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Family runs deeper than blood

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This was not a problem. Izuku sweats, determinedly not looking down at his leg. Unfortunately not looking does not equate to not feeling and the sickeningly sweetly-scented slick substance oozing morbidly from the deep laceration in his leg slides betweens his fingers painting them a dark crimson as easily as one would an easel. Izuku increases the pressure resolutely against the wound, attempting to stem the blood flow even a little, though his attempt is mostly futile.

Ok, so he was nowhere near UA, he was badly injured, there were still a couple villains left and since he was still standing they weren't yet focused on the civilians behind him.

In simple terms; Izuku smiles grimly as he fires up one for all, if he falls, they fall. He charges headfirst into the fray without hesitation.

‘Sorry mum, All might, everyone’   he ruminates as he clashes with a villain who has a strength based quirk ‘ I might not make it out of this one’

He wins, he wouldn't still be alive if he hadn't, but the blood loss catches up with him and black spots swim steadily through his vision as he attempts to catch his breath. Breathing heavily, his legs eventually collapse beneath him and he faceplants roughly into the gravel, stones digging into his cheeks and ripping cuts into his already thoroughly abused flesh.

Any memories after that are too muddled to properly interpret, the only thing he can recall even slightly is a gentle, “You did good my boy” and the warmth of being pressed near someone as if he was something precious that was to be treasured. Then he passes out completely.

He wakes up in the UA infirmary, again. Izuku wonders idly if maybe he shouldn't start making this a habit. Though he's distracted from that train of thought as he finally registers the hand carding softly through his green locks pulling carefully at the tags that had formed overtime. He sighs blissfully at the soft treatment, opening his eyes expecting to see his mother, an apology already forming on his lips, but very nearly suffers a heart attack at the sight of All Might perched on a chair at the side of his bed. He immediately shoots up into sitting position, ignoring the screech of protest his leg  gives at the rough treatment and very nearly squawks as he gapes at his hero.

All might, very much used to Izuku's theatrics by this point simply sighs and attempts to get him to lie back down.

“You're still injured my boy, don't aggravate your injuries further,” he scolds lightly, one big hand brushing his hair away from his face, even in his other form his hands were still massive, easily dwarving Izuku's own. Despite the need to jump out of bed and continue training he settles back down onto too soft pillows, at All mights quiet assurances and the coaxing hand tangled in his hair.

“Are they safe?” He manages to mumble out in his half asleep state.

All might doesn't even look surprised as he gives Izuku a proud smile.

“They are,” he confirms “all thanks to you my boy, those people all wanted me to express their gratitude to the brave boy who saved their lives. You did so well Midoriya.” All might states ruffling his dark curls.

By this stage Izuku is already passed out once he heard All might's confirmation, but a content smile graces his face.

All might chuckles fondly, as he moves to get up, pausing when Izuku murmurs discontentedly at the loss of content in his sleep. All might immediately settles back in his seat and starts carding his hand through Izuku's hair again. He wants him to be happy for as long as possible, and all be damned if he has to give up his own time to make it happen.

It's in that position many hours later that Recovery Girl finds the two of them. She simply smiles at the scene before shutting the door again. She can always check up on them after.

A week passes before Izuku is deemed safe to return home. He's never been so glad to see his own room again, the whitewash walls of the infirmary had been driving him insane. He was already stir crazy from not being able to do anything, add in the bland decor and it had been a disaster waiting to happen. At least in his own home he was allowed to see his friends again, Recovery Girl had banned all visitors bar his mother and All might. So he was in desperate need of some form of contact.

He gets it in the form of his mother. It's midday and a knock sounds on the door, and Izuku badly wants to move his limbs at least a little so he gets up and stretches. His legs still throbs from the movement, but at this point he can't find it in himself to care. Yawning loudly as he tries to get a crick out of his neck. He goes to walk towards the door when he trips on an All Might figurine he must of knocked from its shelf at some point. He shoots his arms out in front of and scrunches his eyes closed to brace himself for the impact; but it never comes. Someone's holding him up by his armpits, as he's Simba from the Lion King. A tell tale huff of exasperation, tells him who it is and Izuku burns embarrassed red.

“Thank you Aizawa-sensei,” Izuku mumbles awkwardly, as he hangs in midair.

“Midoriya, the school but you on leave so you wouldn't injure yourself again, why is it that to always find a way?” He grumbles straightening up, disheveled hair framing his bloodshot eyes.

Izuku chuckles nervously looking away from his teachers accusing gaze “it's becoming a bad habit of mine,”

Aizawa shoots him a look as if to say ‘well no fucking shit’

He carries him back to bed, as in his own words “Since he is too much of a clutz to do even this much he may as well do it for him”

With Midoriya safely in bed and hopefully not in danger of falling, again. He rummages through his various pockets before finally pulling out a small dark green notebook with his name on the front of it in big blocky letters. Aizawa tosses it to him and then quickly excuses himself.

Izuku blinks at the door, then down at the book in his hands. This wasn't the schools way of expelling him was it?

Izuku chews his lip anxiously and opens the book quickly, so as to stop the muttering before it starts.  

He stares at the writing in wide eyed surprise. This… This was not what he had been expecting at all.

He skims through the book some more and tears up the more he reads. It's a book of get well messages from all his classmates, each one there own taking a page.

He laughs wetly when he reaches Kacchans, all it says is DIE in big red letters, taking up the entire page, with a small crude stick figure drawing of a green person without a head ( who Izuku assumes is supposed to be him)  and lots of red gushing from the neck. There's also a small sorry in the upper corner, probably Kirishima, Izuku muses big fat tears wetting the paper as they drop down his freckled cheeks. Uraraka wrote him a whole paragraph on the goings on in class repeatedly wishing him well, complete with around 20 exclamation marks. Todoroki simply wrote Get well in the middle of his page causing Izuku to burst out laughing again. Iida used two pages, one to lecture him on how dangerous his actions were and the other to explain everything they covered in class so far. However it was his last sentence that truly had Izuku smiling so widely his cheeks were aching. It was a simple “Class 2a are honoured to say you're one of us, Midoriya” . He couldn't stop though- didn't want to even.

He sat in his room for the remainder of the day rereading all his classmates comments until reaching the very last page where a small sentence was located on the back of the book.

Property of Aizawa Shouta

Izuku feels the lump forming in his throat and tries to swallow around it. Did Aizawa-sensei arrange this whole thing for him? He starts sniffling. Did he realise how alone Izuku had been feeling up to that point, how much he missed his classmates? Izuku's shoulders are shaking violently by this point and he's smiling so widely through the tears, he's so lucky, to know such amazing people.

Unfortunately it's at this point that his mother enters the room and rushes to comfort him.

It's so nice to be home Izuku thinks resolutely as his mother hums quietly under her breath as she sits with him rubbing her thumb soothingly across his cheek drying any wayward tears away with the love and devotion only a mother has, and landing a Featherlight kiss on his forehead as he dozes off.

He loves his family.