I'm sorry... I should have just heard him out first but I got angry so fast and..."

"Oh yeah, you were fighting with Shouto a while ago right? What happened?"

Momo gave her a deadpan look. Is she really asking that? And why is she casually calling him by his given name?

"Just what is your relationship with my fiancee?"

"Shouto? He's my cousin!"


Princess Momo felt like she had been hit with lightning. "B-But that's-! I've never heard of you! You weren't introduced to me." Izuku could only giggle and place her pointer finger on her lips. "It's supposed to be a secret, Kacchan and Shouto told me." The princess was in doubts but at least the girl doesn't seem to be romantically inclined with her fiancee. "What's your name?" Momo sat on the edge of her bed as she watched Izuku waddle over to her desk to pick up an apple. 


The greenhaired girl cheerfully answered as she took a bite on the fruit. Momo held her breath. If she remembers clearly, Shouto had mentioned a cousin of his that was named Izuku... but was already deceased. "I haven't eaten yet, but this is great!" A chill ran down the princess' spine as she looked at the girl before her. If she's dead then who's this? Is this what Shouto's desperately trying to explain but failed miserably? 

"H-How are you sure that you're cousins with Shouto?" She asked next. "I just know, the first time I saw him. I know how my blood is related to him." Her answer was confusing but it made sense when she remembered what the prince said about his cousin; the dead princess has a power that is beyond comprehension. Maybe that's why she's alive and standing right in front of her now? But why was Shouto hiding her? The other members of the royal family doesn't seem to know either.

"Kacchan and Shouto said to keep it a secret. That everyone will be hurt again if I'm found out."


"Yeah! He said I'm his slave."

"Y-You mean prince Katsuki???"

"Uh huh."

Nothing had ever been more confusing for Momo. She's the brain of her kingdom and yet her mind is doing flips right now. Why is the supposed dead princess of Yuuei a captive of Ekrixi's crown prince?  "I've heard of the rumors...You don't mean... Ekrixi did betray Yuuei?" Momo's statement made Izuku stop munching on her treat and changed expression. 

"No! That's not possible!"


"Kacchan and the others are nice! There's no way they would betray anyone!"

"Are you alright with being a slave Izuku? You're supposed to be a crown princess... not a slave."

"If being a slave means I get to go on adventures with Kacchan then it's fine... Kacchan rescued me from being all alone. I'll follow him wherever he goes."

"Rescued? Someone else captured you?"

"I... have no early memories. I don't remember anything but being inside a large room for a long time. That's why, now that I'm out, I'm going to see more of the outside world and never go back to  my kingdom!" 

Izuku stated with a determined face.

"Come to think of it, there's some festive... thingy that's going on outside right?"

"Oh, the fire and ice festival? Yeah, it should be lively outside now but the real opening will start tonight."

"Great! Then let's go!"

"What??? You and me? Where?"

"I wanna see what a festival is. You should join me, it will be fun!"

Izuku held out her hand to Momo. The latter was quite surprised because of the absence of formality and the high level of familiarity  but surprisingly, it made her smile and accepted the offer. There was something in Izuku that will make you drop your guard and negative feelings. Momo wore a cloak with a hood and headed out of the castle hand to hand with Izuku. Two girls giggled as they ran out. 

When they reached the gates, Momo requested for a carriage and boarded with Izuku- headed for the main town. Izuku stuck her head out the window, letting the wind mess up her hair. She looked back at the castle and assumed that Kacchan wouldn't be angry if she spent the day with the princess. It's not like she's leaving the kingdom, right? Satisfied with the thought, she retreated back inside and continued chatting with Momo. 

Minutes later, the carriage dropped them on the town square- where most of the festivities are going on. Food stalls are everywhere and there are plenty of performers around. Kids are playing left and right too. Everyone's energetic and happy. Izuku's eyes shone in amazement. 

"Izuku, let's go grab something to eat first. Both of us haven't had breakfast yet."

"Okay but where? Don't you need those round and paper thingies to get what you want in kingdoms? In the forest, the plants and trees give you food for free!"

Momo's doubts are gone by now. Izuku's innocent mind justifies her story of being locked inside for a long time. 

"It's fine. Yours are on me. Let's go!"

They took off again hand in hand. Today is a promising day for a new friendship. 


Back the castle, Katsuki screamed at Shouto. Breakfast is over and Katsuki took the opportunity to corner the prince. "K-Katsuki, calm down." Kirishima uselessly tried taming the prince. Shouto had spilled them of what happened and of course the blonde prince isn't having any of that. The green runt is now somewhere in the castle and he'd be damned if something happened to her-much less if she's found out. 

"Look, she'll be fine, okay? She's wearing a hood!"

Shouto reasoned out.

"You talk as if that hood is a permanent part of that airhead!"

"Guys, c'mon. Less arguing, more looking."

Sero suggested and urged them to step up their feet to go look for the missing greenette. Almost half an hour is gonna pass by and they still don't have a clue to where Izuku is until they passed by Momo's room. "This is the room where Momo's staying..." Shouto muttered to which Katsuki sarcastically rolled his eyes on. "What a surprise. You two aren't on the same room, sharing the same bed?" 

"We're not yet married, shut it." The prince reprimanded back. "If you're thinking of smooching over to your girl instead of looking for Izuku- who YOU lost, may I add- then I'm gonna fry you first before I let you." Katsuki threatened but Shouto just placed his hands on the doors. "Maybe she knows where Izuku is..?" Katsuki smacked his palm over his face. "You said that she literally got jealous over Izuku. What makes you think she's anywhere near her much less knows where she is?"

"Oh, your highnesses. What brings you all here to the princess' chambers? She's currently away, may I inform."

A maid suddenly spoke up to the group carrying sheets that seems to be for Momo's room. 

"Momo's away?"

Shouto asked.

"Yes. She ran off somewhere with someone who is equally cloaked. It seems that they're headed out the castle."

"What the fuck are they doing together?!" 

The blonde prince ran off towards the entrance of the mansion. Shouto tanked the maid before chasing after Katsuki's group. Once outside, they asked the guards if they had seen the two and the men pointed to the central town where the two girls took off with a carriage. They did the same thing to catch up and find them. Along the way, Katsuki's bloody restless. Many things ran inside his mind and it pissed him off. 

If this is how he's going to be about Izuku then it would be troublesome because he feels like he wants her beside him all the time. 

"We're here..."

Shouto mumbled before exiting the carriage. The group looked around the place but there are people everywhere. It seems impossible to find the two in such a crowded place with many events. "Okay, what now you fucking half and half?" Katsuki dead panned. Shouto opened his mouth to answer but-


The loud voice of a certain prince caught the group's attention. Natsuo's currently standing on the stage of the town plaza, a magic circle in front of his mouth that serves as his voice amplifier. 

"What the fuck is that moron doing there?"

"He's gonna announce the-"

"Like every year, the festival starts with a vigorous event where warriors from far and wide get to show off their strength!!!"

The people immediately gathered around him with excited faces, cheering in agreement, especially the male populace. "The fire and ice tournament is about to start an hour from now at the arena!!! Make sure you've got your name in there already cuz the registration will close in thirty minutes!!!"

"I don't have time for this, I need to find that moss head."

Bakugou mumbled under his breath before turning away. Shouto and his companions followed him to join the search.

"And what do we have here??? Everyone, the two crown prince who will be participating are here!!!"

The group froze at the announcement Natsuo made. Now all of the people's eyes are on them. Katsuki turned back to the white prince irritably. "Fuck it you shithead! I'm busy, I ain't joining!!!" He growled but the said prince just chuckled and jumped down from the stage to near them and hook an arm on his little brother.

"Oh come on! The more great warriors and magician there are, the better right?! Everyone's pumped up to see the clash of the crown prince of Prospatho and Ekrixi!" The crowd cheered with Natsuo as if  they just had an agreement. "Natsu nii, now's not really the time..."  Shouto said tiredly, thinking of Momo.

The older prince smirked. "Thinking of your princess, huh? Have I mentioned that she's our honored spectator?" Without the amplifier, Natsuo announced to the group- to which they perked up to. "Wait, is she  with someone???" Katsuki asked. "Eh? Well yeah it seems that she's with a slave." Without further ado, Katsuki ran to the direction of the arena. 

He left the group dumbfounded.

Soon enough, he reached the spacious place. It looked like a grand coliseum. It's where the fights and execution of Prospatho are held. When Katsuki got inside, he was urged into the arena first along with the other fighters because fucking Natsuo registered him beforehand without his knowledge. It irritated him at first but soon enough, he found himself scanning the crowd to look for Izuku.

It was a pain in the ass though and also useless because the amount of spectators looks as if it's the population of this big ass kingdom. The group reunited with him later when their first opponents were announced along with the battle ladder. The magician warriors of Ekrixi also joined in. In the table, it's shown that Katsuki's first opponent is a warrior traveler from outside of Propatho- and they're the first to clash too.

"Look, your highness. The sooner you beat that guy, the sooner you're free to find Izuku, okay?

Kirishima said, fanning over to the blonde prince's steaming head.

"I don't have time for this!"

He gritted. They're currently at the tunnel leading to the battle field, waiting for the prince to get called in. "On the left side, we have the magician warrior; Monoma Neito from the kingdom of Antigrafo!!!" The crowd cheered as Natsuo announced the entrance of Bakugou's first opponent. "You're up next, good luck!"

Kirishima pushed him.

"Good luck my ass..."

"Aaaaand on the right corner; the fiery crown prince of Ekrixi- Bakugou Katsuki!!!"

The said prince walked out of the tunnel to meet the battle place and his opponent who's smirking down at him.

