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A Life Changing Trip

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When I imagined studying abroad I didn’t think to take into consideration of the long, annoying and grueling flight to get there. “Russia, of all things Guren had to send me to Russia?! Ugh! It’s so faaaaar!!! It at least could’ve been some place fun like Fiji or Cuba or just something other than that bitter cold, unforgiving weather of Russia!.....” Yuu cursed to himself in his thoughts before they were swept away by the gentle but attention grabbing ‘ding’ of his phone.

[ 1:17 pm ] Have fun on your Trip Sweetie and make sure to tell me all about it on your first day there. But don’t forget to call me or your father when you land or you’re in BIG trouble! Ok I love you sweetheart have a safe flight!~ <3

It was from Shinya, Yuu’s Mom; and soon after Yuu’s father...

[ 1:19 pm ] don’t forget to research and learn what I asked you and for crying out loud do NOT forget to call your mother or He’ll be on my case the whole time until you get back-...

The raven haired boy replied to both parents, his fingers dancing and tapping across his keyboard smoothly. [1:20pm ] Don't worry mom I won’t forget to call you when I land,and I’ll be just fine I’m 20 I’m not a baby anymore y’know [1:24pm ] Geez I’m not gonna forget to call because I know mom would skin us both alive don’t worry! And yeah I won’t forget just relax everything will be fine!

He sighed heavily as he slumped into his plane seat,glad he was in first class so he would be undisturbed by all the noisy babies and seat kicking toddlers or the strangers that fell asleep on your shoulders and cuddled up against you,Yuu hated when that happened and was relieved Guren was generous enough to buy him first class on his long 10 hour journey. As Yuu was lost in thought staring into the abyss of the headrest, his eyes suddenly shifted upward in attention,his body gently shifting around as the flight attendant captured his respectful gaze.

“Alright Everyone please make sure to look and spot all your possible exits and for your safety please fasten your seatbelts while the captain has the light on,you’ll be able to take them off when the captain has turned the light off and said when it’s safe for you to move around~ the bathrooms are located on the back of the plane as well as the front for your convenience; we’ll be around soon for any little snacks and drinks you would like to purchase,until then please enjoy your flight!” Her smile filled with joy and excitement for her job as she gave a little bow and went back to prepare for takeoff.

‘She’s cute,has some really pretty hair too, but not really my type...seems too happy to be working such a boring job,must be new.’ Yuu thought to himself while turning his gaze to the outside view of the blacktop runway that would soon be a bird’s eye view to a cloudy pathway. ‘I wonder where my journey in Russia will take me...I wonder if Guren really piled on a workload to research while I’m here to study abroad. Something about learning the culture of fashion there or something along those lines? Makes sense considering Mom and Him run the Hīragi Modeling And Fashion Agency and would want to know all sorts of fashion styles to expand the company…’ His thoughts soon began to softly swallow him into dreamland as the clouds drifted elegantly by his window and faded into the darkness of the closing of the boy’s long,dark lashes.

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The next time the boys eyes opened it was to a brand new scenery as the plane dove down into his destination filled with a brilliant white, a true Winter’s Wonderland.

‘Wow This place is breathtaking! I hardly even mind the cold if this is how gorgeous the place is!’ Yuu said to himself as he scanned the scenery in Awe like a child on Christmas morning as he walked off the plane and into the airport. “Now to find my caretakers….Guren said their names were S-“ He was abruptly cut off by an sweet innocent voice shouting his name.

“Yuichiroooo!~ Yuichiro Ichinose over here!~” the voice giggled as Yuu located who it belonged too; A cutely shaped girl hardly any taller than his chin waved her arms back and forth with a brilliant smile, her honey colored hair, curly with a nice braid throughout her bangs. And beside her another girl about Yuu’s height with long dark blue hair,bangs straight across and a glare that seemed to pierce through him as her face stayed expressionless and tight lipped.

“Those must be Sayori and Shigure the caretakers Guren was telling me about,Sayuri must be the real bubbly, cute one….Shigure looks like she could kill me on the spot however- is it really ok to just walk off with these two girls?...well not like I have anywhere to go if I don’t go with them.” Yuu finished up his wandering little thoughts as Sayuri gave him a hug as if she has been waiting for this day all her life.

“Hello Yuichiro! Oh it’s such a pleasure to meet you~ Guren has told us so much about you! Isn’t that right Shigure?!” She looked back at her before continuing to speak. “ It’s such a pleasure to finally meet Guren’s son~ did you know that Shigure,Goshi,Mito,Guren,Shinya and I all grew up together?! Then we moved to Russia for the studying abroad programs and now we get to teach you Yuichiro isn’t that exciting?!~”

Yuu smiles before softly correcting her. “You can just call me Yuu Miss.Sayuri it’s alright.” He finished saying before his stomach growled at him since he slept the entire flight and didn’t eat anything.

“Oh! You must be hungry Yuich-...I mean Yuu...c’mon! Let’s go feed your grumpy belly! Mito and Goshi are wonderful cooks! And we only live about 30 minutes from here where you’ll be staying with us!~” she beamed with delight as they packed Yuu’s belongings into the trunk of the car and climbed in, then began the short journey home.

The ride was short but his body was screaming at him for the aching pins and needles and stiff muscles from such a grueling long trip. ‘Uuugh...I need food and sleep I’m exhausted…..’ His attention on his hunger fell silent as they pulled into the driveway of a rather nice home. ‘This is where I’m staying while I’m here?! This place is huge! Shinoa would totally love this place! I outta show her!’ With that thought he took out his phone and took a picture on the outside of the home as well as his new bedroom once he got everything unpacked and put away.

[ 9:57 PM ] Wow! It almost looks like a giant gingerbread house Yuu! Maybe the witch from Hanzel and Gretel is gonna come after you while you sleep~ ;3

[ 10:01 PM ] oh ha ha Short stalk you know you’d love it here~ sucks I couldn’t bring you with me here…

[ 10:04 PM ] Nah you know I don’t do well in cold weather...have you slipped on any ice yet? I bet you have knowing you~

[ 10:05 PM ] Eh?! Did not! >:U
And at least I pass the steering wheel of a car, shorty~

You grinned always loving to tease his best friend for her height,but always pouted at her clever comebacks.

[ 10:08 ] Whatever Salty Boy ;3
I’m going to bed it’s 2AM, but feel free to send me pictures on your journey Cherry Boy~

Yuu froze as his eyes widened seeing Shinoa’s text of the time there. “2 AM?! Oh my gosh mom and dad are gonna Kill me I forgot to call them!!!” He frantically scrolled through his contacts and called Shinya while biting his lip. “Mom? Hello? Hey I’m so sorry I’m 2 hours late calling are y-.....” He stayed silent a minute hearing Shinya curse under his breath and grew curious of what was going on their end.

“Uh, H-Hi Honey~ how was the fl-Uh~ “He covered his mouth from the sudden soft moan he let out while shooting Guren a death glare for bucking his hips. “Guren Ichinose so help me if those hips move one more time while I’m on the phone I swear I’m gonna cut it off- I’m on the phone with Yuu! You can wait a minute-“ He whisper yelled at Guren before talking to Yuu again as he stays seated on Guren’s hips,straddling him. “ How was your flight honey?~ did you get something to eat yet?... How was it?....that’s great sweetie,You’ll send me pictures of everything on your trip right?~” The Silver haired man fawning over Yuu and his trip thus far, completely unaware of an impatient Guren who wanted to continue their little ‘activity’.

“Is he trying to kill me by making me wait so long? He said a minute, It’s been at least a minute and a half now-....screw it what’s the worst he can do? Make me sleep on the couch?~ “ Guren sneered at his own thoughts before grabbing Shinya’s hips again and slowly began to roll his hips upwards into his cute partner’s, knowing it would set him off.

“Yuu darling that’s wonderf-uuh!~ mmn!- “

“Mom? Is everything ok?...” Yuu asked raising a brow before hearing it again making his face beet red and eyes wide as saucers. “NO WAY! DON’T TELL ME YOU’RE DOING THAT WHILE ON A PHONE CALL!?!?!....uugh that’s gross…”

“Uh! N-no Yuu it’s not like that at all your father is just being- A-ah Guren!~” Shinya whined as Guren kept up the now obvious act for Yuu to hear clearly as if it were some game to him.

I’ll just call back later ok? B-bye mom!” Yuu finished,embarrassed to have heard something not meant for his ears as he hung up and plopped back into his big bed. “.....I wonder what my first day will be like….wonder if I’ll meet any friends, I hope my Russian is fluent enough for people to understand me…maybe tomorrow I’ll look for a library to study the fashions here in Russia!” Yuu beamed at his own genius idea of going to a library tomorrow morning as he nuzzled into the inviting sheets and pillow before drifting off to sleep once more.

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“Yuichiro Breakfast is ready if you’re hungry,there’s also a fresh pair of clothes for you to voyage around town if you wish but don’t go outside of the town limits it’s dangerous since you’re new here.”

Yuu’s eyes fluttered open to see bright crimson hair and violet eyes gazing down upon him.

“Mito...wasn’t It?”

“Yes,you catch on fast. Sayuri has been eager for you to wake up and try her cooking, she made you pancakes.”

‘Pancakes do sound pretty good’ Yuu thought to himself right as his nose caught a good whiff of maple syrup filling the air around him.“Then I’ll have to try some then I guess”

Once Mito exited his bedroom he got up and dressed himself,finishing up the last button on his shirt as he reached the bottom of the long,fancy staircase.
His eyes glancing at everyone else in the kitchen; Goshi smoking his pipe while reading the newspaper,Shigure setting the table, and Mito scrapping pancake batter off the ceiling with a sigh as Sayuri spazzed out at the mess she made on accident.

“Gwaaah! I-I’m so so sorry Mito! I didn’t know it would stick to the ceiling! I didn’t mean to toss it up that high I’m really reeeally sorry Mito!” Sayuri cried, easily getting all worked up over something so small,

Yuu looked at Sayuri running around the step stool Mito hardly needed given her height,then up at the pancake batter dripping from the ceiling. “’s a lot of pancake batter…”

“UH?!!” Sayuri squeaked out in surprise seeing Yuu awake and witnessing the mess she made. “ Ah! N-no that’s’s uh...well….it’s….I’m so sorry….I-I just wanted a nice breakfast for everyone I didn’t mean to make such a mess of things!” She whimpered ashamed of herself and even started to tear up.

“Hey now little missy, cute girls like you shouldn’t be crying over something so small,It’s alright you can make more right?” Goshi asked while placing an arm around her for comfort.

