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stardust in your eyes (just can't get enough of it)

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Taehyung feels himself being shakened lightly. He ignores it, body too tired and bed too comfortable.


And he feels it again, this time slightly harder. Taehyung groans, head burying into the soft pillow.


“ Babe? Babe. “


Taehyung frowns as an oddly familiar voice reaches his ears.


“ Babe, don’t you have Chemistry at 9am? It’s 8:30 already. “


At that, Taehyung eyes flew open and he immediately gets up, head accidentally bumping into the said boy hovering over him.


Jeongguk winces, rubbing his head.


“ Oh my god, sorry baby. Since when was I sleeping over at your place!? Professor Park mentioned he was going to start on a new module today! “ Taehyung groans as he rushes to wash up. He throws on whatever fresh clothes he took from Jeongguk’s closet (he did not bring spare ones), not bothering to change his jeans before packing his school supplies into his bag.


Jeongguk yawns as he rolled over to face his boyfriend, watching him scramble to zip his bag before slipping his shoes on, struggling to keep his eyes half opened. Thank god he doesn’t have class till 10am which gives him the privilege to sleep in. Last night’s training had him dead tired.


“ You don’t remember? You came here after your lab work and when I came back at night from training, you were already asleep on the couch. So I carried you to bed,“


Taehyung froze for a brief second before the moment of realisation kicked in as he let out a sigh, face palming himself for being an idiot.


“ I wasn’t meant to fall asleep till the next morning, damn it. “


Right when Taehyung was about to step out of the apartment, he goes over to where he was on the bed and presses a quick kiss on Jeongguk’s cheek.


“ Thank you though Gukkie. I’ll see you later! “


Jeongguk nods sleepily at that, giving him a soft smile, “ I’ll see you later. “


So to say, not many knew of their relationship honestly. Only their circle of close friends knew, and it was already difficult for them to wrap the information around their head when Taehyung divulged it to them. He remembers Jimin choking on his milkshake for a solid 15 seconds when he told them in the middle of having dinner at their usual hangout place just a street down their campus.


Deciding the news of them being together will probably garner much attention and reaction from others around the campus, Taehyung and Jeongguk had agreed to keep it low-key publicly.


Taehyung didn’t like unnecessary attention and well Jeongguk, he has way too much attention. Afterall, he’s known to be the typical hot guy which obviously had to be the captain of the campus’ football club. Also who has more than half of the campus’ population glancing at him whenever he walks pass classrooms or hallways.


Jeongguk always tries to avoid questions about his relationships or having flings and even one night stands. Curse most of his wild teammates for doing the above so to allow people to assume Jeongguk is like them.


Besides, Taehyung doubt the public will have a positive reaction if Jeongguk or him discloses their relationship publicly in campus. Not saying that Taehyung aren’t liked by people, (in fact many find him cute thank you very much) but, who would believe that Kim Taehyung, the resident good boy who never fails to attain the best grades is together with the captain of the football team, Jeon Jeongguk who sleeps in classes, much less handing in his assignments?


Taehyung is trying really hard to encourage Jeongguk to pay attention in classes though.


Key word: trying because Jeongguk is always whining about how


“ But Tae, yesterday’s training was so tiring, I can’t help but to fall asleep in class, “


So they just kept to showing their relationship only when they are alone or with their group of friends.


It seems like fate has different plans for them though.

Taehyung flung open the lecture doors, speed walking towards his seat. He looks up and checks the digital clock located at the side of the lecture wall, sighing in relief. 8:59am. The professor was nowhere in sight. For once, Taehyung was glad Professor Park was running late.


Seeing there’s no need to hurry anymore, Taehyung slows down as he trudged up the stairs, melting into his seat beside Jimin.


“ Such a rare sight to see you being almost late for lectures, Tae. “ Jimin looks over, lips quirked up in mirth.


“ I accidentally fell asleep at Jeongguk’s place, thank god he woke me up, “ The boy replied, mumbling so only Jimin could hear it.


“ Wait, Tae… “ Jimin frowned as he continued to look at Taehyung, not taking his eyes off him.


