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Hero Course: Celeberties

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UA mid-yearbook set to be published and sold December 24th, everyone look out for our aspiring young heros!


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OML this year's is gonna be INSANE! I mean, did you see those kids?! GKJKLHJHFHGJHF #UAYearbook


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Did anyone see the sports festival? As much as i can't wait for the rest of the school, 1A is gonna be interesting.... #UAYearbook


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Hey fanbitches! This stupid yearbook isn't gonna be any different than other years. Just a bunch of idiots you all idolize #UAYearbook


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as much as I hate them, @wedon'tneedyou kind of has a point. They're will be some weirder stuff, sure, but it will probably be just like last years......


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These bitches be droppin truth @wedon'tneedyou, @Mic4eva


December 23rd


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The #UAyearbook this year includes some new features, such as personal pages on our hero students, per request last year, and more! 


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December 24th


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I CALLED IT! World, here comes #1A



Chapter Text

UA Yearbook


Table of Contents


Nezu Note………………………....… 1


Class Photos………………………… 2


Class Reps………………………....… 11


Teachers……………………………… 21


Extra Curricular……………………… 36


Hero Course Interviews……………….pg 56


Sports Festival……………….……… 78


Final Exams………………………… 90

Pg 1


Nezu Note

Dear Readers,


    Its that time of year again, the holidays! And you know what that means! UA Yearbooks!

Yes, the popular product has returned for 2018, and may I say, this might be one of our most interesting yet!

    With the spectacular performances at the sports festival, and the all around incredible performance so far through the year, I can say without a doubt that this generation of heros and company is going to be one of the best!

UA Principal



Pg 56

Hero Course Interviews


Yuga Aoyama


Quirk: Navel Laser


Allows Aoyama to shoot lasers out of his navel


Date of Birth: May 30, 2002


Hero Name: Shining Hero: Can’t Stop Twinkling




What's your favorite color?




What's your favorite food?


Oui, Oui! Macaroons!


What's your favorite song?


German Sparkle Party


What would you like to be doing right now?


Oui, Oui! I would LOVE to be shopping, Oui, Oui!


What do you see yourself doing in twenty minutes?




What would you like the world to know?


Unless we can face what pains us… we can never truly SPARKLE!


Words by Sensei Aizawa: ……….Optimistic

Mina Ashido


Quirk: Acid


Allows her to shoot corrosive liquid out of her body


Date of birth: July 30th, 2002


Hero Name: Ridley Hero: Pinky



What's your favorite color?


Uh, pink!

What's your favorite food?


Pizza, duh!


What's your favorite song?


OMG! It’s Oh Cecilia by the Vamps! Its sooooooo sweet!


What would you like to be doing right now?


Ooooh, dancing!


What do you see yourself doing in twenty minutes?


I dunno, I kinda just live in the present


What would you like the world to know?


Uhhhhhhhhhhhh, Bakugo doesn’t have a camel hump, so don’t test it!


Words by Sensei Aizawa: Her technique is perfect

Tsuyu Asui


Quirk: Frog


Allows her to do anything a frog can


Date of birth: February 12th, 2003


Hero Name: Rainy Season Hero: Froppy



What's your favorite color?


Green, kero

What's your favorite food?


Pickled lamb liver


What's your favorite song?


Uhhhhhh, whatever's on, kero


What would you like to be doing right now?


Stretching my tongue


What do you see yourself doing in twenty minutes?


Eating pickled liver


What would you like the world to know?


That no matter your quirk, you can still be a hero, kero!


Words by Sensei Aizawa: Honest

Tenya Iida


Quirk: Engine


Lets Iida move at extraordinary speeds


Date of birth: August 22nd, 2002


Hero Name: Ingenium



What's your favorite color?



What's your favorite food?


Orange Juice!


What's your favorite song?


Whatever's on Spotify!


What would you like to be doing right now?


This interview!


What do you see yourself doing in twenty minutes?


Studying! To help me become the best I can possibly be!


What would you like the world to know?


You can do anything with hardwork and determination!


Words by Sensei Aizawa: Hardworking

Todoroki Shouto


Date of birth: January 7th, 2002


Hero Name: The Half n Half hero: Rei



What's your favorite color?



What's your favorite food?


Cold Soba.


What's your favorite song?


Joker and the Thief by Wolfmother


What would you like to be doing right now?




What do you see yourself doing in twenty minutes?




What would you like the world to know? ................

Words by Sensei Aizawa: …….skillful


Chapter Text

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OML! #UAYearbook has killed me. Who thought Todoroki would be so relatable?


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@LetsliveDemi, I know, and who knew that boi is emo AF


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Uhh, me? Hot broody boi Always emo, like did you see the sports festival?