“B-b-but that’s different! It was supposed to be a perfect first breakfast in Russia for Yuichiro!” She whined burying her face in Goshis warm,comforting chest.

“I don’t mind at all Sayuri~ I’ll eat anything you fix me!~” Yuu stated,smiling softly at her. “Accidents happen, I should know Guren says I make a lot of them HaHaHa~ C’mon please don’t cry Sayuri it’s ok, I still think you’re a wonderful cook!” Yuu tried to assure her it was alright and watched as those big brown eyes came into view from Goshi’s chest and peered into Yuu’s.

“Y-you really think so Yuichiro?....”

“ I know so~” he shot a smile at her.

Sayuri sniffled as she wiped her tears away from her face and gave a little smile.
“ Thank You Yuichiro, I’m going to try my hardest to pull myself together and get a decent breakfast prepared then! Are you still hungry Yuichiro? The next batch won’t be done for a while unfortunately….”

“No it’s quite alright, I was going to head to the library anyways. Plus I wanna go out and explore the place and jott some things down.”

“Be careful, and stay within town limits…” Shigure shot him a serious glare that left the pages of her book for only a split second.

“Exactly what Shigure said, we don’t need a worried Shinya down our throats and an angry Guren up our butt for losing their son on the first day because he doesn’t wanna listen to our rules-“ Retorted Mito.

“Yeah what they said” Goshi added in with a yawn and big stretch.

“Wh-what they mean to say is have fun but stay safe!~ And here I made this for you last night Yuichiro! It will keep you warm outside!” Sayuri squealed as she wrapped a thick heavy scarf around his neck in all sorts of pretty eye-popping colors.

“Uh? Oh,thanks Sayuri but I don’t know if I’ll really ne- “ He stopped his sentence short when a Protective Mito glared at him as Sayuri started to tear up at the rejection; Mito’s glare seeming to say ‘break her feelings and I’ll break your neck!’. “I’s lovely Sayuri! It’s really pretty! Honest! I was just gonna say I don’t know if I should wear it inside since it’s so hot! Ahehe...heh….mmm…”
Yuu cleared his throat looking at Mito back off a little as Sayuri cheered back up and sent Yuu on his way.

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“Geez that Mito is so intimidating and rough! Shigure too! How does Goshi live with them and still survive?!! He’s about as brave as Guren is whenever he burns Shinya’s toast-....I wonder where this library is at. Maybe I’ll ask around, there’s a lady with a book maybe she knows where the library is!~” Yuu smiled warmly as he approached her.

“Excuse me miss, but do you know the way to the Libr-“

“da? chto ty khochesh'? YA ne ponimayu, chto ty govorish' po-russki”
(Huh? What do you want? I don’t understand you speak Russian please )

“ ah, I forgot I need to speak Russian,I hope she can understand me since I’m still a little rough….” Yuu thought as he cleared his throat before speaking again

“znayete li vy dorogu v biblioteku?”
( do you know the way to the library?)

“biblioteka? konechno! yego kak raz vniz blok i za uglom sleva ot vas.~”
(library? of course! it’s just down the block and around the corner on your left.~)

“akh, spasibo, ochen' skuchayu~”
( ah, thank you very much miss~ )

Right as Yuu got done talking to the lady a bigger man of at least 6’2 towered over him,appearing to be the woman’s husband. “This can't be good-...” Were Yuu’s last thoughts before the man came his way causing Yuu to back up.

“You were flirting with my wife foreigner?!- huh? You think you can flirt with my wife and get away with it?! Get back here!” Yelled the angry man as he chased Yuu through town.

“LIBRARY!!! ALL I WANTED WAS TO GO TO THE LIBRARY HOW DID IT COME TO THIS?!?!!” Yuu screamed in his mind as he ran the corner and right into the library doors. “I’M DEAD I’M DEAD I’M SOOOOO D-.....huh?” Yuu’s thoughts fell silent as he scanned the humongous library filled with billions upon billions of books and a rather decently sized coffee shop; a blonde ponytail coming into his view from behind the counter.
“ Maybe she can help me!”
Yuu rushed to the counter and spoke so fast it all sounded like Gibberish.

“Excuse me miss but you gotta help me! This tall Frankenstein looking guy thought I was hitting on his wife when I was just asking directions to the library and he chased me here and I’m pretty sure that he’s about to kill me and you gotta call the police! Hey! A-are you even listening to m-...!!!!”
Yuu’s eyes widen as the ponytail swirled around to reveal a boy’s face and not a girls; though his face looking very angelic and soft like a girls. His curly blonde locks scattered just perfectly to frame his pale facial features,he looked stunning, so stunning to Yuu’s little gay heart that he even forgot to speak for a minute as he just stared in complete awe.

“Im zhal', ty chto-to skazal?”
( I’m sorry did you say something sir?)
The blonde asked as his bright sapphire eyes met with Yuu’s Emerald ones,seeming to suck Yuu right into their brilliant shine.
“ser?” (Sir) The blonde asked again as he softly waved his hand in front of Yuu’s face to capture his attention.

“SAy somETHinG stUPid!!! YOu’re stARinG ToO LOnG!!!” Yuu’s mind screeched at him before blinking his eyes and shaking his head to snap out of it to speak again,so worked up he’s forgetting to speak Russian again.
“S-Sorry! It’s just I was chased in here by this really scary guy and I need your help an- HUH?! A-are you laughing?! Don’t laugh this is serious business!!!” Yuu whined clutching the countertop til his fingertips turned white before jumping out of his skin hearing the man right behind him walk in. “I’M DONE FOR!!!” Yuu shrieked inside his mind as he clutched his hood tightly around his face hoping not to be noticed by the man and kept his gaze on the counter.

The blonde having realized Yuu’s situation couldn’t help but to giggle knowing he was a foreigner who bumped into Kureto who assumed he was flirting with his wife; Once he saw Kureto walk in he silenced his laughter knowing his assumptions were correct and waved to him.

“privet Kureto, chto-to ishchet?”
( hello Kureto, looking for something?)

“da! inostrannyy malen'kiy nebol'shoy zapas, kotoromu nuzhno uchit' urok dlya vozit'sya so mnoy”
(yes! a foreign little short stock who needs to learn a lesson for messing with me!)

“khorosho, ya ne videl nikogo, kto by sootvetstvoval etomu opisaniyu, poetomu ya somnevayus', chto oni zdes'. Teper' libo zaglyanite v knigu, kupite chashku kofe ili bud'te na puti, ya ne pozvolyu vam prichinit' nepriyatnosti v etoy biblioteke”
( well I haven’t seen anyone that fits that description so I doubt they’re here. Now either check out a book,buy a cup of coffee or be on your way, I won’t allow you to cause trouble in this library)
The Blonde’s gaze went from warm and friendly to a cold piercing glare as he continued washing cups.Yuu was able to pick up a decent amount of what they were saying, but still didn’t understand some of it since they spoke so quickly to another as if it were a contest.

“Is he going to leave?!...but...why is this blondie defending me? Does he even know what happened? He won’t turn me in will he?!” Yuu’s thoughts were definitely racing as fast if not faster than his heartbeat at the given situation.

Kureto growled and turned on his heels with a huff and left the library leaving Yuu alone with the blonde.

Yuu turned to see the angry man leave after having met defeat and he turns back to the blonde. “ Ah, Th-Thank you so much Mr…...oh uh! I mean… Спасибо!” (Thank you!)

The blonde not looking up from cleaning the glasses. “ You’re Welcome~” He said fluently with a slight cute Russian Accent making Yuu’s heart flutter.

“He sounds so cute! Wait did he just?!-“ Yuu’s eyes widen in shock before scrunching up his nose and getting all worked up. “ HEY! You know English?!! Then why did you pretend to only know Russian and make me look like an idiot huh?!!” He pouts crossing his arm as his temper gets the best of him as his face starts heating up with anger.

“ I did not pretend you just assumed~” The Blonde finally looked at Yuu with a smirk as he put the cup cleaning rag over his shoulder. “ And I didn’t make you look like an idiot, you did that on your own~” The Blonde teased booping Yuu’s nose Before a jealous silver haired Man came around the corner and wrapped his arms around the blonde protectively.

“Is this foreigner bothering you my Darling Mikaela? My poor Baby you must be frightened by his harsh tone towards you!-“

Yuu tilted his head. “Mikaela ? That’s his name? Cute!~ but who’s this guy?- he’s really tall too-“ Yuu stared at the Silver haired man, threatened by his tall height and gaze fixated towards Yuu.

Mika chuckled. “Ahahaha!~ No No Ferid I’m fine really, you worry too much you know?” The blonde sneered at how protective Ferid is over him, not seeming to mind Ferid’s hands wrapped around him til they ventured a little too far below the equator; In which Mika slaps him in the face with the cleaning rag and takes a few steps away from him. He the grabs the pot of hot chocolate and pours a cup for Yuu, sliding it over to him. “There~ Don’t mind Ferid he’s just really protective. Him and I have worked here together since this library was made by his grandparents 10 years ago~ Is there anything I can help you with? Or do you just stumble into libraries to get out of trouble?” The blonde teased as he raised a brow and rested his chin in his palm.

Yuu couldn’t believe the blonde boy named Mika was teasing him for nearly getting pummeled by an ugly Frankenstein giant just moments ago. “J-just who does he think he is?! Teasing me- rude-“ Yuu huffed snapping his head to the side, nose in the air. “I’ll have you Know I came here to study! And I’m perfectly capable of helping myself-“ Yuu retorted taking a big swig of the hot chocolate before spitting it out his nose in surprise of how hot it was. “PFFFFT!! Yyyeeeeeow! Who the heck makes it that hot?!” Yuu whined holding his nose as tears formed in the corner of his eyes.

“Perfectly Capable” Mika quoted with his fingers watching Yuu snort out the beverage before handing him a cold glass of water and put a cold cloth to Yuu’s burning nose. “It’s called HOT chocolate for a reason Mr.Capable~ but all joking aside, are you alright?” He asked with concern in his voice as he wiped up the mess on the counter. “I’d say instant Karma bit you pretty hard for being snobby”

Yuu was nearly on the verge of crying from how badly his nose burnt and Mika’s teasing didn’t help either. “I’m not snobby you’re just mean! You think just cause you’re cute you can tease people for having bad luck!” Yuu sniffed getting up,grabbing his bookbag and walking out the door all upset and embarrassed.

“He thinks I’m cute huh? its own way I guess, eh? Oh he forgot his journal!” Mika picked up the little green journal and flipped through to see if it was important,spotting some of Yuu’s fashion designs and clothing styles. Mika was quite impressed with Yuu’s work and decided to return it right away. “Might as well deliver these books as well while I’m on it, Ferid could you be a dear and pick up the cafe shift early while I deliver these books and this journal?”

