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Izuku had told Kacchan to call him when he was ready. Two weeks later and that call still hadn’t come.

Perhaps he was being a little dramatic; it wasn’t as if Bakugo was avoiding him. There’d been more than one text to spar and they’d seen each other at the most recent special mission meeting. (And Izuku swore he was paying attention to the fact that they’d connected four more crimes to their case and not how close Kacchan was sitting to Camie.)

Still, Izuku waited for the text. The one that asked him to come over. For sex.

His metal locker echoed in the empty changing room when Izuku knocked his head against the cool metal. Waiting for Kacchan to call him was worse than when he was actively craving his scent. Undirected horniness could be ignored or kept at bay with the right supplies in the middle of the night. It was a completely different experience to actively be waiting for something that may or may not come.

What if Kacchan wasn’t actually interested in having sex with him? Izuku thought he’d convinced him, but maybe the Alpha was just going along with it for Izuku’s sake. Knowing Kacchan, he was waiting for Izuku to come to him first.

That was not going to happen. No matter how horny Izuku was, he needed Bakugo to come to him this time. He needed to know he wanted this too.

Izuku changed into his workout clothing on autopilot, his mind still stuck on whether Kacchan was really okay with their agreement. When he was completely changed, he paused by one of the many mirrors to check his Mark. He smiled at his reflection when he saw that it was still properly covered.

The rest of the gym was as empty as the locker room. Just how Izuku liked it. With the structured patrols and people naturally being creatures of routine, he could always predict when the Nest would be relatively empty. 10 pm was just late enough that it was well past the end of day patrols and early enough that the heroes on night patrol had not returned yet.

That’s why he was surprised when he saw Kirishima sitting on one of the metal benches in front of Weight Room 4.

Immediately, Izuku tensed. The look on his old classmate’s face was wrong. Kirishima—normally so full of life and manly energy—looked hard, his face frozen as he stared forward. As Izuku neared, movement caught his eye in the room to his right.

Katsuki looked so wrong pounding into the heavy punching bag in formal wear. His light gray dress shirt had turned charcoal as his explosive sweat soaked the cotton. His silk red tie swung with each punch, barely hanging on around his neck by a very loose knot. The bandages around his knuckles were tinged with blood. Izuku watched him for a moment, still standing a few feet away from Kirishima, before he finally spoke.

“How long has he been in there?”

If Kirishima was startled by Izuku’s presence, he didn’t show it. “Early afternoon? He’s been here since I got off patrols at four.”  

Izuku walked over to the front of the bench and took a seat next to his fellow Omega. They watched Bakugo continue his brutal pace, the punching bag silently swinging from the momentum of each impact as the sound couldn’t penetrate the thick glass separating them.

“Do you know what happened?”

“A few months ago he got involved in some domestic abuse case while on patrol.”

“Oh.” Izuku tried to keep the surprise from his voice only to fail miserably. Hero cases usually involved the villains that people could see. Illegal quirk usage, robberies, violent assaults in dark alleyways; those were the cases that attracted Pro-Heroes. The nuanced crimes hidden behind closed doors and fake smiles usually fell to the police.

“I’d forgotten that the trial was today.” Kirishima brought one arm up to the back of his neck to rub at his still tense muscles. “I would’ve gone with him if I thought he’d go. But Bakubro isn’t the kind of guy to tell us what he’s gonna do ahead of time, ya know?”

Izuku gave the other man a small, reassuring smile. “I know.”

“Well, it didn’t go too well, apparently. The girl didn’t show up to testify and the rest of the evidence wasn’t strong enough on its own. Guess they dropped all the charges.”

They watched Katsuki in silence, all too familiar with what he must be feeling. Even the Symbol of Victory lost sometimes. Izuku put on a smile and gripped Kirishima’s shoulder.

“You should head home, I can watch him from here.”

The other Omega turned to him with wide red eyes. “Huh? What? No, I’m cool, dude.”

“You’ve been here for over six hours. Go home. Get food. I’m sure Mina’s worried about you.”

At the mention of Mina, Kirishima gave Izuku an embarrassed grin. “We were supposed to go on a date tonight, but I might’ve blown her off.”

“Then you definitely should go. You don’t want to make your Alpha Girlfriend angry on date night.”

