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silly and adorable giggles

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"what are we going to call it?" jeongin asked and smiled so widely that hyunjin was ready to give up the world for the boy. the older, of course, was ready to do so every day, all the time, no exceptions but seeing those shiny, sparkling eyes just made hyunjin's heart melt. it was like the older fell in love all over and over again all the time.

"he looks like a steve... or a dave, if you look closely. your choice, angel," hyunjin cooed and wrapped one of his arms around the younger. jeongin had a fit of cute giggles and laughs and hyunjin smiled the widest he ever had in his entire life. that only happened around jeongin. just by merely... existing, the younger made hyunjin be the happiest person to ever exist.

"it's cuter than steve, and most definitely way cuter than dave," jeongin laughed. "have you looked it in the eye? how can you say such a thing?" the younger said in a theatrical shock and wiped a fake tear away from his eye. the smaller boy stopped and lifted the teddy bear right in front of hyunjin's eyes.

"of course i have, angel. i wouldn't have gotten it for you if i didn't deem it worthy enough for you. you don't deserve anything that's not at least 1% as cute as you and that, sweetheart, is a very hard thing to achieve," hyunjin said with the warmest expression ever. he took the teddy bear away from his face and bent down slightly to kiss jeongin's cheek. the younger took the teddy bear back and hid his face in it, blushing adorably. the older laughed and hugged the boy.

"stop that, you know i hate blushing," jeongin whined and hugged the taller back, hiding his face in hyunjin's chest instead of the teddy. "the bear agrees with me. and we're having a democracy here, so shut the heck up or i will shut you up," the younger threatened and lightly punched hyunjin's arm.

"oh really, and how are you going to do that?" the older laughed and cupped jeongin's face and felt the boy's cheeks burning. he couldn't actually see them being that red, though, since it was pretty dark outside and the lighting made the boy just look orange-ish.

"like this," jeongin got on his tip-toes and kissed hyunjin shyly. they had been together for a while now but jeongin was still shy with kissing the older. and hyunjin thought that was literally the cutest thing because he loved seeing the younger blush and when jeongin was shy, he blushed and that was a win for the older, definitely.

"well, that's effective if i do say so myself," hyunjin said and smiled, content. "we still haven't decided the name for your bear, angel. what do you think he should be named?" the older hummed and took jeongin's hand into his to continue walking.

"hmm..." jeongin swung their arms cutely and hummed. "that's a very hard question if we're being honest. we need to have a special board meeting for it, i think. it's such an important matter, we can't take it so lightly, hyunjin," he said in the most serious voice he could muster.

"i definitely agree," hyunjin replied immediately. "but before we call a board meeting, i think we should definitely energize before we have meetings. just so we can have better decisions, y'know," the boy suggested, eyeing the cotton candy cart he had noticed a little bit ago.

"oh?" jeongin raised an eyebrow and looked at his boyfriend and immediately noticed the cotton candy cart afterwards. "yes! we definitely need to energize, i agree," he smiled widely again, excited about the upcoming sugar rush that he would get.

"i'll go get it for us, while you can take a seat and start the meeting," hyunjin laughed and let the younger go. jeongin did just as he was told. the next time he sneaked a look at the younger, he was sitting on the bench, hugging the teddy bear tightly. hyunjin was about a hundred percent sure that his boyfriend was the cutest person to ever exist and there was no way he was wrong.

the older returned to jeongin with cotton candy but the smile that appeared on jeongin's face was even sweeter than the pure sugar that was in it.

"so, you've gotten any ideas?" hyunjin asked as seriously as he could. "i'm still thinking about steve or dave. or steven david yang for short," he bit his lip to not smile. the boy took a small piece of the cotton candy and put it in his mouth, the sweet immediately melting in his mouth.

"chad, short for chaddert. or brad, short for bradothy. or like a proper, full name yang-hwang chaddert bradothy," jeongin laughed and took a piece of the candy as well, smiling even wider if that was even possible.

"i like it, i think we can approve of our new son yang-hwang chaddert bradothy. or hwyang chad brad for short," hyunjin said, still acting like they were talking about the most serious thing they had ever discussed. the older picked off another piece of the cotton candy but this time fed it to jeongin, whose eyes were sparkling even brighter.

"hwyang chrad for shortest," jeongin giggled after eating the cotton candy. "god, we should never be allowed to name children," he shook his head and said it in complete seriousness. "our bear son is going to get bullied and will hate us for our name choice, and disown us as his parents, and then change his name for a lot of money, and hide it from us until we find his driver's licence and notice that he's named something like... lee jisoo," jeongin said, holding his laugh in.

"that's... oddly specific, jeongin. are you okay? do you want to talk about it?" hyunjin looked at the younger wide-eyed and started to laugh. and now both of the boys were in a fit of silly and adorable giggles.