“Oh Anything for my Darling Mikaela but of course you know it comes at a price~ so pucker up buttercup~” Ferid grinned as he closed his eyes and pulled Mika in close for a smooch.

“Hah~ Not on your life Bathory~” Mika sneered putting a muffin in Ferid’s mouth instead.

“ How Cruel!...Ah~ but that’s what I love about you my darling little Mikaela~” Ferid Swooned as an Angry Mika growled at him for calling him cute and soon disappeared out the front doors where Yuu had mere seconds ago.

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“Stupid Mikaela- Mr.Capable-...I AM perfectly capable! I came out here all on my own and found my caretakers and I even found the library on my own!~” Yuu said to himself as he huffed, nose high in the air and his eyes closed til a familiar voiced called out ‘There’s a pole watch out-‘ which snapped Yuu out of it. “Eh?!” To Yuu surprise he opened his eyes to find his nose just half an inch away from the pole he nearly ran into. “Oh wow! Thanks I- wait a second-...” Yuu thought only one thing as he spun around to see who stopped him. “I only know one person besides my caretakers who speak English and that’s-......”

The Blonde was carrying a wooden crateful of big heavy books, the crate had a leather strap that went around his neck to help make carrying it easier. “Is your ego so big it creates a cloud to block your vision to make you utterly oblivious to things?-...” Mika rolled his eyes and kept walking til he was shoulder to shoulder with Yuu, a good few inches taller than the raven haired boy.

“ The Heck is with all your stupid teasing?- with the whole Mr.Capable and the stupid Ego and oblivious...ness?!.....Well I won’t have it you snobbish blonde headed...charming bookworm of a brat!” Yuu’s Temper getting the best of him again as he huffed off offended and upset. He continued home only to hear soft crunching of footsteps in the snow behind him that stopped whenever he stopped and started whenever he started.
“.......Is he…..Following Me?!-“.....”Hey what’s with you?- why are you following me bookworm?-“

“ I Am Not”

“ARE SO!” Yuu Whined before growling and walking a tad faster, the footsteps picking up speed as well.
“Ugh! I swear If he doesn’t stop tormenting me-“ Yuu’s anger began to boil as he put some pep in his step and started full on running dead ahead towards the mansion,footsteps going the same speed until Yuu turned around to yell as his anger finally boiled over its edge. “ALRIGHT BOOKWORM YOURE ASKING FOR I- wha! Wha! WOAH!!” As Yuu whipped around to yell at the blonde he slipped on ice and landed with a loud crack of shattering Ice below him. “...ooow...mnnnn….”He slowly opened his eyes again to see the blonde hovering over top of him with the perfect ‘o’ shaped mouth and concerned wide eyes.

“Are you alri-“

“DONT! to me-......” Yuu snapped as he rolled over onto his belly and carefully tried to stand up, but kept slipping and losing balance. “You come anywhere near me and keep up this whole st-stalking act then I’ll ! I’ll!”

Mika caught him in his arm and held him close when Yuu slipped again. “Or you’ll what? Because last I checked it wasn’t against the law to deliver packages,mail, or even BOOKS to someone who ordered them-“ Mika rolled his eyes before making sure Yuu was steady to walk on his own, then turned left onto the walkway to the front door of where Yuu was staying.

“HUH?!?!?!!!!” You-....hey wait just a minute what in the heck is going on here?!-“

“Ugh- “ The Blondes nose wrinkled up in annoyance as well as his cheeks puffing up all cute like. “ You really ARE an idiot aren’t you?- I just told you- I wasn’t following you I’m delivering books! That’s my job- and I deliver to the biggest bookworms in town every Thursday Evening~” He said with pride as the door opened to reveal little Sayuri.

“Ah Mikaela you’re just in Time with the new books we asked for!~” Sayuri squealed with a cute little hop. “Please come inside Mikaela~ huh? Oh! Yuichiro you walked Mikaela here?!~ oh how sweet of you!~”

“Actually Miss Sayuri it’s more so I walked HIM here~ he slipped on the ice and nearly ran into the pole, I don’t think he’s feeling very well~” Mika sneered a little smirk back at Yuu knowing that would get Sayuri all worked up and fawning over Yuu as payback.

Yuu saw the sly smirk and growled at him before a little Sayuri was jumping up onto her tip toes to grab Yuu by the ear and get his head low enough so she could feel his head for a fever. “ Yuichiro is that true?!! Oh you must be so frail against the harsh weather of Russia!!! How could I have sent you out alone on your first day like that?! I knew I should have gone with you Yuichiro oh I’m so so sorry you got ill because of my ignorance! Come you must warm up by the fire and rest!”

“Uh?!” Yuu was powerless to her fretting and quickly had a thermometer shoved into his mouth, a cool rag on his head, wrapped in a blanket and shoved into a seat by the fireplace.

“Don’t you move a muscle Yuichiro! I’ll make you some chicken noodle soup! Shigureee!~ Goshiii!!!! We need a fresh chicken!”

Goshi poked his head around the corner.” eh?- what fer’?” He groaned rubbing the back of his neck.

“Mikaela said Yuichiro isn’t feeling well and fell on the ice!” Sayuri sniffled and looked more sad than a lost puppy

“I thought I told you to be careful- Did you not listen to our rules?” Mito spat coming in as well, Shigure soon behind her.

Yuu growled and threw a small fit.” IM FINE! I don’t have a fever! I’m not sick! I’m ok! I slipped on the ice yes but I’m totally fine it’s ok! See?!...” Yuu pouted standing up, only to be pushed back into his chair by Sayuri.

“Ah ah ah!” She wagged her finger in his face. “ I said stay put while I make you an amazing bowl of chicken noodle soup! Everyone to the chicken! Oh! And Mikaela dear would you mind watching Yuichiro for me?~ make sure he doesn’t move from the seat?” She smiled up at Mikaela as if he were some handsome prince.

“Of course Miss Sayuri~” He smiles back watching them all scurry off and turned to look at Yuu with a teasing smile as he sat beside him,chin resting in hand. “You look as though you want to hit me~” he grinned.

Yuu glared a million daggers at Mikaela.”Youre the devil-“


“Ahahaha~ well maybe to you but to Sayuri I’m an angel~” Mika laughed in amusement.

“Yeah angel of mischief maybe-“ Yuu rolled his eyes and spat out the thermometer.

“Ah Ah Yuu-Chan~ you’re sick and I must take care of you til they get back” Mika picked up the thermometer and examined it.” Say….this temperature seems rather low for someone who’s sitting by the fire wrapped in a blanket-.....” He leaned dangerously close to Yuu’s face and started slowly pushing the thermometer back through his lips. “Care to explain?....Yuu-Chan?~” He whispered in his ear in a teasing way, sending shivers up Yuu’s spine.

“I-I! Uh! Er-....WAH! Hey haven’t you e-ever heard of personal space?! What’s with you and your stupid teasing you Jack-“ his temper cut short by a finger against his lips. “Huh?!!”

“Not another attempted filthy word from you- you have such a filthy mouth I’m gonna have to change that I think~” Mikaela grinned leaning in as he lifted Yuu’s chin.

“UH?! H-hey wait! Mikaela!!! What are you d-“ his eyes widen as their lips grew closer and closer until.

“Yuu” a faint soft voice called,along with snapping of fingers.



“Yuu?....Yuu! ….Yuu-Chan wake up!” The voice grew clearer and clearer as the snapping sounds grew louder and louder as he finally came too and saw the familiar blonde above him snapping him awake and gently tossing his head side to side to wake him.

“Huh?.....Blondie?....but...what are we doing back outside?....why am the snow?....Is this real life?” Yuu spurted out as he dizzily looked around only to hear a sigh of both annoyance and relief.

“ really are thought I was following you so you you started running but when you turned around you slipped on Ice and whacked your head pretty hard when you’ve been out the last 5 minutes and I got rather worried you wouldn’t wake up, you were seemed to be having quite the dream too you even smiled in your sleep what were you dreaming about? Mika asked tilting his head very curious, his lips cute and the right amount of plump to them as they made the perfect little “o” shape as he stared down at Yuu.

“ I-I...Uuuh……” Yuu flushed a bright pink. “I CAN’T TELL HIM I DREAMT WE ALMOST KISSED THAT’S EMBARRASSING!” Yuu panicked and blurred out the first thing that came to mind “CH-CHICKEN NUGGETS!!!”



“.... Chicken...Nuggets?....” Mika tilted his head before his lips curved into the cutest smile before he burst out with the most adorable laugh Yuu has ever heard. “Ahahaha!~ Oh Yuu-Chan you’re so Silly!~ you must really love chicken Nuggets then Huh?~” he softly smiled as he offered to help him up.

“Y-yeah...uh...they’re great~...” Yuu smiles softly and a bit awkwardly as he took Mika’s hand.

Chapter Text

The two of them walked to Yuu’s home together, Mika holding onto Yuu since he wasn’t entirely sure Yuu could walk steady on his own.

“Yūichirō you’re back!~” Sayuri giggles before looking at Mika.” Oh Goodie! You brought all the new books I ordered!~ thank you so much! Oh wait I misplaced your payment, wait right here and I’ll get it!~” she said scurrying off to Goshi to ask for money to pay Mika for his services.

“ hey thanks for walking me home safe Mikaela” Yuu smiled at him.

“Don’t mention it~ You May have done the same~” The blonde teased before looking outside at how dark it was getting.”I-I should get going soon the sun is starting to set….” He said a little worried.

Yuu teased softly. “What’s the matter scared of the dark?~”

“....Terrified actually…” The blonde quietly admitted, his gaze still fixated on the quickly setting sun.

Yuu didn’t expect Mika to be so bluntly honest in his answer and frowned feeling bad for teasing. “Why...don’t you like the dar-“

“Here it is!~” Sayuri giggled handing Mika the money. “ come stay with us for dinner! As a thanks for bringing Yuichiro home~”

“...b-but it’s late Sayuri I can’t I’m afraid I would be imposing….”Mika said trying to slowly make his way towards the door.

“Oh please?...we have plenty to spare Mikaela just a little bit?~” She kept insisting.

Mika glances back out the window once more at the disappearing sun,then at Sayuri. “Well…..I guess a small while won't hurt much…” he gave in before following Sayuri into the kitchen where they all ate.

The kitchen was filled with laughter and tales as bellies were filled beyond full.

“Maaaaaan I haven’t eaten this good since lunch~” Goshi said smiling as he rubbed his full belly.

