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McGarrett's Eleven

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It was a bright and sunny day in New Jersey as Steve McGarrett, a tall man with light tan skin, brown hair, and green eyes dressed in prison fatigues, walked into a dimly lit room in the New Jersey State Prison and over to a single chair in the middle of the room, sitting down in it.  Before him sat three people, three members of the Parole Board, who were there to decide whether or not they were going to grant him parole.

         “Good morning” the first board member greeted.

         “Good morning” Steve replied. 

         “Please state your name for the record” the first board member asked.

         “Steven McGarrett” Steve replied.

         “Thank you.  Mr. McGarrett, the purpose of this hearing is to determine whether, if released, you are likely to break the law again.  While this was your first conviction, you have been implicated, though never charged, in over a dozen other confidence schemes and frauds. What can you tell us about this?” the first board member asked.

         “Well, as you say ma’am, I was never charged” Steve replied.

         “Mr. McGarrett, what we’re trying find out is: was there a reason you chose to commit this crime, or was there a reason you simply got caught this time?” the second board member asked.

         “My wife left me.  I was upset.  I got into a self-destructive pattern” Steve answered.

         “If released, is it likely you would fall back into a similar pattern?” the third board member  asked.

         “She already left me once.  I don't think she'll do it again just for kicks” Steve replied, a little bitterly I may add.

         “Mr. McGarrett, what do you think you would do if released?” the first board member asked.  Steve was quiet and just smiled slightly instead.




A little while later, Steve was led down the hall by an officer before being accompanied by two other officers who led him to the checkout station to retrieve his possessions.  After he was given the clothes he was sent to prison in, he changed back into them before receiving a manila envelope, which he opened to reveal a plain silver wedding band.  He looked at it before shoving it in his pocket and turning towards the door.  When he reached the door and pushed it open, he stepped out into the brisk New Jersey air and breathed it in before sighing happily.  God, did it feel good to be out.  He took another deep breath before he squared his shoulders and began walking.




After a nice hour and twenty minute taxi ride, Steve arrived in Atlantic City.  He soon found a nice Men’s Wearhouse where he “bought” (stole) a few suits and then headed to a hotel to freshen up.  Once he ditched his old prison clothes, showered, and shaved, he felt like a whole new man.  He then decided to hit up a casino because he was bored and it would give him something to do.  When he reached the casino, he took the elevator up to the playing floor and began walking through the crowds of people, listening to the rumble of the people at the slot machines and the blackjack tables, a small smile on his face.  He was definitely in his element.  He then walked over to an empty blackjack table and sat down.

         “Chips please” he asked as he placed down a couple crisp hundred bills.

         “Sure.  Change one-fifty.  Would you like quarters or nickels?” the dealer asked.

         “Quarters are fine” Steve replied.  The dealer nodded and quickly handed him his change before giving him his chips.

         “Good luck” she bid as she started to deal out the cards.

         “Thank you” Steve replied as he looked up, noticing an old friend of his talking to one of the pit bosses.  He smirked before he looked back down at the table.

         “Twenty.  Dealer has nineteen.  Good start” the dealer stated as she dealt again.  Just then, someone came up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder, making her look up at Steve.

         “Alright, I’m going on break now” she stated.  Steve nodded.

         “Here.  Thank you very much” he thanked, handing her some cash before she walked away.

         “You have a good one” the new dealer stated before he glanced at Steve.

         “How are you, sir?” he asked.

         “Hey Lou” Steve replied with a smirk.  The dealer, Lou Grover, a tall bald man with dark skin and brown eyes, paused, eyes widening slightly before he cleared his throat and looked at Steve, who was smirking at him.

         “I beg your pardon, sir.  You must have me confused with someone else.  My name is Ramón, as you can see right here” he stated, pointing to his name badge.  Steve continued to smirk at him before he nodded slightly.

         “It’s my mistake” he apologized.

         “No problem, sir” Lou replied. 

         “The table’s cold anyway” Steve continued as he tossed in his chips.

         “You might want to try the lounge at the Caesars.  Gets busy after 1:00” Lou offered.  Steve raised an eyebrow at him before he smiled slightly.

         “1:00?” he repeated.

         “Yes sir” Lou confirmed with a nod.  Steve nodded.

         “Thanks Ramón” he thanked before he turned and walked away.  Lou watched him go, shaking his head slightly.

         “Thank you” he thanked to no one.




At the lounge in the Caesars, Steve was nursing a bourbon while staring at a newspaper cutout that read “Las Vegas landmark to be razed”.  As he stared at it, he didn’t hear Lou come up behind him.

         “Checking up on current events?” Lou asked as he sat down next to Steve, making the man look up from the cutout.

         “Ramón?” Steve asked, raising an eyebrow.

         “Glad to meet you” Lou replied before he smirked.

         “Lou Grover  can't get past the gaming board.  You just got out?” he asked.  Steve nodded as he picked up his bourbon

         “This afternoon” he replied, taking a sip before looking at Lou.

         “You seen him?” he asked.

         “Last I heard he was teaching movie stars how to play cards.  Why?  You have a plan already?” Lou replied, raising an eyebrow.  Steve scoffed. 

         “Are you kidding?  I just became a citizen again” he replied with a smile that told Lou what he already knew: Steve indeed had a plan.

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After chatting with Lou for a while, Steve went outside to a payphone to call his parole officer.

            “Officer Brooks?  This is Steve McGarrett.  I was told to contact you within 24 hours” he stated.  He listened to what the man had to say and smiled.

            “No sir, I haven't been getting in trouble” he replied.  He listened to another question and shook his head, still smiling.

            “No, sir, I haven't been drinking” he lied.  At the last question, Steve had to bite his lower lip from letting out a laugh.

            “No, sir, I wouldn't even think about leaving the state” he replied.




Meanwhile, in Hollywood, California, a man of average with fair skin, short blonde hair with brown highlights and blue eyes was leaning against his Camaro, eating some nacho chips.

            “Hey, Dan!  Danny.  What’s up man?” a voice called out, making the man, Danny Williams, look over at the person calling him before he pushed himself off the car and began walking, first tossing his chips in a nearby trashcan.  He and the person who called him, a tall man with fair skin, brown hair, and brown eyes, then began walking down the street until they came upon an ornate metal gate, which Danny had a key to.

            “Let me ask you a question, man.  Are you incorporated?” the man asked as Danny opened the door.  Danny blinked before he looked over his shoulder at the man and raised an eyebrow at him before he walked through the gate, the other man following him.

            “Well, okay, if you’re not, you should think about it.  Cos I was talking to my manager last night and—” the other man started.

            “Bernie?” Danny asked as he and the other man walked down the alleyway that was behind the gate.

            “No, not Bernie, my business manager.  Actually, you know what, they're both named Bernie.  Anyway, he was telling me that because of what we do can be considered like research for like a future gig or whatever.  I could totally make it a tax write-off.  The one thing is, and this is just like, his thing and it's stupid...but I'd have to pay you by check” the other man replied.  Danny paused in his walking, allowing a pretty young girl carrying a tray full of dirty glasses to pass, before he looked at the man he was walking with and crossed his arms, giving him a look.

            “Or we could just stick to cash” the man suggested.  Danny nodded before he turned and started walking away, the other guy following after him.

            “Yeah, let's just stick to cash” the guy murmured.  He and Danny then walked through green metallic curtains into a very busy and rowdy club to a private backroom, where four other people were already sitting at a circle table.  When Danny and his companion sat down, Danny cleared his throat.

            “We'll begin with five-card draw.  Everyone remember that?” he asked.

            “Yeah” one guy replied.

            “Yup” another one replied.

            “Uh-huh” a third guy answered.

            “Hell yeah” Danny’s companion agreed.  The only female at the table just nodded in agreement.  Danny then cleared his throat.

            “Who wants to start us out?” he asked before he looked over at one of the men.

            “Josh?” he asked before he slapped the cards down in front of him.  The man he had set the cards in front of, Josh, took the cards and began passing them out to the right, making Danny let out a soft groan.

            “Josh” he called out, making Josh look up at him.

            “Yeah?” he replied.

            “To the left.  Deal to your left” Danny explained when Josh stared blankly back at him.

            “Shane?” he then asked, looking at another man on his table.

            “Hit me” the man, Shane, replied.  Danny shook his head.

            “It’s not blackjack” he stated.

            “Dude!” Danny’s companion exclaimed.  Danny chuckled slightly.

            “Looking at them doesn't change them” he stated before he looked over at the man on his left, who was staring at his cards intently.

            “You know what you have” he assured.  The man nodded as Josh cleared his throat.

            “Let’s do it” he declared as he began passing the cards out, once again, to the right.

            “Left, left” Danny repeated, making Josh hold up his hands.

            “Left, I’ll get it.  I’ll get it” he assured as Danny looked over at the lady sitting next to Josh.

            “Lady bets” he declared.  The lady was quiet and waving her hand around, making Danny cross his arms.

            “Let's keep it moving” he instructed.  The lady then took a chip and placed it down in the middle of the table.

            “Blue” she declared.

            “Blue, that's a 50” Danny reminded.

            “I’ll call?  Right?” Shane asked, glancing at Danny and holding up a chip before placing it down in the middle.

            “Shane's calling.  50” Danny stated to the group.

            “What the hell, it's only pocket change, right?” Danny’s companion joked as he tossed a blue chip into the middle as well before laughing.

            “How you bet is your business.  You wanna make them think it’s for reason” Danny explained, making the man look over at him.

            “Yeah, thanks man” he thanked as he turned his attention back to the table, holding his cards out way in front of him, making Danny push his hands back so that others wouldn’t try to peak at the cards in his hand.  The man sitting on the other side of Danny then placed four cards down.

            “Four” he declared.  Danny shook his head.

            “You don't want four.  You wanna fold” he explained.  The man looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

            “I wanna fold?” he asked.

            “Fold” Danny repeated. 

            “Is that good?” the man asked.  Danny said nothing as he just took the cards out of his hand and placed them down on the table.

            “What are you doing?” the man asked.

            “You’re done.  You're done.  Let's take that.  You’re done” Danny replied before he looked over at Shane and frowned.

            “Shane, you have three pairs” he stated.

            “Yeah” Shane agreed.  Danny shook his head.

            “You have three pairs.  You can't have six cards in a five-card game” he scolded.

            “Maybe one was mine” the lady offered.

            “Wasn’t me” Josh assured.  Soon everyone was arguing when Danny’s companion got their attention.

            “Fellas, fellas!  All reds” he declared as he placed his cards down before laughing and standing to his feet to shake hands with Josh.

            “What’s up, dog?” Josh exclaimed as Danny’s companion began to go around fist-bumping and high-fiving the other players.  Meanwhile, Danny just stared at the cards that his companion put down and sighed heavily before he picked up his drink and placed it to his temple before he took a sip.




After a while, Danny headed out to the main club area, sipping some more bourbon at the bar.  As he was finishing his drink, the bartender walked over to him and smiled.

            “How's the game going?” he asked.

            “Longest hour of my life” Danny grumbled.  The bartender smiled again, not really hearing him.

            “What?” he asked.

            “I'm running away with your wife” Danny replied sarcastically with a smile, raising his glass to the man. 

            “Great” the bartender agreed before he walked away.  Danny smiled and waited until he left to down the entire drink before he shook his head.




When he returned to the private room, he heard a voice that he thought he would never hear again.

            “Isn't that hard, crossing over from television to film?” the voice asked.

            “Not for me, dude” Danny’s companion replied, making everyone laugh before Danny’s companion looked over his shoulder to see Danny standing there.

            “Oh hey, Dan, we got another player...if that's cool with you” he stated, motioning to Steve, who was sitting in Danny’s old space.  Danny said nothing and instead just pulled up another chair as Shane looked at Steve.

            “Mr. McGarrett, what do you do for a living?  If you don’t mind me asking?” he asked.

            “Why would I mind you asking?” Steve replied as he placed down two cards.

            “Two cards” he stated, glancing over at Danny, who still said nothing as he took the cards that Steve had given him.

            “I just got out of prison” he explained.

            “Really?  Why were you in prison?” Josh asked.

            “I stole things” Steve replied nonchalantly, making everyone look at him with raised eyebrows, save for Danny.

            “You stole things?  Like jewels?” Shane asked.

            “Incan matrimonial head masks” Danny finally answered as he took more cards.

            “Any money in those Incan matrimonial…?” Danny’s companion started.

            “Head masks.  There’s some” Steve replied.

            “Don't let him fool you.  There's boat loads, if you can move them” Danny stated, shooting Steve a look before he grabbed a card.

            “I’ll take one” he declared before he looked at his companion.

            “But you can’t” he explained.

            “My fence was confident” Steve argued, making Danny look back at him.

            “Dealing in cash, you don’t need a fence” Danny countered.

            “People lack vision” Steve replied. 

            “Probably everybody in cellblock E” Danny retorted.  Steve then placed four purple chips down.

            “That's $500” he declared, smirking at Danny.  Danny groaned internally before he looked at the others around the table.

            “Guys, what’s the first lesson in poker?” he asked.

            “Never bet on the uh—” one guy started.

            “No, leave emotions at the door” Danny’s companion answered.  Danny nodded.

            “That’s right, Topher.  Today’s lesson: How to draw out the bluff” he declared, looking over at Steve.  He then motioned to the chips on the table.

            “That much money, this early in the game, I’m saying he’s holding nothing better than a pair of face cards” he stated before he glanced over at another guy on the table.

            “Barry?” he asked.  Barry, the guy Danny was looking at, glanced at his cards before he put them down.

            “Yeah, I fold” he replied.

            “Josh?” Danny asked.

            “Don't worry, I'm game.  I will see your $500 and I will raise you another...$500 of my own” Josh replied, placing down his own five purple chips.

            “That's a very handsome bet.  But be careful, we don't wanna push him too high, too fast.  Wanna keep him on the leash” Danny instructed, glancing at Steve before he looked over at the young woman.

            “Holly?” he asked.

            “Call” Holly answered.

            “Call?” Danny repeated.  Holly nodded.

            “Call” she replied as she threw in her own purple chips.

            “And I’ll call” Danny finished, throwing in his chips as well.  Shane threw in his chips as did Topher.  Steve then smirked.

            “I'll see your $500 and raise you $2000” he stated as he pulled out a few bills and placed them on the table before placing more chips down.  Topher let out a whistle while Danny shook his head.

            “Guys, you’re free to do what you like.  That's a lot of money” he explained before he looked into Steve’s green eyes, smirking as well.

            “But I’m staying in.  He’s trying to buy his way out of his bluff” he continued.  Steve just held Danny’s gaze while Shane glanced at Josh.

            “Josh?” he asked.

            “Two” Josh replied as he put in the amount of chips that equaled two-thousand.  Holly then groaned before she threw in her own chips, making Danny smile slightly.

            “Thattagirl.  Call” he stated as he threw in his chips as well.

            “Call” Shane added.

            “Call” Topher finished.  Steve glanced at everyone before he smiled slightly and picked up his cards.

            “Let's see them” Danny ordered, making Steve glance at him before he placed his cards down.

            “I'm not sure what four nines does, but the ace, I think, is pretty high” he declared, making everyone groan while Danny just smiled and nodded appreciatively.

            “Thanks for the tip on bluffing” Shane thanked as they began to pack up.

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After the game and everyone was leaving, all of the stars that were at the poker table were stopped by adoring fans calling for autographs while Danny and Steve just slipped past and continued down the street.  As they were walking, Steve reached out and grabbed Danny, pulling him into a nearby alley.

         “Steve, what—” Danny started when Steve crashed his lips onto his, silencing him before he could even get a question out.  Danny’s eyes widened before he leaned into the kiss, the two men kissing for a while before Steve pulled away and rested his forehead against Danny’s.

         “I missed you” he whispered.  Danny huffed as he smiled slightly.

         “Missed you too, you Neanderthal” he murmured.  Steve snorted at the nickname before he dragged Danny out of the alley, taking the keys to Danny’s car as they left.  When they got in the car and Steve started the ignition, driving away from the club, Danny leaned his head against the passenger seat and let out a loud groan.

         “God, I’m bored” he groaned.  Steve chuckled.

         “You looked bored” he agreed.

         “I am bored” Danny exclaimed before he glanced over at Steve.

         “So how was the clink?  You get the cookies I sent?” he asked.

         “Why do you think I came to see you first?” Steve replied before he pulled into a nearby parking lot.  They then got out of the car and headed to a nearby, homey type of restaurant, taking a seat in the far back away from others.

         “So tell me” Danny ordered as he took a sip of the coffee that Steve had ordered him.

         “It's tricky.  It's never been done before.  It’s gonna need planning and a large crew” Steve replied.

