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She Reaches In And Grabs Right Hold Of Your Heart

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Three days. For three weird and chaotic days, Haruka and Katsuragi threw themselves into a 'sexual harassment competition', the fiery glare of two grope-heavy, boob-loving perverts aggressively fondling one another to assert supremacy and control. Belligerence and aggression swelled on harshly as they made the most of this situation and the chance to give themselves up happily to something absolutely insane. They were used to fighting as shinobi in training, and the fights between ninja were often very intense and brutal, but never like this. Never anything like this. This was special, this was insane, this was madness.

Rather than throwing about a myriad of tricks and kicks to bring the other down, the two big titted and perverted blondes let their hands do all the work, lunging forward to grab at each other and aggressively work at pure, shameless indulgence. They couldn't keep their hands off of each other, focusing primarily on each others' tits as shameless boob lovers, but there was something to be said for groping and smacking the other's big ass, for squeezing at soft thighs and even grabbing the other's pussy through their panties. They wanted to assert supremacy and prove their dominance and perversion, to be better and lewder than the other. It was a simple idea and even the 'fight' was as direct and straightforward as anything they had ever done.

But neither showed any give. They were shameless and lewd as could be, but it was clear that grabbing at one another wasn't proving much of anything, as they continued on tirelessly and refusing to bend .The utter lack of hesitation and the pressure that followed made for something infuriating Haruka, if only because she was absolutely in over her head trying to make sense of this. Something had to give and it wasn't that she was afraid she would give first, it was that neither were going to give and they were going to be stuck here for goddamn ever. And in some ways she was okay with that, as she took advantage of Katsuragi's utter lack of a top or bra of any kind to get her hands right up into the tatters of a top she wore to fondle her fat tits directly. It was a delight.

It was everything but victory. Haruka wanted to win, not just to get felt up. And that meant doing something a little bit dirty--in a rules sense, not a sexual sense--to try and gain the upper hand she needed. The first step to that was to get a third party involved, as she pulled very abruptly back from Katsuragi for a moment, startling her into stopping her own groping as Haruka stood very smugly before her. "Why are you on your back? It's almost like you want to get fucked."

"What are you talking about?" Katsuragi asked, looking around in confusion. "I'm standing upright, you're just--" The hard interruption of one of Haruka's puppets lounging forward and driving Katsuragi to the ground threw her entirely off of her point, and Katsuragi wasn't able to do a damn thing to stop it as she ended up on her back with Haruka dashing forward again, very intense and aggressive in her hard shove forward. Katsuragi's loose, open top fell by the wayside, exposing her ample bosom entirely, and Haruka dove for her breasts, grabbing greedily at them with both hands and bringing her lips to one of them. "Hey, what the fuck?" she gasped.

Haruka didn't care, didn't stop what she was doing at all as she began to suck aggressively on one of her breasts, needy and overwhelmed under the swell of shamelessness and desire that held onto her now. She gave herself up to the excitement without hesitation, sucking on her ample chest and indulging in the pleasure in front of her, letting the excitement and the heat speak for itself. Perky nipples had grown hard and sensitive from all the fondling, and Haruka knew they were ripe now for her indulgence. "Just sucking on some big titties, proving I'm the real pervert queen." Her eyes flashed up toward Katsuragi wickedly as she had her fun.

With a tense and shivering whine, Katsuragi shivered and ached under the swell of something very tense and frustrating, the swell and chaos hitting her hard as her aching body twisted about in writhing excitement. There was no pulling out from this tail spin now, as the puppet held her arms down against the ground and ensured she wasn't able to fight against this pressure and the firm hold upon her. Katsuragi felt helpless under the aggression, whining, "Not fair," as she tried to tug against this. But the signs of her enjoyment were all there; she moaned in approval and excitement under the pressure of the mouth against her nipples, switching between the two sensitive nubs to suck on her tits. "You're cheating."