Sayuri giggle patting his stomach. “Silly Goshi you always eat til your full~” she smiled cleaning up everyone’s plates.

Mika caught eyes with Yuu several times throughout dinner and each one with a smile, except the last one when he looked out the window behind Yuu to see outside was pitch black. His eyes darted to the clock to show it was 9pm and he started shaking as he shot up from his seat like a bullet and grabbed some leftovers and his belongings. “I-I apologize Miss Sayuri but I’ve stayed much longer than I should have I really must be on my way at once, Th-Thank you for the food though!”

Yuu frowned seeing how frantic and scared Mika seemed. ”Is he really that scared of the dark?...” Yuu thought to himself before standing up. “Wait I can walk you home!....just like you walked me home, I don’t mind.”

Mika looked up at Yuu, pondering his offer for a minute then shook his head. “No it’s pitch dark outside and you wouldn’t know your way back…..not tonight…”

“But I can Help”

“I said NO!-“ Mika snapped slightly before taking a deep breath and looking at Yuu. “It’s not safe after dark on your own, especially for a newcomer like yourself….I want you safe, don't worry I know my way around I’ll be fine~...”

Yuu frowned but nodded in agreement.

Sayuri bundles Mika up in a scarf she made for him and sent him on his way. “You be careful out there Mikaela!~..” she waved to him as she slowly closed the door.

Chapter Text

Yuichiro walked in the next day to the library to see the familiar blonde behind the counter, but with his hands bandaged. “Uh! Mika what happened to your hands?!” Yuu softly shrieked as he tried to hold them.

Mika pulled his hands away from Yuu’s. “Nothing I’m fine-......just spilt some hot coffee on them this morning is all….” He said a little off as he tried to pour Yuu a hot cup of tea, but with his hands bandaged up he fumbles and drops the cup, shattering it to tiny pieces.

“Hear lemme help you” Yuu said picking up the pieces.

“No don’t you’ll cut your finger!....honestly….have you never been taught to sweep glass with a broom and pan and NOT to pick it up?’ll get stuck in your finger and you’ll never be able to get it back is dangerous to pick up Yuu” Mika lectures while carefully sweeping it up.

Yuu stares at Mika dumbfounded but curious for a minute. “.....How do you know so much about glass?” He asked.

“I-I...uh...I used to drop them a lot when I first started working here and Ferid taught me how to clean them up” Mika said before a little birdie came around the corner.

“Oh my dearest Mikaela don’t lie you have the cleanest record here~ this is only time you’ve dropped a cup here silly~” Ferid smiles helping him sweep it up.

“Well then I guess I just confused you for someone else at another job or something I don’t know…” Mika retorted,his patience seeming to be very thin today.

Yuu noticed Mika was a little irritated and wondered if he could take him away for a bit. “Hey uh..Mikaela?”

“Please, call me Mika~...we’re friends aren’t we?”

“ ok then~ Hey Mika, you wouldn’t happen to know where the fashion magazines or books are in here do you?”

“Bwaahahaha! Does HE KNOW?!~ ooooh Yuichiro my little angry boy this is only the biggest bookworm in town next to that Ichinose fashion residence place~” Ferid teases wrapping an arm around Mika. “ Mikaela why don’t you show him and I’ll take over the cafe for a bit then yeah?”

“Don’t gotta tell me twice- whatever keeps me farthest away from you-“ Mika growled clearly annoyed by every little thing today.

Yuu followed Mika up an elevator and wondered all the things that could’ve set Mika off. “ Hey Mika?”

“ Hmn?.....” Mika’s glare still fixated on the elevator doors.

“What……” Yuu’s eyes couldn’t help but travel down and stare at the blondes wrapped up hands. “ what….happened to your hands?”

“!!!” Mika looked at Yuu through the corner of his eyes and saw him staring at his hands and he hid them in his apron pockets. “I told you...I spilt hot coffee on them this morning…..Now then, we’re here” he said as they arrived on the 7th floor. “ Is there any fashion style you need specifically?”

“O-oh uhm….Russian please~” Yuu smiled softly but still was worried about Mika’s hands; knowing something just didn’t seem entirely true.

Mika knew instantly where to go and grabbed a ladder and walked down a few aisles. “ I’ll grab you a few I think will be helpful~” he smiled as he climbed the ladder and his body leaned way over to grab a book on the very end of the shelf.

Yuu watched him,taking in how nice Mika looked, how happy he seemed to be looking through books and picking out ones specifically for him that he thinks Yuu would enjoy; And Enjoy them he would since they were ones Mika picked.

“And this one~ and that one, hmn..maybe this one too?” Mika talked to himself as he looked at the front and backs of books he picked out til he had a whopping armful of them. Yuu finding it utterly adorable how much he loved books.

“You really love books huh?~” Yuu smiled but must’ve looked like a sarcastic jerk since Mika slightly hid behind the books and stepped back.

“Is...Th-that a bad thing?...” his voice filled with that cute accent and sad tone made Yuu wanna hug him then and there.

“N-n-no! No not at all! I thinks it’s wonderful and cute that you love to read so much Mikaela~ and I was wondering if you had the time if, you would read to me?”

“....pfft- haha~” Mika couldn’t help but giggle. “ you mean to tell me you don’t know how to read?~ Oh Yuu you must joking aren’t you?~ If you can’t read Russian then how did you even get here?~” he smiles being a little tease.

Yuu blushed and looked away. “I-I meant like...your favorite story or something...but hey least I got you to smile~” Yuu winked at him and took the books from Mika and sat down.

Mika slightly blushed then got an idea. “Hey Yuu-Chan follow me I have something special to show you!”

“Oh? Well alright~” Yuu smiled and followed him.

“B-but close your eyes!~” Mika smiled all excited like a child on Christmas Day.

Yuu couldn’t help but to smile at how cute Mika was being and closed his eyes, holding Mika’s hand so he could be lead around.He loved how their hands seemed to perfectly fit together like matching puzzle pieces - Mika enjoyed the feeling as well.

“Alright we’re here~ you can open them~”
Mika looked at Yuu to see his reaction when the green eyes opened up again.

“!.....Whoa!.....Mika this...this is so beautiful!!!~” Yuu smiled wide looking around the whole room filled with beautiful flowers, trees and a little pond while soft, relaxing music played. “ what is this place?!~ is this like some type of greenhouse?~”

“Basically yeah~ it’s on the 9th floor, which I like to call cloud nine because it’s our reading garden and it’s my safe haven~” Mika’s lips curled into a sweet smile as he smelled the crisp, clean air.

“Safe Haven from what?...” Yuu thought to himself and wanted to ask, but didn’t want to ruin Mika’s happiness. “Well it’s certainly beautiful~ do you come here often?” Yuu asked in a roundabout way to hopefully get an answer.

Mika smiled wide. “Oh I come here and stay as late as I dare too~.....I just love the feel of grass and the smell of the flowers from far away countries as I read my books~.....” He paused with a soft smile taking in the beauty of the reading garden. “Oh! I should clean up my mess so you can enjoy the space too!” Mika hurried over to what was clearly his little reading nook in the corner, under a large cherry tree with at least 50 books if not more.

Yuu’s eyes widened. “Wow! You really do like to read! Have you read all the books here Mikaela?” yuu tilted his head in upmost curiosity.

“O-oh well….only once…...before they added on more floors to the library which means thousands upon millions of more books than I could keep up with...but! I’ve done a fine job of reading all those new books and I’m up to the 7th floor finally!~ and by next week I should be starting the 8th and final floor~” He said proudly with his little hands on his hips.

“So either you’re a fast reader or you spend your whole life here~” Yuu softly teased, not wanting to upset Mika.

“Both actually~ I did mention I stay here as long as I dare~” Mika said carefree but didn’t realize that concerned Yuu even more. “ Oh Yuu-Chan would you like a Round red bomb berry?!~” he squealed excitedly.

“A….what now??”

“A round red bomb berry! They grow in pairs see!~ I’ve tried looking up what they are but they don’t grow here...too cold too but that’s why Ferid made this reading garden for me~ so I can have them!~” Mika said as He plucked a cherry from the tree and handed it to Yuu. “ Try it! They’re very sweet!~ but only when they’re a bright red I found…If you pick them too early they’re sour” He pouted.

Yuu thought he was going to kill over dead from Mika’s adorable innocence to foreign things. “This is a Cherry Mika~ it’s not a red roun-“

“Round red bomb berry!” Mika whined. “ because they’re red, round and look like little bombs!”

“Clever name but, I have these where I’m from, and they’re called Cherries~” He smiled placing one back into Mika’s hands.

“Ch-.....Cherries?........Cherries~” Mika smiled before grabbing Yuu’s hand and dragging him to the other side of the reading garden. “And what’s that one then?” He said pointing to another tree.

“Id like to hear what you call it first” Yuu smiled in a slightly teasing manner causing Mika to pout.

“It’s a heart fruit-“....

Yep. Mika’s Innocence to foreign things was definitely going to be the cause of Yuu’s death. “ That’s a peach~...”

“Peach...fascinating!~ He smiles, excited to learn all these new things. And what’s this?!~ “ he pointed to a bush. “I call them blueberries~”

Yuu smiled. “Those are Blueberries~”

“Really?!~” Mika’s smile got a whole lot brighter if that was even possible at this point. “It must be so wonderful where you live’re so very lucky….” his bright smile soon turned to a frown.

“Mn? Lucky?....but aren’t you lucky Mikaela? You live in Russia and it’s absolutely beautiful here~ so many new sights and smells!~” Yuu tried to cheer him up.

“I’ve never been outside of my town….so I wouldn’t know of the beauty you speak of…”

“Oh? But why not?? You’ve lived here your whole life right?”

“ this library mostly because here is heaven compared t-.......” He froze and sat up. “I-....I think I should get back to the Cafe….it’s already been far too long! I was only supposed to be 15 minutes and it’s been an hour I must go back” He said getting on the elevator, only to have a Yuu get on the elevator with him.

“Then I’ll come with you and explain it was my fault for keeping you so long” Yuu smiled and held Mika’s hand. “Ok?~”

Mika smiled back in turn. “Ok~”

Chapter Text

When they got back there was yelling at the cafe between Ferid and a taller,intimidating man.

“Father I had nothing to do on my end so I let Mikaela take my break and I worked the Cafe instead it’s alright!...”

“Ferid Bathory I won’t hear it- now that Mikae-“ Looked to the side to see Mika walk over with Yuu. “Mikaela-....skipping work to be with your partner huh?- leaving all the work to my son?” He growled.

