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Mistletoe & Wine

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“Did you ever think that this is where your life would end up?”

 Yoongi takes a sip of cheap wine from the plastic cup, scowling in distaste. He’d thought that the red would be the safer option of the two. Turns out the safest option was no wine at all. Still, it’s free and he’s broke, so Yoongi glumly takes another gulp.

“Joon, you’re twenty-five. Stop talking like you’re eighty.”

Next to him, Namjoon sighs. Deeply and forlornly, as though the entire weight of the world is being carried on his shoulders. He has been hitting the wine a little hard tonight. A survival mechanism, Yoongi supposes, to get through the dreariness of the staff Christmas party. Ever year it’s the same; dull conversations with colleagues Yoongi does his best to avoid for the rest of the semester, who eventually leave, at which point the party descends into a full-on drinking session by those who remain.

“Still,” Namjoon continues woefully. “I had big dreams. I wanted to be a writer. I should have been this generation’s Shakespeare. Now look at me; an English teacher in a suburban high school.”

“There’s still time,” Yoongi tries. “I mean, Shakespeare didn’t write his first play until he was, like forty. You’ve got plenty of time.”

Namjoon groans miserably, head tipping back.

“Actually, he wrote it when he was twenty-five. My age.”

Well, Yoongi’s not sure what to say to that, so he says nothing. Takes another much-needed glug of wine, grimacing as he does so.

“Yeah, well, I wanted to be a famous rapper. Things don’t always turn out like we planned.”

Yoongi knows that it’s only the drink talking. Knows that Namjoon actually loves his job and that his students love him just as much. Yoongi would never say it to his face, but Namjoon is actually a truly inspiring teacher.

In all honesty, Yoongi doesn’t mind his job much either. Would it be nice to be on stage surrounded by adoring fans, wearing Rolexes and winning awards? Sure.

But y’know, teaching music to thirty bored looking kids Monday to Friday and being crippled with student debt- it’s fine. And sometimes, at the end of year concert, when the kids screech and clang their way through a horrific cover of a Bruno Mars song and Yoongi’s heart swells just a little bit with pride-

Well, that maybe makes it all kind of worthwhile.

“And I’m single.”

Ah. There’s the crux of it. Namjoon’s eternal singledom has been the subject of much of his laments lately. Oddly enough, coinciding entirely with the day Seokjin, the new Drama teacher, joined the staff at the start of this semester.

Yoongi has attempted on multiple occasions to point out the numerous flying kisses, obvious winks and embarrassing eyebrow wiggles that Seokjin has been sending Namjoon’s way since their first awkward introduction in the staff room, arranged by a devious-looking Taehyung. Namjoon just doesn’t see it though. The guy is oblivious to the point of frustration when it comes to his impact on people.

Yoongi remembers last year when Namjoon recommended a student some book called Demian and within a day the local book store sold out of all its copies.

Which admittedly was only three copies but still- Namjoon still insists that there must simply be a lot of Herman Hesse fans in the neighbourhood. Given that the store’s previous best seller was a book called A Patriot’s Guide to Huntin’ n Fishin’, Yoongi’s not convinced that this area is a hotbed of fans of early twentieth century German literature.

Unfortunately, Namjoon’s obliviousness carries very much over into his love life- or distinct lack of it. And the person that has to hear about it every day is Yoongi.

“Single at Christmas, Yoongi. It’s the worst.”

“Don’t remind me,” Yoongi mutters.

It’s not that Yoongi cares. Not really. He’s very happily independent. But would it be nice to maybe have a cute guy to hold his hand and cosy up with on the sofa and share sarcastic remarks about gross couples with whilst actually being a gross couple themselves-

Sometimes Yoongi thinks it might be.

Anyway, Yoongi’s not holding out much hope. He tried Tinder, which resulted in too many requests for dick pics and men referring to themselves as Daddy. He tried Grindr, which was a lot of the same, with the addition of a worrying amount of enquiries about fisting. Yoongi promptly deleted both apps and has resigned himself to his single status ever since.

And it’s fine, it’s cool. Except-

Loud cheering sounds from the dancefloor. And by dancefloor, Yoongi is referring to the small space in the school cafeteria that has been cleared of tables for the evening’s festivities.

Beneath the handmade decorations that hang from the ceiling, courtesy of the Art Club (an after-school club whose attendance mysteriously shot up when the dusty old art teacher Mr Miller left and was replaced by one Taehyung Kim), stands a group of Yoongi’s colleagues in a wide circle.

In the middle of that circle is Mrs Garcia, Head of Mathematics, being encouraged by an enthusiastic Hoseok to attempt to break dance. Yoongi fears that the only breaking that will happen will be her hip. She’s a feisty lady, and one whom Yoongi holds in a lot of respect, but she also probably should have retired about fifteen years ago.

Yoongi’s gaze drifts to the edge of the circle. To Hoseok clapping wildly. To Taehyung laughing. To Jimin peering from behind his hands, looking highly concerned about whether he’s still going to have a job come Monday morning.

Next to them stands the reason that Yoongi’s not entirely fine with being single.

Smiling widely, wearing glittery antlers on his head and a Christmas sweater with the words ‘LET’S GET LIT’ emblazoned over an image of a twinkling Christmas tree, is Jungkook. His eyes are crinkled in laughter, nose scrunching cutely, and Yoongi’s stomach does that weird flippy thing that it always does around him.

Yoongi knows that if he was in a cartoon, his eyes would be turning into hearts right about now. He hates that he’s no better than his students that sigh all dreamily whenever Jungkook walks into the classroom. Yoongi’s seen his name scribbled in hearts on the exercise books when he’s marking homework. And if one time, Yoongi maybe found himself scrawling Y.M <3 J.J on his own notepad, well- he will take that fact to the grave.

Yoongi kind of wants to go and speak to him, but has no idea what he’d say. He only ever speaks to Jungkook at work when he makes up some lame excuse to do so. Yoongi’s still not completely sure what Jungkook’s job is. He’s a sort of handyman, doing all the odd jobs and maintenance around the school. Yoongi’s also seen him helping people with IT stuff, and during the end of year shows he somehow becomes a lighting technician. Yoongi’s pretty sure that he once saw him coaching the track team too.

It was commented on in the last staff meeting that the Music department seems to experience an unusually high level of maintenance issues. Yoongi shrugged it off and pointedly tried to ignore Hoseok’s wicked smirk in his direction.

Hoseok is the only one who knows about Yoongi’s suffering. Yoongi hid it for a long time, but during summer last year Jungkook was fixing the sprinklers on the football field. Somehow they turned on accidentally, leaving Jungkook soaked through and Yoongi suffering a breakdown when he caught sight of it out of his classroom window. Hoseok had to cover his class for five minutes while Yoongi tried to bring himself back to coherency by splashing a hell of a lot of cold water on his face in the bathroom.

