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Finding Home, Again

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As her family left the island Emma felt it, almost heard it like doors being slammed shut down a long empty hallway.

This place had its own story. Emma didn’t know what it was exactly but she could feel the island. When trapped during Isaac’s rewrite it was a buzz in the back of her brain that she tried to ignore as she held onto her sanity. Her place of peace and solitude when they had unexpectedly landed back in the Enchanted Forest.

It had wrapped around her like a warm blanket.

Some people got a pet. Emma got an island spirit, maybe. Maybe it was her imagination or the nature of her magic or how she’d created door to door connections. Whatever it was didn’t really matter as it had welcomed her and had let her create a home.

A glance out the balcony doors showed a storm moving across the sea. She grabbed a knitted shawl that Granny had sent with a number of baby beanies and wrapped it around her shoulders. The scent of water and salt greeted her as she leaned against the door jamb. The wind was picking up.

Emma didn’t know why Regina thought she should go but she was glad to take off. Kissing on command was just, just wrong. She rolled her eyes at herself. Unromantic is what it was and boring and anticlimactic. And wrong.

Emma didn’t know when she got so picky about her moments. Hormones. She would blame pregnancy hormones for as long as humanly possible.

Another door slammed and it wasn’t a jolt inside her head this time. It was an actual noise followed by actual footsteps that seem to be running up the stairs two at a time. When the door swung open Emma glanced over her shoulder to see Killian with both hands braced on his knees and trying to catch his breath. Without looking up he held up a finger to ask for a moment. Emma turned to face the room and wait on her husband.

Eventually Killian stood, his chest still heaving as he caught his breath. It was a long process and he kept attempting to strike an intimidating pose before he was ready. Emma grinned when one hand manage to land on a cocked-out hip but he still couldn’t speak. Her head tilted to one side and she rolled her lips inward to contain a laugh when he braced an arm against the wall but fell into it instead.

“You know, sailor,” she commented. “You aren’t as young as you think.”

“Taking aim at my age.” He frowned. “Bad form.” He gave up on posing and tipped his head down to get control of himself. Finally ready, he glared up at her from underneath furrowed brows. “Much like running away from your family in the middle of an important discussion.”

“Pfffft.” Emma turned her back on him. “I wasn’t needed for that part.” She crossed her arms and hugged the shawl closer. “Did it work?”

“Yes,” he answered tersely. “After what amounted to what I can only describe as an excruciatingly awkward therapy session, Tigerlily was able to disconnect Cruella from Milah.”


“And what?” Killian strolled across the room to lean opposite her. “Some mongrel made of magical bad breath ran off into the sunset.”


“And Milah went home with Bae.” A single finger tapped his lips. “Memory’s still a bit wonky but I just might know what’ll fix that.”

Emma glanced up with a flutter of her lashes. “Really? That’s all.”

“Mmmmhmmm.” He pushed off the door jamb with his shoulders and leading with his hips, took two steps closer. “And.”

Emma laughed.

“And,” he continued with a wag of his finger. “We are, in fact, quite alone.”

Emma rolled her eyes. “And what? Are we supposed to just get busy?”

“How utterly unromantic of you love.”

She shrugged. “It’s just feels”—her nose wrinkled –“a little anticlimactic or something.”

“There is nothing about me, or us, that’s anti-climax.” He took another step closer and swayed forward. “I refuse to play the kiss the dead girl after all…”

“Kiss the dead girl? And after all what?”

“Emma Swan.” Using a single finger he tipped her chin up. “I have died for you, traveled realms desperately to return to your side, battled snow queens and witches by your side. You were a beacon leading the way out of my darkness and you tracked my sorry arse down in hell. I have watched you sacrifice yourself twice now to save another and barely stopped you from doing it to save me. I have fought for your heart and you have stood ready to give half of it to me.”

“Yeah, good times.” Emma blinked away the tears his words created.

Killian’s smile trembled. “Not always but what did that matter as long as we found our way back to each other.” His hand slipped behind her head and cradled the back of it, tilting it up. “And for all that we have given to each other, I never imagined that you would wait for me, choose me over...”

“Only you.” Her words breathed out on a sigh. “I love you and as much as I want you with me always, more than that I want you to be happy. And really, it wasn’t that long of a wait or really hard.”

He shook his head. “Down play it if you wish but I don’t have to imagine what it’s like to wait while your beloved is linked to another.” His head fell forward to rest against hers. “I was drawn to you from the moment we met, for the hundredth first time…”

“It wasn’t that many.” She pressed against him.

“Only you. I needed only to meet you to know exactly where I belonged,” he whispered, his breath passing from his lips across hers. Emma shivered and leaned up on her toes just as he pulled back. “At this point, I don’t give a good goddamn about where or how but I will kiss my wife, my love, as much as I damn well please.”

Emma started to roll her eyes but closed them when she finally felt the familiar pressure of Killian’s lips. She moaned as his mouth opened and dragged her deeper into the kiss. The familiar taste of her husband bloomed on her lips and tongue. Her entire world spun back into place and her back hit the wall as it went on and on and on. It was like dancing, their motions in sync as their heads angled to deepen their kiss and retreated so their lips brushed the other’s, to take a breath so they could dive deep into each other once more.

“Hey.” Emma tried to pull away a bit.

