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A Life Changing Trip

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“Stupid Mikaela- Mr.Capable-...I AM perfectly capable! I came out here all on my own and found my caretakers and I even found the library on my own!~” Yuu said to himself as he huffed, nose high in the air and his eyes closed til a familiar voiced called out ‘There’s a pole watch out-‘ which snapped Yuu out of it. “Eh?!” To Yuu surprise he opened his eyes to find his nose just half an inch away from the pole he nearly ran into. “Oh wow! Thanks I- wait a second-...” Yuu thought only one thing as he spun around to see who stopped him. “I only know one person besides my caretakers who speak English and that’s-......”

The Blonde was carrying a wooden crateful of big heavy books, the crate had a leather strap that went around his neck to help make carrying it easier. “Is your ego so big it creates a cloud to block your vision to make you utterly oblivious to things?-...” Mika rolled his eyes and kept walking til he was shoulder to shoulder with Yuu, a good few inches taller than the raven haired boy.

“ The Heck is with all your stupid teasing?- with the whole Mr.Capable and the stupid Ego and oblivious...ness?!.....Well I won’t have it you snobbish blonde headed...charming bookworm of a brat!” Yuu’s Temper getting the best of him again as he huffed off offended and upset. He continued home only to hear soft crunching of footsteps in the snow behind him that stopped whenever he stopped and started whenever he started.
“.......Is he…..Following Me?!-“.....”Hey what’s with you?- why are you following me bookworm?-“

“ I Am Not”

“ARE SO!” Yuu Whined before growling and walking a tad faster, the footsteps picking up speed as well.
“Ugh! I swear If he doesn’t stop tormenting me-“ Yuu’s anger began to boil as he put some pep in his step and started full on running dead ahead towards the mansion,footsteps going the same speed until Yuu turned around to yell as his anger finally boiled over its edge. “ALRIGHT BOOKWORM YOURE ASKING FOR I- wha! Wha! WOAH!!” As Yuu whipped around to yell at the blonde he slipped on ice and landed with a loud crack of shattering Ice below him. “...ooow...mnnnn….”He slowly opened his eyes again to see the blonde hovering over top of him with the perfect ‘o’ shaped mouth and concerned wide eyes.

“Are you alri-“

“DONT! to me-......” Yuu snapped as he rolled over onto his belly and carefully tried to stand up, but kept slipping and losing balance. “You come anywhere near me and keep up this whole st-stalking act then I’ll ! I’ll!”

Mika caught him in his arm and held him close when Yuu slipped again. “Or you’ll what? Because last I checked it wasn’t against the law to deliver packages,mail, or even BOOKS to someone who ordered them-“ Mika rolled his eyes before making sure Yuu was steady to walk on his own, then turned left onto the walkway to the front door of where Yuu was staying.

“HUH?!?!?!!!!” You-....hey wait just a minute what in the heck is going on here?!-“

“Ugh- “ The Blondes nose wrinkled up in annoyance as well as his cheeks puffing up all cute like. “ You really ARE an idiot aren’t you?- I just told you- I wasn’t following you I’m delivering books! That’s my job- and I deliver to the biggest bookworms in town every Thursday Evening~” He said with pride as the door opened to reveal little Sayuri.

“Ah Mikaela you’re just in Time with the new books we asked for!~” Sayuri squealed with a cute little hop. “Please come inside Mikaela~ huh? Oh! Yuichiro you walked Mikaela here?!~ oh how sweet of you!~”

“Actually Miss Sayuri it’s more so I walked HIM here~ he slipped on the ice and nearly ran into the pole, I don’t think he’s feeling very well~” Mika sneered a little smirk back at Yuu knowing that would get Sayuri all worked up and fawning over Yuu as payback.

Yuu saw the sly smirk and growled at him before a little Sayuri was jumping up onto her tip toes to grab Yuu by the ear and get his head low enough so she could feel his head for a fever. “ Yuichiro is that true?!! Oh you must be so frail against the harsh weather of Russia!!! How could I have sent you out alone on your first day like that?! I knew I should have gone with you Yuichiro oh I’m so so sorry you got ill because of my ignorance! Come you must warm up by the fire and rest!”

