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The mattress conformed to Katsuki’s tense back about as well as concrete. After a long but boring patrol and a small mountain of paperwork, the Alpha had made the stupid decision to sleep in one of The Nest’s sleeping rooms rather than waste time going all the way home. His reasoning was that he’d get more time for sleep staying put, yet the uncomfortable lower bunk of his agency’s bunk bed seemed to suggest otherwise.

Red eyes glanced at the digital clock on the wall that taunted him with the fact that it was 11:17 pm. Once again, way past his fucking bedtime. But Katsuki wasn’t stupid. A hard mattress and a thin pillow weren’t the only obstacles keeping him from sleep. His mind had been elsewhere all day, making his patrol feel faster than normal and dragging out his paperwork until it was too late to warrant going home. Instead of focusing on what was in front of him, Katsuki was thinking about what wasn’t. Or more specifically, who wasn’t.

What the fuck was wrong with him? Of course Deku was nowhere to be seen. He didn’t have any patrols scheduled for the day; company policy following a Pro-Hero’s birthday due to previous...incidents. Not that it mattered if he did. The Omega was certain to be avoiding him again after that.

Katsuki lifted his forearm to press it against his closed eyes. He’d never expected to kiss Deku again. That nerd always seemed to catch him when he had his guard down. Deku had looked so pathetic sitting at the corner of the bar, obviously out of place, that Katsuki couldn’t stand it. When loosening him up with liquid courage didn’t work, he figured there was no point in the other Pro-Hero hanging around when he wasn’t in the mood. The night should have ended there. To be fair, he never told Deku to follow.

Something had been off since the moment they sat down. The night had been too clear, too sharp, especially for having as many drinks in his system as he did. He could feel every one of Deku’s movements. He could hear the nerd’s heartbeat as easily as if it were his own. And then the nerd kissed him. And, without Orders or pheromones hanging in the post-Claim air for him to hide behind, Katsuki realized something crucial and infuriating. He didn’t mind one bit.

What the fuck was happening to him? Ever since they started talking about Claims and shit, everything had gone to hell. Why couldn’t he stop thinking about that nerd? It was as if he was waiting for something like last night to happen, as if he knew that the other shoe was about to drop.

No, this was just all in his head. Deku was a fucking light-weight and two bourbons plus whatever girly drink he was drinking before that had knocked what little sense he had out of him. He should just chalk their lip locking up to alcohol impairment and leave it at that. ...Yet Katsuki had kissed back.

That was harder to explain away.

Compared to the last time they’d kissed, Katsuki was much more aware and in control of himself than he cared to admit. Even when he was tipsy, Katsuki wasn’t the handsy type. He didn’t make out with extras or fuck for free. If he was going to get into it with someone, Katsuki prepared for the long haul. What was the point of relationships or people in general if they were just going to waste his time?

The result of this way of thinking was very few dates and even fewer relationships. It didn’t matter if he’d just met the person or if they’d been together for months, the minute Katsuki realized that a relationship wasn’t going anywhere, he called it. Bakugo didn’t see the point in wasting his time, for what? Companionship? Sex? He’d always done fine by himself. So what if it’d been…

Shit, how long had it been since his last relationship? The more he thought about it, the harder it was to remember. Well, no wonder why he was so quick to kiss back. Maybe he was a little more touch starved than he’d care to admit.

He’d been so deep in his thoughts, he felt the presence too late.

Before Katsuki could even react, the door opened and closed with a snap. The lock turned soon after with a click. Bakugo quickly removed his arm from his eyes and stared at Izuku, working his red eyes up from the man’s worn red sneakers up his thin frame that somehow filled the door frame, before finally settling on green stone. Unlike Katsuki, the Omega didn’t seem surprised to see him.

Izuku didn’t move at first, his eyes blinking rapidly to adjust to the dark room. But then he spoke.

“What are we?”

The Alpha sat up, his hair just barely scraping the metal bars of the upper bunk. His shoulders tensed and biceps flexed. “What the fuck are you talking about?”

