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Nope Out

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Most of the day was spent shifting through the wet ashes of the guildhall, at least for most of the guild.. Team Natsu, Team Shadowgear, and the three ex-phantoms had gone to the nearest rune knight office to do legal stuff. They hadn’t all needed to go, but... Natsu wouldn’t let Lucy go withou, and of course Gray and Erza went too. Gajeel, Ryos, and Juvia went because they had seen things and their testimony would be useful. Jet and Droy...well...Levy had gone so they followed. The two had been sulking majorly about not being able to rescue her when she was taken by Aria.

They had only really saved one thing from the fire. Mira had risked her own life to get the request book, and gotten a pretty bad burn on her arm in the process. They were all pretty grateful since the book was the only record the guild had of requests and missions at this point. Mira had a small group already working on mission flyers from the recorded requests. Not that they had a board to put them on.

Alanza kicked at the broken chunks of the big chalk board that had been in the Hall of Secrets and grumbled under her breath. She was going to have to remake her timeline. It wasn’t really a big deal, just frustrating. An excited shout came from the other side of the ash pile and she glanced up to see Mystogan, Wendy, and Carla. Mystogan was dragging a rather large shape behind him.

“Myst! You’re back! Whatchya got?” She scrampled over to them. Mystogan chuckled.

“You are a mess.” He swiped a gloved finger over her cheek and it came away covered in grey ash. She grinned.

“I know, right?”

“Are you...wearing pajamas?” She looked down at her star covered pants and the sleeping sheep on her shirt.

“Uhh...” Then she looked at Cana, Laki, and the others who had been sleeping when the fire was discovered. They were still wearing pajamas too. “Yes. Yes I am.” He shook his head at her and she was pretty sure he was laughing.

“I think they are cute!” Wendy piped up.

“They may have been once, but the ash has ruined them now.” Carla was such a negative Nancy.

“We brought you a present.” Mystogan pulled the large thing closer. “Not you specifically. It’s for the whole guild.” They all crowded around the purple wrapped...person.

“Hey! You brought us Aria!” She clapped her hands and grinned widely. “These flags he is wrapped in came from Phantom’s branch locations didn’t they.

“Mmhmm. I figured you all would appreciate them more than Porlyusika would.”

“Mystogan is a man!”

“You kick some butt too, Wendy?” Wendy blushed and Carla huffed at the question.

“Mystogan taught me how to use my sky magic more offensively. I was actually able to help him a little. He’s really powerful though so he didn’t really need me.” Mystogan dropped a hand onto Wendy's head.

“You did very well, Wendy. You were a great help. With a little practice and time I expect you will be one of Fairy Tail’s most powerful wizards.” Wendy gasped and blushed again.

“Really?” He nodded.

“He said with practice and time child. You have a long way to go before that happens.” Mystogan narrowed his eyes at the exceed, but said nothing. Alanza was pretty sure she was glaring at Carla.

“So.” Mira stood over their flag swathed captive. “This is the wizard who took Lucy and Levy?” When Alanza nodded Mira kicked the man. Right in the purple flag wrapped head. And she wasn’t gentle either. They won't tell us what happened to them while your guild had them, but I can guess. are terrible.” She kicked him again. “People.” And again. Alanza was sure she would have continued if Elfman hadn’t pulled her into a hug.

“Wow, Mira.” Cana grinned and propped her ‘boyfriend’ on her hip. Where she had gotten the cask Alanza didn’t know. “That was cold.” Mystogan chuckled.

“Oh that’s nothing on what Wendy did to him. He has wind burns, and he is a wind mage.” Alanza tugged on one of Wendy’s pigtails.

“Atta girl, Wendy.”

“I can’t say I approve of that level of viciousness.” Alanza felt like growling at the exceed.

“Do you know what they did to Levy and Lucy while they held them captive?” Carla looked away. “Trust me Wendy was fully justified.” She waved at the huge pile of ashes in the middle of town. “And on top of that they burned down our guildhall. Thankfully Mira is the only one who was injured.”

“Injured! Mira are you ok? Let me see!” Wendy herded Mira away from the crowd and onto one of the benches Laki had made for them. Alanza chuckled at the way the girl pushed around the S-class wizard.

“So. How was traveling with a team? Have fun?” Mystogan hummed.

“It was very nice to have Wendy with me.” Alanza found it glaringly obvious that he didn’t say anything about Carla.

“Thanks for bringing this guy in.” She kicked ashes at Aria. “Us girls can all go to our own homes and feel safe again.”

“Where have you been staying?”

“The guildhall mostly. Last night me, Juvs, and Laki stayed with Cana. I’ve only slept in my bed once and Bickslow was the one who got me there.” Mystogan jerked.

“Excuse me?” That was not a friendly excuse me. It was more of a pissed off excuse me. The sort of excuse me she might expect to hear from Mira. What was his deal?

“I mean he didn’t actually put me there because guys can’t get into Fairy Hills, but he did carry me from the train station."

“Why was he carrying you?”

“Because unconscious people can't walk.”

“You were unconcious!” She felt like she was losing ground here and she still didn’t know what he was upset about.

“Yeah. Evergreen wore me out and I had a couple drinks with dinner so I passed out during the trainride home. We were in Hargeon-” She gasped in realization and planted her fist in his stomach. He grunted and folded over just a bit, but that was it. The man had abs like a brick wall or something. “Because you turned my hair that aweful blueish grey color and we had to leave town to break the spell! Why would you do that?”

“You just punched me!” He sounded more shocked than injured.

“You turned my hair grey!”

“It was just an illusion! You actually punched me!”

“Maybe that was an illusion too!”

“Illusions are fake! They don't cause any real harm!”