Taehyung blinked, tilting his head in question.


“ What? Is there something on my face? “


“ No.. but isn’t what you’re wearing Jeongguk’s football t-shirt? “


Taehyung’s brain only registered it a second later as he slowly look down at what he was wearing.


It was indeed Jeongguk’s football t-shirt. Not their actual jersey that they wear to play for games but their t-shirts they wear when they train.


That didn’t help make the matter better because both of Jeongguk’s jersey and training tshirt have large print of ‘ JEON 01 ‘ at the back and the logo of their college’s football club printed in front at the side.


Right. He was in such a rush that he didn’t even check what t-shirt he got from Jeongguk’s closet. Out of all the plain t-shirts Jeongguk owned, he just Had to take his damn football t-shirt today.


Taehyung groans as he covers his face with his palms, panic slowly rising. He could feel his ears already starting to burn from the heated stares.


What got him more mortified was the murmurs that started to spark around him as Taehyung peeks at the students in the lecture hall seated behind him.


“ Fuck. Jimin save me please. “


Jimin looked over, giving the said boy beside him a slightly pitied look.


“ I have a jacket if you want, but I doubt it’ll help Tae. You know how well known Jeongguk is, this shit is going to spread like wildfire. ‘


‘ Thanks Jiminnie. That helped a lot. ‘


But Taehyung knew Jimin was right. There’s not much he could do now, nothing actually.


Jeongguk was getting to his higher art history class, brisk walking past the hallways as he was running late. He ultimately regrets falling asleep again after Taehyung left.


He notices something different about today though.


He gets that several students do throw glances at him whenever he walks passes, (can’t help it when you’re good looking I guess) but today just seemed different .


Jeongguk could see them pointing at him and whispering to their friends, a few staring at him with some sort of crestfallen look.


Jeongguk frowned. Did someone spread funny rumours about him again?


The previous time someone had spread he made out with a girl at a club and the word got to Taehyung before Jeongguk could explain. Let’s just say that it took Jeongguk a long time to assure and dispel any doubts Taehyung had of him.


(‘Tae baby please, I swear what you heard isn’t true at all. I swear it on my Razer laptop.‘


Jeongguk has been at it for the past 15 minutes, at this point of time, his tone exasperate and tired.


‘Then I’ll throw your Razer laptop away,’ Taehyung mumbled under his breath, arms still crossed and eyes refusing to look at Jeongguk ever since he entered the room.


Despite the threatening statement, the latter’s tone was rather soft edged. Jeongguk knew Taehyung was slowly (and finally) believing in him so he takes his hands into his, grasping them firmly. He wants Taehyung, his Taehyung to know and understand,


‘ Hyung, there’s no one else but you. My eyes are always on you, just you.‘


And when Taehyung finally looks at him, Jeongguk knows it’s not that he doesn’t trusts him. Both of them had put their trust in each other wholeheartedly since they started dating seriously. It’s just there is a glint of insecurity in his eyes, telling Jeongguk that he is too good for him.


Jeongguk thinks otherwise. Kim Taehyung is too good for him . He’s still working on ensuring Taehyung gets all the love he deserves from him.


Jeongguk loves it when he expresses his affection for the said male in front of him because Taehyung blushes the prettiest shade of pink, and it’s beautiful. How can he not resist showering him with love?


He gently rests his hand on Taehyung’s nape, fingers grazing the back of his hair as Jeongguk leans in for a quick kiss but the older doesn’t pull away after, hands gripping onto the other’s shirt lightly.


‘One more,’ Taehyung mumbles louder this time, shy smile tugging at his lips.


Jeongguk is more than happy to compile as he dips his head down to capture the other’s lips once again.


‘Anything in the world for you, angel,’ Jeongguk whispers between the little kisses they share after.)

Before Jeongguk could think of possible scenarios of what could’ve possibly led to a result of this, he hears the bell ring. Fuck.


I’ll worry about that later, whatever . Jeongguk thought as he brushed the matter off, running into the class just in time before the teacher came.