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@Shotsfired, the entirety of 1A would like to let you know that your name is badass


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@Hooryfor1A, Wait what? 1A doesn't have a twitter................


1A  @Hoorayfor1A

@Shotsfired, Surprise! This is the official 1A twitter, bc Todoroki doesn't have one


GaybedaName  @Hardforthehardening

@Hoorayfor1A, wait, whos running this?


1A  @Hoorayfor1A

@Hardforthehardening, uhh, all of us? Mostly us girls tho, cept Ashido has a twitter, and a couple others



1A  @Hoorayfor1A

@AlienQueen, is Ashido, @AllFlight, is Midoriya, @GroundZero, is Bakugo, and @Pikachu is Kaminari


1A  @Hoorayfor1A

And yes, us 1A girls would like to agree that Todoroki is our hot, emo, motherfucker. Thank you
















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@Hoorayfor1A that shit should be ILLEGAL! No one should be that hot


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@Hooryfor1A Who let Todoroki wear a tank top?!!!!! We are DYING OVER HERE!



Aizawa expected a lot of things from the sudden surge of popularity in 1A. More villain interest, maybe some smattering fan groups.


This, however, was not one of them.


"You have got to be fucking kidding me!"


Nemuri cackled from the teachers lounge couch, a copy of People's Magazine, sprawled across off her knees, Khloe Kardashian's face peering up at the ceiling. "You just have to accept it, and appreciate it, Shouta!"

"Todoroki our student, for God's sake!"

"Whats your point?'



Ito Bashira would is proud to say that she has been a proud employee of Starbucks for eleven months, three weeks, and five days (she's counted). But, in all of her barista days, she has never seen, or heard anything for that matter, quite like this. 


To be honest? She wasn't sure if she should laugh, scream, or scowl. Because, in the big back table in her Starbucks, sat the easily-recognizable, two-toned, heterochronic, UA hero student.


Todoroki Shouto was sitting in her Starbucks.


Todoroki Shouto was sitting in her Starbucks. 


Todoroki Shouto was sitting in her Starbucks with his group.


No, not other hero students, Ito checked that. Todoroki sat in the big table, which was somehow overflowing with laughing, screeching, teenage girls. They had been coming every Saturday for the past three weeks.


Well not him. Somehow, Ito missed Todoroki Shouto walk in every Saturday for the past four months. Don't get her wrong, she knew someone was coming for the past four months, Ito had his order memorized, simples because it was so astonishing. Shouto Todoroki was the first person that Ito had ever seen, including her mother when her dad left, to order black coffee, with an extra caffeine shot! Who does that!?


Ito supposed she should've suspected something when he walked in with his "disguise" on. Seriously, that boy was a celebrity before UA. And now? With all the shit thats gone down with the hero course? Bitch, that boy is up with motherfucking Beyonce, in popularity. So, why did his "disguise" work?


He came in black sweatpants, with the biggest damn sunglasses Ito had ever seen. His hair messily shoved into a beanie, and then he put the hood up on his ratty, old All Might sweatshirt. And the shirts. One week it was Fall Out Boy, the next? Imagine Dragons. There were two weeks he walked in Panic! At the Disco long sleeves. Another was a stained Halsey tour tank top. 


Today, it was a 5 Seconds Of Summer t-shirt with the sleeves messily cut off. He walked up to the counter, awkwardly picked up his order, and stumbled over to the Table. The crowd of girls was overflowing, a steady growing mob of female followers, filling the tables maximum seatage of about twenty. Ito almost felt bad for Todoroki. 


Until she heard it. 


The painful sounds of teenaged shrieking, their strangled yells barely holding any semblance of melody. Well, Ito thought, I guess I have a twitter for a reason.......



 Coughfee @Imallbean

 @Imallbean has posted a video


Tododeku @Myshiphassailed

@Imallbean Oh my fucking God, it's the fanclub


The Force, bitch  @Vadebabe

@Imallbean The Todoroki fan club has struck again 


Gogogle  @Here4Heros

@Imallbean is that the Little Einsteins theme song?


Endvwhore  @Shotsfired 

@Here4Heros you bet your ass it is! That's me screeching in the background!


Foforlo  @Foforlo

@Shotsfired NO FUCKING WAY


Gretel Metal  @GretelMetal



Logical  @Justtakeaminute

@Shotsfired Yeah, Todoroki does that for his fans a lot right? Meet up?


Todorokokokokoki  @Iloveyou

Yeah @Justtakeaminute he considers all his fans friends, its really awesome


No One Knows Its You  @MissJackson

OMl @Iloveyou @Justtakeaminute OUR BOI IS SO PURE

1A  @Hoorayfor1A

Ok, so guys........... we would like to invite one of our dear friends to the platform......... without further ado.......