"Don't care, sucking on boobs," Haruka replied. She got a little bit too in to the chance to adore Katsuragi's chest, giving her something that had the gasping and shivering mess twisting under the raw touch of desire and pressure. She'd been having a blast groping Katsuragi and being groped, but now as she made her move more aggressively and really laid into her, she found even more enjoyment, shamelessly throwing caution to the wind and letting something completely unravel the both of them. In fact, she quickly became too impatient and horny to hold back the raw opportunities to give her even more. She reached her hand down between Katsuragi's legs, sticking her groping hand right up her skirt and tugging her panties aside.

"This isn't the fight we agreed to"! Katsuragi yelled, thrashing under the pressure of fingers aggressively sinking into her, thrown for a loop by the pressure behind these steady and confident touches. As her panties were pulled off to the side and fingers stuffed their way into her uncomfortably hot and wet pussy, all Katsuragi could do was whine and shiver. She was horny and needy, but she hadn't wanted that revealed so shamelessly, and as the fingers pumped into her and probed her slick, needy depths, she felt very helpless and tense, frustrated by the pressure that came from this mess of a situation. Her body ached under this mess of attention, more aggression and pressure hitting her than she was prepared for.

"Oh, are you surprise you're getting molested in this perverted grope-off?" Haruka dismissed all of it, teasing and taunted in the wicked midst of her attempt to seize victory, fingers pumping relentlessly into her needy snatch. There was no restraint here, no holding back in the furious and feverish way she pumped her fingers on shamelessly. "You're so fucking wet. I guess getting your tits played with for so long has you all hot and needy. Come on, beg for it, beg me to get you off and make you lose this competition."

Katsuragi writhed hotter and in deeper frustration under the relentless mess of this situation, helpless under the mess of pleasure overwhelming her. She couldn't believe how good this felt, the overwhelming rush of something powerful and heated, something that she just needed more than anything. It felt amazing, even if she wasn't ready to admit it to Haruka and offer up the weakness and vulnerability expected of her. She continued to writhe in the pressure and ecstasy of this treatment, of her breasts being sucked on and fingers pumping into her slick twat faster still by the second. Her hips rocked forward, embracing the chaos and the heat that held onto her so tightly and so hotly, her body aching under the pulse of something so ecstatic and hot that she didn't really know how to deal with it all, except to succumb fully to something truly chaotic.

"Cum for me right now you ditzy little bitch," Haruka demanded, refusing to let up with her fingers, curling them upward and hitting her g-spot relentlessly, pushing on with something brutal and firm enough to hopefully overwhelm her fully. Every push forward was a harsh exercise in surrender and desire, as she found herself wound up by the enticing swell of lustful surrender, by a need to thoroughly used and indulge the nervous wreck of a woman underneath her. Fire raged in her belly, and her desire to overwhelm and indulge reached a molten breaking point, every relentless push forward a show of raw excitement and want.

There was nothing Katsuragi could have possibly done in the face of this madness. She was stuck here, thrashing and bucking under the swell of something so primal and so chaotic that she just had to give in to it, a gasping wreck twisting in unraveling bliss and surrender under the pulse of something absolutely incredible. An orgasm pulsed through her, made her yell and ache as she let it all go, let the whole mess stand for itself. She was lost and overwhelmed, dizzy under the swell of utter chaos and want. Her hips thrashed and bucked, giving in to the swell of something absolutely incredible, the swell of excitement leaving her a breathless mess, shuddering and accepting something absolutely incredible.

"And I win," Haruka said, drawing back with a big, wicked smile. She pulled her fingers back, sticky and dripping with arousal, and she brought the digits to her lips, licking at them as she tasted and savoured the flavour. "Mm, and victory tastes so good."

Katsuragi lay a panting wreck on the ground, shivering and twitching as she stared up in shock and frustration at the dominant prospect over her, wanting so badly to let the pleasure guide her down. She was stuck here, lost to this hunger and this need, the want pulsating through her body as she let something take hold of her too primal and feverish to be able to compose herself. This wasn't the competition at all and there was no way she could have possibly mustered up a sensible argument against this mess, overwhelming and dizzy as it was. "That's not.. How we agreed to..." But she didn't have it in her to argue, lying there and accepting defeat, frustrated and reluctant by how much she was just so thoroughly floored by the sensations lingering within her. "Fuck it. Just go."