Kirishima laughed, his voice a little less hollow and a little more like himself. “You’re right about that! Okay, you sure you’ve got this?”

“Yeah, I’m sure. I’ll make sure he doesn’t do anything too stupid.”

“You know all about that.”

“Hey!” The pair laughed together this time before Kirishima stood with a short wave.

“See ya.”

“Have a good night, Kirishima.”

After the last echoes of Kirishima’s footsteps died away, Izuku stood up himself. He stared at Katsuki a moment longer before heading toward the door. Izuku had barely wedged his body inside before he was throwing himself to the right to avoid the controlled explosion headed his way.

“I said stay the fuck away from me Shitty Hair!”

“Kirishima left.”

The jangle of chains that filled the room stopped suddenly as Katsuki caught the bag mid-swing. Silence hung heavy in the air mixing with the sweet scent of nitroglycerin and sharp spice of cinnamon.

“What the fuck are you doing here, Deku?”

The Alpha released the bag and began punching it once again. Izuku paused before deeming it safe to enter the room further. The closer he got the more he realized how exhausted Kacchan looked. Finally he was right beside him, close enough to feel the vibrations of each punch cutting through the air. He curved around the bag, bracing it with his own body to keep it from bouncing with each hit. Crimson eyes flicked his way, but the blows kept coming. They continued like that in relative silence except for the sound of each impact.

“You could’ve texted me to spar.”

“You had patrol.”


Bakugo grunted but his fist paused against the smooth plastic. Izuku waited for him to speak, but the words didn’t come. Instead, the Alpha pushed himself away and began walking toward the door. Izuku stared after him, his top teeth digging into his lower lip. He followed soon after.

The locker room was just as empty as he’d left it, only now it echoed with sounds of metal on metal as Kacchan moved about a little too violently. Izuku sighed. Guess he could skip the workout tonight and go straight for the showers. After making a quick stop at his locker for a fresh towel, he walked that way. But first he had to pass Kacchan.

Izuku stole a glance toward the Alpha only to connect with a fiery stare that brought him to a halt.

“Why don’t people fucking get it?” The intensity of Katsuki’s eyes made it difficult to understand his words. “How the fuck is shit supposed to change if you don’t hold them accountable? Assholes need to be woken the fuck up. They can’t—you can’t let—”

The Alpha let out a loud snarl as he turned to his locker and slammed it shut. His breath came out in loud pants and a feeling Izuku couldn’t pinpoint traveled through his veins. He could feel a strong urge to reach out for the other man, but Izuku didn’t dare move.

Katsuki grabbed his towel from the bench behind him and stormed past Izuku. Their shoulders knocked in the process, but that wasn’t what left the Omega off balance. He dropped his eyes to floor. Seconds later, the sound of water bursting through old pipes reverberated off the shower tiles.

It took too much energy to drag himself in that direction. Why didn’t Izuku ever know what to say in situations like this? On the battlefield, he moved without thinking. But when it came to finding the right words, he froze. Every time.

The warm water that rained down from the showerhead didn’t calm him like he’d hoped. Izuku closed his eyes and pictured the look on Kacchan’s face. He wondered if Kacchan knew how pained he looked beneath his anger.

Izuku tensed when he felt a presence behind him but forced himself to relax as soon as he realized who it was. Calloused hands gripped his waist, fingers slotting into the dip of his hip as Katsuki’s thumbs rubbed across his scarred skin. Cinnamon and smoke cut through the shower mist and suddenly the fingers pressed harder into his skin.

“Tell me to stop.”

A shiver went up Izuku’s spine. His hand automatically reached up to press against the tile of the shower stall to keep him upright and away from the wall as he tilted his head back in an attempt to look at the other man. Unfortunately, he couldn’t see the Alpha’s face as he now began to nip at the skin of Izuku’s shoulder, just to the left of the silicone hiding his Mark.


His elbow buckled a little as Katsuki pressed his body flush against his back. Izuku could feel a hard dick naturally slotting itself between his ass cheeks. The heat of the shower was nothing compared to that in his gut. The Omega could feel himself already producing slick. But something was wrong. Even as Kacchan began to rut against him, his throbbing cock only teasing against Izuku’s ass, Izuku couldn’t shake the feeling of pain in his chest.

That’s when he realized the problem.