Mika quickly let go of Yuu’s hand. “O-oh! N-no sir he’s not my partner he’s my friend and asked I help him look for fashion magazines and books for Ancient Russian styles…”

Ferid’s Father bent over and glared into Mika’s soul. “You will stay after your shift and help close the library-“

Mika’s heart sank. “Y-you mean….a-after dark?.....”

“Yes-“ He stood up and started walking away.

Mika chases after him. “Please sir I’ll do anything you wish and you can punish me however you like but please don’t keep me after dark!....don’t make me close the shop!.....”

Yuu’s heart broke at how desperate Mika was trying. “He’s so terrified of the dark….” Yuu thought to himself before gathering up courage to speak. “Excuse Me sir? It was my fault, I asked Mikaela to help me look for the books!....please Sir...don’t punish him for doing his job…clearly you can see he’s terrified of the dark that’s cruel to do this to him!...”

Ferids father turned around to glare at Yuu before smirking with a small chuckle. “ He is not AFRAID of the dark…..he’s afraid of what’s IN the dark~.....and I’m not the one punishing him, someone else will decide that when he returns, and maybe That will teach Mikaela Shindo that he is NOT to leave the cafe while he works its hours!”......

Yuu was boiling with searing anger for this man, yet had so many questions of what he meant.Meanwhile Mika looked broken and didn’t hold the same composure as he normally did.

“I’ll...start sweeping and dusting….” Mika said as he grabbed the broom and quietly swept the floors as customers left one by one until all that was left was Yuu,Ferid and Mika.

“Ferid Can you take Yuu home softly for me?” Mika begged softly.

“Of course, it’s the least I can Do Mikaela, I apologize for my father being so arrogant- he knows very well why you always leave before closing time….I’m so furious with him, could he not see that your hands wer-“

Mika cut him off with a jab and pointed in Yuu’s direction with his eyes, telling Ferid to shut up.

“Ah...Alright Mikaela….” Ferid nodded.

“Wait, why can’t we all just walk you home Mikaela? You’re scared of the dark right? We can walk you home and then Ferid could walk me home right? Yuu tried making arrangements since he was worried about Mika.

Mika shook his head. “No Yuu, just be a good boy and listen to me for once-....Ferid is taking YOU home, not me, my way home is too dangerous for you-“

“All the more reason we should come with you!”

“No-...just go home Yuu, I know my way around I’ll be fine..I’ll see you tomorrow” Mika said sternly as he locked up the library and went on his way home.

Chapter Text

“Ferid?.....Why won’t Mikaela ever let me go with him?” Yuu asked, hoping he could get some answers from him.

“Hmn? What do you mean?” Ferid raised a brow.

“I mean that every time I offer to take him home he gets snappy with me and tells me no….why?....” Yuu pleaded more than asking.

“Mika knows you’re a newcomer, and at night it can be very unforgiving to new comers…..I believe my darling Mikaela just wants you to be safe.”

“And as for snapping at me and pushing me away?”

“Mikaela’s father doesn’t like guests, he’s a bit of a shut in hermit, so I suppose Mika just doesn’t want his father to ruin your time here if you met him is all.” Ferid said sternly without even looking at Yuu.

Yuu kept silent the rest of the way home with Ferid and knew something just wasn’t adding up and decided to ask the people who knew Mika best.
“Hey Sayuri? How long have you guys known Mika?”

Sayuri smiled at Yuu’s question. “Oh We’ve known him since the library had its grand opening~...why the question?” She tilted her head.

“I was just curious since you all get along with him so easily is all” Yuu shrugged.

“.....If you have something to ask then be outright with it-“ Mito called him out, knowing Yuu obviously wanted to know more than just that.

“Ok well...then why does Mika get so sensitive about being home before dark? And whenever I ask to take him home he gets angry with me…” Yuu frowned looking down, then looked up at Mito. “Why?...”

Mito raised a brow in annoyance. “You really are an idiot aren’t you Yuichiro? Did you not listen to what he told you?..It’s Dangerous at night, the minute you drop him off you’d be alone and you’re not from here so people will target you more to jump you for money and whatever else you have on you, he’s just trying to keep you safe, let him~....he knows the place better than you do and he’s lived here all his life, he’ll be alright”

Yuu let it sink in for a bit, it made sense what Mito had said, and exactly what Mika has been telling him all along prior to this moment. “Well…..I guess you’re right Mito”

“Naturally-“ She rolled her eyes.

“Not always~” Goshi spoke up with a grin.

“What’s that? I couldn’t hear you over your arrogance!” Mito snapped and whacked him in the back of his head with a thick book.

“Oi! That hurts you know!....geez…..temperamental much?-“ Goshi pouted as he lit his pipe.

“Oh I’ll show you Temperamental!-“ Mito growled rolling up her sleeves.

“That’s enough! Both of you!” Sayuri cried out upset. “No fighting at the dinner table-....”

Mito sighed softly but still annoyed at Goshi. “Right...sorry Sayuri…”

“I’m sorry too Sayuri…” Goshi admitted, hating to upset her.

“There now~” Sayuri smiled and served little bowls of Ice Cream with a cherry on top for dessert.

“Cherries…” Yuu thought as he held the soft, round, delicate fruit in his hand that reminded him of Mika. “.....hmn…..Mika….”

Sayuri as well as everyone else at the table looked at Yuu a little worried as he zoned out and said Mika’s name as he intently studied the cherry.

“Yuichiro are you alright?” Shigure asked.

“Huh?....o-oh! Yes...sorry, I...this red round bomb berry reminded me of someone~...” Yuu smiled softly thinking of that special someone.

“Red round….bomb berry?” Sayuri asked as she tilted her head.

“Don’t tell me you’ve caught a fever you idiot-“ Mito growled and put her hand to Yuu’s forehead to check.

“Huh? No!....and I’m not stupid-....It’s what they called Cherries because they didn’t know what a cheery was called, or a peach~...or grapes~....or plums~....” Yuu smiled more and more with every fruit he named, thinking of Mika’s cute smile every time he told him the name of a fruit.

Mito wasn’t dumb and already knew what was going on, but didn’t stick her nose into it. “You’re most definitely sick alright-“ she said rolling her eyes, “lovesick-“ she thought to herself.

“Alright Yuichiro time for bed~” Sayuri smiled and cleaned the table.

“Night everyone~...” Yuu waved before heading up to bed and falling asleep.

Chapter Text

The next morning Yuu woke up to Mito snapping her fingers at him.

“Hey kid, Goshi needs some more tobacco for his pipe, I hate the smell of that stuff so can you go and get it? It’s about 10 blocks or so from here. It’s only a good place to go to during the day so you’ll be just fine on your own, but never go there at night ok?”

“Wow I didn’t think you were the worrying type Mito~” Yuu teased.

“Shut up- I only said that because it’s true and Sayuri will never let me hear the end of It if I didn’t warn you- so c’mon get up” Mito rolled her eyes and tossed his clothes at him.

When Yuu was fully dressed and ready he head out to the supermarket to buy the tobacco for Goshi’s pipe, and a few fruits and spices for Sayuri to make dinner tonight.

“Hmn… which one did she say Goshi used again?” Yuu thought to himself looking at all the tobacco on the shelf, unaware that a little blonde recognized his voice.

Mika looked up, completely astonished that Yuu was looking at tobacco and scolded him. “Yuichiro Ichinose you put that down this instant! Have you any idea how terribly that stuff pollutes your lungs?!!” Mika shouted before his eyes widen, knowing he just blew his cover and he hides behind a shelf covering his mouth. “Crap!....Yuu wasn’t supposed to know I was here! Now he’ll know what street I live by!” Mika cursed to himself and hoped Yuu wouldn’t find him; that is until he felt a little tap on his shoulder causing him to jump. “Gwah! Hey! Don’t sneak up on m-..You! You! Yuu-Chan?!!!” Mika looked ready to die of fright. “Ah..heh...hello Yuu-Chan~...”

“Sorry Mika I didn’t mean to scare you like that...but I’m surprised to see you here~” Yuu smiled, the tobacco box in hand.

“Well I never- I knew you were silly but I didn’t think you were THIS arrogant and stupid to go buying tobacco Yuu-Chan-“ Mika’s scolding and Icey glare made Yuu frown.

“It’s not for me it’s for Goshi and his pipe! Mito asked me to grab some for him as well as these supplies for Sayuri see?” Yuu pleaded for Mika to forgive him as he showed him the supply list as proof.

“Ah, I-I see….sorry I just assumed the worst…..I don’t like seeing my loved ones involved with those things so I got upset….I’m sorry Yuu…” Mika’s gaze kept low to the ground in shame.

“Hey it’s alright Mika~ It just means you care for me is all~ so what are you here to b-......” Yuu looked into his cart to see alcohol, and lots of it. “Mikaaaaa-“ Yuu looked at him with furrowed brows.

“Also not what it seems like, I’m buying for someone else too, I would never drink this sickening crap-“ Mika spat, disgusted he was even in its presence.

“Oh? Who for?”

Mika panicked a bit. “O-oh just...some friend of my father’s, he’s having a party tonight so...he asked me to buy some drinks for him and his friends”

“A party?! Oh wow! I’d love to go to a Russian party! Goshi told me that they’re very lively and fun~ could I go too?!”

Mika looked down and thought very hard for a minute. “Well as long as he would stay close to me he would be ok I guess...and there would be other people there as well to keep HIM occupied….perhaps I could even bring Ferid along as well…” Mika thought so long and hard Yuu snapped him back to reality by waving in front of his face.

“Mika?....ya there?”

“Oh! yeah, sorry….well I guess you can come, party starts at 11pm” Mika smiles softly.

“REALLY?! You mean I can go?!!!”

“That’s what I’m asking isn’t it?” Mika smiled”

“YES!~” Yuu screamed. “Just wait til I tell Sayuri and the others I’m invited to a party!~”


“No- absolutely NOT-“ Goshi and Mito declare.

“Huh?!! But I already told Mika I would go!” Yuu whined childishly.

“Well you’ll have to call him back and tell him we told you no- That part of town is dangerous at night Yuu-“ Mito answered.

Sayuri chimed in. “I’m sorry Yuichiro...we don’t mean to burst your’s just we want you safe….” She frowned and looked really sad.

“But I’m 20 I’m not a child!...I’m allowed to do things….” Yuu fussed.

This time Shigure spoke. “We have all told you no and that is final-...while you live here you are to obey our rules since Guren isn’t here and if we say no we mean it-......we have lived here far longer than you so when we say something is dangerous then trust that we know what’s best for you to keep you safe is that understood?-“ She snapped and glared at Yuu seriously. “Not another word about the party is that clear?-“

Everyone stared at Shigure in surprise, not often that she loses her temper.