         “Guns?” Danny asked.  Steve shook his head.

         “Not exactly.  Lot of security but the take—” he started.

         “What’s the target?” Danny interrupted.

         “Eight figures each” Steve continued.

         “What’s the target?” Danny repeated, giving Steve a look.

         “When was the last time you were in Vegas?” Steve asked as he took a sip of his own coffee.  Danny raised an eyebrow.

         “What, you wanna knock over a casino?” he replied.  Steve shook his head and held up three fingers, making Danny’s eyes widened.

         “What the hell is the matter with you?!” he hissed.  Steve just smirked in response as he sipped his coffee.




After they had their coffees, Steve and Danny headed to the office building that held all of the blueprints to the casinos that Steve wanted to rob.

         “The vault at the Bellagio” Steve declared when he found the right blueprint, laying it out for Danny to look at.

         “Hmm…well, if I'm reading this right, and I'd like to think I am…this is probably the least accessible vault ever designed” Danny declared after looking over the blueprint.

         “Yup” Steve agreed.

         “You said three casinos?” Danny asked.  Steve nodded.

         “These feed into the Mirage and MGM Grand, but every dime ends up there” he explained, pointing to different parts of the blueprint before pointing to the large vault.

         “The Bellagio and the Mirage…these are Billy Harrington's places” Danny mused.  Steve smirked.

         “Yes, they are.  Think he’ll mind?” he asked.  Danny gave him a look.

         “More than somewhat, you moron” he replied before he crossed his arms.

         “You'd need at least 12 guys doing a combination of cons” he explained.

         “Like what, you think?” Steve asked, crossing his arms and raising an eyebrow.

         “Off the top of my head, I'd say you're looking at a Boesky, a Jim Brown...a Miss Daisy, two Jethro’s and a Leon Spinks.  Not to mention the biggest Ella Fitzgerald ever.  Where will you get the money to back this?” Danny replied.

         “We’re hitting these three casinos, we’ll get our bankroll.  Harrington’s got a list of enemies” Steve explained.

         “Yeah, but enemies with loose cash and nothing to lose?” Danny asked before it dawned on him.

         “Ah…Wo Fat” he declared.  Steve nodded.

         “Wo Fat” he agreed, just as a bright light was suddenly shone in their faces, making both of them squint and shield their eyes with their hands.

         “Oscar, lower it a bit, would you?” Steve asked.  The security man, Oscar, did as he was told.

         “Sorry.  You guys done?  Find what you want?” he asked.  Steve grabbed the blueprints and rolled them up before showing them to Oscar.

         “We'll take these for the night to make copies, if that’s alright” he replied.  Oscar shrugged.

         “Whatever you need” he replied.

         “Appreciate it” Steve thanked as he and Danny grabbed the blueprints and left. 




As they were standing in front of the elevator, waiting for it to come, Steve looked over at Danny and raised an eyebrow.

         “What?” he asked.  Danny looked back at him and placed his hands on his hips.

         “I need a reason, that’s what.  And don't say money.  Why do this?” he demanded.  Steve smirked.

         “Why not do it?” he replied.  Danny just shook his head, making Steve sigh.

         “Because yesterday I just left the joint after losing four years of my life...and you're cold-decking Teen Beat cover boys” he explained.  Danny made a little noise, having to agree with him, while Steve stepped forward.

         “Because the house always wins.  Play long enough, you never change the stakes, the house takes you.  Unless, when that perfect hand comes, you bet big and then you take the house” he declared.  Danny was quiet as he looked into his partner’s eyes before he smirked.

         “Been practicing that speech haven’t you?” he teased. 

         “I have; did I rush it?  Felt like I rushed it” Steve replied.  Danny shook his head.

         “No, it was good.  The Teen Beat thing was harsh though” he stated as the elevator dinged, signaling to them that their ride was there.  As they stepped inside the elevator, Steve crossed his arms. 

         “I wonder what Wo Fat will say” he mused.  Danny shook his head.

         “You can never tell with that psycho” he replied. 




As Steve and Danny headed to Danny’s Camaro and got in, Steve looked over at his partner and smiled softly.

         “How’s Gracie?” he asked as he pulled out of the building’s parking lot and started driving.

         “Misses you.  A lot” Danny replied, staring out at the road.  Steve sighed.

         “I know, I’m sorry—” he started.

         “Do you know how many nights I had to hold her as she cried and wailed, wondering when her daddy was coming home?” Danny snapped, looking over at Steve with bright blue eyes.  Steve blinked in shock.

         “I thought you were “Daddy”.  I’m just Uncle Steve” he replied softly.  Danny shook his head.

         “As soon as your idiotic ass got thrown in jail, she’s been calling you “Dad” or “Daddy”.  She cried for months, Steven.  Every night, every freaking night, she asked me, “When is Daddy coming home?”  Do you know how much it hurt me to tell her that you weren’t coming home for a while?” he exclaimed softly.  Steve blinked, shocked by the news, before he shook his head.

         “I had no idea” he whispered.  Danny rolled his eyes.

         “Of course you didn’t” he murmured. 

         “Can I see her?” Steve asked softly.  Danny gave him a look.

         “You’re the one driving, aren’t you?” he replied, smirking slightly.  Steve’s eyes widened in realization and he quickly merged into another lane before he drove the familiar route to Danny’s house and got out of the car, heading for the house when Danny held up a hand.

         “Better let me go in first, babe.  Just to be safe, you know?” he explained.  Steve nodded and handed Danny his keys, quietly following behind as Danny unlocked the door and stepped through, motioning for Steve to step inside.  Steve quietly stepped inside and stood by the door while Danny walked over to the babysitter, handing her the money he owed her, which she took gratefully before packing up.

         “Where’s Grace?” he asked.  The babysitter pointed upstairs.

         “In her room, working on homework” she replied.  Danny nodded and thanked her, both he and Steve watching her leave before Danny faced the stairs.

         “Gracie!  Danno’s home!” he called out.  There was suddenly loud pattering of feet as an eight-year old little girl came running down the stairs.  Steve’s eyes widened at the sight of the girl; she had gotten so big since he had been gone.  The little girl then rushed into Danny’s open arms and hugged him tightly before Danny pulled away.

         “Monkey, Danno has a surprise for you.  Close your eyes, okay?” he instructed.  Grace nodded obediently and squeezed her eyes shut while Danny looked over his shoulder at Steve, motioning for him to come out of the shadows from where he had been hiding.  Once he was within Grace’s line of vision, Danny turned back to his daughter and smiled.

         “Open your eyes, Monkey” he instructed before stepping out of the way.  When Grace opened her eyes and saw Steve standing nervously before her, her eyes widened before tears quickly began to fill them.

         “Daddy!” she cried, running towards Steve, who quickly knelt down and opened his arms, nearly falling on his ass by the force of which Grace ran into him.  When she was in his arms, Grace began to cry, burying her face in Steve’s shoulder as she wrapped her small arms around his neck. 

         “Hi baby” Steve whispered as he wrapped his arms around Grace and cradled the back of her head.  He then stood up, picking Grace up in his arms, still holding her tightly as she continued to sob into his shoulder.

         “Shh…shhh sweetheart, don’t cry” he soothed as he stroked her back soothingly.

         “I missed you” Grace wailed, tightening her hold around Steve’s neck.

         “I missed you too Gracie” Steve murmured, turning his head and pressing a kiss to her temple.  Grace then pulled away, her brown eyes red and teary as tears streamed down her cheeks.

         “Are you staying this time?” she whimpered.  Steve smiled and nodded.

         “I am, baby” he replied.

         “Promise?” Grace asked softly.  Steve chuckled as he leaned forward and pressed his forehead to Grace’s.

         “I promise” he whispered as he reached up and wiped the tears from her eyes.  Grace smiled brightly before she threw her arms around Steve’s neck again and hugged him tightly.  Steve chuckled softly as he returned the hug before he turned to look at Danny, who was smiling at the both of them with absolute fondness in his eyes.  Steve then motioned for him to join the hug, which made Danny roll his eyes but he didn’t argue as he walked forward and wrapped his arms around Steve’s waist, resting his head against his chest.

         “We’ll visit Wo Fat in the morning” Steve murmured as he leaned down to press a kiss to Danny’s hair.

         “Good.  Because I’m tired and I’m sure you’re tired, so let’s put our little monkey to bed before we hit the hay ourselves” Danny replied tiredly.  Steve nodded and waited for Danny to remove his arms from around his waist before he headed up the stairs to Grace’s room, gently prying her off of him as he walked over to her bed and placed her down, tucking her in.

         “Night sweetheart” he murmured, placing a kiss on her temple before he headed back out to meet Danny, who was leaning against the master bedroom’s door frame.  The two men then headed into the master bedroom and disrobed before falling into bed, Danny resting his head on Steve’s shoulder while Steve wrapped an arm around Danny’s waist, holding him tightly as both men soon succumbed to sleep.

Chapter Text

The next day, after a night of well deserved rest, Danny and Steve went to go talk to Wo Fat after dropping Grace off at school.  After they had joined him for brunch, they told him about Steve’s idea, making the man narrow his eyes.

            “You’re out of your god damn minds.  Are you listening to me?  You’re both of you nuts” he stated after he heard the idea.  He then crossed his arms.

            “I know more about casino security than any man alive.  I invented it.  And it cannot be beaten.  They got cameras and watchers, they got locks.  They got timers, they got vaults.  They got enough armed personnel to occupy Paris!” he exclaimed.  Danny and Steve gave him a look, making the former Yazuka member sigh.

            “Alright, that was a bad example” he admitted.

            “It’s never been tried” Steve stated.  Wo Fat scoffed.

            “It’s never been tried” he mocked before he shook his head.

            “It’s been tried.  A few men even came close” he explained.  Danny raised an eyebrow.

            “Oh yeah?  Like who?” he asked. 

            “You know the three most successful robberies in the history of Vegas?” Wo Fat replied.  Steve and Danny looked at one another before they shook their heads.

            “Number three: the bronze medal.  Pencil neck grabs a lockbox at the Horseshoe.  He got two steps closer to the door than any living soul before him” Wo Fat began before he crossed his arms.

            “Second most successful robbery: The Flamingo in '71. This guy actually tasted fresh oxygen…before they grabbed him.  Of course, he was breathing out of a hose for the next three weeks” he continued, shaking his head.

            “Goddamn hippie” he murmured. 

            “And the third?” Steve asked.

            “And the closest any man has come to robbing a Las Vegas casino was outside of Caesars in '87.  He came...he grabbed...they conquered” Wo Fat replied.  Danny and Steve frowned.

            “What do you mean, “conquered”?” Danny asked.  Wo Fat smirked.

            “Shot him full of lead” he replied. 

            “Ah” Danny murmured.  Wo Fat then chuckled.

            “But what am I saying?  You guys are pros. The best.  I'm sure you can make  it out of the casino” he assured before he turned serious.

            “Of course, lest we forget...once you're out, you're still in the middle of the fucking desert!” he exclaimed. 

            “You’re right” Danny agreed before he looked over at Steve.

            “He’s right” he mused.  Steve nodded.

            “Wo Fat, you’re absolutely right.  Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs” he stated. 

            “That's what it is. Pure ego” Danny agreed.  Wo Fat waved his hand.

            “Yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah” he grumbled.  Steve and Danny then nodded to him before they stood.

            “Thank you for brunch” Steve thanked.

            “Sorry to bother you” Danny added as Steve shook Wo Fat’s hand.  Wo Fat nodded.

            “Look, we go way back...and I owe you from the thing with the guy in the place.  And I’ll never forget it” he replied, shaking Steve’s hand before shaking Danny’s. 

            “Our pleasure” Steve assured.

            “I'd never been to Belize” Danny added before he and Steve turned and began to walk away.

            “Give Dominic your addresses.  I got some remanded furniture to send you” Wo Fat called out before he paused.

            “Look, just out of curiosity, which casinos did you geniuses pick to rob?” he continued.  Danny and Steve looked at one another before looking back at him.

            “The Bellagio, the Mirage and the MGM Grand” Steve called back before he and Danny turned and started walking again.

            “Those are Billy Harrington's casinos” Wo Fat called out once more, making them stop again.

            “Is that right?” Danny asked, looking over at Steve. 

            “That’s right” Steve replied as Wo Fat stood up and fixed his suit before walking over to them.

            “You guys, what do you got against Billy Harrington?” he asked, narrowing his eyes at Danny and Steve.  Steve just smirked.

            “What do you have against him?  That's the question” he replied. 

            “He torpedoed my casino.  Muscled me out.  Now he's gonna blow it up next month to make way for some gaudy monstrosity” Wo Fat explained before he looked Steve and Danny in the eyes.

            “Don’t think I don’t see what you’re doing” he purred.  Steve and Danny looked at one another.

            “What are we doing?” Danny asked innocently, but Wo Fat wasn’t stupid.

            “If you're gonna steal from Billy Harrington, you better goddamn know.  This sort of thing used to be civilized.  You'd hit a guy, he'd whack you, done.  But the end of this, he'd better not know you're involved.  Not know your names or think you’re dead because he'll kill you, then he'll go to work on you” Wo Fat stated matter-of-factly, since he had whacked a few guys himself in the past.

            “That's why we have to be  very careful, very precise” Steve started.

            “Mm.  Well-funded” Danny added.  Wo Fat looked between the two men before he shook his head.

            “You gotta be nuts, too.  And you're gonna need a crew as nuts as you are” he finished before he raised an eyebrow.

            “Who do you got in mind?” he asked.  Steve and Danny just smirked before they turned and walked away.

            “See you Wo Fat” Danny called out.

            “And thanks for brunch” Steve added.




After visiting Wo Fat, Steve and Danny went to a nearby café to talk about who they wanted in their crew.

            “Alright, who’s in?” Danny asked.

            “Lou G. is in.  Lou has developed a bad case of bronchitis and is applying for a transfer to warmer climates” Steve answered before he crossed his arms.

            “Drivers?” he inquired.

            “I talked to Reigns and Rey” Danny replied.  Steve frowned. 

            “Who?  Never heard of them before” he stated.  Danny smirked.

            “That’s because they’re new to the game but they’re damn good at what they do from what I’ve seen.  Junior Reigns and Tani Rey.  Married couple, by the way” he replied.  Steve nodded.

            “Interesting.  But what exactly do they do?” he asked.

            “They’re masters of disguise.  And really good at it too” Danny replied.  Steve hummed.

            “That could be useful” he murmured.

             “Electronics?” Danny asked.

            “Jerry Ortega.  Jerry’s been doing freelance surveillance work for the FBI mob squad” Steve replied.  Danny raised an eyebrow.

            “How are his nerves?” he asked. 

            “Okay.  Not so bad you notice” Steve replied before he took a sip of the coffee that he had forgotten about.

            “Munitions” Danny stated.

            “Phil Turrentine” Steve replied.  Danny shook his head.

            “Dead” he replied.  Steve looked at him with wide eyes.

            “No shit.  On the job?” he asked. 

            “Skin cancer” Danny replied.  Steve shook his head.

            “Damn” he murmured before an idea hit him.

            “Chin’s in town” he offered.  Danny nodded slowly before he sighed.

            “There may be an issue with availability” he replied.  Steve gave him a look.

            “Well then, go make it not an issue, Danno” he ordered.  Danny nodded.

            “Sure thing” he replied as he packed up his things and headed out to go find Chin.  Before he headed out, he paused and looked back at Steve.

            “Oh, and by the way, you’re picking Gracie up from school today” he called out.  Steve looked over his shoulder at him and nodded.

            “Got it” he replied.




Meanwhile, at a nearby bank, a man was running a twenty feet fuse back away from a vault door and behind a safe zone where three other men were waiting.  The third man, a tall man with light skin, wavy brown hair and brown eyes by the name of Chin Ho Kelly, grabbed the end of the fuse and connected it to a detonator. 

            “Alright boys, hold on to your pants” he whispered before he flipped the red top and pressed the button underneath it, detonating fifteen small C4 bombs around the vault door.  Once the bombs went off, one of Chin’s teammates went and opened the door, allowing Chin and the others to enter.  As they were looking around the vault, the alarm system suddenly went off.

            “Oh come on!” he exclaimed before he whirled on his team.

            “You idiots!  You had one job to do!” he shouted.




A little while later, Chin and his team was being led out by the bomb squad over to a police chief, who questioned him about the bombs.

            “That's all you used in the event, right?  Nothing else?” the man asked.

            “Hang on.  Are you accusing me of booby-trapping?” Chin exclaimed.

            “Well how about it?” the police chief demanded. 

