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Princess in need

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I was laying down in bed after a long day when suddenly I heard a knock on my door. I got up and went to open the door to see murakumo only wearing a white robe. “Hey Kumo, what’s up?” “Hi Y/n ca...can I come in? I wanna talk to you about something.” “Yeah come in.” I welcomed her in and we took a seat on my bed. “What did you wanna talk about?” “It’s embarrassing but I’ll just say it…. The other day I was reading this manga and...and It got intense.” “What do you mean by that?” I noticed she was blushing heavily at this point. “The main character had with the princess. So basically I uhh wanted to give that a try.” “Well… you know I don’t mind doing it with you, but why me specifically?” “I ummm… I have a cru… uhhhhhh.” Her face was red like a rose, to calm her down I placed my hand on her shoulder which made her turn to face me. “You can tell me Kumo, I won’t be bothered by anything you tell me.” “I… I have a cru…. Crush on you Y/n.” “You know I like you too Murakumo.” “Why do you like me? I’m ugly without my mask.” “Well to me your beautiful with or without it Kumo.” “I don’t know about doing this anymore, I’m too shy.” “Well just think of me as your prince, and you’re my princess. How does that sound?” “I… that actually makes me feel a little more relaxed. I think I’m ready.” Without warning, she opened her robe and to my surprize she was naked underneath. She looked away in embarrassment but she still had a smile on her face. Being more confident with her actions, she gently pressed her lips against mine. I couldn’t resist the urge to pull her closer, so I put my hands on her waist and deepen our kiss. Murakumo moaned into the kiss, then we both pulled away for air. “That f.. Felt really nice y/n.” “Well we’re just getting started.” I wasted no time taking my clothes off, showing Murakumo my hardendend member. I climbed back onto the bed to kiss Murakumo, when suddenly she stopped me. “Wait a second Y/n. Can I ummm try something?” “Ummm, sure what is it?” Without saying anything, Murakumo sat right in front of my cock and wrapped her hand around it. “I saw the princess in the manga do this, so I thought I could try it, is it ok if I do?” “Of course Mura, go ahead.” She slowly started moving her hand up and down my dick, eventually she started to go faster. The warmth of her hand was so pleasant to feel around my member. Eventually she stopped using her hand and started giving a blowjob. I didn’t expect such a bold move to come from the shy girl. The sight of her head bobbing and the sound of her moaning was so sexy. She started bobbing her head faster, I could feel pressure building as I placed a hand on the back of her head. “Mura, I’m gonna!” My hips bucked as I shot my seed in her mouth. To my surprise she swallowed all of it. “Mmm, that tasted good~” “How about you get on the bed for the main event.” “I.. I know I’m ju… just nervous.” “You gave me a blowjob silly, are you still that shy?” “Ye.. yeah, I’m sorry, I’ll just go.” She was about to leave when I quickly grabbed her arm. “Don’t go Mura. Look, if you’re nervous maybe I could do something about it. How about this: Just think of me as the knight that saved the princess. Just think of it like that, how does that sound?” “I.. I think I can do that.” She got on the bed and layed down on her back with her legs open. “Please be gentle my knight.” “I will my princess.” I held her hands to keep her relaxed. I slowly pushed into her wet pussy as she let out a loud moan. “You ok princess?” “I’m.. fine, you can move now.” I started thrusting slowly just to make sure she was ok. Eventually I started thrusting faster. “Mmmm,this feels so good.” her boobs were bouncing with each thrust, I couldn’t resist the urge to start sucking on her nipple. “Ahh Y/n I’m gonna cum soon if this keeps up.” I continued to suck on her nipple then I used on of my hands to tweak at her other nipple. “Y/n, Y/n I’m cuming!” I felt her juices cover my dick and shortly after, I ended up cuming inside of her. “It’s so warm sir Knight, it’s filling me up~” I pulled out of Murakumo and collapsed next to her. “How was that princess?” “It was really enjoyable sir knight,thank you for this.” “Your welcome my love.” I kissed her on the lips as we held each other close. “I love you Murakumo.” “I love you too Y/n.” Mura and I fell asleep in each others arms under the moonlight.