But Haruka hardly wanted to leave on that sour note. The puppet pulled away and let Katsuragi go free as Haruka tugged her top up and shoved her dangling breasts right in front of her, teasing, "Are you sure? I haven't even gotten off yet. Come on, don't you want to go again?" She grasped the undersides of her breasts and shook them a bit, trying to entice Katsuragi with her chest and the temptation of her luscious body, urging her to give her more, urging her on impatiently. She had only one goal in mind here and she sought it thoroughly, indulgent in ways beyond reason and beyond sense, something as chaotic and hot as she could muster.

And ti worked. Katsuragi saw an opportunity to seize onto something, and with the lingering aftershocks of her orgasm leaving her very needy and hot, she couldn't hold back her desire for more. She shoved herself forward and latched her lips around one of Haruka's puffy nipples, wasting no time in sucking on her tit as hard as she could. Hands reached out to grab hold of the blonde over her, not thinking about grabbing right at her breasts but instead about pulling her down onto her, which had the beautiful effect of making Haruka's breasts squish down against her face, as relentless vigor and heat took hold of her.

Whatever Haruka had been expecting out of the teased and overwhelmed Haruka, it wasn't this. With incredible vigor and aggression, the pressure of ravenous desire that overwhelmed Haruka so suddenly proved a startling mess, as Katsuragi went at her chest much more intensely and hungrily than she'd gone at hers seconds ago, and the fever behind this pressure and desire was enough to leave Haruka helpless on top of Katsuragi, struggling to suppress desperate moans as panic set in hard and her body writhed under the shivering swell of intense hunger and excitement that followed. Whatever she was ready for, this wasn't it, and the throbbing haze of this aggression sent her spiraling into chaotic and confused hunger, into a rush of desperation that held firmly onto her.

All of the greedy sucking and aggressive, imposing pushes forward drove something very tense and very shameless. Katsuragi wanted to make sure she got Haruka back, to make sure she laid into her competitor with something that spoke to her desire to push forward and not be intimidated or held back. This was utter shamelessness, and she took advantage of all the pent up lusts she had been filled with after Haruka got her off to now completely overwhelm Haruka in turn. There was no holding back against this need, not when she felt like there was so much on the line. She may have 'lost' through trickery and the changing of what the goal actually was, but Katsuragi was determined to win this new version of their fight, whatever came with it. Every relentless suck was about making sure that Haruka understood where he was coming from and how relentless she was in pressing on and making the most of this mess.

Haruka had acted in haste. That much was obvious and frustrating now. Her nipples were incredibly sensitive, and Katsuragi's unchecked, feverish indulgences made for something horrible. There was so much trouble here to struggle through, and she found herself hopelessly writhing trough this mess. "Fuck. Horny little bitch, you're insatiable," she groaned, writhing and shivering under the mess of this panic. "Just keep going, suck on these big tits and admit you've lost to a superior pervert. Go on, get me off. Get me off, you slut!" She couldn't hold back the excitement and pressure of her hungers and her desires, dirty talking Katsuragi and pleading for something, unable to control the mess of this whole weird situation.

Katsuragi could tell that she was winning this one, that she'd found her way in to something powerful and brutal, aggression pounding on and overwhelming her. In turn, it left Katsuragi aching happily under the mess and chaos of pure desire. She couldn't believe how good this felt, how much she craved more and gave up to the pleasure and desire, getting hotter and hornier herself as she embraced the whole situation and embraced pure chaos. There was nothing sensible here, nothing decent and controlled, and she was lost to the throbbing and hopeless chaos behind this mess. She knew she had the advantage now, knew she was in control and capable of pushing on harshly through the chance to completely overwhelm, and she let it all happen, let the pleasures guide her on harder and harsher.