IcyHot  @TodorokiShouto

@Hoorayfor1A hi everyone............







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@Hoorayfor1A Kirishima chugs his Respect Women JuiceTM


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@Hoorayfor1A is it just me, or is Uraraka lowkey like the hottest person in 1A?


Panicky @GayforThor

@MarthaGrem I would be straight for that QUEEN



Teens React to 1A is out!

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Kanye West's vocal quirk and its similarities and differences w/ Present Mic



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Ashido was ready.


All her life, she has been surrounded by the internet. Celebrities, influencers, heck, half of hero work now is on the Internet. She created her first Youtube when she was ten, and she was good to go for the rest of her life. She was happy.

But, Goddamn, when 1A accidentally because the next rising set of heros (third most followed account Twitter of all time, not that she checked), Ashido did not expect her personal youtube account to blow up too.


Guess she should’ve thought about that a little more, because as soon as the UA yearbooks came out, her already modest 20 thousand subs on youtube, skyrocketed to 45. Million.


She is the third highest subscribed youtube channel.


She beat Justin fucking Bieber-what the hell.


Even with that, even with the sudden fame, the amount of people that tweeted 1A about her livestream made her light headed.


Most of them were wondering about the class, including her not just her epic COD skills.


Just, wow.


Ashido recently started doing vlog livestreams, only about a year ago, and she had never had viewing numbers like this in her life. She couldn’t count up to that number. She had to do it.


Ashido clicked Get Started on the Youtube Stream page.


“What's up Internet!? It’s me, Ashido! I’m sorry about not doing the stream for last month, but as some of you loyal viewers, or people who have checked Twitter in the last three weeks have noticed, I’ve been kind of busy.


“I also apologize for the loud music, Midoriya has been trying to catch Todoroki upon on pop culture…………. That includes boy bands.”


We’re only getting older baby accompanied by a loud series of groans from her classmates interrupted her stream, as they have obviously heard enough of Apple music One Direction Essentials to last a lifetime, and then some.


“Actually, Bieber was worse……”




“Yeah, Yaoyorozu isn’t really a Bieber fan…………ANYWAYS! Speaking of Bieber……………. Guess who beat his sub count?”


Ashido paused, a giddy smile on her face.




She was ran over by Kaminari and Sero running past, the electric user shrieking:






Ashido chuckled, and dusted off her knees, “Well, what do you say we follow them, huh?”




The sight in the common room was weird.


Not unusual…….. Just weird. It’s a good thing Ashido got used to weird after moving to the dorms.


Her viewers on the other hand………. Are not. At fucking all. But Ashido didn’t care, she heard being insane was good for views.


“Uhhhhh, Yaoyorozu, why is Tokoyami crying on the couch again?”


The taller girl turned at her and her phone, not realizing she was live streaming.


“Oh, well. Midoriya just got to Smosh in his pop culture list and- wait are you livestreaming?”


Ashido nodded at the girl, and turned her phone toward the coach when a certain feathered boy let out a particularly loud groan.


“Smosh, they’re homeless! Why must these memories torment me?”


Yaoyorozu chuckled, and muttered, “wait till a Todo gets to vine……..”


Ashido was so busy trying to conceal her laughter, she didn’t notice Uraraka burst into the room until she had her camera on her.


“KNIFE I NEED A-Yaomomo I love your leather jacket, do they make it in pleather?-KNIFE!”


Tsu sat up and said, “I have it, kero. Kirishima, lets go.” And the three of them ran out of the room.


Just in time, because upstairs the unmistakable sound of one of Bakugou’s explosions filled the downstairs, along with a scream of, “TAPE ARMS, I WILL KILL YOU!”

Ashido cringed.


“Sorry to cut it short guys, but I better make sure Bakugou doesn’t go kill Pewdiepie because of Sero……” Another loud boom filled the dorms. “Make that T-Series too………………..”




Tutulip @Flowerpower

Has anyone seen Ashido’s livestream? I think I love this class even more


Siggy @Siggggggggg

@Flowerpower Gen-Z icons


Yogro @Yogro

@Flowerpower “KNIFE I NEED A-Yaomomo I love your leather jacket, do they make it in pleather?-KNIFE!” -Uraraka Ochaco, 2019


Torororororororor @Toror

@Yogro and there’s my senior quote


Underlined Animals @Underlined

@Flowerpower Excuse me fandom, Tsu is joining the brotp


Tejio @Tejio’

@Flowerpower its nice to know even superheros in training subscribe to Pewdiepie


Gettysblurb @Completlyfalse


Chapter Text

The Todoroki Fan Club was something of a phenomenon to Iida. They were an army, a military with an artillery of Cellphones and Game Theory, of love and passion. For Todoroki. That, however, wasn’t the weird part.


