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Requests II: Electric Boogaloo

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Anybody who walked in on Shepard at night would likely have more questions than she knew how to answer. After she had faced her clone, she had decided to, rather than kill it, trap it within her bedroom, and use it for her own desires whenever she felt too pent up, which more often than not made her abuse of the clone a daily routine. Leaning down, she let her lips brush against her clone's, and then reached behind the fake Shepard's head to grasp its hair. Yanking the head back, she leaned down and pressed a kiss to its neck, while her other hand unzipped its suit.

"Must you go through this song and dance every time?" the clone asked, as Shepard slipped her hand into its suit to grope what were essentially her own breasts. Yet, as she planted her hand around the mound, she could appreciate herself in a new light. It was the logical end of her own narcissism. She was able to appreciate herself the way she had always wanted to, without having to result to creative masturbation. She didn't give her clone a verbal answer, instead leaning down to press a kiss to its chest, before sliding further down and taking its nipple into her mouth. To avoid any more talk, she bit down on the nipple as if to punish her own clone for being so rude as to question her.

She felt a surge of intellectual satisfaction rush through her as she dominated herself, prompting questions that only therapy she didn't have time for would be able to fix. For the time being, whatever this was would suffice, even if unhealthy. Could sex really be unhealthy? It felt so good. She felt so powerful as she slid her hand down the clone's body and pushed into its underwear, pressing past the cotton panties to brush against its twat. Entirely accurate. The scientists at Cerberus had spared no expense when it came to recreating her, right down to matching the way her insides felt. She could only imagine the fun they'd had playing around with her, probing at the deepest parts of her core in the same of science. She bit her lip, and leaned forward to kiss her clone, who saw none of the pleasure she felt, a mere robotic addition to her self-congratulatory sex.

The clone knew its place, though. It knew that if it wanted to stay fed, then when she lifted herself up, dropped her pants, and planted herself atop its face, it would have to put its tongue to work. It did, too, using its tongue to part her labia, before pushing up against her clit. When Shepard had first taken her clone captive, its movements had been slow and robotic, but over the months since she had been able to teach it how to work magic. Her hands gripping its hair, she rocked herself against its face. It pushed its tongue upward for her to grind against, and she reponded by dragging her clit against it, moaning all-the-while.

"That feels amazing," she said aloud, laying her forehead against the wall in-front of her. She was almost afraid to compliment the clone, because she knew that she had a tendency to be given a yard and take a mile, but so long as the clone kept working her, she supposed it was worth it. Despite her expectations, she got no verbal response, only more attention. The clone leaned up further, seemingly not bothered in the slightest by how drenched its chin and chest were, practically dripping with the juices Shepard had been leaking.

The sound of rope snapping should have scared Shepard into moving away, but she was far too taken over by her own pleasure to give it any thought. Rather than trying to escape, the clone lifted its hands upward and pressed them against Shepard's rump, holding her cunt close to its face as it slid its tongue inside her for the first time that evening, pushing as deep as it could manage. "That's it. That's fucking it," Shepard managed, between moans, and with her hands buried deep in its hair, she continued grinding herself against its eager tongue. She couldn't even think anymore, let alone apply any rational thought to worry about the state she was putting herself into.

In the end, it didn't matter much regardless. The clone had no intentions of taking advantage of her lack of thought, apparently, and rather than try to get away from its mistress, it simply kept going, as if pleasing her was its biggest priority. Even as she fell to the floor, on her back, far too overcome with her own enjoyment, it only moved down between her legs, and continued eating her out as her hands once again found its hair. In the end, she came against its face, drenching it further. Her narcissism must have carried over, because there was nothing the clone wanted more than to be able to see her pleasured. Her orgasm face was a delight it hadn't known meant so much until it had been the one to cause it. As it watched Shepard writhing in pleasure, her face matted with sweat, it couldn't help but want to feel the same.

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Sequel to this.

Yang had been dreading having a moment alone with Weiss ever since she had let slip a fetish of hers. Recalling the moment, she vividly remembered the smell of the pee as the bottle sat in her hand, and the look on Weiss' face - not one of judgement, but rather curiosity, and perhaps slight disgust, but the open-endedness of Weiss' reaction was what made the moment that much more dreadful. Watersports was a weird thing to be into, Yang recognised, and it was only in a moment of weakness that she would have let her taste for it slip.

As she laid awake at night, unable to sleep for thoughts about what would happen if her secret got out, she could still taste Weiss' piss on her tongue, and though she knew it was wrong to desire such a thing, especially a second time, where there were definite sexual implications, she still couldn't get the thought of pressing her face against Weiss' pissing twat out of her head. So prim and proper, to see a girl such as Weiss doing something so devious up-close would be a treat. A treat that she never expected to get. After all, that stuff only happened in porno movies. Usually foreign ones.

After getting perhaps a total of three or four hours of sleep, she sat up in bed, and ran her hands across her face, trying to shake the tiredness out of herself. She looked across to the bed on the other side, expecting to see Ruby sleeping messily, the way she always did, with one leg out of the bedsheets and constant snores leaving her mouth, but there was no Ruby to be seen. Rather, Weiss was the only one in the room - Yang didn't have to check if Blake was there to know that. She was alone with Weiss, for the first time since she had so stupidly asked to drink that bottle of piss. Hopping down from the bed, Yang headed towards the door as if nothing was wrong, wanting to get out of her situation as soon as possible... but as she reached down to open the door, she heard Weiss clear her throat behind her.

"Yang! Could you, um... stick around, actually? There was something I wished to discuss with you." Ah. Wonderful. Well, that was it. Yang was going to die. If not from embarrassment, then from whatever punishment Weiss had laid out for Yang after she'd put the heiress in such an awkward position. What could Weiss have done, after all? Say no? Pfft.

"Oh. Yeah, sure. No problem. No biggie. Not... an issue. No worries." Yang cleared her own throat and tried to lean against the wall, holding a posture that was theoretically calm and collected, but with a bead of sweat running down her temple, there was no hiding just how worried she was about what was about to happen. If she could have applied some rational thought to the scenario, she would have realised quickly that Weiss would never hurt her, but her depraved desire for more of the supposedly disgusting act she and Weiss had only dabbled in left rational thought at the door. Keeping a level-head was impossible.

"You don't have anything to be worried about," Weiss said, sounding a little frustrated despite her assurance that Yang didn't need to be worried. Yang relaxed herself visibly, though she still felt anxious. "I just thought that we should probably discuss... what happened. It's clear that there's been some awkwardness between us since, and we need to relieve ourselves of it if we're going to work together as a team." Yang wanted to believe that the pun about relieving themselves hadn't been intended, but she had to admit that she didn't really know. "Don't you think that makes sense?"

"Uh, yeah, I mean... I'd really like it if things weren't awkward between us. I know they have been. It's just that..." It was time to put on the big-girl boxers. She could do this. "Well, I know how offputting that sorta thing would be for a lot of people, and I just kinda threw it on you in the heat of the moment, didn't really think what it woulda been like for you. I probably grossed you out, and I hate that I did that. I shoulda known better."

Weiss listened closely, and then looked down at the ground from her place on the bed, before looking up at Yang with a strange look in her eyes. "I suppose your execution left something to be desired, but believe me, Yang, you have nothing to be worried about. My issue isn't with what happened, it's about how we handled the aftermath. I've been immature — I ignored you because I didn't believe I could trust you to handle the things I'd like to do with you, but considering that we're supposed to be close teammates, I think that was silly of me. I'd trust you with my life, and yet I apparently can't trust you with something like this? It's inconsistent."

"Hey, you really don't have to worry about it. I know that it's weird, and I..." As Yang's gaze drifted downward, she noticed just how little effort Weiss was putting into covering herself up. The nightshirt she wore had ridden up along her stomach, and her panties - white, and surprisingly plain - were visibly damp. It was too much temptation for Yang. She was torn between giving in to her own desires and possibly making things worse, or trying her hardest to ignore that which she knew she couldn't. In the end, her subconscious made the decision for her. Without so much as a word, Yang's hand slid down between her own legs, and she leaned against the wall behind her. "I'm sorry. I know it's weird to be doin' this. I know everything about this is weird. I -ahn- know that I'm weird, but I can't stop myself." She stopped short of telling Weiss the reason why, and instead prepared herself for the insults that were no doubt about to be thrown at her.

Instead, Weiss sighed, and although Yang opened her eyes again to see what her teammate was sighing at, she made no attempt to stop touching herself. She was too far gone; too lost in the pleasure to care anymore. Spreading her legs wider, Weiss reached down to tug her underwear down, and then briefly closed her legs as she pulled them off, before tossing them aside. "Lock the door," she told Yang, simply, and that order was enough to have Yang momentarily pull herself away from the pleasure she thought she couldn't break herself away from. As she returned from locking the door, Weiss planted her foot against the bottom of the bed, spreading her legs wide for Yang, who looked on in surprise, but was too interested in where Weiss was going to risk changing her mind. "To be clear, I'm saying that I trust you with this — with whatever fetish it is that you have, and... with my own interest in it, comparatively minor as it might be."

"Weiss, I—"

"I doubt I'll change my mind, but do you really want to keep me waiting? Do you really want to keep yourself waiting?" Weiss asked, pulling her shirt up further, despite the blush on her face. Her spread open, slightly wet pussy sat splayed open for Yang, who had taken a break from her existential crisis to move down onto her knees before her teammate, even reaching her hands over to press against Weiss' thighs. The skin on Yang's hands was much rougher than the softer skin of Weiss' thighs, so deceptively delicate. "That's it," Weiss commented, as she moved one of her hands to settle against Yang's hair, and no sooner than Yang had settled her head between Weiss' legs did the heiress relax her bladder.

For the brief moment that Yang got to spend down there before Weiss began pissing, she looked on at the parted pussy. She wasn't sure whether Weiss intended for her to use her mouth down there, but she couldn't resist the temptation to. Leaning forward, she pressed her lips up against Weiss' urethra, just in time for the urine to start flowing. As it met her lips, Yang opened her mouth a little wider, and arched her tongue upward to ensure that none of Weiss' piss could escape. Compared to the first time she had tasted Weiss' golden nectar, the second time was indescribable. It felt so much hotter this time around, and with the increased warmth came a more intense taste, far more arousing than it had been from the bottle. In an attempt to keep up with the ever-flowing piss, Yang latched her lips around Weiss' urethra completely, and then slipped her tongue further down to play with her teammate's opening. She teased it with her tongue to the best of her ability, while she continued drinking down the intense-tasting pee, strong from a night of settling inside Weiss' bladder.

When Weiss' supply ran dry, Yang pulled back, licking her lips to catch any that she might have let slip. "That was..." she began, before Weiss' hand pressed against the back of her head and pushed her back down, between her legs.

"You don't have to tell me. Keep going." Yang did as she was told, and with the evolution of whatever this relationship was, moving from kink-based play to full-on oral sex, she wondered what the heiress' endgame was. Settling into her role between Weiss' legs, Yang decided that she was okay with whatever Weiss decided, so long as she got to taste her delicious piss again.

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With a sigh of pleasure, 9S leaned back against 2B. With their petite bodies pressed together, she moved one arm around his body to hold him close, as she leaned forward to give the back of his neck a gentle kiss. Her cock was buried deep in his ass, all the way to the base, and with each thrust forward, her balls slapped against his. They took turns letting out sweet moans, and as she got further into her own pleasure, 2B even leaned forward to press her lips against 9S' for a deep kiss. In contrast to their fucking, he took dominance over the kiss, his tongue pushing into her mouth, and then thrashing against her own tongue. It seemed that he had a lot of adrenaline to work through. With a smirk, she reached her hand down and wrapped it around his cock.

At first, she stroked him slowly, trying to match the rhythm of her handjob with that of her fucking. Each time her hand rose to the tip of his cock, her thumb pushed up against the underside of the cute little head, before she ran it over his urethra. It never failed to force a shiver down his spine, and he pushed back against her so deliciously, as if wanting to take her even further into his ass than it were possible for him to. Occasionally, 2B buried herself all the way inside his ass, and then held herself there, increasing the speed of her stroking. She wasn't sure whether she wanted him to cum so soon or not, but the reactions he gave were adorable.

Adorable as they were, she couldn't stay there forever. When she felt the need to get off herself, she moved to her feet, pressed him against the wall in front of them, and then went to down on his tight ass as if her life depended on it. With the way her balls pulsed beneath her comparatively-bigger-than-his cock, that may very well have been the case. As she built herself back into a rhythm of fucking him, her hand gripped his cock tightly. She didn't stroke him, but her thumb did continue to circle the head of his cock — she didn't want him to cum too soon, after all. "2B," he protested, in a half-gasp half-moan, while placing his hand on her wrist. He sounded as if he was about to say something else, but she interrupted him.

"Shut up, Nines," she told him, and the use of his nickname seemed to be enough to turn him docile, at least for the time being. With no way of warning her, he was forced to shudder and gasp beneath her touch, and as his gasps turned into needy moans, he came, his cock twitching as it shot a load of pent-up cum against the wall in front of it. 2B licked her lips at the sight, but dodged the temptation to lick his cock (and the wall) clean, in favour of fucking his ass as hard as she could; she could place both hands on his hips now. With a better grip, she all but pushed him against the wall, his softening cock pressed against the load it had just splattered the wall with.

Each thrust resounded throughout the room with a slap as her hips clashed with his behind. She wasn't holding back in the slightest, leaving him worried that he might have some permanent marks left over when she was finished. As his head rolled back, laying against her shoulder as another pathetic moan left his throat, he realised that the idea of being permanently marked by 2B aroused him. She would have agreed, had he voiced such a thought, but no words could leave his mouth, being interrupted by the sighs and gasps that did everything they could to escape his throat.

His cock was hard again, pressed between him and the wall, and although 2B hadn't noticed yet, she didn't need to. Her rough thrusting was enough to have the wall work in tandem with his own body to stroke his cock for him, teasing the head as his foreskin was pulled back yet again. As 2B drew closer and closer to her own orgasm, she picked up the pace, channeling some inner strength she had been holding back in order to go at 9S' soft boy-pussy as hard as she possibly could. Her hands moved to wrap around the front of his body, and with a grunt, she bottomed out within him.

Saliva slipped out of her mouth, through her clenched teeth, and she laid her head against the back of his shoulder. "That's it," she groaned, her cock twitching and pulsing as it blew its load of hot cum deep into his bowels. The sheer warmth of the load spread throughout him, and he shuddered against her, leaning his head back to lay against her shoulder, on the opposing side to her head against his.

"You went all out, huh?" he asked, as she pulled herself out of him. He dropped to the floor, somehow managing to stay on his feet, where she had trouble. Huffing, she looked down, and caught a glimpse of his still-hard cock. Shifting down onto her knees, she took his cock into her mouth, and as his hands settled on the back of her head, he knew that, with her tenacity, she wouldn't dare stop until he was satisfied. He was in for a rough ride, but then, with 2B, that was nothing new.

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A job such as School President wasn't an easy one. As if having to personally prove that the urinal club had been worth the investment wasn't bad enough, Satsuki Kiryuin found herself being interviewed by the school paper, having to make the same sell to her students that she had to the board. "I pride myself in my school's hygeine standards. We're a very clean set of people. The Urinal Club first started because many of the boys were caught with filthy cocks — smegma, urine, generally filthy stuff. We couldn't st— ah, hold on." With that, Satsuki turned her head towards an ass that had been presented to her. Part of her role in the Urinal Club — a post she had long-since accepted — was to clean the cocks and asses of any boys (or girls!) who presented themselves to her, and being in the middle of an interview didn't change that.

The young girl interviewing Satsuki looked on in surprise as the president dug her hands into the boy's ass, spreading his cheeks, before plunging her tongue in-between them. The poor girl could only imagine the thick taste that must sit between, and though she had no desire to subject herself to such things, merely seeing her president willing to do so raised her faith in such a project. Of course, the majority of the school had originally been on the fence — especially the girls. Having a club dedicated to cleaning boys? It seemed like a joke. But when Satsuki ate ass, and when she drank piss, she looked so prideful doing it, her eyes refusing to lose the same intense gaze they always held, as if she had accepted the cleaning of dicks and assholes to be part of her duty.

Once the asshole was clean, Satsuki pulled back, and then continued talking as if she had never stopped. "We couldn't stand for having our boys walking around in such a state, but boys will be boys, won't they? Rather than try to change them, we opted to work with their inherent nastiness. If more schools adopted this stance, perhaps this country wouldn't— one moment." The second boy hadn't even approached her yet. Rather, he had merely started unbuttoning his pants. Satsuki watched regardless, sitting in silence as his cock finally neared her. There was an unusual passion in her eyes — certainly one that she hadn't been seen with before.

As the cock was pressed close to her face, she reached one hand up to hold it at the base, and then leaned up to wrap her lips around the tip. Closing her eyes, she took the cock a couple of inches inside her mouth, and then began to bob her head back and forth. The cock's owner cleared his throat, and then pulled himself back. "Actually, I'm just here to use the urinal," he told her, and a look of disappointment washed over her face, but she seemed to catch it quickly, and then nod, opening her mouth. Reaching her hands up, she slipped a finger into either side of her mouth and pulled her lips open wide, making a huge target for the boy to use.

A moment later, a thin stream of urine began flowing from his cock, landing against her tongue with a splatter. She quickly corrected her angle to make sure that none escaped, and as her mouth slowly filled with the disgusting smelling urine, the interviewer - a girl of only seventeen - watched as the president swallowed mouthful after mouthful of the stinky piss. She did so without complaint, and though her resting bitch face remained, it was no more pronounced than usual — by all accounts, Satsuki was enjoying herself. It was clear, unlike the piss she was heartily swallowing. Rather, that was a deep yellow — a testament to the time of morning that it was. The interviewer wondered whether boys saved up their piss just to use Satsuki as a urinal. She certainly seemed busy, with a third boy walking up right after the second, though Satsuki made sure to clean the second boy's cock thoroughly before letting him leave.

As she moved onto the third cock, she once again took it by the base, but her vice grip made clear that she had no intentions of letting it go until she had her fill. Slipping her lips around the tip, she suckled lightly as the stream of piss began to flow into her mouth. Her maw filled quickly, and she swallowed quickly and consistently, dumping the second load of fresh morning pee straight into her stomach without a single complaint. She had to resent doing that, right? No girl could enjoy such a thing, the interviewer told herself, though she had to admit that Satsuki had gotten her curious.

"I think I have all I needed," the interviewer told Satsuki, getting out of the room as quickly as possible, but the president didn't even make a noise of recognition in response. Rather, as the third boy's piss ran dry, she took the cock all the way into the back of her throat. When she finally pulled off, she gave the cock a slow stroke, and said, with a hoarse voice. "I have to make sure you're clean, don't I? Wouldn't want you going around school with a filthy cock." The dick's owner couldn't argue; he was getting more than he bargained for, but Satsuki had skill. The Urinal Club was the perfect place for her, not that she would ever admit such a depraved thing. Not outloud, anyway. In her head, she enjoyed the mind games. So long as nobody found that out, she would be right as rain.

Her mind went blank, and for the first time that day, but perhaps the thousandth overall, she accepted a load of cum straight down her throat. She pulled back, giving the cock a parting kiss, and then turned to the interviewer, only to notice that she was gone. "Oh," Satsuki commented, reaching her hand up to wipe her mouth. It came back covered in pubes. "I hope she got what she was looking for." With that, she turned her head. "Next!"

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As Toph's newfound lover sat down on one of the benches scattered around the Earth kingdom's capital, he was happy to finally get the rest he deserved. Toph, for all her amazing features, was a hassle to keep up with. Playful, almost to a fault, she took any opportunity that she could to get him riled up. Recently, that had come to its worst when she had started flashing him. Whenever she was sure that he was looking — she didn't even care if anybody else was — she pulled down her pants and gave him a great view of her perfect bubble-shaped arse. She always seemed to catch him in the middle of something important, too — that time, he had been in the middle of closing a deal with a nobleman, and Toph's antics had distracted him so much that he failed to talk the rich man into giving him what he wanted.

The spanking she had received as punishment had been fittingly rough, but then, that was probably what she had been counting on. Rebellious as she was, she also revelled in the punishments that he gave her, whether it was the rough spanking or the rougher fucking. Flashing her ass a second time had earned her a hard anal fuck, during which her lover made a point of having each thrust end in his balls slapping against her pussy. The way she had moaned was telling; she loved it, so much that as he had filled her ass with cum, she came, screaming the proof of her own pleasure, along with his name, before burying her head in the pillow beneath her and passing out, her ass red from use and dripping his cum. Now that he thought about it, he understood why she liked being punished so much.

Beneath him, he felt something shift in the bench, as if part of it had been removed. Before he could get up to check, he felt his pants shift down some, along with his underwear. They pushed past his butt — if it weren't for the darkness of the street the bench was in, the people around him likely would have been able to tell that he was half-naked. Toph didn't need to say anything for him to know that it was her. After all, who else would be brave enough to play with someone else's ass in public? That was her intention, of course. She didn't embarrass him for the sake of it, and he knew that, so he waited for the inevitable moment that her tongue would make contact with his ass.

And, of course, it came, gentle as a leaf in the wind, though she didn't keep herself gentle for very long. Her first naughty flick of the tongue against his ass was light, but the ones that followed were more desperate, as if she wanted something from him. Laying his arms on the bench behind him, Toph's lover leaned his head back, and let himself enjoy the moment. Toph would be punished later, of course, but for the time being, he could let himself enjoy what she was doing. Reaching up with her hands, she parted his ass cheeks, before leaning up and pressing a kiss to his tight asshole. The smell was intense, and the taste even moreso, but Toph lived for the intensity; if a part of him wasn't so musky that she had visible trouble coping with it, then she wasn't satisfied.

Her satisfaction very rarely played an actual part in what she did, though. Throughout their time together, she had turned her attention more towards worshiping him than trying to receive pleasure. She was more akin to a bratty sub than a girlfriend, but that suited her just fine. At the end of the day, she knew that he would give her the attention (and punishment) that she deserved. Today was no different. After she was finished giving his ass a thorough rimming, her tongue cleaning every inch of the musky hole, she slipped his pants back on, and then disappeared.

He found her again at his home, having snuck in... somehow. He had to figure out how she was doing that. Another time, he told himself, before locking his door behind him, and then dropping his pants. She dropped to her knees in a similar fashion, and didn't come to him. That was fine, he said. She didn't need to. After approaching her, he slid his hands into her hair, and then yanked her face towards him. As his cock pressed against her face, she let out a sigh of pleasure, slipping a hand between her own legs to masturbate. He allowed her that pleasure. Pressing the tip of his cock against her lips, he waited for her to open up. When she didn't — a sign of her bratty nature — he moved his thumb down to open her mouth for her, and then pushed his cock inside. Her senses lit up with flavours and smells, all delicious and horrible at the same time, just the way that she liked it. Only a moment later, he forced his cock all the way down her throat, and then moved his hands back to the back of her head.

In the minutes that followed, he fucked her throat so harshly that she wondered if she would ever be able to talk again. On some level, she was okay with the idea that she wouldn't be able to; having her right to talk taken away from her because of the way she'd teased him seemed like a fitting conclusion, but it was just a daydream. She would, of course, be fine, because for all the roughness her partner put into their play, he would never actually harm her. At least not permanently. He liked her too much to do that. After dumping his load down her throat, he pulled his cock free from the confines of her mouth, pulled up his pants, and then left her to think about what she'd done. Having worked herself through an orgasm, she settled against his wall, a content grin on her face.

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Starfire hooked one of her ankles around Raven's. As they sat next to each other with parted legs, their hands sat between their own legs, playing with themselves in the way they preferred — Starfire enjoyed vaginal penetration, whereas Raven preferred to stimulate her clit — their eyes moved to the scene before them, and were glued there, even as they made themselves moan, and tried to keep themselves quiet by biting their own lips, or groaning into one of their palms. Before them, on the floor, with a rug underneath them, Robin and Beast Boy were making out.

Beast Boy's arms slipped around Robin's neck, and Robin leaned down to deepen their kiss, his hands moving down the front of Beast Boy's body, spending a couple of moments at each area to truly appreciate his fellow titan's body shape. As he reached his green friend's hips, he slid his hands underneath the thighs, before pushing his legs upward, truly testing Beast Boy's flexibility. There was nothing to be concerned about. Beast Boy made a point of keeping himself in shape, especially when it came to his flexibility; Raven adored him for it, and getting to see things from the other side was an exciting experience for her. She and Starfire continued masturbating, occasionally glancing at each other with blushes on their faces; neither could believe the other shared their fetish of seeing their boys fool around with other people.

Robin had stopped paying attention to them long ago, his focus instead on Beast Boy. He reached between the two of them and wrapped his fingers around his friend's length. As he stroked slowly, he leaned up to press another kiss to Beast Boy's lips, having pulled away from the last one to catch his breath. The second time he pulled back, it was to appreciate the body that laid before him. As Beast Boy settled on his back, his legs moving up to lay against Robin's shoulders, Robin moved his fingers further down to press against Beast Boy's ass. After sliding his index and middle fingers down, against the hole, he parted them, and then pushed one finger into Beast Boy with force.