"Now, before we start, I'd also like to announce the presence of the kingdom's special guest! The one and only princess of Pragma, Yaoyorozu Momo!!!"

Katsuki's  head snapped up at the special balcony seat for royalties which is behind and above Monoma. Momo showed up with a smile and waved to everyone before taking a her seat... and following just behind her was a cloaked someone... "Izuku..." Katsuki mumbled under his breath. And as if she heard him, her head perked up to his direction and smiled, running up close to the edge of the balcony to wave at him.

"Now without further delay;  warriors, are you ready...!?"

"Heh, just because you're a prince don't think I'll be going easy on you."

Monoma shrugged after Natsuo. 


"For a little warning, my magic is copy. A great way for your own magic to be used on you huh?"


"I'll blast you away with your own explosions, prince Bakugou of Ekr-"


Monoma was suddenly cut off when a loud cheer from Izuku came from the balcony. Even everyone's attention was on her but she kept smiling and waving to Katsuki as if nothing else mattered but him. "Do your best, okay???" She shouted next. The whole stadium was silent because of the slave's pulled up stunt.

"Why the hell is that slave doing such an indecent a-"


Monoma didn't get to finish his sentence when the explosion prince suddenly ran up to him and punched his face to unconsciousness. But Katsuki didn't stop there, he kept on running and used his explosion magic to propel himself upward just to reach the balcony where Izuku is. Once he reached the place, he hopped into it pulled Izuku to him.

The whole arena was in silent surprise and confusion... especially when Katsuki caught her in a tight embrace. 

Even the princess sitting beside them almost dropped her jaw. In what felt like eternity, Natsuo got his bearings together and announced the winner of the first battle. "A-A stunning one hit K.O. for the prince!!! We have our first winner who didn't even need magic to win!!! A round of applause!"

The crowd snapped out of it too and cheered in amazement. 

Meanwhile, Katsuki isn't enjoying all the attention and decided to pull Izuku to somewhere more private. He dragged her into an empty hallway and trapped her between his arms and the wall. 

"Okay spit up you little shit. Where were you and how did you end up in here?"

"Eh? By a carriage!"

"I know, you fuck head! I meant why were you with the princess???"

Because he's pretty sure that the latter wouldn't like her because of jealousy.

"Well, after I was wandering alone in the castle, I met her. Then we decided to go to town and see the festival. The white prince saw and invited us to watch the fire and ice battle!"

The girl explained joyfully. It's evident that the fucker enjoyed herself. Katsuki exhaled through his nose and washed a palm over his face before standing straight.  "Look... I'm not prohibiting you from having fun..." Izuku tilted her head as he explained with a troubled expression. "But I don't want you to be..."

"Did... did I worry Kacchan?"

Was he worried? Of course he was, but most of all, he just  hated the feeling of being far away from her- and THAT he can't explain. He'd never felt like this before. Never really gave two fucks for a girl and their personal safety but here he is, mulling about how Izuku just went away to have fun- without him.

"No. The fuck. But I did worry about your shit ass getting into all kinds of trouble."

"I always remember to be good... but I don't really like being far away from Kacchan."

The prince's breath stopped. Th two of them feels the same way but this runt is more honest about it. Izuku smiled sadly. 

"I had tons of  fun with the princess. But I couldn't stop thinking about Kacchan. When we ate, all I could think of was you liking the food we're eating. When we went around town, all I thought of was the absence of your hand holding mine, and when we're talking, all I remember was your face and voice..."

Katsuki didn't say a word but his emotions are doing flips and he wants it to stop. 

"Haha, I've decided. I'll never leave Kacchan's side."

"That's creepy and annoying."

Izuku only blinked as she stared up at him. With a sigh, he gave up.

"But I'll make an exception for you..."

The girl giggled before giving him a hug to which he returned.

The tournament continued for hours and ended on the afternoon with a draw battle from Katsuki and Shouto. None of the princes were having it but there's no time to continue the fight anymore as the real start of the festival will begin. The two of them were crowned as winners to which they reluctantly accepted. 

The sun disappeared and colorful lights illuminated the whole kingdom, The opening of the festival will start off with the traditional dance before the festive dinner- all where the royal family will join in. While everyone's getting ready for the dance, the crown prince of the kingdom stood in the town square with the absence of mind.


He flinched when his name was called with a tap on his shoulder. It was Izuku.

"Why are you spacing out?"

"Well... that's..."

He trailed before looking back to where he was staring at before. Momo's talking to his sister... Izuku got the idea and looked up at her cousin. "Are you two still not talking to each other?" She asked meekly. Shouto's frown only deepened before turning to her. "You can say that... we've never really been into an argument like that before so..."

"So... you don't know how to fix it?" 

"Sad to say, yes." Izuku smiled and looked at the princess. "The princess didn't like it too you know?" Shouto wondered what that meant. "She didn't like what happened and I'm sure she's feeling the same way as you. You should go talk to her." The prince knows that's what he should do but he doesn't know what to say, much less how to start it.

"You know... back then I used to spend my time vehemently refusing my father's proposal to marry her."

"Eh? Why? She's pretty and kind, why would you not want her?"

"I didn't 'not want' her. I just thought that it's unnecessary for me to marry... especially to someone who's forced on me. I ignored her during her first semester of stay in the castle. I thought she gave up. But then she returned 3 months later. I found out that she only went home to solve a problem at Pragma and..."


"...And that she's in love with me. Of course I didn't believe her at first. That she's only saying that because it's her duty as a princess and I'm a prince."

"Shouto, you seem so cold back then."

Izuku giggled and Shouto smiled at her comment.

"I was and am... Then on a certain day, I went out of the kingdom alone to fix the problem of burglars lurking around the kingdom. I planned on wiping them out on that stormy day... But just when there's only one enemy to finish, a poison kicked in that was shot to me by one of his subordinates."

Izuku looked horrified at his story. She just doesn't like those guys who hurt and steal.

"I thought I was done for. Laying on the ground lifeless until Momo came on her own horse, clad in her own armor. She didn't just finish off the last guy but she also healed me quickly. That princess just saved my life."

"You owe her one, Shouto!"

"Haha, I do. But that's not the reason why I returned her love. What I saw back there wasn't a princess but a strong, kindhearted woman who cares for me genuinely. I forgot all about the marriage arrangement gradually and fell in love with her. Even as a commoner or a slave, I will still choose her."

Shouto told the story while looking at the laughing princess. Izuku saw affection and softness in his eyes, directed only towards the love of his life and it made her smile to herself. Shouto really does love her. Emerald eyes blinked a few times after remembering the current situation the two are in.

"Momo came to you without hesitation. Don't you think it's your turn this time to approach her and take her back?"

Izuku's words struck Shouto like a bullet. Music suddenly played, indicating the start of the traditional dance. People got to their position on the town square and started dancing and cheering. Heterochromatic eyes bore down on Izuku. "Wise words. You know, I'd be sad if you weren't really my cousin." He stated honestly. "Cousin or not, I'll always be here for you." She grinned before pushing him to Momo's direction. 

"Now go!"

He gave her one last glance before running to his fiancee. Izuku watched them as they made up. Momo cried before tackling him into a hug. Not long enough, the couple started dancing with the people and music. From afar, Izuku envied them for a bit. It's not like her to feel negative emotions but the moment Katsuki took her out of her room, her world became a myriad of colors, even herself. 

She wished she can love Katsuki as freely as Momo with Shouto. The latter had mentioned that she shouldn't really pronounce her love to Katsuki that much or it will get them into trouble. This gravelly saddened her. She doesn't understand as to why yet but she doesn't want it. Somehow, her mind went back to Momo's words about being a princess.

If she were a princess, will she be able to love Katsuki freely..?

"I wish I was a princess..."

She mumbled.

"You what?"


Izuku screamed as Katsuki came up behind her.

"K-Kacchan! You scared me!"

"No, it's just cause your mind is floating again."

Izuku pouted. But Katsuki heard her loud and clear. 'She... wants to be a princess?' He thought and got confused. At first, Izuku's always been saying that she'd fine being a slave as long as she's with him but now, what made her think about being a princess? This worried the prince a little. The whole situation's complicated...

"You want to be a princess? Are you jealous of Momo?"

What he meant was the riches and jewelries but-

"I'm jealous how she can love Shouto freely..."


His eye twitched as he thought the wrong way.

"I wish I can love Kacchan like that too... But Shouto said we will get into trouble. People won't like it if they see me with Kacchan won't they... because I'm not a princess."

Izuku's sad smile irritated the prince. What the fuck did that half and half bastard chucked  into her mind? But he's not wrong. He's already got someone to marry- reluctantly- and his parents wouldn't allow a slave from an enemy kingdom to be his queen... But she wants him and he wants her and only her. What was the crown without her?

"Take off your cloak."

"Eh? But Kacchan-"

"Just take it off."

He yanked it from her while she unclasped it. They let it crumple to the ground as they stared into each other's eyes. "I don't give two shits if people doesn't like seeing me with you. They can pull out their eyes for all I care." Katsuki stated seriously. He's damn sure now that he'll do anything just to be with Izuku. 

"With that said, let's show 'em."

He offered her his hand.


"Dance with me you dumbass."

He smirked because of seeing her flustered face. That seems to be the first time seeing her wear that expression, though he'll be making sure that he'll be seeing more of it. Izuku slipped her hand on his. Katsuki immediately pulled her in the middle of the crowd and joined the dance, all the while teaching Izuku how.

It took a bit of time but soon enough, Izuku's seen giggling and dancing to the music, in sync with Katsuki. At that time, Izuku thought that she will never ever be able to go back to being trapped inside a room. She never complained about it before but now... she can't go back to where she used to be.

