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Random Tenimyu Tales

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It was another of those nights when his eyes opened wide at two a.m. Takumi blinked slowly as his eyes adjusted to the moonlit darkness; he’d forgotten to close the blinds of the small window above his bed. Perhaps the full moon had woken him, Takumi pushed himself up on one elbow, wondering if he could close the blinds now without waking his guest.

As Takumi slid a long leg off the side of the bed there was a corresponding shift and snuffle beside him. As unrestrained and graceful in sleep as he was awake, Aoyagi Ruito had just turned on his back and thrown an arm above his head, bathing his front in moonlight. Takumi paused to admire the play of silver light and shadow on skin and hair, making an ethereal, sleeping beauty out of the young man.

It was difficult to restrain himself from following the metaphor to its conclusion and kissing Ruito awake. Takumi could appreciate the dancer being tired out from two auditions that day but it was still a novelty to have him next to naked in his bed. The pair had enthusiastically explored their relationship as adults and friends on a purely platonic level for several months before easing into a physical relationship. Ignoring a DVD in favour of making out was a pleasure Takumi had enjoyed rediscovering. Continuing such a session in bed, naked with an equally naked body pressed against one, though, was a lot more fun than retreating to separate corners to calm down. Takumi’s fingers ghosted over a lock of Ruito’s hair spilled over the pillow.

“As hot as you are, Takumi-kun, it’s really creepy that you’re watching me sleep,” Ruito muttered without opening his eyes.

“Don’t call me that,” Takumi responded, once his heart had returned to its proper place and pace, trying for nonchalance. “I’m not an abused, vulnerable teenager and you aren’t an overbearing stalker of a boyfriend.”

“Perhaps not,” Ruito yawned as he tugged Takumi horizontal and curled into his chest. “But is that any reason we can’t pretend to be rebellious students in the morning, skipping class to shag?”

“None at all.” Takumi pulled the blanket over them once more, tucked Ruito’s head under his chin and closed his eyes. He more felt than heard the other man chortle against his chest.

“You can even call me senpai.”