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Everybody’s talking about prom night

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BeccaThanYou: Yo guys! How ya all doing after yesterday?

AllahSparkles: Becca...what did you do...

BeccaThanYou: Nothin’ idk what ya talkin’ about!

MusicallyStar: 100% Sure she spiked the Ribena™ 

BeccaThanYou: Nah I never!! It was Bex :P

FunzillaAlert: Aww you rat me out ya bitch

Faghag: That explains why Jamie isn’t responding to my texts, he always replies within a minute 

BoozingBoi: Yeah, there was definitely booze in the Ribena™  but it was all good, nothing that hasn’t gone in my system before ^^ 

FunzillaAlert: Of course not “BoozingBoi”

BoozingBoi: Oi don’t make fun of my name

FunzillaAlert: I can do what I want!

FagHag: Srsly guys I’m worried about Jamie!!

HottestRoadman: Don’t be

BeccaThanYou: What’s that supposed to mean DEAN

AllahSparkles: Yeah ya wanker  (¬、¬)

HottestRoadman: Shut up I didn’t meant like that. I just meant Jamie is no lightweight, He ain’t goin’ down that easy.

Faghag: That’s...Actually kinda sweet Dean(^∇^)

GeckoBoi: When did Dean become such a softie?

HottestRoadman: Fuck you

BeccaThanYou: Wait...Dean, how do you know Jamie’s not a lightweight?~

HottestRoadman: Fuck off it ain’t like that, I just happened to see Jamie drunk a few times that’s all

FunzillaAlert: A FEW?!

HottestRoadman: Ok I’m muting this chat

MusicallyStar: No...Dean...Come back -.-

GucciGang: Can we just talk about Vicki’s name XD

AllahSparkles: Yh I need an explanation!

MusicallyStar: Ok to after Jamie’s drag performance, Becca and Bex explained to me what lip syncin’ was and showed me and I found out I really like it so now I have 1.3mill fans (≧∇≦) 

SmokingHotSlutSquat: Yass my Queen!! ( ˘ ³˘)♡

Faghag: Jamie! You’re Ok!

SmokingHotSlutSquat: Soz for not replying Pritti Pasha~ I felt sick this morning Xx

GeckoBoi: Ooo Jamie New got a hangover!

SmokingHotSlutSquat: ugh I drank some water and I think I’m good Xx

BeccaThanYou: Glad to here it! 

FunzillaAlert: ^^^^

MusicallyStar: Stay safe when your drunk babes

AllahSparkles: I’ll pray for your health :)

GucciGang: Just don’t puke on my Nikes and we all Gucci 

FunzillaAlert: Show some sympathy you prick...

BoozingBoi: We gotta go drinking together one day mate

DoormanBoi: Hell yeah a lads night out! ╭(●`∀´●)╯

BoozingBoi: ╰(●’◡’●)╮

HottestRoadman: Get some rest Jamie or you may feel more sick.

SmokingHotSlutSquat: Awww is Dean Paxton worried about little old me!(⸝⸝⸝ª̷̛იॢª̷̛⸝⸝⸝)

HottestRoadman: Fuck off Jamie...

MusicallyStar: OwO is that compassions!? Coming from Dean!?

BeccaThanYou: Please never say OwO again it is bloody cringe

FunzillaAlert: WAIT. I just remembered somthin’

FagHag: ???

BeccaThanYou: Oh yeah!! Can we just talk about for 80% of the evening, Dean and Jamie were dancing together (♡●♡)

MusicallyStar: What a ship 

AllahSparkles: Goalllls xxxxx

Faghag: Wait, what does ship mean?

FunzillaAlert: It’s like, seeing two people you think would be really cute together and putting them in a relation-ship

BeccaThanYou:  It’s usually two fictional characters but you can irl ship if the people give consent! ;)

MusicallyStar: Yeah! Then people right fanfics (when someone takes either the story or characters -or both- of a certain piece of work, whether it be a novel, tv show, movie, etc, and create their own story based on it) about them ;P

Faghag: Oh, sounds like a fun hobby!

HottestRoadman: Well I don’t fucking give consent Becca


‘HottestRoadman’ left the group chat

‘SmokingHotSlutSquat’ left the group chat


GeckoBoi: Jamie too?

BeccaThanYou: Shite...

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‘BeccaThanYou’ changed the group chat name to ‘Hey hoo what we gonna do?’


MusicallyStar: That’s a question and a half

Faghag: I can talk with Jamie!

FunzillaAlert: Sounds like a plan. Can anyone speak to Dean without him yelling at ‘em?

GucciGang: I can give it a go?

BeccaThanYou: Get back to us!


Now entering Pritti and Jamie’s DMs...


Faghag: Jamie? 

Faghag: You doing ok? 

Faghag: You just up and left us...

Faghag: Jamie?

Faghag: Jamie New?


Now entering Sayid and Dean’s DMs...


GucciGang: Yo dude, you chill?

HottestRoadman:  I’m not in the mood Sayidiot 

GucciGang: Dude seriously you never get riled up by stuff like that! You just brush it off! 

HottestRoadman: Fuck off mate

GucciGang: Come on dude! You can tell me if it was something we said ;-;

GucciGang: At least let me add you back into the chat!

