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            Picking up her work shirt from the pile of clothing next to the bed, Leona quickly threw it on, buttoning it up and tucking it into her pants before fastening the buckle on her belt.  She grabbed her fuchsia-coloured tie which lay next to a green-coloured one and shoved it into her pants pocket.  No sense in fiddling with details for now. 

The room was dark and it had already taken her a little time to sort out her clothes from the rest.  Leona was anxious, troubled.  This seemed wrong, but what choice did she have?  She couldn’t face him, not yet anyway.  She ran her fingers through her messy, auburn hair; trying her best to remember where the door was.  She didn’t think to make note of its location when she first entered this room.  She had something far more important on her mind, not to mention an exploring hand up her shirt. 

The odd, random thoughts of the past event still made her smile just a little.  But no sooner would she feel the warmth following such a memory that the cold reality would quickly set in, causing her to feel a heaviness in the pit of her stomach.  How could I have let things go this far? Leona admonished.  I’ve been careless.  Why the hell did I ever decide to let THEM talk me into this?! 

Silently fuming at her perceived lack of self-control, Leona reached for the doorknob to let herself out.  She paused for a moment to look one last time at the sleeping figure in the bed she had just vacated. 

Naked and comfortably curled up hugging a pillow, deep breaths giving way to the occasional snore, Al seemed so happy and relaxed.  Leona smiled again, but with sadness in her soft, brown eyes.  It’s not your fault, Al.  It’s mine.  I hope that one day I can tell you how amazing this night was for me.  I just hope you can forgive me for this.  Leona felt a lump in her throat.  She covered her mouth as if to contain the sadness that threatened to escape.  With a tear forming at the corner of her eye, she opened the door and left, her head hanging low in shame. 

I’m so sorry.


            “Ok, Al.  They’re secured.  You go ahead and radio the captain so he can send someone to collect this sorry pair.” Leona directed. 

“I’m on it,” replied Al.  With that, he disappeared into Bonaparte to access the radio. 

“Why are y’all up in our business anyway?  We ain’t done nothin’ wrong!” shouted Anna.

“Yeah!  You’re just houndin’ us cuz you ain’t got nothin’ better to do with your time!”  screeched Uni. 

Leona rolled her eyes and called the twins out.  “Maybe I should just have a stamp made up with all of your infractions so I don’t have to write them down again for the umpteenth time!  Or shall I xerox the previous report and change the date instead?  It’s criminals like you that give me a serious hand cramp!” 

Anna gave Leona a sly grin.  “If police paperwork is the only thing givin’ you a hand cramp, darlin’ then you ain’t gettin’ enough.” 

“What?!” Leona exclaimed. 

Seeing the angle that she was working, Uni followed up on it.  “Hey yeah!  I’ll bet that’s why she’s been so cranky lately, takin’ out her frustrations on lil ol’ innocent us.” 

Anna’s grin grew in both size and lewdness.  “Just how long HAS it been since you’ve last had a man between your legs?” 

Eyes wide with shock, Leona did her best to formulate some kind of response that didn’t sound like they had gotten the best of her.  “W-w-w-wh-whe-where in the bloody hell did you come up with that kind of bullshit?!”  Blushing furiously, she pretended to be angrier than she really was. 

In truth, the Puma twins had hit the nail squarely on the head.  It had been a very long time since she had been intimate with a man, the last having been with her previous boyfriend a few years ago.  Whether it was moving on from his death, or a biological clock ticking, or even a changing weather pattern, she couldn’t say.  All she knew was that she was starting to miss it and she didn’t really have any prospects, except… 

She cleared her throat.  “Besides, why would you even care about this ‘situation’ anyway, assuming there even was one?” 

With a sudden seriousness, Uni spoke up.  “Despite the fact that we are on opposin’ sides o’ the law, you’re still a woman.  And we believe it’s a damn shame if any woman ain’t gettin’ her due.” 

Anna piped up.  “And you, darlin’, are wound up tighter than a spring.  Maybe it’s time for you to be gettin’ more horizontal, if you get my drift.”

Before she could come up with a reply, Al made an appearance.  “Captain says a transfer vehicle should be by shortly.  Since we have to wait, I’m going to give Bonaparte a little tune-up before we head back.” 

He dashed back to retrieve a few basic tools and started working on the tank.

Anna and Uni looked at each other, grinning from ear to ear.  Anna spoke up first.  “What about him?” she said, throwing her head in Al’s general direction. 

“What do you mean?” Leona asked quizzically. 

“Oh, come on, girl.  You can’t seriously expect us to believe that you’ve never thought about nailin’ your partner?”  Uni said in a very no-nonsense tone of voice. 

“What?! Al? No way!” she lied.

Anna purred.  “Oh, for shame.  What a handsome specimen he is.  Mmmm, all the right things in all the right places.  Don’t know how you could resist that fine hunk of manliness for so long.”