Even now, the image of those abs beneath that clinging white shirt haunt Yoongi’s memories. Though Yoongi’s still not sure quite why Jungkook kept running his hand through his hair and staring up at Yoongi’s window throughout the whole ordeal.

Anyway. Whatever. So what if the Music department has an oddly high number of maintenance issues. So what if Yoongi sometimes accidentally spills coffee on the projector, and sometimes accidentally dismantles light fixtures, and sometimes accidentally loses the key to the instruments closet. Sometimes Yoongi needs a reason to talk to Jungkook, okay, and it’s not a bad thing. It keeps Jungkook in work, right?

Their conversations, admittedly, aren’t always the most in depth. Jungkook likes to talk about the gym a lot, proceeding to leave Yoongi flustered and thinking about those goddamn abs again. Sometimes he’ll talk about his weekends with Jimin, Franklin High’s one and only dance teacher, also known as Jungkook’s best friend and roommate. Sometimes he talks about gaming and his ranking on some online league that Yoongi’s never heard of.

But he asks about Yoongi too, and listens intently to every word. Wants to see photos of his parent’s dog and asks for music recommendations and laughs along to Yoongi’s weak attempts at jokes. If Yoongi’s honest, he was initially attracted to Jungkook because- well, he has eyes. But the more he’s got to know Jungkook, the fonder he’s grown, the more endeared he’s become, and that-

Well, that is a problem.

Because as much as Yoongi may act confident and uncaring, the idea of asking Jungkook out and seeing disgust or, even worse, pity- Yoongi’s not sure he’d be able to bear it. Even if the guy is gay, which is a very big if, Yoongi’s probably not even his type. He’d probably date guys from the gym that look like The Rock. And sure, Yoongi’s being doing a lot of judo lately, and he’s filled out a little bit, but The Rock he is not.

Yoongi’s disrupted from his staring by someone loudly clearing their throat next to him. Yoongi looks up to see Seokjin stood in front of him, a red sparkly party hat cocked jauntily on his head. Namjoon nearly falls out of his chair.

“Hi Yoongi,” Seokjin smiles, all movie star looks and perfect teeth. God, Yoongi would hate him if he didn’t know that Seokjin was actually annoyingly warm hearted and kind and tells the worst jokes that Yoongi wishes he didn’t find himself laughing at. “Sorry, but this is actually my seat. Your name card’s on that seat over there.”

Seokjin gestures behind him to nothing in particular. Yoongi blinks up at him.

“We don’t have name cards. This party is nowhere near fancy enough for name cards.”

“No, I definitely saw it,” Seokjin replies, still smiling, albeit in a sort of pained, menacing way. “Maybe you should go and check.”

Yoongi glances to Namjoon, who is flushing a worrying shade of purple, then back up to Seokjin. He sighs quietly. Maybe Yoongi is doomed to suffer in singledom, but he doesn’t need to drag the rest of them down with him. He just hopes that Seokjin stops hinting and actually makes a move before Namjoon combusts into a ball of lust and self-doubt.

“Fine,” Yoongi huffs, standing up as Namjoon begins his descent into a state of panic. “Catch you later, Joon.”

Seokjin gives him a grateful look and Yoongi can’t even be mad. Hopefully Namjoon’s about to have a very happy Christmas indeed. Someone deserves to.

Away from Namjoon, Yoongi’s at a loss for where to go. A lot of the staff have already left, 8pm apparently proving a bit too crazy of a night for them. Of those that remain, Yoongi’s stuck.

Sitting in a corner, surveying the makeshift dancefloor in disdain, is the Languages department. The last time Yoongi tried to interact with them they only spoke in Spanish until he left with a very bitter adios, bitches.  The idea that cliques are something only for the students is definitely not true in this school.

In the other corner, Miss Rosenburg has fallen asleep, sprawled across one of the dining tables. Whether from too much drink or from being overwhelmed by the sheer excitement of the party, Yoongi couldn’t say. Over by the drinks table sits Coach Phillips, who looks ready to wrestle anyone who dares to touch the stash of alcohol placed next to him.

It leaves Yoongi with only one option, which is approaching the dancefloor. His stomach churns unhappily.

Jimin is currently escorting Mrs Garcia over to a seat as she clutches at her side. He looks terribly worried, but Mrs Garcia brushes it off. Hikes up her long skirt just enough to locate a small brandy flask tucked into her stocking. She takes it out and downs a long gulp while Jimin stares on with a mixture of admiration and shock.

On the dancefloor, Taehyung and Hoseok are dancing, their shoes squeaking on the sticky linoleum floor. The sleeves of Hoseok’s sweater are now rolled up, a bright green monstrosity with the words SLEIGH, QUEEN adorning the front. Taehyung is in a bright red t shirt with JINGLE MY BELLS written in cursive over the front. They whisper excitedly to each other, glancing occasionally in Jimin’s direction. Yoongi worries what exactly they’re planning.

Yoongi likes both of them greatly, and likes them as a couple even more. It’s sort of a secret but one that everybody knows, simply never comments on. Relationships between staff aren’t technically allowed, but they work in different departments – Hoseok works as an administrator, Taehyung as an art teacher – so management chooses to feign ignorance.

It works most of the time. Not such an easy task, however, when Hoseok did a presentation for the monthly all-staff meeting and instead of a slideshow about department budgets for the next financial year, accidentally showed a slideshow of photos from their vacation in Hawaii. Luckily, he managed to frantically rip out the connection cable from the laptop before it got to their hot tub selfies.

They’re caught up in their excited whispering, and Jimin is being forced to drink brandy by Mrs Garcia, which leaves Yoongi’s only option of company as Jungkook.

Shit. Yoongi swallows heavily, bracing himself. He can do this. He’s a grown ass man. A grown ass man with a bottle of cheap wine inside of him. But then Jungkook turns around, smiling so brilliantly at Yoongi, and he instantly falters.

“Hi Yoongi,” Jungkook smiles, eyes sparkling. Yoongi finds himself getting lost in them all too rapidly. There’s a fucking galaxy in there, Yoongi swears. It’s really not fair. A long time passes before he realises that he actually needs to say something in response.

“I like your sweater,” he says, the words coming out far too loud and rushed and, oh fuck, it’s caught the attention of Taehyung and Hoseok. Their eyes glint, smiles turning wicked, and really, they are quite terrifying sometimes.

Jungkook blinks down at his sweater, as though forgetting what he’s wearing. He looks back up, seeming far too pleased by the comment.


