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Snow and cranberries

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“Those on today’s resource expedition are Shoukudaikiri Mitsutada, Yagen Toushirou, Sayo Samonji, Heshikiri Hasebe, and Tsurumaru Kuninaga.” Konnousuke announced.

Their Aruji had written down that their duty was to pick cranberries so they could make some wine.

“I can’t believe Aruji is making us pick cranberries in this weather...” Hasebe was freezing.

“Do you wish for revenge?” Sayo’s ear’s perked up.

“No, I don’t, don’t kill Aruji.”

“Hahaha. That’d be a scary surprise...” Tsuru laughed with a voice sounding slightly sad

“That’s all in the past. Now we serve Aruji and if Aruji wants cranberries so be it,” Shoukudaikiri scanned the nearby bushes for cranberries,” However, it doesn’t seem like much luck ...”

“Maybe by a river?” Yagen took out a survival guide out of his pocket.

“How aren’t you guys freezing out here???” Hasebe continued to chatter.

“I’m surprised your passion for Aruji’s love and attention isn’t stronger than this cold.” Tsurumaru began making a snowball.

“Don’t.You.Dare.” A glare was thrown to the crane named man.

“Oh.I.Do.” A glare was returned.

“Is this a form of revenge?” Sayo’s eyes were sparkling in interest.

A mix of yes and no was said at the same time by the arguing duo.

“Sayo, you see everything can’t be about r-,” Hasebe was cut off by said snowball,” Tsu.Ru.Ma.Ru!!!”

Tsurumaru was snickering as he made more snowballs and a fort in the form of the citadel? That was actually very surprising. The snow on Hasebe melted as his passion for Aruji reignited and his anger towards Tsurumaru combined. Sayo still didn’t have a full response. Overseeing this were Shoukudaikiri and Yagen.

“L-lets just ignore them Yagen-kun.”

“I agree, it’s best we get this done quickly.” Yagen didn’t want to admit it but his legs were really cold.

“You see Sayo,” Hasebe in the background began making his own snowballs,” there are times when revenge is needed. Perhaps mostly when a certain person gets on your nerves.”

Sayo had long lost interest and had returned to cranberry searching. “I found some cranberries!! Ah.” Shoukudaikiri recalled he forgot to bring a basket with,” Sayo-kun? May we use your hat?” “For the berries?” “Yes, please.” Sayo gave a cute little nod that probably gave Shoukudaikiri a heart attack, but he had to be more behaved than the two other idiots fighting.

“Sh-Shoukudaikiri-san... your nose.” Yagen handed him a handkerchief. What would he do without them. He didn’t deserve their kindness. Especially Sayo’s cuteness. In his gratefulness, he accidentally crushed some berries that were in his hand, splattering his face and jersey in the process.

“Oops...,” he paused awkwardly,” That was very uncool of me.”

“Do you still need my hat?”

“Y-yes, thank you Sayo.”

“But we have to make it into wine right? So why don’t we just mash the berries here?” Sayo began to grab a small handful and in an uncute fashion began to smash the berries with his murderous aura.

“S-Sayo-kun!!!” In less than five seconds the blue haired tantou had berry stains that looked more like blood splatters all over his clothes and body. He looked up with a glare. Shoukudaikiri flinched a bit. The scene before him screamed ‘revenge’...he couldn’t find the courage to say that his method would waste the juice.

“W-well... what should we do now...” Yagen looked at the sky, the sun beginning to set.

“Let’s grab what we can.”

“Alright.” Yagen avoided getting hit by a snowball as he crouched.

“Alright, calm down you two and get to work!” 

“Boooooo!” Tsurumaru blew a raspberry.

“NOT UNTIL I AVENGE ARUJI!!” Hasebe had a fire in his eyes.

“...Or fight to death I guess...” he casually turned around.

“I actually need some assistance, if you don’t mind, for research.”

“Yeah, sure?”

“Thanks, I’ll need some of this, these and those.” Yagen started to list off certine medicine ingredients and pulled out a box filled with vials and bottles of all sorts.

“Hahaha, BWAH?” The back of Shoukudaikiri was hit with a snowball.

“Uh-oh...” Tsuru and Hasebe were both caught with arms midair about to throw snow balls.

“I’ve let you off before because you didn’t harm our goal, but now...” The two shrank under Shokudaikiri’s eye,” It’s payback!”

He threw some of the berries at them. Sayo joined in thinking it was alright to throw berries at people. Things might’ve gotten out of hand.


When they arrived back they were covered in snow and berry juice.

“Welcome ba-Ack?!” Konnousuke froze as if having witnessed a horror scene.

“What’s wrong Konnousuke?” Shoukudaikiri asked confused.

“N-nothing is wrong...,” The little fox slowly began to turn around before running off,” DONT EAT MEEEE!”


Yagen let out a laugh, “From this perspective we all look ridiculous with berry juice on us. Add a small creature looking upwards and we look scary.”


“We should hurry and take a bath.”

“Yeah, I hope Konnousuke will be fine.”

“He should be. He’ll run out of emergency tofu after some time.” Tsuru laughed.

“How do you know he has emergency tofu?” Sayo looked at Tsurumaru with curiosity.

“I can’t ruin the surprise lol.”

“Did you just say el oh el out loud...” Hasebe hit the crane on the head.

“Yeet.” And he T posed.

“Let’s go.” A chorus of yeahs followed.

“What ur gonna leave me like this?”

“You only brought this upon yourself lol.” Revenge achieved. Hasebe thought while he gave him a got you face. At least he tried.

And thus was maybe a normal day in the citadel.