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Wings of Fire: Timeless

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“No, that’s not right. Be Clearsight with her powers, but without the ability to see negative futures, and she obtains her memory from the day Before she took off her moonstone earrings, and thinks Fathom had gone off to find Indigo,” Darkstalker growled growing impatient.  

“I better get back to the queens palace Before she starts to wonder where I am,” Clearsight cried standing up and trotting out of the room.  

“Wait! The queen is gone, you can stay with me,” Darkstalker pleaded her Before she had finished running through the doorway.  

“What do you mean she's gone? She asked me to have an extremely detailed report on Icewing activity for tomorrows ambush on their outpost."  

“No, she's GONE, she’s been dead for hundreds or thousands of years,” Darkstalker said trying to hide the frustration that threatened to spill into his words.  

“WHAT! Did you kill her, I haven't had a vision of you killing her for about a month,” Clearsight said mummering the last half to herself.  

This left a hole of gilt in Darkstalker’s stomach, you had to give her those earrings, one part of his mind whispered. It was the only way to keep her happy, another part of his mind argued back. He tried to convince himself it was the right thing to do, even if deep down he knew he only did it to keep her out of his way.  

“I didn’t kill her, she left the Night kingdom two thousand years ago,” Darkstalker said.  

“So, it IS true,” Clearsight whispered clearly terrified. “You are immortal, you aren’t the Darkstalker I knew and loved as a dragonet."  

“Enough,” Darkstalker shouter shaking the walls with his terrifying voice. “Stop."  

“How am I supposed to do this? What am I getting wrong with you?” Darkstalker said, walking around Clearsight studding her like she was made of gold. I wish Moon were here to help me, she would know what to do, Darkstalker thought.  

“Ok, re-do,” Darkstalker sighed. “Be Clearsight, with her memories intact until the day she became the queen's seer, and she has no memory of Fathom, and can't see any negative futures” Darkstalker said.  

Clearsight’s eyes closed for a couple seconds, then she opened her eyes. When Clearsight's eyes opened she looked around the room, presumably for someone Darkstalker guessed.  

“Where’s Listener? What are you doing here?” Clearsight asked.  

“That doesn’t matter, you’re going to be my queen and we’ll rule the kingdom together,” Darkstalker said.  

“Why? We already have a queen; besides I have to tell the queen about the Icewings attack,” Clearsight said.  

“No, the Icewings have already been dealt with, were safe from them. Please marry me and you will be my queen,” Darkstalker pleaded, praying this would be the right combination and they could rule the tribe's side by side.  

“Sorry, are you okay? You seem confused. We have a queen, but I'll marry you,” Clearsight said cheerfully.  

“Stop!” Darkstalker growled.  

Why can't I get her right? No matter what I do I just can't get her right. I know I was told that animus magic can’t bring dragons back from the dead. If it could I’d probably have to have her bones to do that, but I just- don't- can't. I wish she were still alive today. Darkstalker thought, looking back at Clearsight frozen mid-sentence.  

Wait, that might just work. Darkstalker rushed out of the room, without looking a second look at Clearsight. He found what he was looking for instantly. A piece of paper and an inkwell. Then he started to word out a spell, one that might just work.