Despite his casual clothes and messy hair, Izuku was all business. The aura filling the room spoke of confidence, of skill, but in the comforting way only a Pro-Hero could manage. But Katsuki wasn’t some civilian and this wasn’t a battle. At least, not yet.

“I’m talking about last night.”

For whatever reason, that sentence put Katsuki’s mind at ease. He let his body relax and sent Deku a sloppy smirk.

“What about it, nerd?”

For a brief moment, the facade slipped; Deku’s eyes flashed bright with a nervous glint before falling cold again. The other man shifted his weight to one side, his hand coming up to the short hair on the side of his head.

“ kissed me back.”

Katsuki’s skin bristled. “So?”

“So, I’m here.”

They both stared at each other for a moment, both seemingly waiting for the other to say something. Katsuki had no fucking clue what Deku meant by him “being here.” Last night hadn’t meant anything; an alcohol fueled lapse in judgement if it was something at all. That was what Katsuki had decided had happened and he was fucking sticking to it.

But that’s not what he said. Instead, he turned his body, setting his feet flat on the ground, and asked, “Why are you here, Deku?”

The man’s weight shifted back to center before he started to walk toward Katsuki. When Deku reached the bunk beds, he set one hand against the metal of the top bunk to lean forward, lowering his head toward Katsuki. This close, the Alpha could smell Deku’s scent of dark cocoa and pine cutting clear through the air. The nerd obviously wasn’t wearing scent blockers yet.

“Did you mean anything by it? The kiss?”

Katsuki tilted his chin upward. He stared into Deku’s eyes, being sure to let the other man know that there was no looking down on him.



A growl rumbled in Katsuki’s chest, but before he could get a word out, Deku leaned away, his face blank but eyes lit with nervous energy.

“I had to make sure—that it was just—that—I just had to ask. But, um, since you said it didn’t mean anything, then we—I mean, I can ask if—that maybe you’d be open to hearing me out and—”

“Stop muttering and spit it out, nerd.”

“Would you be open to having sex? With me?”

For a moment, all proper brain function stopped. Katsuki stared straight ahead with a dazed expression as the words slowly translated themselves into the nonsensical sentence that they formed.

“...What the fuck?”

Even in the dark room, Katsuki could see the red that flushed Izuku’s face.

“I—I know I’ve been asking a lot of you lately, but, after you kissed me back last night, I thought maybe…” Deku trailed off, letting the implication hang in the air.

Katsuki grit his teeth. He sent a fierce glare at the man not an arm’s length away from him. “It’s a big step from a drunk kiss to fucking.”

And suddenly, his chin was between two scarred fingers and a familiar soft pair of lips was on his. In seconds, their mouths were moving on their own, melding against each other until they naturally opened to allow their tongues to mingle. Without the afterbite of alcohol, Katsuki realized that Deku tasted a lot like he smelled, sweet in a subtle and organic way. But, just like before, the kiss was over as quickly as it’d come. Only, this time when Deku pulled away he stayed close, with his fingers still on either side of Katsuki’s jaw.

“We aren’t drunk now.”

The Alpha stared up at the Claimed Omega before tearing his head out of the other’s grip. Deku’s hand lingered in the air as hesitant and insecure as his eyes. That alone made Katsuki grin.

“And was that supposed to convince me somehow?”

Deku pulled his hand away with a visible flinch. Katsuki leaned back, resting his palms on the mattress and tilting his head back just a touch.

“It seems obvious to me, Deku, that you’d be getting something outta this, since you’re the one asking. But what about me, hah? What do I get out of us fucking that I can’t get elsewhere? How would you make it worth my while?”

As soon as Katsuki issued the challenge, he knew he’d fucked up. Because today’s Izuku was nothing like the middle schooler he’d bullied; Pro-Hero Deku never backed down from a challenge.

Izuku’s hands moved from his sides to Bakugo’s knees as he situated himself in between Katsuki’s legs. The Alpha’s skin rippled at the touch of heat radiating through his pant’s legs from Deku’s finger tips. He didn’t dodge Izuku’s lips as they met his again. Their mouths moved against each other, pulling together and apart with a quiet smack each time. Only minutes into the kiss, one of Izuku’s hands had moved to press into the mattress close to Katsuki’s hip, while the other slid under the waistband of Bakugo’s pants and boxers.