There was no way Haruka could contain herself in the pulsating, aching midst of this whole mess of frustration and want. Her body shook and twisted, aching under the swell of something too hot and chaotic to deal with. She came hard, yelling and bucking as she felt the rush of pleasure pulse through her body. She was absolutely hopeless, a mess of thrashing heat and desire, embracing her needs and letting the sensations rule her. she was happy, hopeless and shuddering in bliss, unable to keep herself straightened out and coherent under this mess. She twitched and shivered and gave herself up to all of it, a wreck lingering hot as she collapsed down on top of Katsuragi.

The kiss was inevitably. Both had just gotten the other off, and as their breathless bodies pressed together, a fierce locking of lips was inevitable. But there was nothing calm or quiet about this kiss; it wasn't the cute smooching of two panting blondes in the aftermath of their pleasure. It was a competitive kiss, as they resumed their groping and fondling, grabbing each others' chest and refusing to ease up on their aggression as the pleasure drove them on, the harshness intensifying and winding up. They were shameless about this fight for dominance, for the chance to throw themselves into the chaos, the want, the desire.

"I'm going to make you cum until you beg me to stop," Katsuragi bragged, pressing on harshly into the kiss, refusing to slow down or ease up on how she pushed forward and relentlessly shoved forward, refusing to slow down and keeping up a pressure harsh and wicked, a blistering swell of aggression driving on through the mess of desire and heat that ruled her. She was ready to win and ready to embrace something truly wicked and insane.

"There's a chance of that fatter even than these big bimbo tits you have." Haruka groped and squeezed at Katsuragi's chest, snickering and teasing her as she pushed on through the harsh opportunity before her. "You can't out pervert me with groping and you won't fuck harder than I can either. I'm the perfect perv and you're just a clumsy creep jilling off while peeking at women in the shower."

Amid all the tugging and groping, gnashing and snarling, came the twist around, a turn into something else as the two of them pulled against one another, tugging themselves into place and getting into a more opportune position. Haruka turned around on top of Katsuragi and shoved her head up her skirt, taking a lick right along the Hanzo student with single-minded fervor, licking away with all the needy desperation and chaos she could muster. Diving in and trying to eat her out right away, she sought to prove herself and to overwhelm Katsuragi, to make sure she came hard again, that she proved what she could do.

But that only lined her pussy up with Katsuragi's mouth too, and the greedy blonde happily pulled Haruka down against herself, hands grabbing her hips and her plush ass, tugging her down into place and going to town on her hot twat. Katsuragi was too horny and too hungry to hold herself back, and she happily launched herself into desperation and hunger, indulging in everything before her while leaving nothing behind. She was shameless now, shoving upward and letting her tongue do the hard work, throwing all caution away as she let her hunger express itself. There was no holding back, no shameless shove forward, but she wanted so badly to keep it going, to press on and indulge thoroughly.

Things didn't get any calmer or more sensible as they ate each other out, feverishly and desperately sixty nine-ing on the ground, trying to outdo the other without any real clear sense of what was happening or why. They were lost to their lusts now, the chaotic result of something desperately riven by need and competition. They had gotten far too wound up and horny in throwing themselves into their appetites and hungers, pleasure overwhelming them as they let raw sensations overwhelm them. After so long spent groping and feeling each other up, they just had to let it happen, had to give in to the mess and the chaos of this raw desire, throwing themselves into the task and letting themselves completely burn.

This was too powerful and incredible for either to help themselves. They were lost to the hunger and need of something that felt just too good to handle. Tongues flew loose and fingers pumped relentlessly into waiting holes, trying to feed the pressure and excitement of something as powerful and chaotic as they could muster. Throbbing pleasure washed over them, bringing about something incredible and hot, the power and the chaos holding onto them as they let this all happen, let the pleasure pulse through them and overwhelm them.