Leona swallowed hard. 

Uni decided to push a little further.  “Hey, Anna.  Check out them hips and that ass.  Woohoo!  You know he’s got some serious thrustin’ power in that body.” 

Anna nodded in agreement.  “Mmmhmm.  And look how well he uses them tools.  A man who’s that good with his hands would have any woman quiverin’ under him in no time.” 

Leona couldn’t believe her ears.  She was pretty much deaf to any kind of foul and abusive language most criminals used to try and intimidate her, but the Puma twins talking in such a sexual way about her partner was certainly not something she was used to hearing.  Her heart started beating a little faster, she suddenly felt a need for more oxygen, her face felt like it was on fire, and there was a seeping warmth between her legs. 

“Besides, don’t think we didn’t notice the way he looks at you when your back is turned,” said Uni.  This snapped Leona out of her temporary daze. 

Anna nodded again.  “Yep.  He looks at you with such love in his eyes that he’d probably take you right up against that lil tank ‘o yours in half a second, maybe less.”

Working on her seventh shade of red, Leona was relieved when she heard the transfer vehicle pulling up to take the twins away to be booked. 

“Right here, guys!” she shouted.  The sooner they got the twins out of here, the better. 

Four tall burly police officers collected Anna and Uni, escorting them to the back of the transfer vehicle.  Before closing the doors on them, Anna shouted “What have you got to lose, darlin’?!  You only got one life, don’t waste it!” 

As the truck pulled away, Al called for Leona.  “Bonaparte’s all set to go, whenever you’re ready.  What was Anna shouting about?” he asked. 

After what seemed like an eternity, Leona blinked hard.  “Uh, just some of their usual ‘we’re innocent’ nonsense again.  Nothing to be concerned about.” 

Al looked at her a little more closely.  “Are you alright, Leona?  Your face is a little red.” 

“Um, uh.  Fine, I’m fine.  Hearing them talk makes my blood boil.  Damn bitches!” 

Al nodded, satisfied with that line of reasoning.  “Well, let’s head back then.  Time to file some paperwork.  By the way, that was some great work catching them today.  I thought for sure they were going to slip past us on that last stretch.” 

She looked into his eyes and saw that warmth and love Anna and Uni were talking about.  She felt a pleasurable little shiver run down her spine at the thought.  If they were right about that, what else could they be right about? 

Maybe she was long overdue for something not involving police work…


            Back at the station, Leona was in the process of completing her report for the capture of the Puma twins, including how much time was spent in pursuit, and the amount of ammunition that was required to bring them to justice.  She had a great deal of experience writing reports of this type, usually whipping them off in no time.  This time, however, Leona found herself having difficulty concentrating.  She was thinking about what the twins said about Al, and little by little, she found herself fantasizing about being with him intimately. 

She pictured kissing him deeply, her tongue competing with his for control, their hands all over each other, exploring every inch of their bodies.  His hands squeezed her breasts, then ripped open her shirt.  Unfastening her bra with one hand, the other made its way down to rub the sensitive area between her legs.  She moaned loudly as he lovingly sucked her hard nipples and rubbed her a little harder and faster.  She reached down and stroked the hard lump in his pants.  He groaned, his hips thrusting his hard length against her hand.  He moved his hand to her belt buckle, unfastened it, pulled down the zipper, and plunged it into her soft, wet folds.  She whimpered as she rode his fingers.  He looked at her with a smoldering gaze. 

In an instant, he removed his hand from her and tore hers away from him.  In one seamless motion, he tore off her pants and underwear and pinned her against Bonaparte.  He lifted her legs up and, while pinning her with his body, unzipped his pants, freeing his throbbing erection and plunging it deep inside her.  She cried out initially and continued to moan with pleasure as he thrust into her again and again.  He increased his speed and depth, not ceasing until he came inside her.  The hot gush caused her to orgasm as well, her entire body quaking beneath him…

No, no, no!  I can’t be thinking about him like this!  He’s my work partner.  How awkward would that be?  Leona shook her head vigorously, trying to clear her mind of thoughts that had no business being there.  Worse yet, she had come to the realization that she was deep enough in her fantasy that her own body responded to it as though it had truly happened.  Her legs were squeezed tightly together, her core throbbing pleasantly from the release it achieved.  Her face was flushed and her breathing a little heavy. 

She gave a cursory glance around the office to see if anyone had noticed her unexpected orgasm.  It seemed nobody was really paying any kind of attention.  She squeezed her eyes shut.  I can’t fucking believe this!  I actually had an orgasm at work… AT MY DESK!!!  What in the living hell is wrong with me?!  “Aaaargh!!” she cried out, then slammed her forehead against the top of her desk. 

Al heard her yell from across the office and came over just in time to watch her head hit the desk. 

“Leona!  What’s wrong?  Are you ok?”  he asked, concerned. 