GucciGang: Fine then, be like that


Now entering the ‘Hey hoo what we gonna do?’ group chat


GucciGang: Its useless! He wont fess up to why he’s so mad

GeckoBoi: I’ll give him a go


Now entering Levi and Dean’s DMs...


GeckoBoi: Mate you gotta chill out or they’re gonna figure something’s up

HottestRoadman: I just can’t deal with the teasin’ about me and Jamie. I know Jamie don’t like me and I already told him I’m not gay. Oh hell Levi I’ve completely fucked myself up 

HottestRoadman: I mean honestly can that man be any more perfect?! If he was I don't know what I'd be doing now

GeckoBoi: Bro you’re gay as fuck

HottestRoadman: Nah really?!

GeckoBoi: why don’t you just talk to him?

HottestRoadman: Because he always teases me and I get flustered so I say the wrong thing

GeckoBoi: Like when you told him you weren’t gay?

HottestRoadman: Like when I told him I wasn’t gay.

GeckoBoi: You two seemed to have a great time at the dance though?

HottestRoadman: That’s a different story, we were both drunk

GeckoBoi: wait BOTH

HottestRoadman: Yeah man I don’t remember shit

GeckoBoi: Well then there’s your perfect reason for getting mad

HottestRoadman: ??

GeckoBoi: You are hungover, so you’re in a bad mood and groggy!

HottestRoadman: Not one bit of that is a lie tbf

GeckoBoi: Aww so you’re Hungover but you care more about Jamie’s health that your own! 

HottestRoadman: just add me back already dip shit


Now entering Pritti and Jamie’s DMs...


Faghag: Jaime I’m getting worried, I’m coming round

SmokingHotSlutSquat: No need Pritti Pasha! 

Faghag: Thank goodness you’re ok! You don’t get upset about that stuff

SmokingHotSlutSquat: I know! I got flustered >/////<

Faghag: Why? The New (;D) Jamie would just start poking fun at Dean at any given opportunity 

SmokingHotSlutSquat: You forget I had no clue we were dancing almost all night!

Faghag: Yeah you blew me off during the slow dance  <(`^´)>

SmokingHotSlutSquat: OMG I’m so sorry my queen!

Faghag: It’s ok, Dean was hotter than me anyway (¬_¬)

SmokingHotSlutSquat: Never! You looked totally gorge Xx

Faghag: True~ But don’t try and avoid your gay ass crush on Dean

SmokingHotSlutSquat: I don’t know what you’re talking about Pritti Pasha ʅ(◞‿◟)ʃ

Faghag: Don’t even try that with me Jamie, you’ve told me you’re uber gay for Dean

SmokingHotSlutSquat: Aw you got me! *drops onto his bed dramatically* @0@

Faghag:...You actually did that didn’t you...

SmokingHotSlutSquat: Maybe...

Faghag: You’re such a drama queen

SmokingHotSlutSquat: *GASP* Moi?! A Drama Queen?! I’m so offended Pritti Pasha!

Faghag: Seems like you’re back to your gay, fabulous self again. Can I add you too the chat

SmokingHotSlutSquat: I would appreciate it! ^^


Now entering the  ‘Hey hoo what we gonna do?’ group chat  


‘GeckoBoi’ added ‘HottestRoadman’ 


GucciGang: How come you can get him back and I can’t?!

GeckoBoi: I’m just better at talking to people then you Mr. I only wear top of the top merch

DoormanBoi: That is Sayid in 8 words 

GeckoBoi: I can do it in one

BoozingBoi: Go on then 

HottestRoadman: Sayimbecile

GeckoBoi: Stingy


FunzillaAlert: Was that a Lazy town joke...

BeccaThanYou: I wouldn’t be surprised, it’s Levi

GeckoBoi: Oi, it was the shit when I was a kid

MusicallyStar: Mood


‘Faghag’ added ‘SmokingHotSlutSquat’


BeccaThanYou: Jamie!

FunzillaAlert: You’re back!

SmokingHotSlutSquat: Sorry gals! I felt sick again and left by accident 

DoormanBoi: r/oopsdidntmeanto

AllahSparkles: MICKEY 

BeccaThanYou: Where’ve you been my queen?

AllahSparkles: Buying new hijab’s! 

Faghag: Send me some pics?

AllahSparkles: Sure! Just don’t go stealing my fashion sense again

Faghag: Will do! Or...won’t do? You know what I mean ^^

SmokingHotSlutSquat: I wouldn’t trust her Fatima 

Faghag: Ah! I was betrayed by my bestie! It was a wonderful life! *dies*

SmokingHotSlutSquat: Who’s the drama queen now Pritti Pasha?~

Faghag: Still you

SmokingHotSlutSquat: Fair! Oh and Dean, are you doing ok, you seemed more aggressive and groggy than usual?

HottestRoadman: Yeah, just got a hangover

Faghag: That makes sense!

MusicallyStar: r/thathappened 

BeccaThanYou: Vicki!

MusicallyStar: Oh lay off, it’s all in good fun :P

SmokingHotSlutSquat: I just remembered! There’s this cafe opening later today. I wanted to know if you guys wanted to meet there! Xx

FunzillaAlert: Sounds fun, what time?

SmokingHotSlutSquat: Hmmm 4pm?

BeccaThanYou: Yay! Can’t wait!

GeckoBoi: See you there!

MusicallyStar: Byeeee~