It was that they hated Endeavor. And it wasn’t any normal hate either, it was a burning passion to kill the fiery hero. And Todoroki was okay with his mass followers just hating on his dad? What?


Know, Iida may not be know for his street smarts (academics is where is shines), but even he understands that is not normal. Very not normal. He should’ve seen this coming. He should’ve been smarter, never let them get too close. But he failed .


Todoroki and Ashido broke the internet.




Urdalli Industries @Urdalli

Hey guys, don’t mean to be an asshole…. But girls can’t really be heroes, look at them. 1A at UA this year was only saved by the guys, the girls suck




Jimmy Fallon was pissed. It didn’t really fit with the happy-go-lucky aura he usually lived with, but this, this wasn’t something he couldn’t act like the loveable manchild most people saw him as. He didn’t even want to address it on the Tonight Show, he found it as a personal betrayal.

He thought he knew Stevie Hondrel, owner of Urdalli Industries.


He was wrong, seeing the viral Twitter post upload earlier that day. Urdalli Industries was a fellow Late Night Show, made to get across business decisions of countries in a funny and understandable way, but if that was a joke……


Jimmy thought everyone understood this, you cannot deemean another person because of physical features! And that's what Stevie did, what his friend did.


And while it was normally really terrible, this, this was different. He brought up 1A. You cannot bring up 1A.


Jimmy's never met the kids, but he was oddly protective of the thirty teenagers that go around and illegally save the world, occasionally. (Other times they did it legally and it was OK) He thought it was their innocent(ish) teenaged natures. He didn’t want to mention Stevie.


But his “special” opening monologue is all about fucking Urdalli .


“Jimmy, you need to out for your monologue in three, two, one………”


Jimmy took a deep breath and stepped on stage.


“How's it going tonight? So as you all have heard, Urdalli. That's all I need to say really, like Ur-dal-I!”


Jimmy took a breath, he couldn’t do this. Not at all.


“No, sorry guys. I’m sorry, I just- I can’t. You know what, I can’t do the monologue, not like this. Today, my fellow comedian, my friend, just went out and shamed an entire gender. An entire gender and their jobs , which, if I remember correctly, save our asses multiple times a week. Heroes.” Jimmy took another deep breathe. “You see, when I was younger, I wanted to be a hero. I was told I had the perfect quirk-a muscle growth quirk- and I got pretty damn far in the process, to the point where I got accepted into Obamlies, and it was hard . And to see a guy, that I thought I knew, shame an entire gender from our eastern counterpart….It’s sickening. They- the girls he was talking about, are sixteen , and they have already done as much, if not more , than a male sidekick does in his second year. And-and Stevie , he goes and discriminates against them?” Jimmy could feel his producers glares, he could already hear the lecture he was going to get from this stunt. He didn’t care. “I’m sorry guys, you came for a funny special monologue and you got my anti-discriminatory rant, but it matters, it-” He was caught off by the sound of clapping, a woman in the back row standing up and applauding. Soon, it grew, into a raging wildfire of roaring applause, a standing ovation to his speech. When it died down, he shakily smiled and said:


“Well everybody, let's start the show!”




Tutulip @Flowerpower

Can we get another ovation for Jimmy Fallon on the @Urdalli outrage? #Standin4Fallon


Crafties @Glue&Paper

@Flowerpower #Standin4Fallon


March @March

@Flowerpower #Standin4Fallon


1A @Hoorayfor1A

@Flowerpower #Standin4Fallon




Following @Following

Uhhh, my dudes? Have you seen Ashidos new video……..




It was filmed on Todoroski phone, his steady hands stable as Ashido began to speak.


“Whats up guys! How's it going? I’ll tell you how’s it going for me, I have a workout special here today, and it’s not my special actually its my friends, so I’m going to let her take it away……”


Urarakas  face came into frame, her hair up and in her gym uniform, like Ashido.


“Hey guys! Because of the popularity of Rise and Grind w/ Uravity, I decided to make another one! It is currently four-thirty AM and the only one of the boys were up and not busy was Todoroki! Say hi Todoroki!”




“Anyways………. This Rise and Grind will be focusing on the badass-”


“Uraraka! My videos are child friendly!


“Sorry Ashido! So focusing on the really cool moves some of the strongest heros have done. But first! I have some helpers!”


“We aren’t helpers!”


“Sorry, co-workers , who are going to help out. First, as you all guessed, Ashido!”