Lifting her head up again, she turned to look at him but unable to do so as the report she had been trying to write had stuck itself to her sweaty forehead. 

“Hand cramp,” she said, her voice a little muffled by the paper on her face. 

Al gave a little laugh and gently removed the paper from her.  “You know,” he said, in a thoughtful tone of voice, “you’ve been working awfully hard lately.  I think all those late shifts are starting to wear you out.  Maybe you should take some time off, relax a bit.” 

She sighed.  “Crime doesn’t take a vacation, Al.”

He gave a quick nod.  “True, but even criminals don’t commit crimes every single day.  They switch places.  We have enough staff to cover you for a while.  Will you at least humour me and give it some thought?” 

She shrugged her shoulders.  “Maybe.  I really… I’m still not sure.” 

“Well, if you’re not going to take time off, maybe we can do something after work.  Head out somewhere.  Is there any place you’d like to go?” 

Leona thought for a moment, then said, “The sakura trees by the Ikuta river are in bloom.  I haven’t had the chance to stop by yet.” 

Al put his hand on her shoulder.  “Ok, let’s go after work. It’ll be fun.  Try not to work yourself to death before then, alright?” She smiled as he walked away. 

She breathed deeply and allowed herself to feel the little tingle of excitement his hand on her shoulder brought her. 

He had touched her before on several occasions for different reasons, but this is the first time she ever really noticed it.  He was always so kind, so sweet, so gentle. 

Meh.  It’s just a little crush, that’s all.  He’s a really sweet guy, what’s not to like?  It’ll all blow over.  I just have to wait it out.  Besides, it would be nice to have someone to look at the sakura with me for a change. 


            Leona was unusually quiet as she and Al made their way back to his place before she would be returning to her own. 

The magical nature of the sakura never failed to move her.  The deep meaning behind the beautiful blossoms, a powerful reminder of just how fleeting life is, gave her a lot to think about.  Being there with Al, sharing that time with him, she felt so drawn to him, so close, so safe. 

As he reached the front door, Al turned to her to tell her he had a great time and wish her well before calling it a night.  Just as he was about to speak, Anna’s voice popped into Leona’s mind.  “You only got one life, don’t waste it!” 

Without warning, she threw herself at him.  Pinning him against his front door, she pressed her mouth against his.  Eyes wide with surprise, he didn’t know what to think.  In fact, for once in his life, his mind had gone completely blank.  Leona was all over him, literally.  Her tongue was practically down his throat, and her arms were wrapped around him tightly.  His head swam as he returned the passionate kiss, one arm holding her to him, the other searching frantically for the doorknob.  Once inside, he led the way to his bedroom, neither of them letting go of each other.

Upon reaching the room, Al closed the door with his foot while untucking part of Leona’s shirt so that he could feel the warm skin of her back.  She moaned at the soft touch and slid her hand down to his ass to give it a firm squeeze.  He jumped slightly, clearly not used to being handled in this fashion but something he certainly wouldn’t mind getting used to.  All those years of fantasizing about her doing this very thing, in this very room no less, was more than he could ever have hoped for.  He wanted so badly to lay her down on his bed and make sweet love to her right then and there. 

Having an inherently guilty conscience, he found himself feeling apprehensive about doing so.  Is this something that she wants me to do, or are we only making out?  I don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable or make her think I’m taking advantage of her.  I wish I knew what she was thinking right now…. 

It seemed as though she had sensed his hesitation and decided to take all the guesswork out of the equation.  With a quick move, Leona threw Al onto his bed and immediately straddled him.  She wasted no time removing his tie and unbuttoning his shirt.  She rocked her hips and rode the hard length straining against the zipper of his pants.  This had removed all doubt from his mind.  She wanted this just as badly as he did.  She was doing this of her own volition.  He decided that if this was going to happen, he would take his time and please her in the many ways he did in his fantasies.

He reached up to touch her face and bring her down for another deep kiss.  He undid her tie, tossing it to the side, unbuttoned her shirt, and freed it from her pants.  He brought his hands to her shoulders, sliding the rest of her shirt off and tossing it beside the bed.  He found the clasp to her bra and after fiddling with it for a moment or two, succeeded in unfastening it.  The undergarment slipped right off; her soft, perky breasts brushing enticingly against his bare chest.  Al pulled himself upright and began fondling and kissing them.  Leona groaned, continuing to ride him while simultaneously removing his shirt and adding it to the ever-growing pile of shed clothing on the floor.  She then pushed him back on the bed and slid down his body until she reached his belt, unfastened it, and pulled his pants, underwear, socks, and boots off seamlessly.  That’s a very impressive technique!  I wonder where she learned that? he mused. 

Being temporarily lost in thought, he didn’t immediately notice Leona reaching for his hardened member until she had it in her mouth. 

