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Sweet but Psycho

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The loud and amazingly annoying sound of my alarm clock was what woke me up. I opened my eyes and turned to face away from the noise, but of course after a while the sound only got louder and louder. With a groan I turned around and pressed the button on the small machine. ‘LUHAN?’ I yelled into my apartment, only to be met with absolute silence.

‘Damn it’ I muttered to myself before slowly lifting the sheets off my body and getting out of bed. As I walked towards the kitchen I tugged my shirt down a bit, the cool air giving me goose bumps. ‘I thought I had closed all the windows’ the thought crossed my mind as I looked back to my room, walking back towards it. The window in my room was slightly opened, which I didn’t remember opening but ok. It wasn’t the first time I thought I had closed the window only to find it open later. Considering my job this should have worried me, but this would have also been a rookie mistake and there weren’t any signs that someone had been in my apartment. But just in case I’d remind myself to go by the shop later and buy some locks.

I continued to journey towards the kitchen and it was a pleasant surprise to be met by the smell of bacon and eggs, obviously made by Lu because this was the only thing he could make without burning down the kitchen. He had put it on a plate, with another plate on top to keep the heat inside. There was a small sticky note placed on top of the plate and as I picked it up to read it I got a bit disappointed.

‘I know you want an explanation and I will give it later, got to take care of some things first - L’.

After mentally scolding him for not just asking for my help I put the note aside and removed the top plate. I grabbed a fork from the drawer and sat down at the table, slowly munching away on my food. Today would be a quiet day, for both my jobs. Tonight the bar would usually be quiet, especially because most people were still recovering from the night before. For my other job.. well usually after big hits like this, the people that ordered the hit just watched everything unfold. They enjoyed the chaos and trouble it brought with it.

The sound of a phone buzzing was what made me look up and turn to look at my room. After giving my food one more look and quickly walked to my room, only to return with my phone in hand. Of course I was already too late to answer the call and the number was blocked, so I couldn’t call back anyway. While I continued to take bites of my food I looked through the messages I received last night, nothing form Lu. Kate asked in the work group chat if everyone had gotten home safe, to which Anne had replied that she had. Usually I would wait up and wait for the messages of them being at their homes, but yesterday I must have fallen asleep early.

As I finished my food, I put the dirty plate into the sink and walked back to my room. The weather was pretty nice today, well the sun was shining. After looking at the blue sky through the window I walked to my closet and grabbed a simple skirt and a top as well as some tights and black shoes. When I was about to pull the shirt over my head, already lifting it up a bit, I suddenly stopped. I released the shirt and walked to the window. I again looked outside and closed the blinds, just to be sure.


After putting the new clothes on I grabbed my bag and a coat from the hangers on the door. While continuing down the stairs, phone already in hand to send a message to Lu, the doorbell suddenly rang. ‘Could be him’ I thought to myself as I walked a bit faster. Closing the door to the upstairs area behind me and walking to the back door of the bar. As I opened the door I couldn’t help but be surprised. I expected to see Lu Han, but instead I was met with Minseok’s heart like smile.

‘Uh hi, I didn’t think you were going to open the door to be honest.. So I was just about to leave’ he laughed, talking more to himself then to me. He shifted a little in place as he looked around. ‘Minseok, what are you doing here? You know we’re not nowhere close to opening right?’ I smirked at him causing him to look at me and quickly match my smirk, seeing as I wasn’t mad at him for being here.

‘Yeah I know, I just wanted to ask if you’d like to get something to drink with me?’ he explained, rubbing the back of his neck. ‘Well, I did have plans.. But you could come along, if you want to’ I suggested as he smiled at me before nodding. I put the small bag over my shoulder as I motioned in the direction we should start walking. As I turned around to walk in the direction we would go I saw what I assumed was his car. A brand new and expansive looking jeep was parked in front of my bar.

‘Did you really park that here?’ I asked him in a whispering voice. He ducked his head as he got closer to my ear, ‘where else would I park it?’ he whispered back. ‘Have you seen the cars in this neighborhood, yours would be the first people would steal’ I laughed as we walked towards it and to my surprise he walked us to the back. ‘I highly doubt anyone would steal it, they would just get annoyed by Jongdae’s obnoxious talking and choice of music’ Minseok rolled his eyes as he opened the door and I got on, scooting over as he sat down next to me.

‘I heard that’ I suddenly heard a voice say from the front of the car. The driver, whose name was apparently Jongdae turned around to shoot daggers at Minseok. Minseok just shrugged as he smirked at Jongdae who then turned to me. ‘Hi, I’m Jongdae and I will be your designated driver for well.. any time you get in this car’ he smiled at me as he awkwardly stretched his arm out to me over the seat. As I shook his hand and introduced myself his smile grew wider, ‘Y/N, nice to meet you’.

He released my hand and stretched his back a little before starting the car, ‘so where to?’ he said as he looked at Minseok through the rear view mirror. Minseok simply looked at me as he waited for me to answer. ‘Oh sorry, the mall on 5th street’ I replied as Jongdae nodded, his eyes now on me. His eyes turned back to the road as he drove off.  ‘I hope you don’t mind, I only have to get a few locks for my windows’ I said to Minseok, who raised an eyebrow at that.

‘Why, are they broken?’ I could hear some worry in his voice, but I wasn’t sure if it was fake or not. ‘Well no not really, It’s just that my windows are kind of old and the sometimes open by themselves. So I want to get some new ones, because you know.. fall and winter are around the corner’ I laughed softly, I saw his face relax a little. As I looked back ahead of me I did notice Jongdae eye’s quickly moving back to the road.