After sighing against Robin's lips, Beast Boy spoke up. "More," he begged, pulling back from their kiss to press softer kisses along Robin's jawline. "Stop teasin' me. I want it now." Tempted as Robin was to keep teasing, he couldn't exactly say no to that. Pulling himself back a bit, he aligned their hips together, and then reached down to press his cock up against Beast Boy's opening. Then, he stopped, and looked around, trying to find something that he'd lost.

"Here," Raven said, and then tossed Robin a small tube of lubrication. Nodding, Robin caught it, and then squirted some onto his palm, before applying it both to his cock and to Beast Boy's ass. The lube itself felt cold, but Robin's fingers were warm, even as they pushed inside, where it was comparatively warmer anyway. When Robin finally pushed in, he found it to be hot; not too hot, a homely hot. His cock felt a sense of belonging inside Beast Boy's ass that Robin knew to be rare; the only other time he had experienced such a thing was his first time with Starfire, though looking over at her, the way she bit her lip and slipped three whole fingers inside her self in an effort to have her eventual orgasm be as hard as possible, he knew that a lot had changed since the two of them had first gotten together. No doubt, it was the same for Raven, though the gazes they held when they occasionally looked at each other were far naughtier than the other couple's.

Not that Beast Boy looked away all that much. For the most part, his eyes remained on Robin, an intense blush on his cheeks as the boy fucking him fell into a steady rhythm. With each slap of skin against skin a sigh of pleasure came from both of the boys. With their current positioning, they couldn't kiss anymore, but Beast Boy had long since closed his eyes, focusing on the pleasure, while Robin looked between Beast Boy and Starfire, checking to make sure that his girlfriend was still enjoying herself. He needn't have worried, and Beast Boy wasn't; he could imagine the lustful look on Raven's face as she watched her boyfriend get fucked by another man.

There was a clear trend of excitement between the four of them, and in the end, they came together. Starfire reached over and grabbed one of Raven's hands for support as she hunched forward somewhat and grunted through her orgasm. Raven remained quiet through her own, and she wasn't likely to admit that Starfire's extra touch had pushed her over the edge. Robin shut his eyes tightly as he thrust himself forward, bottoming out within Beast Boy as he blew his load, and Beast Boy was the last to cum, reaching down to stroke himself to orgasm, before making a mess of his own stomach.

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Though The Inquisition was a success, the hard work required by its many members — particularly the council — in order to keep the order afloat was unexpectedly high. Cullen and Leliana had their own ways of dealing with the stress, no doubt, but Josephine required drastic measures. When she was sure that her door was locked, keeping out any unwanted intruders, she sat down on the most comfortable chair in her office, facing the fireplace, and then pulled a box out from underneath it. From within the box, she removed two things; a hand-crafted butt plug, and a length of rope. The former a gift from an estranged family member, while the latter had been leftover supplies from another project of hers.

Compared to the way she presented herself, her tastes were surprisingly depraved. She intended for things to be that way, and if she had her way, then nobody would ever find out about the things she enjoyed; they were a secret she was content to take to her grave. The looks she would get if people knew... she could only imagine them. And she did, because once she had slipped the butt plug all the way inside, keeping it secure so that it wouldn't fall out, and she had carefully placed that rope around her own neck in a way that was tight enough to make breathing hard, but not so tight that it would kill her, the thought of those very looks were the fantasies she would call on in order to bring herself to orgasm.

She didn't rush. She liked to take her time. She didn't even touch her quim straight away, instead letting the rope keep her breaths shallow, while she forcefully clenched her asshole around the buttplug inside it. She could feel it so deep within herself, sending occasional shivers along her spine. When she felt that it was finally time to get going with the main event. she spread her thighs, and then laid her legs against the arms of the chair, the soft velvet behind her proving to be a pleasure against her naked body, compared to the roughness she put herself through in order to get off.

Using two fingers to spread her labia open, she ran a third finger along the centre, pushing against her opening for a moment to tease herself, before pulling the finger back. She rocked forward in an attempt to gain more stimulation nonetheless, causing the butt plug inside her to shift. When she tried to moan, it came out in the form of a starved cry. Plunging a finger into herself at long last, she moved into a slow fingerfucking rhythm. By the time she added a second finger, she hooked her little finger underneath the butt plug's end, and then tugged it just far enough out that she could fuck it in tandem with her fingers. Low moans escaped through her rope-held throat, and pretty soon, although she was doing her best to remain quiet, her moans became so loud that she worried others might be able to hear her.

She imagined them being worried about her. So worried that they broke the door down upon finding it locked. But after entering the room, would they find Josephine at the hands of a crafty assassin? No! They'd find her working herself towards an orgasm with her fingers and a butt plug made of wood. The mere thought was euphoric, but she held no genuine desire to ruin her own reputation, so she forced herself to remain quiet. She longed for a partner she could use to enhance that sort of play, but any such partner would take up too much of her time, and she had precious little. Even making the time to masturbate was a challenge on the particularly testing days.

All that meant that whenever she did get the time, she made sure to make it worth it. After spending time teasing herself, she let loose, humping hard against the large object inside her ass, while her fingers worked both her twat and her clit in tandem. The rope around her throat only served to intensify the pleasure she felt, and it wasn't long before she became a mess. Humping herself through an orgasm, she closed her eyes tightly and did her best not to make any noise, though moans and squeals managed to fight their way through the tight rope around her throat. Her entire body felt like it was on fire.

As she came down from her orgasmic high, she opened her eyes slowly, and undid the rope from around her neck. She ran one finger over the part of her neck that had been tightly held with the rope; the skin felt sensitive. She didn't dare stand up just yet, because she knew that her legs would be jelly. Slowly, she pulled the butt-plug out of her ass, and then dropped it into the box. She could clean it later.

Ten minutes later, she was back at her desk, having pulled her collar up to hide the marks on her neck. The window was open to rid the room of the smell of masturbation, and the butt plug was cleaned, in its box and away from anywhere that folks might see it. He door, unlocked, pushed open, and The Inquisitor approached her, asking to discuss important matters. As they talked, all Josephine could think about was the orgasm she'd just had.

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Even as Mono entered the room of her newfound lover, she knew that she shouldn't be there. If she had been invited in, then it would be different, but there had been no such invite; she was an intruder, and she knew exactly what she wanted. Walking over to his bed, she moved down onto her knees, the two dildos held inside her shifting as she moved her body. She bit her lip, holding back a moan of pleasure, and grabbed a hold of a pair of dirty boxers, before lifting them. As the scent of sweat and musk wafted into her nose, she recalled the events that had led her there.

After her first encounter with the boy, she had become enamoured. Nobody had ever piqued her interest the way that he had before, but the fact that she had to compete with both Mt. Lady and Midnight for his attention made her feel nervous. How could she compete with two sexy ladies such as them? Expecting failure, she had given up. Rather than try to get his real cock, she had ordered two fake ones, each molded to the shape of his cock, and had stuffed them into her ass and cunt on a near-permanent basis, unable to recall the last time she hadn't had at least one of them plunged deep inside.

Great as they were — and they had definitely been worth the expense — they weren't the real thing. Nothing could replace the scent of his sweat, or the taste of his balls. She knew that she had to get another opportunity to taste him, but he would be busy with the other two. He always was. What else was there to do but sneak into his room and sniff his underwear? A lot of things, probably, but in her lust, she wasn't thinking straight. The idea of getting caught sniffing his underwear was such a cliche that she thought there was no chance it would actually happen, and yet it was fun to fantasise about it. She pictured herself dropping to her knees in front of him, apologising for doing such a naughty thing, and then going to town on his cock. Even with the scent of his cock and balls filling her nostrils, she was still vividly aware that it was only a fantasy. He wasn't actually there, waiting for her to get down onto the floor and service him, and what a shame that was.

She lost herself to her own desire, hungrily sniffing at the musky underwear while holding it close to her nose. Her eyes rolled back as her hand, stuffed into her underwear, played with her clit, the two cocks buried deep within her shifting due to her rhythmic clenching of her holes. A cough from behind her pulled her out of her thoughts. She snapped her head around to see who had caught her, only to be pleasantly surprised. As it turned out, her cliche had come true. Closing the door behind him, her newfound lover stepped into the room, looking at her expectantly, but he got no explanation from her.

Momo wasn't quite as graceful as she had been expecting herself to be. Rather than slip down to her knees delicately, taking a moment to show off her sexy body, she all-but slammed down onto the ground before him. Her hands ran along his thighs, before gripping his belt. She managed to pull the belt apart, with some fumbling, and then pressed her nose against his crotch with a hungry moan. She couldn't wait any longer. As she pulled down his zipper with her teeth, her hands worked to pull his pants down, and only a moment later she was face-to-face with his cock, a wide grin forming on her lips.

Leaning in to take a deep sniff, she was just as careless as she had been with his underwear, making no attempt to stop her tongue as it slid free from her lips and attacked his balls, running around the sweaty orbs, hot from a long day of work. Excited as she was, she still couldn't handle the thought of this very cock having been inside another woman not too long beforehand; had he just come back from one of them? Is that why his cock smelled a little stronger than usual? She leaned up and licked what could have been precum, or cum left over from a previous orgasm, from the tip of his cock, before pressing her face against his length.

"Please," she begged, though it wasn't immediately clear what she was asking for. "Please, I need you so badly. I can't handle the thought of the other girls getting to worship you the way I want to. I know I'm not as old as they are, or as experienced as they are, but I make up for it with my passion. I will. I'll—" She continued to mumble as she engulfed the tip of his cock with her mouth. It wasn't clear whether she actually intended for the words she was speaking to be understood or not, but her lover couldn't make out any of them. As she made her way down the length of his cock, her hand slipping between his legs, round to his backside, where a finger plunged into his ass without so much as a moment's hesitation, the man raised an eyebrow. She wasn't kidding, was she?

Very well. Laying his hand on the back of her head, he relaxed against the door behind him and enjoyed her blowjob, right up until the moment he realised what else he needed from her. Pulling his cock out of her mouth, he was met with a whine of discontent from Momo, but he quickly got her to be quiet by aiming the head of his cock towards her mouth. As a steady trickle of urine began flowing from the tip of his cock into her mouth, her eyes widened and she stuck out her tongue, making sure to catch all of the salty waste. He was letting her prove herself, she realised. She was going to make sure that he knew just how good of a cock-slut she could be.

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Being introduced to others as the girlfriend of her new lover never failed to warm Toph's heart... among other parts of her. If only they knew the depraved things that the two of them got up to in the bedroom, perhaps they wouldn't look at them so fondly. She was barely even old enough to have a relationship with someone his age, but people seemed to be accepting of that. Maybe they wouldn't be so accepting if they knew that each time the two sat together at dinner, whether in public or not, Toph's hand was underneath the table, slowly stroking the cock of her lover, getting him ready for what inevitably followed.

One particular time, Toph had only just shut the door to his house when his arms slid around her hips. She tried to turn around and kiss him, but he kept her facing away from him, and as her body pushed back against his, she realised that his cock was out... and hard. With it pressed up against her back, he reached further down to pick her up, lifting her into a full-nelson position, with her legs pressed tightly against her own body. She half-turned her head back towards him, a comment about how excited he was just about to leave her mouth when he plunged himself inside her. She felt his balls swing upward and slap against her pussy as he pushed himself in all the way, her twat already beginning to leak juices slowly, as if desperate for attention — attention that he had no intention of giving.

Not that Toph minded. She was content so long as he kept fucking her ass. Going easy was an alien concept to the two of them; when he fucked her, he fucked her hard. With each thrust up into her once-tight asshole, his balls swung up and slapped against her pussy again. Before long, it almost seemed like these constant slaps were another form of spanking. Toph loved getting spanked. She liked feeling naughty, and being told that she was a bad girl. Each time his hand crashed against her skin, be it on her ass or her face, she moaned in pleasure. It wasn't long until she found herself overwhelmed. Her eyes, previously closed tightly, opened up just to roll backward, and her moans became needy squeals for more. His cock molded her insides, and she was in love with the feeling of being used, though her declarations of such never came out intelligible.

The way his arms were so tightly wrapped around her body meant that she couldn't writhe in pleasure the way that she wanted to, his tight hold restricting her movement altogether. Being held like that, it didn't take long for her to reach her orgasm. Her mouth opened wide, and her tongue lolled outward, occasionally dripping saliva onto his arms beneath her. As her body tried to shake, the pleasurable feeling rising within her exploded, and her cunt gushed fluids down onto the floor beneath her. The tight convulsions of her asshole around his cock brought her daddy to orgasm only moments later. He felt his balls tighten, and then slammed her down onto his cock, pushing as deep into her as he could. While twitching, his hot dick began to fill her with jizz, pumping the warm, sticky fluid straight into her guts.

When he pulled out a moment later, her asshole gaped, missing the length it had inside it only a moment earlier. It twitched, searching for the cock, but its search came up empty. Then, his cum began to seep from her asshole, dripping down onto the floor beneath. After setting her down on the floor, Toph's daddy left the hallway, and she knew what she had to do. The floor was made of marble, and it tasted odd, but the intense taste of her own juices mixed with the cum that had managed to escape from her ass made licking up her mess exciting. She felt that she was fulfilling some sort of higher purpose, cleaning up her own mess, but even more exciting than that, she knew that she would be rewarded for it. After all, girls who cleaned up their mess were good girls, and good girls got good things. Good things meant she'd have a cock inside her again before the night was out.

When her daddy returned, albeit briefly, he took one look at the floor, now sparkling clean, and then nodded at her. After heading into the kitchen to get himself a drink, he sat down in their living room again. Having taken his pants off in preparation for what she was going to do, he parted his legs, and Toph nestled herself between them. Laying her face against his cock, she ran her tongue over the base and his balls until the length grew against her, throbbing gently. She licked her way along the length of the cock, and then pressed a kiss to the tip, but she didn't stay there for very long. Moving herself down towards the base again, she slipped her hands underneath his butt and lifted upwards. He moved to help her attain what she was clearly after, and then, with his ass before her, she parted his ass cheeks with her hands, and then dived in.

Her tongue found his ass immediately, and began cleaning the way that she knew she should. It wasn't her duty, though; no, this was her reward. For cleaning up after herself, she got to taste the fruits of her daddy's hard labour — an asshole tinged with sweat and musk. What else could she possibly want? She gave the hole a kiss, as if to thank her daddy for being so generous, and then went back to licking it. As her daddy sipped at the drink he'd brought himself, holding a casual pose, Toph vigorously ate his ass, cleaning him to the best of her ability. She tried not to get carried away, but it was so hard not to when her daddy tasted so good.

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The idea to use sex as a team-building exercise had been Ruby's, of course, but it hadn't taken long for the other members of her team to get into the idea. Of the four of them, Ruby had the smallest cock, so she often found herself being used by the others; not that she had a problem with that. She loved feeling so close to the other members of her team, and having so many cocks inside her at once was practically divine, especially when there were two in her ass, and one in her mouth. Bucking between the three cocks, desperately trying to bring all three of her teammates at once, she used her hands to pull Yang, the one in her mouth, closer towards her. After wrapping her arms tightly around Yang's behind, she held her sister in place, and then went as deep onto her cock as possible, feeling the length fill out her throat like nothing ever had before.

Who could last long in a situation like that? Yang didn't. A moment later, she slid her hands into her sister's hair, bucked forward, and then blew her load down Ruby's throat. As she pulled out, a string of saliva mixed with cum connected the two of them together, right up until the point where Ruby looked downward, towards the owners of the two cocks inside her ass. Wrapping her legs around their bodies, she bucked down against the cocks, a look of determination on her face. She had every intention of milking those cocks for all that they were worth, and now that she had gotten her sister off, she could focus on it. Her hands grabbed for Weiss' tits, as she moved herself forward and sat between the two girls. Blake leaned up to press a kiss to the back of Ruby's neck, before biting her in a way that hurt at first, but only served to accentuate her pleasure.

Meanwhile, Yang slid her hand between Ruby and Weiss to wrap her hand around Ruby's cock, and after giving it a couple of strokes, she leaned in to take the cock into her mouth. Sucking her sister's cock while she was moving between the other two teammates proved to be a challenge, but Yang wanted to make Ruby feel good the way that she had only moments earlier; her own cock hadn't even recovered yet, and she could still fell her sister's saliva coating it.

Weiss was the next one to cum, throwing her head back — which gave Ruby the opportunity to lean forward and latch onto it — as she cried out in pleasure, her cock twitching against Blake's. She filled Ruby full of her spunk, and then pulled out, leaving Blake alone inside Ruby's asshole. Weiss' load served as lubrication when Blake picked up the pace, wrapping her arms around Ruby's stomach to hold her in place. As Weiss pulled away, Yang took her place in front of Ruby, and pressed her tits to either side of Ruby's length. Too small to fit between her breasts with enough left over to stick out of the top, Yang couldn't wrap her lips around Ruby's cock again, but the look on her sister's face as she continued expertly stroking her cock with her tits was enough.

Contorted into one of pleasure, Ruby's face said what she couldn't quite put together — she wasn't going to last much longer. Moving beneath Yang, Weiss leaned in to pay some attention to Ruby's balls. Taking one into her mouth, she suckled harshly, her tongue adding to the already intense stimulation. Finally, Ruby could take no more, and while bucking between the three sources of stimulation, she threw her head back against Blake's shoulder and whined her way through an orgasm. Her cock twitched between Yang's tits, the tip of her cock firing a load straight up, which caught Yang in the face. "Damn," Yang commented, only to have the second land in her mouth. As she pulled back in surprise, Weiss leaned up and wrapped her lips around the tip of Ruby's sensitive cock, slurping up whatever cum was left of the orgasm.

As Blake pulled out of Ruby, not yet having cum, Ruby slipped down onto the ground, and Weiss moved up to kiss her. She pushed Ruby's own cum into her mouth with her tongue, and then continued to make out with her partner for a few moments more, before pulling back and swallowing what she had. Ruby did the same, though she looked far more dazed than Weiss did, still recovering from the intense orgasm she had just had. Blake leaned down, aimed her cock at Ruby's face, and then stroked herself to orgasm. As ropes of cum landed against Ruby's facial features, she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, eager to taste as much of Blake's load as possible. At the same time, Yang leaned down, wrapped her arms around Ruby's hips, and began eating her sister's ass. She made sure that all of the cum Weiss had previously shot up there had been cleaned up before pulling back.

Yang moved to lay with the others, who were already relaxing on the bed. "I think I'd call that a success," Ruby said aloud, as she closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around both Weiss and Blake, laid either side of her. Yang moved up behind Blake, and pressed a kiss to her neck, before starting to spoon with her.

"No argument here," Yang replied. Blake murmured an agreement as she snuggled up with Yang, and Weiss didn't have it in her to give a verbal response. Instead, she wrapped her arms around Ruby, before doing the same with her legs, and then moved her head to sit on the crook of Ruby's shoulder.

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With her hands tied above her, against the side of the metal cage she was being kept in, Piper had long since forgotten how long she had been in The Disciples' captivity. Scratches on the wall had originally counted the days, but it had been months since she had last bothered. The once-renowned reporter didn't even know where her hat was; she recalled having it a while ago, but it was there one minute, gone the next. Vault 111's sole survivor kept her naked, not even letting her wear clothes for the sake of modesty, but then, she was far past the desire for modesty. In reality — a state unknown to Piper at that point — it had been a month or two since Piper had last asked for anything that wasn't cock. Her mind had been broken. When she wasn't busy earning her next orgasm, she was either masturbating or just sitting there, seemingly deep in thought.

The sight of Piper so different to the way she used to be might have depressed most people, but her owner was proud of the work he'd done. She had been so uppity when she arrived here. She would fight him on everything, and tried to escape almost every day; now, whenever she saw him, she seemed to get excited, and looked at him as a dog would, expecting a treat. She got her treat, of course. The dog got the bone, and Piper got the boner. Tapping on the cage, he opened the door. She snapped her attention towards him, and, wordlessly, tried to shift her body in his direction, her tongue hanging out of her mouth in preparation for the way he usually used her first. Her hands being tied left her unable to move very much, but he came to her, dropping his pants as he moved up in front of her.

She leaned forward and latched her mouth into his cock immediately, even letting out a small moan as his delicious taste filled her senses once again. Why did he have to stay away so long? Couldn't he let her worship his cock forever? She would if he asked her to. As she got to work on his cock, working the head with her lips, he moved one foot to the side and gently kicked her knee, getting her to spread her legs. Between her legs, buzzing lightly, there was a vibrator, slipped all the way inside her twat. With the toe of his boot, he pushed it up further, the tip of the vibrator twitching against her cervix. Moaning against his cock, Piper took him down to the base. Her mind was so heavy with confusion and lust that she couldn't even remember when he'd put that vibrator inside her. Hours? Days? She felt an orgasm coming, but ignored it, even as it hit, in favour of making Blue feel good.

His cock lodged in the depths of her throat, she moaned her way through her own orgasm. His hand slid into her hair, matted with sweat and blood by this point, though the blood wasn't hers. With a firm grip on the back of her head, he held her at the base of his cock, and then began to grind his hips against her face. As he moved, the upper side of his cock brushed up against the back of her throat, making her want to gag, but she knew that if she dared to then she would be punished for it. Punishments were bad. Punishments meant that he wouldn't give her what she really wanted, and it felt like it had been so long since she'd last had it that she couldn't wait any longer. He reached up and untied her hands, knowing that by now she was far too gone to make any attempt to escape. Sure enough, there was no escape attempt.

Rather, she moved her hand down to fondle his balls. He gave her the freedom to pull off his cock, and she did, but instead ran her tongue down the length of his cock again, her other hand coming up to stroke him quickly. She pressed her nose to the base of his cock and inhaled deeply, right as his cock shot off. She continued stroking him throughout his orgasm, ropes of cum firing up into the air, before they landed back down in her hair. She pulled back, taking some on her face with a wide, lucid smile. In her captivity-induced docile state, she couldn't form the words to ask Blue for what she wanted, but she didn't have to ask; he knew what she liked, and she had been good. It only made sense to reward her. At least she wasn't interested in some vague concept of freedom anymore.

Still, first and foremost, her main purpose in life was to be a living sex toy for Blue to use. She knew that, and overtime she had become comfortable with it. Moving her up to her feet, he pressed her against the cage's wall. It hurt; the little spikes that sat on the metal of the cage pressed against her, but they weren't sharp enough to do damage. The Sole Survivor had made sure of that. He didn't want her to attempt suicide. She stuck out her behind, and then waved it back and forth in a way that was supposed to be tempting. Even in the state she was in, her body still had a way with Blue; it had since the moment he had met her. She had hid her true sexual prowess behind clothes and supposed dignity, but now, naked and chained, she was free to be the slut he knew that she was.

As he pressed the tip of his cock up against her ass, letting the vibrator take care of her cunt, she pushed back against him, slipping the head of his cock inside without any hassle. He decided to slide it the rest of the way. Placing his hands on her hips, he pushed himself inside, all the way to the base, his hips slamming against hers when he reached the very base. With both his cock and the vibrator inside her, she felt stuffed, but it was when she was stuffed that she felt the most comfortable; the purpose that he had told her she served was being fulfilled... so, surely he'd be happy with her, right? The last sane part of her mind, far behind the ability to push itself to the forefront, asked why she was so bothered what he thought about her. But the answer to that question was simple. If he could make her feel this good, why should she not be?

She pushed herself back against him each time he pulled out. Seeing as she couldn't be trusted to build herself a rhythm, he did it for her, and it wasn't long until her eyes were rolling into the back of her head. She had gone so long without any sort of sexual contact only to have her life be nothing but sexual contact, in one way or another. Wasn't she lucky? Blue kept telling her as much. When he came, it was hot and fierce. He slammed against her without care, and filled her guts full of hot, sticky cum. An orgasm of her own had her screaming in pleasure, before mumbling something that Blue had no chance of being able to make out beyond the lack of higher brain function that now occupied her body. He had made her this way. Did he feel guilty? No.

As she collapsed to the ground, having been weak in the knees, she heard Blue whistle. Rolling onto her back to see what he wanted, she was suddenly surrounded by other members of his gang. She wasn't allowed to have sex with them, and they weren't allowed to have sex with her. Piper was Blue's personal toy. Rather, as they surrounded her, stroking their cocks to completion, they covered her in a thick layer of cum. There was so much of it that she had to close her eyes, and didn't dare open them until they were finished. When the cum shower stopped, her entire upper body was covered in the stuff. Wiping her eyes, she found herself alone... and got to work cleaning up the mess.

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The light tinge of alcohol sitting on The Courier's breath did nothing to sell just how drunk she was. She could barely even walk straight, but she didn't need to be able to walk around for what she was doing. With her hands wrapped around Rose of Sharon Cassidy's waist, she stood behind her, pressing her partner up against the wall as she railed on her from behind. Her cock balls deep in Rose's cunt, she leaned forward to whisper what she thought were smooth lines into the cowgirl's ear. Whether they were or not, her similarly drunk partner was more than content to turn her head and kiss The Courier deeply, even moving one arm to wrap around the woman's shoulders.

"You're... a lot... bigger than I thought you'd be," Rose managed, between gasps and moans, her tone surprisingly consistent considering the amount of whiskey running through her veins. With a grin, The Courier laid her head down against the back of Rose's neck, before picking up the speed of her thrusts.