Ashido hmphed, but smirked at the camera, crossing her arms in a security guard pose.




The invisible girl stepped out in front of the camera, her floating jacket and pants the only way to know what she was doing.




Yaomomo walked out, awkwardly ringing her hands but had a determined expression on her face.




The frog-like girl’s tongue shot onto a pole as she swung herself into the room.




As she stepped out from in front of the gyms piller, her earphone jacks spiralled up in the air, twirling with each other in front of her smug smile.


“And Midoriya!”


He tripped. He fucking tripped while walking in . He sheepishly scratched the back of his head, and stumbled the rest of the way into frame. Deku. Uraraka tore her eyes away from her clumsy friend, and stared back at Todoroki’s phone.


“So, this isn’t a normal Rise and Grind. Today we are going to learn how to do some of the most famous hero moves of all times, starting with Midnights infamous cleave-kick from her and Death King's famous final battle. Midoriya will be playing our villain, and because we think it will be funny, Todoroki will be Midnight!”


“Wait, what?”


The camera shook for a minute as Jirou took Todoroki’s phone and pushed him into the frame, his facial expression confused as he tripped over his feet.


Hagakure started speaking: “-ake Todoroki and put him in the Midnight costume-”


“Uhh, your putting me in what?”


“Shh, you will look beautiful my child.”


Todoroki just looked confused as Hagakure dragged him away, as Tsu followed them to the locker room. Uraraka cackled, as Midoriya looked onto her like he saw her for the first time, saw the cruel fire of pranks that fueled her soul.


“We’ll take a minute, and get back to you!”




“Okay! So we’re back! And we are slowing dragging Todoroki out of the locker room-”


A loud screech of NO! came from the direction of the locker room.


“Ahh, here he is!”


Take the reddest apple you’ve ever seen, then paint it the brightest red you have ever seen, then dip it into the brightest red cherry sauce you have ever eaten. That shade of red still isn’t close to how red Todoroki’s blush was. He was in a breastless back leotard, with a cream, skin-tight long sleeved shirt layered under it, along with some cream, skin-tight leggings. On his feet, were two inch heels, propelling Todoroki to a glorious six-foot.


Midoriya was so flustered he looked like he was about to faint.


Hagakure was fretting around, messing with the leotard in…….not so comfortable places, while Todoroki looked like he was about to die in shame.


“Are you sure you won’t hold the flogger?”




Uraraka clapped her hands together: “Okay! So! Todoroki, Deku, get into position!”


Deku walked to his spot, while Todoroki awkwardly shuffled, hoping the camera won’t get a shot of his butt in the leotard. It didn’t work.


Uraraka walked over to Todoroki, grabbed the top of his shirt, and ripped it, and the leotard, own to about his navel.


“Okay, so as you all know (I hope), is that during the battle, Midnight ripped her shirt open to distract Death King. I works, then she runs up-” Todoroki ran towards Midoriya “-and she does a high roundhouse kick to the face which knocks him out.”


Todoroki stopped right in front of Midoriya, pointed his toes, and did a beautiful roundhouse kick, with less than an inch of space between his foot and Midoriya’s forehead.


Uraraka walked back into frame, smiled, and said, “So, this is how you do it……………….”




The video was two hours.


Two straight hours of, after Jirou gave Todoroki’s phone back to Todoroki, Uraraka, Tsu, Hagakure, Yaoyorozu, and Jirou, mercilessly beating up Midoriya at four in the morning.


It got eighty-seven million views.


Ashidos channel had grown, now at a whopping seventy-five million subscribers.


(She had a big package from YouTube on its way with every play button achievable because Jesus fucking Christ her channel went from ninety thousand subs to sixty five million overnight )


But, today, a more important feat was accomplished. One that could’ve made or broke her career as an influencer.


Today, Ashido has won the support of the Todoroki Fan Club.




Tutulip @Flowerpower

I know that this isn’t what the new Rise and Grind is about, but may I say, DAMN SON to Todoroki and his rock-hard abs


Yougri @Yougri



Homosexual @Gay

@Flowerpower At this rate, Ashido is going to get into Rewind


ThatSpicySeaFlapFlap @Ijustdidthat

@Gay Ashido Mina: Making Rewind Good Again


Analyzer @Analyze

@Flowerpower but like, let's be real, Ashido helping Todoroki awkwardly get out of that leotard has made my life


Bolded Words @Italicized

@Analyze Hate to say, but our Kirraka Ultimate Brotp may have some competition…… #Brotp #Ashidoroki




Hero Topic @HeroTopic

After posting sexist comment, @Urdalli has apologized: Why many claim that the Apology is all because of one YouTube video