On Katsuki's side, it's simple. He'll do anything just to keep Izuku by his side. 


While the dance is ongoing, the king and queen of Prospatho arrived. King Enji watched over the dance hand in hand with his queen. They're about to join in as well but decided to take a glimpse of everything for a moment. Queen Rei scanned the crowd to see her youngest dancing to his heart's content with his princess.

She smiled at the scene and shifted her eyes somewhere else- specifically to the prince of Ekrixi dancing with... The queen's eyes narrowed. Could it be that her vision is playing tricks on her? She took a few steps forward to confirm. "Inko..?" She said, enough for her husband to hear. "What?" He's confused as to why his wife said his sister in law's name. "No..." Rei followed.


Chapter Text

"You stick it here and... there! Here's your crown, Izuku."

Yaoyorozu smiled as she placed the flower crown she just made on top of Izuku's hooded head.

"Or umm... Do you want it to go under your hood? It might get ruined though."

"Uh uh, this is fine. Thanks!"

The princess smiled. "You're very welcome." The two of them are currently sitting in the middle of a flower field located on the garden of Prospatho's garden on a sunny day. Not far from them are the two prince clashing with one another; Katsuki and Natsuo while the magician warriors of Ekrixi watched. Gray eyes watched over them...

Izuku abruptly stood up and ran to where her prince is to show him her newly obtained crown. It has been a week since the start of the festival and tonight is the closing ceremony. Since then, Izuku had been a little mopey because of the princess thing and when Yaoyorozu found out, she had made her a flower crown to at least cheer her up. 

So at least she can pretend to be a royalty, or maybe she doesn't even have to.

"Kacchan!!! Look! Look! Look!" The prince heard her, gave her a quick side glance before finishing his fight, delivering a kick to Natsuo- making the latter fall onto the ground and lose grip to his own sword, giving Katsuki the opportunity to point his sword to him, an action completing his victory and no escape. "Hahaha! Alright, alright, I lost." Natsuo laughed. 

Katsuki smirked before sheathing back his sword and turning to his so called slave. "Kacchan, look. I have a crown now!" She childishly pointed at the top of her head. Natsuo sat up and observed the two. 'What an odd pair of master and slave...' He thought before a hand stretched out in front of him. "Thanks" He said, accepting Kirishima's hand before dusting his clothes and picking up his own sword.

"Those two sure get along well huh?"

The warriors of Ekrixi started sweating bullets at the prince's observation.

"W-Well yeah. Hahaha Izuku serves Katsuki after all so they should get along to get things straight right?"

Kaminari reasoned out. 

"I mean. c'mon this is Katsuki we're talking about. The explosive prince that crushes anyone in his way but now he actually took someone from his enemy and is in good terms with that person to top it off! It's really intriguing."

Natsuo mischievously grinned to which the warriors panicked internally. "Oh c'mon dude. It's nothing special. It's just that, you know..." Kirishima trailed. "I-Izuku's like a kid so uhh his highness got shit tons of patience for her!" The last few words were let out with over reaction but the white prince was so deep in thought that he didn't notice it.

"Oh I get it."

"G-Get what?"

Ashido scolded herself internally for stuttering.

"He's in love with her!"

The warriors doesn't know how to react. His guess was right but at the same time, the prince isn't really trying to hide it despite being in denial. "Wait. It's only been a week and a few days when they met. Is that even possible?" Natsuo paused after stating his doubts. "Woah, or maybe he's using her to avoid marriage with that princess in his kingdom!"

"W-Well that's..."

Kirishima was cut off.

"Oh man, I just love how recklessly he does things. Hahaha!"

Natsuo laughed but only for a brief moment as his expression turned serious. "While I do admire it, it's dangerous." Kirishima and the others frowned. "He's royalty and the only heir to the crown. He's got responsibilities to a vast kingdom. He may not be in grave trouble but I wonder about the poor slave. It will be a relief if she's only banished but the mother queen; Mitsuki, has the power to order an execution upon her if Katsuki persists."

"T-That's not gonna happen!"

Kirishima suddenly blurted out.

"We know how dangerous this is. But we'll do something about it, we can't let that happen."

"Heh, you just admitted that I'm right!" The 3 other warriors looked at Kirishima accusingly. "But is he really in love though..?" Natsuo trailed, looking at Katsuki and Izuku who're fondly talking with each other. Just looking at them will give you the answer to the said question. As if it will personally hurt if you ever disturb them. 


Unfortunately, a voice brave enough called out to them, breaking their conversation. Katsuki turned to the source of the intruding voice with a glare. Shouto walked his way to them with equal irritation. "What the fuck do you want, halfie?" The blonde grumbled while Izuku greeted Shouto with excitement. 

Shouto just placed a hand on top of her head to return the greeting but his attention immediately got sucked into Katsuki, his sour mood returning. "May I ask you something?" Shouto refrained from rubbing his temples. "Just spit it, you bastard." Heterochromatic eyes bore into him flatly yet demanding. 

"By any chance did you ever take off Izuku's cloak while my parents are around?"

The two were taken aback. The only time where Izuku took off her cloak was when they danced at the opening of the festival. They did stop earlier than everyone else but they weren't sure if they stopped in time for them to hide from the king and queen. "What made you ask that? Katsuki warily asked first. 

"My mom!"

Shouto hissed quietly.

"She's been eyeing you two since the dance!"

Katsuki felt as if iced water got splashed into his face. 

"T-The queen will directly ask if she's onto us! Quit jumping to conclusions, dumbass!"

"Damn it, Katsuki. I don't even know how she will react to this! Queen inko has been her friend her whole life. Who knows if she's already sent a letter to her about this???"

"Then we're leaving."


Katsuki looked at Izuku seriously.

"We'll leave tomorrow morning. We shouldn't stay here for too long anyway."

"And where do you think you're going? Back to your kingdom?"


The blonde doesn't answer Shouto's question immediately. "Anyway... it's not like you're not welcome here but leaving is the best idea. Tomorrow is also the correct choice. They'll be suspicious if you left before the closing ceremony of the festival." Katsuki nodded at Shouto's statement. "I don't know where we're going yet but it's not gonna be at Ekrixi..."

It will take hard thinking to decide their next destination. It's even a good thing that his parents didn't send out warriors to drag him back to the kingdom. They'll have to think of a safe and hidden place to hide Izuku but the prince winced at the idea since he doesn't want to be apart from her. 

Lunch time came and everyone is asked to gather at the dining hall again to eat together- making them leave Izuku alone somewhere till they finish. The usual place would be Katsuki's chambers but today, Shouto and Momo told her about one place...

"Can I stay at the library Kacchan?"


The castle's library is vast and of course filled with books, be it hundred year old books or freshly published ones. It's highly maintained since the queen of Prospatho is a writer in her free time. "Why the hell do you want to stay there? It's safer at my place." Katsuki asked with a bit of frustration. 

"Well... Shouto and Momo told me there's lots of books there so I wanna see!"

"Those two dingdongs... Anyway, you haven't even finished the books I bought you!"

"I already finished the first one."


"Please Kacchan? I just wanna see. I promise I won't go anywhere and take off my hood!"

There goes her pleading emerald eyes again... This is clearly risky and unplanned so of course Katsuki will have to decli-


Izuku cheered while the prince sighed in defeat. He'll just have to finish his lunch quickly. Shouto accompanied the two towards the place while the others went on ahead. "What about Izuku's lunch? She can't eat here, mom wouldn't allow anyone." Shouto asked as he pushed the doors of the library open. 

Izuku gaped at sight as shelves of books towered over them. She happily skipped inside and immediately got attracted to the first row that she can reach. Slim fingers lightly skimmed at the spine of the books. The two prince watched her as she pulled out a book and sat on the floor, opening it. 

"Let the shithead enjoy for now. I'll make her eat later. Will anyone come barging in here?"

"It's lunch time. Everyone is busy eating or at the kitchen so you don't have to worry about anyone bothering her."


Katsuki walked over to Izuku and kneeled down to her level. The girl smiled at him fondly as he placed his hand on top of her head. "I'll be going now but once I come back I'll have to drag you away from here so you can eat. Got that, fucker?" He was just expecting a nod or 'yes' as a response but she took him off guard with a peck on his lips.

"I'll be good, Kacchan. Don't worry." She can sense his worries. "You better be." He smirked at that before joining Shouto once again. The large mahogany doors of the library closed shut and Izuku got herself immersed to the books she kept on plucking from the shelves. Once something catches her eye, she pulls it out, skims through the pages and if it completes her interest, she'll stack it on the floor for her to take away and read later.

When the tower of books that she made reached up to half of her height, it's only then that she decided to stop and carry it. "I wonder if there are tables here..." She mumbled, looking left and right since her front view is blocked. Izuku started walking to look for tables- all the while balancing the weight of the books on her hands. 

Midway through the spacious library, her eye caught sight of a chair and what seemed like a table in front of it- she can't tell since the books are blocking her vision. Still, she waddled near it and tried to place the books on it before- 

"My, now that's a lot."


The greenette flinched and screeched in surprise. Because of that, the thick book at the very top fell on her head.


"Oh, I didn't mean to scare you, here let me help."

Izuku felt the weight on her hands lighten as the stranger took the half of it and placed them down on the table. The curtains of the library are parted so the large windows welcomed the sunlight. This helped Izuku see the beauty smiling right in front of her. She's so pretty that Izuku just kept on staring at her. 

"You dropped this too."

