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Parts Unknown: Bajor

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BOURDAIN: One city and a space station cannot possibly encapsulate an entire planet.

The screen shifts between a forest where new trees are beginning to grow to a strip mined desert. From a burning river to a fountaining geyser whose water appears golden in the light.

BOURDAIN: An hour long program cannot encapsulate an entire people.

From a crowded marketplace full of people haggling over produce to a gleaming shop full of people in neat tunics pulling food out of replicator wall units. A monk pulls weeds in a garden. A Bajoran child holds up a small circle and blows through it. Soap bubbles expand and float away on a breeze. Bobbling by a square Cardassian building currently undergoing demolition.

BOURDAIN: But if you think about Bajor, think about this, after a fifty year Occupation, they're still laughing.

An image of Meriveth wiping away tears of laughter.

Bourdain: Whether it's the last laugh, I don't know. The Prophets may talk to Benjamin Sisko, but they didn't care to share with me. I kind of prefer it that way.

Ranjen Pavan examines fruit hanging from the limb of a young tree. She says, "I already know what the future holds. If I plant a seed, it grows. If I prune this tree this year, it may grow more fruit next year. Or neither may end up the way I expect, but," she shrugs, "I still do it. Isn't that what you do with your program? Plant seeds. Isn't that what we all do?"

A Bajoran child stands in a weathered courtyard holding two ropes, one in each hand. A Bajoran child holds the other ends. As they swing them, a third Bajoran child jumps over the rope. The sound of the children chanting a jumping song is faint in the background as the ropes goes round and round, and the child in the middle jumps in a complicated pattern of steps.

BOURDAIN: So you've seen what we had time and resources to capture. What we were lucky enough to see. What we edited and chose to show you.

Now what do you think when you hear the word Bajor?

How would you answer Pavan's question?


Fade to credits.

Next week on Parts Unknown, Anthony Bourdain will visit Asgard in the Gamma Quadrant. Shot of Bourdain lifting a stein the size of his head next to Thor.

*Since this would be from the first season of "A Cook's Tour", they wouldn't have access to the footage. But might have still images. Also, why Bourdain doesn't reference the show by name.