Up close, Yoongi can see the way that it clings to Jungkook’s body. It’s meant to be loose but despite that, Yoongi can see the slight pull across his chest, the subtle curve of his biceps. Yoongi may be a little broader than Jungkook, he thinks, but Jungkook is certainly packing a lot more muscle. Yoongi wills his mind not to travel back to those abs under the sprinkler.

“Yes. It’s very tight.”

Jungkook’s eyes widen in surprise. Behind him, Hoseok grins wolfishly. Yoongi feels heat burning his cheeks.

“Nice. I mean nice,” Yoongi corrects quickly. Jesus Christ, what is wrong with him. Luckily Jungkook doesn’t appear offended. Instead he seems to be smiling even brighter, if possible.

“Here,” Jungkook says. “Watch this.”

He reaches out and takes Yoongi’s hand in his own. Yoongi’s brain momentarily forgets how to function. Jungkook is holding his hand and he’s not entirely sure why but Yoongi’s not about to protest.

And then Jungkook’s lifting Yoongi’s hand and pressing it to his chest, and Yoongi’s mind is fully in meltdown. He has no idea why this is happening but this is perhaps the highlight of Yoongi’s year, and he doesn’t even care how sad a thought that is.

“Press down,” Jungkook encourages.

Yoongi frowns, confused. Jungkook chuckles and places his hand on top of Yoongi’s, pressing their hands down together. A small hidden something clicks in the fabric. Immediately, the lights on the Christmas tree start flashing in a multitude of colours. Very faintly, Yoongi can hear the tune of Jingle Bells playing from the sweater. Yoongi stares at the display in horrified awe.

“Cool, huh?” Jungkook grins once the flashing has stopped.

“That is hideous,” Yoongi says, “but I kind of love it.”

His words draw such a wide smile out of Jungkook that for a second Yoongi’s heart feels like it actually stops beating. His hand is still somehow resting on Jungkook’s chest and goddammit he’s going to keep it there until Jungkook tells him otherwise. Somewhere in the midst of the sweater light show, Hoseok and Taehyung have disappeared, leaving just the two of them on the dancefloor.

“Thanks,” Jungkook says.

“I feel like this party isn’t exactly lit though,” Yoongi adds.

He looks around. The crowd of remaining staff feels very sparse in the vast cafeteria. Above the entrance reads a sign wishing a merry Christmas to all Franklin High students. The word ‘Christmas’ is misspelt. The smell of hamburgers from lunch still lingers. Tinny music sounds from the small iPod speakers set up on a nearby table.

Jungkook shrugs.

“I guess it’s not the wildest Friday night I’ve ever had,” he agrees.

Yoongi wants to ask Jungkook what exactly is the wildest Friday night he’s ever had, but perhaps that’s not appropriate. Before he gets a chance to contemplate too much, Jungkook continues.

“The company is kind of cool though.”

His gaze casts down, and Yoongi’s sure that he sees a very light flush of pink colour his cheeks. Yoongi’s stomach does that tumbling thing again.

“Yeah,” Yoongi agrees. Their eyes meet, and an odd little spark catches in Yoongi’s chest. He clears his throat and adds, “though it worries me that we are responsible for shaping the minds of the next generation.”

As if on cue, there’s a loud crash as Hoseok and Jimin go crashing into a pile of stacked-up chairs. Taehyung laughs at them both, splayed out on the floor and surrounded by chairs, before throwing himself on the floor to join them. In the distance, Yoongi sees Mrs Garcia making her escape out of the fire exit.

“Yeah,” Jungkook chuckles. “Lucky for me, I just fix shit. No minds are depending on me.”

“But your job is really important too,” Yoongi says. “We all wouldn’t be able to function otherwise.”

“I’m not sure you all function anyway,” Jungkook comments. “I can’t believe I used to be scared of you guys when I was at school. Now I know that teachers are just as much of a mess as the students are.”

“It’s true,” Yoongi nods sagely. “You were probably a model student though. You seem to be good at everything.”

Jungkook laughs and shakes his head.

“I was good at sports and art. I struggled a lot with math and stuff though.” He pauses, biting down on his lip, as though unsure whether to continue. “Jimin actually- well, he said I might be able to help him out sometimes with the dance students.”

“Oh, you dance?” Yoongi asks, curiosity piqued.

“Yeah,” Jungkook nods. “That’s actually how me and Jimin first became friends. I was really nervous when I started working here but he asked me to help out on a show and we got talking and- yeah. I used to dance a lot. But y’know- life.”

“What sort of dancing do you do?”

“Ah, all kinds,” Jungkook adds. “It’s fun experimenting. I’ve, uh- shot a few videos. When I was practicing. If you want I could maybe show you them some time.”

He sounds nervous, tentative. Yoongi nods his head so furiously that he worries it’s a bit too enthusiastic. Jungkook seems pleased more than perturbed though.

“Yeah. I’d like that,” Yoongi tells him.

Their gazes meet, lingering just long enough that it makes Yoongi’s heart race a little. Eventually it breaks and Jungkook lets out a soft, breathy sort of laugh. Yoongi’s insides are a complete mess.

“Well, uh. I mean, I might be helping Jimin out with that,” Jungkook continues, getting them back onto the conversation rather than just staring dumbly at each other. “But don’t worry, I’ll still be doing maintenance. You sure do seem to have a lot of stuff that needs fixing in the Music department.”

“Yeah. Old buildings, y’know,” Yoongi chuckles. Jungkook quirks an eyebrow.

“Wasn’t that block only built in like, 2015?”

“Must just be unlucky then, I guess,” Yoongi replies, face feeling far too hot.

“Hmm,” Jungkook agrees. Pauses, then adds, “it’s weird. When I fixed that light the other day, it was almost like someone had actually unscrewed it from the ceiling.”

“Huh. Odd,” Yoongi mumbles.

“And that projector has had coffee spilled on it like, four times now.”

There’s something like a smirk starting to play on Jungkook’s lips. Shit. Yoongi flusters.

“Yeah. Weird,” he agrees, laughing too loudly at nothing. The smirk on Jungkook’s lips only deepens.


Taehyung cuts through the conversation, waving something green and jingly in Yoongi’s direction. Hoseok is now over by the iPod, searching through the playlist for a new track.

“You need to look more festive,” Taehyung explains. He straightens out the material into what is actually a hat, shoving it down roughly onto Yoongi’s head. Yoongi’s hands immediately fly up to try to remove it, but Taehyung holds it down, cackling. “C’mon. You need to get in the holiday spirit.”

“I don’t think making me wear a Santa hat-“

“An elf hat.”

“A what?”

Taehyung grins at Yoongi. “It’s an elf hat. ‘cos, you know. Elves are tiny, like you.”

“You fucking-“

“Elves don’t swear, Yoongi,” Taehyung chides before abruptly disappearing to join Jimin who, Yoongi notes, is the same height as Yoongi and yet not currently being forced into an elf hat. In fact, Yoongi notices with concern, Taehyung appears to be trying to remove clothes from Jimin rather than add any extra.