The lady bent down to pick up the book that fell on her. Izuku's sight just followed her as she's still in a loss for words. The lady has white hair that goes past her shoulders, her skin is pale too to match her icy blue dress. She looked back up at Izuku making her realize that the pretty lady has familiar gray eyes.


The older woman started because Izuku hasn't said a word yet. The girl snapped out of her senses and smiled.

"You're pretty, miss!"

Gray eyes blinked a few times in surprise.

"Oh, why thank you."

Izuku placed the remaining books on her hand on the table. "Were you also reading, miss? I found these books to read, would you like to read with me?" The lady giggled at her invitation. "I was writing for the book I'm going to publish. I'd love to read with you but I must go." She explained with a light voice. Izuku still frowned though.

"But don't worry. I'm sure we can do it some other time."


"Why, yes. Do you like reading a lot?"

"That's right! It's the only way to take off my boredom back then but I really came to love it."

"How nice, my best friend is also fond of reading. We haven't seen each other in a while now but we keep in touch through letters."

"Do you also love reading, miss?"

"Absolutely. Which is why I'm writing my own."

"It must be nice having a best friend. If she likes reading then she can read your writing!"

"Hahaha, that is correct. It seems that you have inherited her love for books."


Izuku just tilted her head as The lady looked at the grandfather clock near them.

"My, now would you look at the time. I must be going. Everyone is  waiting for me."

"You're leaving?  We'll see each other soon, right?"

"Of course we will, Izuku."

This confused the greenette. Her mind reeled back to their conversation and never recalled a time where she introduced herself nor did the older woman too. So how come she knows her name? She's sure that the lady isn't even close to being familiar. Though Izuku can tell that she's a resident of the castle but she doesn't know much since she's mostly either cooped up inside Katsuki or Momo's room, or roaming outside the castle. 

"How did you know my name?"

The lady only smiled softly. It was the same with Shouto, right? The prince immediately let her name slip out of his tongue the moment she revealed her face... because of the leap of blood- where they can feel their relationship to one another. But this time, the lady didn't even need to see her face to tell her name. 

Out of curiosity, Izuku unveiled her face; pushing back the cloak to reveal the entirety of her head and looked directly at the gray almond eyes  of the woman who's standing  right in front of her.  She did it... to see if she will also feel the leap of blood. Green eyes widened in surprise and confusion. 

She can't feel anything...

"We're not related... How come you know who I am?"

"We're not bound by blood but by fate..."

Her answer was simple yet complicated for Izuku to understand. No words left her mouth.

"You look exactly like Inko when she was younger... There's no mistaken."


Who was Inko again? Oh yeah, the mother of the dead princess that everyone's been talking about. "I... don't have a mother." Izuku followed after shortly. "You're shrouded in mystery, just like how you're supposed to be." The white haired lady replied. This confused Izuku more. "I-I'm not the dead princess... I'm just Izuku." The girl is now gripping her dress with tight fists, a little troubled.

"Just Izuku, you say..?"

The girl nodded.

"I'm no one special."

"Because you haven't found yourself yet."


The lady looked out the window. "Everyone's special in their own way. If you want to know who you really are, you should search for yourself. I'm sure you'll find answers. Fate is by your side after all." Chill suddenly ran through Izuku's spine as the lady looked back at her, still smiling. "Well then, if you'll excuse me."

A curtsy and the woman turned to leave. Still intrigued, Izuku took a few steps forward to her. "U-Umm!" Her stuttering made the woman glance back at her. "You said we'll meet again, right? M-May I know your name?" The white haired woman turned completely back to face her. She showed her kind smile again.

"You may call me aunt Rei, dear."

"Aunt Rei..."

"We'll meet soon enough when you've made the right decision. And when that time comes, I will give you something."

And her figure retreated out the library, leaving Izuku with her thoughts. "A-Aunt Rei? What?" Izuku grabbed the sides of her head, feeling as if confusion's going to kill her anytime now. After some time, she let it be and decided to read the books that she took. Oh well. They're bound to meet again... right?

Meanwhile, outside the library, the troubled queen placed a hand on her chest- as if  she was relieved of suffocation. "What does this mean?" She mumbled under her breath, looking up at the ceiling in a dreamy manner. "Master... I need answers to this. Will you be able to tell what is happening?" She continued before walking away.

"That girl is and is not the princess at the same time..."

Lunch time passed and the gang went  to fetch Izuku from the library. Currently, they're at the garden again. With the festival still ongoing, they have free time on their hands.

"Hey Izuku! Did you know? I'm all healed now!"

Kirishima announced proudly.

"You are? Kirishima can fly again!"

"Yeah! With that said, wanna take a ride?"


"Hold the fuck up, why are you inviting her without my permission?"

Katsuki intervened.

"Oh c'mon your highness. It's not like I'm not returning her."

"That's not it you fucking idiot!"

"Izuku didn't get to experience much flying, much less enjoyed it. When we flew away from her kingdom, Katsuki had her slammed to his chest and it wasn't a very long ride."  Kaminari reminisced. "I've never experienced flying on a dragon before, but I have experienced flying through our aircraft." Momo joined in, smiling. Pragma was abundant with machines and many other useful chemicals that doesn't need the aid of magic- and it's all thanks to their highly intelligent princess. 

"You should come with us, Momo!" Izuku invited cheerfully but the princess looked at her meaningfully before shaking her head. "I think the only person who should accompany you is Katsuki san." The prince raised a brow at the mention of his name. "Right guys?" Momo asked the rest to which they grinned knowingly and agreed. 

"Whatever, you dumbasses."

"Katsuki, make sure to take her 'there'."

Shouto reminded him. Katsuki just grunted in reply while Ashido tied Izuku's long, wavy hair for her flight. On a large field, Kirishima ran to the middle before glowing red. The red sphere of light grew and grew much to Izuku's amazement. Not long enough, Kirishima had transformed himself into a large, magnificent creature, wings spread out wide. 

Hand in hand, Katsuki and Izuku approached him. "Waaah, Kirishima you're so awesome!" Izuku rubbed her hands playfully at the red, shiny scales. Kirishima snorted out flames in glee. A yelp came out from the greenette's lips when Katsuki grabbed her by the waist and lifted her up to mount her on Kirishima's lowered neck.

Izuku giggled when the prince hopped on too, sitting behind her. "Hold on tight." Katsuki said close to her ear, his breath hot on her skin. Izuku doesn't know why but her cheek felt unusually warm. As the innocent girl she is, she only looked up at Katsuki who towered over behind her and smiled. Katsuki bent down, the tips of their noses touching before he commanded. 

"Kirishima, take off."

And he did. With more carefulness this time because of Izuku. Soon enough, Izuku's smile stretched out when the winds hit her whole being, the whole world also stretching out its scenery for her. The weather's good, the sun shone down on the vast land for Izuku to ravel on its beauty. The whole kingdom of Prospatho seemed so small now. 

Katsuki, on the other hand, maintained a flat face. He's been flying dragons since he was a little runt and even the possibility of falling from such a great height doesn't scare him. Instead, he focused on the girl giggling carelessly in front of him. He rested his chin on top of her cranium and  started talking in a slightly louder voice for her to hear. 

"Kirishima clan has been a part of our kingdom since the very beginning. Dates back a hundred years ago."

"That long???"

"Yeah. All of them are dragon shapeshifters, providing us air transportation anytime." 

"They're so awesome!"

Katsuki smirked.

"They are. Been our ally for centuries and it'll stay that way."

'I wished it could've stayed that way with your kingdom too...'  Katsuki added into his mind. He instructed the dragon to take them  to the place that Shouto was talking about before they took off. When they were kids- even till now when Katsuki visits Shouto's kingdom, it became a habit for them to fly to that place and do anything they want. That place is also historical but was discarded. 

An hour later, they arrived. A vast, shining blue lake in front of a small mountain welcomed them. Izuku's mouth formed a small 'o' as they descended down. Kirishima landed beside the lake, not transforming back into his human form even after his two passengers got off. Izuku splashed her feet around the shallow waters on the side of the lake.

Katsuki smiled to himself while Kirishima approached her in his dragon form and let out his tongue for a drink. 

"Hey nerd, c'mere. I'm gonna show you something." 

The prince walked off, his hands in his pockets. Izuku followed but Kirishima stayed and curled up on the grass. 

"Kacchan, what is this place?"

"Lake. Lake of the beginning. People from everywhere used to gather here till a war broke out."


"You know what it is. We did raid your shitty kingdom after all."

Izuku looked up at Katsuki.

"We didn't kill any innocent people, dumbass. Although some places were wrecked and on fire, it was because of the fight between opposite sides."

"I don't like any wars happening."

Katsuki sweat dropped at that. He's someone who's obsessed with fights after all. "I... don't like people suffering and dying. All the blood shed and tears... they're awful. If I had the power to make everyone peaceful and happy, I'd gladly use it to my heart's content. I... don't like hurting others." Izuku said melancholy. Katsuki huffed, looking away.

"I'm not gonna lie. I've killed and made many people suffer before." The girl looked up at him, waiting for more words. "But I don't do it for nothing. I'm going to be a king and I can't let my actions run wild like a shitty brat." A small smile crept to Izuku's face and reached  out to squeeze one of Katsuki's hand.

"Like that king of yours. I'm gonna fucking kill him for shitting up with our warriors and trapping you inside that castle for a long time."

"He didn't really hurt me or anything... I don't even know his  face, his voice was the only thing that reached me. He kept saying that  I was the kingdom's treasure. I don't  know what he meant but he keeps on repeating it for years." 

The prince is still not convinced. Whether the bastard had hurt her or not, he's taking his head. The two walked for a while, heading up the mountain that towered over the lake. For some reason, there was a pathway up that seemed abandoned. Ropes guided them up but they were frayed and old. Those were the traces of history. 

