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Recreational Arson

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“Hey, Todoroki, I had an Idea!” Midoriya said bouncing up to his friend eyes gleaming like green stars in his head. Todoroki blinked innocently at him and wondered if this was one of his genius ideas or one of his weird ideas. It could go either way.

“Yes…?” Todoroki asked softly.

“So you know how I’m a hero fanboy right? I have been through basically my entire life and as a result I have a lot of, you know, hero merchandise. I’m low key a collector, though i can’t afford to be like an official collector. There are tons of people with better collections than me. Nighteye for instance. Just by being a pro-hero who worked with All Might he had access to way more merch than me. Heck, I think some places give heroes merch for free. So there’s no way that i can compete with-”

“I know you’re a fanboy,” Todoroki cut in. He had no idea where this was going but he could tell that Midoriya was getting off track.

“Right!” Midoriya said seeming to catch himself. “So anyway, as a result before i found out how shitty your dad was i bought merch of him because he was a popular big name hero you know. Some of my top ten hero collections would be considered incomplete without him. But i imagine that won’t be as much of a problem once he gets arrested. The value of his merch will nosedive after that… well unless everyone destroys their Endeavor merch, then in like twenty years the value might go back up because it’s such a rare find. But then again who wants to buy merch of living dumpster fires? Is it like those weird people who want to buy merch of serial killers? I never understood that-”

There was a growl from across the room. “Just get to the fucking point, Deku!”

Midoriya jumped and let out a little eep. “So anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to burn all my Endeavor merch with me.”

Bakugou was beside them so quickly Todoroki could have sworn he’d borrowed iida’s quirk. “I’m in.”

Todoroki looked between the two of his friends (was Bakugou a friend yet?) and offered a small grin. “Sounds fun.”

Bakugou returning smile was slightly crazed. “Oh you have no idea!”

Has he done this before?

Of course the rest of Bakugou’s crew invited themselves along because they shared his desire to sow destruction and chaos. Momo, Tsuyu, Jirou, and Uraraka also invited themselves and since Iida had a motherly instinct, he also came to make sure they didn’t take things to far.

Most of his classmates also decided to throw there Endeavor merch into the admittedly impressive pile. Whether it was because they had caught on that Endeavor was a shit bag or because they trusted Midoriya’s collector’s instincts, or because they just really enjoyed seeing stuff destroyed remains to be seen. There was a sort of poetic justice in setting fire to Endeavor merch, everyone silently agreed.

Bakugou had found them a big empty field far out from where people normally went but only a couple train stops from UA. He said he used to come here to practice his quirk safely. Apparently he wasn’t as reckless as he appeared and Iida, though he yelled at him for using his quirk in public at all, complimented him on his forethought not to practice it in a place he could actually hurt people. Bakugou told him to go fuck himself and pointed out that if he couldn’t train his quirk and test it’s outer limit he’d be more likely to fuck up using it. Iida pointed out that there were quirk training facilities for that. At this point Todoroki got tired of listening to the argument and turned to his other friends.

Everyone who had Endeavor merch were piling it in the center of the field and were otherwise talking amidst themselves. Momo, Uraraka, and Midoriya were sporting the most vindictive expressions of the group though everyone else seemed eager. Todoroki figured he knew why Midoriya and Momo were so excited to do this, both were aware of the extent of his home life (Momo, not long after their heart to heart during the final exam, had confronted him gently about it. He didn’t have the heart to lie to her.) but Uraraka was a mystery. She’d always been scarily empathetic and weirdly observative (in a different way from Midoriya). Todoroki wondered if she’d figured out his home life just by watching him and the way he and Midoriya and Momo acted. Or maybe Midoriya accidentally told her… Midoriya didn’t seem the type to give up his secrets so easily but Uraraka seemed like the kind of person who knew how to get answers out of people.

Todoroki was mildly scared of Uraraka. She was a sweet girl but he’d been in her proximity long enough to know better then to underestimate her. She had a low key vindictive streak and he’d seen her manipulate people with her adorable looks

Tsuyu also possibly knew about Endeavor, but Todoroki had a hard time reader her so he wasn’t sure.