            “Booby traps aren't Mr. Kelly's style.  Isn’t that right, Chin?” a voice called out, making Chin and the police chief turn to see Danny dressed in a long brown trench coat, with gloves over his hand.

            “Peck.  ATF.  Let me venture a guess: simple G-4 mainliner, back wound, quick fuse with a drag under 20 feet?” he asked.  Chin nodded.

            “Yeah” he replied.  Danny then looked over at the police chief.

            “Let me ask you something else: did you check this…scumbag...for booby traps on his person?  Like really searched him?  Not just for weapons?” he asked.  The police chief shook his head so Danny grabbed Chin by the wrists, turned him around, and slammed him into the police car

            “Stand back” he ordered.

            “Here we go” Chin grumbled as Danny slipped him something small before he looked over at the police chief.

            “Find Griggs.  Tell him I need to see him” he ordered.

            “Who?” the police chief asked.

            “Just find him” Danny barked, glaring at the man.  The police chief nodded and quickly scurried off while Danny leaned forward.

            “Hey Chin” he greeted.

            “Hey brah” Chin replied. 

            “How fast can you put something together with what I just gave you?” Danny whispered.  Chin smirked.

            “It’s done” he replied.  Danny nodded before he grabbed Chin by the arms and led him off, glancing around as they continued walking.

            “Steve around?” Chin asked softly as they walked away from the scene.

            “Yeah, he's around the corner” Danny replied.  Chin grinned.

            “Nice.  It'll be nice working with proper villains again” he mused as Danny glanced over his shoulder to notice smoke coming from one of the cop cars.

            “Everybody down! Get down!” he shouted, he and Chin breaking into a run as more explosions began to occur.

            “They weren’t expecting that shit!” Chin cackled.  Danny glanced over his shoulder at the mess Chin had just caused and chuckled.

            “Nice work” he praised.

            “Thanks” Chin replied as they continued to run.




The next day, after Grace had been dropped off at school, Danny and Steve went to go visit a friend of Danny’s.

            “Um…Danno…why are we at the medical examiners?” Steve asked.  Danny smirked.

            “You’ll see.  The friend I told you about works here”  he replied.  Steve raised an eyebrow.

            “Okay…” he murmured as he and Danny walked inside to see a man of average height with fair skin, black hair, and dark brown eyes sitting at a desk working on some reports.

            “Hey Max” Danny called out as he and Steve walked over to him.  The man, Dr. Max Bergman, looked up at him and smiled.

            “Ah, Danny.  Nice to see you.  And who’s this?” he asked, looking over at Steve.

            “This is Steve McGarrett” Danny replied.  Max’s eyes went wide before he narrowed his eyes at Danny.

            “What do you want?” he asked.

            “We need a greaser man.  How good is your skills?” Danny replied.  Max gave him a look.

            “Danny, I gave up that a long time ago.  I have a steady job now that pays well.  And I’m very good at it” he argued.  Steve crossed his arms.

            “Well, the job that we need you for pays much better” he stated.  Max looked over at him before looking back at Danny.

            “Fine.  I’ll use my racked up vacation times and assist with whatever it is you need me to do” he agreed.  Danny grinned.

            “Thanks Max” he thanked before he turned and walked out of the room, Steve nodding his thanks to him before following after Danny.

            “You know, he doesn’t really look like a greaser man…” he started.

            “Don’t worry babe, Max is the best at what he does.  You won’t find anyone better” Danny assured.  Steve sighed.

            “Alright, I’m trusting you on this” he murmured before he crossed his arms.

            “We need Joe” he declared.  Danny shook his head.

            “He won’t do it.  He got out of the game a year ago” he replied.  Steve frowned.

            “Religion?” he asked.

            “Ulcers” Danny answered.  Steve hummed.

            “You wanna ask him or me?” he asked.

            “I asked Chin, you can ask Joe.  Besides, he always liked you better” Danny replied.  Steve rolled his eyes.

            “Oh come on Danny, everyone likes you” he assured as he wrapped an arm around Danny’s waist and pulled him close. 

            “I especially like you” he murmured.  Danny rolled his eyes and gently smacked Steve on the chest.

            “Flattery will get you nowhere, you big lug.  Now go on, go find Joe and ask him” he ordered.  Steve chuckled.

            “Yes dear” he replied.




The next day, Steve took the Camaro and drove down to Florida, where Danny said Joe was to have retired.  Since he knew that Joe the best out of all of them, he knew exactly where to look: the Greyhound racing track.  When he arrived, he stood off to the side, trying to be inconspicuous as he watched Joe get his betting card and head down to the seats to watch the race.  Once he was on the move, Steve followed after him and stood behind him once he had sat down at a bench, peeling an orange.

            “I saw you at the paddock...before the second race, outside the men's room when I placed my bet.  I saw you before you even got up this morning” Joe stated.  Steve chuckled.

            “How you been Joe?” he asked.

            “Never better” Joe replied.

            “What's with the orange?” Steve inquired, raising an eyebrow.

            “My doctor says I need vitamins” Joe replied.

            “So, why don't you take vitamins?” Steve asked.  Joe glanced up at him and gave him a look.

            “You come here to give me a physical?” he replied.  Steve just smiled before he clapped Joe on the back.

            “Box seats.  Come on” he ordered. 




Once they arrived at the box and sat down, Joe looked over at Steve.

            “You gonna tell me? Or should I say no and get it over with?” he asked.

            “Joe, you’re the best there is.  You’re in Coopertown.  What do you want?” Steve replied.

            “Nothing. I got a duplex now.  I got wall-to-wall and a goldfish.  I'm seeing a nice lady who works the unmentionable’s counter at Macy's.  I've changed” Joe explained, just as the horn was sounded and the hounds were out of the gate.  Steve scoffed and shook his head.

            “Guys like us don't change, Joe.  We stay sharp or get sloppy.  We don’t change” he stated.

            “Quit conning me” Joe snapped. 

            “That your hound way in the rear?” Steve inquired. 

            “He breaks late, everyone knows this” Joe replied before he looked over at Steve and gave him a look.

            “So, you going to treat me like a grownup at least?  Tell me what the scam is?” he asked.  Steve said nothing as he leaned over and began whispering the plan in Joe’s ear.  Once he was done whispering, he handed him a plane ticket before he stood up and left.  Joe watched him leave before he looked back at the track, noticing that his dog had lost.  So, he just dropped his betting card, sighing heavily.  Guess he was back in the game.

Chapter Text

That evening, Danny and Steve were sitting on the couch in Danny’s house, Grace snuggled in between them, fast asleep, as they watched some pro-wrestling event on TV.

            “Joe makes 10.  Ten should do it, don't you think?” Steve asked softly as he stroked Grace’s hair.  Danny was silent and continued to watch the program.

            “You think we need one more?” Steve continued.  Danny said nothing, but his silence was all Steve needed.

            “You think we need one more” he deadpanned before he sighed.

            “Alright, we’ll get one more” he agreed.  Danny then smiled as he looked over at Steve.

            “Read my mind, babe” he teased.  Steve rolled his eyes before he leaned over and kissed Danny on the lips. 

            “But who are we going to get?” he asked once he pulled away.  Danny shook his head.

            “I don’t know…there are a lot of people out there to choose from” he mused.  Steve hummed in agreement.

            “You’re right, but we want someone who’s the best because this entire team is composed of the best” he murmured before he glanced down at Grace.

            “What about Gracie?  She would be an unexpected addition” he suggested.  Danny shot him a glare.

            “Steven, if you even think about bringing my daughter into this line of work, I will shank you in your sleep.  Got it?” he growled softly.  Steve laughed.

            “Danno, I’m only kidding.  I wouldn’t do that to her.  We’ll wait till she’s older” he replied.  Danny hummed.

            “Yeah…alright.  But what if she wants to be a cop when she’s older and not a criminal, like us?” he asked softly.  Steve was quiet before he shrugged his shoulders and stroked Grace’s hair again.

            “If she wants to be a cop, then we will support her the entire way.  And if she does become a cop, I know and you know that she will be the best damn cop on the entire force” he answered.  Danny chuckled.

            “Damn right she will.  Don’t you think it’ll be a little awkward though, to be arrested by your own kid?” he asked.  Steve nodded.

            “Probably.  But I’m sure she’ll be professional about it and then let us hear it later” he replied.  Danny nodded as well.

            “True…” he agreed before he looked over at Steve.

            “Shouldn’t you be sleeping?  You’ve got a person to find tomorrow” he stated.  Steve sighed.

            “But I don’t even know who to look for!” he exclaimed.  Grace shifted a little in her sleep, making Danny and Steve look down at her before Danny threw his hands in the air.

            “Ask around for God’s sake, babe!  But you’re Steven-freaking-McGarrett!  I’m sure you’ll think of someone” he replied.  Steve was quiet before it hit him.

            “Doesn’t Chin have a cousin in Chicago?” he asked.  Danny frowned and looked over at him.

            “He does, I think.  Why?” he replied.  Steve just shook his head as a slow smile spread across his face.

            “I think I just found our last man” he declared.  Danny smiled.

            “Told you you’d think of someone” he teased.  Steve rolled his eyes again before he leaned forward and pressed another kiss to Danny’s lips before he gently removed Grace from where she had moved to lean against him and leaned her against Danny before standing up.

            “Alright, I’m heading to bed.  You want me to take Grace up to bed with me?  She’s exhausted” he explained.  Danny shook his head as he stood up and then picked Grace up, holding her close to him.

            “No, we’ll be heading to bed too.  You go on ahead first, I’ll be there in a minute” he replied.  Steve nodded and headed upstairs to the bedroom, taking a quick shower before slipping into some sweats and a new sleep shirt.  He then got into bed and shut his eyes, waiting for Danny.  His partner arrived soon after, taking a shower as well before slipping into bed, smiling sleepily at Steve.

            “You be careful up there now, you here?” he ordered.  Steve nodded.

            “I will Danno” he replied.




The next morning, after Steve kissed Grace and Danny goodbye, he got on a plane and headed to Chicago to go and find this cousin of Chin’s.  Once he landed, he got onto the subway and pretended to read a newspaper that he brought with him while keeping an eye out for this cousin.  As he sat there and watched, he noticed a tall young woman with light tan skin, shoulder length dark brown hair, dark brown eyes standing next to a rather well off gentlemen with a pen in her mouth and crossword book in her hand.  When there was a rather sharp turn on the tracks, the young woman fell into the man and snatched his wallet straight from his coat pocket, glancing up at the man before slipping the wallet into her own pocket and going back to her business.  Meanwhile, Steve watched the whole encounter with a smile on his face.  He had found their last member.




After the train ride, as the young woman got off, Steve followed behind her, making himself inconspicuous as he slipped past her, slipping his hand into her coat pocket and snatching the wallet himself while leaving a little calling card in its wake before walking off to leave the girl to discover that her prize was missing.  A little while later, as the young woman walked away from the station, she reached into her to take the wallet out when she found that it was missing.

            “What the—” she started as she pulled out Steve’s card that read “Nice Pull!  Emmit’s Pub”.  She then turned the card over and looked at the back that read “Steven McGarrett”

            “Who the fuck is Steven McGarrett?” she murmured to herself before she sighed and headed over to Emmit’s Pub to go talk to this man that left her the card.




A little while later, the young woman walked into the pub and over to Steve, who smiled at her.

            “Hello Kono” he greeted before he held up the wallet.

            “Whose is this?” he asked.  Kono Kalakaua, the young pickpocket, stared at him before she shook her head.

            “Who are you?” she demanded.  Steve smiled.

            “A friend of your cousin, Chi Ho Kelly” he replied before he pulled out a passport and a plane ticket and placed it on the table, his hand on top of it.

            “You're either in or out.  Right now” he declared.  Kono continued to stare at him before she sat down before him.

            “What is it?” she asked.

            “It's a plane ticket.  A job offer” Steve replied.  Kono sighed.

            “You know, you’re pretty trusting pretty fast” she mused.

            “Well, Chin has a lot faith in you” Steve replied.  Kono looked at him with hope in her eyes.

            “Really?” she asked.  Steve nodded.

            “Yes.  Look, you do this job, Chin will be trading on your name.  Don't, we’ll find somebody else who’s not as good and you can go back to feeling up stockbrokers” he stated, giving her the ultimatum before turning to the bartender.

            “Can we get the check please?” he asked, not noticing that Kono had snatched up the plane ticket from underneath his hand. When he turned back and noticed her staring at the ticket, which was no longer underneath his hand, his eyes widened.

            “That's the best lift you've made yet” he praised.  Kono smirked before she looked up at him.

            “Las Vegas, huh?” she asked.

            “America's playground” Steve replied.  Kono hummed before she smiled.

            “Alright, I’m in” she declared.  Steve nodded.

            “Excellent” he praised.

Chapter Text

After everyone had been recruited, they all got on a plane and headed for Las Vegas.  When they got off the plane, they all headed for a tall gentleman who was holding up a sign that read “McGarrett”.  The man then led them to a large limo and motioned for them to get inside before he drove them to Wo Fat’s mansion, where Danny and Steve were waiting with Grace, since they couldn’t just leave her back in California.  If they were going to do the heist in Las Vegas, they were going to be staying with Steve in his apartment. 

            “Please, make yourselves at home” Wo Fat offered, motioning to the food that he had set out for them.  Everyone was quiet before they headed over to the buffet table and began grabbing some food, since they really didn’t eat on the plane.  Steve let them eat for a while and chat to get to know one another a little better before he cleared his throat.

            “Welcome to Las Vegas.  Everybody have enough to eat?” he asked.  The others nodded and Steve smiled.

            “Good.  Everybody sober?” he continued.  No one had touched any alcohol so Steve nodded.

            “Excellent.  Alright, before we get started, nobody’s on the line here yet.  What I am about to propose to you is highly lucrative and highly dangerous.  That doesn’t seem like your particular brand of vodka, help yourself to as much food as you like and have a safe journey.  No hard feelings.  Otherwise, come with me” he ordered as he turned and headed into Wo Fat’s house, Danny and Grace following after him.  The others looked at one another, before they put their plates down and followed after Steve, Danny and Grace, save for Kono who remained seated on the bench by the pool.  As everyone was heading inside, Wo Fat walked over to Kono and placed a hand in his pocket.

            “You’re Chin Ho Kelly’s cousin, aren’t you?  From Chicago?” he asked.  Kono looked up at him and nodded.

            “Yeah” she replied.

            “It’s nice there.  You like it?” Wo Fat asked.  Kono nodded again.

            “Yeah” she replied.  Wo Fat smiled slightly.

            “That's wonderful” he replied before he pointed to his mansion.

            “Get in the goddamn house” he ordered.  Kono blinked before she nodded and stood up, walking over to the house.




When everyone was in the house, Steve cleared his throat.

            “Before we begin, this is Grace.  She’s going to be coming with us on this heist” he introduced, motioning to the eight-year-old that was standing between him and Danny.  Everyone looked at her and smiled fondly while Danny crossed his arms.

            “And if anything happens to her, anything at all, you are either leaving this place in a body bag—” he started.

            “—or no one will ever know you existed” Steve growled.  Everyone shrank a little underneath Danny and Steve’s threat before Steve cleared his throat again.

            “Everyone, the 3000 block of Las Vegas Boulevard...also known as the Bellagio, Mirage and MGM Grand.  They're three of the most profitable casinos in Las Vegas” he stated, motioning to a TV screen that showed the Las Vegas strip that was home to the three casinos.  He then swiped left on the screen, showing the blueprint of the vault in the Bellagio.

            “This is the Bellagio vault, located beneath 200 feet of solid earth.  It safeguards every dime that passes through each of the three casinos above it” he continued as he looked around the room before he smiled.

            “And we’re gonna rob it” he declared.

            “Smash-and-grab job, huh?” Kono asked, raising an eyebrow.  Danny shook his head.

            “Slightly more complicated than that, kid” he replied.  Kono rolled her eyes.

            “I know that, boss” she replied.  Steve then swiped again on the screen, showing a moveable blueprint of the casino.

            “This is courtesy of Lou Grover, the new blackjack dealer at the Bellagio” he stated.  Lou nodded as Steve sighed.

            “Okay, bad news first.  This place houses a security system that rivals most nuclear silos.  First, we have to get within the casino cages, which anybody will tell you takes more than a smile.  Next, through these doors…each of which requires a six digit code changed every twelve hours.  Past those lies the elevator, which gets tricky.  The elevator won’t move without authorized fingerprint identification –” he started.

            “—which we can’t fake—” Danny interjected.

            “—and vocal confirmation from both the security system within the Bellagio and the vault below—” Steve continued.

            “—which we won’t get” Danny finished.