“If he wasn’t Hoseok’s boyfriend I’d kill that man,” Yoongi mutters with no real venom behind it.

Taehyung can be a lot sometimes, but he has one of kindest hearts of anyone Yoongi knows, and everything he does only comes from a place of love. It makes it annoyingly difficult to ever stay mad at him.

“You look cute,” Jungkook says, before prompting turning a bright shade of red. “The hat, I mean. The hat is cute.”

Yoongi’s not sure what comes over him. Maybe it’s the cheap wine finally catching up with him. Maybe it’s the sultry music that suddenly starts playing over the speakers. Or maybe it’s the fact that, just possibly, Yoongi thinks that Jungkook might actually be flirting with him.

Yoongi lifts a hand up, flicking the little bell on the end of the hat, whilst pouting in what he hopes is a somewhat seductive manner.

“You don’t think I’m cute?”

Jungkook splutters, face turning so red that Yoongi’s a little concerned for his health, and oh-

Oh. Okay. Maybe his hopeless crush isn’t entirely one-sided after all.

Yoongi’s heart skips happily, feeling like Christmas has truly come early. He’s not really sure how to proceed with this information but for right now, just knowing that there is the possibility of a chance- that’s more than enough.

“No!” Jungkook protests. “I mean yes. I mean, you’re very- shit.” He mumbles, panicked, and looks away, shy. Something melts inside of Yoongi. He’s grown a huge soft spot for Jungkook over the last few semesters and now it’s growing even deeper.

Yoongi’s distracted by the clang of the cafeteria doors. He looks over as the language department makes a fast exit. Looking around the room, Yoongi notices that Coach Phillips has disappeared too, along with a vast quantity of the alcohol. Miss Rosenberg is still asleep, slumped on the table.

Yoongi’s not sure how this has dissolved into such a mess by 8pm. Then again, it’s the same every year – he shouldn’t be surprised any more.

Over by the back of the room sit Namjoon and Seokjin. Namjoon’s currently pouring Seokjin some more wine. As he does so, Seokjin looks on with a mixture of mild panic and overwhelming fondness. Yoongi’s not sure how their conversation is progressing but god, he hopes that Seokjin makes some kind of move tonight. Yoongi’s meant to spend New Years’ Eve with Namjoon and he’s not sure he wants to welcome in the new year with another one of Namjoon’s drunkenly composed sonnets about Seokjin’s shoulders.

Back on the dancefloor, the sultry song registers to Yoongi as Santa, Baby. He’s a little confused about why Hoseok has decided to put this of all songs on. His confusion only grows when he sees Jimin sat in a rickety plastic chair, eyes huge and wide as Taehyung appears to be doing some sort of festive lap dance for him. Yoongi looks away as Taehyung grips a piece of tinsel between his teeth, playing with the ends suggestively.

“I feel like I’ve missed something here,” Yoongi comments.

“Ah. I think that Tae and Hobi want to kind of, uh, date Jimin?”

Yoongi blinks, surprised, swivelling his head to look at Jungkook. The younger shrugs, eyes averted from the scene in front of him.


Jungkook shrugs again. “They’ve been trying to get information from me for months,” he explains. “What he likes, how open he is, if he’s single. They’re like, super into him.”

“So like, all three of them would date?” Yoongi clarifies.

“Yeah,” Jungkook replies. Wets his lips lightly before continuing. “I mean, I know that Jimin likes them both. And I think that they could make him happy. He deserves that.”

“I mean, good for them and everything,” Yoongi says because yeah, if that’s what they all want, Yoongi’s happy for them. “I could have done without watching their seduction routine though.”

Jungkook chuckles. Something hangs in the air between them, cautious and expectant. Jungkook clears his throat.

“Would you rather watch mine?”

Yoongi tries not to choke on thin air. His voice comes out frustratingly pitchy when he recovers enough to reply.

“Does it also include a wildly inappropriate festive lap dance?” he says, before suddenly panicking. Shit, was that too forward? Jungkook is still his colleague, and sure, there’s been some possible flirtation, but what if that came off too sleazy, and-

“If you’d like,” Jungkook replies, voice unusually low.

Yoongi’s brain takes a while to function again. He came here tonight with hopes of getting drunk on cheap wine, making busting out some bad moves with his friends, and possibly longingly staring in secret at Jungkook.

Top of the list of things he did not expect was the offer of a lap dance from said man. A thousand things rush through Yoongi’s mind; the memories of those abs, the new knowledge that Jungkook is a dancer, that smirk on Jungkook’s lips when he called Yoongi cute.

Yoongi finally pulls himself together enough to respond when the song comes to an end. In place of the sultry tones of the previous song, this time Mariah Carey’s voice blasts from the speakers, Hoseok hollering loudly as All I Want For Christmas starts to play.

Hoseok dashes over to where Namjoon and Seokjin sit, pulling them up onto the dancefloor. Both seem rather reluctant but Yoongi can’t help but notice the beaming smile on Namjoon’s face. Hopefully it means that things have gone well. Taehyung joins them on the dance floor, along with a rather shell-shocked Jimin. Of course, Yoongi and Jungkook are also dragged into the fray.

It’s all a bit messy and clumsy, the seven of them forming a makeshift circle that they spin around in. Jungkook’s hand is on the small of Yoongi’s back and it’s pretty much all that Yoongi can concentrate on. That is, until Hoseok leans in to whisper in his ear.

“So, Jimin’s gonna come back with me and Tae tonight. I think you should walk Jungkook home.”

“I’m sure he can grab a taxi-“

Hoseok sighs heavily before speaking through gritted teeth.

“Walk. Him. Home. I swear to god Yoongi, if you fuck up this opportunity-”

Yoongi doesn’t get to hear what he’s about to be threatened with because Seokjin and Jimin are singing too loud, and Jungkook’s laughing happily, and fuck it, Yoongi will walk him home. He can do this. If only the damn butterflies in his stomach could chill out, because right now Yoongi has a worrying feeling that the $4 red wine is about to make an unpleasant reappearance.

Yoongi thankfully makes it to the end of the song without vomiting and ruining whatever minute chance he may have with Jungkook. The track ends with Namjoon and Hoseok screeching out the high notes, causing the rest of the them to dissolve into teary laughter. The sound is enough to wake up Miss Rosenberg, who looks caught somewhere between mortified and confused, before making a quick, and probably wise, exit.

The song ends. Before there is chance for another track to start playing, Taehyung bounds over to the iPod and disconnects it from the speakers. Namjoon and Seokjin look confused, and Jungkook frowns in a way that is too adorable for Yoongi’s poor heart.

