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Capitulation to Hope

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Well, now Grantaire knows: he has fire, as Enjolras, Bahorel, Prouvaire ever did; he can learn with speed and depth that would do Combeferre or Feuilly proud; his friendship is truly as devoted as Bossuet's, Joly's, Courfeyrac's; and he knows that he, even he, can change - must change - has already changed in the knowledge of the gunpowder and silence carried on the breeze through the windows, and the sight of Enjolras standing alone.

Revolution's wheel may not complete its cycle under this summer sky, but he must make himself a gear in its turning nonetheless, and he must declare his claim to a life fuller in this moment than he'd long been able to dream of.

Though changed, there is the part of him still that must deferentially ask Enjolras's permission to take a liberty; and it is stranger than anything, burningly beautiful where the rest of Grantaire's revelations only burn, that now, Enjolras will accept that part too.