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Nope Out

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Alanza only had three days to work on expanding her magic container. She meditated that night until she passed out. She woke up wrapped in a blanket and meditated some more. She did the same thing the next night and on the train ride to Magnolia. She would sit cross legged with her eyes closed, hands open, palms up, and focus on her breathing. She pictured pulling shimmering magic into her lungs and inagined holding it inside her when she exhaled.Mystogan said he could feel her making progress, but she had yet to Do anything with the magic he felt inside her.

They had taken a breif stop in some town or other. Myst had ‘lent’ her some jewel for a couple sets of clothes, and they had rented a super cheep hotel room for a few hours to take showers and freshen up before they headed to Magnolia. She insisted that she would find a way to pay the S-class wizard back and he hed stared her down. Literally. He hadn’t said a word, just stared at her till she threw her hands in the air and acknowledged to herself that any paying back would have to be underhanded.

She couldn’t keep the huge grin off her face when the Fairy Tail guildhall came into view. The orange and green Oriental pagoda look was adorable. The metalic dome thing on top and matching sign over the door gave it a regal look. What really had her stomache fluttering and her heart pounding was the bright orange flag bearing the Fairy Tail symbol flapping in the wind. This was it. She was here. She was begging all the powers that she didn’t wake up to find this was a dream. She had to bite her tongle to keep herself from squealing in delight when Mystogan opened the door.

People stopped and stared as they walked through the building. Mystogan showing up without putting them to sleep was a big deal. They had actually argued about it before they arrived. Alanza had won, informing Myst in no uncertain terms that if he wanted to hear her story he was going to have to interract with his guildmates.

Most of the guild was here. Lucy, Natsu, Happy, Gray, and Erza at their table. Happy... was not a cartoon. He looked like a bipedal blue cat. It was odd. Team Shadowgear was over near the request board as well as Nab and Vijeeter. Mira and Cana by the bar, Loke in his human form with his gaggle of females, Elfman, Max, Laki, glancing up to the second floor Alanza could see blond hair and blue eyes almost glowing in their intensity. Gramps was perched on the bar in his orange shirt, silly orange and blue hat, and curly toed shoes.

“Mystogan, my boy. To what do we owe this pleasure?” There was a wave of whispers through the guild when Gramps confirmed the secretive man's identity. “And who is this lovely young lady you have brought with you?” There was a lecherous glint in the little old man's eyes.

“Gramps, if you grab my ass something violent will happen. Just sayin’.” Gramps and Mira both made tittering noises.

“Damn girl!” Cana had no respect for personal space. At all. She draped herself over Alanza’s shoulder. “You tell that pervy old geezer whats what.” Wow. The card mage had some serious alcohol breath. “Can we keep her, Gramps?” Mystogan cleared his throat.

“Master, our guest has information to share with you and the S-class wizards. I recommend we retreat upstairs to a warded office.”

“All of the S-class wizards?” Gramps was looking at her when he asked the question.

“Yes sir. I am aware the Mira no longer practices at that level, but she should be present for this meeting.” Master Makarov hummed thoughtfully before hopping to the ground.

“Mira, bring beer with you. I have a feeling we will be wanting it.”

“Sure thing, Master!”

“Erza! My office. You brats behave while we are busy!” Erza’s intense gaze made Alanza extremely nervous. She was the most likely one to decide she was a threat and lop her head off without warning before she was able to explain herself. She made sure to stay close to Mystogan as they followed Gramps upstairs. He was probably even more wary of the redhead than she was. Laxus was not on the balcony, so she assumed he was already in Master Makarov’s office. Alanza glanced at the S-class mission board and changed course. The Galuna mission was still on the board. Leaving it there while noone was watching was just an invitation for Natsu to snatch it up, so she did first. Mystogan tipped his head to the side in question and she handed it to him.

“Hold onto that for a bit would you?”

“Will you be telling me why?”


“You are a frustrating woman.”

“Thank you.”

“That wasn’t really a compliment.”

“I know.”

