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A Life Changing Trip

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“Yuichiro Breakfast is ready if you’re hungry,there’s also a fresh pair of clothes for you to voyage around town if you wish but don’t go outside of the town limits it’s dangerous since you’re new here.”

Yuu’s eyes fluttered open to see bright crimson hair and violet eyes gazing down upon him.

“Mito...wasn’t It?”

“Yes,you catch on fast. Sayuri has been eager for you to wake up and try her cooking, she made you pancakes.”

‘Pancakes do sound pretty good’ Yuu thought to himself right as his nose caught a good whiff of maple syrup filling the air around him.“Then I’ll have to try some then I guess”

Once Mito exited his bedroom he got up and dressed himself,finishing up the last button on his shirt as he reached the bottom of the long,fancy staircase.
His eyes glancing at everyone else in the kitchen; Goshi smoking his pipe while reading the newspaper,Shigure setting the table, and Mito scrapping pancake batter off the ceiling with a sigh as Sayuri spazzed out at the mess she made on accident.

“Gwaaah! I-I’m so so sorry Mito! I didn’t know it would stick to the ceiling! I didn’t mean to toss it up that high I’m really reeeally sorry Mito!” Sayuri cried, easily getting all worked up over something so small,

Yuu looked at Sayuri running around the step stool Mito hardly needed given her height,then up at the pancake batter dripping from the ceiling. “’s a lot of pancake batter…”

“UH?!!” Sayuri squeaked out in surprise seeing Yuu awake and witnessing the mess she made. “ Ah! N-no that’s’s uh...well….it’s….I’m so sorry….I-I just wanted a nice breakfast for everyone I didn’t mean to make such a mess of things!” She whimpered ashamed of herself and even started to tear up.

“Hey now little missy, cute girls like you shouldn’t be crying over something so small,It’s alright you can make more right?” Goshi asked while placing an arm around her for comfort.

“B-b-but that’s different! It was supposed to be a perfect first breakfast in Russia for Yuichiro!” She whined burying her face in Goshis warm,comforting chest.

“I don’t mind at all Sayuri~ I’ll eat anything you fix me!~” Yuu stated,smiling softly at her. “Accidents happen, I should know Guren says I make a lot of them HaHaHa~ C’mon please don’t cry Sayuri it’s ok, I still think you’re a wonderful cook!” Yuu tried to assure her it was alright and watched as those big brown eyes came into view from Goshi’s chest and peered into Yuu’s.

“Y-you really think so Yuichiro?....”

“ I know so~” he shot a smile at her.

Sayuri sniffled as she wiped her tears away from her face and gave a little smile.
“ Thank You Yuichiro, I’m going to try my hardest to pull myself together and get a decent breakfast prepared then! Are you still hungry Yuichiro? The next batch won’t be done for a while unfortunately….”

“No it’s quite alright, I was going to head to the library anyways. Plus I wanna go out and explore the place and jott some things down.”

“Be careful, and stay within town limits…” Shigure shot him a serious glare that left the pages of her book for only a split second.

“Exactly what Shigure said, we don’t need a worried Shinya down our throats and an angry Guren up our butt for losing their son on the first day because he doesn’t wanna listen to our rules-“ Retorted Mito.

“Yeah what they said” Goshi added in with a yawn and big stretch.

“Wh-what they mean to say is have fun but stay safe!~ And here I made this for you last night Yuichiro! It will keep you warm outside!” Sayuri squealed as she wrapped a thick heavy scarf around his neck in all sorts of pretty eye-popping colors.

“Uh? Oh,thanks Sayuri but I don’t know if I’ll really ne- “ He stopped his sentence short when a Protective Mito glared at him as Sayuri started to tear up at the rejection; Mito’s glare seeming to say ‘break her feelings and I’ll break your neck!’. “I’s lovely Sayuri! It’s really pretty! Honest! I was just gonna say I don’t know if I should wear it inside since it’s so hot! Ahehe...heh….mmm…”
Yuu cleared his throat looking at Mito back off a little as Sayuri cheered back up and sent Yuu on his way.