“.........fine-“ Yuu glared back and went up to his room slamming the door, before he texted Shinoa,Mitsuba, Yoichi and Kimizuki.

[ Yu: Now they're saying it’s dangerous and I’m not allowed to go to Mika’s party…]

[Yoi: oh no! :,( I’m sorry Yuu...I’m
Sure Mika will understand though! You said he’s very nice~ ]

[ S: awe poor cherry boy isn’t allowed to see his boyfriend~ ;P ]

[Yu: he’s NOT my boyfriend- he just invited me to a party at his family’s place and I really wanna go! ]

[ K: Then just sneak out dumba$$ ]

[ Yoi: Kimi! Language! ]

[ K: what? I censored it for you- ]

[ M: Just sneak out and party for like 3 hours then go back home Yuu, geez- me and Shinoa always do that ]

[ Yu: Alright~ I’ll do that then!~]

And just like that, Yuu had a plan to sneak out of the house and go to the party with Mika and Ferid.

Chapter Text

When nighttime strolled along, Yuu got dressed in a nice T-shirt and jeans for inside, and bundled up in a thick coat for the walk to Mika’s with Ferid. “Alright~ seems good enough for a party~” Yuu grinned in the mirror checking himself out before locking his door so Sayuri and the others would think he’s asleep, then hopped out his bedroom window and carefully jumped down.

“I thought you said you were allowed to come-“ Ferid raised a sassy brow while placing a hand on his hip as Yuu caught up to him.

“I am- I’m an adult I’m 20 and can make my own decisions- Sayuri and the others don’t think I can take care of myself so they said no but IM saying yes-...besides it’s just a party it’s not that bad-“ Yuu pouted with a sigh.

“Alright alright~” Ferid laughed as they continued walking for awhile, eventually passing the supermarket Yuu met Mika at earlier that day. “Here we are my Darling Yuichiro~ now go on~”

“Wait, you’re not coming???” Yuu tilted his head.

“I live a block down from here in a mansion with my father. Parties here aren’t my thing really, plus I think Mika would have an easier time If it’s just you here tonight~” Ferid smiled. “Ah! Speaking of~ Hi Mikaela~”

Mika walked out of the front door and didn’t smile til he saw Yuu, but even then his smile was small. “Ah, Hello~ Thanks for walking Yuu over here Ferid, I’ll call if I need anything ok?”

“You got it my sweet Mikaela~” Ferid waved as he walked off back home.

“Alllllrrrriiight!~ party time!~” Yuu beamed as he started running for the door before a firm grip pulled him back.

“I don’t think so-“ Mika said and pulled Yuu back to him. “First let me see what you’re wearing”

“Eh?!-...oh- crap! Do I have to wear a certain outfit for parties here?!” Yuu said getting anxious.

“Just take off your coat for a minute-“ Mika demanded.

“Alright alright don’t be pushy!” Yuu pouted and slipped his coat off and shivered from the cold air on his bare arms.

Mika looked him up and down and blushed a bit at how adorable Yuu looked even in the simplest of attire, however his expression didn’t change the slightest. “You’re not wearing that inside- when we get inside you’re coming to my room and you’re putting on one of my sweatshirts-“ He stated firmly. “But before we go inside I have to do something first”

“Oh? What’s th-“ Before Yuu even had a chance to ask Mika, He was pinned to the wall and staring into Mika’s bright, blue, serious eyes. “M-....Mika?”

“Just be quiet, I know best….not a sound-“ Mika said as he tugged Yuu’s shirt collar down to have better access to his neck.

Yuu’s eyes widened and he panicked a bit. “M-Mika what the heck are you doing?!!!”

Mika covered his mouth and shushed him. “Do you wanna go to the party or not Yuichiro?-“ His eyes narrowed and voice deepened, softly letting go so Yuu could answer.

“Y-yeah but-“ Yuu stuttered

“Then shut up and let me mark you-“ he growled pushing his head back against his wall and latched his mouth onto Yuu’s neck, sucking and nipping at the soft skin til it darkened all shades of blue and purple.

“M-Mika?” Yuu softly whimpered and held onto his jacket. “H-how many are you making?”

“There’s people in there I don’t trust being around you, so I’m claiming you as mine so they won’t dare to even THINK about laying a hand on you-“ Mika growled and bite the skin this time, making several more marks on his neck.

Yuu had never seen Mika act this way before. The once soft, loving Mikaela had turned into a possessive and aggressive predator marking its prey; this scared Yuu a bit, but he didn’t wanna stop Mika either.

“Alright Yuu….I’m done marking you…..” Mika said taking out a small mirror and showing Yuu his neck and collarbone.

Yuu’s eyes widened as he grabbed at his shirt collar, looking all around his neck in disbelief at how many Mika made. “Wha-?! M-Mikaela what the heck did you do to my neck?! It looks like I’ve been attacked how am I gonna explain this to Sayuri and the others?!” He cried.

“.....I didn’t have a choice….My father and his friends are...drunk and I don’t want them hurting you……or worse…..I’ll tell Sayuri and the others if worse comes to worse ok? I just want you safe at your first party here Yuu….so you MUST stay close to me-....don’t go anywhere in my house without me got it?” Mika said sternly.

“Even the bathroom?” Yuu asked.

“Even the bathroom” The blonde replied. “If you don’t like these rules then go back home….these rules are the only way I know you will stay safe”

“’ve already marked my neck so might as well go in~ plus I don’t know anyone but you so of course I’d stay close to you Mika~” Yuu gave him his famous little carefree smile.

“Alright then Yuu~ then welcome to my home~....” Mika said grabbing his hand holding it tight and taking him inside.

Yuu scoped the inside of the house carefully, taking in every detail. “Wow Mika you have a really nice home! It’s decorated so nicely~” he smiled at the blonde.

“Thanks, I’m so glad you like it. I decorated it myself” he replied with a smile until he heard a voice that sped up his heart rate.

“Mikaela! Another round for me and my boys~” the voice boomed from the kitchen with drunk laughter.

“Yes father…”

“Father?” Yuu thought. “Why hadn’t he ever mentioned his father before I wonder?....well it’s not like we ever mentioned our families much before anyways, I should introduce myself~” Yuu smiled having made up his mind and started waltzing on over to the kitchen before Mika pulled him back.

“No- you stay put-“ Mika growled softly.

“But that’s your dad right? I wanna say Hi and introduce myself~”

“No-“ Mika asserted more firmly “I said wait here….please…” His bright blue eyes were begging Yuu to wait.

“Mikaela? Who are you talking too?- is it a pretty girl?~” his drunk father called out along with his group of friends. “Bring her in~”

Mika could feel his heart beat faster but carried himself with pride as he walked into the kitchen and hid Yuu behind him, being extremely protective. “It’s a friend father, I invited him since he’s never been to a party before. I was going to take him up to my room to hang out so we won’t disturb you and your friends….” he stated.

“Can’t your friend speak for himself?-“ his father glared and set his drink down next to all the other empty bottles him and his friends have shared. “Or do you like playing mommy?-“ he growled. “WELL MIKAELA?!”.....

Mika slightly jumped at his loud voice and slamming of the bottle.

Yuu noticing this got upset and stepped up to Mika’s dad. “Yes I have A voice of my own and it says you should mind your temper and be more kind to Mikaela and not treat him this way-.....he’s your son…” Yuu growled, embarrassing Mika’s father in front of his friends.

Mikaela’s father took a quick glance at all his friends as he took another swig of his liquor and glared at Yuu as he swallowed hard.

“ dare….talk back to me in such a tone?....and you tell me how to raise my kid?-...” he slowly stood up out of his chair, only to tower high above Yuu.

Before anything further could happen, Mika snatched Yuu and hid Yuu behind him again and stood before his father. “Forgive me father it won’t happen again, I promise...I’ll take him to my room and we will be very quiet I promi-“

Before he could even finish his sentence a loud crack reverberated through the room, the right side of Mika’s face was now covered with an angry red hand print. Everything went silent before Mika was grabbed by his shirt and lifted up off the ground.

“You will take your friend to your room, come down here and clean up this mess and then I don’t want another sound coming from either of you the rest of the night do you hear me?!-“ his father growled throwing him back down on the floor.

“Yes father….” he said getting himself up and taking Yuu upstairs to his room. “C’mon Yuu...we gotta go to my room…”

Once inside Mika’s room and the door shut he grabbed Mika. “Mika Wait! You can’t go back down there he’ll hurt you again!...”

“Yuu I have too or else he’ll be more angry with me… let go…”



“No! I won’t let y-“ Yuu was cut off with a soft kiss that made his heart race and face flush a cute red.

“I’ll be back shortly just ...Please...stay in here til I get back…….” Mika said cupping Yuu’s cheek softly, then closing the door behind him to clean up the broken glass downstairs.

Chapter Text

Yuu’s heart broke at how sad Mika looked begging him to stay within his room. “This is my fault….I shouldn’t have asked to come….he was hesitant why didn’t I see it?.....I’m stupid….and now he’s suffering because of me…..I should call the police! Yeah! Then they can take his father away for abuse and drinking excessively! Now there’s a brilliant Idea!” Yuu hyped himself to take action and went for the door before carelessly stepping on a fallen frame and hearing glass shatter beneath his foot. “Huh?....” he moved his foot to see a picture of what appeared to be little Mika with his parents. All were smiling and happy. “Aw~....Wait..what’s this?” He turned the frame around to see a little note that had been written by little Mika.

‘Today was the most bestest day ever! For Christmas Mommy let Ferid come over and we got to play with all our new toys! I got a teddy bear and a journal from Mommy! I’m gonna name her after Mommy~. Daddy and Mommy and I all danced to music and played games and then we got our picture taken by the tree and fireplace! I wish everyday was like this~’

Yuu smiled at how adorable and energetic little Mikaela was. Only to find a small journal on the dresser next to him. “I really shouldn’t….what if it’s private?....” Yuu hesitated about opening the journal but his curiosity got the better of him and he opened it up and began reading.

‘Entry 1: Mother And Father have been getting into more and more fights and arguments since last Christmas when we took the picture together...I’m also worried because Mommy keeps getting really sick a lot.’