“Well it sure looked real! Real and grey and ugly!”

“You are the most difficult, frustrating woman I have ever met in my life!”

“Thank you!”

“Aaagh!” He kicked Aria before storming off, grumbling to himself. She stuck her tongue out at his back.

“Dang girl.” Cana elbowed her in the ribs. “Why are you chasing that yummy creature away?”

“How would you know if he was yummy or not, Cana?”

“The way you are rubbing your knuckles says your fist found muscles hidden under all that mystery.” Alanza tucked her hand behind her back. “Ha! See? You weren’t but the way you reacted says you did!”

“Ugh.” Laki appeared at her other elbow and leaned closer to whisper in her ear.

“If you are resolved to woo our resident recluse I could lend you some items from my collection.”

“No! No way. You two can take your kinky selves somewhere else. I’m not playing this game!” She glared at each of them in turn. “I’m not interrested in ‘wooing’ anyone yummy or not.” She watched as Mystogan dropped his cloak, supplies, and two of his staves through the portal he apparently kept in his pants and began clearing away rubble.

“Fine. ...that ass though...” Laki made a humming sound of agreement and Alanza found herself nodding along. She kicked Aria in an attempt to distract from that.

“What are we going to do with...this?” Laki smiled broadly in a way that made Alanza’s stomach churn a bit.

“Let Mira and I take posession of the villain. Allow us to confine him until the rune knights arrive to take him into custody.” When Mira appeared at her side nodding even Cana leaned away from the two. Alanza pushed gently at the card mage so they could get away from the scary people.

“Uhh... We’ll just... Let you do that. Have fun!” She pushed harder and hissed at Cana. “Move your ass before we get caught up in their crazy shit!” Cana gave a squeak and they rushed away and busied themselves shovelling ash.

By the time the sun set the rubble of the guildhall was almost entirely cleared. There was a small shed build with the new request board and a single table piled high with ideas regarding the new guildhall. Noone knew where Mira and Laki had taken Aria and noone was brave enough to ask. Master Makarov had vanished partway through the day and had yet to reappear. Most of the guild hadn’t even notice he wasn’t there, being to caught up in the guildhall and Mystogan being willing to interact with them.

The large group that had gone to talk to the rune knights returned in time for dinner. Wendy and Ryos got along famously and were adorable. Their older brothers...not so much. Gajeel seemed to be attempting to taunt Myst into some sort of slayer dominance fight. The fact that Mystogan was still refusing was fenominal since Gajeel just breathing seemed to annoy him only slightly less than the fifteen year old whispering and laughing with his twelve year old little sister.

Alanza herself had almost taken Booger to Natsu’s head at least three times for tossing fireballs at one of the other slayers, and Mystogan, and even Juvia. He had been saved at the last minute by one of his three team mates distracting him. Or she had been saved since she really didn’t expect she would have survived engaging the fire dragon slayer. He still seemed to resent her treatment of Happy during the mop incident. And don’t even get her started on Carla and Happy. Just... She was all for pulling out barbeque sauce and going demon to deal with those two.

And speaking of demons Mira was in the kind of shipping frenzy that had her about frothing at the mouth. On top of her usual ships she was now shipping the slayers with anything that moved. Mystogan and Gajeel were on that list which may have been why Mystogan was still refusing to fight the iron slayer. Juvia apparently had a yaoi thing because she was very much encouraging Mira to imagine all the cute babies Gajeel, Natsu, and Ryos could make with every guy the two females could think of.

Droy and Jet were still whining and carrying on about Levy who seemed to have actually grown fed up with them over the course of the day. Laki was trying to convince the rest of them to add a dungeon to the new guild blueprints. Cana was even drunker than usual and the later it got the more that condition looked to be contagious. Alanza still had me clue where the alcohol came from since most of the guild’s supply had blown the hell up during the fire. When Alanza saw the card mage hand sake to Erza she bolted. No way was she staying for any more of the crazy today.

She went by Cana's apartment first to get her bag. Juvia had been the one to fetch her bag that first night when they slept in the guildhall, hence why she had been wearing nothing but blue for the past two days.At least she didn't have to borrow clothes from anyone else. That would have been... embarrassing. She was looking forward to a shower in her own home and a silent place to sleep.

She unlocked her door, blinked, closed it again and checked the room number on the door. She then relocked the door and doublechecked the other doors on the hall. They were all where tgey should have been, so this really was her door. She unlocked her door again and stepped into her now furnished apartment.

Looking closer she could see Juvia and Laki in the choices. Apparently her one cup and one towel had turned into a whole damn kitchen and wooden livingroom furniture. She was almost afraid to look in her bedroom and bathroom. Though...what she could see was rather tastefully done.

The kitchen towels and such were mainly in lavender and she even found a set of dishes with a purple design. Blue and gold throw pillows were tossed on the wooden furniture. It was...very Laki. There were spikes scattered around that looked like they would be very painful to find in the dark.

She held her breath before looking into her room, then sagged in relief. Laki had stayed out of her bedroom. There were very few additions here. Pretty curtains in gauzy blue and gold, a few more blankets and pillows on her bed.

She recoiled when she opened the bathroom door. The ocean had... thrown up on her bathroom. Blue and sea creatures covered everything. There was even a starfish on the wall and a dolphin hanging from the ceiling. Juvia. This had Juvia goes overboard written all over it.

After processing everything their thoughtfullness made her smile. They must have spent most of their shopping trip together on this. Hopefully Juvia hadn’t forgotten to get things for her own appartment. This also must have cost...a lot. She owed the girls for this. Owed them big. Even though there was a dolphin in her bathroom and her livingroom was dangerous.