“Kacchan,” Izuku paused to stifle a moan as one of the Alpha’s hands reached around to fist his cock. “You don’t have to worry. You’re not going to hurt me.”

Everything stopped. The stroking of his dick, the pressure against his ass; it seemed like even the water droplets falling overhead froze mid-air. Then Izuku was falling forward, his arm once again the only thing keeping him from hitting the wall in front of him. He spun as quickly as he could, Kacchan’s name stuck in his throat but the Alpha was already gone. Izuku closed his eyes, his ears straining to hear any sign of the other Pro-Hero. He heard nothing.

He groaned, turned his head back forward to lean against the cool tile in front of him.

Izuku never had the right words.



The text he’d been waiting for arrived the following day. Izuku stared at the phone in his hand for nearly an hour before he agreed to meet later that evening. After what had happened yesterday, he wondered if he should’ve said no. But after what happened yesterday, Izuku couldn’t say no.

Instead, he stood in front of Katsuki’s door ten whole minutes early and took in a deep breath. The straps of his backpack dug into his shoulder as he reached forward and knocked on the door.

Every thought, every fear, every plan went straight out the window the minute Katsuki Bakugo opened the door with no shirt on.

Izuku had grown up with Kacchan; they’d been in the same gym class and locker room since they could walk. Yet, the sight of Kacchan’s chiseled abs and powerful pecs combined with the knowledge that this man was about to fuck him short-circuited Izuku’s brain.

Katsuki obviously noticed. The Alpha’s scowl warped into a knowing smirk as his red eyes severed the very tendons that kept Izuku standing upright.

“You gonna stand there all day?”

The Omega straightened himself with a snap. He stepped into the apartment on robotic legs and forced himself to look at his surroundings (and everywhere but Kacchan). Izuku had never visited Kacchan before, but the apartment was exactly how he pictured it. Modern, sleek, immaculate. While Izuku’s studio looked like an amalgamation of every phase of his life, Katsuki’s apartment could’ve come straight out of a magazine.


Izuku turned, his face inexplicably hot even before he caught sight of Katsuki untying the string of his sweatpants.


Bakugo froze, his thumb hooked into his waistband. His brows furrowed. “Hah? Now what?”

Izuku clenched his eyes shut, willing the image of Kacchan out of his head, just for a second so that he could remember the words he’d planned to say. Crap. He hadn’t realize this was going to be so difficult.

“If this is going to be a thing, then I thought we should set some ground rules.” Izuku opened his eyes and purposefully met the other Pro-Hero’s annoyed glare. “You know, so we’re on the same page.”

Tension connected the two men, Omega to Alpha, strung so tight that Izuku could hang from it. Izuku pressed his tongue into the sharp edge of one of his upper teeth. He refused to back down on this.

Eventually, Bakugo looked away, clicking his tongue to roof of his mouth with an annoyed “tch.”

“You fucking talk to much. But, whatever. This is all your idea, after all.”

The Alpha walked past him, his temporary closeness raising Izuku’s internal temperature a few more degrees, before he dropped his body onto the couch. He raised his arms to rest them on top of the back of the cushions, taking up an inordinate amount of space in the otherwise open room. Kacchan tilted his head back and smirked again.


With no more time to hesitate, Izuku forced himself to swallow the saliva clogging his throat. He walked over toward the couch, dropping his bag to the floor, but remained standing in front of Katsuki.

“No cameras. No pictures, no videos; there can’t be any record that someone else could access.” Izuku paused for a response, but Kacchan just stared expectantly. The Omega continued. “I’m on suppressants and birth control, but I prefer that we use a condom. least at first.”

As he added that last bit, Izuku had to look away. Not that he didn’t still see the sharp smile Katsuki sent him in his periphery.

“Marks are fine, but not anywhere that can’t be easily covered. I don’t mind trying something new, but you have to warn me first. I prefer knowing what’s going to happen ahead of time.” Izuku brought his hand up to his forearm. After yesterday, maybe he should hold back on this part, but he rather they have everything out in the open from the start.

“I—uh—like a little pain, rough is usually better. But we can always have a safe word or just say stop, or—”

“You done yet, nerd?”

This time Izuku looked back, Katsuki was leaned forward, his forearms resting on his knees. His eyes burned into Izuku’s, somehow more predatory than usual. Izuku’s next words came out much quieter than he intended.