“Right, party’s over. Thanks for coming, see you next year!” Taehyung announces.

“What?” Seokjin protests. “It’s like, 8:20.”

He seems rather crestfallen. Yoongi fears that Seokjin has been working up to making a move, but not quite managed it yet. Namjoon looks similarly anxious next to him.

“Well, you know. Early starts and all that tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow’s Saturday,” Seokjin huffs. “I’m complaining to the social committee.”

“Good luck with that,” Yoongi tells him. “Taehyung is the social committee.”

“It’s something of a self-created role,” Namjoon explains. He ponders something for a moment before leaning in and whispering, not as quietly as Yoongi suspects he thinks he’s being, “I have some wine in my classroom.”

“Mr Kim,” Seokjin gasps, playful. “Have you been drinking during lessons?”

“No, no,” Namjoon quickly clarifies. “One of the parents bought it for me after their kid’s grades improved enough to get them into college. I’d been saving it in case of emergency.”

“This is definitely an emergency,” Seokjin replies, face deadly serious. Drama teacher to the core.

And with that, they both run out of the cafeteria without a second glance. Yoongi shakes his head, though deep down inside he is cheering them on. Perhaps Namjoon will get his Christmas wish after all. Still, Yoongi makes sure to mutter,

“Fucking charming.”

He turns to see Jungkook’s reaction but the younger isn’t there. He’s stood next to Jimin instead. Jimin’s whispering something into his ear and Jungkook is flushing a delicate shade of pink. Yoongi tries not to stare too hard and stands there awkwardly, waiting. Jimin is then hugging Jungkook and pushing him not-so-subtly in Yoongi’s direction.

Jungkook stumbles towards him, face now almost the same colour as Taehyung’s sweater. He comes to a stop next to Yoongi, scratches at the back of his neck.

“So, uh. It looks like those guys are heading back together. Did you-“


Jungkook blinks slowly.

“I can walk you home. If you’d like.”

“Oh. Really?” Jungkook says, eyes wide.

“Yeah. You know, you’ve been drinking and stuff. I want to make sure you get back safe.”

“You’ve been drinking too,” Jungkook says, eyebrow arched.

“Well. There might be bears.”

Jungkook’s eyebrow raises even higher. God, he has really good eyebrows. How can someone’s eyebrows even look that good? Yoongi gives his head a small shake and attempts to focus.

“Are there even bears round here?” Jungkook says and fuck, there’s that smirk again. Yoongi tries to not let it turn his legs completely to jelly. Straightens himself up instead.

“Technically no. But there could be. Is that a chance you’re willing to take?”

Jungkook makes a show of letting his eyes travel over Yoongi. Yoongi does his very best not to flush under the scrutiny. Isn’t sure that he does a very good job at it. Jungkook’s smirk softens, just a little.

“I’m not really sure you’re gonna be able to fight off a bear,” he concludes. “But I guess it could eat you while I make my getaway.”

Yoongi huffs. “Brat. Let’s go before I change my mind.”

Jungkook grins and makes his way over to where their coats and scarves are strewn across one of the tables. He starts layering up. First a huge, cosy scarf gets wrapped around his neck, then a large overcoat, and finally, some gloves. He goes to put his beanie on but is stopped by the glittery antlers still perched on his head. He pouts and Yoongi is a very, very weak man.

“Here,” Yoongi says. He reaches up to remove the antlers, putting them momentarily to the side. Takes the beanie from Jungkook’s hands and places on his head. Then he fixes the antlers on top of the beanie, making sure that they’re properly secured.

Jungkook watches him quietly the whole time. A stray strand of hair falls across his forehead. Yoongi’s not sure what bravery comes over him as he brushes it away, tucking it gently beneath the edge of the beanie. His cheeks feel like they’re on fire and Jungkook doesn’t appear to be faring much better.

“Get home safe guys!” Hoseok calls over.

He sends Yoongi the most obvious wink Yoongi’s ever seen, even more so than the winks Seokjin has been fruitlessly sending in Namjoon’s direction the last few months. Next to him, Taehyung shoots Yoongi a thumbs up. Yoongi can’t help but notice that his other hand is resting quite firmly on Jimin’s ass.

“Is Jimin going to be okay?” Yoongi asks, pointedly ignoring their well wishes as he puts on his coat. “Those two can be a- handful.”

“Ah, he’ll be fine,” Jungkook shrugs. “He may act all cute and innocent, but he’s far from it. Did you know he has an 18+ Twitter account with, like, 800,000 followers?”


“Yeah,” Jungkook chuckles. “I mean, his face is blurred out cos of the teaching. It’s pretty wild stuff. I think Tae and Hoseok are the ones who should be worried. I just hope they like bondage.”

“Well.” Yoongi says. Because what else can he say to that, really?

The cold hits them as soon as they step outside of the building. Their breath fogs up in front of them. A layer of slush covers the ground, crunching beneath their feet. They reach the school gates and Yoongi stops.

“I- don’t actually know where you live.”

“Ah. Yeah,” Jungkook smiles, oddly shy. “This way.”

He starts walking and Yoongi follows, faltering only when he feels Jungkook’s arm loop through his own.

“The ground’s slippy,” is all Jungkook says by way of explanation.

Yoongi thinks that they should probably call a cab, because there’s no way he’s going to be able to survive this walk without bursting into a fiery ball of gay panic. Not with the way that Jungkook is pressed lightly against his side, hips occasionally knocking together as Jungkook clings onto his arm. Nor with the way that Jungkook is so sweetly humming the refrain of All I Want For Christmas under his breath as they walk.

“You know what would make winter here better?” Jungkook says as they turn a corner. “Hot hotteok.”

“Yeah? I’ve never tried it,” Yoongi admits.

At this admission, Jungkook gasps loudly. Thumps Yoongi on the shoulder with his free hand, as though this is a personal insult to him. Yoongi huffs out a laugh, breath misting up the air in front of him.

“You’re missing out,” Jungkook tells him. “I eat my body weight in it whenever I visit Busan.”

Yoongi chuckles before asking, “do you visit a lot?”

“We go, like, once a year to see my grandparents,” Jungkook replies. “Though they’re getting really old now so…“

He trails off, leaving the unpleasant implication unvoiced. Yoongi quickly speaks again, not wanting to let Jungkook dwell on such sad thoughts.

“I’ve never actually visited,” Yoongi tells him.

“Where, Busan?”

“No,” Yoongi explains. “Korea.”

“Really?” Jungkook replies, sounding surprised.

Yoongi supposes it is a little unusual. Most of his friends have visited at least once. He supposes that it would probably surprise some of the local population here too, who still often speak to him in deliberately slow, overly loud English, as though he hasn’t lived in America for the whole twenty-six years of his life.