Chapter Text

“Youtube, did an oopsie. ItsMeJack, did an oopsie. And Endeavor, did an oopsie. It’s me Gloria Borger and this is Pew News. Our first news is about twitter user, ItsMeJack, who made an oopsie. ItsMeJack made some homophobic comments on Twitter to our favorite wahmen respector, Kirishima. Now I, Gloria Borger, am not supposed to give my opinion, but this fills me with overwhelming upsetness and sadness, because like Pewdiepie, Kirishima respects wahmen. But ItsMeJack told Kirishima told “go die you useless gay.” See, now Kirishima doing an interview with some fans and he said he liked a he and not a she. Now, I don’t really care who Kiri likes, he is a bro, because he respects WAHMEN! Personally, even though, I, Gloria Borger, am not supposed give my opinion, but I think that Kirishima is a great hero, no matter who he likes, and people need to stop being homophobes and afraid, because Kirishima wasn’t afraid to say that he likes boys. I think, that we should stop labeling someone about who they like or don’t like. But, I, Gloria Borger, am not supposed to give my opinion. NEXT NEWS………”




Bakugou could relate to Hagakure, and Kamiari, and Shinsou, and Jrou. That was something that Kaminari valued more than his life. More than Kirishima's life.


That was saying a lot.


Together, they made up the Unofficial Quirk Disabilities Club. it was the official unofficial club for those whose quirks backfire, constantly. (No, Midoriya doesn’t get to join because it has been proved that his broken bones were more of a control thing, not technically a quirk disability)


So all the official unofficial Quirk Disabilities Club was hanging out in Bakugou's room, (yes, inside, they have infiltrated the compound ) and Kaminari was planning on being fashionably late, (Aww, frick no if you believe that, you need to check your IQ. See the real story is that Kaminari managed to fry to the toaster, toast the toaster as you may say, and had to spend a half an hour trying to bribe Yaoyorozu to replace it) So, he was currently preparing to the intentionally late, when he felt it.


A spark. Static electricity building up in the air.


Oh no, oh no no no no no no no.


Kaminari may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he understood his quirk. He understood the ups, which, granted, he shouldn’t really use very often because if they aren’t lethal, they are sure pretty fucking close. And the downs, the terrible, terrible downs that hit especially hard when there was an electric storm brewing up above.


It was an unplanned lightning storm.


Oh shit.


He could hear his classmates  in the common room, their excitement for the first lightning storm in the dorms bubbling through the cracks between the door. Oh shit though Kaminari, I’m gonna fuck this up.




Ashido had been live streaming.


Now, she does it a lot, but she now has a fanbase the size of a well sized island, and to keep those beautiful subscribers, she had to post somewhat regularly, so here she is, doing the weekly livestream. It was going great, more than great, wonderful. Uraraka was next to her, holding her phone and checking the chat, scrolling through the pages, her livestream was a success .


Until she heard it, a crackle as electricity swarmed to Heights Alliance.


Boom, boom, boom.


That wasn’t thunder. That was three lightning bolts, all is Ashidos general vicinity.


We have a lightning rod.


Kaminari was inside the building.


They were at risk.


Oh Shit.




Heights Alliance was swamped in shadowy darkness.


At least, that's Midoriya’s excuse when Ashido and Uraraka (Both still recording with a phonelight, making them look especially goulish in the dark), asked him in the kitchen about why he was limping.


(He was lying, he jammed his foot into the doorframe BEFORE the power went out, and now his mangled foot was sporting a broken toe)


“Deku, why are you limping?”


“Yeah, Midoriya, my dude, what's with the toe.”


He sweat drops.


“Toe, what toe? I don’t have a toe- WAIT! I mean, what's wrong with my toe? There's nothing wrong with my toe, maybe your blind. Or maybe it's your toe! What's wrong with your toe Ashido?”


Uraraka cackled as she looked down at her phone, swiping down.


“Ashi! The chat is blowing up , come look!”


Midoriya walked (Cough* limped Cough*) over to her phone, and gasped at the chat.


MyChemicalKilMe : Wtf, Midoriya is a lying boi


Boldofyoutoassume : Bold of you to assume he IS a boi


DropTop: What the fuck friends? Why is 1A so Goddamed weird




Clockwork: HEY! No cursing on Ashido’s Christian Minecraft server!


RoxyGurl: Don’t you mean Christian Channel?


Itunesismymom: No Pewds references pls, I’m grieving

MyChemicalKillMe: uhhh, guys? Is that Todoroki in the background?


Sure enough, Todoroki’s hand was glowing with a flame as he snuck up behind Uraraka.


“Todoroki! Don’t scare me like that…...”