“What do you like, Kacchan?”

Without breaking eye contact, the Alpha pushed himself up with his hands against his knees. It only took one step to close the distance between them. Katsuki’s hand carded through Izuku’s hair, twisting his curls between his fingers. He pulled Izuku’s head in close, putting his lips against his ear.

“How about I show you?”

A quick tug on his hair pulled Izuku back far enough for Katsuki to bring him into a hard kiss.

Part of Izuku wanted to point out how that was the exact opposite of “warning him first” but another, more all-consuming, thought was that he’d never imagined this. Kacchan kissing him. The kiss deepened but Izuku’s brain was still running a mile a minute.

Is this really what Kacchan wanted? Did he actually want to have sex with him, Deku? Deku could act confident; he wasn’t exactly inexperienced and knew from years of putting practice to action that sex with him could be good. Still, this was Kacchan. He had doubts. The Alpha had pulled away once, what stopped him from doing it again? If only Izuku knew what he liked, then he could—

Izuku hit the wall hard, giving out a gasp of surprise. He hadn’t even noticed how he’d been maneuvered to the opposite side of the room.

“Shut the fuck up, nerd.” Katsuki’s hot breath tickled Izuku’s neck as he growled against his sensitive skin. “The only shit I wanna hear are the sounds I’ll have you making.”

“Bu—ahh,” the teeth sinking into bare skin stole the air from his lungs and the words from his lips.

Just like that, it all stopped. Kacchan, with nothing more than his talented tongue licking a trail up his throat and rough fingers still tugging at his hair, had finally done what countless one night-stands and his own horny hand could never manage. Izuku’s brain stopped thinking.  

Katsuki Bakugo’s fingers were electric prongs sending every one of his synapses alight to the point of overstimulation. Every villain, every concern, every regret combusted in a burst of nitroglycerin fueled lust. Kacchan’s pheromones muddled Izuku’s brain in a way no other Alpha had managed before, bringing out the most basic, carnal, primal instincts within him. So when their lips met again, Izuku focused on his own hands wrapping around broad shoulders to leave small crescents in the Alpha’s skin.

By the time Katsuki’s hand had slipped into his jeans to grip his ass, Izuku was already wet with slick. The Omega cracked an eye open just in time to watch the Alpha’s pupils grow wide. The scent in the air changed. Cinnamon gave way to smoke, heady and thick. But rather than smothering, the smell invigorated him. Immediately Izuku was fumbling with the button and zipper of his jeans, tearing them downwards, before using his legs to kick the denim off.

He’d barely gotten them off before another warm hand gripped his other ass-cheek, lifting him up in the air and against hard abs in one smooth motion. Izuku wasn’t tall or broad shouldered like the Alpha Pro-Heroes at his agency, but he was still nothing but lean, heavy muscle. It’d been a while since someone could pick him up and fuck if it wasn’t hot.

Izuku moaned under his breath, rutting his hips up and down washboard abs to the approving growl of the Alpha once again nipping at his neck. They were moving again, this time Izuku knew, but he didn’t care. He was removing his shirt, secure in the knowledge that Kacchan could handle the extra movement with his strong hold. His shirt didn’t even hit the ground before his back was bouncing against a mattress.

“Turn around.”

The Pro-Hero looked up to blazing eyes tracing his body in a voracious leer. His throat seized as a whine threatened to rip itself free. Instead, Izuku turned as instructed, instinctively propping himself up on his hands and knees. He waited for the mattress to dip under Kacchan’s weight, waited for the electricity from the other’s touch to make him weak again. He waited, and waited, and waited.

Just as he was about to turn around to see what had happened, a hand gripped his hair and his head was pulled back against his shoulders. Two fingers pressed against his lips.


Izuku glanced up and saw that Katsuki’s face was deadly serious. The Omega opened his lips. He couldn’t move his head away as the fingers were thrust into his mouth down to the knuckle. It caught him by surprise, but Izuku kept his gag reflex at bay. Instead, he made sure to hold Kacchan’s stare as he began to suck on the digits, his tongue expertly massaging them in a way he hoped would remind the Alpha of what else he could be sucking.