            “Furthermore, the elevator shaft is rigged with motion detectors” Steve stated.

            “Meaning that if we override the lift, the shaft’s exit will lockdown automatically and we’d be trapped” Danny explained.  Before Steve could continue, he felt something lean against his leg, so he looked down to see Grace leaning against him, her eyes shut.  She was probably very jet-lagged and it was past her bedtimes anyways.  Danny looked over at her and smiled softly before he reached out and picked her up, holding her against him as her head rested on his shoulder.  The other members of the team smiled at the sight before they focused on Steve again, who was watching Danny and Grace fondly before he cleared his throat.

            “Once we get down the shaft, it's a piece of cake… just two more guards with Uzis…and the most elaborate vault door ever conceived by man” he finished before looking around the room.

            “Any questions?” he asked.

            “What about tunneling?” Max inquired.  Danny shook his head.

            “No, tunneling's out. There are sensors monitoring the ground, hundred yards in every direction.  If a groundhog nested there, they'd know about it” he replied.

            “Anyone else?” Steve asked.

            “You said something about good news?” Junior Reigns, a tall man with medium brown skin, short black hair, and brown eyes, asked.  Steve nodded.

            “Yeah.  The Nevada Gaming Commission stipulates that a casino must hold and reserve enough cash to cover every chip in play on the floor.  That means on a weekday, by law, it has to carry anywhere between $60 and $ 70 million in cash and coin.  On the weekend, between $80 and $90 million” he replied as he crossed his arms.

            “On a fight night, like the one two weeks from now, the night we’re gonna rob it, $150 million without breaking a sweat” he declared.  Everyone looked at him in shock while he just smiled.

            “Now there are eleven of us, each with an equal share.  You do the math” he instructed.  Tani Rey, a tall young woman with milk chocolate skin, shoulder length curly brown hair, dark brown eyes, let out a whistle, making Danny chuckle.

            “Exactly Tani, exactly” he stated.  Joe then cleared his throat.

            “I have a question” he called out.  Steve and the others looked at him.

            “Mmhm?” Steve asked.

            “Say we get into the cage and threw the security doors there, and down the elevator we can’t move and past the guards with guns and into the vault we can’t open—” Joe started.

            “Without being seen by cameras” Danny reminded.  Steve smiled sheepishly.

            “Oh yeah, sorry, forgot to mention that” he apologized.  Joe shot him a look before he sighed.

            “Well, say we do all that...we're just supposed to walk out of there with $150 million in cash on us without getting stopped?” he asked.  The other members of the crew were silent, letting Joe’s question sink in before they looked over at Danny and Steve, who just smiled back at them.

            “Yeah” Steve replied.

            “Basically” Danny added.  Joe blinked before he nodded.

            “Oh.  Okay” he agreed before he opened up a mint packet and stuck a mint in his mouth.  Steve then softly clapped his hands.

            “Why don’t we all get some sleep and then we’ll discuss how we are supposed to go through with this tomorrow?” he suggested.  The others nodded, liking the idea, and Wo Fat motioned upwards.

            “There are rooms waiting for you.  Please, make yourself comfortable” he offered.  Everyone nodded and thanked him, heading upstairs to their rooms while Steve turned towards Danny and reached out, brushing Grace’s hair back behind her ear.

            “Poor baby…she’s exhausted” he murmured.  Danny nodded.

            “She is.  We should probably get to bed too…we’ve got a big day ahead of us” he stated.  Steve nodded as well.

            “That we do, babe.  That we do” he agreed.

Chapter Text

The next morning, after an amazing breakfast that Wo Fat had prepared for them, they met once more in the living room to discuss the plan.

            “So, what’s the plan, boss?” Kono asked, raising an eyebrow.  Steve nodded and began to tell his plan.




            “Alright, here’s how we’ll begin.  First task: Reconnaissance.  I want to know everything that goes on in those three casinos from the rotation of the dealers to the path of every cash card.  I want to know everything about every guard, watch, or anyone with a security pass.  I wanna know where they’re from, what their nicknames are, how they take their coffee” he stated. 

            “How do you want to proceed?” chin asked.  Steve looked at Kono and Lou.

            “Lou, you work at the casino, so get me all the dirt on the employees as you can.  Kono, pose as a player and figure out the route of the cash box” he ordered. 

            “Got it boss” Kono replied as she stood up and left, heading for the casino, Lou following after her, dressed in his work uniform.




At the casino, Kono took a spot at a blackjack table and pretended to be interested but as soon as the change cart went by, she turned her attention towards it and watched it for a moment before she turned her attention back to the table.  Meanwhile, Lou sat in the employee’s breakroom and eavesdropped on some of the employees that had badges on their shirt.

            “Her name’s Charmaine.  She’s intelligent, she’s a dancer at the Crazy Horse Too to pay her way through medical school.  I think she really likes me” one of the employees stated.  Lou pretended to do a crossword puzzle but instead of writing down the actual words, he wrote down the information that the guard was unknowingly telling him.




            “Most of all, I want you guys to know these casinos.  They’re built as labyrinths to keep people in.  I want you guys to know the quickest routes out” Steve continued before he looked at Tani and Junior.

            “Think you’re up to that?” he asked.  Tani and Junior nodded.

            “Count on us” Junior replied.  Steve nodded in reply.

            “Good.  Now go” he ordered.




At the casino, Tani and Junior were sitting at the slot machines, pretending to play when really they were watching and timing the guard when they went into a secure room with a key card.

            “What time did you get?” Junior asked.

            “10:46” Tani replied.

            “I got 10:44” Junior stated.

            “Let’s go with my time” Tani suggested.  Junior nodded.

            “Sounds good” he replied as he and Tani stood up and walked away.




            “Second task: Power.  On the night of the fight, we’re gonna throw the switch on Sin City.  Chin, it’s your show” Steve stated, looking at Chin, who grinned.

            “You want broke, blind, or bedlam?” he asked.

            “How ‘bout all three?” Steve replied.  Chin chuckled.

            “I like the way you think” he agreed before he stood up to do what Steve told him to do.




            “Third task: Surveillance.  Casino security has an eye and an ear on everything so we need an eye and an ear on them” Steve stated before looking at Jerry.

            “Jerry?” he asked.  Jerry nodded before he headed to his room and grabbed his things before he headed to the hotel to start working. 




At the hotel, that was above the casino, Jerry had all of his computers set up as he was looking at a digital blueprint of the casino.

            “Well, it’s not the least accessible system I’ve seen, but it’s close” he stated as Danny walked around the room, Grace asleep in his arms while Steve took a seat next to Jerry on the couch.

            “I don’t suppose they have a closed-circuit feed I could tap into?” he asked before he turned back to his computers.

            “And it’s definitely a bag job.  They employ an in-house technician?” he asked.  Danny chuckled.

            “Two.  And one of them lonely” he replied.  Steve hummed.

            “Danno…” he started.

            “Say no more, Steven” Danny replied as he walked over to Steve and placed Grace in his partner’s arms before he grabbed his suit jacket and headed out.




That evening, Danny stood outside the Crazy Horse Too and waited until a young woman dressed in a sexy nurse outfit walked out and handed him an ID tag.

            “Thanks Charmaine.  I'll return it in an hour” he thanked as he took the tag and payed the stripper. 

            “Say hi to your mom for me” he added.  Charmaine smirked.

            “Say it yourself. She's on-stage in five minutes” she stated before she turned and headed back inside.  Danny blinked before he shook his head and headed over to his car, which was full of helium balloons.  He then drove back to the hotel and called Tani and Junior down to the lobby.

            “What’s up?” Junior asked.  Danny then thrusted the balloons into his hand and smirked.

            “Cause a distraction, please” he replied.  Tani and Junior smiled.

            “On it” they replied before they headed out to cause the distraction.  Danny watched them leave before he headed back upstairs to be with Steve, Grace, and Jerry.




While Danny headed upstairs, Junior started walking around the casino floor, the balloons in his hand.  As he was walking, he “accidentally” ran into Tani, who caused him to “accidentally” let the balloons go over the security camera.

            “Oh, excuse me missy” Junior apologized.  Tani’s eyes widened.

            “Who you calling “missy”?!” she exclaimed.  Junior shook his head.

            “I meant no harm, honey—” he started.

            “Honey?!” Tani shouted. 

            “Ma’am, please—” Junior started, reaching out and placing a hand on Tani’s shoulder, making her wrench her shoulder away.

            “Don’t touch me!” she shrieked.




Up in the control room, one of the security guards was looking at the computer with a frown.

            “433, we have a visual impairment on the northwest 052 exit-door camera” he stated into his mic.  The guard on the floor searched the floor until he saw Tani and Junior shouting at one another.

            “Copy that.  I see them” he replied, heading over to them.  While he was heading over to the distraction, Jerry, dressed as the in-house technician, headed to the door the guard had just left and entered the technician’s key into the slot, granting him access into the room.  Once he was inside, he took off the gloves he was wearing and looked down at his palm to show a hand-drawn map of where the electrical room was.




Up in the main security room, the two guards who were supposed to be watching their screens weren’t paying attention and were talking to one another, not even noticing Jerry pass by on their monitors.  Once Jerry had made it to the main frame of the entire casino, he searched for the right data and electrical tower until he found what he was looking for.




Meanwhile, Tani and Junior were still causing a scene, shouting and screaming at one another. 

            “Excuse me!” the guard exclaimed when he walked over to them, making Tani and Junior look over at him before Tani let out an exaggerated sigh of relief.

            “Oh, thank god you’re here!  Please, get him out of my sight!” she exclaimed, pointing to Junior, who looked shocked.

            “I didn’t do anything!  I just accidentally bumped into this little lady—” he started.

            “Little lady?!  How dare you?!” Tani shrieked.  The guard groaned.




Meanwhile, up in the data tower room, Jerry attached a little clip to one of the video wires and pulled up a little device, clicking on a button that showed him a view above a blackjack table.  He then searched for another wire and clipped the clip connected to the little device and the screen showed another part on the casino on the screen.  He continued to do that for every video cable, placing a clip on every cable until he was satisfied.  He then placed the cables back into their rightful places, making sure that no one would know that he had tampered with them.




Back up in the hotel room, Steve was gently rocking Grace in her sleep while Danny was watching the monitors.  Soon they went live with all of the feed from around the casino, mainly the exit routes and the routes that the employees took throughout the casino.

            “And we’re live” Danny murmured.  Steve looked at the screen and frowned.

            “Why are hallways always that color?” he asked.  Danny chuckled.

            “They say taupe is very soothing, babe” he replied.  Steve hummed as he leaned back against the couch, stroking Grace’s back.




Meanwhile, after Jerry had connected all the camera clips, he exited the room and walked down the hall, nodding to one of the employees before continuing on.  The employee nodded back before he frowned and wondered why Jerry was leaving the data tower room, so he walked over and put in his key card to the card slot before walking inside.




Back on the casino floor, Tani and Junior were still screaming at one another before the guard grabbed the balloons and handed them back to Junior.

            “Sir, please” he begged.  Junior nodded and quickly grabbed the balloons before he headed off.




Inside the hallway, Jerry continued walking and as he was walking, he looked down at his hand to try and get out, only to find that his map was smeared.

            “How the hell—” he started until he realized that he kept wiping his brow with his hand, smearing the ink from his hand.




Back up in the hotel room, Steve shook his head.

            “Uh-oh” he murmured.  Danny cracked open an eye, from where he and Steve had switched and now he was holding Grace and taking a quick cat nap, since he knew Steve was on it.

            “What’s up, babe?” he replied. 

            “Take a look” Steve replied.  Danny yawned and leaned forward, looking at the monitor that showed Jerry standing in the middle of the hallway, not moving.

            “Aw hell” he murmured.  They then watched as Jerry turned and headed down the right before turning back and heading towards the left.




Back down in the hallway, Jerry was heading for the door when the employee that he had said “hi” to earlier came walking up behind him.

            “Hey! Hold up a minute!” he called out.  Jerry glanced over his shoulder before he started to walk faster.

            “Excuse me!” the employee called out.  Jerry got to the door and slid his key card in the slot as he employee came closer.

            “Hey!  Excuse me!” he exclaimed as Jerry opened the door but before he could leave, the employee blocked his way and held up the little device.

            “You dropped this” he stated.  Jerry blinked before he took it.

            “Oh.  Thank you” he thanked. 

            “How's the reception on those things?” the employee asked.

            “Excellent” Jerry replied.  The employee smiled and nodded.

            “Take care” he bid as he held open the door for Jerry.

            “Thanks” Jerry thanked before he turned and left.




Back up in the hotel room, Danny and Steve let out breaths of relief.

            “Ooof” Steve murmured.

            “Yeah” Danny agreed.  Steve shook his head.

            “Too close” he whispered.  Danny nodded.

            “Too close indeed” he agreed.

Chapter Text

The next morning, Steve took Danny to a nearby abandoned warehouse and clapped his hands together.

            “Fourth task: Construction.  We need to build an exact replica of the Bellagio vault” he declared.  Danny raised an eyebrow at him.

            “To practice?” he asked.  Steve smirked at him.

            “Something like that” he replied before he snapped his fingers and suddenly workers appeared out of nowhere with blueprints and construction tools to begin building the vault.  Danny looked around with wide eyes before he nodded slowly.

            “Impressive, babe” he murmured.  Steve smiled.

            “Thank you” he replied before he pulled out his phone.

            “Fifth task: Intelligence” he declared as he dialed a number.

            “Kono” a voice answered.

            “We need those codes Kono, from the only guy who has all three” Steve stated. 

            “Who, Harrington?” Kono replied.

            “Learn to love his shadow, kid” Danny stated.

            “Wait, wait, wait, all I get to do is watch the guy?!” Kono exclaimed.

            “Gotta walk before you crawl” Steve soothed.

            “Reverse that” Danny corrected.

            “Ugh, fine boss” Kono grumbled before she hung up.  Once she hung up, Danny looked over at Steve.

            “What’s next?” he asked.

            “Sixth task: Transport” Steve replied.  Danny nodded before he pulled out his cellphone and dialed a number.

            “Lou?  Take Tani and Junior out to the car lot and get a van will ya?” he asked.




At the dealership, Lou was speaking with the owner while Tani and Junior were exploring the vans in the lot.

            “Well, I am sorry, but $18,500 a piece is the best offer I can make” the owner stated.  Lou sighed before he looked out at the car lot where Tani and Junior walking down the aisles, looking at the vans.

            “Well, I understand.  They are some great looking vans you got” he mused.

            “Yes sir, top of the line” the owner replied.  Lou sighed again before he held out his hand.

            “Okay.  Thank you for your time, Mr…” he started.

            “Denham.  Billy Tim Denham” the owner replied as he shook Lou’s hand.

            “Yes, Denham like a jean” Lou mused, gripping Mr. Denham’s hand tightly.

            “Yes, that’s it.  Yes, just like the jean” Mr. Denham replied, trying to remove his hand from Lou’s grasp, but Lou wouldn’t let go.

            “Man, you got some lovely hands here.  Do you moisturize?” Lou asked.

            “I’m sorry?” Mr. Denham asked with a frown.

            “Well, I’ve tried all sort of lotion, even went fragrant free for a whole year.  Now, my sister, she uses aloe-vera with a little sunscreen in it” Lou replied, tightening his grip even more on Mr. Denham’s hand.

            “Ideally speaking, we all should wear gloves before going to bed, but I found it to be a little interfering to my “social agenda”, you know what I mean” he continued, giving Mr. Denham a look.  Mr. Denham chuckled weakly while Lou tightened his grip on Mr. Denham’s hand once more.

            “Plus, I react to the camphor, so I'm not into the traditional remedies, you know?” he explained.  Mr. Denham then cleared his throat.

            “Let me tell you something: if you are willing to pay cash…I might be able to drop that down to say…seven—” he started when Lou tightened his grip, making Mr. Denham wince.

            “Sixteen each” he whimpered.  Lou’s eyes widened in fake surprise.

            “No…” he started.

            “Yes sir” Mr. Denham replied.

            “You'd do that?” Lou asked.

            “Yes sir” Mr. Denham replied.

            “That'd be lovely.  They told me to see you” Lou stated with a smile.  Mr. Denham laughed weakly.

            “Oh, well, I’m sure glad they did” he replied.

            “That’s what they told me” Lou continued as he finally released Mr. Denham’s hand, which looked a little red and squished from Lou’s tight grip.  Mr. Denham then fixed his suit before he motioned to his office.

            “Well, um, let me go get the paper work and uh, I’ll be right back.  You just wait here at the table” he suggested.

            “You do that” Lou replied as Mr. Denham headed towards his office.  Once he was gone, Lou chuckled.

            “Stupid man” he murmured.