“Wha?!!” he yelped in surprise, then gave in to her soft tongue exploring the entire surface of it. 

“Oh god, Leona!  You do that so well.” 

He dared to look at her, watching her head bob up and down on his throbbing shaft in time with the instinctive thrusts coming from his hips.  Copious amounts of her saliva mixed with his pre-cum coated his entire length; gooey strands dripping down his tight balls and onto the bedsheets.  He felt himself yearning for release as it crept steadily closer.  He wove his fingers through her hair and willed himself to pull her away so as not to have the evening’s events come to a premature end, but his body didn’t want to cooperate. 

“Ugh… oh god!  Leona, you have to stop.  You’re going to make me lose my mind… and my load.” 

She slowed her movements to a crawl, looked into his eyes, giving him a very mischievous smile as she pulled her mouth away, her tongue tickling the length of him as she went.  With a very wet smack, his swollen cock popped out of her mouth, dripping with secretions from both of them.  He let out a loud groan and breathed heavily.   One minute longer, and it would have ended right there.  She seemed pretty proud of herself, smirking as she wiped the gooey mixture of fluids from her mouth and chin with the back of her hand.  This was typical of Leona.  She enjoyed these little battles of will between them.  It kept things interesting, fun, and kept them on their toes. 

Ok, she wins this round, but it’s my turn now. 

The look in Al’s eyes shifted to predatory as he pushed her off of him and onto the bed.  Now he was the one unbuckling her belt and removing the rest of her clothing.  He kept her legs spread with his strong forearms and looked at her soft, red lips already dripping with lubrication. 

He smiled greedily.  “Your pussy is as cute as you are, Leona.  I’m willing to bet it tastes just as good too.” 

Before she could reply, his mouth and tongue were already at work on her most sensitive parts.  She threw her head back and moaned loudly.  He could feel her trying to close her legs because the pleasure was overwhelming but he held her fast.  She moaned even more loudly and began thrusting her hips in time with his movements.  He licked and gently sucked each fold while coming around to tease her clitoris every few moments.  When he heard her gasp and felt her squeeze, he slipped his tongue inside her to draw out and lap up the warm, sweet juices that flowed from her. 

Figuring he wouldn’t let her off that easily, he decided to push forward with a little more teasing.  Thoroughly coating two of his fingers in the excess lubrication, he slid them neatly into her body.  She cried out a little, caught unawares by the sudden but exciting invasion.  He turned to look at her.  Leona’s eyes were shining and bright, the gaze of a lover. 

Al grinned with deep satisfaction.  “You almost had me there, Leona,” he said, “but I do believe turnabout is fair play, is it not?” 

He curled his fingers and pressed them into a soft spot in her throbbing core.  Her reaction was intense.  Totally losing control, she arched her back, dug her fingers into the mattress, threw her head back and screamed with pleasure as her entire body jolted with her most powerful orgasm yet. 

After it subsided, she collapsed on the bed, the aftershocks working their way through.  Her muscles twitched, her breathing was ragged, her skin flushed, and large beads of sweat had collected on her forehead, back, and chest. 

Immensely pleased by the results, Al decided to step up his game a little bit more.  He withdrew his gooey fingers from Leona’s body and smeared the warm juices in a line from her belly button to her collarbone.  He then got closer, put his head down, and used his tongue to lick up the trail he had just left, the sweet taste of her mixing exquisitely with the saltiness of her sweat-soaked skin.  As his face reached her collarbone, he felt her reach for him.  She wrapped her arms around him and leaned in for another deep kiss.  He met her lips and their tongues wrestled for dominance.  She put her knees up so that he came to rest between her legs. 

Just a little more.  She’s almost there. 

He nestled his stiff member between her hot, wet lips and rubbed himself against her core and clitoris at the same time.  Leona’s groan was muffled by Al’s mouth on hers.  He felt her rub herself shamelessly against him, her core getting wetter by the minute.  He replied with a groan of his own, his moisture mixing with hers. 

Ending the kiss, she looked into his eyes, her cheeks flushed, her hand gliding down his muscular body to grasp his cock and, without breaking eye contact, positioned it between her legs to allow for penetration.   Al took a deep breath.  Leona’s eyes were pleading him to join with her.  Even his wildest of fantasies couldn’t compare with this. 

He gazed into her eyes as he slowly entered her, making the moment last as long as possible.  Her breathing coming in short gasps, her walls squeezed him the entire way until he had fully buried himself inside her.  They stared at each other with mutual disbelief, wonder, and happiness. 

Resting his forehead on hers, noses touching, they both took a minute to process everything; their relationship forever changed by this very intimate act.  There was hardly a conscious thought between them, instinct becoming the driving force.  Gently and lovingly, Al pulled back, leaving only the sensitive head inside.  Then he pushed himself back in again, causing Leona to shift her hips to allow him into the deepest parts of herself.  Becoming quite vocal as the act continued, both partners became a little more frisky. 