Entry 2: ‘A week until my birthday! I’m so excited! I hope Mommy is well enough so we can go out to a fancy dinner like she promised~’

Entry 3: ‘I had an awesome birthday~ mommy made me a really nice scarf and gloves and got me a really pretty pen to write with! She’s the best~ Even though we didn’t get to go to the fancy dinner I still had a ton of fun cuddling with her and watching a movie together~’

Entry 4: ‘I’m scared...Daddy drank a lot last night because mommy is really really sick, mommy says he’s just stressed’

Entry 5: Daddy yelled at me today for making a mess...I didn’t mean to spill his drink….he was gonna hit me with his belt as punishment but mommy stopped him and sent me to my room instead, I’m thinking about making daddy an apology drawing!~

Entry 5 part 2: I gave my drawing to daddy, I drew him and me making a snowman and he ripped it to pieces and yelled saying that doesn’t make up for the money I wasted by spilling his drink….but I still love daddy...I understand he’s scared about mommy too’

Yuu turned the page to see Mika had taped up all the pieces back together and hide it in the journal and he smiled softly at how cute the drawing was, then was furious his father would rip it up. “ That jerk- it was made with love….something he doesn’t deserve from Mikaela…”

Entry 6: Mommy is very sick today...I’m taking care of her again…..daddy is more impatient with me the last few days and has given me the belt a few times for not coming right away or making more messes for him as he says….

Entry is….bad….poor mommy…. maybe she’ll get better when she sees the doctor next month.

Entry 8: The doctor said mommy is very very sick.I think he called it new monia? I’m not sure how to spell it, daddy wouldn’t spell it for me...The Doctor was going to tell me more, but daddy took me out of the room. Said it was adult stuff and that I wasn’t allowed inside….I Hope mommy will get better soon……..I got to see mommy for a little bit before going home with daddy, I gave her lots of hugs and kisses and pictures I drew for her. Mommy said she has to have a sleepover at the hospital tonight but that I’ll see her tomorrow. I want it to be tomorrow already….

Entry9: today is the worst I have ever had in my entire life…...why did I wish for today to come?!’s my fault! It’s all my fault!....

Entry10: I miss her so much….

Entry 11: Daddy has been more mean and given me the belt even more since mommy’s been gone….I wish she was here….Daddy says I’m the reason mommy is gone and wishes she was here and not me….

Entry 12: Its my first birthday without mommy this year…..I’m 9 now….daddy forgot my birthday…..but Ferid didn’t~....Ferid took me to see the new library him and his dad opened up! It’s so pretty inside and dad said I could work there and pay bills for him. I don’t care as long as I can go to the library~

Entry 13: I came home late from the library and dad beat me within an inch of my life for coming home so late...he said if I ever come home late like this again the same punishment will follow….he says I have to be home before it’s dark outside...and I’m not to leave town….

“So that’s why he’s so scared of the dark…..he’s not scared of the dark...he’s scared of his father who…”is the dark”….” Yuu frowned and sat there with tears in his eyes, not realizing until now that he had been crying. He could almost feel Mika’s heartache from the words written before him, he could feel all that sweet childhood innocence breaking apart and shattering into millions of pieces. “Yet...he’s so happy and still loves his father….why? doesn’t make any sense at all!....” Yuu kept reading the heartbreaking entries.

Entry 14: “I wish Mom was here to kiss my welts from the belt….I miss her kisses and hugs…..I really miss her voice and smile the most though…...I wonder if mommy thinks of me as much as I think of her….I tell her everything when I can visit her grave….I just hope daddy doesn’t catch me...he warned me never to go there anymore because it’s outside town I tell the Bear mommy made me for Christmas a few years ago….”

Entry 15: “I found some videos and pictures of mommy, I’ve been looking at them all day~ I really miss her. But In one video mommy said something that really hit close to home with me, “scars can hurt you, but don’t let them define better not bitter~” So I’m gonna listen to mommy and be strong~ Mommy has the best advice~”

Entry 17: “been awhile since I’ve last written, almost 7 years I think? I’m 20 now~....Today is mom’s birthday, I hope she’s doing well up above, I made a little cake for her birthday. Vanilla, her favorite~”

Entry 18: “I've gotten pretty lazy writing, I’ve been super happy working at the library with Ferid and for the most part I’ve managed to keep dad’s rage at bay by keeping him happy with drinks. He only talks to me when He needs more, when I’ve broken a rule, or when he wants me to it’s not so bad I guess.”

Entry 19: “moms birthday again, and lemme be the first to say I met the cutest angel today!~ he’s angry and fussy, but has the most beautiful emerald eyes~...and he’s here studying fashion too, He left his journal behind and you should totally see it mom! It’s so good! He has so many amazing designs inside!~ I’m gonna try a few some day if he’ll let me~ he had a run in with Kureto~ he’s a foreigner so his Russian was a little off, but it was totally cute when he spoke to me in Russian~ that is til I ticked him off and he huffed out the door~”

Yuu’s eyes widen in shock. “ way- but-...that can't be me can it?!!!!...there’s no way it’s me?!!!....he thinks I’m cute?” Yuu blushed and kept reading on.

“I’m not worried about seeing him again because I have his journal and he’ll have to come back for it I’ll return it to him tomorrow.”

“Hey I never did get it back though” Yuu said out loud as he read the next entry...well, attempted too since the pretty penmanship was now reduced to scribbles.

EntRY 2O: “coULdnT REtUrn thE journAL CaUse dADDy beAt my HAndS BaDly..__—_-...haVIng trOUBle wRiTinG SIncE mY hAnds ArE BanDaGeD…..”

Chapter Text

Yuu grew insanely furious once he got every answer he needed and shut the journal, putting it back where he found it and going to open the door. As he went to turn the knob the door swung open to reveal the familiar blonde, but with a bruise on his cheek.

“Mikaela?! What did he do to you?!” Yuu screamed.

“Ssshhhh!!!!.....” Mika panicked covering Yuu’s mouth. “Not so loud or he’ll come up here!....I told him we would be quiet and not bother him the rest of the night…”

“Mika I’m calling the police on your father for what he’s done to you!” Yuu took out his cellphone before it was smacked out of his hands.

“N-no! Please don’t!.....I’m bad so sometimes father has to punish me...I love my father please Yuu don’t call the police on him they’ll take him away and he’s all I have left!!!” The blonde croaked as tears began pouring down those soft,pale cheeks. “Please don’t call them…..I’m begging you…..” he hiccuped and began quivering.

Yuu couldn’t bear to see Mika in such a state and pulled him in close and secure,a hand rubbing his back while the other rubbed Mika’s head. “You don’t have to beg me for anything like you do with him….I’m not a monster like he is...I’m not going to hurt you or be the reason you cry…..”

Mika didn’t know how to react to being cradled like this and froze up completely other than his shaking. “Promise me you won’t call the police on him?...”

“I won’t this time, but if he lays another hand on you I’m turning him in ok? But you HAVE to tell me or Ferid or anyone if he so much as touches you again is that clear?!....I want you safe Mikaela...I can’t bear seeing you like this...getting hurt by someone who should love you….”

“.....I’m sorry to make you worry Yuu-Chan…”

“Don’t apologize it’s fine~.....” he said as he softly played with Mika’s hair,tucking a piece behind his ear.

“Will...will you stay with me tonight?.....I hate to ask this but...I just don’t want to be alone tonight…..” Mika admitted while nuzzling closer into Yuu’s shoulder to find comfort.

“So cute~...” Yuu thought to himself before answering Mika. “ Of course, little spoon or big spoon?” He asked tilting his head.

“.....little spoon until I can calm down…” Mika answered after thinking for a minute. “I just want to be held for a bit like she would do…”

“She?” Yuu asked.

“Felicity….my mother~...” the blonde softly smiled while nuzzling into Yuu, cuddling a cute teddy bear which Yuu assumed to be the one Mika mentioned in his journal a few times.

“That’s a cute teddy~” Yuu smiles while continuing to rub Mika’s back, not wanting to ask about anything in the journal since he wanted Mika to tell him when he felt ready to tell Yuu.


“’re not teasing me for it are you?...” the blonde asked as he started to hide it away by pulling it closer to him.

“No! No not at all!...I’m being’s a really cute bear~.... I have a stuffed bunny back at home in Japan, and my
Father Guren, he has a whole stuffed animal collection~” Yuu softly giggled thinking about it.

The blonde looked up at him. “You’ve never told me about your family Yuu, what are they like?” He asked tilting his head.

“My family?.....well, My dad Guren is married to my mom Shinya, they adopted me since my real parents just...weren’t fit to be parents……”

“I see….do you have a picture of them?”

“Yeah~ one minute” Yuu smiles as he grabbed his phone and showed Mika the most recent picture of him with Shinya and Guren on vacation at the beach. “That’s Shinya and that’s Guren~

Mika smiles looking at Yuu’s phone screen and nuzzles into his chest even more. “You have such a wonderful family Yuu~...I would love to see them one day~” he smiled. “It would be lovely I’m sure….”

Chapter Text

Yuu smiled softly at Mika being so interested in meeting his family. “You can next week probably when I have to show Guren some fashion styles I’ve come up with…...GAH! My fashion studies! I haven’t drawn in my journal yet he’s gonna kill me if I don’t draw some soon!”

“Ah, that’s right! I forgot to give you back your journal” the blonde said as he handed it to him. “.....You left it behind the first day we met and I kept forgetting to give it back to you; I hope you don’t mind but I looked through your designs, they’re very remarkable~ except one, you have this design wrong, we don’t wear outfits like this” He said with a soft smile as he pointed to the error.

“You don’t?” Yuu tilted his head. “Well then how do you wear it?” He asked. “Would you mind modeling it for me?”

“Sure” the blonde shrugged as he got up and took his shirt off, luckily for Yuu his back was to him or else he’d have a gushing nosebleed. But even with the view, Yuu couldn’t help but stare at Mika’s beautiful back, he was almost a perfect build between slim and muscular, yet he also had soft pudges here and there which Yuu found insanely adorable.
“Ah-...Yuu-Chan? Would you mind helping me out with this shirt? It’s a bit difficult with my hands wrapped up like this” Mika said turning to face Yuu so he could show him his hands to further his point.

Yuu had to keep from melting and letting a squeal slip out when he saw Mika’s bare chest, as a designer he was absolutely eating up Mika’s beautiful build for all the possible designs he could make. However, Yuu did let something slip out.
“Gosh you’re beautiful~”

The blonde blinked in surprise at the soft words and became all flushed. “W-what?”

Yuu flushes too realizing what he said. “O-oh I meant like from a designer aspect! Y-you have the perfect build for a model I could use for designs is what I have a really beautiful body Mikaela” He sheepishly smiles as he rubbed the back of his neck. “Sorry that came out a little weird”

Mika smiled as he lifted his arms up for Yuu to put the shirt on for him. “It’s alright~ I understand what you meant now~ and I wouldn’t mind modeling for you if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Really?! Oh that’d be great!~ thanks!” Yuu softly giggled as he put the shirt on for Mika. “Now what is it that I did on my design wrong?”