“Sorry Uraraka. Ashido, I’m moving your, Doritos? Is that how you say it? Doritos, damn Americans and their hard to pronounce foods.” Todoroki continued to passive aggressively mutter as a notification pinged on his phone.


“Ugh, Twitter won’t stop talking about this guy I hate!”


Ashid looked at him, slightly confused. “Why don’t you do something about it?”


Todoroki grinned, crually and harsh, his teeth resembling Kirishima's more that his own.


“Because, it’s frowned upon to snap bitches necks in a court of law.”




Hagakure was tired .


Tired of the power outage, tired of being locked in (because of course , the doors just had to be automatic), but most of all, tired of Kirishima’s shameless pining of Bakugo. So, she called the one person she could properly complain to: Uraraka.






“Yeah, guess what?”




“I think, that if I have to be trapped in a room with two lovesick losers for another ten minutes, I’m gonna chug bleach.”


“Uhhh, okay? Why are you calling me?”


“Because! I need you to fix it!”


“I’m going to hang up, and we will make a plan.”


“Wait, we? What we!? Uraraka!!!!!!!!!!”


She hung up on Hagakure.




Ashido and Uraraka were still recording. The phone call, Todoroki. But, the highlight of the livestream (so far, at least), was Sero. It was interesting, to say the least.


“Sorry, you’ve already left kudos here? What the fuck, archive!?”


Sero stormed into the kitchen, an angry expression painted on his face, and angrily clutching his phone.

“Damn archive, I just wanna kudos Peter and the Jailbirds……”


“Hey Sero.”


“Damn life, damn everything.”


Ashido was still recording on her Iphone.


“What's got your panties in a twist?”


“Oh fuck off Ashido, you wouldn’t understand the fandom pain. Only Midoriya understands my desperate struggles!’’


“Oh, Shakespeare! Does mother know you weareth her drapes?”


“Ahhh, fuck you Ashido.”


“Sorry, not my type.”


“You suck.”


“Can’t! I’m a single lady!”




Sero was truly and wholly pissed. Uraraka was texting on her beaten up IPhone 4, cackling madly as she scrolled and typed.


“What are you cackling about?”


“I’ve got a plan!”


“For what?”


“Operation: Kiribaku.”




Kirishima and Bakugou have been locked inside with Hagakure for fifteen minutes . They were trapped, at least, until Hagakure pushed them in the elevator and barricaded the doors. Bakugou banged his fists on the doors.


“HEY! Invisabitch! Let us out!”

“Not until you confess your feelings!”


Kirishima’s phone started vibrating madly, and started ringing. He picked up.




“Read the texts!”


“What? Why, what are you doi-”


“Fucking do it Kiri, or so help my I will beat your ass.”


“Okay, okay!”


“Read them to Bakugou!”


“Wait, what are y-”


“DO IT!”


“Okay okay!”


He shakily smiled at Bakugou.


“Dear Bakugou, I, Kirishima, love how your ass looks in- Uraraka I’m not reading this.”

“Oh yes you fucking are .”


Kirishima looked at Bakugou.


“Shtty hair, I like you.”


“Wait what, you do? You don’t have to go along with this because of the call, I mean-Hmph!”


“Kirishima what was that?”


“Did he just kiss him? I think he just kissed him?”


“Should we hang up, I mean, we are still livestreaming………”




Tutulip @Flowerpower

Kiribaku confirmed people! KIRIBAKU CONFIRMED!


HereHoe @HereHoe

@Flowerpower Those sounds sounded positively lewd


XXcentury @XXX

@Flowerpower Looks like the 1-A archive is about to be filled with Kiribaku sex, lets hunker down for the storm, shall we?


Add-son @Addison
@XXX more like BDSM


XXcentury @XXX

@Addison not any better


Fonti @Fontsini

I know this wasn’t the “big reveal” of the video, but Sero’s on ao3? The account hunt begins….


Transformative @Legality

@Fontsini Okay, so he’s Avengers fandom? Peter and the Jailbirds is a relatively well-known story, and he’s kudos……. So……….. 1 in maybe 12000? Let’s get to work…….


Driveing @TyposaremyLifo

I know this also isn’t the “big reveal” but who’s the bitch the Fanclub needs kill for Todo?

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Trending On YouTube




New Number 1: Manly or Menace


Dabi Arrest, What This Could Mean For The League Of Villains


BREAKING NEWS: League of Villans Dabi Apprehended



sorry fam, i fucked up


Dabi-Who is He?


The Startling Truth of the Todoroki Family- A Theory








In homeroom, one thing stood out. Or rather person, due to their loud entrance.


"I can't believe no one told me!" Ashido looked as if she had forgotten to feed her non-existent fish, flustered and frantic.