Her detouring ment she and Mystogan were the last ones into the room. As she expected Laxus was already in the room. He was leaning against the wall, eyes closed and sound pods on. She had no doubt that he was very aware of exactly what was going on in spite of his relaxed demeanor. Erza was all but glaring at her. Mira was smiling. They were both freaking her out just a little bit. Master Makarov was sitting on top of his desk. If she didn't know he was a super peeve she would wanna squeeze him like a plushie.

“Well, Mystogan?” Instead of answering Erza the masked man looked at Alanza. She rolled her eyes and whispered at him.

“Coward.” Half a chuckle escaped Laxus proving that he was paying attention. She took a deep breath and began. “What I am about to share with you all may come across as impossible, however I am prepared to prove it. The way I prove it may not be comfortable for you however, so be aware of that before you ask for proof. How many of you are aware of the multiverse theory?” She was not a brain person, but she was a bit of a geek, so she knew the basics behind that phrase. Makarov hummed again. Mira’s eyes lit up. Laxus opened his and looked back and forth between Mystogan and Alanza.

“Multiverse theory. That is the theory that there are multiple universes with variations of our selves depending on choices made, correct?” She nodded.

“Basically. Well, I happen to come from another universe, or plane, or whatever you want to call it.”

“How can you prove this to us?” Erza made her eye twitch. For real. It twitched.

“It is because of the nature of my universe that I can prove it. My world is very different from this one. I know all of you because in my world you are characters in a comic book.” She didn't really read most of the manga, she watched the anime, but that didn't really mater here.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” If he didn’t sound so pissed off Laxus would totally have a sexy voice. As it was she was just extremely concerned with getting electrocuted.

“Exactly what I just said. How I got here is besode the point. The fact is I know a shit ton about shit that has jappened, is happening, and will happen.”

“That’s fucking bullshit.” Damn. Pissed off or not that growl was sexy.

“You can not expect us to simply accept this as fact.”

“It is a rather fantastic story, bur why would she lie to us?”

“Don’t fucking know. Don’t fucking care.”

“Language, Laxus!”

“Hush brats! Mystogan, you brought her here. Does that mean you believe her to speak the truth?”

“Yes.” Alanza let out a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding. Makarov hummed again.

“So. You know our future child?”

“I know what your future would have been if I had never come here. However, now that I am here this is a new universe with a new future. I would like to help you make it a better one.”

“You said asking for proof would be uncomfortable for us. Why is that?”

“How many people do you know who have happy secrets, Master Makarov?”

“I see. As the guildmaster I’m afraid I will have to be uncomfortable then.” Alanza thought for a minute. She needed something that would prove herself to Makarov without telling anyone things they shouldn’t know.

“I know who the master of Raven Tail is, I know what his question is, and I know the answer.” Makarov grew pale.

“Master! Are you alright?”

“Mira, I need that beer now.” Makarov poured the beer down his throat and gestured for more. “Can I trust you not to share this information child?”

“I can't gaurantee it couldn't be tortured out of me since I have never been tortured, but I would rather die than tell him. I also know that the man who put her there and the man who taught her magic are both still alive and aware of the truth.”

“The man who taught her magic?”

“I also know his name. I won’t speak it right now.”

“Very well. I accept what you say.”

“What the actual fuck Gramps!”

“Laxus I recommend you do not ask- What was your name child?”


“Do not ask Alanza for proof. I have a feeling you will regret it.”

“To hell with that!” Laxus took a step toward her only for Mystogan to step in front of her. “Move yourself. Or she isn’t the only one who will be telling secrets.” Mystogan flinched and glanced at Erza.

“I got this, Myst. He won’t kill me.” She pushed around him. “Just be aware, Laxus. I am not a wizard, so you have to be extra careful not to kill me.” Laxus was huge. She had already known that, but him looming over her really rubbed it in.

“I’m not some sickly old geezer who is going to get fucking heart palpitations over some vague threats! And I have no reason not to kill you.”

“Laxus!” Alanza held a hand up to show the others that she was fine.

