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there is truth in the space between

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April 12th

(12:13) Text me your order?

(12:13) I’m glad you snagged our favourite spot but it’s too loud in here to hear you and I can’t read lips

(12:14) You were watching my lips?

(12:14) Oh my god.

(12:14) Stop giving me that look

(12:14) Are you 12? Why are you smug about this, we’re literally girlfriends

(12:15) If you could stop laughing for a second and text me your order, it would be much appreciated

(12:15) Guess

(12:15) We’re doing that again?

(12:15) Yup

(12:15) All right, fine, but no complaints

(12:15) Why are you laughing??

(12:15) Just because I zipped my lips?

(12:16) I can hold myself back

(12:16) I know, but you also derive great joy from dramatically overreacting to irrelevant things, only to start laughing in the middle of it

(12:16) True

(12:16) You know me well

(12:17) I’d like to think I do

(12:17) Your turn

(12:17) I could see you mouth “gah”

(12:17) I don’t know what you’re talking about

(12:17) And it’s rude to type while talking to someone

(12:17) Fine

(12:17) Be right with you

(12:17) Counting on it


April 25th

(22:23) My friends love you

(22:28) They do?

(22:34) They do

(22:34) They’ve already voted on keeping you in the group even if we break up

(22:39) That’s… sweet?

(22:39) I like them too

(22:41) After that, I told them that if they jinxed this for us, I’m gonna put a curse on them

(22:45) Of course

(22:46) Do you have much experience casting curses?

(22:46) Never done it before

(22:46) It wouldn’t be anything major

(22:47) Just small inconveniences

(22:50) I’m not sure you can make them that specific

(22:52) Wait

(22:52) You believe in curses???????

(22:52) Seriously, Asami, you’re always good for a surprise

(22:56) I mean… Probably not

(22:56) But then sometimes it feels like maybe there’s some truth to them, the tiniest bit

(22:56) If nothing else, then there’s at least the negative energy that thinking hate-filled thoughts about someone generates and directs towards them

(22:57) If that were true, all sorts of terrible people would be tripping over their own two feet constantly

(23:00) Yes, but see, you put that bad energy out there, but there’s nothing to guarantee it reaches its target, nothing to guide it

(23:00) So it swirls around and latches onto anyone who presents an opportunity for it

(23:01) That’s one theory

(23:01) So if you’ve ever felt like everything randomly went wrong, out of nowhere? It might have been the bad energy people sent out (directing it towards certain people in their thoughts) that simply ended up attaching itself to you instead

(23:03) Wow, that’s a pretty elaborate theory

(23:03) You’ve thought about this before

(23:08) Sometimes things are simply too bad for some people for no discernible reason whatsoever

(23:08) It makes you consider possible catalysts, yes

(23:09) Wasn’t it you who said that sometimes things just happen and there’s no bigger reason behind it?

(23:11) I still stand by that, but if it’s a continuous thing, one bad thing after another… I don’t know

(23:11) Logically, there should be ups and down, like waves

(23:11) One would think

(23:13) I’m guessing you don’t believe in luck?

(23:15) I don’t necessarily not believe in it

(23:15) But?

(23:15) But if such a thing as fortune does exist, there has to be a pattern to it, something that decides who gets how much of it

(23:15) Not as in some being making a conscious decision to bestow luck upon people or not, but at least on a chemical level or the like

(23:16) You mean like a luck gene?

(23:16) For example

(23:16) Okay, that sounds ridiculous even to me

(23:16) It does, and I don’t believe in it. Yet if we say that luck exists, we must also find a way to explain it that’s more believable than chance

(23:17) I’m too tired for this

(23:17) My closing argument are little luck fairies flying around spreading luck like glitter dust

(23:17) Only sometimes you’re standing somewhere really windy so all your luck gets swept away and carried to someone else who then has a surplus of it and wins the lottery or something

(23:17) Ta-dah

(23:18) I’m applauding

(23:18) And I’m bowing

(23:18) Except I’m already lying in bed so I’m more contorting my body in a weird way

(23:18) But it’s a bow in spirit

(23:18) You’re quite the storyteller

(23:19) It runs in my family

(23:19) I’m falling asleep, Asami

(23:20) Are you pouting about it?

(23:20) …No

(23:20) That’d be a yes

(23:20) Fine

(23:20) I’m not ready to sleep yet

(23:20) Tonight was really great and I feel good and I don’t want to lose that feeling

(23:21) Yes, I had a wonderful time tonight

(23:21) And I guess we’ll just have to do our best to make sure you feel good tomorrow too

(23:21) Gah

(23:21) There it is

(23:21) What do you mean?

(23:21) Well, it’s been a while since you’ve typed out “gah”, since we mostly talk in person now

(23:22) In a weird way, I kind of missed it

(23:22) No way, really?

(23:22) Hang on, let me check

(23:22) Korra, if you go through our chat, you’re going to fall asleep even faster

(23:22) You know scrolling makes you sleepy

(23:32) There you go


May 19th

(10:40) Sometimes I forget how all of this started

(10:40) Because you’re such a firm part of my life now that I feels like you’ve always been there

(10:41) And then I remember, and I have to double-check to make sure this wasn’t just a bizarrely detailed dream

(10:41) Do you know what I mean?

(11:13) I know exactly what you mean

(11:13) It does seem surreal sometimes

(11:31) Right?

(11:31) But it’s not

(11:31) It’s real

(11:38) That it is, and I’m very grateful for that fact

(11:43) Gah

(11:46) You’ve started typing it more again since I told you I kind of missed it

(11:49) Oh, really, you said that?