“Yeah. I’ve been to Canada on family vacations and there was a trip to Tijuana during college of which I remember about two percent of,” Yoongi says. “But I’ve never made it any further. I think we still have some distant cousins living in Daegu, but my mom fell out with them over some inheritance stuff years ago so- yeah.”

“Oh, Daegu. That’s where Taehyung’s parents are from,” Jungkook comments.

Yoongi nods, pressing his lips together. He looks down the road at the snowy sidewalk. A truck drives past them, blasting out some country song. Yoongi only catches the words drinking whisky by the lake before it fades away. A love of whisky is about all Yoongi thinks he probably has in common with country musicians.

“Yeah. Taehyung told me when we were once trying to figure out why our backwater school has such an unusually high number of Korean staff.”

Jungkook chuckles at this. Silence settles over them. It’s comfortable though. Just the crunch of slush beneath their feet and Jungkook’s warmth pressed into Yoongi’s side and- fuck, Yoongi really hopes that this is going where he hopes it’s going.

“So, uh. I don’t know about hotteok. But there’s a place nearby that does really good Irish coffees? If you want to swing by there.”

“Oh! Um, yeah,” Jungkook says, hesitant. Yoongi’s heart plummets. God, he’s read it all wrong. Of course someone like Jungkook wouldn’t be into him. He just needed an escort home, that’s all.

“Sorry. Forget it. We don’t have to-“

“No!” Jungkook says, a tad wildly. He calms his voice down when he continues talking. “I mean, I’d really like to get a drink. With you. It’s just- I can’t stand coffee. It’s so bitter.”

That cold, icy feeling in Yoongi’s chest is quickly replaced with a fresh flood of warmth. It curls around his heart, settling nicely under his ribs.

“Oh. Right. I mean, they do an Irish hot chocolate too?”

“That sounds great,” Jungkook replies, barely a second after Yoongi finishes talking, and maybe, just maybe, Yoongi’s not been reading it wrong at all.

It’s only a short detour until they reach the small, busier section of town. Christmas lights twinkle, hung across the tops of buildings. Snippets of festive songs drift out from store fronts along the street.

At the end of the sidewalk is a huge Christmas tree, adorned with baubles and bright lights, a large sparkling star balanced precariously on the top. In front of the tree stands a couple, posing with wide smiles and rosy cheeks taking photos. Yoongi kind of hates it, but also kind of wants to take a selfie there with Jungkook too.

“This is the place,” Yoongi says, nodding his head towards a store with a small line forming outside of it. They join at the back. It’s only then that Yoongi catches sight of himself in the reflection of the store window and realises that he’s still wearing the elf hat. Fucking Taehyung. Yoongi’s going to murder him.

He reaches up to remove the hat but is stopped by a firm hand on his wrist. He blinks at Jungkook, who’s grinning happily at him.

“Nope. You’ve got to keep it on. Otherwise I’m just a weirdo wearing antlers.”

Yoongi huffs, loudly and pointedly, but for some inexplicable reason finds himself leaving the hat on. It’s a worrying sign of things to come how whipped he is for Jungkook already.

“So. You want the Irish hot chocolate?” Yoongi says pointlessly, just for something to say. He shoves his hands into his coat pocket and tries not to notice that Jungkook’s arm is no longer linked through his own.

 “Yeah,” Jungkook nods. He stands up on his toes, trying to peer into the store from their spot in the line. Yoongi’s stomach does that swooping thing again and it’s definitely not from the wine.

“Have you ever had an Irish Bomb?”

Jungkook swivels round to look at Yoongi, brow pinched into a frown. “Excuse me?”

“It’s a drink,” Yoongi explains. “Irish cream with Guinness. I discovered it last St Patricks Day.”

“They sound kind of awful,” Jungkook smiles. Yoongi makes a small, dismissive noise.

“You’ll change your mind if you try one,” he says. There’s a pause, and a rush of sudden confidence, and then Yoongi’s blurting out, “Maybe I could take you out for one sometime.”

Jungkook stares. And stares. His jaw even goes a little slack, and Yoongi’s getting the feeling he’s made a huge mistake. But then his mouth closes, and his eyes soften, and he’s smiling brighter than the lights on that huge ass Christmas tree down the street.

“I don’t have to wait until St Patricks Day, right?”

“No,” Yoongi mumbles, shoving his hands deeper into his coat pockets. “I was kind of thinking, maybe, next weekend? If you want.”

Jungkook doesn’t reply, just smiles even bigger.

“Wow. Are you actually asking me out?”

“Maybe,” Yoongi says. Looks down at the ground before gathering himself and meeting Jungkook’s gaze. “Is that okay?”

Jungkook looks up at the sky, blinking dramatically as though getting teary, and clutches his hands to his heart. “It’s a Christmas miracle.”

“Come again?”

Jungkook laughs, eyes locking with Yoongi’s once more. Yoongi’s more than pleased to see how much they sparkle, full of joy and warmth rather than repulsion.

“I can’t believe you’ve finally asked me out. I’ve been waiting for ages.”

“Wait, what?” Yoongi splutters. “You knew I liked you?”

“I mean, not for sure. But I thought- maybe?” Jungkook says. “Seriously, who has that many maintenance issues in one building? That projector’s needed fixing four times. What are you even using it for? You teach music.”

Yoongi’s ears grow warm. Shit, has he really been that obvious? At least Jungkook’s laughing about it. Rather fondly, Yoongi notes happily.

“I mean, to be honest we all use digital boards now for presentations. I don’t think anyone’s actually used that projector since 1998.”

There’s silence and then they both start grinning, the weight of admitting this leaving them both light and loose. Yoongi still can’t entirely believe this is happening; it truly is a Christmas miracle.

“I can’t believe you,” Jungkook says. “Namjoon had to teach his class in the dark for two periods last week because I was busy fixing your shit.”

Yoongi grins. He could do fucking cartwheels. Like, he’s not going to, but he could. That’s just how unbelievably ecstatic he’s feeling right now. Even though he’s pretty sure of the answer, he has to ask.

“So, um. Does this mean that you like me too?”

“Yes!” Jungkook replies, exasperated, as though Yoongi was somehow supposed to have known this.

“Then why didn’t you say something,” Yoongi huffs. “You could have asked me out too, you know?”

At this, Jungkook makes a pained little noise. Incredulous, almost.

“Yeah, sure. As if I could have asked you out. You’re like- you.”

Jungkook’s hands gesture vaguely in Yoongi’s direction. Yoongi’s not entirely sure what that’s supposed to mean but somehow he thinks that it might not be a bad thing.

“And what does that mean?”

Jungkook makes another odd little noise before sighing heavily.

