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The Ticking Clock (Canceled)

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Chapter 1: Seasons Greetings

For most worlds, Christmas was seen as a time to relax with family and celebrate the holidays. This was not the case for Bridgette and Felix, years had passed since they’ve learned to be ready the waves of Akuma during those weeks of winter. This year was no different, the couple had been forced to abandon their Christmas Celebration, yet another Akuma had attacked the Eiffel Tower.


“Chat! Look out!” Bridgette screamed out at her partner, who just barely managed to dodge the Akuma’s strike.


Flipping away from the Akuma, Felix landed beside Ladybug and adjusted his collar, “You don’t need to worry about me, I can handle myself.”


Bridgette gave a quick scowl at her grumpy kitten before turning back to the Akuma, “I’m not worried about you not being able to handle yourself, I’m worried that my partner won't be able to come home for Christmas if I don’t help him fight.”


The blonde gave a huff before nodding to the Akuma, “He’ll be tough to beat.”


The Akuma in question was decked out in Samurai armor and weaponry, he had appeared underneath the Eiffel Tower half an hour before and had decided to take it upon himself to kill anyone he had seen, while also screaming in nonsense in Japanese. Once they had arrived the Akuma had been startled at first but continued his rampage, and had almost taken Felix out a few times.


“Something’s not right…” Bridgette noted, “It’s like he’s just as startled as we are.”


“We need to end this soon, our costumes aren’t made to fight in the cold,” Felix told his partner, leaping straight into battle once more.


The Samurai swept his sword at Felix’s hip, which was dodged by the cat dropping to the floor and sweeping his legs underneath the Samurai, knocking the man to the floor. He was not done however as he grabbed one of his smaller swords, a wakizashi, and swung it at Felix’s feet. Upon the collision, the sword shattered and Felix screamed out in pain, falling to the ground.


Before Bridgette could respond a pillar of light appeared above Felix, a figure stepped out. He wore a striped tuxedo and white button up and suspenders. Underneath his tuxedo jacket, he had a black pocket watch peeking out from his shirt pocket, the quiet ticks of the clock resembled a heartbeat. The man had purple jelled back hair, a charismatic smile, and an Iron walking stick, “Seems like my Samurai has run out of time, “ The man spoke, letting out a sarcastic sigh, “Shame, I really liked that one.” behind the man, the Samurai began to fade into nothingness, disappearing altogether from the world.


Bridgette brought her fists up, “Who are you?”


The man gazed down at Felix, who had stopped screaming entirely and was currently scowling at the man above him, “It seems like this poor lad is also,” He lifted his iron cane, “Out of time.”  He laughed and began to bring down the cane.

One step, Bridgette ran toward the man, cane descending toward her partners head.


One step, Bridgette yelled, hand reaching out toward the man.


One step, the man smiled, cane colliding with his head.


One step and a resounding crack filled Bridgette with dread and sorrow.


One step and Bridgette was on her knees, a tear rolling down her face, and her cries echoed through the square.


The man laughed, and pulled his staff up, “Hubris is the death of all great men.” He reached into his pocket and revealed the corrupted watch, “Don’t worry lass, hopefully, I’ll see you in another time… In another place.”


Light surrounded Bridgette, tearing her away from the injured man, her partner, her husband. Another tear rolled down her cheek, she screamed into the vortex and heard the man’s laugh surround her in response.




“Marinette! You’re gonna be late.” a tiny voice warned


The girl in question buried herself back further into her comforter. Warmth!


“Marinette! You’re gonna be late for school!” The tiny voice spoke again.


The girl sunk further into the warmth of her sheets. I don’t need school, all I need is warmth and sleep!


Something small began to touch the girls hip, one, twice, three times. The girl let out a small chuckle at the small taps on her hips. That tickles.


“Marinette, this is your last warning!” the tiny voice yelled, now sounding suspiciously muffled.


After a moment with no response from the girl, the tiny voice spoke once more, “Alright, You gave me no choice.”


Within seconds an endless amount of taps was unleashed onto Marinette, causing the girl to curl with laughter, “NO! Ti- Tikki sto- stoooop!”


“Then. Get. Up.” the Kawami began, “You’ve been late to school three times this week, I can’t let you get in trouble!”


Marinette let out a screech at the second wave of tickles, “Fine! I’ll get up!”


After putting on her usual pink floral print shirt, she put on a black button-up jacket, matching pants, a red scarf, black fedora and a pair of light pink fur boots. She made grabbed her backpack and made her way out into the snow covered Paris and toward her school.


As Marinette walked toward the school her foot landed on some ice, causing her to lose her balance and fall backward with a resounding thwack. Most of the people on the sidewalk with her laughed at the unlucky girl. One frowned, however, and decided to move toward the girl and held a hand out toward the younger girl.


“You alright?” The kind woman said.


Marinette opened an eyelid and gazed up at the woman above her. She was tall with black hair similar to Marinette’s the only difference was how wild the hair was compared to her own. She had a white polo shirt and folded up Jean shorts, confused, Marinette decided to take the girls outstretched hand.


“I’m fine, but what about you?” Marinette began gesturing toward her clothes, “You must be super cold?”


The woman crossed her arms and shook her head, “Nothing I can’t handle!”


“Well… uh if you need anything warm, head to the bakery down the street!” she told the woman, and turned to continue toward the school before turning back around to the woman, “Thank you for helping me.” with that she continued on her way leaving the woman with a pleasant smile on her face.


She would make a great Ladybug,  The woman thought to herself.

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Hello people!

This is for those of you who are waiting for a new chapter of any one of my Miraculous Ladybug fanfictions. While I had fun writing them in the past times have changed and I’ve decided to leave the fandom.

I thought long and hard when it came to this decision, almost for a whole month in fact. My decision ultimately came down to two factors.

My interest & Enjoyment of the show: As time had gone on my enjoyment in the show got to a point where I stopped watching, my interest mirrored that I found myself leaving the fandom and already turing to other fandoms such as MHA, RWBY and others.
The fun of writing: When I write I try to enjoy what I am doing, but as it came to the later chapters of all my stories I found myself not enjoying what I was doing. It’s just not fun for me to write for the ML community anymore.

I know that a lot of you came from stories such as ‘Bronze Fox’ ‘Shuffle’ and ‘Demons’ I hope that you don’t hate me for this sudden update, but i’ll never forget the growth I had when writing these stories.

Thanks for Everything,