"Kacchan, I feel something different."

Katsuki looked at Izuku. She was wearing a straight face but her eyes reflected wonders. Well, it wouldn't be a surprise that she'll be that way. Soon enough, they reached their destination- a tree. Thousand years old tree that loomed over them. The trunk was of imaginable height and girth that even the large roots crawled everywhere and the branches stretched out with a great radius. 

"T-This tree is super old!"

"Heh, knew you can tell. This here is called the Millennium tree, years ago, this tree tied kingdoms together. A gathering and festival was always held here once a year because everyone believes that this old big chunky plant is the source of all magic."

Izuku listened but never took her eyes off the tree.

"I'm sure you can feel it, the magic over flowing in this spot."

"Why did everyone stop gathering here?"

"I told you before, it's because of the war between my kingdom and Yuuei. Ever since that, all the other kingdoms just stopped coming all together..."

"That's... sad."

"Dunno. I have no memories of that gathering. It stopped when I was still a brat."

"Well, I know now that festivals are amazing because of Shouto's kingdom. I want to bring back the festival here too!"

"How the fuck are you gonna do that?"

"Hmm... Well, the reason why it stopped was because of the two kingdoms... Then maybe if made them reconcile then the festival will come back!"

"What the shit??? You talk as if you're making two children make up!"

"It's really not gonna be easy but I'm determined to make it happen."

"That's nearly impossible.Besides... Yuuei lost something that can't be brought back... and they think my kingdom took it away from them. There's no fixing it."

"Can't be brought back... It's the princess."

Katsuki didn't answer and just looked at Izuku with troubled eyes. But his heart almost jumped when the girl suddenly changed her mood into a determined one as she grabbed his wrists. 

"Then I'll go back to Yuuei."

The prince's heart almost stopped at that. "You- what? Shit head, don't push it, we don't even know if you're the princess!" That didn't faze hr though and only shook her head. "I can't stay like this either, Kacchan. I... need to find out who I really am." Katsuki doesn't know what to do. He doesn't even know if they'll be granted entry to Yuuei. 

"Let's go to Yuuei. I can find answers over there." Izuku stated with a solid resolve. The blonde really wants to decline. They might not even get to step within a meter radius from the border of Yuuei without getting speared. And how are they gonna find answers over there? Dig up the grave of the princess? His mind is in a mess right now but looking at Izuku...

There isn't really much option.

"Fine... we'll go. Even if we have to find a way to sneak in that stupid kingdom."

The greenette smiled. 

"If I really am the princess... I'll make sure to revert everything back to the way it was. Yuuei and Ekrixi can be allies again, the king and queen can finally smile again and..."

Katsuki quirked a brow.

"...then I'll help you rule so you wouldn't have to stain your hands anymore."

He was taken aback at that. What does she mean? Was that a marriage a proposal? Coming from Izuku, it made him feel light and tingly inside so he fought back the urge to blush like a fucking girl. 

But it was set. Tomorrow, they'll leave Prospatho to head for Yuuei. He's gonna help find answers for Izuku but whether she is the princess or not, she's not going anywhere far from him. If he has to keep her hidden in his large wardrobe or something forever then so be it. Fuck his parent's plans and the girl they're trying to shove him.

The two went down the mountain and climbed back to Kirishima to head for Prospatho. By the time they got back, the sky was already dripping orange rays. The red dragon landed on the vast garden once more. When Katsuki got off, he noticed a pair of eyes staring at them. He looked at the direction where his instincts told him and found the queen, standing outside the glass doors of the castle. She wore a small smile. 


The prince started without taking off his narrowing eyes at the woman. 

"Fly over to half and half and the others. They mentioned they'd be at the town square by this hour."

His warrior snorted flames, letting Izuku jump down from him before taking off again. The girl waved goodbye to the dragon as Katsuki pulled her hood over her haid again quickly. It's fine right? The queen couldn't have distinguished Izuku's face from their distance. The prince grabbed her hands, walking over to the queen's direction nervously. But of course, he has to put up a casual front. 

When they reached her, Katsuki bowed shortly, his palm on Izuku's cranium to make her do the same. "Good afternoon your highness..." Rei smiled before returning the greeting with a curtsy. "Good after noon to the two of you too. It seems that you've been on a short journey." Katsuki blinked, thinking of an answer quickly.

"Yeah, I just showed her- my slave, something."

"The lake and the Millennium tree, correct?"

Katsuki held his breath and the queen's smile became softer.

"It's fine. You don't have to hide anything from me. I have a lot of questions but I'm not going to push them to you two as you're still both trying to unravel many things."

Izuku pulled down her hood to look at Rei directly. Meanwhile, the blonde is having mixed emotions.

"I take it that you've come to a decision, Izuku?"


Izuku repeated, thinking about it till she remembered their previous conversation. "I have. I'm going to Yuuei." With a determined voice this time, she answered. "We're going to Yuuei." Katsuki reinstated with the same solid voice, tightening his hold on Izuku's hand. The latter looked at him, gradually smiling.

"I like what I'm hearing and seeing... and I wish everyone can be of witness too. Let me help you get entry to the kingdom of Yuuei, follow me."

The queen turned and opened the doors, urging them to follow. Katsuki and Izuku looked at each other before moving their feet. "Yuuei isn't the kingdom as it was anymore. Welcoming, warm, kind and friendly turned into Wary, untrusting and isolated." Rei started and the two listened closely with a frown.

"Only selected people are allowed to enter. Thankfully, the royal family of Prospatho is one of them. Enji and Toshinori are brothers, after all." A few moments of silence passed until Izuku broke it with a question. "Is that what you meant by we're not tied by blood?" Rei glanced back with a giggle.

"Yes. We're not related but I am your aunt. Your mom and I also go way back since childhood." A wide smile stretched on Izuku's face. "Now, what I said about having only a few people enter Yuuei..." Rei stopped to face wooden doors. She placed her hand on them, gaining a reaction from the door. The surface glowed with a magic circle of light blue before it opened. 

Once it did, the queen went inside and the two followed. Inside, the orange rays of the sinking sun danced around the room. It's beautiful, but the main sight that completed everything was the array of jewelries that glowed in soft cyan, each one of them safely inside an enclosed magical case. Katsuki and Izuku looked at them in awe. 

"You're only granted entry inside Yuuei if you have these gems or accessories studded with them..."

Queen Rei deactivated one of the magical cases and took out a necklace, glowing in bright cyan. She held it out in front of the two to observe. 

"The gem is called the Soleil stone. They can only be found and unearthed in the kingdom of Yuuei and only Yuuei which makes them rare and unique. But inside the kingdom, they are highly abundant that you can even see them popping in every corner."

Katsuki held out his hand. The queen carefully gave him the necklace, a bright smile stretched across her face when her hands released the necklace. "Wouldn't it be easy for anyone to obtain this? Especially if they have connections inside Yuuei." Katsuki asked in a low voice. "Perhaps..." The queen paused. 

"But only those who have no ill intentions against Yuuei can hold that gem."

The prince snapped his head to look at her in surprise. 

"If it ever touches a person with a tainted heart directed against Yuuei, it will burn, making it impossible to handle for that person. My master created that spell and cast it upon the grounds of Yuuei for the gems to absorb."

"So... it can't be passed to just any person."

"Correct. Congratulations on proving yourself, Katsuki."

"Hold on! If this can determine good from evil then why didn't they use this on my parents instead of jumping to conclusions that our kingdom betrayed them?!"

The prince gritted his teeth.

"I said the same thing to the queen and king... but unfortunately, the spell was cast after the war. They already lost their princess and the war already happened. There was no use trying to prove anything. The Soleil stone was used for that very reason."

Katsuki could only tighten his grip on the necklace. Looking at it in despair. "I do believe that Ekrixi did not kill the princess. My master held on to that too." Rei continued frowning. "Your master?" Katsuki grumbled but thankful that the queen believes in his kingdom. "Yes. He was a very powerful and talented magician..." The queen fondly stated.

"The old sage of Yuuei that predicted the birth of Izuku; Torino."


"As what you know, he's powerful enough to read fate and create complicated spells. Maybe he's just even second to the great magician when it comes to power. He took in 4 apprentices, 2 of which is me and Inko, the other two are unknown as he took them in from a different time than us."

"If that old fart was so great then why didn't he catch the real culprit?"


Izuku nudged the prince because of how he called the old man. 

"That was the problem... and the very reason why he banished himself from Yuuei after creating the Soleil stone spell. He couldn't find out who was the real culprit no matter what kind of spell he used. Out of shame and frustration, he went away without a trace."

The prince just stood there in silent guilt until the queen spoke again. "But I know he's alive somewhere. I can feel it. And so I thought, if you managed to find him somewhere out there, he'll be able to help you. He's a very kind man." Rei assured them. "If it won't be so hard to find him then I'm sure we'll be able to get help!" Izuku spoke. 

Rei could only smile worriedly because ever since their master vanished, he was nowhere to be found. Not even a sight of him nor a whiff of his magic. "In another topic, make sure you leave early in the morning tomorrow. You can't ride a dragon near the grounds of Yuuei or they will attack you without hesitation. You must walk your way near the border of the kingdom."

Katsuki gave Izuku the Soleil beaded necklace before bowing for the queen. 

"I appreciate all of your help, your highness."

"I pray for your success that will bring forth peace to both kingdoms..."