At a tailor shop, Joe was standing on a pedestal, in a very expensive looking suit. 

            “This is very nice material” he murmured.

            “It's imported silk, Joe” Steve stated from behind him on a couch, Danny and Grace sitting next to him.

            “I think you look very nice, Uncle Joe” Grace added.  Joe turned and smiled at her.

            “Thank you, darling” he thanked before he turned back to the mirror.

            “It’s very nice”  he declared.  Danny and Steve were quiet before Steve looked over at the tailors.

            “Gentlemen, will you excuse us, just for a second?” he asked.  The tailors nodded and left the room while Steve stood up and walked over to him.

            “Joe, you sure you're ready to do this?” he asked.  Joe was quiet before he turned to look at Steve, who looked back at him.

            “If you ever ask me that question again, Steven…you will not wake up the following morning” he growled.  Danny let out a laugh and shook his head.

            “He’s got you there, babe” he chuckled.  Steve shot him a look.

            “Hush, Daniel” he shot back.  Danny pretended to be offended while Grace just giggled at the silliness of her fathers.  Meanwhile, Joe was staring at himself in the mirror, trying to get into character.

            “My name is Lyman.  Zerga.  My name is Lyman Zerga.  My name is Lyman Zerga” he whispered to himself.

Chapter Text

The next morning, Joe walked into the hotel, dressed up in his fancy suit, with Tani and Junior dressed up in black suits and ear pieces behind him, carrying his luggage as he walked through the casino.  As he, Tani, and Junior walked past Danny and Kono, heading to the check in station, Danny leaned forward.

            “Alright kid, tell me about Harrington” he instructed.  Kono took a sip of her water before she sighed.

            “That guy's a machine.  He arrives at the Bellagio every day at 2 p.m, same car, same driver.  Remembers every valet’s name on the way in.  Not bad for a guy worth ¾ of a billion.  Offices are upstairs, he works hard, hits the lottery floor at seven, on the nose.  Spends three minutes on the floor with his casino manager” she started.

            “What do they talk about?” Danny inquired.

            “All business.  Harrington likes to know what goes on in his casinos, likes to be in control.  There’s rarely an incident that he doesn’t know about or handle personally.  Spends a few minutes glad-handing the high-rollers.  He’s fluent in Spanish, Italian, and German and he’s taking Japanese lessons and getting pretty good at it.  He’s out by 7:30 when an assistant hands him a black portfolio.  Contents: the days take and new security codes.  Then he heads to the restaurant” Kono answered.  Danny then looked down at his watch and noticed that it was 7:25.

            “We better go” he stated.  Kono nodded and they both headed to the restaurant, where they watched Billy Harrington walk by with the portfolio tucked under his arm.

            “Like I said, a machine” Kono whispered as he walked by.

            “That portfolio contains codes to all the cage doors?” Danny replied. 

            “Mmhm.  And two minutes after they’ve been changed, he’s got them in his hand” Kono murmured before she sighed.

            “I tell ya, you guys really can pick ‘em.  This guy is as smart as he is ruthless.  Last guy they caught cheating in here, he not only set him up for ten years, but he had the bank seize his house and then he bankrupted his –” she started.

            “—his brother-in-law’s tractor dealership.  I heard” Danny interrupted.  Kono let out a little laugh before she shook her head.

            “Yeah, he doesn’t just take out your knees, the guy goes after your lively hood and the lively hood of anybody you ever met” she finished.

            “You scared?” Danny teased.

            “You suicidal, boss?” Kono shot back.  Danny glanced at her before he chuckled.

            “Only in the morning” he replied before he crossed his arms.

            “Now what?” he asked.

            “Now comes the girl” Kono replied as she turned to face the golden staircase.

            “She comes down after him if they’re in a snit” she explained.

            “Where she come from?” Danny asked.

            “Museum up there.  She’s the curator” Kono replied as she faced the staircase and crossed her arms as well.

            “Ah.  Here she comes” she declared.  Danny looked up as well before his eyes widened as he watched a tall young woman with long black hair, brown eyes, and lightly tan skin dressed in a bright red suit walk right past them.

            “I'm not sure we can use her yet.  I actually haven't even caught her name” Kono mused.

            “Catherine” Danny deadpanned.  Kono turned to look at him.

            “What?” she asked.

            “Her name is Catherine” Danny deadpanned once more. 




Back in the warehouse, Steve was supervising as the others were setting up the vault, Grace by his side, watching with interest, when Danny appeared suddenly beside him.

            “We have to talk” he stated.

            “Okay” Steve replied.

            “Now” Danny growled.  Steve and Grace looked at him with wide eyes before they turned and followed him, walking away from the vault.

            “Tell me this is not about her or I’m walking.  I am walking off this job right now” Danny growled.  Steve and Grace frowned.

            “Who, Danno?” Grace asked.  Danny looked down at her and smiled thinly.

            “An old friend of Steve’s, darling” he replied before he looked at Steve.

            “Catherine.  Billy Harrington” he ground out as they continued walking.

            “Tell me this is not about screwing the guy who’s screwing your wife” he hissed. 

            “Ex-wife, Danno” Steve corrected.

            “Tell me” Danny boomed.  Grace let out a little whimper, making Steve and Danny look down at her before glancing at one another.  Danny then sighed before he knelt down in front of her.

            “I’m sorry Monkey, I didn’t mean to shout.  It’s just that I’m very angry at your Daddy right now” he explained, glaring up at Steve, who just rolled his eyes.  Grace sniffled before she turned and looked up at Steve.

            “Daddy…please don’t make Danno mad” she begged.  Steve smiled softly at her as he reached out and picked her up, looking her in the eyes.

            “Don’t worry, baby.  Danno won’t be mad at me for long” he assured, glancing at Danny, who just narrowed his eyes at him.  Grace smiled before she leaned in and rested her head on Steve’s shoulder.  Danny then stood up and sighed.

            “Tell me, Steven” he ordered softly.

            “It’s not about her.  I swear” Steve replied softly. 

            “How do I know that, Steven?” Danny growled.  Steve sighed.  He knew that Danny was really mad at him because he kept calling him “Steven” instead of “Steve”

            “Because I have you and I have Gracie.  I don’t need Catherine.  She obviously doesn’t need me” he spat, a little bitter.  Danny looked at him for a moment before he sighed.

            “Sorry babe.  I didn’t mean to shout at you” he apologized.  Steve shook his head as he rubbed Grace’s back.

            “It’s alright.  You have every right to be angry to be angry at me” he replied.  Danny sighed again.

            “I know I do…but I don’t really want to be” he murmured.  Steve smiled fondly at him.

            “Oh Danno” he murmured before he stepped forward and leaned in, pressing a kiss to Danny’s lips.  When they pulled away, Steve smiled. 

            “Why don’t you take Gracie and go rest?  You’ve been busy all day.  I think you deserve to take a break” he explained.  Danny sighed before he reached out and took Grace from Steve’s arms, cuddling her in his.

            “Alright.  But don’t do anything stupid while we’re gone, got it?” he stated, giving Steve a look.  Steve laughed.

            “Of course” he replied.  Danny narrowed his eyes before he smiled and shook his head, turning to walk away. 

            ‘He’s not gonna listen to a damn thing I said, is he?’ he thought to himself as he and Grace walked past the others and headed towards the car so that he could drive to the hotel.





Up in the museum, Catherine Rollins, a tall young woman with long black hair, brown eyes, and lightly tan skin, was standing before a modern painting, listening to an art dealer talk about the piece when Harrington walked in and looked at the piece.  Catherine motioned to it and Harrington said nothing before he turned to the art dealer standing next to her and shook his hand.  Once they left, Catherine and Harrington stood before the painting in silence.

            “Do you like it?” Catherine asked.  Harrington smiled and looked over at her.

            “I like that you like it” he replied before he tilted his head at her.

            “I'll see you tonight?” he asked.  Catherine nodded.

            “Okay” she agreed before she stepped forward to give him a kiss when he took a step back and looked up into the corner of the room.  Catherine stopped and turned to see what he was looking at, only to find a small camera pointed at them.

            “In my hotel, there's always somebody watching.  I'll see you tonight” Harrington bid before he turned and walked away.




Down at one of the blackjack tables, Joe placed a stack of chips down before he popped a mint.

            “Weak stomach, Mr. Zerga?” one of his tablemates asked.  Joe looked up at him and narrowed his eyes.

            “I don't believe in weakness.  It costs too much.  I don't believe in questions either” he replied in a fake Russian accent before he took a sip of champagne.

            “Oh really?  Well, let me give you a tip: I wouldn’t get into Billy Harrington for too much money.  He doesn’t fool around” his tablemate explained.  Joe hummed before he glanced over to see Harrington walk over to his casino floor manager.

            “How are you, Eddie?” Harrington asked.

            “Fine sir” Eddie, the manager, replied.

            “Anything for me?” Harrington asked.

            “Mr. Zerga.  Lyman Zerga, in the third position” Eddie replied, pointing to Joe, who quickly turned his attention back on the table.

            “Wants to speak to you privately” Eddie continued.  Harrington was quiet before he looked over at Eddie.

            “Who is he?” he inquired.

            “Businessman of some kind, working mostly in Europe.  Very vague.  I’ll ask around.  Word is, he deals primarily in arms.  The biggest” Eddie replied.

            “Zerga” Harrington repeated.

            “Yes sir” Eddie agreed with a nod.  Harrington shook his head.

            “Never heard of him” he murmured.

            “That's why I don't doubt it” Eddie confessed.

            “He staying here?” Harrington inquired.

            “Checked in two nights ago.  He's in the Mirador suite” Eddie answered.

            “How's he doing?” Harrington asked, curious.

            “Up, almost two hundred” Eddie replied.  Harrington hummed.

            “Good for him” he mused before he walked forward to go talk to Joe.

Chapter Text

While Harrington was talking to Joe, up in the restaurant, Catherine was sitting at her and Harrington’s usual table, alone, when suddenly there was a hand on her shoulder.

            “You're 30 seconds late.  I was about to send out a search—” she started, turning to look up at who she thought was Harrington, but instead she was looking up at Steve.

            “Hello Catherine” he greeted.  Catherine’s eyes widened as she stared at him.

            “What are you doing here?” she breathed.

            “I’m out” Steve replied.

            “You’re out?” Catherine repeated.

            “Of prison.  You remember the day I went for cigarettes and didn’t come back?  You must’ve notice” Steve stated as he moved to sit down across from her.

            “I don’t smoke.  Don’t sit” Catherine ordered, but Steve ignored her and sat down anyways.  Steve then cleared his throat.

            “Now, they say I paid my debt to society—” he started.

            “Funny, I never got a check” Catherine snapped.  Steve smiled slightly before he looked down at her left hand.

            “You’re not wearing your ring” he mused.  Catherine was quiet before she sighed.

            “I sold it.  I don’t have a husband or didn’t you get the papers?” she asked.

            “My last day inside” Steve replied calmly.

            “Told you I’d write” Catherine sneered.  Steve chuckled and shook his head while Catherine sighed.

            “Steve…go now before—” she started.

            “What?  Harrington?” Steve interrupted, giving her a look.  Catherine groaned.

            “Steve, you don’t know how dangerous he is.  He could hurt you.  He could hurt Danny” she exclaimed.  Steve shook his head.

            “We can handle ourselves” he replied.  Catherine crossed her arms.

            “Then what about Danny’s daughter?” she asked, raising an eyebrow.  She knew that he and Danny were involved, way before she or Steve even got married.  She wasn’t blind or stupid, much to many people’s surprise.  Steve paused before he looked at her with piercing green eyes, something in them that she had never seen before.

            “You threatening my Gracie?” he asked softly, dangerously.  Catherine frowned.

            “Your Gracie?  Steve, she’s not even your daughter!” she exclaimed.  Steve snarled, making Catherine flinch.

            “She is mine and if you threaten her or Danny again, I will have no problem making sure that you’re never seen or heard from again” he promised.  Catherine looked at him with wide eyes; she had never heard Steve sound so dangerously protective before.  And to be honestly, it was a little terrifying.  Steve then took a deep breath before he ran a hand through his hair.

            “Cath, you’re doing a great job curating the museum.  The Vermeer is quite good; simple, vibrant, although definitely fell off as he got older” he mused.

            “Remind you of anyone?” Catherine sneered. 

            “I always confused Monet and Manet.  Which one married his mistress?” Steve asked, ignoring her comment.

            “Monet” Catherine answered.

            “Right.  And then Manet had syphilis” Steve added.

            “They also painted occasionally” Catherine ground out.  Steve was quiet before he nodded.

            “Alright, I’ll make this quick: you don’t want me back and while that hurts me, I’m perfectly fine with that.  I have a family of my own now and we’re very happy together.  Sure, we argue, but I wouldn’t have it any other way” he started.  Catherine stared at him, tears starting to come to her eyes because she had always wanted Steve to say that about them.

            “But you know…I’ve always wanted to know something” Steve continued.  Catherine raised an eyebrow at him.

            “What?” she asked. 

            “Why did you leave me?  Was it because of Danny?” Steve inquired.  Catherine shook her head.

            “No.  Billy doesn’t make me cry” she snarled.  Steve was quiet before he nodded slowly.

            “I see” he murmured.




While Steve and Catherine were having a rather awkward conversation, Joe and Harrington were speaking about the fight.

            “Mr. Harrington, the fight is on Saturday, is it not?” Joe asked.

            “Yes, would you like some tickets?” Harrington replied.

            “No, no.  Hand-to-hand combat does not interest me” Joe explained before he took a deep breath.

            “I have a package arriving here on that evening; black briefcase, standard size.  The contents of which are very valuable to me” he continued.  Harrington nodded.

            “I’ll put it in the House safe for you” he declared.  Joe shook his head.

            “The House safe is for brandy and grandmother’s pearls.  I need something…more secure” he stated.

            “Mr. Zerga, I can assure you that our House safe is –” Harrington started.

            “I can assure you, Mr. Harrington, that your generosity in this manner will not go overlooked.  Now, what can you offer me, besides the safe?” Joe asked.




Back in the restaurant, Steve and Catherine were still arguing with one another.

            “See, the people you steal things from?  They have insurance to compensate and they get made whole again.  I had to leave New York to get away from what happened.  How am I gonna get my five years back, Steve?” Catherine hissed.

            “You can’t.  But what you can do is not throw away—” Steve growled.

            “Oh, you don’t know anything!” Catherine shouted softly.

            “Catherine, alright, I get it, like I told you before you don’t love me and that’s fine.  But I care about you, as a friend, and I don’t want you to be will Harrington” Steve snapped.  Catherine was shocked into silence before she huffed.

            “Spoken like a true ex-husband” she sneered.

            “I’m not joking, Catherine” Steve growled.

            “I’m not laughing, Steven” Catherine snarled before she huffed.

            “You know there’s a conflict of interest when you give me advice about my love life” she mused.  Steve raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms.

            “Yes, but that doesn’t mean that I’m wrong” he argued.  Catherine was quiet before she sighed.

            “Do you remember what I said to you when we first met?” she asked.

            “You said that I better know what I’m doing” Steve replied.

            “Do you?  Now?  Because truly, you should walk out the door if you don’t” Catherine warned.

            “I know what I’m doing” Steve growled.

            “What are you doing?” a voice asked, making Steve and Catherine look up to see Billy Harrington walking over to them.

            “Just, catching up” Steve replied as he stood up from where he was sitting.

            “Billy, meet my ex-husband Steve” Catherine introduced.  Steve held out a hand.

            “Steve McGarrett” he replied.

            “Mr. McGarrett—” Harrington started.

            “I’m in your seat” Steve interrupted.  Harrington nodded as he walked past Steve and set down the black binder full of codes on the table.

            “I’m sorry I’m late.  A guest required my attention” he explained to Catherine, who smiled.

            “That’s alright” she replied before she motioned to Steve.

            “Steve was walking through the restaurant and spotted me” she explained.

            “Is that right?” Harrington asked.

            “Yeah.  Imagine the odds” Steve replied with a fake smile.

            “Of all the gin joints in all the world—” Harrington started, making Steve chuckle and nod.

            “You recently were released from prison, is that correct?” Harrington continued.

            “That’s right” Steve replied.

            “How does it feel to be out?” Harrington inquired.

            “About the same” Steve replied before a silence fell over the three of them.  Catherine then cleared her throat.

            “Steve was just about to—” she started.

            “I just stopped by to say hi to Catherine for old time sake” Steve interrupted.  Harrington smiled.

            “Stay and have a drink” he offered.

            “I can’t” Steve replied.

            “He can’t” Catherine stated at the same time as Steve.  Steve glanced over at Catherine before Harrington cleared his throat.