"It probably would... wouldn't shurprise you to know I get that a lot," The Courier replied, her own tone far more slurred than the other woman's. When The Courier had first flirted with Rose, the cowgirl had securely stated that the two of them would never be an item; she said that she had no interest in girls, and she wasn't looking to sleep around with anybody anyway. Weird what a few drinks can do to an attitude like that.

Rose had been the one to come on to The Courier, in the end, and the cute girl with the big cock could only handle so much teasing before she pushed Rose up against the wall and just went at it. They were in an alleyway, somewhere deep in the slums of Freeside — in truth, The Courier hadn't seen a building she recognised in at least a couple of hours.

Her thoughts weren't on her location, or anything else constructive; safety wasn't a concern, in more ways than one. The Courier wasn't wearing a condom. Scarce as they were in the wasteland, she still had a couple sitting in her bag, but hadn't thought to use one. Rose couldn't possibly get pregnant from just one time, could she? Nobody ever got pregnant on the first time.

The Courier didn't worry as she buried herself balls deep inside Rose once again, her balls slapping up against her partner's clit, as her cock twitched and pulsed along with her oncoming orgasm. She pumped the other woman so full of cum that when The Courier finally pulled out of the hole she had made her own, her cum began dripping out only a mere moment later. Rose felt full, which might have registered as bad news if she weren't so drunk. She collapsed back against The Courier, who in turn toppled to the ground, but pulled Rose close so that she wouldn't get hurt by the fall.

Her eventual pregnancy would be a surprise, but not an unwelcome one. Rose had never pictured herself as a mother, but having a good excuse to settle down had been something she hadn't known she'd needed until she had it.

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"You see what it's like to be fucked by a real cock?" Yang growled, one hand buried deep within Pyrrha's hair, pulling the other girl's head back as she humped hard against her ass. Buried all the way inside Pyrrha's cunt, Yang's cock twitched, grinding up against Pyrrha's cervix. Pyrrha gave a worried glance across the room, to Jaune, who looked on in horror. Despite watching his girlfriend get fucked by someone who, indeed, had a bigger cock than he did, he couldn't tear his eyes away. The worst part of all of it was that Yang wasn't assaulting Pyrrha; Pyrrha wanted this, and she admitted as much with what she said next.

"Yes! I'm sorry I doubted you!" Pyrrha cried out, her voice cracking towards the end as she was thrust into an orgasm she hadn't been prepared for. As her cunt convulsed around Yang's cock, Yang grinned, and looked over towards Jaune. She felt a little bad for him, but Pyrrha's pussy felt too great, and his cock was just so small. How did he even land a catch like Pyrrha in the first place? Slamming her hips against Pyrrha's over and over, Yang pulled Pyrrha's head even further back, and then maintained eye contact with Jaune as she kissed his girlfriend, before pushing Pyrrha's head forward into the bed.

Lifting her foot up, Yang moved her body slightly to the side, before placing her foot on the back of Pyrrha's head. Closing her eyes, she leaned her own head back and thrust away at Pyrrha's twat without restraint. The cheating girlfriend's skin was already beginning to show up a red colour from the sheer amount of rough slapping of skin against skin. Yang knew that she wouldn't last much longer; not with a tight cunt like Pyrrha's spasming around her cock every couple of minutes. "Look at this, Jaune," Yang remarked, as she removed her foot from Pyrrha's head and pulled her head back again, prompting a groan of pained pleasure from the redhead. Pyrrha's face, however, was one of pure pleasure. Her tongue had lolled out of her mouth, and her eyes were wide open, but rolled back. "This is what you could make girls look like if you weren't so fucking pathetic."

Jaune didn't say anything. If his cock had been bigger, then Yang might have been able to tell that he was rock hard, but due to his smaller size that exciting fact went unnoticed. Unable to hold her orgasm back any longer, Yang slammed into Pyrrha as hard as she could, and as the tip of her massive, hulking cock pressed up against Pyrrha's cervix, threatening to penetrate, she blew her load directly inside. She didn't care if she got Pyrrha pregnant — having another bitch to grow her babies was an upside, if anything. As she pulled out, she moved around and presented her cock to Pyrrha, who spent the next couple of minutes both worshiping and cleaning it. Her cum dribbling from Pyrrha's used pussy, Yang gave one last pitiful glance towards Jaune, and then left the lovers to the awkward conversation that was no doubt about to happen.

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Nat's heart thumped heavily in her chest as she looked upon the cock before her, slipped through the wall of a bathroom stall. She knew who was on the other side, but that didn't make it any easier to calm herself down. In fact, her being here at the same time as the owner of the cock had been planned — the owner was her sister's boyfriend, the sole survivor of Vault 111. She had always been curious about him. He was nice to her, speaking in soft tones with calming words and a charismatic voice. He had never been trying to seduce her, of course, but it had worked. It hadn't helped to see his cock on display one morning when she passed the bed he and Piper were sleeping in, and the cover had been pulled back just enough for his cock to be visible...

She couldn't be sure what the set-up with him and her sister was, but they seemed to be okay with the other sleeping around; Piper rarely did, far too busy with work, but her boyfriend had proved to be something of a loose cannon. All that led to him having his hard cock pointed straight towards Nat's face, albeit accidentally, and without his exact knowledge. Her heartbeat began to calm, and she reached out to wrap her hand around it. Her hands weren't small — definitely not child-like, but they weren't adult hands. If he had any questions, he didn't voice them. She gave him a couple of test strokes, before leaning forward to press a kiss to the tip of his cock; it seemed right to do.

Hesitantly, she took the head of his cock into her mouth, and began to slowly drag her lips back and forth over the first inch or so. Then, suddenly, he pushed forward, silently demanding that she work more of his cock. Nat couldn't explain it, but she felt a rush of pleasure, being told to do something like that in such a vague and demeaning way. Of course, she had to do it. Taking him deeper, she got about three inches down before she had to pull back. Raising her hand, she coughed onto the back of it, and then took his cock back into her mouth before he could question whether the sound of the coughing was familiar or not.

Piper must not have been putting out as often as her boyfriend would have liked, because it only took Nat going a couple of inches down on his cock again for him to pound his hand against the stall and blow his load. He filled his girlfriend's teenage sister's mouth with cum, right up until there was barely any room left. As Nat pulled off, her cheeks bulged, a small amount of cum escaping through her pursed lips. Cum tasted so weird. It was both what she had been expecting and nothing like it. Warm, viscous, salty, but also bitter, slimy and intense. She swallowed heavily, and then let out a sigh of pleasure. After she collected herself, she opened her eyes, and glanced up at his cock. It was hard again. She licked her lips, and then leaned forward...

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Elizabeth had been with Booker long enough to know what happened whenever she got uppity, but that didn't stop her. Booker was strict, but he wasn't unfair. Whenever he punished her, she had it coming. Lately, she seemed to be enjoying her punishments too much. With two of his fingers buried knuckle-deep inside her ass, she whined his title — a shameless 'daddy' — and pressed back against him. The sound of her whines were like music to his ears, fuelling the hard cock that sat between his thighs. He had no plans to use it, though, as he pushed his third finger into her lubricated asshole. She whined again, closing her eyes this time, and leaning her head back as far as she could.

"This is supposed to be a punishment," Booker told her, his eyes moving over her dampening pussy. "If you keep enjoying yourself this much, I'll have to find a better way to punish you." He was bluffing; he loved her punishments as much as she did, but he liked teasing her.

"Daddy, I've been such a bad girl," Elizabeth moaned, putting emphasis on the last two words. She tried to wiggle her butt to entice him, but his fingers deep in her ass kept her rump in place. She tightened herself around them, and leaned her head forward again, against the pillow he had provided her. "Please, punish me as much as you can."

Seeing as his words had fallen on deaf ears, Booker gave her what she wanted. Reaching over with his other hand to grab the bottle of lube, he gave her butthole some extra lubrication, pulling his three fingers out of and pushing them back into her asshole to test just how easy he could slide them in. Satisfied that she could handle what he had in mind, he placed the bottle of lube back down, and moved his free hand to settle against her hip, holding her in place.

With Elizabeth's body held firmly still, he let his fourth finger slip inside her ass, followed soon after by his thumb. With all five digits inside her, he pushed deeper, experimentally, making sure not to push past her limits, while also making clear that this was a punishment. Elizabeth whined again, one eye closing out of reflex. Her expression was pained, but when Booker stopped to see whether she was okay, she pushed back against him suddenly, slipping his entire fist inside. The pained expression remained plastered on her face, but she didn't ask him to stop, and made no attempt to pull away. Looking at him with desire in her eyes, she made it clear that she wanted more.

"Daddy... daddy, please. Please punish me, daddy." The taboo context of their relationship had never been a problem. As Elizabeth begged him, calling him her daddy, Booker was reminded of their familial ties, and his boner raged on. With his free hand, he spanked her ass, and then started to move his fist back and forth within her. Though he was still being careful not to harm her, he became more aware of her desire to be in pain, and adjusted his speed and force accordingly. As his fist pushed further in, Elizabeth's cunt exploded, her juices flying all across the bed behind her, as she squealed in pleasure. Booker's lips curled into a smirk.

"You're such a dirty little slut, aren't you?" he asked her, rhetorically, as his other hand moved backward to tease her reddened cunt. He didn't touch it directly, rather, he ran a finger along either side, moving close to her pussy lips to tease her, without ever actually making contact. Wordlessly, though not without moaning, Elizabeth pushed back against him, effectively fucking her own ass with his fist. She had no complaints about what he had just said — she couldn't deny it. She was whatever he said she was. His bitch. His slut. His whore. Laying her head against the bed, she moaned out his name again, and her plump pussy begged for contact beneath her asshole, quivering around his fist.

With her new position, he pushed himself deeper, fisting her guts. Her eyes opened wide, and her head leaned back, but she didn't dare move with him that deep inside her. "I'm so close," she moaned. In response, he pulled his fist back, leaving only his fist inside her, and then stopped moving altogether.

"Bring yourself to orgasm, then, you slut," he told her, flatly, and without sympathy for her depraved plight. She whined, but after a moment's deliberation, did exactly as he asked, bucking herself back and forth against his fist. Her pussy just needed a little touch, but she didn't dare do so herself. Having to cum with only her ass for the second time that night, she took him as deep as she could without being worried that she'd do permanent damage, and then another inch or so further. She could have sworn that she could feel him at the base of her throat, though she knew that to be an illusion.

"Yes, daddy," she groaned, before pulling herself forward, and then slamming back one final time with a rough grunt. She came again. Though her cries of pleasure were louder than last time, her pussy didn't splurt out juices the same way it had. Rather, drops of girlcum fell onto the bed one by one, as her hips shook.

As she recovered, Booker slowly pulled his arm from within her, and then leaned down to press a gentle kiss to her shoulder. She hadn't learned her lesson, and he'd be elbow deep in her ass again before the week was out, but where was the fun in the alternative?

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After one of her temporary lovers had fucked her and then left, Weiss had expected her night to be over — she had gotten laid, and all there was left was to sleep — but such an expectation was silly when she lived with Ruby, who had something of an obsession with her. A long time ago, Weiss had turned Ruby down, and Ruby had somehow gotten it into her head that all she needed to do to win Weiss over was prove herself to be a good enough lover, which included cleaning up after Weiss' other ones. Weiss rejected Ruby's advances most of the time, but when it came to licking up the cum left there by her previous partners, well... she was saving herself the need to shower right away if she let Ruby do as she wished, though that didn't come without its caveats for the poor, denied redhead.

Ruby was told to be silent as she licked up the mess that someone else had left between her crush's legs. With one hand underneath Weiss' thigh, having spread her legs open, she licked as quietly as she could at Weiss' used twat, moving her tongue past the slightly puffy labia to get to the cum that laid further in. She didn't exactly like the taste of it, but she couldn't exactly clean Weiss up without coming into contact with it. She felt proud of herself as she scooped the cum out, and swallowed it to avoid having to move it elsewhere, but Weiss didn't share that proudness.

"God, you'll do just about anything to impress me, won't you? Do you know how pathetic you look?" she asked, spreading her legs wider for Ruby. She placed them on the girl's shoulders, and then moved one hand to brush aside Ruby's hair so that she could look the girl in the eyes. As she looked up at Weiss, Ruby's gaze was filled with passion — a passion that Weiss had done nothing to deserve, and she knew that, but it was easier to tease and berate Ruby for her feelings than give the girl any sort of genuine reality check. Ruby's other hand slid down her body, moving along the front to slide between her legs, where she shamelessly began to masturbate.

Weiss noticed almost immediately. "...and you're masturbating, too? Is everything you do pathetic, or are you just trying to... what's the opposite of impressing me? You're such a..." Weiss drifted off, distracted by how admittedly good Ruby's tongue felt against her. She snapped herself back to reality, and continued. "You're such a slut, do you know that?" She realised pretty quickly that Ruby wasn't answering her because she had specifically told her not to, but she didn't stand for it regardless. Sliding a hand into Ruby's hair, she dragged the redhead's face up a bit more, away from her now-clean cunt. "Tell me you know that — that you're a dirty slut."

It took Ruby a moment to build up the courage. "I'm... I'm a d-dirty slut..." Ruby continued to masturbate, getting off to her own degredation. Weiss let go of her hair, and then shifted herself to present her navel to Ruby.

"Clean there, too. Cumming inside me wasn't enough for that last guy... he had to finish on me, too." Ruby looked down over the cum that splattered Weiss' navel, and then leaned down wordlessly, obeying Weiss' command. She was still only trying to impress Weiss, right? Weiss' words inspired something within her that she hadn't felt before. It was a sense of control, and... something else. A desire to be submissive, maybe, though Ruby had never seen herself as submissive. She dragged her tongue along the lines of cum, one by one, swallowing each as she reached the end. She was sure that she didn't like the taste now, but that didn't stop her.

"What do you say?" Weiss asked, as she ran her hand along Ruby's head, and along the side, before taking her by the hair again. Sweat ran down Ruby's face as her heart pumped madly in her chest.

"Th... thank you," she replied, without needing confirmation as to what exactly Weiss wanted from her. Weiss nodded.

"Good. Now get back to eating." With that, she shoved Ruby's head back down between her legs, and wrapped her thighs tightly around the girl's head, holding her in place. Intent on doing as Weiss had said, Ruby eagerly moved her tongue against the pussy sitting before her, pulling every pussy-eating tactic she knew from her mind and putting them into action, starting with expert and then moving onto the more amateur as she ran out of ideas. She needn't have worried. It wasn't long before Weiss hit her orgasm, hand gripping Ruby's hair as she rocked her hips against Ruby's face. Her cunt gushed against Ruby's nose and mouth, filling Ruby's senses with what she had craved all this time.

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As the brains of the operation, it was Sam's job to keep herself composed, and she was usually very good at it. It wasn't a surprise that one of her main strengths was keeping herself from falling victim to the same pleasures and fears that Clover and Alex often found themselves succumbing to, but even Sam had her limits. As it turned out, that limit was having to put up with the antagonism of Mandy. With all the evil forces her and the other spies faced, it seemed ridiculous that their biggest threat was often a fellow schoolgirl... but pointing out its ridiculous would never be enough to stop what was happening, and the measures Sam chose to take once she finally snapped were drastic.

"This is disgusting," Mandy commented as she was brought face to face with what laid between Sam's spread legs. Before her sat an extremely hairy pussy. Sam's carpet matched the drapes, apparently, and she either had a natural scent to rival the strongest of animals, or she hadn't showered in a while. Mandy didn't care enough to know the answer, and she would have moved away were it not for the hand gripping the back of her head, holding her in place. Her hands were tied... literally, and held behind her where they couldn't aide her escape, and Sam was a lot stronger than she was.

Mandy spat at the pussy before her, not realising that such an action wouldn't do much, and turned her head away — it was about all she could do to protect herself. Being straight, and secure in that impression, she was repulsed by the sight before her, from the mass of red hair to the pink twat that laid beneath. She thought she might vomit, but didn't want to risk ruining her outfit, or her image. After Sam's lack of response to her insults or refusal to act, Mandy looked up at her with desperate eyes. "You should, like, l—"

With that, Sam slammed her head forward, and wrapped her toned thighs around Mandy's head, holding her in place. Try as the girl did, she couldn't pull herself away, and both her mouth and nose were buried underneath the mass of hair. She thought that her tongue had even touched Sam's pussy. Eugh. Now she really did want to vomit. She kept trying to pull back until she could no longer find the strength to do so. Her nose buried in the mass of pubic hair, she had no choice but to inhale, and the scent that filled her senses set off feelings inside her that she had never felt before. Suddenly, she was questioning everything that she knew. Front and centre, did she actually enjoy being used like this? If it were a guy, maybe, but Sam wasn't a guy, Sam was a girl, with an incredibly intoxicating pussy. More than anything, she felt confused, and looked up again towards Sam for some kind of answer to all the questions that she had.

"What are you waiting for?" Sam asked, prompting Mandy to look down again, towards the mass of hair sat only an inch away from her eyes. Sam had a point. The intoxicating smell was gross, but... she wanted more of it. What was she waiting for? She had never even imagined herself licking a pussy in her entire life, but that's exactly what she found herself doing. Her mouth opened, and her tongue slid free, pressing up against the soft flesh sitting underneath the forest of musky pubic hair. She couldn't quite pin the taste. It was a little salty, and a little bitter, and a little sweet, but mostly just... intense. She couldn't bring herself to think very hard about whether it was a good taste or not, and instead just pushed her tongue deeper, parting the labia to run down Sam's pussy. It felt natural to do that, but she couldn't put her finger on why.

If Sam had known what Mandy was thinking, she'd have told her that it was because she was a naturally born pussy licker. Though those words never actually left her lips, the same sentiment was carried in the way she held Mandy against her twat, hands tightly holding the girl's hair as she all-but forced her to start licking. As Mandy flicked her tongue upward to complete its first lick of Sam's pussy, the tangy taste of Sam's juices stuck to her tastebuds, sending a shiver down her spine. Sam's legs tightened around her neck, as if to ensure that she couldn't pull away, and her heels came to rest upon Mandy's back. Whereas the girl had been so resistant earlier, Mandy had now seemingly accepted her place, her face holding a more passive expression as she gave Sam's core a second taste.

She lingered at the bottom, threatening to plunge her tongue inside, and it was as she finally followed through with that threat that Mandy realised just how much she liked what she was doing. She could feel each of Sam's movements, and every small moan or groan of pleasure felt like something Mandy had earned. She was making Sam feel that way. Even if she usually wouldn't have prided herself in doing such a thing, a certain feeling of accomplishment washed over her, and her brain went on autopilot. Her tongue did whatever she felt it should do, from slipping deep into Sam's twat to moving further up and pressing against her clit. Every so often, Mandy would simply press herself forward and take a deep inhale of the scent that clouded Sam's hairy pussy, letting herself fall victim to the intoxicating properties it held. Even if she hadn't been on autopilot, her head would have been clouded.

Everything came full circle when she felt another shiver run along her spine, harder this time, and something that had been teetering on an edge deep within her was finally knocked over. Sam's legs wrapped tightly around her head, while her face was buried in a hairy snatch, Mandy came without even touching herself. She didn't have to reach a hand between her own legs to know that her panties were soaked, and from the way her legs twitched in the moments that followed, along with the intense waves of pleasure that crashed into her, she could only assume that her pants would see some of that action, too.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and Sam looked down at her with a smirk, before yanking her head backward. As Mandy's passive gaze moved up to look at Sam, the dominant of the two wiped her pussy on the other's nose and mouth, establishing dominance. Mandy opened her mouth to say something, but she couldn't form the words to follow through with that action. Instead, she presented her tongue to Sam, making clear her accepted role as the submissive of the two, yet an hour earlier she wouldn't have even considered acting submissive towards another girl.

Sam sat herself down onto Mandy's face, and let the girl continue licking her. She let go of her hair, and watched as Mandy, without being forced to do so, continued to eat her out. Sam couldn't help but grin, and then leaned her head back, letting herself relax as she was pleasured.

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Gohan's mother was a lot of things — strong, determined, full of willpower — but approachable wasn't one of them. Whenever Videl needed something from her, she always felt that she had to be careful asking for it. She respected Chi-Chi in a lot of ways, but she wouldn't miss her mother-in-law's hostility if she woke up one day and decided to give her son's wife a break. Videl wasn't impolite, but she also wasn't reserved — if it had been anyone else's house, she would have knocked on the door and waited for them to answer, perhaps knocked a second time if they didn't, but when faced with Chi-Chi not answering her door, Videl's mind went to the worst places. She couldn't knock again, of course — what if Chi-Chi was on her way to the door?

At the same time, she couldn't just leave it, with all the danger that the Z Fighters had faced throughout their lifetime, there was a good chance that Chi-Chi not answering her door meant that something bad had happened. It wasn't as if Goku was around to help. Channeling some inner strength that she hadn't needed to call upon since the days of being a fighter herself, Videl reached down and turned the doorknob, before stepping inside. A sudden burst of adrenaline running through her, she closed the door behind herself and moved further into the home, not daring to raise her voice while looking for her mother-in-law.

The times Goku spent away from the house were always difficult for Chi-Chi. Not because of the extra work load she had to handle; she was more than capable of picking up for Goku's slack... she'd been doing it long enough. Rather, without him she always found herself sexually frustrated. As many complaints as she had about her husband, he was great in bed, even if he didn't seem to know what he was doing most of the time. His naivety was far outmatched by his passion for seeing Chi-Chi pleasured. In her efforts to put up with his absence, she had buried her head in one of her pillows, her ass up in the air as her fingers moved against her twat. One pressed against her clit, circling slowly, while two more slid deep inside her opening, the combined pleasure leaving her unable to hear someone knocking at the door... especially so meekly.

As Videl rounded the corner to see whether Chi-Chi was in her bedroom, she got a face full of her mother-in-law's ass. Between Chi-Chi's thighs, her cunt was soaked, dripping onto the bed beneath her. Videl couldn't help but smirk. It was humanising to know that Gohan's mother suffered from the same problems as she did, but then... she had her own ways of handling them. Nonetheless, Videl's initial surprise managed to slip from her lips in the form of a gasp, prompting Chi-Chi's eyes to open widely. She turned her head, and planted her body down against the bed, speechless as she saw who it was that had caught her.

Chi-Chi spent a couple of moments stammering through excuses, but Videl simply brushed her own hair out of her face, a knowing smirk growing on her lips. "You know, you shouldn't be embarrassed about resorting to something like that. I do it all the time." With that, Videl began moving towards the bed, stripping herself of her clothing as she did so. As much as Chi-Chi wanted to tell her to stop, her arousal mixed with her intrigue kept her watching. "If you needed a 'sparring partner,' you really should have told me sooner." With that, Videl moved onto the bed, and pressed her lips against her mother-in-law's.

Before Chi-Chi could properly register what was going on, she was on her back again, and Videl's mouth wasn't on hers, it was... somewhere else, running down her back, as the younger woman's fingers found Chi-Chi's twat, so needy and desperate. Her fingers felt so much better than Chi-Chi's own. The older woman groaned, and buried her head into the same pillow she had been hiding it in beforehand. A moan forced its way out after the groan, the small sound seemingly prompting Videl to stop moving slowly. Tentatively at first, the younger woman's tongue made contact with her mother-in-law's asshole. Taken once again by surprise, Chi-Chi opened her eyes and half-turned her head to look back at Videl, though she couldn't quite see her past the size of her own ass... since when had it been that big, anyway?

Over the following moments, Videl got braver. Her tongue wasn't just hesitantly moving across the older woman's tight asshole, it was pushing against it, trying to worm its way inside. She tasted so good, and Videl couldn't get enough. The intense taste of ass held Chi-Chi's own desperation within it. Wanting to help with that desperation more than any desire to tease, Videl's fingers worked harder, stroking across Chi-Chi's clit. In an attempt to stop herself from moaning, Chi-Chi bit into the pillow she was hiding her face in, arms sliding beneath it to pull it as close to her face as she could.

Chi-Chi could hardly believe that she was letting her son's wife — her own daughter-in-law — do something like... pressing her tongue against... there, but Videl had a clear talent for it, as evidenced by how close Chi-Chi already felt to the orgasm Videl was clearly trying to push her towards. She idly wondered whether Videl had ever employed that same talent against her son's... what was she thinking? Overcome with shame despite Videl's insistence that she shouldn't be, Chi-Chi had nothing to distract her from Videl's enforced pleasure. The younger woman's tongue found even more bravery, and danced across Chi-Chi's poor asshole as if both of their lives depended on it. Memories of her experimental youth flashed through Chi-Chi's mind, and after realising once again just how wrong all of this was, she succumbed to her orgasm, moaning an almighty cry into the pillow beneath her.

Videl's hand moved away from Chi-Chi's twat, and she wrapped her arms tightly around the woman's thighs, her tongue digging deep into the tasty hole before her. She had been intending to help her mother-in-law more than anything else, but she was loving this too. As her ass pushed back in undeniable pleasure, Chi-Chi let out a second cry, quieter than the first, and as the waves of orgasmic pleasure crashed into every aspect of her mind and body, her cunt exploded onto the bed beneath her, covering it, and Videl's chest, in the proof of her desperation and loneliness — a clear fluid that she had only expelled before once, the first time Goku had gone down on her.