“Like, I thought that maybe you were into me. But it’s been months and you’ve never said anything, so I figured I was maybe reading too much into things. You know, you’re so attractive and caring and you play piano really well and you know, like, you’re a teacher. I’m just the fix-it guy.”

With this, Jungkook points to himself, a little sadly. Yoongi’s heart breaks. As if he would have had any reaction to Jungkook asking him out other than flinging himself to the fucking moon in happiness.

“Jungkook,” Yoongi says softly. Gathers up all of his courage and rests his hand over Jungkook’s own. “I would have said yes in heartbeat. You’re- fuck, you’re amazing.”

For a moment, Yoongi thinks that they’re actually going to kiss. Jungkook seems to cling onto every word, moving in closer. Yoongi can hear his breathing, stuttered and shaky. Yoongi shifts nearer. Hia hand presses over Jungkook’s more firmly.

Suddenly, the muffled sound of Jingle Bells starts playing underneath Jungkook’s coat. That fucking sweater. Jungkook looks at Yoongi, wide eyed, and Yoongi looks back, and then they’re both breaking into easy laughter. Jungkook looks so happy again and it’s the only way Yoongi thinks he ever wants to make him look.

“Hey, like, this is super sweet and all,” the girl behind them in the line interrupts. “But could you maybe keep the line moving?”

Yoongi blinks hard and looks at the line which has moved on quite a fair distance in the last couple of minutes. Yoongi immediately feels bad for holding everyone up with their awkward confessions. He grimaces in apology and immediately shuffles forward, catching up with the front of the line and finally making it into the store.

“Sorry,” Jungkook mumbles. The girls shrugs.

“Don’t worry about it. You guys are really cute. But I was freezing my ass off out there.”

Jungkook catches Yoongi’s eye and gives an embarrassed smile. Yoongi finds himself smiling right back.

They place their orders, the process taking a lot longer than usual as Jungkook umms and ahhs over syrups and sprinkles and marshmallows. If this was anyone else, Yoongi would have plenty to say about ruining a perfectly good Irish liqueur with all that sweet shit.

But he doesn’t say anything. Just waits patiently until Jungkook’s finally made up his mind, then makes sure to hand over the money to the cashier before Jungkook even has a chance to locate his wallet.

“You should have let me pay,” Jungkook huffs as they step back outside, hot drinks clutched in their hands. Yoongi’s pretty sure that legally they’re not supposed to take out the alcohol, but the barista knows Yoongi by now and sent him off with little more than a knowing wink. “I wouldn’t have put all that extra stuff in if I knew you were paying.”

“Well. Good job you didn’t know then,” Yoongi tells him. “I would have hated to have blocked your path to diabetes.”

Jungkook flushes and smiles. Lifts the paper cup up and takes a long, pleased sip. It makes Yoongi unfathomably happy to see it.

Yoongi lets Jungkook lead the way for the rest of the walk. He sips occasionally from the cup in his hand until eventually it’s all gone. Jungkook walks them through quiet sidewalks, lonely alleys and empty parks. It’s a good job that Yoongi trusts him because in all honesty every space they go through feels like prime mugging ground. And Jungkook realistically could take Yoongi in a second. 

It’s as they walk through the park that Yoongi grows a little braver. Yoongi discards the paper cup in the next trash bin he sees and so does Jungkook. Somewhere between the trash bin and the empty playground, Yoongi gathers up enough courage to slip his hand into Jungkook’s. Doesn’t miss the way that Jungkook immediately stares down at their entwined hands when he does so.

“My hand’s cold,” Yoongi says by way of explanation.

“You’re wearing gloves,“ comes the reply.

"Hmm," Yoongi says. Doesn't move his hand away. He feels Jungkook's grip tighten, as though worried that Yoongi might do exactly that, and it sends those butterflies in Yoongi's chest into a hurricane.


He looks away, not quite feeling strong enough to meet Jungkook's eye. They walk quietly, both just enjoying the moment. Their hands swing together between them and Yoongi is starting to worry that he's about to wake up to find this has all been a long and detailed dream.


His phone buzzes in his pocket. He plans to ignore it but then it buzzes again, and again, and again. Yoongi takes it out with one hand because the other is still laced with Jungkook’s and he tries not to have a meltdown over that fact as he tugs off one glove with his teeth and clumsily enters his pin.



We made out

On my desk

I've ascended 

His LIPS Yoongi 

I feel a sonnet coming on


"Everything okay?" Jungkook asks. Reaches up with his free hand and tugs a small, leafy twig off of an overhanging tree branch as they walk.


"Just Namjoon having a meltdown over Seokjin. The standard."


"Did Jin finally make a move?" 


Yoongi chuckles. "Looks like it."


"Thank fuck," Jungkook sighs. "How can they both be so oblivious. Even the kids realised they have massive crushes on each other."




"Yeah. They gave them a ship name and everything."


"A- ship name? The hell is that?" Yoongi asks, because he fails to see what boats have to do with Namjoon and Seokjin’s clueless asses.


"It's like, a cute name people use to refer to a couple. The kids call them NamJin"


Yoongi laughs, shaking his head. Kids these days, honestly. He feels just as ancient as he did that time Taehyung tried to introduce him to the world of internet memes. Yoongi’s just glad that at least the students seem to be cool with their teachers being gay. That can only be a good thing.


"How exactly do you know all this?" Yoongi asks.


 "Ah, no one ever notices the handyman. You'd be surprised at the things I see and hear. Some things I'd rather forget."


Jungkook's gaze drifts off to some distant point, clearly reliving past horrors. He shudders lightly.


"That bad?"


"You know that nude picture of Hoseok they have in their apartment?” Jungkook begins. “The one that Taehyung painted?”


“How can I forget,” Yoongi groans. “It’s really hard to stomach a dinner when you’re looking at Hoseok with his dick out on the wall next to you.”


Taehyung is a good artist; a little too good, really. That painting is entirely too lifelike. Why they felt the need to hang it in the living room rather than the privacy of their bedroom, Yoongi will never understand. And why Hoseok needed to be naked is a question that Yoongi has long learned to stop asking.


“Well, they used the art room after hours to paint it. I was minding my own business, fixing a wobbly table leg, when next thing I know they walk in and start taking their clothes off,” Jungkook explains.


“Wait, why was Taehyung getting naked?” Yoongi frowns.


“He said it helped him get into the right mindset.”


"Dear god," Yoongi replies. “That must have been traumatic.”


“Very,” Jungkook agrees. “They asked if I wanted to stay and watch the process. I’ve never run out of somewhere so fast. That table’s still wobbly to this day.”


Yoongi takes a moment to force that image out of his mind for hopefully the rest of his life. Also makes a mental note to never touch a thing in that classroom. Once the horror has died down, he clears his throat quietly.


"So, uh, do we have a ship name?"