Jirou was setting up a sound system. She finally gave the thumbs up and Midoriya was bouncing on the balls of his feet looking more satisfied with himself as todoroki had ever seen him.

“As Endewhore’s unfortunate son,” Midoriya handed him a plastic endeavor action figure. “You get first kill.”

Todoroki couldn’t hold back the grin that crossed his lips. And just as his left side caught on fire and the plastic started to melt in his hand, blaring rock music filled the air.

That was all the signal his classmates needed.

The destruction that followed was legendary.

Todoroki was having his fun melting stuff and experimenting slightly by freezing and heating up the plastic. Kaminari at a point threw a rolled up poster at him and it burst into flames before it could touch him. Which triggered a game of ‘lets throw stuff at Todoroki so he can burn it’ game. Admittedly he was having fun, it was rare that he used his fire so freely (he’d ice any fire, in case it got out of control.) it was kinda neat to let it flow around him like a scarf in the wind. It was beautiful and, though it made him nervous, he was glad he had something to associate fire with other than his father.

The other kids were having just as much fun destroying stuff. Midoriya, Bakugou, Uraraka, Momo, and even Iida where having a throwing contest, similar to the ball throw from the first day of school. Except this time it wasn’t about how far they could throw it, but how destructive to to the toy the throw could be. Todoroki watched as Uraraka once again ‘yeeted’ (was that the slang?) an Endeavor plush into the sky to never be seen again as it burned up in the atmosphere. Midoriya and Bakugou weren’t far behind, Bakugou setting off an explosion that had their ears ringing, Midoriya activating his quirk and throwing the doll so hard that it left a hole in one of the clouds. It didn’t change the weather or anything but it was still terrifying. Iida kicked his doll and while it didn’t disappear into the sky it still skated to treeline for a moment before being forever lost in the forest beyond the clearing. Iida’s mouth pulled in a line that said he was unsatisfied with the result. Momo made another cannon.

Meanwhile Kaminari, Ashido and Sero were entertaining themselves by combining their powers to make essentially a sticky melted pile of plastic. They kept switching back and forth in their combinations. And the acrid smell of burning plastic was starting to sting all their noises. “Tape it to the ball, Sero!” Ashido would sometime shout. And Kaminari kept sending tiny charges through the material to see what would happen. They were regular Doctor Frankenstein’s. The gooey plastic was no longer remotely recognizable as Endeavor figurines.

Kirishima, feeling he wasn’t much use in that experiment decided to see what things he was capable of breaking with a headbutt.  The number of objects was surprising. Jirou watched with amusement but stuck close to her radio set-up almost defensively.

Tsuyu had a camera out.

Todoroki couldn’t help but smile at the chaos and destruction. Midoriya met his eyes and smiled back. He always knew what Todoroki needed, it seemed. Whether it be a punch in the face or a way to unwind, he was Shouto’s hero.

“Kero, is it okay if I post this online?” Tsuyu asked, zooming in on Todoroki’s self-satisfied grin.

Todoroki imagined Endeavor finding this video. His smirk was met by Midoriya’s and surprisingly a slightly evil and wider grin from Bakugou.

“Go for it,” Todoroki said.

Midoriya hopped up in down a bit like a bunny. “If we frame it right with editing we might even start a trend!”

“Kero,” Tsuyu nodded, knowing that mean Midoriya was basically going to take over the editing process. It meant less work for her.

At the end of the day they had a bonfire. The air smelled acrid from the burnt plastic but the fire burned different colors from the different materials in it. Rather than roast marshmallows on the gross plastic fire they roasted them on Todoroki’s fire, which seemed weird to him, but they tasted fine so no one made a big deal about it.

It was one of the more fun experiences Todoroki had had with his classmates. No villains, no battling. Just burning Endeavor merch and hanging out. Todoroki felt a special kinda warmth settle in his chest.

He really cared about these people.