Leona was a biter, and she was very much enjoying nipping at Al’s neck, ears, and shoulders while his thrusts increased in speed and intensity.  He could feel a familiar tightening of his muscles and knew that his orgasm was fast approaching. 

A good man always finishes last he thought to himself with a mental smirk.  Her moaning indicated that she, too, was close.  Her inner muscles were beginning to tighten and her breath started to catch.  He gave a few big, deep thrusts to push her the rest of the way.  She cried out loudly as she squeezed him mightily, a fresh gush of warm fluids coating his entire length once again.  The sensations were too much for him to bear and with one final thrust, he climaxed, his own fluids entering her, claiming her as his own.  Overcome with exhaustion and emotion, the two lovers curled into each other, holding on as they worked through their aftershocks together. 


            Having made her own way home, Leona quickly entered her room and sat on her bed.  Elbows on her knees, she covered her face with her hands.  How could I have let this happen?  What is it going to mean for my career?  Damn it, Al!  Why did you have to be so charming, so sweet… and so hot?!

“ARGH!” she screamed, then rammed her fist into the wall.  There was no damage to the wall, but her hand throbbed a bit.  At this point, the pain felt pretty good.  She was glad she was alone so no one would see her red, bloodshot eyes from the crying she did coming back.  She couldn’t for the life of her figure out why she was so distraught.  She and Al had shared an incredible night together, something that neither one of them would ever forget.  At the time, it felt so right, so good.  It was as if the world, for once, finally made sense.  So, why did she feel so confused and upset? 

She couldn’t remember at what point she fell asleep, but she did remember Al holding her to his strong, muscular chest and eventually nodding off.  When she had first awakened, she believed that she simply dreamt the whole thing.  When she noticed that her surroundings were unfamiliar, she glanced behind her to see Al sleeping there.  Realizing that it wasn’t a dream at all, she panicked.  Oh no!  What have I done?  Shit!  I have to get out of here! 

Getting out of bed, she headed towards the clothing pile which lay on the floor by her feet.  Frantically sorting through their near-identical police uniforms, Leona got dressed as fast as she could without making any noise.  Suddenly, Al shifted position and his arms began feeling around the mattress, seeking her to snuggle into. 

Crap!  He’s going to wake up if I don’t do something.  Grabbing her pillow, she tucked it under his arm.  He immediately hugged it and continued sleeping.  That was too close. 

Leona felt sick to her stomach.  Tricking him into believing she was still there didn’t sit well with her.  He was her partner after all, and they’d been through many things together, both good and bad.  To deceive him in this fashion was a horrible thing to do, but she needed time to sort out her own feelings about this.  This would buy her at least the night.  She’d still have to face him the next day at work. 

After changing into her pyjamas, Leona got under the covers and tried her best not to think about the situation.  Tomorrow was going to be a long day.


            “Why did you sneak out on me last night?  Did I do something wrong?” Al asked, looking quite hurt.  “No, Al.  It’s not you.  I just… uh, I… I had to get home.  Stuff… couldn’t wait.” Leona stuttered. 

She was thankful that he had at least waited until they could find a relatively private place to deal with this. 

Al crossed his arms disapprovingly and cast his gaze downward to the floor.  “We’ve been working closely together for years.  Don’t try to bullshit me.  It’s bad enough that you snuck out without even telling me you wanted to leave.  Do you know how bad it felt to wake up the next morning and realize that the person you gave yourself to, the person you trusted more than anything or anyone, just left without saying a word?!”  She felt her cheeks getting hot with embarrassment.  She knew this was coming but it was still painful to hear. 

“Why, Leona?  Why?” he asked, still looking at the floor.  She swallowed hard.  “I really wish I had an answer for you, but I don’t.  So, can we just drop this?” 

She wasn’t sure but it looked as though he was gritting his teeth.  “Fine,” he said, his voice barely above a whisper, “have it your way.  You always do.” 

Without another word and without looking at her, he turned on his heels and left. 

Leona suddenly felt weak.  She leaned her back against the wall for support, her legs losing the strength to remain standing.  She had hurt him terribly, the awful image playing over and over again in her mind was torture. 

Maybe he just needed a little bit of time to cool off…


            The next day, things were not any better.  In fact, they seemed worse.  If Al wasn’t being unusually quiet, he was snapping at people for the tiniest perceived slight.  Leona herself was keeping a low profile, not wanting to draw any attention from those around her, especially Al.

Their patrols in Bonaparte could not have been more awkward.  His silence was far more upsetting to her than if he had been yelling in her face the way the chief always did.  She used to enjoy these rides around the city.  Driving around in her trusty tank with her favourite partner at the controls, she considered it the best part of her day.  Now, she couldn’t wait to leave the confines of her beloved Bonaparte, which is not something she would have ever thought possible. 