            “Well then, I don’t imagine we’ll be seeing Mr. McGarrett any time soon, right?” he asked, looking at Catherine, who smiled.

            “You never know” Steve replied. 

            “Ah.  I know everything happening in my hotel” Harrington reminded. 

            “So I should put those towels back?” Steve asked with a raised eyebrow.

            “No, the towels you can keep” Harrington replied as he reached out and took Catherine’s hand, giving it a kiss.  Steve nodded before he looked down at Catherine.

            “Good to see you, Cath” he bid, making Catherine look up at him.

            “Take care, Steve” she replied.  Steve then nodded to Harrington.

            “Billy” he stated.

            “Steve” Harrington replied before Steve walked away.  Steve exited the restaurant then headed up the escalator towards the upper level, not even noticing that Kono was leaning against the banister.  As he walked away, Kono followed after him, keeping rather close to him, following him until she noticed where he was headed.

            ‘The boss will chew him out’ she thought to herself before she turned and headed to her own room.




Steve used his key and swiped it into the lock, waiting for the lock to beep and let him in.  When he stepped inside, he saw Grace asleep on one bed with Danny awake and reading a book on the other.

            “You did something stupid, didn’t you?” Danny asked, not even looking up from his book.  Steve blinked before he sighed.

            “Yes, Danno, I did something stupid” he replied.  He knew it wasn’t a good idea to lie to his partner.  He would find out the truth eventually and that would just piss him off even more.

            “You went to talk to Catherine, didn’t you?” Danny asked, flipping a page. 

            “Yes, I did.  Threatened her as well” Steve replied as he walked over to Grace’s bed, leaning down to press a kiss to her temple before he walked over to the other bed and sat down.  Danny then placed the book down and gave him a look.

            “Why, Steven?  Why did you have to go and threaten your ex?” he exclaimed softly.

            “Well, she threatened Gracie and she threatened you.  What else was I supposed to do?” Steve replied.  Danny was quiet before he nodded slowly.

            “You know what, that’s fair” he murmured before he looked at Steve and narrowed his eyes.

            “But don’t you dare do anything that stupid ever again, you hear me, McGarrett?” he ordered.  Steve chuckled and shook his head.

            “Come on, Danny, do you know who you’re talking to?” he replied.  Danny sighed and shut his book.

            “Yeah, yeah, I know, stupid runs in your blood.  Just…I don’t even know what to say anymore, you’re not gonna listen to me” he grumbled.  Steve rolled his eyes and reached out, wrapping an arm around Danny’s shoulder and pulled him against him, making Danny groan softly as he went, resting his head against Steve’s shoulder.

            “What am I gonna do with you?” he murmured.  Steve just chuckled and pressed a kiss to Danny’s hair.

            “Don’t know, babe.  Love me unconditionally?” he teased.  Danny rolled his eyes.

            “I already do you, you Neanderthal” he grumbled. 

            “Then that’s all you can do” Steve replied softly.  Danny sighed as he shut his eyes and got comfortable against Steve’s shoulder.

            “You’re gonna be the death of me, you know that right?” he murmured sleepily.  Steve chuckled as he got comfortable against the headboard.

            “You’re gonna be the death of me too, darling” he whispered before he too shut his eyes.

Chapter Text

The next evening, Steve and Danny called a meeting in Wo Fat’s living room to discuss what they were going to do.

            “Tomorrow the day is yours, do with it what you like.  Call is at 5:30, makeup and costume.  Joe's package arrives at 7:05.  Kono grabs our codes.  All goes well, we're a go. At 7:30, Max gets locked in and we're committed.  From this point, we have 30 minutes to blow the power or he suffocates” Danny explained. 

            “Once the electricity goes, all access points to the vault and its elevator automatically shut down for two minutes.  That’s when we make our move” Steve added.




The next day, everyone went to the warehouse to see Max’s acrobatic skills, since no one had seen him work his magic yet.  When they arrived, they had one of the workers place Max in the cash box and roll him into the fake vault that they had made.  Once he was inside, he pushed open the cash box lid and gracefully pulled himself out, standing on top of the cash box.  Danny then cleared his throat.

            “Okay, so they put you in the middle of the room, ten feet from everything.  You have to get from there to the door without touching the floor.  What do you do?” he asked before he walked over to stand by Steve and the others.  Grace was with them as well because she wanted to see Max do his acrobatic act.  She loved gymnastics so she was rather thrilled to watch.

            “Ten says he shorts it” Junior murmured.

            “Twenty” everyone else, save for Steve, Danny, and Grace, bet.  They were all silent as they watched Max backflip and land over on top of one of the metal shelves with ease, not even touching the ground or tripping the laser lines.  Everyone made noises of surprise and began clapping while Grace began jumping up and down.

            “That was so cool!” she exclaimed.  Steve looked down at her and smiled.

            “I’m glad you think so, baby” he replied.  She then looked up at him.

            “Do you think Uncle Max could teach me how to do that?” she asked.  Steve’s eyes widened before he looked over at Danny, who also had wide eyes.

            “Well, sweetheart…” Danny started when Grace turned to look at him.

            “Please Danno?” she begged.  Danny opened his mouth to argue when Steve reached out and placed a hand on his arm, stopping him.

            “I’m sure that if you ask him, darling, Uncle Max would love to teach you” he replied.  Danny shot him a glare while Grace let out a squeal of delight.  However, before she could properly thank Steve, Chin walked into the warehouse, covered in sewage, looking and smelling like shit.

            “Window or aisle, boys?” he called out.  Everyone turned to look at him, eyes wide in shock.

            “Cuz, what the hell happened to you?” Kono exclaimed.

            “We’re in deep shit” Chin spat.  Danny narrowed his eyes.

            “Chin, language” he scolded, motioning to Grace.  Chin winced apologetically while Steve just took Grace’s hand and led her over to Max, asking him if he would be willing to teach Grace the move that he did in the vault.  Max agreed and took Grace back into the fake vault to practice while Steve walked back to the others so that Chin could continue in peace without fear of censorship.

            “That poxy demo crew haven’t used a coagulant to back the main line.  They’ve only gone and fucked up the mainframe couplet.  Fucked it right up!” Chin shouted. 

            “Chin, breathe” Danny soothed.

            “Listen, they’re so crap that they’ve gone and blown the backup grid one by one, like dominos” Chin snapped.  Steve then held up a hand.

            “Chin, what happened?” he asked, voice come and soothing.

            “They did the same what I would have done, only they did it by accident.  Problem is, now they know their weaknesses so they’re sorting it out.  They’re fixing it” Chin replied.

            “So…?” Steve started.

            “So unless we intend to do this job in Reno, we’re in trouble” Chin spat. 

            “Ah” Steve hummed before he leaned over to Danny.

            “We could always—” he started.

            “By tomorrow?” Danny asked.

            “Mmhm” Steve replied.  Danny shook his head, making Steve sigh.  Everyone was silent before Kono crossed her arms.

            “You know, we could always use a pinch” she mused.  Steve and the others turned to look at her.

            “A what?” Tani asked.

            “A pinch is a device which creates like a cardiac arrest for any broadband electrical circuitry” Kono replied.

            “Better yet, a pinch is a bomb.  You know, but without a bomb” Chin added.  The rest of the crew looked between the two cousins, waiting for an explanation.

            “See, when a nuclear weapons detonates, it unleashes an electromagnetic pulse which shuts down any power source within its blast radius.  And it turns out it doesn’t matter because a nuclear weapon usually destroys everything you might need power for anyways” Kono started.

            “But see, a pinch creates a similar electromagnetic pulse but without the fuss of…mass destruction and death.  So, instead of Hiroshima you get the 17th century” Chin finished.

            “How long?” Danny inquired.

            “About thirty seconds” Kono and Chin said at the same time.

            “Could a pinch knock out the power of an entire city…like for instance—” Steve started.

            “Las Vegas?  Yeah, I think it might” Chin replied.  Kono then frowned.

            “But there’s only one pinch in the world big enough to manage it” she explained.

            “Where?” Steve asked.

            “California Institute of Advance Science” Chin replied.  Steve sighed. 

            “Alright.  Let’s go” he ordered.  Danny then turned to face him.

            “What about Grace?” he asked. 

            “Joe will stay behind and watch her.  Won’t you Joe?” Steve asked, turning to look at his friend.  Joe nodded.

            “Don’t worry Danny, your daughter’s in good hands” he assured.  Danny nodded.

            “Alright” he agreed before he looked at the others and clapped his hands.

            “Let’s go” he declared.

Chapter Text

After the flight from Las Vegas to California, Steve and the others stole an inconspicuous white van and drove into the California Institute of Advanced Science lot.  When they arrived, Steve, Danny, Max, and Chin jumped out of the van, heading towards the building.  As Kono made to get out, Steve turned around and held up a hand.

            “Where you going?” he asked.  Kono frowned at him.

            “I’m going with you” she replied.  Steve shook his head.

            “No” he declared before he and the others took off.

            “Steve!” Kono called out before she huffed and sat back down, crossing her arms as she sulked.

            “So, Kono, what did you do in Chicago?” Tani asked, trying to break the silence.  Kono looked over at her and shrugged.

            “Pick-pocket.  Mainly stole wallets and purses from the rather wealthy” she replied.  Junior chuckled.

            “Nice.  Gotta have nimble and swift fingers to do that” he praised.  Kono smiled.

            “Thank you.  What do you guys do, exactly?” she asked.  Tani and Junior looked at one another before they looked back at her.

            “We’re masters of disguise.  You saw us pretending to be bodyguards for Joe, didn’t you?” Tani asked.  Kono nodded.

            “Yeah.  You guys were really convincing” she replied.

            “Thank you.  We’re also incredibly good getaway drivers, hence why we’re driving the van” Junior added.  Kono hummed.

            “You know, you and Chin seemed to be on the same wavelength about this “pinch” thingy” Tani mused.  Kono raised an eyebrow.

            “What do you mean?” she asked.  Junior shrugged.

            “Well, the way you two easily continued the same idea, finishing each others sentences…it’s like you’ve done this before” he explained.  Kono nodded slowly.

            “Oh, I see…well, we have.  Sort of.  When we were younger.  We did a lot of jobs together before my parents and I moved to Chicago, so we had to part ways.  But we always kept in touch whenever Chin wanted my help with a particular bomb or something” she replied.  Just then, Chin, Danny, Steve, and Max appeared, carrying the large machine that would create the “pinch” in-between them.  When they got the machine inside, Steve looked at Tani, who was in the driver’s seat.

            “Punch it” he ordered.  As they were driving away, Max closed one door of the van but as he tried to close the other, the door slammed on his hand, making him cry out in pain as he pulled his hand against his chest.  Chin quickly rushed over to take a look at him but as he stared at it, he hissed and shook his head.

            “That looks bad, man” he murmured.




Back at the hotel, Jerry was watching the different cameras on his monitors while Wo Fat was pacing around the room, Joe and Grace sitting on the couch eating oranges.

            “Where are they?  That's what I want to know.  Where the hell are they?” Wo Fat exclaimed.

            “They’ll be here, Uncle Wo Fat” Grace assured.  Wo Fat looked over at her and smiled thinly.

            “If you say so, my dear” he replied.




After the drive back from the institute, which was like a four hour drive, everyone arrived at the hotel.  Danny, Steve, and Kono got out of the van and headed towards the hotel while Tani, Junior, Chin, and Max went to go park the van and hide the pinch.  Once Danny, Steve, and Kono entered the hotel, they headed up to the room that Jerry was staying in to check on the progress. 




As they entered the room, Grace jumped up off the couch and ran over to her fathers, giving them both a big hug.

            “You’re back!” she exclaimed.  Danny smiled as he reached down and picked his daughter up, giving her another big squeeze.

            “We’re back” he assured as he, Steve, and Kono walked over to where Joe and Wo Fat were sitting on the couch.

            “You boys have a nice trip?” Joe asked. 

            “Um, before we can get into the pleasantries, we have a bit of a problem!” Jerry called out, interrupting Joe’s question.  Everyone turned to look at him, making him sigh.

            “You've been red-flagged.  The moment you set foot into that casino floor, they’ll be watching.  Like hawks.  Hawks with video cameras” he explained.  Everyone was silent before Steve sighed.

            “That’s a problem” he mumbled.

            “Any idea how this happened?” Danny asked, raising an eyebrow at him.  Steve shook his head.

            “No” he replied.  Kono rolled her eyes.

            “Oh, come on boss.  You’ve been chasing Harrington's girl.  You two had an argument two nights ago” she exclaimed. 

            “Which I am well aware of” Danny soothed, making Steve look at him with wide eyes.

            “You sent Kono after me?!” he shouted. 

            “I worried you couldn't leave Catherine alone” Danny replied calmly as he put Grace down and looked her in the eyes.

            “Gracie, can you go into the other room for a little bit.  Daddy and I have some things to discuss” he explained.  Grace nodded before she gripped Danny’s wrist in her tight little grasp.

            “Don’t be mad at Daddy, okay Danno?  We already lost him once.  I don’t want to lose him again” she murmured, soft enough for only Danny to hear, before she turned and headed to one of the bedrooms.  Danny looked after his daughter with wide eyes before he looked up at Steve, who had raised an eyebrow at him. 

            “What was that all about?” he inquired.  Danny shook his head.

            “Doesn’t matter.  I’ll tell you later” he assured before he cleared his throat.

            “I’m sorry Steve, but you’re out” he declared.  Steve’s eyes widened, as did everyone else. 

            “He’s out?!” Joe exclaimed.

            “Or we call this whole thing off” Danny suggested.  Steve narrowed his eyes at Danny.

            “That’s not your call” he growled.

            “Steven, think for a moment.  Because of your involvement, Harrington’s gonna have his eyes on you 24/7.  We can’t do the job if we have that on our backs” Danny snapped.  Steve was quiet before he sighed.

            “Alright, fine.  But who’s gonna trigger the vault?” he inquired.  Danny was quiet before he looked back at Kono.

            “Kid, you up for it?” he inquired.  Kono looked up at him and nodded.

            “I can do it” she replied.  Danny nodded.

            “Done.  Locate the others.  Let them know about the change in plan.  Curtain goes up at 7” he declared.  Kono nodded and headed out to tell the others while Steve looked at Danny.

            “And what exactly, am I supposed to do?” he asked.  Danny shrugged.

            “I don’t know, babe.  Play bait for all I care.  Because right now, that’s all I can really see you as” he replied.  Steve pursed his lips before he sighed and looked over at Wo Fat, Joe, and Jerry.

            “Give us a few minutes, please” he ordered.  The other three nodded and left the room, leaving only Danny and Steve.  Once they were alone, Steve looked into Danny’s eyes.

            “So, what did Gracie tell you?” he asked.  Danny sighed.

            “She said to not be mad at you because we had already lost you once and she didn’t want to lose you again” he replied.  Steve’s face softened and he reached out, wrapping his arms around Danny, holding him tightly.

            “Don’t worry Danno.  You’re not gonna lose me again” he assured. 

            “We better not” Danny murmured as he rested his head against Steve's chest.

Chapter Text

After Danny and Steve had their moment, Danny had Kono come back in and handed her a nice pants suit, glasses, a briefcase, and a trench coat.

         “Put these on” he ordered.  Kono raised an eyebrow.

         “A suit, really?” she asked.  Danny gave her a look.

         “You wanna go running around in a dress and heels?  Or you wanna be comfortable and wear some pants and some comfortable combat boots?” he asked.  Kono was quiet before she grabbed the clothes.

         “Give me those” she grumbled as she stormed off to the bathroom to change.  Danny chuckled and waited for her to come back and when she did, he looked up at her and smiled.  She looked like a damn professional with her glasses and she decided to pull her hair back in a ponytail, which just added to the disguise.

         “You look good, kid” he praised.  Kono blushed before Danny cleared his throat.

         “Where you gonna put your hands?” he asked.  Kono paused before she clasped her hands in front of her, her briefcase banging against her legs.  Danny shook his head.

         “No good” he declared.  Kono groaned and rolled her eyes as she pulled her hands away and just let them hang by her side.  She then reached up to fix her tie when Danny shook his head.

         “Don't touch your tie.  Look at me” he instructed.  Kono huffed and gave Danny a look, just making the blonde chuckle.

         “Okay, I ask you a question, you have to think of the answer, where do you look?” he asked.  Kono slowly started to look down when trying to think of an answer and Danny shook his head again.

         “No good.  You look down they know you’re lying” he stated.  Kono then began to look upwards, making Danny shake his head for like the third time.

