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Green Hair...?

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Shouto hadn't moved from his spot on the couch for the past thirty minutes, and people were starting to get concerned the hunch of his back would become permanent, leaning forward as he was. The focused frown was also worrying some of them, mostly Ashido who, and I quote, 'couldn't bear to see a mar on that perfect face!'. But that was beside the point.



The point was that Shouto had been using every living brain cell he had left to run over the numbers over and over and over again, trying to make sense of what he was seeing.



On the table on the other side of the room sat Midoriya, heatedly talking/discussing/arguing with a man so tall it made All Might seem normal.



And funnily enough, that's who they so happened to be talking about as well.



Since the moment Izuku had spotted the man—Sir Nighteye, he'd been introduced, previous sidekick of All Might—chatting with Aizawa he had walked up to him, said something that had diverted his attention completely from his conversation with the underground hero, and promptly launched them into a never-ending string of words that had somehow migrated to the table they had sat down at.



The man had a permanent frown on his face, a serious expression that had everyone stepping away on sight and eyes so piercing it sent chills even down Bakugou's spine. He also had uniquely colored hair.






With a couple of blond highlights.






The two of them had spent the last ten minutes arguing about the exact shade of red in All Might's Silver Age costume, with both of them alarmingly pulling out more and more papers and notebooks and pictures each out of literally nowhere to try to prove their point.



At one point All Might himself had walked into the room, his gangly form shuffling over to his favorite student and favorite ex-sidekick. He had been immediately attacked, each of them asking him to confirm they were right. All Might had choked up and blood at the sudden requests, and had started trying to calm them both down, something about he not really having eye for picking out colors and that it was all David Shield's choice, really!. But they were having none of it and the verbal assault continued until the ex-hero had to sit down himself.



But that wasn't what Shouto was interested in.



He was much more keen on how both Midoriya and Nighteye were almost moving in unison, both leaning in and away from All Might at the same cadence, both slamming their hands on their respective pile of 'evidence' with the same force and at the same time, and almost shouting out the same sentences if only with their differing opinions changing.



Shouto had met Midoriya Inko. Wonderful woman. Somehow more of a crier than Midoriya.



Shouto was seriously starting to wonder if this man...



Shouto was not the kind of person who sat down and waited for things to fix themselves, he delved into his problems head on. And this was troubling him.



He stood up from the couch and made his way over to the trio arguing on the table—or more like, Midoriya and Nighteye still arguing; All Might might as well be already dead from the blank look on his face and the blood dripping down his chin to the ever-growing stain on his shirt.



Midoriya spotted him first, stopping his chatter to look at him curiously. Sir Nighteye noticed a second later, turning his head around to stare at him with that piercing gaze of his.



All Might remained unresponsive.



“Midoriya” He said. “Can I talk to you for a moment?”



The change in Midoriya's face was instantaneous; from a mix of curious and still heated from his discussion, to worried and focused on Shouto only in the next second. Shouto almost felt bad since Midoriya most likely thought it would be some serious, private conversation like the one they had before their battle at the Sports Festival. But it really wouldn't take long.



Midoriya nodded and excused himself, following Shouto outside the building to a lightly forested area nearby. Shouto stopped by a clearing, turning around to face Midoriya whose hair seemed right at home between the trees.



“Is everything alright, Todoroki?” Midoriya asked, concern bleeding through his voice the same way All Might's, well, blood bled through his shirt.



Ha. Good one. Shouto would save it for later.



“Everything's fine” Shouto said. A bit of tension left Midoriya's shoulders, but the curious eyes remained. “I just was wondering something, and only you can answer my doubts”



The tension came back tenfold, and Shouto knew that Midoriya had some secrets well kept under wraps, so it wasn't out of left field to think he was just concerned one of those could be discussed here.



If it was all according to Shouto's theory, then it might as well be just that.



“Y-Yes? What is it?” Midoriya had unconsciously shifted into a more defensive position, half turning towards the building and hands fisted at his sides.



Shouto's expression turned serious.






Midoriya gulped.



Shouto remained silent a few seconds for added effect. Nice. “...Are you All Might and Sir Nighteye's secret love child?”



Midoriya's foot slipped on a loose leaf and he went tumbling down.



“WHAT?!” He yelled as he sat up, staring at Shouto in disbelief. “Todoroki, you know my mom!” Midoriya yelled. “Even more than that, I already told you, All Might's not my dad!”



Shouto hummed. Sure he wasn't. But that was a subject for when Shouto had his evidence folder more properly put together. Right now what mattered was the other number in the equation.



“The hair, the over-the-top knowledge of everything All Might related, your internship...” He stopped to think for a second there. “Actually, is Togata--”



“He's not my secret brother, if that's what you're gonna say” Midoriya sighed, suddenly looking very tired. He dragged his hands down his face. “Will you do this with every adult I interact with? Next one you'll think Gran Torino is my grandpa...”



“Oh, that old man that was with you when we fought Stain?” Shouto remembered that man, how he'd just up and kicked Midoriya in the face after they walked out of that alley. “Didn't you say he used to train All Might as well...?” Oh, that connected some dots he had pending in page 32 of the folder--



“No, nope, we are NOT doing this” Midoriya shook his head, crossing his arms in an 'X' shape in front of his chest. “I—My mom! She brought us cookies last week!” He said as he turned around and walked back towards the dorms, his voice disappearing between the trees. “We did a faceswap and we both still looked the same! How could you think--” Shouto couldn't hear how he ended that sentence as he walked out of hearing range.



He did pull out a recorded from his pocket as soon as Midoriya was out of sight, making a note for himself to pick up some of Nighteye's hair for when he found someone willing to run a DNA test for the other green and blond samples he had stored away.