Haruka knew she was getting horribly off track, but she wasn't in a place where she could stop, shoving her face down deep and burying her tongue into Katsuragi's twat, the hunger raging through her hotter as she gave herself to the raw need and embraced something so powerful that she just couldn't help herself. She felt incredible, and she wanted nothing more than to succumb to it, moaning louder and hotter as the pressure it her in turn. The way that Katsuragi repaid her pleasure only emboldened Haruka, who felt like she had to do something to push forward and keep up the pace, wanting to not fall behind at all as she pushed onward, bolder and hotter by the second. Her tongue was relentless, darting about against her inner walls and her puffy mound.

In turn, Katsuragi fingerfucked Haruka hard, lips and tongue homing in on her clit while she let her digits pump away fiercely. It was an efficient push, one driven by the chance to press on and overwhelm her, letting the pleasure overwhelm her harder and needier by the second. There was no slowing down, as she pushed on to make the most of this situation and to try and farm out more orgasms from Haruka. She was relentless, and her push worked, bringing Haruka to a very sudden orgasm before Haruka was even done with her yet. Katsuragi kicked her legs up, ample thighs wrapping around Haruka's head to keep her in place as her body thrashed and writhed, embracing the pleasure hard, letting something absolutely incredible take hold of her.

The orgasm emboldened Haruka, keeping her pushing forward to eat pussy and try to even things out. She was an orgasm behind now, not sure what came with that, but she wanted so badly to make sense of this and to anchor herself down. So she ate and groped and pushed harshly forward, letting nothing slow her down as she got carried away with herself and let something absolutely incredible take hold of her. Everything just felt too hot and too potent for Haruka to deal with this, and even though she did a damn good job at keeping the pressure up and overwhelming her, as she brought Katsuragi to orgasm, she still came again too.

The woman squealed and thrashed as the pleasure ached through them together, moans spiraling off in desperation and want, letting the sensations give them up to something incredible. There was no holding back from this mess, no hesitation slowing them down. They came hard, bucking against this mess and letting the erratic hungers drive them on harder, as they spun off into desperation and want. They needed more, nothing settled yet, nothing decided.

Katsuragi shoved Haruka down onto her back and dove for her tits again, getting right back to sucking on her breasts while fingerfucking her. She didn't want to hold back, impatience driving her on harshly as she let everything take her on. There was nothing Haruka could do about it but moan and thrash under the pressure, feeling the pleasure and the heat hold onto her firmly, the aching and chaotic heat refusing to let go of her. She was helpless here, lost to the pleasure and the desperation of pure desire and chaos. Everything felt so chaotic and hot, the swell of pleasure leaning on harder and hotter as she let her fingers do most of the hard work and sucked happily on the plump tits, bringing Haruka to another loud orgasm, leaving her to curse and thrash and shiver in frustration.

Eager to repay the favour, Haruka pinned Katsuragi up against a wall, mouth clasping down against her slick mound while her hands reached up and played as rough and as hard with her fat tits as she could. The cravings and needs held onto her tighter, and she found herself throwing on through something powerful and chaotic, letting pleasure burn them both up powerfully. Her tongue worked a magic upon Katsuragi that had the smiling blonde panting and shifting, cooing under the overwhelming and aggressive push of an affection she was absolutely blissed out under the pressure of. Katsuragi came hard, came loud, her legs trembling and shivering as she let herself go.

When they dove at each other again, it wasn't the same way they had sixty-nined earlier. It was in some ways more restrained and in some ways less, as with Katsuragi on top, the women dive against one another to suck on each others tits, Katsuragi's ample chest dangling over Haruka's face as the women sucked on each others' hardened and puffy nipples, exploiting the other's breast sensitivity and embracing the opportunity in front of them. They sucked aggressively, letting nothing hold them back as the girls unraveled under the other's touch, as repeated orgasms made their breasts more sensitive and helpless under all of this pressure, so much so that the two girls crashed into throbbing, pulsating orgasms from nipple sucking alone, and there was nothing either could do to stop it.