A rough hand grasped Katsuki’s half-hard cock, sending a jolt of electricity up his spine. Even the small strokes at their awkward angle were enough to make Katsuki’s dick harden to its full length. His pants were unbearably tight, pressing Deku’s hand flush against him. All the while, their lips moved as in sync as their movements during their sparring sessions.

As an Alpha, Katsuki was used to taking lead when it came to sex. He wasn’t one to give up control in bed or the battlefield. But here he was content to let Deku prove his point, if he could. Katsuki had no clue how far this would go and he had no plans on stopping it.

Still, when Deku pulled away from their kiss, his lips shiny with shared saliva, Bakugo expected that to be the end. The Omega’s hand slipped back out of Bakugo’s pants leaving Katsuki’s cock aching at the loss and his heart beating in his chest.

But Deku wasn’t done. Izuku sunk down the edge of the bed, falling to his knees between Katsuki’s thighs with a quiet thump. Crooked fingers hooked into the top of Bakugo’s pants. The Omega looked up, a question clear in his always-honest eyes and the Alpha hitched his hips up into the air in reply.

Hesitation fell to the wayside after that. As soon as Katsuki’s dick sprung free of his clothing, Izuku’s hand was wrapped around the base. Izuku leaned forward, his hot breath causing Katsuki’s cock to twitch, before he took the thick head into his mouth with closed eyes.

Shit. Katsuki watched his childhood friend-turned-rival swallow his dick like it was water. The Omega had half of his length down his throat before Katsuki could even push himself up for a better view. Saliva dripped down from the edges of pale pink lips as Izuku bobbed his head up and down in symphony with the strokes of his hand. Familiar fire burned in Katsuki’s gut as arousal took over every one of his cells.

Instinctively, the Alpha stretched a hand out to land on Deku’s neck before slowly sliding his fingers up short green hair to twist into his loose curls with a light grip. Izuku paused briefly, his mouth still hallowed on Katsuki’s cock. Katsuki’s fingers twitched. Fuck. Was Deku not into his hair being touched?

Before Bakugo could disentangle his hand from Izuku’s hair, a hand fell on top of it, keeping it in place. Deku’s eyelids fluttered open, his bright green eyes tilted upwards beneath long black lashes. The scarred hand squeezed his and Katsuki understood immediately. His grip tightened on the curls in his palm and he gave a small but sharp tug.

Vibration traveled through his dick as Izuku gave a soft moan. The other Pro-Hero’s eyes fell half closed and Katsuki couldn’t help but smirk. Of fucking course Deku wouldn’t be shy about a little pain; seemed like the nerd downright enjoyed it.

Katsuki could work with that.

“Is that all you’ve got, Deku?” Bakugo’s low voice teased.  

The Omega’s eyes opened again, his eyebrows furrowed in reproach, but his jaw already opened wider to allow for more of Katsuki’s dick. Katsuki’s eyes flickered at the tightness of Deku’s throat around his head, but he couldn’t let them close. He wanted to watch every second of this moment for prosperity’s sake.

Katsuki added pressure to Izuku’s head with his palm, pushing the other further onto his dick. Deku’s throat spasmed around his cock and Katsuki expected Deku to push upwards against the pressure to make him stop. Except he didn’t.

Instead, Deku swallowed him deeper. The wet heat broke Katsuki’s cool detachment with a snap. He moaned at the pleasure before letting out a deep and guttural growl. Katsuki begin to pump Deku’s head up and down on his dick, his hips thrusting up into the other’s mouth as pheromones began to flow from him beyond his control.

Izuku let out a sound somewhere between a mewl and a moan. Either way, the noise was muffled by the cock in his throat, which had somehow relaxed even further to allow for more depth. At this point, Deku was taking him nearly to the hilt, a feat never achieved by any of Katsuki’s previous lovers. Fuck. He wasn’t going to last much longer at this rate.