It seemed to be working because the number three hero’s eyes fell half-lidded with lust. Without warning, the fingers in Izuku’s mouth trapped his tongue, pressing down on it with a pressure that suddenly made him weak. This time, he had no control over the sounds that escaped his mouth although they came out muffled. Kacchan growled, less than pleased. Right, Kacchan wanted to hear him, didn’t he? Izuku could do that.

The fingers in his mouth removed themselves with a pop, his hair released at the same time so that his head dropped to his chest. Izuku’s eyes flicked to his right, watching with a hungry expression as Bakugo finally ripped off his sweatpants.

Anticipation clenched at Izuku’s gut, his cock twitching as he felt Kacchan finally climb onto the bed behind him. He felt one of the saliva-slicked fingers trace its way down his back. He shivered from the touch, begging in his head for Kacchan to get on with it.

But the finger stopped right at the top of his ass, situated right between his ass-cheeks.

“Say it, Deku.”

“Say what, Kacchan?” Izuku tried to sound aloof, but it came out as airy.

The finger on his ass pressed into his skin as the Alpha’s free hand game up to squeeze his hip. “Say it.”

Izuku bit at his bottom lip as the fire in his gut grew, its flames now licking at his heart.

“Touch me. Fuck me.” Izuku hesitated, drawing in as much air as possible. “Please, Kacchan?”

He’d said the magic words because all at once the finger was inside of him, sliding in easily because of his own spit and slick. Izuku gasped as Katsuki pressed into him, his finger exploring him with a casual ease. As if it wasn’t setting him on fire from the inside out.

The second finger joined soon after that and Izuku stopped fighting the instinct to rock back into the touch. As Katsuki began to make a scissoring movement with his fingers, Izuku felt himself stretch, a slight burn he hadn’t felt in a long, long time. Had it really been that long ago?

Katsuki hooked his fingers in just the right away to graze Izuku’s prostate and his only thought was YES. It’d been too long.

He needed this. He needed to feel this again. He needed more. He needed—

“Kacchan!” Izuku cried out. His voice cracked as the pressure inside of him was suddenly gone. He bucked against the empty air, his arms shaking in despair and want.

Every one of his senses reached out for Alpha; his tongue dry, his eyes open but unseeing. He heard the crinkle of plastic, smelled cocoa thick in the air. And then he felt it; the thick tip of Kacchan’s cock against his ass, hot despite the thin bit of latex between them.

This time the Omega was the one giving the commands, whiney and broken as they were. “Ahh-f-fuck me.”

Five sets of nails dug into his hips as Alpha cock pushed into him with slow and deliberate motions. If this was supposed to be teasing, Izuku didn’t feel it. Every sensation had been set to max and he choked on his own pleasure and moans. Katsuki’s movements picked up, his thrusts purposeful but harsh. Suddenly, Izuku saw sparks, thousands of small red and orange x’s, across his vision as Kacchan hit his prostate again.

“Ka- nngh” he cut himself off again with a mangled groan as Kacchan continued to hit the same spot over and over and over. “W-wai—”

Katsuki’s hand wrapped around his previously untouched dick and instantly he came, sending thick white liquid onto his stomach and the bed.

“That quick, Deku? ” The Alpha whispered as he leaned his chest against Izuku’s back to get closer to his ear. Izuku’s arms shook again. He could hold up an entire building with his hands, but he couldn’t hold up the devil on his shoulders. “Shoulda known you’d be fa—”

The Alpha cut off with a growl as Izuku pressed back in time with one of his thrusts.

“What the— fuck,” Katsuki dropped his forehead into the dip of Izuku’s shoulder blades, his breath hot and ragged. “Fuck, Deku, you’re so damn tight. How the—fuck, it feels—”

Izuku felt hot again, the heat spreading all across his face until it burned through the last of his control. He was panting, too, his thick thighs still strong where his arms were weak, propelling himself backward into each thrust. The hands still on his hips tightened just to the point of pain and Izuku screamed out Kacchan’s name as the Alpha came.

They held their positions, both struggling to breath through the forest fire of pheromones they’d created. When finally Bakugo pulled out, Izuku allowed himself to fall onto his elbows, as much as he didn’t want to. Still, he couldn’t help but try to save face.

He turned his head over his shoulder, ignoring the flush of his face and the curls sticking to his forehead with sweat.

“Is that what you like, Kacchan?”