All of a sudden, Chi-Chi felt exhausted, her body sliding forward to lay down on the bed... but Videl moved with her, and her tongue kept probing at her ass. Chi-Chi wondered exactly what she had gotten herself into...

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Kurisu's hand pressed against the cold shower wall, the hot water pouring over both herself and Mayuri. Okabe was on her mind... but she wasn't sure why. A part of her didn't trust him, and yet another part of her trusted him more than she trusted herself. Behind her, Mayuri was in her own little world, humming to herself as she washed her hair. Kurisu turned around to look at her, and pondered momentarily why she and Okabe weren't together. It made sense, she thought, but then, perhaps she was projecting; she saw an appeal in the both of them. Okabe was a little rough around the edges, but he usually meant well, and he could be relied on. Mayuri was... precious, but she was also intuitive, far more than people gave her credit for.

Wordlessly, Kurisu found herself approaching Mayuri from behind, at which point she wrapped her arms around the other girl's waist. She wasn't sure why she was doing it. In a way, it felt natural... having someone like Mayuri stood only inches away from her, naked and cute as ever... she didn't think there were any romantic or sexual implications in what she was doing, but she wanted to hold the other girl. Mayuri tensed up, and turned her head back to look towards Kurisu. "Kurisu-chan, what are you doing?" Her tone didn't sound bothered, just... surprised. Kurisu realised what she was doing, and pulled herself back a bit, but didn't move her arms from Mayuri's waist.

"I'm sorry, I just felt compelled to be close to you. I suppose it's been a really long day." Even leaving her lips, she could tell it wasn't a good excuse, but it was all she had; it was genuine. Mayuri, in her endless kindness, grinned, and then turned around to wrap her arms around Kurisu in turn. As they embraced underneath the running water, Kurisu wasn't sure what to make of the situation.

"You should've told me that's what you wanted earlier, Kurisu-chan," Mayuri replied, the continued closeness making the implications of what was happening occur to Kurisu — despite being the one to initiate their contact, she hadn't expected such a reaction. Mayuri was... innocent, right? And... she would never put herself in a situation where— Kurisu watched as the door's knob began to shift, but didn't dare move herself away from Mayuri. Humming to herself, Mayuri lathered her hands in soapy water, and then began to wash Kurisu's body, starting at the shoulders. She ran her hands in slow circles, and got down to the girl's breasts right as the door finally pushed open.

Suzuha entered the room with her head down, not even noticing the sound of running water until she was already in the room with the door closed behind her. She looked up at the other two, Mayuri's hands on Kurisu's breasts while Kurisu looked at Suzuha with a worried gaze. Suzuha's eyes widened, and she looked as if she was about to say something before Kurisu cleared her throat. "Suzuha!" Kurisu stammered, before moving to hide partially behind Mayuri, who removed her hands from Kurisu's body and turned around to see what was happening. Though the blush on Kurisu's face didn't disappear, she managed to speak her next line clearly: "Do you want to join us?"

A moment later, Suzuha found herself in the shower with the other two, wedged between them as their hands roamed her body. Though they had started off with the intention of cleaning her, it didn't take long for the clearly worked up Kurisu to start sliding her hands elsewhere. Mayuri dropped to her knees, and used her hands to part Suzuha's thighs apart; in her sexual frustration, the ashed haired girl couldn't bring herself to protest, though she also wasn't sure if she wanted to. As Suzuha turned her head to the side, Kurisu leaned forward and captured her parted lips for a kiss, while Mayuri moved further between the girl's legs to get at her pussy. Her tongue made contact first, making Suzuha shiver.

Moving back against the wall behind her, Kurisu reached a hand down to take a firm grip of Suzuha's behind, and then kneaded the soft flesh for a moment before leaning forward to press a kiss against her shoulder. The coldness of the wall behind her, almost enough to make her shiver, was worth having to put up with if it meant that she wouldn't have to worry about falling over, the situation already making her feel weak in the knees... and she hadn't even been touched yet. With her exploration of Suzuha, she ran one finger down the girl's crack, and then pressed up against the tighter hole sitting further down.

Sad that she wasn't being kissed anymore, Suzuha closed her eyes tightly and slid a hand into Mayuri's hair, letting out a soft moan as the girl's tongue made contact with her opening. As Kurisu's finger pushed up against her ass, she turned her head to look back at the girl in surprise, but then nodded, giving her permission.

She came the moment that Kurisu pushed her finger inside, soaking Mayuri's already wet face with her juices, prompting the usually naive girl to move out from underneath her. For a moment, both Suzuha and Kurisu looked at Mayuri in surprise, wondering just how many depraved desires she was hiding underneath her innocent facade. "Back in a moment," she told them in a musical tone, before slipping out of the room, leaving Kurisu and Suzuha to themselves.

They didn't have a lot in common, other than maybe their analytical natures. Suzuha didn't really like Kurisu — she knew the damage that the girl had caused — and Kurisu was lukewarm with Suzuha at best, but given the experience Mayuri had just gotten them into, they felt a newfound respect for each other. Before Kurisu could stop her, Suzuha began moving down onto her knees, looking up at the other girl.

With her back against the wall, Kurisu had no trouble staying on her feet, though it became more of a challenge when Suzuha reached down to grab her foot, before lifting it. Almost losing her balance, Kurisu reached aside to grab onto one of the shower's rails desperately, before raising her eyebrow down at the other girl; just what was she thinking? Not a moment after Kurisu asked herself the question, Suzuha lifted her foot a little higher, and then pressed a kiss to the bottom of it. One of Kurisu's eyebrows raised in gentle surprise, but Suzuha's intent was clear as she took both Kurisu's big toe and the one beside it into her mouth, running her tongue around them in a way that Kurisu found oddly pleasurable. Since when could her feet be used against her?

Suzuha didn't let up, both of her hands moving to hold Kurisu's foot still as her tongue worked over and between the toes, before moving down to the sole again. She kissed and licked and sucked her way all the way down the sole, prompting Kurisu to shiver; her feet were more ticklish than she remembered them being. At the base of the foot, Suzuha's kisses became more intense, and as she moved back up the foot again, she turned off to the side, setting Kurisu's foot to the side as she made her way along the girl's leg, and then her thigh, and before Kurisu could prepare herself Suzuha had her head placed firmly between both of her thighs. Reaching underneath Kurisu, Suzuha placed a hand against the backs of her thighs, and then lifted her upward, disturbing Kurisu's balance for a second time, though she kept a firm grip on the shower rail.

Rather than going for her pussy, as Kurisu had been expecting, Suzuha's explorative tongue moved further back, running past Kurisu's pussy lips towards her ass. Suzuha wasted no time, her tongue pushing up against the hole the very moment that she found it. She prodded and pushed until she could get her tongue inside, and then buried it as deep as she could within Kurisu. A part of Suzuha felt like a traitor; she shouldn't be doing something like this with someone like Kurisu, but the fact that she shouldn't be doing it made the experience even hotter for her. As she reached a hand down between her own legs to masturbate, forcing Kurisu to work even harder to keep her balance, Kurisu's hands slid into Suzuha's hair... and then the bathroom door opened.

Both girls froze, until a familiar 'Tuturu~' came from a familiar voice. Suzuha pulled herself back far enough to turn her head, and then both girls looked towards Mayuri. Stood in the doorway, she held a strap-on in her hand, and wore a wide smile on her face. Kurisu got halfway through a nervous laugh before Suzuha moved further underneath her, shifting the girl's butt forward. She moved her hands around to sit once again underneath her thighs, and held her tightly in place, legs spread, as she leaned up to rim her again.

As Suzuha got acquainted with Kurisu's asshole for a second time, Mayuri stepped into the strap-on, and then tightened the straps around her waist, before stepping over to Kurisu. Kurisu's face held a blush, and a part of her wasn't sure about all of... everything, but she didn't tell Mayuri to stop, rather, she gave her a nod, and then leaned forward to kiss her again. Mayuri settled between Kurisu's legs as she kissed back, and aligned the tip of the strap-on with her opening. With a gentle push forward, Mayrui slid into Kurisu's pussy, one hand wrapped firmly around the plastic cock in order to keep herself steady. Kurisu couldn't help but gasp, and pulled away from their kiss to lean her head back against the wall behind her, gazing at Mayuri through lidded eyes as her orgasm neared.

Meanwhile, outside the lab, Okabe checked his phone. Whatever was on there must have shocked him, because he immediately turned tail and ran straight up the stairs, heading through the lab towards the bathroom door. His hand grasped the doorknob tightly, and without so much as knocking he flung the door open, ready for the worst. It was only as the door opened that he realised he didn't have a weapon; if there was any danger in there, he wouldn't be any help in fighting it.

But there was no danger. Instead, there was two naked girls. ...wait, three? His eyes widened in surprise, and he took a step back, letting out a cry of surprise. He had so many questions that he must have known wouldn't receive answers. Overwhelmed, he blacked out, prompting the three girls to look over at him with worried glances.

Chapter Text

Satsuki's interview in the paper was a failure. Not that she didn't sell the idea well enough; the males who weren't already aware that they could use a girl for those services made sure to start as soon as they could. The girls, though, weren't interested, and Satsuki began to wonder if there was something wrong with her. As much as she hated to admit it, she enjoyed the world that she did, but as more and more of her colleagues dropped from their positions, leaving her with more and more boys to service, those who used her services didn't make it easy for her.

She must have been a masochist, she thought. There was no other explanation for the way she enjoyed the depraved things they forced her to do. A few of the boys weren't satisfied with her merely drinking their piss, they wanted her to beg for it. She did, of course; she didn't want to give the club (which was, basically, just her at that point) a bad reputation. Sure. That was the reason why. Each time she was forced to beg for more, it felt like another part of her resistance was being chipped away. It wouldn't be long, she knew, until she was left without the ability to deny her love for what she did. It wasn't about cleanliness. It wasn't about keeping the boys in line. It was about her own depraved need to be used, and it wouldn't be long until everybody knew that.

She was pulled out of those very thoughts by the arrival of another boy. He didn't look like much; scrawny and a little on the chubby side, nothing new compared to the boys she'd had to service up until that point. She had always prided herself on knowing each of the students in her school, but as more and more of her brain was filled with the desire to be used, faces and names began to escape her. She vaguely recalled the one stood before her. He had a foreign name, she thought, though he looked Japanese.

Right off the bat, he was different than the others. He didn't seem as restrained as the majority of them did. To them, even though she was being used as their toilet, she was still the same mean bitch that had made their lives hell, and a desire for revenge only got them so far. There was no hesitation as he unzipped his pants and fished out his cock. She could smell it from a couple of feet away, but that was nothing new, really; she thought that some of the boys used her to clean their cocks exclusively, and wore a sock or a plastic bag around their dicks whenever they showered — that was the only way she could explain the intense scents she endured on a regular basis. As he neared, he stroked himself slowly, foreskin pulling back over his cock to reveal a rancid sight beneath; grime and what looked to be dried cum... but Satsuki licked her lips, subconsciously.

As she caught herself doing so, her eyes went a little distant, but she was returned to reality the moment that dirty cockhead slapped down against her tongue. She looked up at the boy above her with a needy gaze, wrapping her lips around the tip... until he pressed his hand against her forehead, pushing her back. "Not yet," he told her, firmly. The dominance in his tone set off a lot of impulses within her, the first of which were anger, but those were quickly drowned out by desire — someone was talking down to her. Why did that excite her so much? "Beg for it," he demanded, in a firm just as tone as the first words he had spoken. Who did he think he was? This fat fu— At Satsuki's lack of response, he had slapped her. She repeated that fact inside her mind a couple of times, trying to come to terms with it, but when a second slap struck her cheek, her reflexes kicked in... but they weren't the ones that would have seen her standing up to fight him.

Instead, she whined a submissive whine, and opened her mouth, before mumbling. "Please, give me your piss." A part of her hoped that wasn't good enough for him — that he would slap her again and ask her to repeat herself, and to say it properly the second time, but her display apparently sufficed. Laying his cock on her tongue again, he pushed it far enough forward that the tip was entirely inside her mouth, and then pushed her head forward, as if to tell her that she should wrap her lips around him, which she did without question. After engulfing his cock with her lips, she closed her eyes and began using her tongue to clean the head, pushing the muscle beneath the foreskin, where the taste was more intense. She could almost feel the filth and grime building up on her tongue, but she didn't have to worry about that for very long, because as her tongue pulled back, the first dribble of piss fell from the head of his cock onto her tongue.

And from there, it was a heavy stream. After building up to full force, his cock had the power to fill her mouth entirely almost every second, forcing her to swallow continuously. The taste was intense, making the experience even harder for Satsuki, but she was determined to see it through to the end. She had no intention to let herself be beaten, especially not in the area she had come to pride herself on the most... wait, what had that thought been? Her swallows stopped, and his piss ran straight out of her mouth, down her front. As the flood of piss drew to a close, the boy using her pulled his cock from her mouth, and then slapped her again. "Don't they teach you to do a better job than that?" he asked, shaking his head. She felt humiliated. If that weren't bad enough, another two boys walked inside, though they paused the moment they saw that Satsuki was still being used. Her cheeks were red, too. They wondered, just what was going on?

After having her cheek slapped again, she was presented with the ass of the boy who had just finished pissing in her mouth. She could still taste him on her tongue. She had, of course, eaten ass before. Cleaning asses was part of the club, but never under circumstances such as this. His hand grabbed the back of her head, and he said, "If you clean my dirty asshole, maybe I'll forgive you for spilling my piss, you slut." She wasn't a slut, was she? Her head was pushed forward, nose and mouth between the cheeks of his ass. Her head clouded with questions she had no way of answering, she did as he demanded, her tongue pushing out of her mouth to press up against his asshole. It tasted every bit as horrible as she had imagined, in line with how disgusting his cock and piss had been. The only thing keeping her going was the knowledge that it couldn't get any worse than it currently was... that is until she heard the other boys making comments about how they hadn't expected her to be dominated so easily — had this boy ushered in a new existence for her? A more submissive one?

Tongue covered in the sweat and filth of the boy who had broken her, Satsuki pulled back, her job finished. The boy turned around, and then slapped his cock against her tongue. "You did a good job," he said, in a tone that sounded far more forboding than it should have done. Then, after a pause, he looked down at her and said, simply, "Swallow." He didn't need to be more specific. In her depravity, Satsuki knew exactly what he meant. Pulling her tongue back into her mouth, she mixed the filth with that already inside her mouth, and then, with some difficulty, swallowed the waste into her stomach, mixing with the other filth that already existed there. She felt nauseous, but as the boy moved away from her, the other two taking his place in front of her body, she gulped. Her torture wasn't over yet.

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A dangerous sex life seemed like an unavoidable caveat of the relationship between Nate and Nora. They were both intense people with backgrounds full of dramatic situations. Bondage and rough sex had been involved in their sex life since day one, and over the years, the two of them had only gotten more depraved, with desires that sat further and further away from what most would consider 'normal'.

The latest addition to their activities had Nora stood in an alleyway, far out of town. It had to be, because they needed to make sure that they weren't going to get interrupted. With how rough this side of town was, even if somebody saw the two of them, it was unlikely that they'd do anything. As Nora waited for her husband to make his move, she wondered whether any of the general populace would take part in what was about to happen; she wasn't sure if she wanted that, but having choice taken away from her was the entire point of the exercise. She had asked her husband to rape her, though, as she was about to learn, she should have been more careful with her wording. Whereas she had intended for the 'rape' to be simulated, her husband had other ideas.

She heard a footstep behind her, and she swung herself around, her heart beating hard inside her chest. 'Finally,' she thought, though when she faced the other side of the alleyway, her husband was nowhere to be seen. Then, something kicked at her leg, and she found herself down on her knees. Bracing her hands before her, she winced as the ground beneath her tore at her skin — that would no doubt leave a mark. She lifted her head to curse at her husband, but then had her neck yanked backward, a piece of cloth slipping over her mouth, and then into it. With the gag firmly placed inside her mouth, her husband taped her maw shut. It was only as Nora realised how helpless she was that she also realised that it was exactly what she had wanted.

Her skirt was torn off a moment later, and tossed aside. She had purposefully chosen to go without underwear; what was the point? As she was laid down against the rough gravel beneath her, her husband moved to sit himself on the backs of her thighs, and wrapped an arm around her neck, constricting her breathing. Without the ability to talk, she no longer had the option of using their safe word, but... well, on some level, that made things even more exciting. She could feel the heat building between her legs as her husband took the concept of their roleplay to its furthest degree, pressing his already hard cock between her legs. She was wet enough for him to push inside, but he took his time, grinding the tip against her opening as if expecting her to beg for it, but with the gag in her mouth she had no way of doing so.

She could only whine, and whine she did. She even found it within herself to cry crocodile tears. They rolled down her cheeks as her husband's hand moved up to wipe them aside, and then wrapped tightly around her throat. As she inhaled sharply through her nose, he finally pushed himself inside her. He felt bigger than usual. She might have thought that he had switched himself out with some brute to make their play more exciting were it not for the fact that she could feel his wedding ring digging into her throat; she was going to have a mark there afterward, no doubt.

Glazed over with her fake tears, her eyes focused on the end of the alleyway. The faster her husband's pace got, his cock pressing deep inside her, almost pushing up against her cervix, the more she fell into her role as the abused. The tears that flowed from her eyes weren't fake anymore, and even if she knew on a rational level that she was safe, she still felt incredibly scared. The man on top of her, though her husband in name and shape, felt like an entirely new person. He whispered insults to her, and his hand around her throat didn't let up until she was on the edge of passing out. He commented that being fucked so roughly made her cunt tighter. To her, it felt like he was getting bigger.

His final, rough humps each had his hips slapping against hers, cock pushed as deep inside her as it could go. When he came, he did so with the head of his cock pushed right up against her cervix, the tip prepared to breed her. She had been expecting him to pull out, but the first rope of cum fired straight into her womb told her that that wasn't happening. They had discussed having children before, of course — most married couples did — but they had never gone beyond hypotheticals. There was nothing hypothetical about the way his flood of cum painted her womb, and then filled it from the bottom up, before his cock pulled out of her with a pop.

He moved around her, and wiped his cock on her face, before cutting her restraints and then leaving her in her abused and raped state. Nora laid there for what felt like the longest time, staring off into the distance. She still couldn't believe what had just happened. She couldn't believe the monster she had awoken. She bit her lip. He was her monster.

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The bus ride home was always a bore. With only her music to occupy her, Sam was left to her thoughts, but sitting alone in her thoughts was never a smart thing to do. The ideas that clouded her mind mostly lingered on the negative. That was probably why she had the response that she did when she felt a familiar set of hands lay themselves against her backside — that is to say, she didn't say anything, and only looked around briefly before realising what was happening. Danny, her boyfriend, was beneath her, using his ghost-like powers to touch her through the seat she was sat on.

His fingers ran careful circles around her butt, before pushing the cheeks apart to expose the treasures beneath. Sam's balls were tightly packed into the underwear she was wearing, along with her cock, but his aims were set lower than that. As her butt was splayed open within the confines of her pants, Sam looked around, feeling her cheeks flush. A distraction from the boredom was appreciated, but she realised, suddenly, that if he went any further, then she would have to hide her pleasure from the others riding the bus. Luckily, a group of kids at the back of the bus were being loud, so small noises probably wouldn't attract too much attention, but she knew from experience that if Danny's tongue got involved there wouldn't just be small noises leaving her.

His fingers were the first to make contact, a single fingertip running down her crack, before pausing right above her asshole. He encircled the hole for a couple of teasing moments, making sure not to push too hard, before pressing right up against the tight ring, teasing penetration. His finger then pulled back for a moment, and when it returned, it was lubricated; his saliva, Sam assumed. As the finger pushed inside, Sam shifted visibly, but stopped herself from letting out the gasp she desperately wanted to release. For a moment, he pushed experimentally at her tight ass, only slipping the first half inch or so inside. Once he was content that she could take it, he pushed the finger inside to its base.

His every movement felt like a shock to her, sending pleasure throughout her body. She reached up to brush her own hair back, right as he began to wiggle his finger inside her, and was caught off-guard. The gasp she had been trying so hard to keep down forced its way out of her, and she closed one eye in response, her butt shifting upward somewhat. She felt more sensitive than usual, but that mattered little to Danny, whose biggest goal was to get her riled up. His free hand moved to grab a hold of her waist, and he pulled her butt as far down against the seat as it would go; such an act felt weird to Sam, who felt as if the seat itself was trying to swallow her.

Danny's tongue moved up to press against the hole, running around the top as his finger remained buried inside. After wiggling it a little more, he pulled it back, slowly, and then replaced it with his tongue. His tongue didn't push in right away, though; instead, he traced circles around her sensitive butthole with the muscle, further lubricating her before he dared to push himself inside. As his other hand moved up to sit on her hip, on the opposite side to the first, he re-adjusted himself to push his tongue inside from a better angle, while she squirmed above him. The further they went, the clearer it was that she was having trouble keeping quiet. She covered little noises up with sighs and coughs, but it wouldn't be long until she cracked.

In the end, the thing that got her was his tongue pushing hard up against her, while one of his hands moved down from her hips to fondle her balls. It wasn't much, and under any other circumstance she might have been able to handle it, but the fact that he clearly wanted her to get caught seemed to make it even harder to resist him. She leaned her head back, and a soft moan escaped her lips. She immediately clasped her hands over her mouth, and then looked around to see if anybody had noticed her. It didn't seem so, but Danny didn't relent; his tongue pushed further inside her, craving the depraved taste she held, especially after a day of walking around. He was in love with everything about her — not only her, not only the way she tasted, but also the way she reacted to the things that he did.

His finger traced along the length of her cock. It was hard, and jutting out in front, though she managed to keep it hidden by crossing her legs and stuffing one of her hands against her lap. As his hand wrapped around her cock, it became clear that she wasn't going to last much longer. She spread her legs open, as if trying to give him more room, despite him, technically, having all the room he needed already. She didn't care that she was in public anymore, she just wanted to cum. Another soft moan left her lips, though she didn't try to cover it up this time, and as she looked around to see, out of curiosity, whether anybody had noticed her that time, Danny once again caught her off-guard by plunging his tongue as deep into her ass as he could.

As she was pushed over the edge, she leaned forward and let out a grunt. She managed to cover up her own mouth right afterward, and caught the moan that left it; good thing, too, that one would have been much louder than the others. Inside her tightly packed panties, her hard cock shot off a load worthy of the effort Danny had put into rimming her. Her underwear was practically filled with her load, the fabric damp. Her balls twitched in his hand, and her ring contracted around his tongue, but he didn't stop eating her ass, rather, he went harder, his tongue flicking against her inner walls with desperation.

It was only when she leaned back against the seat, exhausted, that Danny relented, pulling away from her and leaving her to her own devices. She looked around, but couldn't see him; despite that, she knew with every fibre of her being that he was somewhere, watching her embarrassment. A couple of people were looking in her direction, but as far as she could tell, they didn't have any suspicious as to what she'd actually been up to. How could they? It's not like many knew about Danny's powers. Still, she had to walk home wearing underwear filled with her own cum. Danny was going to pay for this.

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Maka's eyes trained on those of the woman in front of her. Medusa, decked out in her nurse outfit, stood above her, a look in her eyes that seemed more like that of a hunger than anything else. What she was hungry for wasn't clear, but Maka had no desire to find out the hard way. At least, until Medusa's hand came down against her forearm. Those long, slender fingers wrapping around her wrist caught her attention. For a moment, she couldn't move from her place on the hospital bed, and she became vividly aware of how little clothing she was wearing; how little there was between the woman touching her and her naked body. She wasn't sure what Medusa was after until the woman moved onto the bed beneath her, settling between Maka's legs, which the older woman spread in preparation for what she was planning to do.

With Medusa sat between her legs, Maka suddenly felt very small; very weak, compared to that woman, with that hand and those fingers. The same digits that had declared Medusa's dominance came to rest against Maka's thigh, and tugged at her gown, pushing it up and past her crotch. Now, all that sat between Medusa and Maka's core was a pair of cotton panties. Very little. Medusa's sharp nails tore them open, without even making contact with Maka herself. As impressed as Maka was, she was also scared; just how powerful was the woman beneath her? No, beneath her was the wrong term to use. Medusa might have been one the between her legs, but Maka was not the one in control. She couldn't move, even if she wanted to, and as time passed, and Medusa planted her fingers against Maka's thighs, letting the nails dig into the girl's flesh ever-so-slightly, with the lingering threat of her mouth against Maka's twat sitting on the horizon, Maka wasn't sure that she wanted to move anyway. She didn't want to miss whatever came next.

It didn't take a genius to figure out what exactly that was. With Maka's thighs spread, and her seed of dominance planted within the young girl, Medusa moved her head down to sit between Maka's legs. She used her hands to lift the girl's thighs onto her shoulders, and then planted her mouth against the waiting slit that sat beneath. Before Medusa had even made contact, Maka had been wet with arousal, unable to deny the inherent charm that her nurse seemed to hold. Evil intent was clear in the woman, and yet Maka couldn't resist her, despite knowing that she should. The feeling of Medusa's mouth against her cunt was every bit as amazing as Maka had expected it to be, but even she couldn't have predicted how great it would feel to have the older woman's long tongue slide deep inside her, writhing around madly.

