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there is truth in the space between

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March 2nd

(17:41) Hey, this is Korra, sorry it took me so long to text you!! I’ve had one class after another all day

(17:42) Any ideas for the group project yet?

(17:42) I was thinking we could maybe just stage a debate or something

(17:45) I don’t think I am who you think I am.

(17:45) Okay…?

(17:48) You’ve probably got the wrong number.

(17:51) Ohhh, damn, I thought that 1 kind of looked like a 7

(17:51) That’s what happens when you don’t line them I guess

(17:52) Sorry about this! Have a nice day

(17:52) Wait!!!

(17:53) Could you maybe keep texting me for the next couple of minutes? Keyboard smashes or whatever. I need an excuse to leave.

(17:55) Errr… sure

(17:55) Bad date?

(17:57) Thank you!!!!!

(17:57) Worse: dinner with my father.

(18:00) Doesn’t sound that bad to me

(18:03) You’ve never met my father. Or me, for that matter.

(18:04) Trust me, it’s worse.

(18:07) Okay, this is really weird

(18:07) I have no idea who you are?

(18:07) I mean, you might be a serial killer or something for all I know

(18:07) I feel uncomfortable

(18:08) So I’m gonna stop messaging you now

(18:08) Hope it all works out!

(18:20) Sorry, I really didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. You seem like a very good person to do a complete stranger a favour like that and I really appreciate it. Thanks to you, I could escape a dinner in which I was both constantly compared to my dead mother and also criticised for all the ways in which he thinks I don’t live up to her. So, thank you, and sorry again.

(18:31) That’s… rough

(18:31) Also a lot to pack into one text

(18:32) I’m pretty sure that’s the longest one I’ve ever received

(18:35) Anyway, I know you’re probably not a creep, and I’m the one who accidentally initiated this whole thing, so

(18:36) It’s fine

(18:36) Don’t worry about it

(19:04) Thank you. Have a good night.


March 3rd

(10:15) Are you okay?

(10:22) I think you’ve got the wrong number again.

(10:23) Not this time

(10:25) ?

(10:27) Okay, this might sound weird

(10:27) But I’ve been thinking about what you said yesterday

(10:28) And I couldn’t help but wonder if you’re okay

(10:29) Good to know you’re still alive and all that

(10:33) I am. Thank you for your concern.

(10:35) Are you a butler?

(10:38) …What?

(10:40) Just trying to understand why you’re so formal all the time

(10:41) That was the first cliché that popped into my head

(10:41) Am I right?

(10:42) No.

(10:43) Is that all I get?

(10:46) Yes.

(10:47) Aw, come on, I’m just trying to even the playing field

(10:47) You know my name and that I’m a student, after all

(10:51) You know that my mother is dead and that I have a complicated relationship with my father. I’d say we’re even.

(10:52) And wasn’t it you who said I might be a serial killer? Why on earth are you still messaging me? That’s worrying. For future reference: You should stay AWAY from people you think might be dangerous.

(10:55) Alright, fine, I’m bored

(10:55) No need to be rude

(10:55) And I did wonder about you

(10:57) Who’s this?

(10:58) Errr… Still Korra

(10:58) 6r9dgkjtwjkfttgURRuihawt2tekstuaet6urta

(10:59) Oookay

(10:59) Not weird at all

(11:01) Sorry, that was one of my professors. He grabbed my phone and I had to fight him to get it back.

(11:05) Aha! Professor! You’re a student too

(11:05) Also, wtf??

(11:08) I’m usually never on my phone and he’s extremely nosy.

(11:09) You’re never on your phone?

(11:09) Are you a time traveller?

(11:11) I repeat: …What?

(11:12) It would explain why you’re not used to phones

(11:14) It’s not that I’m not used to them, I just don’t really have many contacts.

(11:15) That’s… sad

(11:15) But it explains why you had to ask me for help last night

(11:15) Can I ask why?

(11:16) Are you a loner or just generally off-putting?

(11:17) Charming.

(11:17) I try

(11:42) It was a dumb thing to say I’m sorry

(11:42) I thought I was being witty but reading it now I realise I was just kind of being an ass

(11:43) I’m sorry

(11:45) Come back?

(11:55) Why do you even want to talk to me anymore? We have nothing to say to each other. You texted the wrong number and I asked you for a favour which you graciously granted me and that’s it. The end.

(11:58) “Graciously”

(11:58) I like that

(11:59) Okay, so you know when you see a stranger in passing and there’s something about them that kind of intrigues you?

(12:00) And then they’re gone and the fact that you’re never going to get to know anything about them is just a little bit painful?

(12:01) I’d like to get to know you

(12:01) And I’d like to keep talking to you because I enjoy it

(12:01) But if you don’t that’s totally fine

(12:02) Say the word and I’ll never message you again

(13:31) My name is Asami.

(13:35) [Screenshot]

(13:46) You saved me in your contacts?

(13:46) Yeah

(13:52) So this is a thing now?

(13:58) Yeah

(14:04) Okay.

(14:04) [Screenshot]

(14:06) Aww, we’re contact buddies

(14:06) Okay, that sounded way weirder than I intended

(14:06) Also

(14:07) Since we’re basically friends now, I feel like it’s my right to tell you this

(14:07) I don’t like the sound of that.

(14:07) You’ve got to stop it with the full stops at the end

(14:07) Seriously

(14:07) They make you sound like you’re either

(14:08) a) angry at me/annoyed at all times

(14:08) or b) like you’ve never once laughed in your entire life and have a stick up your butt

(14:32) Wow. I didn’t know proper punctuation could say so much about a person.

(14:33) You don’t deny it?

(14:38) That I’m constantly annoyed? Or that I have a stick up my butt? If the latter were true, I’d be texting you as a ghost right now, because I don’t think it’s realistically possible to survive that for an extended period of time.

(14:41) I can’t believe you brought realism into it just to ignore my point

(14:42) I’m offended

(14:44) Is this better

(14:47) It is!!

(14:47) You can use question marks, etc.

(14:47) (And actually split your messages into more than one text at a time btw)

(14:48) Thank you for your permission.

(14:48) It’s just that full stops at the end of texts seem so serious

(14:50) Okay, fine

(14:50) Yay!!!

(14:50) Then I feel like it’s my right to tell you this:

(14:50) Uh-oh

(14:51) The number of unread notifications visible in that screenshot is truly frightening

(14:51) Also, please charge your phone. Save it from dying. Have a heart.

(14:52) The full stop is back, I see

(14:52) I can’t become too predictable, now, can I?

(14:52) Where would be the fun in figuring me out then?

(14:54) Wow

(14:54) That’s…

(14:54) Intriguing?

(14:54) Using my own words against me, I see

(14:55) Well played

(14:55) Got to turn my phone off now, class is starting

(14:55) What are you studying?

(14:55) Oh, are we allowed to ask questions now?

(14:56) Because I’ve got a few

(14:56) I’ll answer yours if you answer mine

(14:56) Deal?

(14:59) Okay, I really have to turn my phone off now

(14:59) Talk to you later(?)

(15:05) Okay.

(15:05) As in, I’ll answer your questions, and I’ll talk to you later

(15:07) I don’t know if this is weird or not? Us, strangers, talking via text messages. I’ve never done anything like this before

(15:19) Okay, no, I’ve decided that it’s definitely weird

(15:22) And now I’ve decided that I don’t care that it’s weird

(15:28) So, yeah, talk to you later, Korra (and read your notifications or at least delete them so the image of them doesn’t haunt me every time I close my eyes)