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We Really Need To Stop Meeting Like This

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It was your first day at UA when you ran into him. Literally ran into him. Having no sense of direction, your nose was buried in a map of the school as you approached the front steps of the building, trying desperately to locate your homeroom on the large sheet of paper. One moment you were vertical, the next you were horizontal, lying on the hard concrete walkway. You looked up at what you could only assume was the brick wall you just hit, and were surprised to see a boy staring down at you with an annoyed expression. Though he looked beyond exhausted, his lavender eyes were sharp, and they seemed to see right through you. 

Realizing that you were staring, you started to sputter.

“O-oh my gosh, I am SO sorry…” you scrambled onto your knees, collecting all of your papers that exploded around you upon impact with the tall boy.

He wordlessly leant down to help you with your papers, but paused as he stared at your left shoulder.

“So you’re in the hero course?” he said dryly.

“Huh?” you replied, looking up at him, a little bewildered. Did he know you…?

“The single button on the shoulder of your shirt. Means you’re in the hero course.” He told you, with a major attitude. Shoving the papers he helped you collect into your arms, he stood and walked away, disappearing amongst the gaggle of other students entering the building.

“Thank you!!! Have a nice… day… ??” you tried to call after him, obviously too late. Well, that was weird…you thought to yourself.

*     *     *

You saw him again a couple of days later, in the cafeteria. Wandering around the lunch room, you tried to locate a familiar face from your class to sit with. You recognized the head of messy hair sitting alone as you passed by. You attempted to smile and wave, but he seemed intent on ignoring everyone and everything around him. You could have sworn he momentarily looked your way from the corner of his eye, though.

*     *     *

It was finally the day of the Sports Festival, and you couldn’t believe the lavender-haired boy had such a powerful quirk! You didn’t understand why someone like him wasn’t in the hero course. I guess that explains the attitude that first day…

You made your way down the hall of the stadium, preparing to enter the waiting room for your upcoming match. Shinsou headed towards you from the opposite direction, obviously on his way back to the stands after the completion of his match. You decided to say hello as you neared each other. 

“Hey again! It’s Shinsou, right? Wow you were so cool out there!!” you began, making excited hand gestures. 

“Midoriya’s like, really strong, and you almost had him! You were like– WOAH, and he was like BAM! and it was so awesome!!” you said, bursting with energy. “Your quirk is amazing, I’ve never seen anything like it… you should definitely become a hero; you’d be able to take down nearly all of the villains in the city by yourself!”

You clamped your mouth shut, realizing you were both gushing to a stranger and rambling at the same time. You flushed slightly in embarrassment when he simply stared at you in silence. Taking the hint, you pressed on towards the waiting room once more. Turning around to look at him, continuing to walk backwards towards your destination, you smiled and chuckled awkwardly. “So uh… bye then!”

Shinsou looked down, sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck with his hand.

“Um, bye,” he mumbled quietly.

You faced front again and jogged away, leaving Shinsou to stare at your retreating form. He was in shock at all the compliments he received from his classmates after his match, and then from a total stranger as well? For a second, he almost called out “good luck” to you, but thought better of it as reason came back to him. You were just another hero student in his way. He should be rooting for your failure. But that didn’t stop his cheeks from burning as he walked back to the bleachers to sit with his classmates.

*     *     *

It was a gloomy, rainy day, and every possible bad thing was happening to you at once. You were late leaving for school this morning; well actually, you left on time, but realized you forgot your homework halfway into your transit, and had to turn around and go back for it. Upon leaving the house a second time, you realized you forgot your umbrella. It was already drizzling, no doubt it would be pouring by the time you got to UA. And you were right. You were still about 15 minutes away from school when the skies opened up and rain began to come down in sheets, right onto your unprotected head. You tried to shield your face with the hood of your jacket, but that didn’t help much. Holding your satchel over your head as a makeshift umbrella, you started to sprint. Your rain boots rhythmically hit the pavement with small splashes, but you were suddenly forced to stop as the upcoming crosswalk light changed to red. You took the opportunity to catch your breath, hunched over, hands on your knees. While you were busy huffing and staring down at the ground, you didn’t see the oncoming bus that was about to spray water from the gutters directly into your face.

A strong hand gripped your upper arm tightly, pulling you backwards just as the water from the curb sprayed all over the area where you stood a moment ago. You yanked your arm out of its constraint, spinning around quickly. You came face-to-face with those sleepy lavender eyes and let out a sigh, relieved that you weren’t being kidnapped by a villain. He looked you up and down, assessing your pitiful state with amused eyes. He smirked. “Forget your umbrella?”

You didn’t know he was capable of smiling… he looked pretty handsome looking down at you with that expression. Realizing you were staring again, you looked away and replied, “Yeah… unfortunately this morning is not going well for me.”

The crosswalk light changed again, and the other pedestrians began crossing the busy road. You turned, starting to cross as well. Shinsou quickly caught up to you and continued to match your stride. When the heavy splatter of rain drops stopped incessantly hitting your skull, you looked up. Shinsou had moved his large black umbrella over your head for both of you to share. Looking up at him with big (e/c) eyes, he gave you another smirk. You opened your mouth to say something but he beat you to it.

“Don’t worry about it. Next time, bring an umbrella when it’s raining…” He paused for a few seconds. “It’s… (Y/N), right?” You nodded and smiled softly at him, scanning over his profile.

You were wrong, before; from this close up, he wasn’t just pretty handsome… he was gorgeous, dark circles under his eyes and all. You both walked shoulder-to-shoulder the rest of the way to UA, arms occasionally brushing as you both huddled under the umbrella.