Up into Katsuragi's lap Haruka went, tits in her face while Haruka was made to ride Katsuragi's fingers, which shoved deep into her and urged her to bounce. She couldn't hold back the need to, hammering up and down atop the digits as Katsuragi held her ample chest in place with her mouth, aggressively sucking and indulging as much as she could in her luscious chest, containing it as much as she could under this mess of frustration and pleasure. She was helpless here, a mess lost to the desire and pressure that ruled her, and the more she tried to bring sense to this situation the less there was to be found. Haruka just felt too hot and too needy to resist the pleasure offered to her, even if through whatever measure this contest had, it may well have been a defeat for everyone involved.

After she came again, Haruka shoved Katsuragi down onto the floor, grabbing one of her legs and pulling it out from under her as she pressed their pussies flush together and began to ride. "You're pretty good at getting me off. Maybe after we agree I won, I can keep you around to eat my pussy out whenever I get horny." The smugness and unbearable glee that held onto her was driven by something shameless, aggression driving them both down deeper and deeper into this bliss and this chaos. Back and forth they moved through this winding mess of a situation, throwing all sense and caution to the wind and embracing their most perverse and heated desires. Nothing stopped them, nothing held them back, this was all so incredible and so immediate, and they were both left so sensitive that they came hard from this scissoring.

Katsuragi shoved forward in the molten midst of this release, taking charge and forcing Haruka onto her back as she took over, grinding even harder and more erratically against Haruka's pussy. "I'll have you eating me out and sucking on my tits all the time like a collared little pervert," Katsuragi bragged, refusing to let the threat go unanswered as she spun it in her own favour. This felt amazing, but Katsuragi hadn't lost sight of what was important here, as she focused on just pure, unrestrained intensity, letting the bliss speak for itself and letting her succumb utterly to this ravenous desire. They came again, whining out in ecstasy and crashing through this mess, and even still they couldn't be stopped.

Haruka forced her way upright again, unable to drive Katsuragi down to her feet, but they were now level at least, grinding against one another in feverish and relentless indulgence, their pussies flush against one another and a sense of raw, shameless heat driving them both mad. They grabbed at the other's heaving breasts, groping at one another in desperate attempts to make sense of this situation and to find solid ground upon which to indulge, and nothing was going to stop them now. They were lost to this bliss, shamelessness guiding them deeper into the throes of ecstasy as they grabbed one another, rubbing and toying with and even tugging on sensitive nipples craving more attention still. Their bodies relished in this madness, in the swell of more orgasms, in the swell of pure bliss.

They went back and forth, shaking through climaxes and heat so powerful that neither felt like they could stop. The next step was to go from groping to sucking, and both happily took the others' breasts to their lips, sucking on nipples and rubbing pussies together, moans spiraling off into new heights of bliss. Everything got so sticky, so hot, so relentless and hazy. They didn't really know how to deal with this whole mess, but the throbbing relief they felt in throwing themselves into this mess made for something powerful enough to ensure neither really cared about slowing or stopping. This was too much pleasure to bear, too much raw indulgence for either to consider letting themselves wind down from this mess. They just shoved on back and forth harshly, letting themselves burn, letting pleasure rule their hazy thoughts as the pleasure overwhelmed them both.

By the time anything was truly 'over', it was only because neither could do any longer. There was no grand cry of surrender or acceptance of the other's incredible prowess. No, it was simply an exhausted slump back, legs entangled with one another, breath coming hard to them both as they lay there, chests rising and falling amid their heaving breaths, and the were both completely worn out. It wasn't a good result at all, and as they stared down at one another, both tried to think about how they could spun a victory. After all, Katsuragi came first, but Haruka had gotten off so many more times--almost to an unfair degree, in Katsuragi's eyes. They both held claims that felt not quite right, and even Haruka had to admit that she'd gotten that first release through illicit means that didn't really say anything.

There was only one fair way to judge this.

"How about we meet next Saturday to do this again and figure out who's better?" Haruka asked, and Katsuragi could only reply with a messy, eager kiss.

"How about tomorrow?"