“I’ll show you” he says putting on a pretty blue sash. “You had your design with the sash going over the shoulder, this type of sash actually goes across the waist like a silky belt~” he smiled as he fastened it around his waist.

“Oooh so that’s how~ wait there a minute I wanna write this down in my journal! Can you make a pose for me? Perhaps with a chair?” Yuu said as he scrambled to his journal and pen and opened to a blank page to sketch Mika.

“Is this pose alright Yuu?”

He looked up to see Mika sitting on the back of the chair up against the wall so he wouldn’t fall, his legs crossed.

“Perfect!~ and I’ll just need you to hold that pose for 5 quick minutes then if you can do another one that’d be great~”

A few poses in and Yuu found his favorite thing to add detail too was Mika’s hair and soft edges to his body besides the whispy lines of his clothes, not even noticing Mika was letting the baggy shirt slip off his shoulders little by little; Yuu was just so captivated by his beautiful facial features.

“Aaaaand done~ I think I got more than enough for tonight~” Yuu smiled proudly at his journal.

“Can I see?” Mika said walking lightly on his toes to take a peak at Yuu’s journal and seeing all the different drawings of him. “You’re wonderful at drawing about just one more, please? We can even do a different perspective, this time you sit in the chair.”

“Oh, sure ok~ how long do you think you can hold the pose? I know modeling isn’t as easy as it lo-.......” his eyes went wide as he saw Mika laying on his bed, back slightly arched, shirt slipped way off his shoulder almost down to his elbow on the arm that hung down toward the ground, the other arm across his forhead. Yuu would by lying if he said Mika didn’t look absolutely breathtaking in a pose like that.
“M-Mika what are you doing?” He gulped and tried not to wheeze at how beautiful Mika looked, the way the moonlight from his window painted his body in a soft and gorgeous filter.

“I want you to draw me like one of your French girls~” Mika teased and laughed softly with Yuu at the joke.

“Good one Mika~ “

“Yes, but I'm also serious~ I want you to draw me like this”

“Well, I guess...but it’ll come at a price~” he grinned in a playful manner.

“And what price would that be?” Mika softly chuckled.

“Another kiss or two~ this time you gotta let me kiss you back before you run off someplace~” Yuu smirked softly.

“Is that the price you make all your models pay?” Mika teased getting back into the pose.

“Nope, just this super cute one called Mikaela Shindo~” Yuu grinned seeing a small blush creep onto Mika’s face.

“Ah so it’s a discount?~ should’ve known~” Mika giggles as he rolled his eyes.

“Just stay still so I can draw you~” Yuu smiled as he soaked in every detail of Mika and put it down in the journal with careful strokes of his pen, that is until Mika slowly began falling out of position due to him slowly falling asleep.

“Tired?” He softly asked the sleepy blonde.

“Mhm…..” he mumbled in response as he rubbed his eyes, I didn’t realize it’s nearly 2AM…..” he said sitting up just enough to look at his clock.

“Let’s get to bed then~ Yuu softly smiled as he helped Mika get comfy, then crawled into bed right next to him. “You still owe me those kisses~”

“Then come get em’ Yuu-Chan~” he softly smiled as he felt Yuu lean in close and plant a kiss on his lips, drawing their bodies a little closer.

Yuu stole his first payment kiss from Mika, then started softly and slowly kissing down his neck, before deciding to return a favor to Mika by giving him a small lovebite on his neck, Mika too tired to care, but awake enough to let out a soft little mewl. It wasn't long after that Mika fell asleep in his arms and Yuu let out a soft sigh while petting his head gently.

“I’m glad I was able to cheer you up from tonight...even if for a few hours…….” he frowned while looking at the bruise on his cheek from his father. “How could anyone hit such a beautiful and amazing person as Mika?...I just don’t get it...and how can Mika still love his father after all of this…..” Yuu thought to himself as he held Mika closer, wishing he could take away all of the blonde’s hurt.

Chapter Text

The next morning the blonde woke up to see he was in Yuu’s arms with his baggy shirt half slipped off his body and a small hickey he doesn’t remember receiving last night. “Wait-....we didn’t-.......d-did we?!” He quietly shrieked to himself while lookin. In the mirror and gently touching at the soft bruise on his neck from Yuu.
“Mn-...I should cook breakfast for Yuu, after all he did stay with me last night to make me feel better, hopefully father is still asleep and I can be in and out of the kitchen with ease…” he thought out loud before quietly exiting the room and heading downstairs to make a small breakfast for himself and Yuu, and even his father which he left at his bedside.

“Man I slept like a Mika?..Mika?!” Yuu started to panic when he didn’t see Mika in bed with him and assumed his father got ahold of him.

“I’m right here Yuu, I was just making breakfast is all,sorry to worry you” He said sitting on the edge of the bed with Yuu with a blush on his face, still gently rubbing the mark.

“Wow! It looks wonderful Mika!~ hmn? Hey what’s wrong?” He blinked looking at his neck.

“We didn’t uhm…….we didn’t do it….did we?” Mika stammered, his blush growing on his cute little cheeks.

“Nah, I just figured it was fair considering you marked my neck, and you owed me two kisses for requesting me to draw you~” Yuu stated with a cute smile while eating the peach pancakes Mika made him.

“Ah I see...oh! Also your phone kept going off this morning, I think one of them was from sayuri I thought it said, but I didn’t want to pry and get into your phone.”

Yuu closed his eyes and inhaled deeply before letting out a long and heavy sigh. “Ffffuuuuuuuuuuuuudge-“ he grabbed his phone and looked through the messages spammed to him from Sayuri and the others.

[ Sayuri: Yuichiro where are you?! I woke up this morning to get you out
of bed and you weren’t there! Where did you go?! Are you safe?! Are you ok?!]

[Mito: listen you numskull you better have a good explanation as to where you went last night because Sayuri is in a major panic because of you and she won’t calm down]

[Shigure: You best come home immediately Yuichiro…..]

[Mito: where are you? Did you seriously sneak out the window?! You’ve ruined the roofing tiles doing so- they’re all scuffed]

[Sayuri: Yuichiro?....please come home soon I’m so worried about you…]

[Goshi: you’re sooo grounded- Sayuri is crying because you’re still not back and it’s nearly 11am- where are you?]

“I gotta go before they kill me 10 times over. I made Sayuri cry and they’re all super ticked off I left without telling them where I was”

“But why? Didn’t you tell them you were going to be at my house?” Mika tilted his head then narrowed his eyes when Yuu nervously laughed while rubbing the back of his head. “фиктивный”(dummy) Mika said as he hit the back of Yuu’s head and sighed. “C’mon, let’s go get you out of trouble” he sighed quickly getting dressed and walked Yuu back to his house.

The whole way over there Mika seemed to be softly scolding to himself in russian about Yuu. Yuu not able to make out much since it was so quiet.

“ Mika? Are you mad at me?...”

“No I’m just dumbfounded by your arrogance- I’ve even told you NOT to go anywhere by yourself that it isn’t safe and yet you don’t even listen to that-“ Mika huffed softly. “ty deystvitel'no idiot Yuichiro…”(you really are an idiot Yuichiro) Mika said with a gentle sigh as he rang the doorbell.

“Hey! I understood you that time!” Yuu whined and huffed crossing his arms. “.....and I’m not always stupid” he stuck his tongue out, that is until Sayuri opened the door.

“Uh!!! YUUCHIRO!!!” She cries as she tackle hugged him, nearly sending them both falling down the stairs. “Y-Yuichiro I was so worried about you I thought something bad happened to you! I was so scared! I’m so glad you’re back Yuichiro!....Uh! What happened to your neck there’s marks on it! Uh! Yours too Mikaela what happened?!” She cried in a panic.

“Sayuri calm down-“ Mito said as she came out with the other two.

“Yeah those marks are hickies love it’s nothin’ serious” Goshi said coming down the stairs.

“So you snuck over to Mikaela’s and had intercourse didn’t you?” Shigure spoke up, still keeping her usual straight face.

“What?!...NO!! We didn’t! I-...May have gone to the party even though you all said no though….” Yuu muttered out as he tapped his fingers together. “B-but in my defense I’m an adult! I can make my own choices!...” he argued.

“Actually I’m at fault Everyone” the blonde spoke up. “I Invited Yuu to my party even though I knew it would be dangerous for him to walk over there and instead of walking him back home I kept him at my place….so the fault is mine, please don’t blame Yuu-Chan for what’s happened.” He said with a bow.

Sayuri went over and hugged them both. “I’m just glad you kept him safe! Guren and Shinya are coming tomorrow and It would’ve been awful if something happened to Yuichiro….”

“Yeah that’s all fine and all but how are we gonna explain those marks on his neck that his boyfriend gave him?” Mito pointed at Yuu, clearly fit to be tied.

“Huh? Mika’s not my boy-.....friend?” Yuu blinked a few times as if processing what all has happened and considered that maybe they could be, that is if Mika even wanted too. But he decided to deny it for now so he could ask Mika in a much more romantic and adorable way. “We aren’t boyfriends we just got drunk and mistook each other for someone else we liked-“ he lied as he shrugged and walked inside for breakfast with the others.

Mika could’ve sworn he felt a deep ping in his heart, his soul tugging at his heartstrings like a harp when Yuu denied them being a thing. He actually grew super attached to Yuu in the few short months they’ve known each other; and those hurt feelings soon shifted into pure jealousy when he heard what Mito said next.

“What? did you think it was Shinoa giving you all those love bites?” The redhead teased.

“What?! No way! Not in a million years! Her and Mitsuba are seeing each other! I don’t have a crush on Shinoa and never will!” Yuu whined getting all worked up.

“Yeah well even so; reality of it is, is that it’s all of MIKA’s Handiwork~ “ she smirked setting the table for breakfast. Mika taking pride in what she said, even praising himself in his head for it.

“Yeah! MY handiwork~ not that Shinoa girl’s-.....Mine~ and I bet she couldn’t do a better job than me~ Yuu-Chan looks so cute with all those marks~” His thoughts must’ve been a bit obvious because he caught Yuu staring at him. “Mn? Something wrong Yuu?” He tilted his head trying to play it off.

“ were smiling a lot so I was curious what you were thinking of that made you so happy is all~” he smiled in return and began eating his pancakes.

“If only you knew~” Mika thought as a smile crept onto his face again. “If only you knew~”....