         “And looking up means you don’t know the truth” he continued.  He then cleared his throat and stood up from where he had been sitting on the room’s bar stool and began walking around Kono, talking as he did so.

         “Don't use seven words if four will do” he started and as Kono shifted her weight to get more comfortable, Danny pointed to it.

         “Don’t shift your weight; look at your mark but don’t stare.  Be specific, but not memorable.  Be funny, but don't make him laugh.  He's got to like you, then forget you the moment you’ve left his sight.  And, for God's sake, whatever you do, don't, under any circumstances—” he started when Jerry cleared his throat.

         “Danny!” he called out, making Kono and Danny look over at him.

         “Yeah?” Danny called back.

         “Can you come take a look at this?” Jerry asked.

         “Yeah” Danny replied, walking over to where Jerry was, leaving Kono standing in the room by herself.

         “Helpful, but not really” she mumbled to herself.




Meanwhile, in his own bedroom, Joe, who was dressed very well in a silky dark blue dress shirt and red vest, was lacing up his patent leather shoes and after he laced them up, he made to stand when his world swam a bit and he had to sit down.  He let out a breath and clutched at his head, just as Danny came into the doorway.  He saw Joe clutching at his head and gave him a moment before he cleared his throat.

         “Joe?” he called out.  Joe didn’t pay attention to him for a little while before he looked up at him and ran a hand over his head, sighing.

         “It’s time” Danny stated gently, trying not to let the man know that he had seen his weakness.  Joe looked at him for a moment before he nodded, grabbed his black suit jacket and stood to his feet, walking over to the mirror and putting it on.  Danny smiled slightly before he turned and walked away, leaving Joe alone for a minute.  Joe stared at himself in a mirror, took a deep breath, checked himself out before he nodded.

         “Okay.  Let’s do it” he declared.




         “On a perfectly clear night in Las Vegas...with the expected crowd of celebrities and eager sports fans...piling into the MGM Grand Garden arena, the two best heavyweights in the world...prepare to meet after an eight-month dance around and toward each other” the newscaster declared on the television that Joe was watching in the lobby while waiting for Harrington, who soon came up behind him.

         “Mr. Zerga” he greeted.

         “Mr. Harrington” Joe replied in his fake Russian accent.

         “It’s a very busy night for me.  Are we on schedule?” Harrington asked as he took a smoke of the cigar that he was carrying.

         “I have no reason to suspect otherwise.  My courier should be here momentarily” Joe replied as a black car pulled up to the front and a man (Junior) with a black briefcase handcuffed to his wrist stepped out.  He then walked over Joe and had the driver (Tani), who helped him out of the car, unlock the handcuff from around his wrist and handcuff it to Joe’s wrist. 




Meanwhile, in the casino, Lou was at his station, dealing cards to the patrons sitting at his table.

         “Eighteen.  Blackjack!” he declared with a smile.  He then looked up to see Harrington and his bodyguards, Joe, Tani, and Junior walking into the casino, so not to seem to curious, he went back to his dealing.  As Harrington and the others walked through the casino, Harrington looked to his right to see Steve sitting at one of the slot machines, smirking and staring at him.  Harrington pretended to pay no mind to him as they walked past but as soon as he was out of sight, he took a puff of his cigar and looked at one of his bodyguards.

         “Find Mr. Walsh. Tell him Mr. McGarrett is in the west slots” he ordered.  The bodyguard nodded and peeled away to go find the casino manager as Harrington and the others continued to walk on.

         “I’m afraid I can't have private security personnel in the casino cages.  I hope you don’t mind” he stated to Joe, who just chuckled and shook his head.

         “No, of course not” he replied before he looked over at Tani and Junior.

         “Иди” he ordered, just as a rather drunk man came stumbling up to them, making them all stop.

         “Joe!  Joe White, is that you?  Joe!  Joe, it's me!  Bucky Buchanan!  Remember?

From Saratoga!” the man exclaimed, making Tani and Junior quickly walk over to him and grab him so that he wouldn’t get close to Joe and ruin their whole operation.  Harrington looked over at Joe with a raised eyebrow while Joe just looked at Tani and Junior calmly.

         “Anya.  Vladimir” he ordered.  Tani and Junior nodded and began to roughly push and drag the man away, making him rather upset as they did so.  Joe and Harrington watched as the man was dragged away before Joe held up the briefcase to Harrington.

         “Mr. Harrington, please.  I have never enjoyed the touch of steel to my skin” he stated.  Harrington stared at him for a moment before he nodded and motioned for Joe to follow him to a safe room.




         “Lift them up please” Harrington ordered once they got to the safe room and Joe opened up the briefcase to show Harrington what was inside.  Joe nodded and lifted up the velvet part that held the jewels that were inside.  Harrington then took the briefcase and felt the interior for any secret compartments, small weapons, or other things like that but he found nothing.

         “Alrigt Mr. Zerga, I acknowledge your briefcase does not contain any dangerous or illicit material and I further agree to take custody of said briefcase and store it in my secured vault for a period of 24 hours.  Now, I cannot actually allow you to accompany the briefcase into the vault –” he started.

         “Why not?” Joe asked.

         “Insurance for one and security for another.  Most of all, I just don’t trust you” Harrington replied honestly.  Joe smiled at that statement, just as there was a knock on the door. 

         “Excuse me” Harrington bid as he walked over to the door and opened it, his casino manager standing before him.

         “I put two plainclothes on McGarrett.  He's in the keno bar now” the manager stated softly so that Joe couldn’t hear him, but Joe still could, even with his old age.  Harrington nodded and motioned for him to come inside as he walked back over to Joe.

         “Mr. Zerga, this is my casino manager, Mr. Walsh.  Now, if you will allow him, he will arrange to have your briefcase stored in our vault while you watch on a security monitor.  Those are my terms.  Yes or no?” he asked.  Joe looked at him then over at Mr. Walsh before he sighed.

         “You leave me no choice” he replied as he took the key that Tani had given him and placed it into the lock of the handcuffs, unlocking it from his wrist.

Chapter Text

While Joe was handing over his briefcase to Harrington, down in the garage, Tani, Chin, and Junior were standing before the van with the pinch in it.  Chin was tinkering with the pinch while Tani and Junior watched, standing close just in case something went wrong (which hopefully it wouldn’t because they didn’t exactly have a backup plan).  Once Chin was done tinkering on the pinch, he, Tani, and Junior slid it carefully into the van before Tani and Junior went and got dressed in some waiter uniforms, pushing a cart into the hotel so that people wouldn’t suspect them of any funny business. 




Meanwhile, down on the casino floor, Kono, dressed in her disguise, looked around, searching for Harrington.  As she was waiting, the earpiece that she was wearing crackled and Jerry’s voice spoke.

            “Deep breaths.  You'll do fine” he assured. 

            “Thanks” Kono thanked.

            “No sweat. You're a natural.  But don't screw up” Jerry continued.  Kono frowned before she turned to look up at security camera and glared at it. 




Up in the hotel room, Jerry and Danny, who were sitting before Jerry’s computer’s, smiled at one another, just as Tani and Junior walked in, pushing the cart.

            “Who gets the penne?” Tani asked.

            “Right here” Jerry replied, he and Danny turning around as Tani and Junior removed the cutlery, plate, vase, water pitcher to reveal the money cart that Max was supposed to hide in to sneak into the vault.  Danny then looked over and smiled slightly as he stared at Grace.

            “You ready, Monkey?” he asked.  Grace beamed and nodded.

            “Ready Danno” she replied before she looked up at Max, who was standing behind her with a rather large bandage on his hand.

            “Do you think I’m ready, Uncle Max?” she asked.  Max smiled and nodded.

            “You’ll do wonderful” he assured.




            “This is our security center, where we oversee all gaming in the casino as well as our vault.  You'll be able to monitor your briefcase from here” Harrington stated as he led Joe into a large room full of computer before looking at his watch.

            “Don’t let me keep you” Joe replied in his fake Russian accent.  Harrington paused before he nodded.

            “Mr. Zerga” he bid.

            “Mr. Harrington” Joe replied as Harrington turned and headed out of the room, leaving Joe with his casino manager.




Up in the hotel room, Danny and Jerry were watching Harrington leave the room through the cameras before Danny leaned forward to speak into the microphone.

            “Kono, you’re up” he declared.




Downstairs, Kono was leaning up against one of the pillars, acting bored, when she saw Harrington coming out the doors that led to the computer room and pushed herself off the pillar.

            “Got him” she replied as she quickly walked over to Harrington.

            “Mr. Harrington.  Hi, Stephanie Willis, Nevada Gaming Commission.  I’m afraid I need two minutes of your time” she stated as she walked next to Harrington.  Harrington was quiet before he sighed.

            “Anything for the NGC” he replied.  Kono nodded.

            “Thank you.  Will you accompany me to pit five, please?” she asked.  She and Harrington then began to head over to pit five while hiding behind a slot machine, Steve watched with a small smile on his face.  He watched them walk away before he looked over to see Catherine walking by, so he finished off his scotch before he stood to his feet and followed after him, well aware that Harrington’s men were sitting behind him and were now following him.




Back up in the hotel room, Danny was addressing Tani and Junior on what to do.

            “You make the deposit when?” he asked.

            “On your signal” Junior replied.

            “Dude, what do we look like, a couple of peckerwood jackasses as or something?” Tani added as Grace and Max walked over to the cart, Max lifting Grace up and placing her on the lip of the cart.  Before she slipped herself inside, Danny leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her head, caressing her cheek.

            “Be careful Monkey” he whispered.  Grace nodded.

            “I will Danno” she assured before she slipped into the cart.

            “Amazing.  How does that feel, Monkey?  You all right?  Want something to read?  A magazine?” Danny asked teasingly.  Max, Tani, Junior, and Jerry smiled fondly as Danny’s teasing questions while from inside the cart, Grace groaned.

            “DANNO” she groaned.  Danny chuckled before he nodded and handed her an oxygen tank.

            “All right, Monkey, counting down.  Thirty minutes of breathing time starts—” he started as he shut the lid of the cart, making sure that it was really shut.

            “—now” he finished. 

Chapter Text

            “This just came to our attention this morning, Mr. Harrington” Kono stated softly to Harrington as they looked on as Lou was escorted off the table by two older gentlemen in suits.

            “Apparently he’s got a very long record” Kono continued.  Harrington was quiet before he opened up the black folder, took out the key card, and sighed.

            “If he is who you say he is…” he replied as he slipped the card into an inner pocket of his suit jacket.  He then cleared his throat.

            “You been at the commission long?” he asked. 

            “About 18 months” Kono replied.

            “You know Hal Lindley?  Worked with him at all?” Harrington asked.  Kono shook her head.

            “Not since he died last year” she replied.  Harrington was quiet before he hummed as Lou was brought over to them.

            “Ramone Escalante?” Kono greeted.

            “Yes?” Lou replied.  Kono then took out her badge and showed it to him.

            “Stephanie Willis,  Nevada Gaming Commission” she introduced.  Lou frowned.

            “W-what's going on?” he asked.

            “It's come to our attention that when you applied for this position—” Kono started when Harrington quickly looked over at her.

            “I think it would be better if we speak off the floor” he stated before looking over at the man escorting Lou.

            “Charlie.  Thank you” he thanked.  The gentleman nodded and walked away as Kono, Lou, and Harrington walked off the floor while Tani and Junior walked out of an elevator nearby, pushing the cart that contained Grace.



Meanwhile, in a nearby restaurant, Catherine was being seated at her table and looked behind her at her waiter to thank him when she noticed Steve coming towards her.  Her eyes quickly widened and she shot out of her chair, storming over to him.

            “No. I want you out of here” she growled.  Steve rolled his eyes.

            “Give me one moment” he started when Catherine shook her head.

            “I've had it.  I want you gone” she ordered.  Steve looked around, noticing that people were staring at them, so he quickly grabbed Catherine and pulled her to the side.

            “Catherine, come here” he hissed.  Once they were off to the side, Catherine yanked her arm out of Steve’s and glared at him.

            “You're up to something.  And don’t say you're here for me.  You're pulling a job, aren't you?  Well, no matter what it is, you won't win me back” she spat.  Steve gave her a look.

            “Catherine, I just came to say goodbye” he stated.  Catherine stared at him for a moment before she huffed.

            “Goodbye” she replied.  Steve then leaned forward and pecked her cheek, making her blink in surprise, before he pulled away.

            “You be good” he whispered as he walked away.  As he walked away, he was suddenly stopped by Harrington’s two goons.

            “Mr. McGarrett” the first goon greeted.

            “Mmhm” Steve replied, cool as a cucumber.

            “Mr. Harrington wishes to see you” the second goon stated.

            “I thought he might” Steve replied with a small smile.




Up in a private conference room, Lou was sitting down in one of the chairs while Kono walked behind him.

            “Afternoon, Mr. Escalante.  Or should I call you Mr. Grover?” she asked, raising an eyebrow at him as she looked at the files in her hand.  Lou glanced over at her but said nothing.

            “You are Lou Grover, of the Tropicana, the Desert Inn...and the New York state penitentiary system.  Are you not?” she continued.  Lou just slunk in his chair, making Kono sigh.

            “I take it from your silence that you’re not going to refute that” she stated before she looked at Harrington.

            “Mr. Harrington, I’m afraid you’ve been employing an ex-convict.  As you know the NGC…” she started.

            “God damn Chin” Lou grumbled, making Kono pause and look back at him.

            “Excuse me?” she asked softly.

            “You heard what I said” Lou replied, glaring at her.

            “Black man can't earn a decent wage in this state?” he continued.  Kono shook her head.

            “That is absolutely—” she started.

            “You wanna throw me on the street” Lou exclaimed.  Kono shook her head again.

            “I don’t want to throw you out on the street.  I'm trying to do my job, sir” she replied.  Lou gave her a look.

            “What do you want from me, miss?  Want me to get on the table and dance?  Want me to shine your shoes?  Want me to smile at you?  Because you definitely won't let me deal the cards.  Might as well call it yellowjack” he spat.  Kono paused before she cleared her throat.

            “I don’t…know what to say to that” she murmured before she turned to Harrington.

            “Sorry Mr. Harrington, but race has nothing to do with this” she whispered, making Lou scoff.

            “Yeah right” he grumbled.  Kono shook her head.

            “What a horrible thing to say!” she exclaimed before turning to Harrington.

            “You sir, of all people, should know that we at the NGC have always supported hiring colored...” she started when Lou jumped out of his seat and rushed at her, making her press against Harrington and slip her hand into his jacket pocket, stealing the codes before hiding behind Harrington.

            “Okay. Come on, sit down.  Sit down” Harrington ordered, looking calmly at Lou.

            “You better talk to him” Lou snapped, glaring at Harrington.




Meanwhile, up in the hotel room, Danny and Jerry were watching from the monitors and once they saw that Kono had the codes, Danny leaned close to the microphone that was in front of him.

            “Tani.  Junior.  Deliver the package” he ordered. 




Downstairs, Tani and Junior pushed the change cart over to the over to the doors that led to the vault and stopped before it, Junior patting down his pants before his eyes widened.

            “Shit” he whispered.

            “Where’s your card?” Tani asked, raising an eyebrow.

            “Oh God, I think I lost it” Junior replied. 

            “What?!” Tani exclaimed with rather loudly.

            “Ugh, I’m so stupid” Junior groaned.

            “You are so stupid!  You know that?” Tani snapped.  The man guarding the door then held up his hands.

            “Hey!  Keep it down” he ordered.

            “Sorry” Tani apologized.

            “Sorry” Junior apologized.

            “Just tell me: where did this come from?” the man asked.

            “High roller's room.  It's Mr. Harrington's stuff.  It’s his stuff” Tani replied.  The man sighed and nodded.

            “Alright Joe, take this inside” he instructed as he used his key to open the door.

            “Count room?” Joe asked.

            “No, to the vault.  Harrington's money goes in the vault” the man at the door stated before he looked over at Tani and Junior.

            “Next time, remember the card, and we won't run into this again” he instructed.  Tani and Junior nodded before they turned and walked away.




Up in the computer room, one of the staff was watching Steve being escorted by Harrington’s bodyguards while the another was showing Joe and the casino manager that his briefcase was being safely delivered, along with Grace in the metal case. 

            “There's your briefcase now, Mr. Zerga” the casino manager stated.  Joe nodded.

            “Good.  Wonderful” he replied before he popped a mint and took a deep breath.




Up in the hotel room, Danny was getting dressed in a whole new outfit before he looked over at Jerry.

            “That's my cue.  Give Chin the go” he ordered before he grabbed his suit jacket and walked towards the door.  Jerry nodded and grabbed the microphone, holding it up to his mouth.

            “Chin, what's your status?” he asked.