For all the effort Medusa had put into making herself seem calm and composed, she went wild when it came to eating Maka's cunt. Her lips constantly moved over the sensitive flesh, while her tongue managed to work its way into and out of Maka's entrance, even as Medusa's lips were up by the girl's clit. Maka's flow seemed neverending, as moans slid from her mouth aplenty; the older woman's mouth and jaw were drenched with the young girl's juices, and yet she still craved more. Her satisfaction seemed to be a long way off, and even as Maka came for the first time, years of sexual tension being expelled from her body at once, straight into the mouth of her purported nurse, Medusa wanted more. She knew from experience that the best way to break down a person's psyche and force them to accept something they usually wouldn't was to put them under so much sexual pleasure that they would accept just about anything.

To that end, she made no attempt to pull herself back from Maka's pussy, even as the girl thrust her hips upward into Medusa's face with desperation, louder moans forcing their way out of her throat. With each passing moment, as Maka's hands moved from beside herself, to the bed, to her own hair, to Medusa's hair, the older woman could feel herself gaining control over the girl beneath her. Her mouth and fingers worked overtime to make sure that she got what she wanted as soon as possible, and it wasn't long until Maka was dragged moaning and crying into her second orgasm. Medusa stopped only briefly to remind the girl that she needed to be quieter.

Quiet was an impossibility, but Maka tried her hardest. Drenched in sweat, she could barely even think to process everything that was happening, never mind succeed in keeping herself from crying out for more. She couldn't open her eyes for risking them rolling back into her head, and her entire body felt like jelly. Her third orgasm washed over her, and she felt so close to passing out that she had to sit up to make sure that she didn't lose consciousness. She had no idea that the woman pleasing her was intending to strip her free-will from her, but at that point, even if she had known, she probably wouldn't have tried to stop her. Medusa could do whatever she wanted so long as that magic tongue and those skillful fingers didn't stop.

To make sure she had what she wanted, Medusa pulled her tongue back from the girl, and then moved up beside her. Using only her digits, she roughly fingerfucked Maka as if her life depended on it... which was, on some level, probably true.

"Tell me you're mine, girl," Medusa whispered into Maka's ears, and despite Maka not being aware of her surroundings anymore, she seemed to hang onto every word Medusa spoke.

Her heart beating swiftly in her chest, Maka turned her head towards Medusa and finally opened her eyes. They took a moment to adjust. "I'm y—uaaahh!" As she tried to speak, Medusa had planted her thumb against Maka's clit, sending her straight into her fourth orgasm. The older woman smirked, and then leaned down to press a kiss against the lips of the girl she had just claimed; mission success.

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Phil and Lil's friends looked on in horror from their sleeping bags, each pretending to be asleep but unable to actually do so. Phil had just moved from on top of Lil, his spent cock pulling itself out of her ass, after which a steady stream of cum began to seep from her used asshole. The intention had been for the group to have a nice sleepover, but not long after going to bed (and infuriatingly early ten thirty, courtesy of Tommy's parents), Phil and Lil had found themselves unable to keep their hands off each other. To them, any time spent without their bodies pressed naked against one another was time wasted. Their careless sex had woken up the others, but not one of them had the courage to speak up about it. Instead, they all laid there in a circle around Phil and Lil, silently watching the two engage in their depraved, incestuous play.

To the two siblings, the time they spent together wasn't nearly so negative. With his cock fresh out of her ass, Phil laid down beside Lil with a soft sigh, and then watched as she moved herself down onto all fours again, settling between his legs as her face pressed against his cock, the intense smells of cock, cum and anal sex filling her senses. Phil's hand slid down to rest against his sister's head, his eyes closing. His cock, semi-hard despite the orgasm he'd just had, thumped lightly underneath his sister's lips, but went ignored for the time being. After dragging her face down the length of his cock, letting his scent cover her face, she moved between his legs to focus on his balls. Earlier, when he had been fucking her, she had been able to feel them slapping against her pussy, the weight of them showing just how much cum her brother was capable of producing; despite her emptying his balls at least three or four times a day, he seemed to have an endless supply of the stuff.

She was more than content with that reality, seeing every cumshot that left her brother's cock as another opportunity to savour his salty taste. As she ran her tongue down his balls, she was met with a similar taste, though more intense. It was sweat, she knew, but it also held the taste of his balls. From experience, she also recognised the taste of her own pussy, and assumed that his balls had caught some of her juices as they had slapped against her. Burying her nose into his sac, she inhaled deeply, her eyes fluttering shut as she grew wet for what must have been the eighth time that day, all at the thought of being able to savour her brother. Once she'd had her fill, she moved one hand up to massage the orbs, and then took one of them into her mouth, suckling hard for a few moments before switching over to the other. She moved between them, glossing them over with her saliva, and then finally moved back up towards his cock.

As she moved upward, she pressed her nose against his cock, dragging herself from the base to the tip as she inhaled deeply. It was clear to everyone in the room that her tastes were far beyond what was considered normal for someone her age, or even in general for anybody. Phil made no attempt to push her further, letting her enjoy him in the way that she wanted to, taking her time. Her hand moved up from his balls, and, covered in the saliva that had been coating the sac down there, she wrapped her fingers around the base of his shaft, and then lifted his cock upward. As she opened her eyes to look at her brother, she dragged her tongue from the tip down to the base, and then back up to the tip again. The mere thought of Lil tasting her own ass made Phil's cock throb with excitement; he hung onto her every action, watching closely to see what depraved thing she did next.

Her lips settled at the tip of his cock. Her tongue left her lips, running around the head, under the foreskin where the taste of man was more intense, before pulling back. As she cleaned the head, she made sure to get every speck of cum, every pube, every little piece of him that she could, and with the head of his cock still in her mouth, she swallowed. From there, she felt safe to take him into her mouth properly, and as he slid inside, the head of his cock pressing against the entrance to her throat, Phil let out a moan of pleasure that was nowhere near as quiet as it could have been if he had been trying to hide it. Lil gave him a look, but ultimately didn't seem to care all that much, taking him further into her throat.

Before too long, he was buried all the way inside her, and it was at that point that Tommy cleared his throat, unintentionally making Phil and Lil aware of his awakened state. Phil looked around, only to see multiple pairs of eyes staring back at him, but it was too late to stop the orgasm his sister had pushed him towards. Pressing his hand against the back of her head, he bucked his hips upward and filled her throat with a second load of warm cum, which she swallowed down without question, taking her time despite knowing that she and her brother had been found out.

As she pulled off his cock, she wiped her mouth, and then cleared her throat, before speaking, weakly, "Well, this is awkward."

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Undyne didn't have so much pride that she couldn't admit to her own mistakes. Underestimating the latest human to venture into the underground? That was a definite mistake. She knew herself to be more powerful than him, but assuming him to be completely powerless had left her open for a cheap attack, and he had taken that opportunity eagerly. Left without anything to defend herself: not her spear, not her armour, and with her hands bound behind her, Undyne could only look up at the human in the hopes that he would take pity on her, though her innocent look didn't quite make the cut. She looked more like she was trying to scare him, with a resting bitch face that would put the scariest of humans to shame, but the inadvertent scare tactic wasn't enough to stop the human.

Reaching down, he slid his thumb into her mouth, pushing against her teeth. She snarled at him, making it clear that she wasn't going to go down easy, but as his hand moved down from her mouth to her throat, she relented. Whatever he was planning here wasn't worth her life. It was only as his hand moved away, and she moved her gaze from his wrist to what sat in front of her that she realised what it was that he probably had in mind. Sitting in his pants was a definitive bulge, larger than she had known any human to have, though her only prior knowledge of such a concept came from 'historical' videos she had come across. Her gaze moved slowly over his cock, and then shot up to his face, where she found an intense look staring back at her.

"You're not planning to—" With his hand on the back of her head, he pushed her face against the bulge in his pants, giving her a moment to appreciate the sheer size of his cock. Disgusted as she was, Undyne didn't dare pull back, the grip on the back of her head keeping her in place. An intense scent filled her senses, keeping her in check, and after grinding his bulge against her face for a moment, the human reached down to pull out his cock. Hard, thick and ready for what was about to come, the cock before her looked too big to handle, not that she had much to compare it to. The smell was even richer now, and even more so as the human pressed the tip of his cock against her closed lips. She looked up at him for a moment, as if asking whether he actually expected her to open her mouth.

Evidently, he did.

As before, his thumb wormed its way into her mouth, brushing up against her teeth, and forcing them open. She could have easily bitten his finger off, but there was something stopping her — something that she didn't understand. As she wracked her brain trying to figure out what exactly it was, the human took her by surprise by slipping his cock straight into her mouth, his hand making sure that her teeth stayed out of the way. The tip of his cock hit the back of her throat, and his fingers moving down to trace over her throat gave a silent threat; there would be hell to pay if she tried using those teeth of hers. With that, both of his hands moved to the back of her head, and he built himself into a steady rhythm, using her throat as nothing more than a cocksleeve.

Her eyes fixated on his crotch, repeatedly slamming against her face. The worst part came when she figured out exactly why she couldn't tear herself away; one of the videos she had uncovered regarding human civilisation showed one of their women in this very situation, and Undyne had been fixated on it. Constantly returning to its depravity, she wasted many nights, and brought herself to many orgasms while watching that movie. Her thoughts drifted back to the way she had carelessly masturbated, and yet she couldn't bring herself to do the same thing now that she was experiencing that pleasure for real. The last remaining piece of her pride held her back, and so she was left to get face-fucked while not able to truly appreciate it.

The human using her wasn't having any trouble enjoying himself, the grip on her head tightening as he picked up the pace. Each thrust into her throat resulted in a loud gagging sound as Undyne struggled to keep up with his pace, her saliva dripping from her mouth as she was roughly used. Between her legs, her pussy gushed juices, not being held back by pride the way that she was, and as she succumbed to her own pleasure, moaning against the cock down her throat, shame washed over her. Luckily for her, the human provided a distraction not long after. His hands buried in her hair, he bucked his hips against her face, cock lodged down her throat, and blew his load straight into her stomach.

When he pulled out, strings of saliva kept the two of them connected, and the look on Undyne's face was one of distance. Her eyes unfocused, and with her mouth open, her tongue lolled outward. The human took that opportunity to wipe the tip of his softening member on her tongue.

Chapter Text

If someone had mentioned to Yamcha that having sex with your ex-girlfriend's mother was a great way to let off steam, he might have made a pass at Mrs. Briefs earlier. Every part of her surpassed both his expectations and her daughter, from the way she spoke to him to how great she was in bed.

Laid in the same bed Panchy slept with her husband in, Yamcha's hand found its way to her head, where it sat, not daring to move; he didn't want to do anything that might risk her stopping. With her shirt pulled up above her tits, she had them wrapped tightly around his cock, so much so that only the head of his cock was visible, and that was only when she moved all the way down to the base. Precum oozed from the tip of his cock, lubricating her strokes; to aide in that effort, Panchy spat onto the head of his cock every so often, each added bit of lubrication making the feeling of soft flesh around Yamcha's cock feel even nicer. By the time she stopped, she had been gliding up and down his member with ease.

Pulling her tits away from his cock, Panchy moved up to straddle his waist. Yamcha reached up to grope her boobs with his hands, his fingers kneading them, before moving onto her nipples. She bit her lip as she looked down at him, and then reached up to grab her shirt, pulling it off, before tossing it aside. Her pussy, hidden from him by two layers of clothing, was already wet, and even without looking, he could tell; her cheeks were flushed, and the soft moans she gave every so often made her state clear. Reaching down, he popped the button on her shorts, and then slid his hands into her panties, fingers tracing along her slit.

He was nothing close to an amateur, but Panchy had experience. She wasn't going to be impressed with some skillful finger-work. After messing around down there long enough to make sure she was ready for the main event, he helped her take those shorts off, as well as her underwear. Settling once again against his lap, she reached down to grasp his cock, and with a single movement aligned him with her entrance. Slamming down onto him, she reached up to wrap her fingers around his wrists, his hands having resumed playing with her breasts. As he found himself all the way inside Panchy's warm, wet opening, Yamcha groaned, laying his head back against the pillow. After so many years of being metaphorically (and sometimes literally) cucked, Yamcha was the one doing the cucking. It felt empowering. Dropping his hands from her breasts to her thighs, he started to buck up against her, pushing himself against her depths each time.

With each thrust he gave, she let out a squeaky moan. As he wore himself out, she moved her legs forward, and then shifted into a squatting position. Her hands moving to his chest, she bounced herself against his lap with all the energy of a woman half her age. For that matter, Bulma had never been so active in the bedroom. She had already felt wet when she slid him inside, yet with each passing moment she seemed to get even more excited. With how much effort Panchy was putting into making it seem like she was enjoying herself, Yamcha had no way of knowing that she was putting on a show for him; she didn't think he was terrible in bed, but he clearly needed the confidence boost of thinking he was amazing. Perhaps if he had some pride to fall back on, he wouldn't lose fights all the time.

Still, behind all that pretending, she was actually enjoying herself. The worst part of having sex with Yamcha wasn't his skill, or lack thereof, it was the fact that she couldn't actually have as much fun as she was pretending to. She hadn't needed to pretend with Vegeta. Neither had her daughter, she supposed. The disappointment didn't show on her face, neither did it show on her body; she rode him like a woman gone wild, her drenched pussy slamming down onto his cock over and over again, threatening to milk him for all the cum that he had, which she assumed to be a lot, given his lack of a sex life.

Her own orgasm caught her by surprise, and as Yamcha bucked up into her, his hands massaging her breasts, he blew his load into her long-infertile womb. She cried with a pleasure that Yamcha felt he had earned; to Panchy, the pleasure running through her body was a pleasant — certainly not unwelcome — surprise. As she collapsed beside him, his seed spilling from her used pussy, she reached down to run a finger along either side of her own slit, almost as if taking inventory.

"Not bad," she said, with a soft smile. "Not the best, but you're, probably... I'd say the fourth best of Bulma's friends." To Panchy, the need to lie had melted away the moment that she'd had her orgasm, but as Yamcha left Capsule Corp., his cock still coated in the woman's juices despite being soft and packed tightly into his underwear, he couldn't help but feel cheated.

Chapter Text

The acceptance of humans was a hot topic throughout the galaxy; the newest addition to the galaxy's finest species seemed more of an annoyance to most of the other races than anything else. As Shepard entered 'Afterlife,' a fittingly named bar for those interested in heavy drug use, she could feel the eyes sitting on her. It would have been smart to come with back-up, and she was a smart woman, but she also needed some privacy; she had some emotions to work through. Those emotions made her go against her better judgement.

As she approached the bar, she looked around for any visible threats, and then ordered a drink from the bartender. She assumed the staff to be safe, so as her drink was being served, she looked around the room a second time, slower, to see if anybody had their eyes on her. With the loud music and the sound of people shouting to be heard over it, she could barely think straight, but from what she could see, she seemed to be safe. As she turned back toward the bar, her drink was placed down in front of her. "Looks good. Thanks," she told the bartender, an alien, and then brought the drink to her lips to take a sip, while she used her biotic system to process the payment.

When she did so, someone pushed past her from behind, trying to get to the other side of the bar. "What the—" she spoke, as her drink was knocked out of her hand. She turned around to yell at them, but felt herself sway as she did so. Standing upright, she noticed a delay in her own actions, as if the rest of her body was having trouble keeping up with her brain. She looked over, towards the one who had bumped into her, and only got as far as thinking about calling for him before she felt her eyes close and she drifted into a deep, drug-induced unconciousness.

The bartender picked up a credit chip, slid over to him by someone on the other side of the bar. He gave the sender a nod, and watched as another one of his patrons slid their arms underneath Shepard's armpits, and then lifted her, before dragging her unconscious form over towards one of the bathrooms. Whatever happened to her from there was none of his business; she should have known better than to come alone.

Shepard remained unconscious as the aliens sat her down on one of the bathroom's toilet seats, and if the drug had worked as intended, she wouldn't be waking up for a while yet. She had only been sat down on the toilet for a couple of seconds when the first of the aliens stepped up beside her, stroking his alien cock with one hand. "Stupid human slut..." he muttered, as he placed his hand against the back of her head, and then moved his hips forward to rub his cock along her cheek, licking his lips with anticipation for the fun he was about to have.

"Don't get her too dirty. The rest of us still need to have fun with her," one of the others said. He gave an affirmative grunt, and then reached down to slip his cock into her mouth. Her tongue lolled outward as her mouth was forced open, though as he pushed himself into her mouth, and against the back of her throat, he found that having her tongue out meant that each time he bottomed out within her, the soft, warm muscle brushed up against his balls. Before long, he couldn't help but use her mouth as nothing more than a hole for him to fuck, the unusually shaped tip of his alien cock reaching as far down Shepard's throat as it could... until she started coughing. They didn't want to kill her, at least not yet.

"Hey, go easy on her," one of the other aliens told him. With another affirmative grunt, he pulled back, and grabbed her by the shoulders. By this point, Shepard was at least alert enough to be able to help them walk her towards the sink, but she didn't open her eyes, nor did she speak, or react to anything that they were doing, so they could only assume that she was, for all intents and purposes, still as unconscious as she had been before. Another of the aliens grinned, and reached down to strip her of her clothing; ripping at her armour, he tossed it aside piece by piece, until she was down to only her underwear: a sports bra and plain white panties.

"Look at miss prissy over here," he commented, his lips curling into a grin. "I wonder if she's a virgin." With that, he ran his finger down the panties, and then wiggled between her panty-covered labia. When her body responded in kind, her pussy beginning to wetten beneath the fabric, the alien grinned a second time, and then pulled her underwear down, before tossing the panties behind him. Another alien caught them, stretched them with two of his fingers, and then shook his head.

"I never understood why humans wear those things," he said aloud, as he joined the first alien at Shepard's body. Grabbing her hand, he ran a finger over the softer skin for a moment, before placing her hand against his cock. In her dazed state, Shepard somehow found it within herself to wrap her hand around the length, but her grip was only fragile — certainly not tight enough to bring any pleasure. The alien wrapped his hand around hers, and then used her hand to jerk himself off, as the other lifted her thighs, and then pressed himself between her legs.

"She doesn't feel like a virgin," the alien commented, brushing the tip of his alien cock up against her opening. With a shrug, he plunged himself into her, right down to the base. He could feel the tip of his cock pressing up against the very depths of her twat, where her womb was. Not quite inside her cervix, he tried to push himself further, but found the second hole laying within her to be far too tight. With another shrug, he laid her legs over his shoulders and then went to town, pounding away at her as if it were his only purpose in life.

He was the first inside her, but he wasn't the last. Between then and when she finally woke up, six cocks took her twat, as marked by a tally on her thigh, written in black ink. As she stirred, she found herself alone, aching in places she didn't even know she had. Moving up from the bathroom floor, she looked at herself in the mirror. An arrow on her cheek pointed towards her mouth, and dripping from her lips was a string of purple-coloured cum. She shook her head, and then looked further down her own body, her eyes widening further and further with each message she found, scrawled in barely intelligible English; clearly they had gone to extreme lengths to make sure she felt humiliated.

'Slut', 'whore,' 'cunt,' 'bitch' and many other insults sat across her body, tainting her previously perfect skin. From her core, alien cum dripped, and from the ache she felt in her behind, her ass hadn't gone untouched, either. Slamming her fist down against the sink, she refused to cry, and then gathered her armour piece by piece. The walk back to the ship would be even more humiliating than having to see herself in such a state, but revenge was on her mind. If those... bastards thought that they were going to get away with hurting her, they had another thought coming.

Chapter Text

The boys taking turns with Satsuki had long since made it clear that they weren't going to be satisfied until she was broken. What little pride she had left was melted away further each time they came onto her body, or pissed down her throat, or wrote some degrading message on her body. She felt sick, but she knew that she had to keep herself presentable. If she did give up and admit defeat, then the last part of her pride left unscathed would be at risk. For the time being, a part of her felt unhappy, but she had that little bit of pride to fall back on. The fun she had originally found in her depravity seemed to melt away as she was used again and again — it was her purpose, there was no mistake about that, but she couldn't even pretend to be in control anymore. It was uncomfortable for her, and that much was obvious, though the look in the eyes of the boys who used her as nothing more than a rag to wipe their cock on told her that they didn't care how she felt — she was theirs to use, in whatever way they wanted.

The depravity they desired was something she couldn't have predicted. After the last of the boys had finished dumping his piss and cum down her throat, she heard the bathroom door swing open. The next few seconds were a blur, mostly thanks to a couple of slaps she received from one of the overexcited boys, but as her eyes adjusted again, the reality of the situation was unmistakable: stood before her was a horse, with its cock danging straight down before her, soft and yet still massive. She opened her mouth to speak, but couldn't form the words that she wanted. She moved her gaze between the boys surrounding her in disbelief, as one of them reached down to grab the horse cock, and then wiped its slimy head against her face.

"This is too far," she finally told them. "I have let you get away with a lot, but I won't stand for this." She tried the restraints holding her hands behind her back, and guessed them to be weak enough to break. That might have been the case, but she didn't get an opportunity to test that theory. Taking her by complete surprise, the boy with his hands on the horse cock pushed the hardening length against her lips, and then forced it into her mouth, slightly parted in rage. All she could think to do was bite down on the intruding equine length, and although the horse gave a cry of pain, its cock hardened further inside her mouth, the flattened tip pushing up against the back of her throat. She could physically feel the sticky precum sliding from the horse cock's tip and into the back of her throat.

But her torture didn't stop there. With the tip of the horse cock pressed against the back of her throat, one of the boys gave the beast a signal, and a mere moment later, after a noise from the horse, a trickle of liquid began to run into her throat. It wasn't as thick as the precum, and although it was too far back for her to taste, she cottoned on to what it was. The horse was pissing inside her throat. A moment later, it was unmistakable. The sound of rushing urine filled her ears as the pulsating horse cock dumped its hot and salty piss straight down her throat, giving her no choice but to swallow. At least she didn't have to taste it, she thought, though that didn't remain the case for very long.

As the horse's cock softened again, the cock retracted from the back of her throat onto her tongue, and suddenly her mouth was filling with the stuff. In a panic, Satsuki swallowed heavily, dumping the piss voluntarily straight down into her stomach; it was better than having to put up with the taste. God, the taste was horrible. Salty, intense and just... too much for the poor girl. Whatever pride she had left at the beginning of the day was now gone, as she willingly swallowed down gulp after gulp of disgusting horse piss. For a moment, she felt as if she could see herself from an outside perspective, as if having an out-of-body experience. Her subconscious held on enough to have her continue to swallow down the piss, but the usually headstrong Satsuki was all but gone, so disgusted in herself that her mind had no option but to subdue her.

For the next few hours, she swallowed all kinds of animal piss, sucked animal cocks, and even used her tongue to clean their behinds, but none of it was done by Satsuki. Rather, it was a hollow shell carrying her name. On some level, she even grew to like it, as she had the piss drinking weeks earlier. She even told the boys as much, declaring it desperately whenever she was left for too long without a cock to suck or an asshole to rim.

Chapter Text

Alexandria was beginning to miss her shower. She had access to one at the moment, of course, but hers had been so much more comfortable, and a lack of comfort was a deal breaker for her when it came to doing just about anything. Leaning her head down beneath her own armpit, she sniffed tentatively, before pulling back as she realised just how much of a problem her lack of showering was becoming. With a sigh, she went back to work, determined to take care of the issue later that night.

A distraction came in the form of a surprise visit from Corvo, and during the time she had been planning to shower, she was instead sat on her desk with her legs spread, panties around her ankle and her skirt hiked up. With Corvo between her legs, grinding his underwear-covered member up against her most sensitive area, Alexandria leaned up to press a kiss to his forehead. She had long since forgotten about her earlier discovery, and likely wouldn't have remembered about it at all if Corvo hadn't noticed first. He didn't say anything. Rather, she realised what was happening only because she heard him tentatively sniffing. The pieces slotted together inside her head, and she pulled back from him with a soft sigh. Her shirt having fallen from her shoulders, it now hung limply at her elbows, leaving her upper half mostly nude.

"Sorry, I haven't had much time to..." She trailed off as she noticed that he'd followed her forward, his nose buried between her armpit. Her initial reaction was one of embarrassment; the doctor thought that she was being mocked, but the look in Corvo's eyes when he finally moved his gaze back up to her was one filled with an unmistakable lust. Whatever pleasure he was finding with his nose buried in her armpit was real. Such a notion confused her, but at the same time, knowing that she could turn her lover on with something such as her stench... made sense. She was surprised that she hadn't put the pieces together earlier. In fact, she often felt the same way herself, when it came to the arousing scents and smells that stuck to his cock, making the rigid member even more alluring to her.

Reaching down between their bodies, she yanked his underwear down, and then wrapped one leg around his body, using her fingertips to carefully align his member with her entrance. Despite the brief interruption, she was wet and ready for him to enter. With her silent approval to keep going, Corvo leaned further forward and reached one hand over to lift her arm, moving his head closer to her neck as his nose filled once again with the scent of her laziness.