“AL!  In here, NOW!” shouted Brenten, his voice carrying across the entire tank bay.  Al, reluctantly following his captain’s orders, marched into his office and shut the door behind him.  In half a heartbeat, the entire tank police squad (minus Leona) had their ears pressed up against the door in the hopes of figuring out what was going on. 

Normally, Leona would have done the same, but she felt guilty enough hurting Al before, she didn’t want to get herself involved in any other private business he might have.  She simply sat, dejected and quiet, on one of Bonaparte’s treads. 

The door then swung open, knocking Four Eyes backwards and smashing Nam in the nose, causing him to bleed.  Al said nothing, but the look on his face clearly communicated that the conversation had been less than pleasant.  He disappeared into the locker room, showing up a few minutes later with his jacket on. 

Collecting some papers from a table, he made his way out the door, but not before shooting a pained look to Leona along with small sigh.  This caught her attention.  Something about that look told her that this was something very serious and the fact that he appeared to be going home in the middle of the work day pretty much confirmed it. 


            The following day, there was discernible tension in the tank bay.  Al was still quiet as a mouse, keeping mostly to himself.  Instead of frustration, depression was his mood today.  Leona wasn’t feeling much better either. 

In the middle of her filing some requisitions for Bonaparte’s ammunition, she heard Brenten shouting for her to come to his office.  Without hesitation, she went to meet up with her captain fully knowing that the bulk of the tank police force was going to be listening in but she didn’t care in the slightest. 

“This isn’t normally any of my business and I couldn’t care less, but whatever is going on is not only affecting the performance of two of my best officers, it’s affecting the morale of the entire team.  I’m not gonna mince words here, but what the hell is going on with the two of you?!” boomed Brenten. 

Leona shifted uncomfortably on her heels.  “That’s a personal matter, sir.” 

Brenten growled at her response.  “Well, your personal matter is affecting my team.  That makes it my business!  What is going on?” 

“I’m sorry, sir.  I can’t answer that.  It would be disrespectful to my partner if I did say anything,” she replied. 

“Hmph!” grumbled Brenten.  “That means this situation will become a non-issue very soon.” 

He reached for some papers on a table behind him and handed them to her.  “You’ll no longer have a partner by the end of next week.” 

“WHAT?!!  WHY?” Leona exclaimed. 

Brenten said nothing but pointed to the papers he had just handed her.  She started reading through them. 

“Request for transfer?  To the Investigations Section?” she stated aloud. 

“Yep,” he said, “and they’ve been wanting Al in their ranks for years.  They’ll jump on the opportunity to take him.”  He shook his head.  “Since you won’t tell me what’s going on, I’m telling you that whatever’s happening between you two, you’d best get it sorted out before we lose one of our own and I have to start looking for a new partner for you.” 

She went white as a sheet and her mind was reeling.  Al was really going to leave the team; leave her.  All of this because she couldn’t figure out why she felt compelled to sneak away after their special night together.  She would have to find a way to talk to him, privately, and hope she could convince him to change his mind. 

After work, she resolved, I can’t lose another one…


            “Al, we have to talk.” Leona confidently stated.  “Leona!  You can’t be in here!  This is the men’s locker room!” Al said, shocked at her boldness. 

“Oh, will you relax!  Everyone else has gone home.”  He shook his head.  “I don’t know why I’m even surprised anymore,” he said somewhat condescendingly. 

Leona felt her blood begin to boil.  “You talk about me sneaking out?  What about what you’re doing, huh?  Yeah, I saw the papers.  You’re going to abandon the entire team because of your goddamned ego?  I’ve never known you to have such a big head!” 

Al angrily slammed his locker door shut.  “It has nothing to do with my ego!  That’s an awfully pretentious statement coming from the likes of you.” 

This really got her hackles up.  “At least I’m not some brown-nosing coward who needs his boss to sign escape papers for him because he can’t deal!” 

Now it was Al’s turn to get riled up.  “Where do you get off with a comment like that?!  You’re the one who wanted to drop the issue, not me!   Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!” 

She growled, trying not to completely lose control.  “I came here to talk and all you do is insult me!  Yeah, I’d say you fit right in with those Investigation white-collar bastards!” 

This really pissed him off.  “As opposed to… what?  Being a blue-collar schmuck driving around in overpowered vehicles as a way to demonstrate how big their cocks are?!  Maybe you’re right, Leona.  Maybe Investigations is where I belong!” 

The veins pulsating at her temples, she yelled at the top of her lungs.  “Good!  Go ahead!  You don’t have the stomach for being a blue-collar, cock-swinging schmuck to begin with!  You’ll fit right in with the rest of those pampered pansies!  The ones who have never lost someone they loved in the line of duty, or ID’d a murdered friend’s body in the police morgue, or held their partner in their arms, watching them bleed out from their wounds!” 