In a white van driving down the highway, Chin was paying attention to the road when the walkie went off again.

            “CHIN!” Jerry called out.  Chin rolled his eyes before he picked up the walkie.

            “Easy, easy.  No need to shout, brah” he soothed.

            “What's your status?” Jerry asked.

            “I'm nearly there” Chin replied before he put the walkie down and made the sharp turn into the casino parking lot.




Downstairs, in the underground conference room, Lou, Kono, Harrington, and the casino manager (who came down because Harrington called him), stepped outside, Harrington staring at Lou.

            “Mr. Walsh, show this man off the premises.  Don't ever set foot in my casino again” he ordered.  Mr. Walsh nodded and motioned with his arm to follow him.

            “Sir?” he called before he turned and walked away.  Lou huffed and turned to leave when he took a step towards Kono.

            “Chin!” he growled.

            “Oh dear God” Kono whimpered, flinching.  Lou chuckled before he followed after Mr. Walsh while Harrington walked in the other direction, Kono following after him.  As they headed down in the other direction, Kono felt her suit jacket and groaned.

            “Oh, crap” she grumbled, making Harrington stop.

            “What?” he asked, slowly getting annoyed.

            “I forgot my pager.  I left it.  Sorry” Kono replied.  Harrington huffed before he looked at his watch then looked at Kono.

            “Know the way back?” he asked.  Kono nodded.

            “I do” she replied.

            “Good” Harrington stated before he continued walking, heading towards the door.

            “Okay.  Enjoy the fight” Kono called out as Harrington pushed open the door and walked out.

            “Sorry!” Kono added before she turned the corner and walked away, pulling the codes out of her pocket.

            “Not really, fucker” she whispered to herself, a small smile on her face.

Chapter Text

While Kono was walking down the hall with the codes in her possession, Steve was waiting in a secure room with Harrington’s henchmen.

            “So, how much longer you figure Mr. Harrington's gonna be?” he asked as he fixed his shirt cuffs.  When then henchmen didn’t answer, Steve looked over at them and smirked.

            “Hmm” he hummed before he glanced around the room.

            “No cameras in this room, huh?” he asked before he nodded and hummed again.

            “Yeah.  Don't want anybody seeing what goes on in here” he sneered.  He then glanced over at the two henchmen.

            “He's not coming, is he?” he asked, just as there was a loud bang on the door.  One of the henchmen then took a step back and opened the door, revealing a large Samoan man who stepped through the doorway.

            “We're gonna step outside.  Leave you to talk things over” one of the henchmen stated, making Steve shake his head.




Down in the vault, the man pushing the crate containing Grace and the guard carrying Joe’s briefcase walked out of the elevator and over to the security door, the guard pressing his thumb to the pad, which allowed him access to the vault.  The vault doors then opened and the guard and one of the casino workers walked into the vault, the casino worker pushing the cart towards all the other carts while the guard placed Joe’s briefcase on top of it.




Up in the hotel room, Jerry was watching everything on the monitors and when he saw what the guards and casino worker had done, his eyes widened.

            “Oh shit” he whispered. 




Down in the computer room, one of Harrington’s men showed the vault room image on his computer screen as Harrington’s casino manager stood next to Joe.

            “Does that satisfy you, Mr. Zerga?” Harrington’s casino manager asked. 

            “I am…very satisfied” Joe replied, taking deep gasping breaths as he began to sweat before popping a peppermint. 

            “Are you alright, sir?” the casio manager asked.

            “I'm fine.  I'm fine” Joe assured.




Down in the room with no cameras, Steve shut his eyes and took a deep breath before he looked at the Samoan man before him.

            “Alright” he declared.  The Samoan man then full on decked Steve in the face, sending him to the ground with a cry.

            “Gah!  Jesus!  Kamekona!  Not until later!” he shouted.  The Samoan man, Kamekona, walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

            “Sorry boss.  I forgot” he apologized.  Steve reached up and patted Kamekona on the back of the neck before he pushed himself up and let out a huff.

            “Pack a strong punch, my friend” he praised.  Kamekona smiled.

            “Tanks brah” he thanked as he and Steve walked over to the air duct that was in the corner of the room, Kamekona bending down to offer Steve a boost, even though the man was already pretty damn tall.  Steve then removed the vent from the duct, allowing Kamekona to slip him inside.




Meanwhile, Harrington and Catherine (along with Wo Fat), were sitting watching the fight began while back up in the computer room, Joe, the casino manager, and one of the casino workers were watching the monitors when one of the casino workers noticed Kono heading for the elevator that led to the vault.

            “Who's that lady?” he asked himself before he dialed a number.

            “Hey, 31, I got a bogey in west corridor” he stated into his headset when Joe suddenly grabbed the railing rather loudly, startling everyone before he collapsed to the floor.

            “Mr. Zerga!” the casino manager exclaimed, drawing everyone’s attention away from Kono, who typed in the elevator key before stepping inside.

            “Call a doctor!  Mr. Zerga!” the casino manager exclaimed as one of the other casino workers rushed over to them, taking off his jacket.

            “Put this under his head” he instructed.




            “Going to video now” Jerry whispered to himself up in the hotel room as he clicked a few buttons, basically erasing Kono from the video feed.




In the elevator, Kono reached up and pulled open the light case then pushed the lights back, reaching back to grab her briefcase, only to look up to see Steve staring down at her.

            “Oh, Jesus!” she exclaimed.  Steve chuckled down at her.

            “Now you really didn’t think I’d sit this one out, did ya?” he teased.

            “What, you didn’t trust me?” Kono demanded, placing her hands on her hips.

            “I do now” Steve ordered, holding out his hand.  Kono handed up her suitcase before she jumped up and grabbed Steve’s hand as he pulled her up into the duct.




While Steve and Kono were in the elevator, Danny was walking over to the door that led to the vault and the computer room.

            “Someone call for a doctor?” he asked.

Chapter Text

Up above the elevator, Steve opened up Kono’s briefcase and removed the fake papers and lining to reveal tactical spy climbing gear.

            “How'd you get here?” Kono asked as she attached the gear around her waist.

            “Had to give a friend two million” Steve replied.

            “But what about Danny?  The argument?  I mean, what was that about?” Kono continued.  When Steve just gave her a look as he put on his own belt and gear, Kono huffed.

            “Oh come on, boss.  Why don’t you just tell me?  Why put me through all this?” she demanded.  Steve chuckled.

            “Where’s the fun in that?” he replied as he removed his dress shirt to reveal a tight-fitting black t-shirt and slipped on black leather gloves.  Kono rolled her eyes as she removed her glasses and removed her own dress shirt to reveal her own tight black-shirt underneath her disguise. 

            “Let's get going” Steve declared.




Meanwhile, up in the security room, Danny was doing chest compressions on a “unconscious” Joe while the rest of the casino management watched.

            “Come on, man!  Breathe!  Breathe, damn it!  Breathe!” he exclaimed as Tani and Junior, now dressed as paramedics, brought a gurney over to the door of the room before walking inside and kneeling next to Danny, who shook his head.

            “I'm sorry.  We've lost him” he murmured. 




Down in the camera-less room, the two bodyguards were standing outside the door, thinking that Kamekona was beating the ever-loving shit out of Steve when really, Kamekona was really just pretending to beat him up by making grunting and groaning noises as well as slapping and punching noises.  At one point, he even threw himself against some metal carts to make the bodyguards think that he threw Steve against them.  He then covered his mouth and made some moaning/groaning sounds into his hands, making the bodyguards outside the door smile.




Back inside the elevator shaft, Steve and Kono placed the magnets to their tactical belts onto a wide steel beam before Kono looked over at Steve.

            “These things will hold us, right?” Kono asked, a little scared.

            “They should” Steve replied.  They then carefully swung out and suspended themselves over a multitude of motion-sensing lasers.

            “Jerry, we’re set” Steve stated into a tiny microphone.




Upstairs, Danny, Tani, and Junior were wheeling away Joe’s body on the gurney, Danny putting his own tiny mic up to his mouth.

            “Jerry, we’re set” he stated.




Up in the hotel room, Jerry leaned forward towards his own mic.

            “Chin, we’re set” he stated.




In the parking lot, Chin shook his head before he grabbed his walkie-talkie.

            “Hang on a minute, chief” he instructed before he placed the walkie-talkie down and went back to working on the pinch.

            “We don't have one.  Grace’s gonna suffocate!” Jerry exclaimed.  Chin rolled his eyes before he picked up his walkie again.

            “Well then you better stop bothering me then, don’t you think?” he snapped before he placed the walkie in his pocket and then pushed the pinch into the van.




Down in the arena, the two boxers were squaring up for a fight and began attacking one another while up on the parking lot, Chin stood a few feet back from the van, holding the detonator to the pinch.  He took a deep breath before he pushed the button, waiting.  It didn’t even take that long before the entire van exploded, shutting down the entire city, including the fight and casino.




Back inside the elevator shaft, suspended from the metal bar, Steve looked over at Kono and nodded.

            “Crack ‘em” he ordered as he pulled out a couple of glowsticks from his pocket.  Kono nodded and pulled out a couple of glowstick from her pocket.  Both of them cracked the glowsticks before letting them drop to the floor.  They then released the line and lowered down the shaft at a very fast pace until their rope suddenly stopped about a few feet above the ground.

            “Gah!” Steve exclaimed.

            “Shit!” Kono shouted.  As they hung there for a moment, Kono looked over at Steve and nodded.

            “Cut ‘em” she ordered.  Steve nodded and the two of them sliced through the wire, sending them to the ground.

            “Ow…” Kono groaned as she hit the ground.  Just then, the power came back on, making both Kono and Steve look up at the motion sensor lasers that were above their heads.

            “Well…that was close” Kono murmured.

            “Yup” Steve agreed.

Chapter Text

Back in the arena, there were screams and shouts from the patrons because of the sudden blackout and when the lights finally came back on, everyone looked around in confusion before the two boxers took one look at one another and began punching one another, making the officials step in and break them up.




Meanwhile, down in the casino, all hell was breaking loose with people trying to steal from the different pits and even some of the customers attacked the dealers, sending them to the floor.




Up in the security room, it was all hands on deck as the different security managers were rattling off orders to the different security guards down in the casino.

            “Pit six, table five.  Dealers compromised” one security manager stated into his headset.

            “Trade's breached at tables three, five, six and ten” another manager stated into his headset.




Back down in the fight arena, as the fighting got worse in the ring, Harrington turned around and looked at Wo Fat, who just shook his head in amazement, like he couldn’t believe what was going on.  Harrington then turned back to face the ring and when a person was shoved into him, he shoved him right back before turning to Catherine.

            “Get your coat.  Get your coat” he ordered before he turned around and grabbed it off her chair for her before they both headed for the entrance of the arena.




Down in the vault, everything was quiet and when the lid of the fake cart suddenly opened and a small hand placed the empty oxygen gas canister onto the cart next to it.  As another hand slowly pushed the lid open, Joe’s briefcase slid off the top, nearly hitting the floor where the motion-sense lasers were, but thankfully Grace grabbed the handcuff and chain just in the nick of time.




Outside of the vault, in the empty elevator shaft, Kono and Steve cracked open the elevator doors and peeked out, noticing two security guards standing outside he vault.  Steve then took a knock out gas capsule and slid it across the floor to the guards before he and Kono quickly shut the door and waited.  It didn’t take very long before there was a thud outside the door and Kono made to open the elevator door when Steve shook his head.

            “No, wait” he ordered.  Kono paused and when they heard a second thud, both she and Steve pulled open the elevator doors and Steve leaned against one of the doors so that Kono could jump out and once she was out, she pressed her foot against the other door so that Steve could get out.  Once they were both out, they rushed over to the guards and quickly zip-tied their hands and feet together before Kono rushed over to the vault door and entered the password into the key pad, allowing them entrance to the actual vault doors.

            “There's a 56-pound eight year old with $160 million behind this door” Steve declared.

            “Let’s get her out” Kono instructed.

            “Yeah” Steve agreed before he stepped forward and banged on the door.




Inside the vault, Grace was fully out of the cart and opened up Joe’s briefcase, removing the four jewels from their lining before she turned around and centered herself, just like Max had taught her.




Back up in the hotel room, Jerry and Lou, who had entered the hotel dressed in his usual clothes, not the casino management uniform, were sitting before Jerry’s computer, watching Grace get ready to perform her stunt.

            “10 cents she shorts it” Lou murmured.  Jerry shook his head.

            “No bet.  Besides, Max trained her well.  I’m sure she’ll be fine” he replied.




Back down in the vault, Kono looked over at Steve and frowned.

            “Try her again” she ordered.  Steve nodded and banged on the vault door again.




Inside the vault, Grace launched herself into the backwards vault and landed on top of one of the shelves but miscalculated how much force she need to make it up onto the shelf so she slipped backwards, nearly falling off.




Up in the hotel room, Jerry and Lou leaned forward, eyes nearly bugging out of their heads at the thought of Grace getting hurt or getting caught.  However, Grace was smart and lashed out, just barely catching the edge of the shelf with her small fingers.  She then climbed back up the shelf before pushing herself over to the vault wall, using the lip of the wall as her support.  She carefully used the lip to move over to the vault door where she then placed the “jewel” and a detonating device on top of it.  She then banged on the vault door, making Steve nod from the outside as he placed his own detonating device on the door.  He then placed another detonator on the other door before putting a detonator at the bottom of the left door before placing a detonator on the bottom of the right door.  Once he had placed those detonators, he waited for Grace to place the other “jewels” and detonators on her side and once she had placed those and gave the signal, Steve nodded.

            “Here we go” he declared as he placed a large explosive device on the door.

            “Counting down from 20.  Now.  Twenty” he stated before he stepped back.




Inside the vault, Grace was going to move away when the fabric on her long-sleeve shirt got snagged in the door, causing her to be stuck.

            “Huh?” she whispered as she tugged on her arm, only to find that she was stuck fast.




Up in the hotel room, Jerry, Lou, and Chin (who came to join them after blowing up the pinch), looked at Jerry’s monitor in horror.  Jerry then quickly grabbed his mic.

            “Don't blow the door.  Kono, can you read me?” he shouted.




Down in the vault, Steve was still counting down the time for detonation.

            “Ten...nine, eight…” he counted aloud, looking down at his watch.




Up in the hotel room, Chin was shaking his head, scared for Grace.

            “Maybe the pinch blew out his earwigs” he exclaimed.

            “Kono, can you read me?  Do not blow the door!” Jerry exclaimed into the mic.




Down in the vault, Grace was still struggling to get her arm free before she turned her head away, awaiting the blast.




            “...two, one” Steve counted aloud from outside the vault before he pressed the button to detonate the device.  When nothing happened, he pressed the button a few times, making Kono look at him with a frown on her face.

            “What’s wrong?” she asked.

            “Something…” Steve murmured as he hit the device a few times.




Inside the vault, Grace opened her eyes and looked at the door in shock before she let out a breath of relief and carefully yanked her arm, ripping her outfit, but frankly, she didn’t care, she was finally free.




Outside the vault, Kono and Steve were staring at the device before Kono put her hands on her hips.

            “Did you check the batteries?” she asked.  Steve looked up at her and gave her a look before he huffed and shut his eyes.  Kono smirked as she pulled a pack of batteries out of her pocket.

            “You know boss, lose focus in this game for one second—” she started with a smile.  Steve rolled his eyes as he removed the old batteries from the device.

            “I know, somebody gets hurt.  But you don’t hear Gracie complaining” he murmured as he put the new batteries in and pressed the button, causing the “jewels” to detonate with a loud boom.  Kono and Steve stumbled back before they looked at one another and quickly rushed to the door, removing the detonators from it before pulling it open and rushing inside.

            “Grace?” Kono called out.

            “Gracie?!” Steve exclaimed.  They looked around the destroyed vault with wide eyes before there was a clanging sound and Grace crawled out from the broken carts, covered in soot.

            “Daddy?” she called out.  Steve looked over at her and his face softened before he rushed over to her and hugged her tightly.

            “Oh baby…thank goodness you’re okay” he murmured, giving Grace a squeeze.  Grace nodded before Steve pulled away.

            “Now, let’s get to work” he ordered.  Grace nodded and soon she, Kono, and Steve began stacking all of the money in the vault into a large pile.




Up in the hotel room, Jerry, Chin, Lou, and Joe (who was dressed in civilian clothes), were watching as Grace, Steve, and Kono were working on the vault.

            “That is the sexiest thing I have ever seen” Joe murmured aloud.  Chin, Lou, and Jerry rolled their eyes before Jerry grabbed the mic and held it up to his mouth.

            “Danny, you’re up” he declared.