*     *     *

It was finals week, and everyone in class 1-A was cramming for exams. Your study strategy? Lots and lots of coffee. You usually liked to use the library at UA to study when possible, and thus had located the best coffee shop near the school’s campus. You walked in, inhaling the intoxicating scent of caffeine, and placed your usual order at the counter. After the finished drink was handed to you, you made your way back to the front doors again. You finished putting your wallet back in your backpack while reaching out for the door. Before your fingers could touch the handle, the chime of the bell above the door went off, causing you to look up from your current distraction. Shinsou was holding the door open, allowing you to exit first before he walked in.

“Hey there, Shinsou! We really need to stop meeting like this,” you said, laughing lightly. He chuckled and let the door close once you exited the shop. After chatting for a few minutes outside the cafe, you discovered you were both there for similar reasons.

“Do you wanna come study with me for a bit at the library?” you inquired of your tall acquaintance. He paused for a moment, adjusting the strap of his backpack, and reluctantly nodded. He agreed to the proposition, only under the condition that you studied at the coffee shop instead, so as to have an unlimited source of much needed caffeine. Sitting together at a small table by the windows, you both ended up spending more time laughing over small-talk and delicious pastries than you did actually studying.

*     *     *

You had moved into the dorms a few weeks ago. It wasn’t the same as your parent’s house, but it was slowly becoming home. It was a beautiful Saturday evening, and you were all dolled up for a girl’s night out for Momo’s birthday; she wanted to go out to a fancy restaurant for dinner, and your wallet ached at the thought. You sat on the common room couch, waiting for the other girls to finish getting ready. A ruckus was taking place behind you as Sero, Kaminari, and Kirishima were attempting to cook themselves a meal. When the fire alarm started going off and the common room filled with smoke, you rolled your eyes and decided to just wait for the girls outside. It was crisp out, summer having recently made its swift exit, a few crinkly leaves already starting to make an appearance on the green grass.

You took a seat on one of the wooden benches outside of the class 1-A dorm. You occupied yourself by looking at the blues, purples, and pinks that streaked the sky, chasing the sun as it set in the distance. A ways down the path, you saw Shinsou heading towards you, seemingly on a leisurely jog around campus. Jumping up, you waved somewhat wildly and grinned brightly. Once he noticed your flailing, he returned your smile, slowing down to a walk and taking off his earbuds. You took a few steps towards him, meeting him halfway.

He panted, hunched over on his knees, catching his breath. “We really need to stop meeting like this,” he said looking up at you with his signature smirk.

You laughed at his reference to your last meeting. He straightened up, and suddenly seemed to notice your appearance. You wore a black dress, matching heels, and had your hair done is voluminous curls. You usually looked nice, but this was on another level.

Shinsou soaked in your figure from head to toe, a slight blush staining his cheeks as he paused to stare at your red painted lips. You might have noticed his ogling, if you weren’t completely distracted looking at him as well. He had on a tight athletic shirt that highlighted his muscular shoulders and biceps. As your eyes raked upwards towards his face, you admired the definition of his chest that you could see beneath the fabric. When did he get so buff? Was he always like this? He must be training hard…

By the time your gaze made its way back to Shinsou’s face, you had just barely caught him checking you out before his eyes darted away. It made you flush all the way to the tips of your ears. He turned his head to the side, quickly clearing his throat. “You look nice. Where are you headed?” he asked.

“Oh… thank you. Us girls are going out for Yaoyorozu’s birthday,” you said shyly.

“I see…” he nodded in understanding. “Well, just be safe getting home, then,” he said, scratching the back of his head nervously while kicking a few pebbles around with his shoe.

You panicked, not wanting the conversation to end quite yet. Every time you ran into Shinsou, you found yourself wanting to be around him more; the beginnings of a crush were clearly forming in the pit of your stomach. He was obviously attractive, tall and brooding, with his lavender bedroom eyes and messy i-just-had-sex hair…. not to mention the surprise muscles — um, hello! He was also quite funny, despite his snarky rudeness at times. He had a good heart, from what you could tell after your handful of interactions, and you wanted to get to know him more. You just weren’t sure if he felt the same way about you in return… It wasn’t like you saw him in class every day or had his phone number so you could talk more regularly— wait a minute…

“I could call you —!“ you blurted out way too loudly. Slapping a hand over your mouth, you wished you could take back the desperate sounding plea. You watched his eyes widen in bewilderment at your comment. “I — uh-um, what I meant was… I could call, or text you, to let you know I made it back to my dorm safely…” your sentence trailed off and you decided that staring at the ground would be better than looking at his devastatingly handsome face any longer.

Shinsou was silent in response to your awkward outburst. You continued staring at the ground, face hot with embarrassment, when suddenly a phone appeared in your line of sight. “Here,” he said, “Let’s exchange numbers. Maybe then we can hang out sometime, on purpose.”

Your heart fluttered at the thought as you looked at the object in his hand with wide eyes. Taking the phone, your hands brushed, and your face lit up even more. You quickly typed in your number and sent yourself a text with his name, so you could add him to your contacts later. As you handed the phone back, you finally looked up at him through your long lashes. He seemed amused, but content. Sliding the phone back into his front pocket, he said, “Have fun. Text me when you’re back…"

And before you could react, Shinsou leaned forward, placing a quick kiss on your cheek before hurriedly continuing his jog back to the 1-C dorms. It was then he realized, to his mortification, that there was a group of girls standing at the front doors of your dorm, watching the entire encounter between the two of you. He heard the girls swarm you as he jogged away, the recognizable voice of the loud pink one yelling, “WHAT THE HELL (Y/N), DID YOU JUST GET THAT HOT GUY’S NUMBER??”