"Nah," Jungkook grins. "Some kid saw me and Jimin out grocery shopping together once so they think we're married. Who knew grocery shopping meant a lifetime commitment.”


“Oh,” Yoongi says, a little glumly. “So I don’t get a ship?”


“They think that you live alone and own a lot of cats,” Jungkook admits. “They call you Cat Man Min.”


"Honestly, you have a cat picture as your laptop background one time…" Yoongi sighs.


Jungkook laughs, a sweet, lilting sound that Yoongi doesn’t think he’ll ever tire of hearing. They keep walking, silence settling again. Yoongi’s heart is thumping hard in his chest. They must be getting to Jungkook’s place soon and he has no idea what exactly happens when they reach it.

Yoongi wants to kiss him. Wants to kiss him so badly his lips tingle at the idea. But he has no idea if it’s too soon; if he should be a gentleman and take him out on the date first. But then what if Jungkook’s expecting a kiss, and he gets disappointed, and reconsiders the date, and-


“So. Uh. This is me.”


They come to a stop in front of a small, cosy looking house. A Christmas wreath hangs on the front door. It makes Yoongi’s shabby apartment feel very sad in comparison. Their hands stay laced together, neither making a move to leave.


“Thanks for walking me home,” Jungkook says, just for something to say.


“It was my pleasure,” Yoongi says and fuck, he can’t take his eyes off of Jungkook. He’s smiling shyly, those dumb antlers still on his head, and he’s so beautiful that it almost hurts Yoongi to look at him. To know that this amazing guy is actually into him- it really is a Christmas miracle.


“Oh hey. Mistletoe.”


Yoongi looks up. Above them, Jungkook is holding out the leafy twig that he snapped off of the tree on the walk here. Yoongi’s heart is in complete disarray. Jungkook can’t be this pretty and sweet and so goddamn endearing. It’s just not possible. But he is, and it’s all for Yoongi, and Yoongi’s mind can’t truly comprehend it.


“I- don’t think that’s mistletoe,” is what Yoongi says.


Out of all the possible things he could have said, that is what he goes with. Jungkook is making a fairly blatant hint that he wants Yoongi to kiss him; now is not the time to get into technicalities about foliage.


Jungkook’s lips part, the slightest of frowns appearing on his forehead. Almost as though worried that he’s read things wrong. That maybe Yoongi doesn’t want to kiss him.


Yoongi can’t bear to see it. As whatever words are forming on Jungkook’s lips, Yoongi doesn’t give them a chance to be spoken. Instead he lifts up a hand, cupping Jungkook’s jaw, the other still laced with Jungkook’s own. He goes up onto his toes, just a bit, and then their lips are meeting softly.


It’s a chaste kiss. A simple brush of their lips together. It’s slow and sweet and the exact opposite of the whirlwind that is stirring up inside of Yoongi right now. He can’t quite believe that this is happening. That this is Jungkook kissing him, and this is Jungkook smiling into it, and Jungkook’s hand clutching so tightly onto his own.


Yoongi lets their lips linger together for a moment longer before pulling away. As he does so, the most delicate, gentle whimper sounds from Jungkook, as though he can’t bear for the kiss to be over already, and god, Yoongi is gone.


Before he can pull away completely, Yoongi presses back in. He kisses Jungkook more firmly, with purpose. Their fingers unlink but only so that Yoongi can now cradle Jungkook’s jaw in both of his hands. Keeping him still as Yoongi parts his lips, licking tentatively into the warmth of his mouth. His thumbs stroke over Jungkook’s cheeks as the kiss deepens. Still soft, still sweet, and so slow that it leaves Yoongi lightheaded.


Jungkook drops the twig, fingers clutching onto the lapel of Yoongi’s coat. Keeps them close as their tongues meet, a tender, languid slide together. Jungkook tastes of wine and chocolate and beneath it all, something new and unknown and definitely all Jungkook. Yoongi can’t get enough. He presses closer; sighs gently into the kiss. Jungkook makes that quiet little noise again, happy and overwhelmed. Lost entirely in the moment, just like Yoongi.


Eventually they break apart. Their eyes meet and Yoongi finds himself unable to stop smiling, wide and big and giddy. Jungkook smiles right back, eyes creasing at the corners, cheeks rosy.


And then he’s stepping forward, arms wrapping around Yoongi and bringing him into a crushing hug. Only a moment passes before he lifts Yoongi, spinning them round in a circle as though he needs an outlet for all the feelings coursing through him. The pressure sets Jungkook’s sweater off into another rendition of Jingle Bells, and the bell on Yoongi’s dumb elf hat starts tinkling from the motion, and it’s all kinds of ridiculous.


Yoongi wouldn’t change a thing.


Something wet lands on Yoongi’s cheek and for a horrified moment he wonders if he’s actually started crying. He may come across grumpy and irritable, but in reality there is a well of emotions in Yoongi, always threatening to bubble to the surface. There’s another splash and then, worryingly, one on Yoongi’s ear.


Jungkook puts him down and the confusion is quite quickly cleared up.


“It’s snowing!” Jungkook beams.


Yoongi’s not the biggest fan of snow. It’s cold and wet and he hides in fear from his students on snow days when teachers become acceptable target practice. But he supposes he can put up with it if it makes Jungkook look that happy.


“I suddenly feel like I’m in a Hallmark movie,” Yoongi mutters and somehow this only causes Jungkook to smile even bigger. He looks down, momentarily bashful, before meeting Yoongi’s gaze again. He’s still smiling and Yoongi’s heart hurts.


“So, uh. You probably shouldn’t walk home in the snow. You’ll catch a cold,” Jungkook tells him. “Do you, um, want to come in and warm up?”


And Yoongi’s mind is going yesyesYES but he also doesn’t want Jungkook to feel obliged to invite him in. But then Jungkook keeps talking and Yoongi’s mind goes utterly blank.


“Maybe I can give you that wildly inappropriate festive lap dance?”


Briefly, that sweet, shy boy disappears, Jungkook’s gaze turning molten, intense. Yoongi can’t look away. In all honesty, Yoongi doesn’t really mind if Jungkook doesn’t want to do that. Yoongi would be more than happy just sitting and chatting and maybe kissing some more. A lot more.


“I’ll leave the antlers on,” Jungkook adds, far too seductively, and really, Yoongi is too weak.


“This truly is the most wonderful time of the year.”


Jungkook grins, clearly pleased. Yoongi grins back. Can’t stop himself from leaning in one more time, his lips meeting Jungkook’s in another lingering kiss. Judging from the smile on Jungkook’s face, he doesn’t seem to mind at all. He opens the door, fumbling with his keys, before tugging Yoongi inside.


And, Yoongi thinks, this is shaping up to be a very merry Christmas indeed.