As angry as he was, a shiver ran down Al’s spine.  Leona wasn’t simply spouting off random, hypothetical events.  These were events that she herself had experienced.  She was also quite correct in that he had been very fortunate to not have had these hardships, save for the last one in which he himself was the bleeding partner. 

She punched one of the locker doors, denting it.  “Do whatever you want.  I don’t care anymore.”  Turning to walk away, she hoped that she could hold back her tears long enough to get out of earshot. 

“Leona, wait!” Al shouted, grabbing her arm.  “What does that have to do with anything?” 

She halted and turned to look at him over her shoulder.  “Because, in trying to keep you safe, I’m going to lose you anyway, just like everyone else in my life.  You were shot and almost died because of me.  It was my fault.  Everyone I’ve ever cared about, everyone I’ve ever loved, was killed.  I already lost one partner, and a boyfriend. I was determined never to lose another.  During the time you were in hospital recovering from your injuries, I had made the decision not to allow myself to get too close to you, fearing you’d meet your end the same way if I did.” 

Al wanted to say something but found himself unable to speak, too shocked by her revelation. 

As she continued her confession, tears started rolling down her cheeks.  “The night that we spent together was the best night of my life.  I opened myself up to you in ways I had only dreamed about.  I can’t remember ever being so happy.  It was only afterwards that I knew I had fallen in love with you, and I never should have allowed that to happen.  I panicked. I took off because I was angry with myself for slipping up.  I still am.” 

He spun her around and held her by both of her arms, a look of both joy and sadness on his face.  “Why?  Why would you deny yourself such happiness if you found it?  Isn’t love worth the risk?” 

He reached up and gently wiped the tears away with his thumb.  She choked up.  “My heart couldn’t take it if I lost you, especially if it’s my fault.  I mean, what if…”

Al silenced her protests by putting his index finger to her lips.  “Leona, we have a very dangerous job.  We all knew that the day we signed up for it.  It was a risk we all agreed to take.  Perhaps, falling in love was a risk that nobody really talked about since it was never an issue before.  To me, I see it on the same level as signing up with the tank police.  I’m willing to take that risk to make both of our lives so much richer.  Please don’t start getting risk-averse on me now.” 

The most Leona could get out was an almost inaudible squeak.  Al moved his hand to caress her cheek. She closed her eyes and leaned into it.  He moved in closer and lightly brushed his lips against hers.  She responded by deepening the kiss.  He slid his hands down to her hips and pulled her into him.  Moaning at the sudden gesture, she wrapped her arms around his torso, her hands exploring the breadth of his strong back.  Wanting more, she moved her leg up so as to be able to grind herself against him, his arousal becoming immediately apparent. 

He desired her now more than ever.  Gripping her firmly about her waist, he picked her up and pressed her into the row of lockers.  A loud bang echoed through the empty room as their combined weight made contact with the cold metal.  She moaned loudly as he rubbed himself against her.  Reaching down between them, she unfastened her belt and unzipped her pants, giving him permission to join with her. 

Without missing a beat, he unzipped in own pants, pulled his rock-hard member from his underwear, moved her panties to the side and slid himself smoothly and snugly into her hot, wet core.  She gasped as he penetrated her, every inch of him teasing her tight walls.  He pulled back a little, and rammed himself into her, the thin metal creaking with the impact.  He repeated the action, his hand finding its way into her hair and pulling it to give him better access to her neck.  He tore his lips from hers and pressed his hot, hungry mouth against her throat, his tongue tickling her skin.  At this, she squealed with pleasure, her hands gripping his shoulders. 

“Ohhh, Al.  I’m sorry I yelled at you.  I was… OH!” she yelped as he thrust again. 

“I’m sorry too, Leona,” he whispered against her skin. 

“Can you forgive me?” she panted. 

He pulled his mouth from her throat and looked into her eyes. 

Smiling devilishly, he replied, “What do you think I’m doing?”  He grabbed her thighs with his arms and hoisted her higher against the lockers, thrusting into her harder and more deeply still.  She cried out, her arms now clinging to the back of his neck. 

Their collective moans and the sound of straining metal filled the room.  Leona’s breath started coming in short gasps, indicative of her approaching orgasm.  Al felt his approaching as well, helped along by her tightening inner muscles.  The spasms intensified and multiplied until she could no longer hold back. 

“OH!  OH, AL!  I LOVE YOU!” she cried out, her entire body quaking with intense pleasure. 

With that confession, Al’s orgasm immediately followed.  “I LOVE YOU TOO, LEONA!!” he screamed at the top of his lungs, emptying himself inside her. 

Both breathing heavily and thoroughly spent, they held each other until they could re-gain their bearings.  No longer possessing the strength to hold her up, Al allowed Leona to slowly slide down the locker door, her feet finding the floor once again. 