“Uh?!” Yuu was powerless to her fretting and quickly had a thermometer shoved into his mouth, a cool rag on his head, wrapped in a blanket and shoved into a seat by the fireplace.

“Don’t you move a muscle Yuichiro! I’ll make you some chicken noodle soup! Shigureee!~ Goshiii!!!! We need a fresh chicken!”

Goshi poked his head around the corner.” eh?- what fer’?” He groaned rubbing the back of his neck.

“Mikaela said Yuichiro isn’t feeling well and fell on the ice!” Sayuri sniffled and looked more sad than a lost puppy

“I thought I told you to be careful- Did you not listen to our rules?” Mito spat coming in as well, Shigure soon behind her.

Yuu growled and threw a small fit.” IM FINE! I don’t have a fever! I’m not sick! I’m ok! I slipped on the ice yes but I’m totally fine it’s ok! See?!...” Yuu pouted standing up, only to be pushed back into his chair by Sayuri.

“Ah ah ah!” She wagged her finger in his face. “ I said stay put while I make you an amazing bowl of chicken noodle soup! Everyone to the chicken! Oh! And Mikaela dear would you mind watching Yuichiro for me?~ make sure he doesn’t move from the seat?” She smiled up at Mikaela as if he were some handsome prince.

“Of course Miss Sayuri~” He smiles back watching them all scurry off and turned to look at Yuu with a teasing smile as he sat beside him,chin resting in hand. “You look as though you want to hit me~” he grinned.

Yuu glared a million daggers at Mikaela.”Youre the devil-“


“Ahahaha~ well maybe to you but to Sayuri I’m an angel~” Mika laughed in amusement.

“Yeah angel of mischief maybe-“ Yuu rolled his eyes and spat out the thermometer.

“Ah Ah Yuu-Chan~ you’re sick and I must take care of you til they get back” Mika picked up the thermometer and examined it.” Say….this temperature seems rather low for someone who’s sitting by the fire wrapped in a blanket-.....” He leaned dangerously close to Yuu’s face and started slowly pushing the thermometer back through his lips. “Care to explain?....Yuu-Chan?~” He whispered in his ear in a teasing way, sending shivers up Yuu’s spine.

“I-I! Uh! Er-....WAH! Hey haven’t you e-ever heard of personal space?! What’s with you and your stupid teasing you Jack-“ his temper cut short by a finger against his lips. “Huh?!!”

“Not another attempted filthy word from you- you have such a filthy mouth I’m gonna have to change that I think~” Mikaela grinned leaning in as he lifted Yuu’s chin.

“UH?! H-hey wait! Mikaela!!! What are you d-“ his eyes widen as their lips grew closer and closer until.

“Yuu” a faint soft voice called,along with snapping of fingers.



“Yuu?....Yuu! ….Yuu-Chan wake up!” The voice grew clearer and clearer as the snapping sounds grew louder and louder as he finally came too and saw the familiar blonde above him snapping him awake and gently tossing his head side to side to wake him.

“Huh?.....Blondie?....but...what are we doing back outside?....why am the snow?....Is this real life?” Yuu spurted out as he dizzily looked around only to hear a sigh of both annoyance and relief.

“ really are thought I was following you so you you started running but when you turned around you slipped on Ice and whacked your head pretty hard when you’ve been out the last 5 minutes and I got rather worried you wouldn’t wake up, you were seemed to be having quite the dream too you even smiled in your sleep what were you dreaming about? Mika asked tilting his head very curious, his lips cute and the right amount of plump to them as they made the perfect little “o” shape as he stared down at Yuu.

“ I-I...Uuuh……” Yuu flushed a bright pink. “I CAN’T TELL HIM I DREAMT WE ALMOST KISSED THAT’S EMBARRASSING!” Yuu panicked and blurred out the first thing that came to mind “CH-CHICKEN NUGGETS!!!”



“.... Chicken...Nuggets?....” Mika tilted his head before his lips curved into the cutest smile before he burst out with the most adorable laugh Yuu has ever heard. “Ahahaha!~ Oh Yuu-Chan you’re so Silly!~ you must really love chicken Nuggets then Huh?~” he softly smiled as he offered to help him up.

“Y-yeah...uh...they’re great~...” Yuu smiles softly and a bit awkwardly as he took Mika’s hand.