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Merry Christmas you filthy weebs

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 KiriBaku (Quirk Swap)


Bakugou walked out of the showers, towel around his waist and one on his shoulders as he fluffed his hair. Once he was dried he put on his sweatpants and picked up his shirt and left for his room. He walked in and saw Kirishima lying on his bed.

"Hey, rock city," The redhead smiled at him, staring a bit longer at his chest.

"Shut up, shitty hair," Bakugou grinned at him while hardening his chest for a second before putting his shirt on.

Kirishima pouted but sat up so the other could sit next to him. Once Bakugou was close enough the shark boy himself pulled him down and kissed his cheek, smiling against his boyfriends face.

"Bleh, what was that," The blonde scowled, recoiling.

"Affection," Kirishima laughed, putting his hands around his boyfriend's neck.

"Disgusting," He turned his head away. He side eyed him and then leaned back in "Do it again," 

Kirishima laughed again and leaned in to kiss him properly, little fireworks went off, literally and figuratively.




Kaminari was sitting with his squad at their lunch table laughing and almost falling over, Bakugou was rolling his eyes and Mina was in the same state. Kirishima was fondly looking at his friends and Sero was the one who told the joke. Kaminari was in tears and while he was wiping away a stray one he spotted Shinsou sitting alone and waved him over.

The boy in question walked over awkwardly and sat next to Kaminari. Mina waved and greeted him and the other boys waved while bakugou grunted in acknowledgment. Kaminari put all of his attention on Shinsou and started talking with him.

"How have you been? Is Class B good? What's it like?" He asked, beaming.

"Um, it's alright I guess, and I'm alright, how are you?" Shinsou scratched the back of his neck.

"Ah I'm good! We had training earlier today so that was cool and Bakugou has this new move it was really awesome!" He babbled on.

Shinsou didn't mind, he'd rather listen than talk so he looked at the other fondly until the rest of his group was leaving.

"Come on discount Pikachu we gotta go," Bakugou growled at the other.

"Coming! I'll see you later Shin!" Kaminari smiled and kissed the others cheek and then bounded after the others.

Shinsou blushed and touched his cheek "Bye," He trailed off as the group were already gone.




It was the squad's movie night, Deku, Ururaka, Tsuyu, and Todoroki were all sitting on the couches in the dorm common room and Iida was in the kitchen with Aoyama getting popcorn. It was Tsuyus turn to pick a movie so it was some Disney movie, princess and the frog was it? Whatever it was Iida was sure he would enjoy it, he enjoyed all his friend's picks. Once the popcorn was finished the pair headed back to the others and put the bowl on the table, then occupying a seat on one of the adjacent love seats, snuggling up together.

The others were all leaning on each other and enjoying the film, singing along to the songs. When 'Ma Belle Evangeline' came on Aoyama started humming softly and peppering kisses on Iida's face. The boy in question started blushing and sputtering. The others were giggling on the couch and Ururaka cooed and awed, Tsuyu smiled at the pair.

"Yuuga, this is embarrassing," Iida muttered, covering his face, smiling none the less.

"What's embarrassing about it mon cher? I'm just showing you I love you," The other whispered, giving a kiss to Iida's hands. 

The blush spread down to Iida's neck and he was sure he was about to combust, but took his hands away anyway "I love you too," He said, giving a quick kiss to Aoyama's cheek "Now be quiet and watch the movie,"

Aoyama laughed but complied, as they got to see the end of the song. 



Meanwhile, the others were melted, on the floor, except for Todoroki of course. 

"Come on Iida you can't do that to us!" Deku shouted, crying.

"Guys get off the floor it's dirty, what are you doing," Todoroki asked, his eyes crinkling in confusion.

"Aw, Todoroki! It's just cause they're too cute! We can't handle it!" Ururaka tried to explain, Tsuyu nodding.

"Why would that mean you would be on the floor?" The multi-coloured hair boy inquired.

They all sighed "We'll show you," Tsuyu said, they all then got up and kissed Todoroki.

His face was now the shade of the left side of his face and he slipped onto the floor.

"I understand now," All that was heard was laughter.