"We will s-"


The prince lifted his head and the queen turned her attention to the girl's wail. Both of their eyes wanted to reject what they're seeing. Izuku's just standing there but her tears are overflowing. She's in pain. But even though she's in great pain, Izuku won't let go of the stupid thing that's hurting her. As if she doesn't want to believe what's happening either. The Soleil necklace is bursting with flames, burning her hands severely. Izuku could only ask desperately;

"Why is it burning..?"

Chapter Text

"It's gone."

King Enji grumbled under his breath. Rei, looked up at him as they stood beside the window, looking out.

"What is?"

"That strange feeling I've been feeling for the past few days."


"A tugging feeling that kept bothering me. This was the first time I've felt it yet it seems familiar at the same time."

Rei tore her gaze away from him and back to the darkened sky. 

"Familiar, huh?"

"By familiar I meant it reminded me of Toshinori. Heh, I wonder why. It's been months since we last saw each other. Did he send me a greeting for our wedding anniversary?" Rei's eyes widened at that, snapping her head  back to her smirking husband. "Even though back then I used to compete with and antagonize him, he still looks out for me even till now. How disgusting." The king chuckled.

His words were negative but the queen knows he bears no ill feelings towards his older brother now.

"Even when back then I made too much enemies and they attacked me all at once, he was there to help and save me..." The king caressed his wife's cheek before continuing. "...If he didn't help, I would have lost you and Shouto. I know repenting throughout my whole life will not erase what I did to you and our children but I hope to renew those dark memories with joyous ones."

Rei smiled, cheeks flushed red, holding Enji's hand in place. "It's in the past and we highly appreciate everything you do for us now. Your words, your actions, even the vast field of my favorite flower and the fire and ice festival that you gave me." The queen giggled. 

"And speaking of the festival, I hope it won't rain during the closing ceremony tonight. It rained all night last night and the clouds are still gray."

Rei lightly froze at that. Because she somehow has an explanation for that but instead, she grabbed her husband's hands and urged him to dance with her. 

"Don't worry, it won't rain anymore."

It won't rain anymore because Izuku and the others had already left Prospatho that morning.

Izuku had been crying from the afternoon till the dawn of the next day and barely got any sleep because of it. The gang left early in the morning, bidding farewell to the royal family before taking off from the ground, though at that time, Izuku was fast asleep, making the rain come to a halt but the sky is still gray. In the present, as they flew, the greenette is still fast asleep in the arms of the prince. 

Everyone was silent. The warriors were informed of what happened. Izuku's hands was badly burned by the soleil stone. Katsuki had to yank it away from her because she won't let go of it- hoping that it was a mistake and the flames would die out. He, with the queen, rushed her to the castle's clinic to have her hands completely healed but it was no use...

The burns cannot be restored even with the greatest healing spell.

The magician doctors had no choice but to manually treat Izuku's hands. 

They did everything they could and had the girl's hands wrapped in bandages in the end. Poor girl was crying nonstop because of pain and confusion. Queen Rei never knew that the burns caused by the stone cannot be treated by magic, their master must have made it that way to easily identify enemies. 

But was Izuku an enemy?

That was the question that won't leave their minds.  

The thought made Katsuki hold Izuku tighter in his arms. He doesn't want to believe it. Izuku isn't someone with a tainted heart, it's hard but he will hold on to that. Queen Rei still gave them the soleil necklace and let Izuku be and when asked why, she reasoned out that the girl's burning may somehow have a connection to the king that kept her captive. 

There's also the fact that Izuku's giving out a suffocating aura for Rei. 

It didn't make the situation any lighter for Izuku though. The stone burned, she was exuding a threatening aura for the queen and she can't make use of her hands. All of that was so much to take yet she doesn't know they're happening and she doesn't know how to prove her innocence either. 

"Izuku... must be having a rough time."

Kaminari started to break the silence. 

"I've never seen her that upset before. Honestly, seeing her sad can also drag your mood down, I'd get why the skies are sad too."

Sero followed, looking at the dull color of the clouds. Once Izuku wakes up and decides to cry again, it will rain. It will take two days of air travel with breaks to reach their designated landing spot near Yuuei and if it keeps raining, their travel time will be delayed. Somehow, they have to cheer up Izuku or at least keep her from crying.

"Your majesty, how're we going to get inside Yuuei? Our appearance pretty much gives away where we're from."

Ashido asked this time. 

"'Dunno yet... I'll think about it tonight."

The  three looked at their prince with worry. It's not only Izuku who's  having a rough time but also him. They know how Katsuki feels about Izuku and what just happened must've broke his heart. They've never seen their prince so happy and in love before and now all of it is threatening to be taken away from him and from this point on...

Katsuki's trust on Izuku is put to the test. 

Kirishima landed on the ground to call it a day when afternoon came. Izuku woke up but she didn't cry... but she was clearly depressed. The usual smile and giggles coming from her can't be seen and heard, instead, she sat by a tree. All quiet and her face marred with a frown. Everyone's not used to it. 

That night, Kirishima decided to stay in his dragon form and have everyone sleep under his wings. The three idiots in his left and Izuku with Katsuki in his right. It was warm underneath his scaly wings... but Katsuki still held Izuku close- his large furred cape atop of them, Ruby eyes stared at Izuku's dull emeralds. She's having trouble sleeping because of thoughts running inside her mind. 

"Izuku, at least try to sleep. I know it's fucking hard with all the shit that happened but-"


Katsuki raised a brow when Izuku cut him off.

"Do you think I have a tainted heart..?"


"Do you think I have something against Yuuei?"

Her voice dripped with sadness.

"I know I only have my words but... I'm not lying. I don't have anything against Yuuei or anyone. I'm not a bad person... I don't want to become a bad person..."

Izuku's eyes became glassy but her tears were blinked away when warm palms cupped her face, making her look up at Katsuki.

"I never fucking said anything that your heart is tainted or some shit. Didn't the queen already said that there's gotta be another reason for this? So shut the fuck up already, because I still see you the same way as how I found you in your room." 

The girl's sadness was somehow replaced with a flustered feeling. She doesn't know why but her face are heating up right now. 

"Everything's confusing right now, I know. But I choose to believe in you no matter the odds. So you better believe in yourself too or I'm gonna lose my shit. It should be the two of us, not just me, not just you. If we're gonna unravel the mysteries around you then help me believe in you."

"Even if there are many things against me, will you still believe in me..?"

"Even if the whole world ditches you, shithead."

Izuku didn't know much feelings before. All that she knew was darkness and the cold, it stayed like that for so long that everything in her got numb. She never knew happiness and excitement until the prince busted her out of her room. And everyday she came to knew different things, different emotions...

It stayed like that as long as she's with Katsuki. Everyday's an adventure and a wild ride; happiness, surprise, pain and doubts- she had experienced everything she never knew when she was still cooped up. Throughout that journey, the feelings of loving him was no exception, she came to love Katsuki  genuinely, wholly and strongly. 

For the first time since they met, Izuku initiated a long, passionate kiss. 

Using her elbows, she towered over Katsuki. Even with her bandaged hand shaking in pain, Izuku lovingly caressed Katsuki's cheek.

Izuku had never been more sure in her entire years of living, never had someone believe in her so strongly before, never had loved someone like how she loves Katsuki. The latter stayed in shock, wide eyed yet a warm feeling bubbled inside of him. This is the first time Izuku had claimed him like that. 

Not long enough, he came to his senses and used his right hand to cradle the back of Izuku's head, pushing it to deepen their kiss. As their tongues tangled, Katsuki had wrapped his arms around Izuku to settle her properly on top of him. Smiling through the kiss, Izuku used the both of her hands to cup Katsuki's cheeks. Nothing mattered anymore except for the moment they share. 

Even when they broke away from each other, the girl continued showering the prince with kisses on his cheeks, forehead and nose that had him chuckling lowly. 

"What's with you? You're not normally like this." 

"Sorry. It's just that, I love Kacchan so much."

Izuku tucked her head under Katsuki's chin and relaxed. The latter hugged her tight in his arms after fixing his cape on top of them. 

"If you continue being like that, it's gonna be fucking hard for me to restrain myself."


Izuku asked innocently while Katsuki fought to ignore the heat travelling down his south. "Forget it, you shitty nerd. Go to sleep." The prince breathed out, closing his eyes along with Izuku. The two slept peacefully that night and a sunny day was promised the next morning. 

To the other's surprise, the sun greeted them when they woke up and Izuku's doing better, save for her burned hands. Though that was enough for them since the girl's smile returned to their relief. They were happy and noisy again like before and prepared to take off again. They gathered fruits and woods, everything they needed in their journey and next stop. 

"Hey, is there a stream or river nearby? We need to fill in our bottles."

Kirishima asked, gathering the said bottles in his arms.

"Why the fuck are you asking us, weren't you the one flying around?"

"Well, yeah, I was but I'm sure your eyes were free too when I was flying around, right?"

"Let's just walk around and find one."

Kaminari sighed in between the argument of the dragon shifter and their prince. Meanwhile, as Izuku closed a bag after packing, her ears perked up. "Oh, I know a stream nearby!" She merrily skipped towards Kirishima and took the bottles from him, carrying them through her arms. "I can go fill these for you. You can go back to tidying up, Kirishima." 

"How the fuck do you know where it is?" Katsuki crossed his arms before Izuku could turn and go. "The winds told me." She grinned lastly before taking off. "Hey! Make sure you know your way back, dumbass!" The blond shouted. When the girl was out of sight, the warriors smirked at their prince. "Wow, you sound like an overprotective father." Ashido laughed.

"She's an idiot. I had to."

"Oh c'mon, your highness. I'm sure the winds will take her back here. Aside from that, she's back to normal in just one night! Did something happen?"

Sero wiggled his brows.

"Fuck off!"