For a time, they stayed there, nestled in each other’s arms, enjoying the afterglow of their experience.   

“I’ll have the captain destroy those transfer papers tomorrow,” he said while she nuzzled his neck. 

He felt her smile, then playfully nip at his ear.  “You know, having make-up sex with you in the men’s locker room was really hot and really kinky,” she giggled. 

“Naughty girl,” he teased, “but we probably shouldn’t make a habit of it.” 

Feigning innocence, she replied, “What?  The make-up sex or the locker room?” 

“You’re so silly,” he sighed, then kissed her playfully on the nose.  “I’d love for you to stay with me tonight.  I want the chance to wake up with you beside me tomorrow morning, if you want to.” 

She blushed a little at this.  “Hehe, it’s kind of hard for me to say no when you’ve still got your dick inside me.” 

He shook his head. “What am I going to do with you?” 

She gave him a serious look, placed her hands on his face and said, “Make love to me again when we get there.” 

“Anything for you, Leona,” he whispered before she kissed him again.  He pulled himself out of her and they helped each other get their pants back in order. 

Walking out of the locker room hand-in-hand, they made their way back to his home to get their new relationship off on the right foot.

Hearing the locker room door slam shut, Nam made his way out of the locker in which he had been hiding since the last of the crew left for the evening.  Pleased to see that the team wouldn’t be breaking apart (and getting to hear Leona and Al having hot passionate sex), he grinned from ear to ear. 


            The next morning, the pair came in to work together, having spent a wonderful night enjoying themselves. 

“I’m really glad you stayed with me last night.  Again, I’m very sorry about my dad.  I had no idea he was making breakfast and needed to know what I wanted.  He doesn’t usually come up to get me,” Al said yet again. 

Leona giggled.  “Don’t worry about it.  I thought it was pretty funny.  The look on his face was priceless.  I’m thankful that your arm was holding the blanket to my chest when he walked in.  It’s a hell of a way to meet someone’s parents.  Seriously though, you didn’t tell him I was staying over?” 

His cheeks reddened a little.  “I wasn’t quite ready to tell him about us.  I… uh, had something else on my mind at the time,” he said, while ogling her chest.  “He’s usually gone by the time I start getting ready for work.  For all the time he spends working, the one day I bring a woman into my bed, of course he would get a random day off.”

He sighed.  “Oh well, what’s done is done.  Also, he wanted to know if you’re up to having supper with us tonight.  After this morning’s little fiasco, I think he feels he should get to know you better.” 

She smiled at him.  “I’d love to.” 

Al looked around the office.  “I don’t see the captain here.  He must be in the bay.” 

Making their way down the stairs to the bay, it didn’t take long for Leona to notice that she and Al seemed to be the center of attention.  Just about everybody was glancing, snickering, and then returning to their respective tasks.  Leaning closer to him, she whispered, “Hey Al, is it just me or is everybody giving us weird looks?” 

“Hmmm, maybe,” he concurred. “But why, I wonder?  We aren’t doing anything out of the ordinary, are we?” 

Her eyes widened.  “You don’t think they know about last night, do you?” 

He shook his head.  “How could they?  We were the only ones there.  Maybe they’re assuming something happened.  They think that almost every time they know we’re alone together.” 

She nodded.  “You’re right.  I’m probably just being paranoid.” 

They soon found Brenten sitting at one of the tables, reading the day’s newspaper.  Greeting his captain, Al proceeded to ask him for the return of his transfer papers. 

“What transfer papers?” the captain replied flatly without looking up from the news section.

“Uh, the ones I gave you earlier this week?” Al inquired. 

Peering over the top of the paper, a pair of sunglasses appeared.  “As I said, what transfer papers?” 

Catching the hint his captain was dropping, Al acknowledged the response.  As he and Leona were ready to take their leave and return to their station to begin work, Brenten’s voice was heard from behind the newspaper.  “By the way, gettin’ busy in the men’s locker room?  A little juvenile, don’t you think?” 

They froze in their tracks, eyes wide with shock.  How did he find out?! they both thought simultaneously.  Feeling flustered, they laughed nervously. 

“Heh, don’t worry about it.  I’m just happy that Al’s staying right here and things are back to normal.  The two of you go pretty well together.  You’re a braver man than I am, Al.”  Brenten laughed loudly. 

Deciding that their relationship was no longer a secret, Al grabbed Leona by the waist and pulled her in for a kiss.  She responded by wrapping her arms around him as the entire crew cheered them on. 

“Well, the criminals are really in for it now.  With those two together, they don’t stand a chance,” said Four Eyes. 

“Hmm, I think it’s time for our daily patrol in Bonaparte.  What do you think, partner?” Leona asked playfully. 

Al smiled warmly at her.  “There’s nothing I’d like more, partner.” 

With that, they suited up and climbed into Bonaparte, ready to take on every criminal and terrorist in Newport City.