“No.” He growled and kissed her breathless, tracing a path with his lips to her ear which he nipped gently. “No talking. Only us, only kissing.”

“Killian,” she moaned as she tilted her head to let his teeth slid down her neck. “Did it work?”

“You always work for me love,” he groaned, his voice deepening.

Emma pushed at him, not really wanting any distance between them but needing it to think. “Idiot, did we do the thing?”

“We’ll get there.” He reached out to catch her hands and pull her arms back around his neck. “Just let me…”

“Killian, everyone’s memory. Did we fix it?”


“Come on Killian.” Emma huffed and tried to untangle her arms but as one arm pulled free, he’d snatch it back. He kept landing kisses along her jaw, on her nose and a sharp quick nip of his teeth on her lower lip as he walked her backward into the room. “A breeze? Rainbow light or whatever?”

Killian glared at her. “I am doing my best work and you are ruining this.”

Emma glared back. “Well excuse me for worrying about other people.” She leaned away from him. “Other people who have been known to interrupt at the worst possible time.”

He spun away and fell back on the bed covering his closed eyes with one hand. “It’s like you have no faith in me whatsoever.” Killian looked up at her with wide hurt eyes and pouting lips.

Her eyes narrowed on his mouth. His swollen mouth that pouted, all hurt and sad except for that one corner the quirked up a bit. Damn drama queen. Emma crawled onto him, straddling his hips and crossed her arms. “Try again, Captain.”

Killian met her glare as his hands slid up from her knees to rest on her hips. “As if I wouldn’t make sure our family wasn’t absolutely aware of the dire consequences should they attempt to disturb us.”

“All hell could be breaking loose and…”

“No. Absolutely not. Because if it involved death – and I was crystal clear on this – not imminent death, not copious amounts of blood which will lead to death or any other possible situation that could end in death, are they about to disturb us.”

Emma pursed her lips to keep from smiling. “You’re sure?”

“Positive.” He raised both brows quickly as he pulled her hips down against him with a groan. “Any other questions or concerns?”

“You never answered my original one.” Emma rocked against him and leaned down, bracing her arms on either side of his head. “Did we, you know?”

“I have no bloody clue.” Killian lifted a lock of her hair and brushed it behind her ear. He bit his lip as his eyes traced over her blushing face and stopped to stare at her lips. “All I felt was you.”

“Same.” Emma whispered. “We’d have heard by now if…”

He nodded and leaned up to nip at her lips. “So.”

Bending her elbows, Emma lowered herself to brush her lips against his, once, twice. “I love you,” she whispered across his lips.

Killian moved quickly, rolling them to hover above and study her face, her shining green eyes and happy wide smile. “I know.”

Emma Jones rolled her eyes at her husband. Captain Killian Jones ignored her sass and did what he did best, loved his wife.




“What do you think…”


“Come on. Don’t you wonder…”


“Well, wouldn’t you…”

“Not at all.”

“How can you not wonder if…”

“Because I know.” Snow White didn’t even look up from the book in her hands. “There was a whoosh of rainbow light and Zelena let us know that Regina was happily snuggled up to live Robin afterwards.” She looked up over the top of her book at her fidgety husband. “True love’s kiss worked, memories are restored, no one died and we sent out word for our people to gather in the morning.”

“That doesn’t explain your negative replies to questions you didn’t even let me ask.” David glared and sat down with his arms crossed.

“Because I know.” Snow smirked. “If she wasn’t pregnant already…”


“You asked.” She lowered her book. “And asked.”

“Fine.” David leaned back in the chair and sighed. “So now what?”

“Really Charming?” Her book landed with a thud on the floor and Snow moved to stand over her husband. “What are you up to?”

He snatched her off her feet and into his lap. “Maybe I just wish to cuddle my wife and talk about what we’re going to do with the rest of our lives?”

“I think.” She traced the scar on his chin with one finger. “That it’s about time for us to become the most boring people in existence.”

“We could never be boring.”

“Oh, we won’t be bored. But you know, if there’s a book out there with our names on it, this is where most everyone would stop reading.”

Charming tilted his head to the side as he thought about it. “Because it’s all every day family stuff, rebuilding the kingdom and whatever? You really think there’ll be no more curses, or villains out to get us?”

“It could happen.” Her head dropped onto his shoulder. “Does it worry you?”

Shaking his head no. “Come for anyone of our family, terrorize our kingdom and have to deal with us, Regina, Rumplestilskin, Captain Hook and the Savior?”

“Belle, the smartest person ever, The truest believer who’s also the Author, Robin Hood, Zelena.” Snow giggled. “Dwarves, fairies, a giant and Granny and then there’s the kids.”

He pressed a kiss to her hair. “Between you and Emma and Belle – you know, like, all the princesses.”

“See.” Snow closed her eyes.

“I guess we’ll just have to do it then.” He kissed her again, this time landing on her cheek.

“Do what?”

“Live happily ever after.”

“Whatever comes,” she whispered.

He whispered back. “Whatever comes.”


“So what do you think they’re do…”

Snow White put her hand over her husband’s mouth before he could finish his question. His eyes widen as he met her glare. She shook her head at him, removed her hand to press a kiss to his lips before giving the only answer that would shut him up. “Living happily ever after.”