"Please don't tell me you did that under my wing."

"I said shut up or I'll fucking fry you!"

The warriors scattered away to do their job while laughing.

On the other hand, Izuku jogged the forest, following the direction of the wind. Soon enough, it led her to a stream. It was a little rocky and the current was fast but the water seemed promising. Without wasting any more time, she knelt down and took a bottle, careful not to use much pressure to hurt her and started filling it up with water. 

"I guess I have to change bandages when I get back." She said to herself as she took another bottle, the appendages on her hands got wet on some parts. Once she finished with the last bottle, she prepared gathering them up in her arms until her eyes caught something floating on the stream. She looked up to see a body- a short one- lifelessly floating pass her.


Was all she could say, thinking what the person was doing until she noticed that its face was submerged into the water so there's no way it can breathe. 


Izuku repeated with panic this time as she stood up. "H-Hey!" She started running to the direction where the water current was taking the person. It seems to be a man and he's not responding to her. So with panic and desperation, she jumped into the water which was only knee length and marched clumsily to chase the body of the man. 

"Hey! Uwah- wait!" Almost tripping face first into the water, she called out again but the man remained unresponsive. The stream heard her though and so strangely, the water's current shifted, making the man's body hit a rock and got stuck at it. This enabled Izuku to catch up to him and dragged him into dry land. 

Izuku panted and shook the man- old man, now that she had flipped him- to bring him back to his senses but the old guy remained unresponsive. 


"I'm alive."

Her breath stopped when the man suddenly opened his eyes and said those words with a smile as if nothing happened. 


She screeched again. The old man stood up, he's carrying a sack on his bag and set it down on his lap. "My goodness! My stuffs are all wet now!" He fumed as he took out its contents. Izuku just sat in front of him, dumbfounded. "A-Are you okay..?" She asked and the old man looked up at her briefly. 

"Never better!" Then he continued laying out his items which included a short staff, books and fruits. Izuku sighed out in relief. "That's great... I thought for a second there you were a goner." The other chuckled. "That's impossible, the water wasn't trying to kill me." Izuku's smile stiffened again because of confusion. 

"Uh... what? I-I mean, How did you end up floating down the stream?"

"Oh well, the stream told me to dive down, that's how."

"You... can hear them?"

Izuku's eyes widened, leaning close to the old man out of curiosity. He might sound crazy to other people but not to Izuku. They're the same, after all. 

"Loud and clear, dear."

"W-What did it say? Why did it make you jump on the water?"

"Why? To meet you of course!" 

The greenette looked at the old man with mixed surprise and bewilderment. 

"Meet me?"

"Why yes, hello Izuku. You've grown so much since I last saw you."

"W-We've met??? When? May I know your name?"

The man put out his hands over his drenched bag and items. A magic circle appeared on the ground underneath his belongings with a gust of wind. Water droplets slowly emerged from the items, effectively drying them.

"They call me the old sage; Gran Torino." 

"Gran... Torino."

"You were so cute as a baby, but now you turned into a beauty! I see you still have freckles on your rosy cheeks."

"Y-Y-You're the old sage of Yuuei!"

"I was, my dear. I was."

Gran Torino started packing up his things while Izuku looked at him with wonder and admiration. She found him! She found the old sage of Yuuei! Or more like, he was the one who found her. "T-This is great! Uhm, well... we really need your help with something... if you don't mind." She asked sheepishly. 

"My help? Why is that? You are the greatest of all things that ever lived! Why would you need my help?" Gran Torino sounded so sure that it put Izuku's heart at ease. "I'm... not really. I mean... there are lots of things that are telling me otherwise." Her voice turned gloomy. Gran Torino rubbed his chin, looking at her.

"Lots of things, you say? Like what?" She looked back up at him, frowning as she answered. "Well... for starters, the princess is dead... and I'm alive." Gran Torino laughed. "Yes, obviously." Izuku blushed in embarrassment before continuing. "A-And I don't have a scar like Kacchan said that the princess should have."

"Oh, you've met the young Bakugou."

"You know Kacchan???"

"Oh you two, the love you share is as clear as day even when you are apart for many years."

"But... we only met after a couple of days."

"Incorrect, the first time you two met was when you were still in your mother's womb."

Izuku remembered the story Katsuki told her and smiled. "You're right." The old sage nodded confidently. "So what was it about the things that said otherwise?" The latter asked again. "Right, and... I also have no prior memories about how I got into this world. My earliest memories was just me stuck in a dark room filled with books. I don't even know my own existence and the only magic I have is this..."

Izuku let out the balls of light which was her only companion before Katsuki met her. 

"How nice and pretty."

"T-Thanks haha. It's the only spell I know but the princess should know an infinite number of spells."

"Well, that is true."

"And this..."

Izuku showed her bandaged hands. 

"My! You're badly burned by a soleil stone!"

"Yeah... that was the final draw."

Gran Torino tilted his head.

"Why are you sad?"

"Why? Well-"

"There are many things that are telling you that you are not the princess but don't forget that there are also things saying that you are the princess." 

Izuku's eyes widened at the fact. 

"First, your looks. You look entirely like the queen when she was younger."

The girl touched her cheeks with her fingertips unconsciously.

"Did you know? You can never recreate another person's look without their DNA even with magic. Which means, you have the princess' genes; you are made up of your parent's DNA."

"I see..."

"Then the Earth. You can hear everything, can you not? The winds, the trees, the water, everything."

"I can."

"To top it off, fate connects you to the people you're dear to. Fate is by your side as how it should be with the princess. Let out your hand, dear..."

Izuku did so and Gran Torino hovered his hands above hers, a magic circle appearing.

"Lastly, you are the princess because I said so."

Bandages slowly unwrapped themselves from Izuku's skin, slowly floating away to vanish as it revealed Izuku's burns slowly healing because of the old sage's magic. She felt a cool, comforting presence around her, Gran Torino's magic spreads a kind aura. Once the last of her burns had gone away, she observed and felt her hand in fascination. 

"You are princess Midoriya Izuku of the Yuuei kingdom, don't ever forget that."

As the old sage said those words, Izuku felt a surge of familar magic surge through her whole being, as if Gran Torino's words affected her through many ways. But it was gone as soon as it showed up. That didn't deter Izuku though. The feeling of confidence remained in her. She clenched her fists and answered back cheerfully. 


"Good. This is the only help I can give you. I cannot accompany you to Yuuei, I'm afraid."

"Gran Torino... I'm very sure the king and queen wants you back. It wasn't your fault that you cannot find the real culprit of my death."

"I know, my dear. I thank you for your concern but I cannot bring myself to face them after giving the good news then came an immediate tragedy that I could not predict and even fix. I don't deserve to be called the powerful old sage anymore."

"Then... if I fix this, will you come back?"


"When everything's okay again, please come back to Yuuei. Your students miss you very much."

"Rei and Inko... They became such great magicians."

Izuku giggled. 

"Still, you must go to Yuuei, you can only find your answers over there."

"I will... but I don't know how to enter when the soleil burns me..."

Izuku frowned, looking back at her hands. 

"Hmm, I don't know why it burned you, certainly you hold no grudge against Yuuei but I created the soleil spell as to identify ill intentions through the person's magic."

"The... person's magic?"

"You are your magic, dear. If you are a kind person, you have a kind magic. If you are an ill hearted person, then your magic is as dark as your intentions. I made the spell so when it comes in contact to the person, it will sense his or her magic and determine if they bring good or evil. The magic never lies. 

"But my magic..! I... can only create balls of light... I don't see how I'm a threat to Yuuei..."

"Yes, but do remember that you are alive right now when you shouldn't be. That means there is another magic inside of you keeping you alive."


"That might be the reason why I'm having trouble breathing right now around you."

Gran Torino coughed a little, this made Izuku back away.

"It's fine, dear. It's not that threatening."

"I... want it off of me..."

"Well... you can't. You'll die."

This threw Izuku in a gloomy mood again. What can she do to be freed from that magic? She doesn't want anything inside of her to be of threat to anyone. "Now, now, up with that face. Every problem has a solution, you just have to find it." Izuku let out a small smile and neared the old sage again. "I can't tell how much I appreciate all the help you did for me, Gran Torino."

"Well, it's natural for me to help my godchild now, right?" Izuku blinked a few times before she chuckled. "Right!" She was about to say a few more things things to the old sage but suddenly remembered the people waiting for her from her errand. "O-Oh my gosh! I need to get back to Kacchan and the others!"

"Hahahaha! You should be going now, I pray for your success, Izuku." The two of them stood up and Izuku bowed in respect to the old sage. "Thank you so much! I promise you, we will succeed and I will bring you back to Yuuei!" Lifting her head up in determination, Gran Torino smiled softly before she bolted off.

"Good bye Gran Torino!"

She waved back to him as she ran back after gathering the bottles. But a question from the sage made her stop on her tracks. 

"Who are you again?"


She just stared at the short man dumbfounded until she remembered his words. Huffing confidently, she shouted back her introduction;

"I'm princess Midoriya Izuku of the Yuuei kingdom, take care, Gran Torino!!!"

With his wave and approving smile, she turned back confidently, letting the wind guide her back to their place. She met the old sage! She should tell Kacchan about this and all of the answers she just gathered, he'd be so happy! Not to mention her hands are all healed now. Everything's going toward a better direction. 

A few more minutes of running, she later found herself nearing the clear field where they stayed the night. Oddly enough, when she left it was quite peaceful yet right now... she can hear battle cries and clashing of swords. Her heart raced with a dread feeling. It doesn't sound as if the warriors were training or playing around... 

When she reached the place, she found a mob of angry people attacking her friends. 

