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The scrumming guards weren't leaving.

Granted, with Berenice seeming to intend to keep kissing her until neither of them had any breath left in their lungs, Sancia had come close to forgetting why they were even here, but the truth of the matter was that the guards were supposed to leave.

Instead, they seemed to intend to stick around and watch the show.

Scrumming perverts, Sancia thought. Just our luck.

Berenice threw her head back and moaned. It was an extremely convincing moan. That moan said that here were two people all but having sex. It suggested that Sancia was doing a lot more than simply stand there and think bad thoughts at the guards for not doing the decent thing.

It almost had Sancia convinced, and she knew better than anyone that she was doing even remotely deserving of such a moan.

One of the guards chuckled and said something to his friend.

Sancia wondered if she could get to them fast enough to solve the problem their presence presented in another way. It wouldn't be an ideal solution, but it had to be better than -

Berenice slipped one of her hands into Sancia's pants, and Sancia abruptly lost her train of thoughts.