His cock throbbed, and without further ado he pushed himself inside her, giving her a brief moment to adjust before he began to move his hips. He fell quickly into a steady rhythm, pushing deeper into her with each thrust, and kept his nose buried against her armpit the entire time, embarrassed enough in his own desire to avoid looking up at her. She didn't need him to. Her head was pressed back against the wall, her eyes closed tightly, while her arms wrapped themselves around his shoulders, holding onto him for dear life.

As his hips picked up in speed again, each movement desperate to bring both parties closer and closer to their orgasms, Corvo leaned further in and pressed his tongue against her clean shaven flesh. The touch of his tongue against her skin surprised her, but she quickly found herself enjoying it, her tight cavern contracting mercilessly around his throbbing cock. She ground her hips back against his with a kind of desperation, the both of them equally shameless in their acceptance of depravity. In Alexandria's case, the pleasure ran through her, prompting her body to twitch with excitement, all while Corvo moved faster and faster, his rhythm quickly becoming too much for the poor woman to handle without moaning loudly.

When she came, she did so with a cry of excitement. Corvo came at the same time, his head buried in the depths of her armpit. He seemed to be on a quest to see just how deep he could bury himself within her rich scent while he came. Her pussy exploded, and his cock, buried deep inside, did the same, as both of their bodies twitched against each other, further sweat being added to that which Corvo had been so focused on.

As Corvo finally pulled back, Alexandria fell forward onto him, her arms wrapped tightly around his body. "That was... certainly something," she said aloud, coming down from her orgasmic high.

With a chuckle, he reached a hand up to pat the back of her head, and then pulled himself away from her, his seed spilling from her twat as he moved away. "It was exciting. I'll see you next time." With that, he was gone. Alexandria moved back into her chair, got herself dressed, and then sighed. She'd have to put off showering more often.

Chapter Text

The word jealousy didn't begin to describe how Mt. Lady and Midnight felt when they saw that their boytoy had been spending time with Momo. Though their jealousy was strong, they knew that they had no right pulling her away from him; he could have sex with whoever he wished. When Midnight had found Momo hidden in his room, her nose buried in his underwear as she masturbated, that had been the last straw; if Momo was going to continue playing with their boytoy, then she was at least going to do it their way. Less shameful sneaking around, more action.

That action came in the form of both Midnight and Mt. Lady stood behind Momo, their hands on the back of her head as their lover sat on the chair before them. The two older women worked together, pushing Momo's head just about wherever they thought it should go. They started at the base of his cock, watching as Momo licked and sucked at his musky skin as if it were the finest treasure. Thanks to their grip, Momo couldn't move her head around, but she did her best to cover as much ground as possible, her licking and sucking growing more desperate as her saliva replaced the musky goodness that usually clung to his meaty cock.

Luckily for her, Midnight and Mt. Lady didn't keep her in the same spot for too much longer. Their hands holding tightly onto her hair, they began to drag her head up and down his shaft. Momo's nose filled with refreshing scents, slickening her pussy more and more with each passing second. She shamelessly slid a finger into herself, and moaned as her face was moved up and down the lengthy cock. She caught a glimpse of her lover's gaze as her face moved up towards the tip of his cock, and held it for a single moment before her mouth was placed at the tip of his length.

The two older women held her head there that time, giving her no verbal instructions. She didn't need any. Immediately, she set her tongue to work cleaning the head of their lover's cock. She cleaned up all of the grime, making sure that any uncleanliness was gone, not only because she wanted to clean him but because she wanted to swallow what was there. There was no better gift than to have her lover's filth sitting inside her stomach, mixing with whatever other food she'd eaten that day. To that end, she even tried to nudge her head further down to run her tongue across the underside; something that the older women seemed happy to grant her.

Without further ado, she wrapped her lips around the tip properly, and then looked up towards the women holding her with need in her eyes. She wanted his cock in her mouth. Poor Momo even went as far as to whine onto his cock before the two older women finally gave in, and then pushed her head down onto his length, forcing the entirety of the length into her mouth and throat in one quick push. Despite quickly running out of air, Momo was happy to stay down at the base; there was no better feeling than having her throat absolutely filled with his hefty meat. Shamelessly, she moaned onto his cock, her fingers working hard to bring her towards orgasm. She had been surprised when Midnight and Mt. Lady hadn't stopped her from masturbating, but now she was beginning to see why; they wanted her desperate.

Her desperation was only amplified by her need to breathe, but she didn't dare pull herself back. Instead, she moved her tongue around the base of his cock. She trusted him, but... a voice in the back of her head persuaded her that Midnight and Mt. Lady might just kill her. Perhaps they wanted her out of the way, so that they could have his cock to themselves. When they continued to hold her down against the base of his cock, even as she began to run out of air, and her eyes began to close as she sat on the edge of unconsciousness, she thought for sure that they were trying to choke her to death. She gave one last desperate moan, and her cunt exploded, juices flying over the ground beneath her, forming a not-so-subtle pool of girlcum.

Then, she was pulled back. Her lover's thick meat pulled all the way out of her mouth, and though she didn't have the strength to open her eyes, she found enough to gasp for air. Her eyes finally snapped open as the air hit her lungs again, just in time for her to see her lover's cock twitch, and then fire a rope of cum straight at her. It caught her in the eye, prompting her to shut them tightly again. Her face was covered from forehead to chin in thick cum. After catching her breath, she ran her tongue across her upper lip to taste what she could, only to feel two tongues press against her face a moment later.

As Midnight and Mt Lady cleaned her face of her lover's cum, their tongues reaching into every nook and cranny to ensure that they got his load in its entirety, Momo finally opened her eyes to look up at their lover. With a grin on his face, he looked down at the three of them, and his cock began to harden again.

Chapter Text

Shepard had always been good at getting people's attention; usually creative, too, so when she was tasked with getting the attention of 'Morinth,' Samara's daughter, purported to be a vampire-like asari who killed others during sex to gain a supernatural power boost, the gears in her head began turning, and she started to think of ways to impress such a shameless being. Shepard was good at thinking outside of the box, and also quite skilled when it came to justifying her own sexual urges. There were few that would call her a 'slut,' despite the fact that she'd slept with most of them. It was, perhaps, more accurate to say that she was a sex connoisseur.

Sliding herself into the centre of a group of four guys, all humans, varying levels of drunk, and much taller than her, she placed her hand against one of their chests, fingers lightly tugging at his shirt, before looking between them. "You boys look like fun," she told them, and she was only partially stretching the truth for effect, "what say we make this a night to remember?" One of them, the more drunk of the four, nudged Shepard on the arm, and told her that the one she had her hands on was getting married the day after. "Is that so?" she asked, failing to hide the grin on her lips. "Then I suppose making this a night to remember does double for you, then, lover boy," she told the bachelor, before dropping to her knees before him.

All four of the men had some sort of surprised reaction, but not a single one of them asked her to stop what she was doing. That was all that she needed. Running her hands along the bachelor's thighs, she took a hold of his zipper with her teeth, and then dragged it downward, pressing her nose against the hole opening in his jeans. Unf. He smelled like man. She doubted she'd ever get tired of that scent.

With his zipper down, she reached in with her fingers to fish out his cock, having to pull it free from his boxers in the process. As she kissed her way down his hardening length, she let his cock rest against her face, before she felt someone grab a hold of her wrist. She wondered whether the woman she was here to get the attention of would be watching — ah, who was she kidding? She didn't care. Looking over towards her grabbed hand, she watched as another of the men placed her hand against his cock. She didn't need to be told twice. Wrapping her hand around his shaft, she began to stroke him slowly, as another of the men picked her up from the floor.

Her other hand found the crotch of the last of the guys, and she pulled herself back far enough to envelop the head of the bachelor's cock with her lips. She moved her gaze up to his somewhat confused face, and found herself grinning around his fully erect length. Without any further fanfare, she buried her head down to the base of his cock, taking him all the way inside in one fell swoop.

On the other side of the bar, Morinth's attention had been grabbed. The girl she had previously been paying attention to had been forgotten, and her eyes were now on Shepard. Between the four guys, Shepard was being assaulted on all sides, a cock in both hands and in her mouth as the fourth guy ground up on her for behind, his fingers slipping into her pants to pull them down. Shepard must have been ready to go, because not a moment later did the guy behind her slip inside with ease, before quickly falling into a rhythm. The slapping of skin against skin could be heard throughout the bar, if only background noise, but it didn't seem to garner that much attention from the other patrons.

That is, until they saw who was the one being fucked. Once the bachelor pulled out of her mouth, a thin rope of cum dripping from her lips, as she moaned in pleasure, and her face was revealed to the bar, suddenly others were crowding around her, all wanting a piece. Over the next couple of hours, Shepard had more cocks in her hands, mouth and both of her holes than any of the other patrons had ever seen. It could have been a regular Friday night for her, for all they knew.

For the finale, she sat on her knees with a jug in her hand, as men of all shapes, races and sizes lined up to cum into the jug. It started off white, slowly filling with human cum, but as more and more varying gentlemen added their loads to the filling jug, the colour became more of a light blue. Whatever the colour, it looked appetising to Shepard regardless. When the last of the men emptied their load into the jug, Shepard lifted it up with a triumphant grin. "Any more?" she asked, before looking upon a crowd of men completely spent. With a shrug, she put the jug's rim to her lips and tilted upward slowly, swallowing down the torrent of jizz with heavy swallow after heavy swallow. The crowd watched as her throat bulged.

Bit by bit, the jug emptied, until there was nothing left but the remnants. After licking her way around the edge, Shepard dropped the jug and let it crash to the floor, before placing a hand against her own belly; she felt full. Looking around, she couldn't see her target anymore. It seemed that she'd scared the asari off. A shame, but at least that meant that she got to come back next week and try again.

Chapter Text

The idea of a 'slut off', a competition to see who could perform the sluttiest action, seemed exciting to Momo, who was eager to show off her recent gains in confidence. Since the time Midnight and Mt. Lady had caught her playing with their lover's underwear, she had learned to refine her sluttiness, turning her depraved desire into a show to arouse those watching, rather than aimless self-indulgence. It made her feel powerful, but more importantly than that, it made their redheaded lover's cock rock hard. When Momo presented the idea to the other two girls, she was met with an overwhelming competitiveness from the both of them. It might have worried her, were it not for how confident she was in her newfound abilities.

The rules were clear: the girl who performed the most humiliating act, as judged by their lover, would get to spend a single night alone with him. That might not sound like much, but to those depraved sluts, it was everything; the mere thought of being able to spend time alone with the cock they adored so much made their pussies slick with arousal.

The first up was Midnight, who, with the help of Momo, created a vibrator shaped exactly like their lover's cock, and wore it during an exhibition match at U.A. The remote sat in Momo's hands as she sat in the crowd, her eyes on Midnight, while Mt. Lady recorded the whole thing. Midnight tried her best to fairly judge the match — despite her outward sluttiness, she did really care for the students she looked after, but as Momo turned the vibrator on, and up to the medium setting, it became too much for her. Midnight dropped the megaphone she had been holding, and fell onto her knees, before toppling from the podium she had been stood on. Thankfully, the grass below softened her fall, and she wasn't in the slightest bit hurt, and while laid on her stomach with her ass in the air, damp, filled pussy on display for the crowd, she knew that she'd had a strong start to their competition.

Mt. Lady was next, and her chosen humiliation was a little simpler. She kneeled in front of their lover, and Midnight and Momo watched as she took one of his large cumshots onto her face, covering her from chin to forehead. Reaching up to wipe the cum out of her eyes, only so that she could see, she reached down and slid a finger into each side of her lips, opening her mouth wide for what was to come next. Their lover pissed straight into Mt. Lady's mouth. After swallowing a couple of mouthfuls, she let the third stay, and then closed her mouth, the piss still inside. Cum on her face, and piss in her mouth, she gave a tiny wave and a smile to the other two, before heading out to fulfill her hero duties. Later that day, she was caught by a local news station in a state unbefitting of a hero of her calibre. Laid on her back, having been defeated by a villain, her lover's cum still sat on her face. The piss that had been in her mouth had spilled out, streaked across her cheek, before settling on her collar.

As Momo prepared for her turn, she was a little worried; the other two had put on great displays of their own sluttiness. The bar for her own display was set high. Clenching her fist, she tightened her resolve, and vowed to do her best. After setting her phone up to record her display, she looked around. Sat in class, she was sure to make a fool of herself, but it would be worth it to win the competition. Placing each foot up against her desk, she lifted her butt upward, and then let out a moan of pleasure, grabbing the attention of each person in the class. As the eyes of her fellow students sat firmly on her, she reached down to spread her own asshole, and then began to create metal spheres inside herself, using her control over her own anal muscles to push them out one by one, where they began to form a pile on the ground beneath her. The teacher was shocked. Her fellow students were speechless. Her reputation was forever ruined, but as her face contorted into one of undeniable pleasure, the pain in her ass mixing with her depraved desire to push her towards an orgasm, she found it hard to care what the others thought about her.

Momo sat between her lover's legs, having been the winner of their competition by a long shot. She grinned, and then slapped his cock gently against her own face, before pressing a kiss to the redhead's musky cock-head. She gave him a wink.

Chapter Text

Sam leaned back against her desk chair, eager to let off some steam after a long day of exhaustive spy work. Reaching down between her own legs, she slid her hand into her underwear and wrapped her fingers around the base of her own semi-hard cock, and then fished her length out of her pants before beginning to stroke slowly. Once hard, she looked down at her floor, where both Alex and Clover laid, waiting for her to give them permission for something. Sam's face flushed, but she found it within herself to give a small smirk, and then she nodded.

Without any further fanfare, both Alex and Clover reached up to take a hold of Sam's feet. Covered in only her socks, they quickly removed those, before pressing their faces against the feet in tandem. From there, however, they went about their foot worship in different ways. Clover seemed the more careful of the two, her licks along the foot slow and methodical, despite how careless she usually seemed to be. It was no surprise to Sam that Clover had it in her to be careful with the things she cared about. Clover's hands moved along the top side of Sam's foot, and then held the foot in place. She continued dragging her tongue upward, until she reached the toes. After taking the big toe into her mouth, she ran her tongue around it, cleaning it of all the sweat that had built up over the day. Making sure to press her tongue between the toes as she moved herself along.

On the other foot, Alex was moving more careless. She didn't lick at the sole, she lapped at it, and though her hands kept the foot in place, she was having trouble maneuvering around the foot without it slipping from her grasp. Alex didn't go up to the toes at all, at least for the time being. She kissed and licked and sucked at the sweaty sole as if it were going out of fashion, moving her tongue and lips further down with each passing moment. Before too long, she reached the heel, and made a brave attempt to slip the entire ball-shape into her mouth at once — though such a feat was impossible, she gave it her best shot, and then continued cleaning Sam's foot without hesitation.

Up top, Sam continued to stroke herself, biting her lip as she watched both the girls lose control of themselves like that over something as silly as licking her feet. Unlike the other two, she didn't fully understand the appeal, but getting to see her best friends work so hard on something they enjoyed was arousing all in itself... plus, it felt really, really good. Down below, Clover finally made her way down from the toes, having taken her time with them. Her tongue moved slowly down the side, running back and forth over the salty skin to make sure that she got all of the sweat she could. Meanwhile, at the other foot, Alex was finally making her way up to the toes. As with the heel, she didn't take her time. She pushed as many of the toes into her mouth as she could at once, almost getting all of them in, though she had to abandon the big toe after having too much trouble with it. With the other four buried inside her maw, she moved her tongue between them, desperate for more of the deliciously sweaty taste.

Sam had other ideas. Pulling her feet away from the girls, she pulled her chair back until her feet came to rest against their crotches. She could feel their hard cocks pressing up against her soles, wet from the worship they had just received. Using her toes, which she had become rather dextorous with, she pulled their cocks from their underwear, before beginning to stroke the both of them at once. In lieu of a way to get more of the disgusting taste they desired, Alex and Clover turned towards each other, and then engaged in a deep kiss, swapping around the tastes they had gathered over their time worshiping Sam's feet.

Above them, Sam worked hard to bring her two friends to orgasm, as she also worked on her own. Hand gripping her own shaft tightly, she wouldn't be able to last much longer; she could already feel her orgasm bubbling up within herself. Alex and Clover hit their orgasms at the same time, cocks shooting off against the feet on top of them. In the end, Sam's soles were almost covered in the sticky fluid. As for Sam's own orgasm, she had an idea. "S-Sit up," she told her friends, and after a brief look at her, they did exactly that. Lining up their faces in front of her, they watched as Sam stroked herself to orgasm, and then covered their faces in warm cum.

As Sam collapsed back against her chair, Alex and Clover giggled to each other, before Clover said something in a teasing tone, but Sam wasn't paying enough attention to know exactly what it was. A moment later, Sam felt their tongues against her feet again, though they had swapped sides. As they cleaned her feet of the cum-coating they'd given them, Sam watched with delight, reaching down to stroke herself slowly as she tried to lull herself into another erection.

Chapter Text

Her large cock pressed up between the butt-cheeks of her latest prey, Zarya gave one final thrust forward and then burst her load all over Sombra's back, watching as the latina collapsed due to the pleasure, becoming little more than a moaning mess. A grin formed on Zarya's cheeks, and after giving Sombra a triumphant spank, she moved to her feet and left the hacker to whatever fate might befall her, being naked and covered in cum out in public.

As far as Zarya knew, there was only one operative left on her list: D.Va. She had seduced, pleasured and thoroughly fucked each of the others in turn, but had saved the best until last.

After tracking D.Va down — it wasn't hard, she was working on her mech in the workshop — Zarya approached her from behind, waiting until the younger woman was most distracted before laying her hands against her shoulders, and gripping with purposeful force. "Ah, you work so hard, little bunny rabbit," she said, before pressing her thumbs into the backs of D.Va's shoulders with the intent to massage. "You should relax more."

With a sigh, D.Va continued working, her hands tightly gripped onto her mech as she turned a screw into place. "I can't take breaks. My mech needs maintenance — it can't maintain itself." D.Va bent forward, and worked her hand around a particularly tough screw, giving Zarya the perfect view of her ass. The poor Russian could take no more. Throwing the facade she'd been using out of the window, her hands slammed down against Hana's hips, and she pressed herself up against them, her already hardening cock sliding between Hana's perfect ass-cheeks — even through the jumpsuit she was wearing, Zarya was still enamoured.

With forceful hands, Zarya pulled D.Va away from the mech and flipped her onto her back, her large hands grabbing the girl by the waist. Her thumbs pushed up the girl's shirt, after which she brushed them across the tender skin beneath. Zarya's tongue ran across her upper lip, and then she reached down to expose herself. Fishing her cock out of her pants, she slapped it down against D.Va's stomach. The mech pilot looked down, a bead of sweat running down her forehead; Zarya grinned, and then used her thumbs to tear open Hana's jumpsuit.

"It seems that the time to relax has passed," Zarya commented, sliding her cock down to press against D.Va's entrance. The younger girl's eyes opened wide as Zarya pushed herself inside, but as Zarya slowed, two or three inches of thick fuckmeat pushed inside D.Va's tight entrance, the pilot's hands found Zarya's arms, and then she pushed herself further onto the large cock.

Caught off-guard, Zarya could only watch as D.Va practically speared herself on her large member, taking almost the entire twelve inch shaft without so much as batting an eyelid. Zarya's surprise was taken advantage of as D.Va pushed her down onto the floor, and then moved up to settle herself against the older woman's hips. Without so much as a moment's hesitance she began to ride the Russian cock like a pro, no complaint verbal or otherwise. Each thrust down had the tip of the cock pressing up against her womb, yet still she didn't so much as bat an eyelid.

Zarya looked on in what could only be described as horror, not understanding how a girl so small could take her entire length without being hurt, much less affected. What's more, D.Va's cunt gripped her tightly, so tightly that her cock struggled to even throb within the confines of her twat. Hana was wet enough, to be sure; she managed to ride Zarya with relative ease, all while the usually untouchable brute writhed underneath her, overcome with pleasure she hadn't felt up to that point.

Moving her hands to Zarya's stomach, D.Va lifted her feet from the ground and began to squat over Zarya's hips, before bouncing herself down onto the larger woman's cock with vigour. "Did you expect me to be easy? Ahh, you're the easy one." Hana leaned her head back and let out the closest thing to a moan she had so far, though by that point Zarya was little more than a moaning mess down below.

"You should never judge a book by its cover," D.Va told Zarya, with a grin plastered on her face. "Now, are you going to cum inside me, or do I have to put you somewhere tighter?" As if to drive home the point she was making, D.Va purposefully brushed the head of Zarya's cock against the entrance to her womb. Alongside a starved moan, Zarya's cock throbbed again, forcefully this time, and she uncerimoniously blew her load inside Hana's tight snatch. Rope after rope filled the girl's womb, and when there was no space left Zarya's cock was forced out of the unbearably tight hole. It slapped down against her stomach, defeated, while D.Va reached down to spread herself with a sigh.

"Never as tough as they act..."

Chapter Text

Pregnant life hadn't been easy to get used to. On top of all the problems that Toph had heard she'd have to deal with, like morning sickness and her hormones going haywire, being pregnant also meant that her increased body weight would make it harder for her to use earthbending to simulate sight. With a different body weight, everything felt... different. It was weird, and often a lot to handle, but managable. One upside to pregnancy was that Toph had an excuse to be lazier in the bedroom — she enjoyed bringing pleasure to others, but there was also something about being able to lie back and let others do the work that she found appealing.

Her two partners, Sokka and Suki, the former of whom had been the one to knock her up, were both willing to let her be the focus of attention whenever they had sex. Rather than taking turns eating her out, they would often do it together, with Suki's fingers teasing Toph's ass as her tongue played with her entrance, and Sokka's tongue pressed up against her clit, flicking against it in an attempt to overwhelm the poor girl. Toph was, without exception, left twitching in pleasure as she coated their faces with her juices.

When it came to the actual sex, Toph was usually on her back, heavily pregnant belly sitting between her and her partners. Despite her love for Toph, Suki also felt strongly about Sokka, so much so that whenever Sokka situated himself between Toph's legs, sitting upright so as to not put pressure on her belly, Suki would settle herself beside him, running her hands up and down along his body. Toph needn't get jealous, because she received the same treatment just as often. As Sokka pounded into her, pulling no punches despite Toph's pregnant state, Suki laid herself beside Toph and gave her gentle, loving kisses, her hands running first along the pregnant belly, before moving up to massage her breasts — those fucking breasts, they usually hurt so much, yet whenever Suki had her hands on them Toph melted in her touch.

Sokka shared Suki's obsession with Toph's tits. Since her pregnancy began, they had gotten a lot bigger, and alongside an increase in size came the ability for Sokka to do something that he had always wanted to do, but had never been able to. Straddling Toph's body, just above her belly, Sokka laid his cock between her breasts. His hands pressed the sensitive tits together, and he began to push back and forth, the tip of his cock pushing out between them. Toph couldn't quite make out his cock from this angle, struggling with her senses as it was, nevermind the fact that he was so close, but Suki helped, guiding Sokka's cock into Toph's waiting mouth, allowing her to enjoy Sokka's cock the same way that she would before her pregnancy. When he came, he did so in Toph's mouth, and then the two girls would spend the next couple of moments swapping the cum between them in a deep kiss.

Determined not to let her pregnant state get in the way of her giving oral to both of her partners, Toph also had Suki settle herself down on top of her face, Toph's arms laid across her girlfriend's thighs as she ate her out with passion. Sokka usually took this opportunity to situate himself between Toph's legs again, where he resumed pounding away at her. The moans that slipped from Toph's mouth into Suki's waiting cunt pleasured the girl on top further, prompting her to lean forward to kiss her boyfriend in order to silence her moans. She couldn't stop herself from grinding down against the mouth and tongue beneath her, her arms wrapping around Sokka's neck as she tried desperately to rid herself of the excess adrenaline.

Suki, with her history in martial arts, could stand having Toph on top of her even as the late stages of pregnancy kicked in. With Toph laid on her back on top of her, Suki wrapped her arms tightly around her girlfriend. They both spread their legs, and before him Sokka saw two splayed open cunts, wet and waiting for him. How could he say no to that? He'd share his energy equally between them, going hard at one for a few minutes before switching over to the other. Suki pressed kisses to the back of Toph's neck, even pinching her nipples occaisonally; by that point, milk was beginning to flow from them.

The closer that the baby's due date became, the more Toph wondered how she could go back to normal sex after nine months of this. Perhaps she could talk her partners into having a second child.

Chapter Text

Of all Ren's friends, Ann had to be the most attractive... perhaps the only attractive one, according to Sojiro's admittedly narrow tastes. Though Makoto's uptight front was clearly just that — a facade that masked how wild she was in the bedroom — the effort she put into keeping that facade alive turned Sojiro off. Haru, though cute, had some issues to work through, that much was obvious, and Sojiro wasn't willing to be the one who suffered the inevitable explosive result of her experimentation. Under normal circumstances, all of these points would have been hypotheticals — the observations of a slightly perverted middle-aged man, indifferent from any of the thousands of others, but... well, Ann wasn't just attractive, she was perfect.

The problem? She was also dating Ren. And despite the precarious nature of their double lives, they made no attempt to hide that fact, often kissing in front of Sojiro while he pretended to be hard at work cooking — when you've done the same thing enough times, even stellar results require little to no effort. Troublesome, but nothing that Sojiro couldn't handle. What kind of man would he be if he couldn't handle the unintentional temptations of a sixteen year old girl?