Just as he sat down, Hoseok, one of his team mate in football slaps him on his back from behind.


‘Jeongguk, my man! Didn’t tell me you were hiding such a cute guy from everyone?’ He says, devious smile appearing on his face.


Jeongguk frowned. Don’t tell me now they’re saying I messed around with a guy?


‘Sorry, what?’


‘Aren’t you together with Kim Taehyung?. Everyone can’t believe that you’re taken already, now you’ve let all their hopes down.’ Hoseok fakes an upset expression as he wipes a non-existent taar running down his cheek, shaking his head.


Jeongguk stills. Wait. What the fuck.


Who the hell just revealed his relationship with Taehyung to the whole campus?


He plays it cool since he doesn’t exactly know how it happened, awkwardly laughing,


‘Haha, how did you know hyung?’  


Hoseok gives him a weird look.


‘You’re asking me? Taehyung was wearing your football t-shirt dude! You mean you don’t know?’


Somehow in the midst being shocked and actually confused at what came out of Hoseok’s mouth, Jeongguk’s mind swirls and his heart spikes at the thought of people seeing Taehyung in his football t-shirt. He thinks he might have a thing for showing who’s his.


Jeongguk’s mind trails to Taehyung being in his shirts, slightly big and baggy on him since he’s not as toned (and ripped) as he is. How good he would look in his arms only , or how absolutely stunning he would look under him, golden brown hair splayed on the white sheets as he fucks him just with his shirt on-


Before he could imagine any further, the incessant vibration of his phone caused him to break out of his reverie. Jeongguk looks down to check his phone, careful not to get caught by the teacher. (He totally ignore Hoseok pestering him with the juicy details regarding his relationship.)


He notices the previous texts Taehyung had sent before reading the latest ones-


Babe :






i can’t believe i’m such an idiot 09:05am


i  guess there’s no point hiding it now,, everyone in chemistry saw it ugh 09:06am






screw you for being a popular idiot 10:43am


come and save me asshole 10:44am


                                                                                                                                                                                         coming tae!! 10:44am


He had just received the latest text and Jeongguk immediately gets out of class quickly via the back door (at this point no one is surprised Jeongguk does this), going down the hallway to look for Taehyung.


It was sure not difficult to spot him in the centre of a group of students, annoyance written all over his face.


Jeongguk rushes towards him, grabbing Taehyung on his wrist. He looks briefly at the students, eyes filled with envy as they stare blatantly at their linked hands.


‘Yes, we’re together so stop bothering my boyfriend and will you excuse us, thanks!’


He pulls Taehyung to the small alley where the locker rooms are at the end of the hallway and Taehyung sighs in relief.


‘Finally I’m free from your fans,’ Taehyung huffed, rolling his eyes playfully.


‘You’re forgetting something. Whose fault was this?’


Jeongguk raises an eyebrow, smug smile creeping up on his face.


‘Who would have known I would pick your club t-shirt with your big ass name on it out of your thousands of plain t-shirts,’ Taehyung mumbled before pausing. He looks at Jeongguk as the realisation hit him.


‘You saw me this morning and you didn’t tell me I was wearing this!’ Taehyung frowns and pushes an accusing finger to the other’s chest in a playful manner.


Jeongguk blinked, thinking back to the morning. He doesn’t remember what the other was wearing though, probably due to the lack of sleep.


‘I was half awake babe, I just got up to wake you up!’ He chuckles, wrapping his hand around the latter’s hand pointed at him as he pulls Taehyung towards him.


‘Anyways, forget about that,’ Jeongguk pecks the tip of the older’s nose, looking into his eyes.


‘Almost everyone knows now, no point keeping our relationship a closed one anymore, right?’


Taehyung hums, pursing his lips. ‘Just so you know.. I’m not mad or anything. I’m just afraid i’ll get hate now because i’m dating The Jeon Jeongguk.’


‘Hey! Don’t make me sound so bad to be with,’ Jeongguk feigns a remorse look, lips pouting.