"Someone looks disgruntled." Sero said.

"Too bad, because I feel positively gruntled today, don't you Kirishima?"

"Oh yeah Kami, I feel very gruntled."

"Gruntled is not a fucking word!"

"it is not a fucking word, Fuckmunch. But it is a word."

"Stop helping them Bakugou!"

"I hate to interrupt, but gruntled is a word in the English dictionary."

"We aren't in fucking America! And stop helping them Iida!" A loud wail from Ashido interrupted the argument. 

"I can't believe no one told me that T-Series beat Pewds!"

"Dude, Ash, my bro, that was over a week ago." Ashido groaned and dropped her head into her folded arms, hoping to black out her shame.

"It was for like ten minutes."

"You still could've told me!' Unbeknownst to the students, the had awakened a monster.

"I thought we we friends, and you don't even tell me-"

"What. The hell. Has got you screeching like birds at eight in the morning in my classroom?"

"Technically, its seven fifty six so its just A Classroom."

"I don't care, if this is about Dabi getting arrested then-"


The volcano exploded, lahars of voices blew up the classroom.

"Wait, arrested?"

"Finally, the fucking muffin dick deserved it after all his shit, that fucking fucktard fuckwich."

"Bakugou, I'm worried about you man."

"When was he arrested Aizawa Sensei?"

"QUIET!" The voices ceased. "Dabi was arrested yesterday night after a drug bust...."

"When does Dobby deal in drugs?"

'Don't you mean Dabi, horns."

"I said that!"

"No. You said Dobby. As in the house elf. From Harry fucking Potter."

"Okay, A) How do you, Bakugou, know what Harry Potter is. And B) I bet Dabi could use a fucking sock."

"I'm not uncultered swine, you fucking idiot-"

"How many times do I have to ask for SILENCE!? We can continue on Dabi after class. Until then, pull out your homework."



Controversial Twitter Posts @ControversialTwitterPosts

Wait, the cops actually caught that fucker?


Unofficial Reporter @Ireport

This will be the first major court hearing since hero and villain trials are now solely through the American legal systems...... #dabitrial


Tutulip @Flowerpower

@Ireport Yeah, wonder how the #dabitrial is going to work with the American Legal system in place


Legal Heros @OfficalJudicial

@Ireport @Flowerpower Not exactly the American legal system, lawyers are able present evidence that has not been reviewed by the other lawyer and the judge, as long as it is evidence discovered DURING the trial. #dabitrial

Tutulip @Flowerpower

@OfficalJudicial the more you know



Gordon Ferris has been reporting for Fox news for a long fucking time, okay? (Twelve years with his college internship) He was aware people didn't know his name in America, or anywhere else. He was aware about how much trust his boss was placing in him for this story. He was also aware about his high chance of promotion from this.

Also, the high chance of death. Gordon was about to venture into the belly of the beast. He was covering the Dabi Trial.

Now, Gordon is Portland born and raised, but even he had heard of the infamous Japanese villain. (That wasn't a good comparison because he's a Fox reporter)

Even his mom, tech limited Gretchen Ferries, had heard of Dabi. So had most of America, because President Trump used the League of Villains as an excuse to cut off all trade with China. (It didn't work. First and foremost, the League of Villains were a Japanese organization.)

So, yeah, this was a dangerous fucking story. And it didn't help that his boss had flown him out to Japan to do and interview with Dabi. He didn't need a translator, so it was just him and Dabi. If he survives this, it would be a story to tell his grandchildren.

At least Gladys, the camera person was on the other side of the one way glass, a monitoring the small camera on the table livestreaming his death the interview.


That was two hours ago.


The interview went a lot better than Gordon expected, actually, with only a few threats and even those were relatively non-descriptive.

This was the question that made him wanted to curl up and die though. Gordon wondered if he should've called in the flowers he wanted on his coffin before the interview, or if his husband would know by the time his body got shipped over the Atlantic.

"One last question: Whats your real name?" Gordon hated his superiors at this moment, because it was then that we experienced what true fear was. Against his usual demeanor, Dabi was smiling. Not a happy smile, but a cruel, painful smile. It was as if his teeth were replaced by chainsaws that dug into his gums everyday and his cheeks were being pulled apart by rusted fish hooks.

"So, you want to know my name. Brave of you to ask, reporter. You must be brave." Gordon was going to piss himself. "Are you sure you want to know who I am?" No, I do not want to know who you are or if you eat children for breakfast please and thank you scary man, thought Gordon. But no matter how terrifying his possible death by cremation would be, being fired is worse. So Gordon sucked it up an said, "Yes."


"My name is, Touya Todoroki."





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