The second problem? Her temptations weren't unintentional. That was the conclusion that came to Sojiro one morning. Ann had stayed over with Ren the night before. Sojiro didn't have a problem with that so long as they kept any and all 'personal times' out of the shop and as far away from the stairs as possible. They were teenagers. Teenagers fucked. He had, why would they be any different? It was about six o'clock in the morning when Ann came downstairs dressed in only a shirt that was far too big for her. She could have been wearing underwear, but Sojiro had no intention of checking. The shop wasn't open yet — it didn't open until seven, but Sojiro was already hard at work, preparing for the day ahead of him.

Ann leaned forward against the bar, the baggy shirt falling far enough forward to show off a generous amount of cleavage. She looked like she was about to say something, but Sojiro beat her to the punch.

"You're up early," he commented, trying to keep his cool. In his hands he held a glass and cloth, and was applying the latter to the former in something the older folk called 'cleaning'... given the way that Ann was looking at his hands, she mustn't have been familiar with it. He was applying the shit out of the latter, trying to distract himself from the sight in front of him. He didn't want to think about what it might be like to run his hands over those soft-looking breasts in search for the nipples, or how it might feel to run his tongue across them, listening to the sounds of Ann's moans... but that didn't stop him.

"Couldn't sleep," she told him, vaguely; the lack of bags under her eyes suggested otherwise, but he didn't press it. Perhaps she was simply so perfect that bags didn't form underneath her eyes, as unlikely as such a suggestion seemed.

There was a bitterness inside him; a bitterness that he couldn't explain, nor was he sure where it had come from. In a way, he felt... jealous of Ren. Past his prime, Sojiro struggled to find younger women who were interested in him. The amount of time he devoted to his job certainly didn't help, but why should he set himself up for failure. "Would've thought you'd've been up there, with your boyfriend." Those words came out sounding a lot more bitter than Sojiro had intended, but he knew enough about the way that Ren's friends thought of him to safely assume that he would come off as his usual self — brash, quiet and silently hating everyone.

Ann faltered for a moment, as if she wasn't sure whether to go through with what she was about to do or say. Sojiro didn't pay close attention, focusing on the glass cleaning. It was long clean by now, but he couldn't be bothered to move onto the next one.

"...why have the boy when you can have the man?" Ann asked, her tone taking an unusually sultry tone. Sojiro looked over at her, eyes shifting above the rim of his glasses to stare her down.

Moments later, Ann was sat against the edge of the bar, her hands grasping for Sojiro's clothing as quiet moans escaped her mouth. Her shirt was hiked up to her stomach, legs bare — no underwear after all. Sojiro stood between her legs, pounding away at her without hesitation. This had been exactly what he'd wanted, a tight, young pussy to ravage without worry for breaking it.

Ann's own desires weren't clear to Sojiro, but there was more attractiveness to be found in the 'old' man that he seemed to give himself credit for. Her hands hung desperately onto his shirt as she leaned up to press her lips to his. Her legs moved around his waist, before crossing across one another. She used them to pull him close, wanting him as deep as he could go. Her snug, hot twat gripped onto him, making each thrust a challenge that was more than worth the effort required.

Despite his surprise, there was no hesitation to kiss her back. As she came, her body thumped around him, and she kissed him with an intense passion that lasted right up until the moment that he finished, too, spilling his seed inside her. Long-impotent, there was no need to worry about any accidents, but Ann didn't know that. Sojiro reveled in the gasp she gave as she felt herself being filled.

Things were back to normal by the time Ren woke up an hour or so later, Ann properly dressed and the shop's counter carefully cleaned. Attentive as Ren was, he didn't notice the glances swapped between his girlfriend and his guardian. Probably for the best.

Chapter Text

Chie pressed the massager to her crotch with hesitation. It wasn't turned on yet. There was a part of her — quiet, in the back of her mind — that wanted her to stop, trying to remind her how bad of an idea it was to be masturbating with a gift that Yukiko had given her. She could already feel herself soaking wet beneath her shorts, to the point where she could even smell her own arousal, a sign of the affection she felt toward her friend — an affection she could never, ever admit to. What would Yukiko think of her? Instead, she was resigned to situations like this one... reaching for the switch of the back massager her friend had given her, intending to use it for purposes they probably wouldn't advertise on the box.

Behind Chie's guilt laid a sense of entitlement — not big enough to affect the girl as a whole, but so prominent that she could fool a part of herself into believing that Yukiko had bought her a gift like this with the intention of Chie using it to masturbate. After all, most women used back massagers for stuff like this, right? Chie wasn't weird? She swallowed her hopes along with some built up saliva, and leaned her head back as the massager began to whirr, buzzing to life right against her soaking wet cunt.

Yukiko's smile came to mind, a warm glance being used to fuel thoughts of placing her toned thighs either side of Yukiko's beautiful face only to plant her soaked twat down against it. Whenever the massager buzzed in a certain way, Chie could almost feel the touch of Yukiko's nose against her clit. 'Fuck, that's it. Inhale my scent. Use your tongue to make me cum.' Greed brought Chie's fantasy to an early end when it couldn't perfectly replicate the feeling of a tongue against her twat, but she was already so close to her first orgasm that it was hard to care. As she rocked her hips against the massager, Chie's cunt exploded against it. Hard pulses of sticky girlcum leaked through Chie's spats against the soft plastic.

She began to drag the massager up and down along the length of her slit, stimulating both her clit and the less sensitive areas below. As her fantasies faded along with her first orgasm, she was reminded of the fact that she was masturbating with something that her friend had bought her. This time, the guilt made way for a depraved sense of pleasure. What would Yukiko think of her if she knew what she was doing? Would she still want to be friends with her? Perhaps she would be disgusted, and start to look down on Chie.

Fuck, that was hot. She imagined Yukiko literally looking down on her from on high, dressed in a corset and stockings — all black, with just a splash of red to match her headband. In Chie's head, Yukiko told her exactly how depraved she was for masturbating with a gift that she'd been given. Each word from her imaginary dom carried a hint of malice, tone intent on making Chie feel as pathetic as possible; Chie craved it that way. She ground her hips up against the vibrating toy, and in her head she was told to hold off — to wait until she was explicitly told that she could continue before she did.

Aloud, albeit in little more than a whisper, Chie begged to be able to continue. "Please, mistress, let me cum." If Chie had the restraint for it, she would have gone on for hours like that, but with the vibrator buzzing mere inches away from her clit, she couldn't wait a moment longer. She pressed her twat to the massager again and ground against it with a desperate need, Yukiko's name slipping from her lips as she edged herself towards her second orgasm. When it hit, she cried Yukiko's name louder, her body quivering under the rough touch of the back massager.

Even as her second orgasm faded, she couldn't stop herself from moaning sweetly. While she caught her breath, she ran the massager back and forth along the inside of her thigh, teasing herself towards the next session. There was a heavy blush sitting against her cheeks, further intensifying as her lips curled into a smile. She reached her hand over to the bedside table and grasped desperately for her phone. Unlocking it, she glanced at her background — a photo of her and Yukiko together, innocently enjoying themselves. She wouldn't have to use her imagination this time.

One hand gripping the phone while the other held on tight to the back massager, she settled into her third round, far away from any long-term satisfaction.

Chapter Text

Katsuragi pressed her tongue to the heel of her own foot, before dragging her tongue up along the length of her sole. The heavy, sweaty taste hit her tastebuds like a tonne of bricks, and between her legs her aching pussy dripped with arousal. She ignored her own needs for the time being, tending to her feet instead — fresh out of her boots, they were far from clean, but the salty taste of sweat was practically an aphrodisiac for the perverted Katsuragi.

Her hands moved around to the back of her own foot to hold it in place, and she continued dragging her tongue up and down her own foot, moaning hungrily all the while. In the safety of her room, while the other shinobi were out on a mission, she didn't expect that she'd need to worry about anybody walking in on her, and yet...

The door opened, and before Asuka could realise what was happening and excuse herself, she was already inside the room, important information that she had to tell Katsuragi slipping from her mind to be replaced with important questions.

"Asuka-san!?" Katsuragi yelped, jumping a few inches back on her bed as she did her best to cover her naked body. The tables were turned; usually Katsuragi was the one putting Asuka into compromising situations.

"A-Ah!" Asuka gasped, averting her eyes as she lifted a hand to hide the view.

"What are you doing, coming in like that so suddenly?" Katsuragi asked, moving one hand away to reach for her bed covers, though she couldn't quite reach them.

There was a brief pause, after which Asuka lowered her hand and smirked softly. "...Katsuragi... do you have a foot fetish?" she asked, her smirk turning into an open-mouthed grin.

As the blush on her face grew more intense, Katsuragi shuffled backward, hitting her headboard. Asuka closed the door behind her, and then moved over towards Katsuragi's bed, chuckling to herself. Whatever response Katsuragi managed to stammer out was quickly made irrelevant by Asuka shifting onto the bed and then leaning forward. She pressed her lips to Katsuragi's and held them there. She exhaled out through her nose as one of her hands moved up to settle against the back of Katsuragi's neck, the other shifting the other shinobi's hands away from her body.

Her friend's naked body on display, Asuka pulled back from their kiss to strip herself. As she did, Katsuragi's blush faded, and having come to terms with what was happening, she reached down to grab one of Asuka's feet. Asuka was wearing socks at the moment, but Katsuragi would change that in a moment. Before that, she leaned down to press her nose against the sweaty foot, deeply inhaling Asuka's scent. After that, she took off the girl's socks.

Asuka slid her legs down a bit, and then reached down to grab one of Katsuragi's thighs. Sliding the both of their bodies into the prime position to scissor, she began to grind her pussy down against Katsuragi's, holding eye contact with the other as she did so. Unable to hold their gaze, Katsuragi glanced off to the side as her face washed over with an intense blush.

"You're not the only one into feet," Asuka teased, her lips curling into a grin as she reached over to grab one of Katsuragi's feet, and leaned forward to press a kiss to the sole while continuing to grind against Katsuragi. Katsuragi's blush remained, but she immediately reached down to grab one of Asuka's feet, pressing a kiss to the sole just as Asuka had to hers. As they continued to grind against each other, the two girls worshiped each other's foot, albeit in different ways. Asuka, the more delicate of the two, ran her tongue gently around the more sensitive parts of Katsuragi's foot, while Katsuragi, shameless and bold, licked and sucked at whatever part of Asuka's foot she could get the most taste from.

Salty and strong, there was enough sweat on the both of them to keep them occupied, their scissoring occasionally becoming awkwardly paced as one of them got far too distracted by the scent of the other. As her orgasm approached, Asuka buried her nose between two of Katsuragi's toes and inhaled deeply, her eyes rolling back. Her cunt gushed against Katsuragi's, and her own followed not long after. The pace at which they rubbed against each other became more intense, practically smashing their sensitive twats together while they inhaled the depraved scent of foot sweat.

Once their orgasms were over, they both collapsed against the bed. Asuka sighed in pleasure, idly running one finger along the length of Katsuragi's shin. Her teasing had gone too far, perhaps, but the upside to giving in to her own desire meant that she'd probably get to enjoy herself a lot more in future.

Chapter Text

Undyne's hand pressed against the back of her girlfriend's head as she relaxed herself in Alphys' computer chair. It wasn't often that she got to sit here — in the place where Alphys did all of her work. Between Undyne's thighs, Alphys looked up at her girlfriend with a characteristically worried expression. There was no reason to be worried, of course; they had done this many times before. The worry came from the thought that she wouldn't be able to satisfy her girlfriend, but Undyne knew from experience that that wasn't the case.

Pushing past her anxiety, Alphys leaned forward to press a kiss to the inside of Undyne's thigh, before using her fingers to part the pussy lips before her. Her girlfriend always had an intriguing scent — something that urged Alphys to go further, even if she wanted to take her time. She leaned forward and inhaled deeply, her tongue running across her lower lip, and then without any further fanfare, pressed her tongue against the sensitive slit before her.

With the labia parted, she ran her tongue along one of the sides, before pressing against the clit. The shiver that her girlfriend gave told her that she had hit the right spot, but Alphys wouldn't be satisfied until Undyne was moaning her name. Moving her arms to wrap around Undyne's thighs, Alphys leaned further forward and pressed her lips to the sensitive nub, suckling lightly for a moment, and then hard for a longer one, before pulling back to look up at Undyne again. She hadn't moaned, but there was visible lust on her face, her hand moving to settle against the side of Alphys' head as one of Undyne's thumbs ran across her forehead.

Alphys dived back in, her tongue sliding down towards Undyne's entrance. Undyne shifted visibly, preparing herself for what was about to happen; the fact that she had become so predictable only made Alphys grin to herself, but she couldn't hold that grin for very long before succumbing to the same desire her girlfriend had. Lust painted on her face, Alphys pressed her tongue to Undyne's entrance and then pushed inside.

Her tongue, far longer than that of most girls, immediately pushed past the limits said other girls would have, yet there were still inches of tongue to go. The muscle was thin, allowing for her to curl her tongue back on itself and press against both sides of her girlfriend's twat at once. As she played with the various movements her tongue was capable of making, she pushed her face closer to Undyne's pussy. Her tongue slid all the way inside, and her nose pressed against Undyne's clit. She made sure to brush her nose against the sensitive nub.

By now, Undyne couldn't hold back her moans, her hand grabbing onto the back of her girlfriend's head as she gently rocked against her face. Her juices began to flow, but Alphys ignored them for the time being; as tasty as they were, she had another goal. Sliding her tongue deeper, she managed to press it against the depths of Undyne's pussy, its tip gently flicking against the entrance to her cervix. Undyne moaned helplessly, the speed of her hips' rocking picking up. Her eyes opened wide, and in that same helpless state she could only look down at her girlfriend, legs parting wider to allow for Alphys to push deeper, not that there was anywhere deeper for Alphys to go.

Except the obvious... and Alphys made it clear by pressing her tongue teasingly up against the entrance to that deeper place that she wasn't afraid of pushing her tongue there. Just as Undyne thought that she was about to push the tongue inside, Alphys pulled the muscle back to fold it against itself, grinding against Undyne's inner walls in a way that would have been immensely pleasurable were it not for the fact that Undyne had been hoping for something else.

Alphys truly spared no expense, not even with her teasing. Her tongue moved to twist around itself, forming a sort of spiral shape that pushed up at the centre. She used it in conjunction with her girlfriend's surprisingly tight twat to simulate a more traditional fuck than she was capable of giving, but Undyne wanted nothing to do with traditional if it came at the expense of Alphys and her endless eccentricities.

Finally, Undyne's head pressed back against the computer chair, and her mouth parted, tongue sliding free. A moan with Alphys' name somewhere in it slipped from her mouth in the form of an orgasmic cry, and the pace at which she rocked against her girlfriend's face picked up — she was practically grinding against her at this point. Alphys returned her tongue to its normal shape and licked desperately at Undyne as she rocked through her orgasm, and only pulled back when she was sure that Undyne was finished.

Finished, but not recovered. Undyne laid back against the computer chair, twitching slightly as her satisfied twat gushed juices. Alphys grinned to herself, being temporarily reminded of the fact that she could get her girlfriend into such a state.

Chapter Text

Hand gripping onto her sword, buried into the dirt before her, 2B moaned in pleasure. Mounting her, one of the last remaining dogs, desperate to breed, pumped away at her twat as if she were a bitch he was meaning to impregnate. When he had mounted her, he had done so without care for her nor care for her clothing. As a result, her uniform was ripped in multiple places, and her skin marked with the dog's claws, albeit not quite enough to draw blood.

She found that she couldn't move, overcome with a pleasure that she'd never experienced before. The dog's large cock pressed against places inside her that she didn't even know she'd had. It had taken an animal dominating her for her to even realise some of the purposes her body had been created for. She knew that there was some source of shame to be found in what she was doing, but how bad could it be if she was enjoying herself? And she definitely was enjoying herself. She'd never quite give up her resistance — occasional 'no's and 'please not now's, but she knew that if the dog pulled out she'd do everything she could to get him back inside.

Perhaps luckily for her, the dog had no intention of pulling out. Rather, he kept himself mounted on top of her, his hips pounding away at her as his doggy dick, large even for a dog, pressed against the very depths of her previously unused twat. Around his cock, her pussy gushed fluid, making the sex itself even easier for the hound. It wouldn't be long before his orgasm hit, his knot pressing up against the entrance to 2B's pussy.

The android could only be thankful that her partner wasn't around to see what was happening. He'd been called off to provide some other service — they couldn't have picked a better time to whisk him away from her. As the dog's cock hit a particularly pleasurable spot inside her, 2B lost her grip on her sword for a moment and fell forward, face pressing against the dirt beneath her. It only seemed to accentuate just how dirty she was for doing what she was doing; giving in to the animalistic urges of an animal far below her, but she couldn't help it. She rocked back against the dog with a need for pleasure, and in doing so accepted his large knot into her tight twat.

And then the thrusting stopped, and at first 2B didn't understand why, but a moment later she got her answer. Small, but definitively hot spurts of dog cum began to paint the inside of her twat, some even shooting through the entrance to her cervix to show her just how wonderful it felt to be bred. As she was knotted, pleasure surged through her and she had her first ever orgasm, mouth opening wide as cries of undeniable pleasure shook her body to its core. She placed her hands against the dirt and pushed herself upward, arching her back. Her twat continued to pulse around the invading dog knot.

She collapsed again, panting for breath. As sense returned to her, she was unsure how she could have given in to the pleasure so easily, but it wasn't worth worrying about. All she had to do was get the dog away from her and then head back to base to get washed up. Nobody would dare ask her any questions, she knew. It was none of their business.

There was only one problem — the knot was stuck inside her. As she tried to pull away, she found out that the mass of hot, pumping flesh was far too bug for her to be able to dislodge herself from. It wasn't even a case of there being pain — she could withstand pain — rather, she physically couldn't remove the knot from her cunt. She cursed herself for being so stupid as to get into this situation in the first place.

One tug too many at his knot angered the dog, and he hopped off her back, though that didn't even come close to pulling the knot out from inside her. As 2B searched her records for anything that would help her get out of her peril, the dog caught eye of something interesting heading towards the resistance camp, and took off... with 2B still firmly attached to his knot.

Dragged along the floor with the thick knot still buried stubbornly inside her twat, 2B grunted and groaned. She didn't realise where the dog was heading until she was already being pulled across the rough concrete leading up to the camp. She caught someone's eye on her, and widened her own in surprise, unsure how she would be able to explain any of this to the locals.

By the time the dog's knot finally deflated enough for 2B to separate from him, she had been dragged around the camp twice, the dog chasing something that 2B couldn't identify. She collapsed against the ground in the centre of town as hushed whispers questioned how she could do such a thing, but 2B was far too distant to hear them. She fell into unconsciousness as dog cum leaked from her used twat.

Chapter Text

On any other day, Stocking would be capable of coming up with a thousand different insults for her sister, but not today — today was her birthday. Her birthday meant a few things. One, it was the only day of the year that Stocking would treat herself to her favourite dessert of them all, a multi-layered chocolate cake with whipped cream, icing, cherries on top, and soft sweets baked into the cake itself. Two, it was one of only two days in the year that Panty and Stocking had Garterbelt's guarantee that they wouldn't be called in to take care of some shitty demon. Three, Panty spent the entire day buried between her sister's legs, proving to her just how masterful that tongue of hers was.

As Stocking woke up, Panty was already in the middle of her act, arms wrapped tightly around her sister's thighs as her tongue dragged slowly up and down the length of Stocking's slit. Stocking was already horny — she must have been somewhat responsive in her sleep, she thought, but she could practically feel her own twat getting wetter and wetter as she succumbed to the feeling of her sister's exploring tongue. Warm and wet, the tongue pushed against all of Stocking's sensitive spots, bar two. Panty didn't touch her clit, and she didn't push inside... just yet, anyway. Stocking knew from previous experience that both of those things were coming, and that they would feel phenomenal.

Stocking's first orgasm took her by surprise, pleasure building in the back of her mind right up until the moment she exploded, her hips grinding against Panty's busy tongue. She heard Panty chuckle in satisfaction, but didn't say a word. Instead, she moved her hand down to settle against the back of her sister's head, just so that she knew that she was awake. Panty didn't even pause for Stocking's orgasm. She continued licking her all the way through it, and then afterward. If it were anyone else, Stocking would have told them to stop, that one orgasm was enough for her, but she knew better than to try that with Panty — Panty wouldn't stop until Stocking couldn't even form the words to ask her to.

For the second orgasm, Panty decided to get her sister off exclusively with clitoral stimulation. Raising her face a little higher, she used her hands to hold Stocking in place as she flicked her tongue across Stocking's sensitive clit. Thumping gently as a result of Stocking's recent orgasm, the clit was incredibly sensitive, but that didn't make Panty go any easier on it. After teasing it for a few moments with her tongue, she leaned down to wrap her lips around it, and then suckled hard. Stocking threw her head back and moaned with need, her hand gripping at her sister's hair. When the hard suckling stopped, Panty nibbled gently on the nub, causing her sister to writhe in her grip, before going back to suckling. She switched between that and flicking her tongue against it, and within only a few minutes Stocking's hips began rocking against her again, cunt gushing against Panty's smug face.

But Panty wasn't even nearly done yet. After giving Stocking a minute or so to recover, she moved one of her arms from around Stocking's thigh to press two fingers up against her sister's entrance. She pushed inside with ease, and then curled the two fingers upward to press against her sister's inner all. After spending a couple of minutes twisting those fingers around each other within the confines of Stocking's sticky love canal, she pushed the fingers up against the uppermost wall again, and then searched around for Stocking's g-spot. It didn't take her long to find it — she had, after all, done this many times before. If she counted each of Stocking's orgasms separately, it was likely in the triple digits by now.

Without Panty's arms around her thighs to stop her, Stocking tightened them around Panty's head, looking down at her with need as Panty stared back, all-but consumed by the mass of soft flesh. Even still, she didn't pause for a moment, her fingers working hard to get her sister off while her tongue did the same, shifting between her clit and pressing kisses to her thighs, though there was significantly less of the latter once her head was trapped between them.

When Panty finally pulled away, hours later, Stocking collapsed back against the bed, completely exhausted. Panty slid her fingers into her own mouth to clean them, and then shot a smirk over at her sister. "You know, you could start returning the favour on my birthday," she said.

Stocking sat up, and placed her open palm against Panty's face, dismissively pushing her back. "Dear sister, if we only did kind deeds to have them returned onto us, would there be any point in doing them?" WIth that, she left. Panty sighed. No luck, she guessed. Still, at least she'd be able to spend the rest of the day with the delicious taste of her sister's twat coating her tongue and the back of her throat.

Chapter Text

Moira tapped her pen against her desk, one palm pressed against her jawline. Her elbow rested against the desk, too, and her facial expression was one of frustration. One topic that she had barely touched in her Wasteland Survival Guide was the topic of 'sex'. She didn't have all that much knowledge about it, as she didn't often partake in such things. She had more important things to do, the way she saw it, and guys never really appealed to her the same way that they did to other girls. Still, people in the wasteland cared a lot about the whole, sex, thing, and she figured she should do her best to make sure that they were doing it safely.

STDs were far less common than they had been before the war, with most of the carriers being wiped out by the nuclear apocalypse. They were so rare that it was hardly even worth worrying about, especially given that the side effects of most STDs were nothing compared to the natural diseases that came alongside living in a nuclear wasteland. One thing that people generally were bothered about was pregnancy; keeping the population up didn't exactly matter when it was a struggle to simply survive. Problem was, aside simply suggesting that people don't have sex, Moira didn't know what they could do.

She peered over her desk at the boy sat by the door — a vault dweller. She had almost forgotten about him, having asked him to wait for her about an hour prior. Oops. He didn't look that bothered about it, but then he wasn't very confrontational in general. "Hey," she said, watching as he picked his head up to look at her. "Do you know anything about safe sex?"

Five minutes later, Moira laid on her desk with her legs in the air, completely bottomless. The vault dweller was stood in front of her, his fingers carefully working lubrication into a hole she had never considered for use in sex. She couldn't imagine that he was having much fun, his fingers probing inside her to prepare her for what was to come next. 'Anal sex,' eh? What kind of kinky stuff did they get up to in those vaults? Perhaps experimenting sexually was normal, and the vaults merely allowed humans to flourish. Interesting. Moira won— Ouch! Her eyes widened and she looked down at the vault dweller.

"Sorry," he said, as he straightened himself up. Moira watched as he stroked his own length, lubricating it the same way he had her, and then a moment later he pressed himself up against her. It felt wrong, even before he pushed inside, and yet Moira persevered, desperate to find something to put in her book. With some force, the head slipped inside — a groan from Moira showed that it had been somewhat painful for her, but the vault dweller made sure to go slower from there, dipping further inside her with short, slow thrusts.

The experience had started off not really feeling sexual at all, but with half of his length pumping inside her and his face contorted into one of pleasure, Moira couldn't resist the temptation to lean up and press a kiss to his lips, an unfamiliar passion running through her body. Her legs found their way around the vault dweller's waist, too, and a moment later, he picked up the pace. It still hurt, but there was something else too — a pleasure that she hadn't experienced before. It wasn't like regular pleasure. It was raw, and she had to work for it by pumping her body back against him.

