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Supergirl Femslash Exchange 2018: GD and MJY art

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Hello, foxy! I was your Secret Santa for this year, and I hope I had you sufficiently fooled with my lies to prevent you from finding that out! You said you'd accept fic or art for the prompts, and I decided to go with Art this time around.

For the first prompt of Bed Sharing, I went with General Danvers...

General Danvers Astra Alex
General Danvers: Alex and Astra have to find workarounds around the fact that Astra is Kryptonian.

So of course I went with Majorly Judging You for the second prompt of Casual Intimacy...

Majorly Judging You Alura Lucy Lane

Majorly Judging You: Lucy shows Alura her best walrus impression with two straws.

There's no third prompt, of course, but as a bonus... you once prompted me to draw VanLuthor going to the market, and I bet u thought I forgot but!! I didn't!!!

VanLuthor Lara Lor-Van Lillian Luthor

VanLuthor: Shopping trip to the market!