(11:49) Must have slipped my mind

(11:49) Those two things are totally unrelated

(11:54) Korra

(11:57) Alright

(11:57) It’s just, why should you miss something if you don’t have to

(11:57) That’s all

(11:57) And it’s not like I force it in

(11:58) Believe me, I feel all of my “gah”s

(11:58) Doesn’t hurt to type them out when I feel them

(12:02) How am I dating the sweetest person in the entire world?

(12:05) That’s my line

(12:07) Korra…

(12:09) You’re blushing now

(12:09) I know it

(12:11) No comment

(12:12) See, now you understand how useful that can be

(12:16) I do

(12:19) Every day there’s something that brings us closer together

(12:20) And now I know you snorted

(12:23) You know me well

(12:25) I’d like to think I do

(12:25) I love it when we quote each other

(12:28) You don’t think it’s cheesy?

(12:30) Of course it is

(12:30) But in the best, grinning-so-wide-your-cheeks-hurt kind of way

(12:33) [Image]

(12:33) Yeah

(12:34) And this time it’s me who knows that you just kissed the screen

(12:37) So?

(12:37) It’s a picture of you

(12:39) Exactly

(12:39) A picture

(12:41) Boo

(12:44) Now the “boo”s I could do without. Any chance you’ve gotten tired of them?

(12:46) Nope

(12:46) In fact, I love them more than ever

(12:46) Sometimes they just perfectly express my feelings

(12:50) Fair enough

(12:52) Oh, I’m grinning too, hang on

(12:53) [Image]

(12:53) There

(12:53) Okay, you’re not gonna kiss the screen

(12:53) (Boo)

(12:53) But you will probably get that soft look in your eyes that’s both impossible to take and also impossible to look away from

(12:54) I want to see you

(12:54) What do you think?

(12:57) I want to see you too

(12:57) Should we grab lunch together?

(12:57) Yes!!!!

(12:57) Let’s do that

(12:58) I could come by your place and then we can walk together and choose a restaurant at random?

(12:58) Sounds like a plan

(12:58) See you soon

(13:04) I’m on my way


June 30th

(14:56) And for every decision we make, there’s a parallel timeline where things unfold differently because of that

(14:56) So in total, there are probably millions of them

(14:56) I wonder how all those “other me”s are doing

(14:57) To think, some of them probably aren’t even alive anymore…

(15:05) Korra…

(15:09) Yes?

(15:13) You know I love you, but that isn’t all that likely, in my opinion, so don’t worry about it. Or them… Your other selves… This is hurting my head

(15:14) And even if they did exist, does it really matter?                                                         

(15:14) They’re not going to show up demanding to trade places with you

(15:14) Your life now is your life, and sure, there are lots of other ways it could have gone, but the way it is now isn’t so bad, right?

(15:15) What??

(15:17) Which part?

(15:18) I know that you love me?

(15:18) No?????

(15:19) You’ve never said that before?????????????

(15:19) Wait

(15:20) Oh

(15:20) Asami

(15:20) I can’t believe you said you love me for the first time in a text

(15:21) I… don’t know what I’m doing?

(15:21) But I do know that I love you. Very much

(15:21) Gah

(15:21) Come over here so I can say it back in person

(15:21) Also, you have to kiss the grin off my face

(15:22) It’s starting to hurt my cheeks

(15:22) (That’s apparently a thing with us and I’m not gonna complain)

(15:23) I’m not sure I can help very much with that; I’m grinning myself

(15:23) We’ll figure it out

(15:23) Just come

(15:23) Okay, be right there, just have to take a little detour

(21:12) I still can’t believe you brought me flowers

(21:15) It seemed like the thing to do

(21:15) I stand by my decision

(21:16) Wasn’t gonna contest it

(21:16) I just still can’t believe it

(21:16) In a good way or a bad way?

(21:17) Good way

(21:17) 100%

(21:17) You’re sweet

(21:17) And, since I’ve told you in person already and it’s safe to say here now, I love you a lot too

(21:18) There are times when I think about how strange it is that we were never far from each other without knowing it

(21:18) Not physically, not even acquaintances-wise

(21:19) There could have been so many ways for us to meet, and out of all the ways, it happened because you got someone’s number wrong and texted me instead

(21:19) If this were the plot of a movie, I’d laugh and call it unrealistic, but sometimes life simply is that unbelievable, I guess

(21:20) If we get a cat or a dog and we tell them our story, they won’t believe us

(21:20) It would be hard for them to since they probably won’t understand English

(21:20) We’d have to learn their languages first, Cat-ish and Dog-ish

(21:21) Then they can finally find out and laugh at us

(21:21) (I know you’re more of a cat person and I’m more of a dog person but we also both love all animals and we’re gonna bridge that great divide and make it work)

(21:22) I don’t think they offer those language classes here

(21:22) (I’d expect nothing less)

(21:22) Fine, then we’ll just have to go with learning telepathy

(21:22) How hard can it be?

(21:22) If my lack of success at trying to learn it as a kid is anything to go by, it’ll be quite the challenge

(21:23) Did you have a good teacher?

(21:23) Myself

(21:23) Is there even such a thing as an official telepathy teacher?

(21.23) I’m sure there are people who call themselves that

(21.23) The hard part is finding the real deal

(21:24) Because that’s totally within the realms of possibility

(21:24) Glad you agree

(21:24) I really love you, Korra

(21:24) I really love you too, Asami

(21:24) And all of our possible future pets

(21:25) Yes, how could I forget about them

(21:25) I don’t know

(21:25) But it’s bordering on scandalous

(21:25) I’m gonna be a vet so I’m practically destined to take care of dozens of animals personally

(21:25) At least that’s how I picture it

(21:25) And that’s kind of what you sign up for with me

(21:26) I wouldn’t have it any other way