Reaching down between them, the vault dweller pressed two of his fingers up against her clit, and began rubbing in circles to the same rhythm that he was fucking her. Moira craned her neck back and let out a cry of pleasure, working her hips up against his fingers as he thrust up against her ass. Her legs tightened around him, as her arms did around his shoulders. She picked herself up to give him another kiss while her orgasm pooled in her abdomen. Where it sat, for moments on end, always so close to pushing her over the edge but never quite making it.

As the vault dweller's own orgasm approached, he pumped forward one last time and buried himself inside her. The twitching of his hot length deep inside her along with the flood of his cum firing off inside her was enough to push Moira over the edge. An orgasm that she didn't immediately recognise as one ploughed through her, far more pleasurable than anything she'd felt before. It wasn't just different, it was far more intense, shattering all pre-conceptions she'd had about what pleasure could be.

Hours later, her fingers tapped away at the terminal before her, putting together the final draft of a chapter she'd started only hours prior. Her fingers moved over the last keys, and she leaned back against the vault dweller behind her, a satisfied smile on her face. Her movement caused his cock, lodged inches deep inside her ass, to spring to life. She turned her head around to face him and smirked, her hand moving up to settle against his cheek. "...well, I'm all finished. Fancy a tenth round?"

Chapter Text

Ben watched as the body of his cousin shifted in shape and size, her feminine features shifting into more masculine ones. Big words on his part, though not necessarily smart ones, had her trying to prove a point. Trapped beneath her shapeshifting body, Ben could only watch. Her tits, normally sizable for her age, flattened out, while her shoulders broadened. Her arms, wrapped around his shoulders, grew noticably thicker, as the hand pressed against his back seemed to grow in size.

The worst part of all of it was that even with the body of a dude, his cousin was hot. Speechless underneath her (or was it him now?), Ben made no attempt to resist as his cousin, already barely dressed, turned him over to press him against the bed beneath them. He felt the mostly unfamilair body press down on top of him, and the completely unfamiliar cock press up against his behind. If he was going to protest, now would be the time to start, and yet he couldn't find the words. He wasn't even sure if he wanted to.

"How does it feel to be the one on the bottom?" Gwen whispered into Ben's ear. His cousin's tone made clear her intent to dominate him, and although Ben had never been interested in anything like that, he couldn't deny the arousal he was feeling, his own cock — smaller than hers, he noted — throbbing gently against the bed sheet beneath him. He couldn't find anything to say in the form of a verbal answer, but with a need he didn't recognise, he pressed back against her, letting her cock sit between the cheeks of his ass. Grinding back against her, he turned his head to look up at her. She must have liked what she saw, because she leaned down to kiss him.

Gwen grabbed the lube from the nightstand beside them, and after squeezing some into her palm, lathered her newfound length with the liquid. She took her place above her cousin, and then leaned down to whisper again, "Think of me as any other boy while I'm fucking you." That settled that one, Ben supposed. Gwen didn't wait any longer. With her hand pressed against Ben's hip, her other on her cock, she slowly pushed herself inside. Ben's eyes widened for a moment, and then shut tightly. He leaned the upper half of his body back against his cousin as a shameless moan of pleasure escaped his throat.

Anal didn't feel nearly as bad as Ben had been expecting. There was some pain, but he reached down beneath his own body to wrap a hand around his cock, and after a few strokes the pain gave way to pleasure anyway. Gwen had no experience with any of it; that much was made clear by the haphazard nature of her thrusting, but laid beneath her, feeling well and truly dominated for the first time in his limited sex life, Ben wouldn't complain. Once he got over the initial surprises, he even began to push back against her, his cock throbbing in his own hand. He could feel precum leaking from his tip.

As Gwen continued to fuck him, she moved her hand down to replace his, bapping his hand away to press her palm against his cock. A handjob, at least, she had experience with, and although the act was just as haphazard as the thrusting, it was at least familiar to poor Ben, overcome with the new pleasures he was feeling. His precum continued to leak out onto her hand, but rather than complain, she waited until there was a fair amount of it, and then lifted her hand to present to Ben with a smirk on her face.

Ben stared down at her hand for a moment, unsure what to do. Gwen made clear her intentions by picking up the pace at which she was fucking him, skin slapping against skin each time she bottomed out. Leaning forward, Ben took her fingers into his mouth. Only slightly put off by the bitter taste of his own precum, he ran his tongue around the digits, cleaning them to the best of his ability. He heard Gwen chuckle behind him, a male chuckle nothing like the feminine giggles she usually had to offer.

And then without any further fanfare, Gwen thrust herself forward and buried herself to the hilt inside him. She didn't cum just yet, but Ben did, shamefully against the bed beneath him, without so much as the touch of a hand to aid him.

With that, Gwen pulled out of him and rolled him into his back, taking her place beside his head. She stroked her newfound cock as the tip pointed towards Ben's face; Ben opened his mouth out of reflex. As he leaned up to press his lips to the cock above him, Gwen hit her orgasm. Long, warm ropes of cum either shot off into Ben's mouth or across his face, giving him a proper taste of what it was like to be in Gwen's position.

As he recovered, Gwen stepped away from the bed and cast the same spell she had before. She looked back over her shoulder and cast her cousin a smirk.

Chapter Text

Surrounded by vorcha, Shepard could only be sure of one thing — she had to keep up her guard. Most of the vorcha standing with her weren't even on the same side, but the way they looked at her was familiar. Being one of the most attractive humans working so far across the vastness of space, she knew it well. It was hunger. Either a hunger for her or just for sex in general, she didn't know, but what she did know was that she couldn't trust them. She'd have to use the anger they felt towards each other to keep herself self.

What a shame it was that they looked past the anger they felt towards each other in favour of having her to themselves. All pretenses of disagreements fell away the moment that one of them grabbed Shepard from behind. Before she could even try to reach for her gun, something was pressed against her neck, and they let her go. Her movements felt slow, her mind seconds ahead of her body, and before too long she fell to the floor, unconscious.

Over the next few hours, Shepard woke up a few times, always able to vaguely sense that she was being moved, or at least whatever she was held inside was, but sleep always managed to grip her once again, pulling her back into the darkness. Grogginess kept her docile, even as the drug coursing through her system began to wear off, and she managed to wake herself up properly.

Her mind still felt like it was seconds ahead of her body, but that didn't matter all that much, because she couldn't even move. As she opened her eyes, seconds later than she had intended to, she found that she couldn't make out anything in front of her. Her eyes took their time to adjust, as she realised that the reason she couldn't move was because her hands were tied, held to the wall above her, while her legs were stuck to the floor with metal grips. She grit her teeth, and looked around for something to help her escape, but it was useless. Unless she could get her hands free, there was nothing she could do.

It was around that time that she realised that her clothing was missing. Aside her underwear, everything had been taken, including her weapons. She leaned her head back against the wall behind her and cursed, just in time for a door off to the side of the room to be opened. One of the vorcha who had been with her earlier — she didn't know him by name — moved into the room and stood in front of her, his hand gripping his crotch, which was thankfully still clothed, at least for the time being. He was rubbing himself slowly while his eyes moved over Shepard's body. His tongue slid free from his mouth to run over his upper lip, and then he reached down to snap her bra open.

"Don't you dare. I'll fucking kill y—," Shepard said, only to be cut off by a rough slap to the face. If that weren't bad enough, he'd done it with the same hand he'd just been touching himself with. Her tits were exposed, round and full. The alien reached down to take her nipple between two of his fingers, before pinching with what Shepard could only assume was a smirk. She writhed underneath his touch, cursing a second time... but he didn't slap her this time. Instead, he reached down to shimmy his pants down below his crotch, exposing his alien cock. It stunk, even from a foot and a half away. Shepard raised her gaze to look at him with a death glare.

Nonetheless, the vorcha pressed his cock to her lips. It wasn't quite the same shape as a human's — still long and somewhat thin, but it grew thinner towards the tip, and there wasn't a head to it like there was a human cock. The length was covered in a type of slime, and though it didn't taste as bad as Shepard would have imagined, she still didn't like having it inside her mouth. The entire shaft was softer than a human cock, and had a bitter taste to it that Shepard couldn't help but try to spit out, but try as she might, the alien had other plans.

His hands moved to the back of her head, and without an apology or care for her comfort, he began to fuck her face. The tip of his length pressed against the back of her throat, and Shepard almost gagged, but for the sake of her own pride she managed to avoid doing so. Still, the alien didn't let up on her, using her mouth as little more than a hole to fuck. This went on for minutes on end, before finally, he buried himself to the hilt inside her and then blew his load straight down her throat. It didn't feel like a normal load. It felt like slime, and despite her swallowing — if only to have the experience over and done with as soon as possible — it seemed to slide down at its own pace, slowly, while sticking to the inside of her throat.

She was thankful that she hadn't been given an opportunity to taste it.

As a group of other vorcha entered the room, Shepard prepared herself for what would no doubt be a rough few hours. She couldn't have been more right. Not five minutes later, they had her stripped of her underwear, drugged just enough to stop her from fighting and sat in the lap of one of the other aliens. He grinned as he played with her tits, and made a comment to the others about how tight her pussy was. Thanks to the drugs they had given her, she was far too overcome with pleasure to give anything in the way of a verbal response. Her head lolled back, against the alien stood behind her, and her tongue slid free from her mouth.

As five minutes turned to ten, she had already lost count of the amount of orgasms she'd suffered through. At fifteen, she couldn't hold back the cries of pleasure anymore, and by the time a full hour had passed, she could no longer moan thanks to an aching throat. Laid against the bed they'd provided her, she didn't struggle anymore, instead accepting their alien cocks inside her as they came and went, leaving behind a sticky, odd-coloured load. She must have been covered in the stuff by now, and had been given more than one opportunity to taste it — in her haze, it wasn't quite as bad as she'd imagined. In fact, whenever given the opportunity, she would gladly slurp it down without a complaint to be heard.

But she was exhausted, and by the time they'd been playing with her for two hours, using and abusing each of her holes, she couldn't take anymore. She slumped against the vorcha in front of her and fell once again into unconsciousness... not that they would stop for her.

When she awoke, she was told in no uncertain terms of the slavery she was about to be sold into. From that day forward, her body's sole purpose was to be used by others, and she would follow every order given to her. With her resistance a mere cinder compared to the roaring flame it used to be, she agreed, signing her life away, along with her body. What point was there in resisting?

She wasn't allowed to wear clothes anymore. Even packed into the cold storage area of the ship they were using to transport her to her destination she had to remain naked, shivering while still covered in the cum of those who had been using her.

Once the ship touched down, she was taken to her new living quarters; little more than a closet, with a bed roll on the floor and a feeding bowl. It didn't take a genius to figure out what they were intending to do with that. Despite the drugs being mostly gone from her system, Shepard still found herself aroused at the thought of that slimy cum sliding down into her stomach. Her sex drive had increased so much that she couldn't help but masturbate whenever she was alone, though she wasn't alone very often.

Most of her time was spent being moved from room to room, servicing more of the same alien race. Apparently, she was aboard the Blood Pack's main operating ship, and there were a neverending amount of members to 'take care' of. She rarely went more than a couple of hours without having one of her holes filled with their slimy cum. One of their favourite things to do to her was to have her on her knees, surrounded by them, with her hands out in front of her while she begged for them to feed her. Feed her they did. Between the vorcha she serviced and what she was given in the bowl in her living quarters, her stomach was rarely empty.

Eventually, they didn't even have to tell her to start begging.

The rest of Shepard's crew gave up looking for her after a while, and none of them would ever see her again. In fact, nobody outside of the Blood Pack was allowed access to her, as one of their most treasured possessions. Perhaps thanks to her service, morale was always high, and the gang went on to achieve great things.

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After the mess that Danny helped Sam create on the bus, she'd dragged him to her house with the intention of giving him a serious talking to, but Danny wasn't one for serious talking tos. Though she had started off with serious intentions, once they got into her bedroom and he had her down on her bed, she'd been unable to resist his charms. He had a way with her body that she couldn't deny was exhilarating, from the way that he handled her chest on his way down her body, to his unsubtle lifting of her skirt, his face pressed against her crotch as he inhaled her scent deeply. Worst of all was just how quickly he could turn her into a mess, with hands eager to please and a mouth that felt amazing wrapped around the tip of her cock.

With the head of her length trapped between his lips, he stroked the rest, thumb running along the underside to milk her precum into his hungry maw. She let out a moan unbefitting of a lady who was normally so good at rebuffing his advances. Her hand moved to settle against the back of his head, and she couldn't help but grind her hips up against him. She could never last very long whenever he played with her the way that he was, his tongue pressed against the underside of her cock's head, ready to lap up whatever precum leaked from her tip.

But Danny didn't want her to finish so soon, and he was no fool. He pulled back from the tip of her cock to instead drag her lips down its length, his hand continuing to stroke her at a slower pace than it had been before. Once at the base, he used his free hand to spread her legs wider, exposing her ballsack. Smaller than his, Danny found her balls to be downright cute... and while he was between her legs, he couldn't resist the temptation to play with them. His free hand moved down to massage the gently pulsing orbs, while he peppered kisses against them.

As Sam began to moan again, Danny stopped teasing her. He moved his hand away from her sac to take one of her balls into his mouth, which he began to gently suckle on. The pace at which he was stroking her length picked up, and taking advantage of the smaller size of her balls compared to his own, he took both of them into his mouth at once. He ran his tongue around them, watching the pleasured look on her face as her overstimulated one of her most sensitive areas. Under his grasp, she could barely contain herself, and as he let her balls go in favour of moving his mouth back to her cock again, she had no choice but to shut her eyes tightly. She threw her head back against the pillow behind her, her hips resuming their grinding against him.

He took her back into his mouth again, tongue showing skill that she had suffered through dozens of times before. She could barely moan straight without her breath hitching, to say nothing of her attempts to speak — little more than a garbled mess of sounds. She knew that she wouldn't be able to last much longer, especially with the way that his hands were fondling her balls. Right as she moved towards the edge of her orgasm, pleasure clouding her mind, Danny pulled back from her cock again. He allowed her length to rest against his face, and then pressed kisses along the side. She looked down at him with a frustrated expression, wondering how much longer he was going to tease her before he gave her the orgasm that he had been building towards.

Her answer came suddenly, in the form of him taking her back into his mouth... and throat. He went far deeper than he had gone that evening, almost touching the base of his cock with her lips, and as her cock slid most of the way down his throat, she couldn't hold on anymore. Her hand gripped onto his hair for dear life, and she thrust her hips up one last time. She continued moving, but only due to involuntary twitches, and as her cock sat within the confines of his throat, she blew her load straight down his gullet, into his stomach. Her teasing boyfriend was more than happy to accept, holding her within his mouth and throat until her length finished spasming, and there was no more cum left to come.

He pulled up and off her cock, running his thumb across the underside to wind her down from the pleasure she'd just received, and then smirked up at her. Not a single drop of cum had been wasted.

Chapter Text

Contains: Incest, Anal Sex. Both characters are 18+.


Both Phil and Lil knew that it was wrong to have sex with your own sibling, but that had little effect on the way they felt about each other. The small touches of skin against skin were torturous, to say nothing of the times they had seen each other naked or accidentally walked in on the other masturbating. Once their desire overcame the shame they might have felt, what else was there left in the way of them just going at it like animals?

Apparently, nothing. When Lil knew that Phil was about to be getting out of the shower, she walked into the bathroom wearing only a towel and then locked the door behind her. As her brother gave her a confused look, she dropped the towel to the floor, exposing her young body to him. Budding breasts and hips made for holding, she was nothing short of the perfect woman in the eyes of her brother, and he might have felt bad about letting his own towel drop if it weren't for how hard his cock was.

Seeing her brother's cock up close melted the last of Lil's own resistance, and whereas she had been planning to seduce him slowly, she got straight down onto her knees and took his hard cock into her mouth, bobbing her head back and forth over the first half of the length while her hand wrapped around the other and began to stroke him slowly. As she made her way further down, she lowered her hand to his balls, and fondled them. She pulled no punches, put together every lesson she'd learned from porn and made every attempt that she could to bring her brother pleasure, but in the end, he cared about her pleasure, too.

He wanted to fuck her, but he didn't want to get her pregnant. "J-Just fuck my ass," she told him, breathing heavily. She needed this just as badly as he did, and she'd been playing around with her own butt for this very purpose.

"Are you sure?" her brother asked. She nodded, and then leaned against the sink as she lifted one of her legs, giving him the access that he needed. Moving up behind her, he pressed a kiss to her lips, having to turn her head to do so. She kissed him back with need and ferocity, grinding her body back against his in an attempt to get him to fucking start already. Using the leftover saliva from her blowjob as lubrication, he pressed the tip of his cock to her ass and then pushed inside. They both moaned into their shared kiss as the pleasure of sex overcame them for the first time, both virginities being lost at once; they were each other's first, and neither would have it any other way. What better choice to be your first than a twin — someone who has shared your life experiences, all the way down to most of your physical features?

She felt tight around him, and the way she rhythmically squeezed her butt around his cock only added to that. His hands moved to her hips, and after getting a better grip on her, he began to move his own. He quickly fell into a rhythm, each thrust pushing him deeper into her butt. By the time he bottomed out, his hips were moving fast enough for the slapping of skin against skin to be louder than the running shower water, and though the risk of getting caught seemed greater with each passing moment, neither Phil nor Lil could find it within themselves to stop.

Kissing her brother harder, Lil began to thrust back against him as he pushed inside each time. Whatever pain there had been when he first entered was gone, leaving only pleasure — carnal pleasure. It hit her now harder than it had when he first pushed inside; she was fucking her brother, and she was loving every moment of it. All those years of sexual tension throughout their shared puberty was gone in the blink of an eye, leaving only the opportunity for pleasure behind. She didn't feel bad about it, and if the way that her brother's cock throbbed inside her had anything to say, then neither did he.

She pulled away from the kiss to announce that she was cumming. "I am, too," he told her, before resting his head on her shoulder. Her palms laid flat against the mirror over the sink, her moans becoming cries as her orgasm overcame her, made all the sweeter by the feeling of incestuous cum being pumped into her asshole, filling her in the most pleasurable way.

Lil collapsed back against her brother, and his arms were there to catch her. As they gathered their things, turned off the shower and left for their respective rooms, a silent agreement being made that they shouldn't make what they'd done too obvious, Lil's handprints remained there as proof, at least for the couple of hours it had before the shower's steam faded.

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Panty wasn't all that. Though she spent dozens of rants telling her sister exactly that, Stocking couldn't help but wonder what all those hordes of men saw in her sister. Or, perhaps more accurately, what did they see in Panty that they didn't see in her? Panty had always been the more popular one, even if only a little. Each fanboy of hers that didn't also have a love for Stocking's gothic look and perfect body was an unexplained anomaly, as far as she was concerned, and it was as Panty pulled a particularly hunky boy home that she decided to get some answers.

She wanted answers, and yet she didn't ask any questions. Having caught the boy in the hallway, washing up after his tryst with her sister, she merely dropped her skirt and looked at him expectantly. She had never met a boy that was too much to handle. What was the worst that could happen?

Face pressed against her headboard, she ran her tongue between the fingers in her mouth as a moan of pleasure escaped her. The hunk's thick cock rammed up against the very depths of her hot, tight cunt, slick from arousal and snug from a lack of use. As it turned out, a round with her sister had taken almost none of this brute's stamina. It only took him a few moments of shallow fucking to build up a rhythm, and soon after he was using Stocking as little more than an onahole. She moaned for more, and he gave it gladly, but she wasn't convinced that her moaning was the reason why.

It was the first time in her life that she had ever felt used by somebody. What felt worse was that a part of her liked it. There was a raw type of pleasure to be found in being used solely for someone else's pleasure. Even her small yelps of pain when the hunk drove his hard cock into her with more force than she'd been expecting didn't slow him down. What kind of monster had she gotten into bed with?

It wasn't until a couple of minutes later that he literally got her into bed. While his hand pressed her head down against one of the pillows, he pounded his hips into hers with force. The slapping of skin against skin would have been loud enough to worry Stocking if her mind hadn't been entirely focused on the thick cock inside her. Even with her face buried in the pillow her moans were still loud, loud enough to compete with that of the raw fucking. Her entire body felt hot, and as she was pressed further into the mattress, her newfound lover's hips grinding against hers with unmatched ferocity, she arched her back and picked up her head to let out a needy moan. Her first orgasm hit her like a truck, and her body writhed under the grip of the man dominating her.

She had been foolish to think that she would be the one in control. She should have known, the moment she saw his muscles, the moment she saw his... cock. Lifting up his foot, the hunk planted it against the back of her head and gripped both her hips and the headboard for stability, making sure that she was kept in her place. Even as she recovered from her orgasm, her body twisted back and forth, overstimulated despite there really only being one source of pleasure. Never before had Stocking been able to appreciate a cock the way she could the one inside her. Even under total dominance she begged for more, crying out into the bed beneath her as the hunk pressed down harder against her head.

Her cunt convulsed as a second orgasm rocked through her. While it wasn't as powerful as the first one had been, it lasted longer, and made every movement from the boy above torture, adding onto the pleasure when she was already at her peak. Her entire body began to feel numb, aside for a single ache; she needed him to cum inside of her. Lucky for her, he intended to do exactly that. After taking a firm grip on her hips, he yanked her back towards him while pushing forward as hard as he could. His cock gave one final twitch inside her, and then began to blow its load.

She felt her womb fill steadily as rope after rope of cum shot straight inside it. Suffice it to say, Stocking had never known a pleasure like this. She was beginning to understand why her sister was so obsessed with sex. As he finished, the hunk pulled out, wiped his cock on her bed sheets and then left. She hadn't even gotten his name. Even worse than her newfound desires would be the look on Panty's face when she found her sister in such a state.

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Sitting beside the man she and the other two heroes had fought over, Momo couldn't help but think that she'd won. It was a permanent victory, of course. The day would end and she and the other two heroines would all get down on their knees and beg to be the one that he slept with tonight, but she had gotten a whole three hours alone with him, and that was worth a lot — more than any time spent competing for his attention. Her hand laid against his, and the fingers entwined. She laid her head against his shoulder and allowed herself some time to relax; she didn't often get to anymore. The subway train that they were on was mostly empty, and as such, very quiet. She allowed herself to be lulled along with the sound of the late-night train moving along the tracks, overcome with the unfamiliar feeling of relaxation.

Her lover coughed, and then nudged Momo, pulling her back into reality. "Mmm?" she asked, craning her neck up to look at him.

"Gotta pee," he told her. She had noticed him walking a little funny earlier, and had been meaning to ask about it. This outcome was much more enjoyable. Licking her lips, she leaned up to peck him on the cheek before sliding down onto the floor. She gave one last look around the brightly lit subway train, and then decided that it would be safe to keep going. Her hands ran along his thighs, and then slid across to move up to his belt. After undoing it, she leaned in to press her nose to his crotch and inhale his scent as it was unveiled to the world. A rich, musky scent filled her lungs; perfection.

As she leaned back, she was drooling, but she wouldn't stay hungry for very long. Wrapping her hand around the base of his cock, she slid her mouth around the flaccid tip, tongue working itself around the underside of the head. She heard him grunt, and a thin trickle of urine began to flow into her mouth. She didn't even have to specify what she was planning, nor did he have to specify what he wanted from her. Being used as his personal toilet was practically second nature to her... provided that she could get there before the other two heroines, anyway.

She tugged aside her clothing to grope her own chest. She took her own nipple between two of her fingers and gave it a nip, moaning onto his cock in the process. As her mouth filled with the sour-tasting fluid, she closed her eyes and worked her throat to swallow. She knew that she shouldn't like the taste of it, and it didn't actually taste all that good anyway, but there was something about the depraved act of swallowing piss that set her arousal alight. She almost came the moment she swallowed the first mouthful, looking up at her lover to note the way he looked at her; it was as if he was proud. She daren't pull away.

It was at that moment that the train came to a stop, and the doors opened. A particularly busy station had the entire subway car filling with an assortment of people; all strangers, all immediately disturbed by what they saw Momo doing. There were gasps and words of insult, many asking how a hero could do such a thing. The effect only worsened as Momo swallowed and the crowd realised exactly what she was doing. Phones left pockets and their cameras were aimed right at her.

Even the complaints and the expressions of disgust couldn't stop Momo from doing what she saw as her duty. She continued swallowing down the acrid urine without paying any mind to those surrounding her, while her lover focused entirely on her. He reached his hand down to take a grip of her hair, and then yanked her back. The last drip of piss rolled from the tip of his cock, and in her last moment with his length, she leaned forward to lap it up, before he hastily pushed his length back into his pants. She took her seat beside him and ignored the continued attention she was getting. It was all worth it to please him. Anything would be.

Minutes later, they slid into an alleyway near the next station and she dropped onto her knees once again. This time, as she took his cock into her mouth, she began to bob her head whilst slurping on the length. "All of those people saw you," he told her, as his hand settled against the back of her head. He pushed her down, all the way to the base, and then held her there. "All of those people know how much of a slut you are. They know you're a slut for me. Does that make you happy?"

He released his grip, and she pulled back from his cock, mouth dripping with saliva and precum. "Very."