Rattling cut through the sounds of sex like a burning knife. Two sets of eyes shot to the door where the knob jangled in its futile attempts to turn.

“Damnit, again?” Katsuki didn’t recognize the voice outside the door, but he recognized the tone well enough. The stranger pounded on the door. “Hello, can you hear me in there? The sign clearly says not to lock the door. You can’t take a whole room to yourself, jerk!”

Well fuck him. Katsuki had half a mind to yell back at the asshole on the other side of the door, especially since he’d just stopped a fucking amazing blowjob. Only, a hard suck on his dick took the air right out of his lungs. He looked back down at Izuku, his face heating up at the sight of the man who continued as if nothing had changed. Damn.

The pounding on the door only lasted another minute, but Katsuki’s own heartbeat had drowned out the sound immediately. He didn’t even know if the stranger was still out there when the Alpha felt his balls clench.

“Deku,” the Pro-Hero rasped in warning. Deku pulled his head upward, as if he was going to let go of the cock in his mouth. At the last second, he gave a hard suck.

Lights danced across Katsuki’s vision like the small sparks he let off his palms as a child as he came into Deku’s mouth. He watched as the Omega swallowed as best he could, but Katsuki didn’t see anything but the other’s hesitant eyes. Once Deku came off his dick with a quiet pop, he coughed while leaning back on his shins. They stared at one another, both of their breaths shallow and quick.

Eventually, Deku spoke first with a small smile.  

“How’s that for worth it?”

Katsuki stared at the other man and barked a curt laugh. Izuku’s smile faltered, red creeping up his neck as he began to push himself up to his feet, muttering under his breath all the while.

“So how’s this gonna work?”

Izuku paused, having just finished standing. He blinked blankly. “What?”

Bakugo reached down for his boxers and pants, pulled them up with a sharp tug. “When did you want to fuck?”

“Ah! Does that mean—? So, um, well, if you’re agreeing, we, uh—” The Omega began to sputter and Katsuki stared up at him with narrowed eyes.

How the hell could this nerd suck his dick with so little hesitation and then get embarrassed when he agreed to what he’d asked for?

Izuku suddenly took in a deep breath. He squared his shoulders as if preparing to battle. “I figured it could be the same set up as our spars. The interested party could text the other person and, if we’re free, we’ll show up.”

“Like a booty call.”

“If—If that’s what you want to call it.”

Katsuki stared at Izuku for a second longer. He honestly still didn’t get it. Obviously, his rival knew what he was doing when it came to sex, so why the fuck did he come to Katsuki? Couldn’t he find someone else if he was just looking for sex? A fuck-buddy was the last thing Bakugo would normally agree to, as it was the very definition of a relationship that had nowhere to go. Especially with Deku.

Then again...Katsuki couldn’t remember the last time he felt this relaxed. Despite lying awake for so long earlier, he knew he could fall asleep the minute he shut his eyes. Maybe there was value in sex with no strings attached.


Izuku deflated.


“Why the fuck are you always questioning what I say? I said, ‘fine,’ idiot.”

The smile on Izuku’s face was enough to twist Katsuki’s gut, probably a remnant of his previous arousal. Then the Omega’s eyes glanced toward the clock on the wall and he gave out a quiet yelp.

“I’m sorry, Kacchan. I really have to go, I’m going to be late.

He turned, quickly running to the door and fumbling with the lock.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Katsuki called out to him, a growl to his voice, as he looked up at the clock himself. “Where the fuck could you have to go at a quarter to midnight?”

“I have a patrol shift.”

“Hah? You can’t pick up a patrol the day after your birthday.”

“Right, I picked up the graveyard shift. It’s about to be the day after the day after my birthday.”

The door swung open letting in a piercing light that caused Katsuki to hiss as his sensitive eyes stung. He could barely open them enough to see Izuku’s shadowed figure in the doorway.

“Call me when you’re ready, Kacchan.”

And then the Omega was gone, the door shutting behind him. Katsuki stared at the door for a moment longer before flopping back onto the bed. He was asleep in seconds.