“You want it straight and upfront do ya big guy? Fine. If that is what it takes. The Battle of Fairy Tail.” His blue eyes widened. “Yeah. It fails. Wanna talk about heart problems? While you were out there, losing complete control of your dragon, Gramps was in here having an actual heart attack, because even after your team had their asses handed to them you refused to back down. Wanna know who took them down? Mira got Freed. That's right, you guys woke up the She-Devil. And Erza handed Evergreen her ass on a silver platter. Bickslow? You think I will say it was Mystogan don't you? It wasn't. It was Lucy. That's right. You have no idea what that girl is capable of. She is nothing like the selfish, spoiled brat you think she is. You however. Laxus Dreyer is an overpowered tween with a serious inferiority complex. Get over it!”

She jabbed her finger in his chest hard enough to hurt said finger. Damn the man for being so buff. He was also sending shocks up her arm. It hurt, but she forced herself to ignore it.

“I’ve seen your heart! Laxus of Fairy Tail has a heart of Gold. I’ve seen him suffer for his guild, bleed for his team, die for the innocent. Granted you are as impossible to keep dead as Lucy is, but still.” Laxus now looked confused. She thought the sparks had stopped, but she couldn’t be sure since her entire arm was numb by this point. She dropped her vouce to a whisper ment just for his slayer hearing.

“I have seen you cry for Gramps. And I've seen you take down your dad, not for what he did to you, but for what he did to your Guild. I’m a good listener of you wanna talk later.” She leaned around the enormous blond to look at Erza and Mira. “What about you ladies?”

“If Master trusts you then so do I.”

“Indeed. I trust Master Makarov’s judment. You have also brought Mystogan to the guild for all to see and stood up to Laxus. I am rather impressed.”

“Thank you, Erza.” Laxus leaned back against the wall. He eyed Alanza warily now.

“You have some huge balls to talk like that to me Carrots. That or you are really fucking stupid.”

“I’m not afraid to die. That helps. I was fucking stupid actually. Then he impregnated the neighbor chick. Thankfully I never have to see his face again since I’m here for good.” Laxus growled. Dragon slayer. Loyalty and betrayal are serious business. Apparently something she said got her onto his ‘my people’ list. Or something like that.

“That bastard!”

“Your worthless ex aside I am very sorry about bringing you here.”

“Don't be. Seriously. I lost my dad and my part time job about a month ago, my mom is drugged out and doesn't give half a shit about me, I had no friends, my remaining family didn't talk to me, and I just found lost my full time job and caught the smarmy ex wet dicked on my couch the day you pulled me here. Fairy Tail is a dream come true despite the wars, and dragons, and dark guilds, and demons, and psychoes.”

“You poor thing!”

“Mystogan is responsible for your presence?”

“Tell me you cut his balls off.”

“My child, did you say wars and dragons?”

“I’m over it. Yes. Sort of. And yes.”

“I see. Well. You have knowledge of the possible future. Do you have some plan to deal with it.”

“I have an idea, but first I want to ask for something.” She tapped the bare skin below her left collar bone that her peasant top exposed. “A guildmark. In a nice bright sky blue.” She smirked back when Makarov grinned. “I know I’m not really a wizard yet, but I’m working on it and Myst says I’m doing a decent job expanding my magic container already. I just haven’t been able to do anything with that magic yet.”

“Absolutely child. Mira will help you with your paperwork later. When it asks about your magic just bullshit it. Make up something vague about visions of inner darkness or voices from the beyond or seeing into other dimentions futures.” Makarov pulled out the stamp and she caught the sparkle in his eye just in time.

“Nope. Mira’s doing it. You just want an excuse to accidently grab my boobs.” Gramps wilted and Mira giggled.

“Master it shames me to admit that she is probably right.”

“You can’t really blame the old geezer for trying.”

“It is shameful behavior Laxus!”

“And?” Everyone except Erza was laughing as Mira pressed the stamp to Alanza’s skin. The redhead did let herself smile though. Alanza thought she saw an almost hopeful look in those intense brown eyes when the redhead glanced at Laxus. Mira silently mouthed a ‘thank you' to her before she pulled away. Was it because of what she had said to Laxus? Had she really helped that much so quickly? If so she was already making great headway.