‘Besides, I don’t think they hate you Tae. From what i saw, most of them envy you instead since you’re the one that’s with me. What they don’t know is I’m the lucky one to be with you.’ Jeongguk says, cheeky grin forming on his face.


‘Stop being such a sap, Jeon.’


‘I know you love it babe.’


‘No I don’t.’


‘Then why are your cheeks red?’


‘Shut up.’


‘Why don’t you try?’


Taehyung shuts him up perfectly, pulling him in for a firm kiss as he holds the collar of Jeongguk’s shirt, resolve to dominate diming as he feels himself being pulled flushed against the latter’s chest by the tight possessive grip on his waist.


He opens up readily for Jeongguk, feeling his tongue run over his bottom lip teasingly. Jeongguk laps greedily, drinking in the older’s small breathy whines as his tongue slides into Taehyung’s mouth, tongues clashing deliriously.


They pull apart eventually, needing air.


Jeongguk doesn’t remove his hand cupping Taehyung’s cheek gently as he presses his forehead against the other.


‘Can’t wait to finally show how amazing you are to everyone baby.’


Taehyung wonders when will Jeongguk stop saying things like that because it fucking pulls his heartstrings so badly and it makes him want to kiss him endlessly.


Well, he guess he has all the time in the world to do that, when he’s with Jeongguk.


‘Oh and did I mention? You look exceptionally good in my football t-shirt babe,’ Jeongguk whispers, hands settling on the other’s hips as his eyes rake down his figure appreciatively. The t-shirt displayed Taehyung’s sharp, prominent collarbones perfectly since it was slightly big for him. Jeongguk wants nothing more than to litter hickeys on it. He then presses him against the lockers, caging him in.


Taehyung involuntarily lets out a soft whimper and when he looks up at Jeongguk, he could see his eyes darkening slightly.




‘Jeongguk! Not here, wait-!’ Taehyung tightens his grip on his boyfriend’s shoulders as he feels his hands going under his t-shirt, running his fingers in circles over his bare hip bones.


‘You know I was thinking, maybe I could fu-’


Taehyung immediately slaps his hand over Jeongguk’s mouth, glaring at him while Jeongguk stares at him, eyes twinkling with mirth.


‘Couldn’t you wait till we get back to yours? Impatient horny ass ,’ Taehyung mutters the last sentence but Jeongguk catches it anyways, letting out a breathy chuckle.


‘Only for you, Tae.’


Taehyung ignores the rising blush colouring his cheeks and checks his watch to distract himself, but instead he found out one period had passed.


Anyways, I just missed class thanks to you Gukkie,’


Jeongguk looks at him sheepishly, ‘Um, oops?’ He says with not an ounce of guilt at all.


Taehyung just shakes his head, too used to his playful behavior. ‘I’ll see you later when my last class ends then,’


Jeongguk presses a kiss on the corner of his lips, smiling. ‘Meet me at the parking lot? Let’s get some take out for tonight’s anime marathon.’


Taehyung’s eyes light up at that, agreeing before saying a quick ‘love you!’ to his boyfriend before rushing for his next class.


Jeongguk stares at the older’s retreating figure until he disappears into the classroom, unable to wipe the permanent smile he seemed to have whenever he’s with Taehyung.


Well now that their relationship is out, Jeongguk thinks it isn’t so bad afterall. People were jealous of Taehyung yes, but in a good way he suppose. He hasn’t caught any death threatening scowls towards his boyfriend so perhaps they could’ve dropped their subtle act in public sooner but he guessed fate had better plans. He wouldn’t have had it any other way though.

(Totally not because he loved how good Taehyung looked wearing his football t-shirt and name written on it.)


Jeongguk lips curls up into a smile as he brings up his phone, looking at his phone’s lock screen wallpaper. It was a photo of him and Taehyung recently when they had gone for a movie night together. An idea then pops into his head as he thinks, finally, I’m able to do this.


Taehyung feels a vibration from his phone. He quickly checks it, heart melting when he opens up the notification.


[taetae] jeonjk tagged you in a post.



He posts one in return and Taehyung thinks if life is a movie, then Jeongguk's the best part of it all.