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Fatal ~ Exception

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'Slippery as an eel', was a term that he had often heard the humans use. In his opinion, land-dwelling hairless apes were in no position to make any such remarks on a world they did not understand in any context other than which of it was edible. However, it was an apt simile to describe his state of being. Such as right now, when the immortal who thought they had his soul, who thought they understood everything about the situation, didn't even know how much of his essence was distributed along the fragile, complex and entirely DNA-based information network of the coral reefs. There was an atoll out there in the middle of the ocean where certain vents led too far down for humans to even reach yet, where he'd recorded and shared certain things, receiving things in return, that the so-called Eternal Champion would definitely grant him a second chance in exchange for knowledge of... if Trident was sure he could trust the entity at all.