"You fiend! You dare near the grounds of our kingdom after what you did to us!" 

One of the strangers attacking shouted as he clashed swords with Kirishima.

"Finish them! Bring their heads to king Toshinori!!!"

Izuku paled when another shouted those words. Her eyes scanned the whole area to find Katsuki. There he was in the middle of the chaos, clashing swords with multiple men. Honestly, Izuku knows that he can easily use his magic to blast them away but he doesn't... Because he doesn't want to hurt them and instead used his sword to keep them away and defend himself. 

Izuku's feet dashed to where the prince is, not caring even when she was pushed or thrown off with all the fighting. She stood back up no matter what just to reach him. Just when she's only a few breaths away to reaching Katsuki, she saw a man behind him who was about to slash his back with a sword. 

And the worst thing was the prince already has a lot in his hands. Izuku was sure her heart stopped right then and there but she only picked up her pace. 


She had closed her eyes but continued her actions anyway, she dashed to his place and spread out her arms to protect his vulnerable side. It was only a moment but she still felt the sharp pain and the blood that came out of her mouth. Because of it, she lost her footing and tumbled down to the ground. Izuku had never felt this kind of intense pain before. 

Her front stings a lot and it feels like it's burning. 

Izuku's body landed with a thud on the ground and only then was Katsuki able to turn around to see the bloodied form of the princess. "Izu..." His eyes darkened and mind blanked out. A large magic circle appeared in front of him- his own magic surging though his arms before he blasted the pests who were clashing with his sword. He doesn't give a fuck now that she's hurt. 


When the hindrances were away, he immediately bent down and gathered Izuku in his shaking arms. The latter coughed out more blood as she writhed in pain. The sword had slashed a deep wound on her front. 

"Izuku, fuck!!!"

Katsuki gritted out, not noticing that the entire battle had stopped once he screamed Izuku's name. Everyone just looked at them in horror and surprise. "Izuku!!!" The warriors cried as they dashed to her place. "T-The wound! Apply pressure on it, so we can lessen the bleeding!!!" Ashido shakily instructed. 

Kaminari, Sero and Kirishima tended to the greenette as Katsuki held her. But not for long. He entrusted Izuku to Kirishima before standing up, a dark expression on his face before marching to the guy who held the sword that is dripping with Izuku's blood. Out of fear and panic, the man shakily swung his sword to make Katsuki back off and defend himself.

But the prince easily caught his blade with a bare hand and snapped it into two. 

"How fucking dare you..."

Katsuki's first buried itself on the man's face and immediately held him by the collar, not even giving him a moment to fall on the ground. 

"A fucking lowlife like you to hurt Izuku..."

He dragged down his fist to make the man's face collide with his knee. Only then did he release the poor bloodied man to make his body fall down onto the ground and stepped on him to keep him in place. 


Kirishima screamed at him to hopefully stop but when he looks back at Izuku's bloodied form, it's as if he wants their prince to continue battering the man to death. The prince drew out his sword and pointed it at the man's neck, ready to end him right then and there. He had promised Izuku not to take another life again and yet he doesn't seem to care at the moment...

"Fucking die-!!!"

"Halt your sword!!!"

His dark expression never wavered even when he turned to where the voice came from. And man clad in black armor approached them. 

"You, prince of Ekrixi, say that this girl is named Izuku?"

Katsuki didn't answer. His mind was too busy thinking of a way to kill the man next. 

"She has green hair!"

"Forget that! She looks exactly like queen Inko!"

"We found the princess!!!"

The crowd started stirring up but the man silenced them before announcing; 

"Bring her to the Verdant dome!"

"You're not fucking taking her anywhere!"

Katsuki pointed his sword at the man's throat while his warriors donned a defensive stance to keep Izuku away from their hands. "Of course an outsider like you would not know what the Verdant dome is. What you have over there is our princess and she is dying for the second time! Placing her inside the dome is the only way to save her!!!"

Katsuki visibly flinched and was knocked clear into his senses. What will he do? Izuku's steadily losing blood, there is no medical magician with them and his friends can only do so much. There is no time... Izuku is dying. 

Sheathing back his sword, he walked back over to Izuku and took her from Kirishima's arms. She had passed out from too much loss of blood. This only made Katsuki angrier but he has to keep calm for her right now. Standing up, he faced the scruffy man with a glare. "Take us there. We will not entrust Izuku alone to all of you."

The man breathed out in frustration. 

"Open the portal."

"But, general Aizawa! To let in people from Ekrixi inside Yuuei! And we're not even sure if she's the princess, the king and queen will-!"

"Open it! We have a girl that is possibly our princess! Whether they are the worse fiends or not, we are not losing chances to save our princess! Not a word will reach the king and queen till I say so!"

The people of Yuuei bowed their heads in sadness as they opened a large portal.

"Aside from that..."

The man named Aizawa looked back at Katsuki before entering the portal.

"The lad is wearing a soleil necklace. We jumped too fast, having it escape our sights."

With that, Katsuki, his warriors and the people of Yuuei marched inside the portal that seemed to have no end. A few steps later, sunlight hit them, making the prince knit his brows but only for a second. The sight that welcomed them was enough to throw him into a state of awe. They're inside Yuuei. Soleil stone scattered around like weed and the kingdom is as vast as Ekrixi. 

It felt like the first time he's in here since he was just an infant when he last stepped inside this kingdom. 

"Hurry to the dome, follow me."

Aizawa called out to Katsuki. While they ran through the town, the eyes of the people did not escape them and whispers started going around. One look at Katsuki and you can already tell that he's a royal even without a crown but since their clothing is marked with Ekrixi's emblem, all of them looked at the prince and the warriors with disdain, not noticing Izuku in Katsuki's arms.

If the general wasn't with them, the villagers would have attacked and thrown everything they can at them. After running as fast as their feet can, they reached a vast circular space in the middle of the kingdom. The ground had patterned stones and a green, glittering dome hovered the whole expanse of the circle. 

"Place her inside, in the middle."

Aizawa instructed Katsuki. With hasty steps, the latter passed through the magic dome and laid down Izuku in the middle. To his surprise, her wound started emitting tiny green particles of light and it stopped bleeding altogether. It's working, the dome is healing Izuku much to his relief. When he let out his hand to caress Izuku's cheek, a hand stopped him with quick reflexes and cuffed it with his other.

"Fucker!!! Let me go!!!"

He tried setting off explosions but nothing came out. They used magic blocking cuffs. Katsuki gritted his teeth as he glared up at Aizawa. 

"You can rest assure that Izuku is taken care off. You and your gang on the other hand are held as prisoners. But you are the only one that will have an audience with the queen in the temporary absence of the king."

The prince looked back at his friends who are now also cuffed. 

"Your highness! Don't worry about us, just go! Tell her!!!" 

Katsuki looked at Kirishima with doubt and helplessness. Will the queen even listen to him?! Hell she might even behead him the moment he enters the room! Swallowing a lump in his throat, Katsuki stood up and let himself get dragged to where the queen is while his friends are being taken to the prisoners cell. He looked back at the dome to see Izuku sleeping peacefully in the middle, the people gathering around to see her are increasing. 

Clicking his tongue, he hoped to every gods out there that everything will turn out fine. At long last, after who knows how long they were walking, they finally reached the castle. Once inside, everyone that they passed by were looking at him with disgust. Be it maids or whatever low rank extra there was inside the castle. He can fucking feel everyone's hatred on him but he couldn't care less.

All he could think of now was how to convince the queen that their daughter is alive and well. 

To his surprise, he was dragged outside- a place that seemed to be the garden and not the throne room where business was usually taken care off. And in the middle of all the flowers and butterflies fluttering around a table is set with a chubby woman sitting beside it. Katsuki couldn't see her face as she was facing him with her back. Aizawa kneeled, making Katsuki do the same.

 "Your highness, we have brought to you the heir of Ekrixi. Shall we begin with the execution?"

The prince's eyes shot up and thrashed on Aizawa's hold.

"Bastard! I'll fucking kill you!" 

The general gave him a cold glare and painfully tightened his hold on Katsuki.

"Aizawa... You may leave us now, thank you for your hard work." 

The man and the prince were surprised the queen's statement. Her voice sounded so kind yet so sad. 

"As you wish, my queen."

For the last time, the general glared at Katsuki and the latter gladly returned it. Once Aizawa was out of sight, the queen stood up and the sound of the chair being dragged onto the ground made Katsuki flinch. He prepared himself for her next action but what she just did was to turn to him and gave a melancholic smile. 

"Hello, Bakugou Katsuki. It's been a while."

'She's not gonna strangle me?' Was the first thing that Katsuki thought and then that's it. His voice seemed to have been stuck in his throat since he's unable to reply out of nervousness now, fearing one wrong word might offend the woman. There was a stretch of awkward silence before the queen laughed. 

"It's okay, I'm not going to have them kill you and your friends."

The prince felt like a big weight got off his shoulders. 

"That would have been childish. The war happened more than a decade ago and I wouldn't want to stir anything again. All we want right now is peace and we have it. I'm going to set you free immediately but I have a question that I hope you will answer honestly..."

Katsuki swallowed down in his throat.

"What were you doing near the borders of Yuuei? This is the first time in years that people from your kingdom neared us..."

This was it. He has to tell her everything right now. 



The queen repeated with a tilt of her head. 

"We were headed for Yuuei on purpose." 

This shocked Inko.

"Why? For so many years, our kingdoms have no need for any communication. What could possibly be so important for you to come here and risk your life?"

"We were trying to bring back your daughter, Izuku!


When the queen said nothing, Katsuki held his breath. It was now or never.