I still wasn’t 100% sure what their jobs were, maybe Minseok was just some rich kid who Lu had loaned some money from.. Even though, his imitating vibe was pretty non-existing right now I still had to watch my back. If he really was with the mafia he was not someone to be taken lightly, then this would all be an act. And that would mean that Jongdae was just as bad.

‘Yeah, we should probably get you some new ones. They even say this winter is going to be a hard one’ Minseok proclaimed as Jongdae turned on the radio, soft tunes filling the car. The talking stopped for a moment as we listened to the songs.

‘Do you mind if I ask you something?’ Jongdae suddenly asked causing the both of us in the back to look at him. When Minseok saw that he was looking at me he grabbed his phone out of his pocket. ‘Sure, ask away’ I nodded at him as he took a moment to take a right now, looking away for a moment. ‘How long have you had that bar?’ he asked me.

‘For a few years now, I got it after my dad passed away.. But how did you know I owned the bar, I don’t think I told you about that’ I said as I raised my eyebrow at him. ‘Minseok told me’ he smirked as I saw Minseok look up at Jongdae through his lashes, probably mentally telling him to shut up. Jongdae just shrugged his shoulders as he smirked at me before looking back at the road.


It didn’t take us much longer to get to the mall, small conversations filling the car on the way there. Minseok was mostly the lead in the conversation, asking some simple things about the bar and the life it gave me. Nothing to suspicious or weird, he really seemed generally interested. So I had told them when I first got the bar it was in pretty bad shape, it took a few months to fix the bar itself. After I had gotten some money out of it I bought the floor above it and me and my family had turned it into a small home. I purposely didn’t mention Lu.. Just in case he would ask questions. When I told them the entire process had taken like 3 years to finish they were both surprised I had managed for so long, with ‘little’ money.

Jongdae stopped the car in front  of the mall as Minseok and I got out. Minseok walked to the front to talk to him for a moment, ‘I’ll text you, ok? Thanks’ Minseok finished the conversation before walking back over to me and placing a hand on my back, making me look at him.

He gave me a gentle push as we walked towards the mall, his hand already leaving my back. He opened the door for me as he lead me inside, making me laugh softly. ‘Such a gentleman’ I snickered at him making him smile back. ‘What can I say, I was raised well’ he said as we walked towards the stairs leading up. ‘How were you raised actually, like what type of background do you come from?’ I asked him, testing the waters a little. He didn’t tense up at the subject so there probably wasn’t some dark background story causing him to join the mafia, which was still an option.

‘Well, it was pretty different from yours considering well you know.. A personal driver and everything’ he laughed comfortably for a moment before continuing. ‘My dad used to be the CEO of a big company, so I was raised within that lifestyle. When I was around 19 or 20.. I kind of strayed from that life a little. I went to parties, got drunk and didn’t come home for days sometimes’ he started as I silently listened. ‘Eventually my dad got sick and tired of it so he pulled me back into his life, but I don’t really miss it to be honest. I have a good job now and some close friends that look out for me when I need them to, I couldn’t ask for more’ he explained before looking at me and letting out another laugh. ‘Sorry I’m rambling again, you should stop me when it gets to bad’ he smiled as he softly pushed his shoulder into mine, giving me a little shove.

‘Oh I don’t mind, I like listening to you’ I admitted and I could swear I saw his cheeks change colour for only a second as he looked up and ran a hand through his head. ‘Then I must also admit, that this’ he said as he moved his fingers in between the two of us. ‘I haven’t had that in a while, sorry if I’m a little.. rusty’ he snickered at his own words making me smile at him. ‘I haven’t been in the company of a woman for some time too, to embarrass myself a little more’ he admitted running his hand though his hair and even I had to admit that it was kind of cute.

‘Don’t worry, it’s the same for me. Believe it or not, considering I work in a bar. But this has also been a while for me’ I admitted back making him look back at me. ‘Then at least the both of us can be bad at this’ he said as we continued walking.


On our “planned out” road to the convenience store we had a few stops, at some clothing and make up stores. Which was no surprise to the both of us. Minseok patiently followed me, not ever once complaining or looking even remotely bored. He even gave his opinion on some of the clothing items I pulled from the racks, if it was a yes it was usually swung over my arm and later tried on. Which also needed his opinion. If it was a no, it was mostly put back. Even after a few hours of knowing him his choices mattered, it really just was that easy to get attached to him.

In a few stores we also walked to the men section, this only happened when he saw something from a distance that he thought he liked. It was also in those moments that I actually had the chance to look at him. His brown hair, after running his hand through it a few times, was now a little messy. He wore a loose fitting dark blue button down, which was similar to his outfit from yesterday. His simple black jeans and jacket showed he hadn’t putted that much thought into his outfit. But nonetheless he still looked sorted out and, to be completely honest.. quite handsome.

As he grabbed a simple shirt and a jacket he looked back at me, holding them up. I nodded and gave him a thumbs up making him nod towards the changing rooms, making me follow behind. Minseok walked into the room as I took a seat as I waited. In the meantime I grabbed my phone from my pocket and looked through my messages. ‘You guys want to hang out later, I’m going to the mall’ Anne had said with a wink emoji. Kate already replied with a ‘sure’ as they talked about the hours. ‘What mall?’ I typed as I heard the curtain of the changing room slide open.

As Minseok walked out of the small stall be smiled at me, a little nervous. He looked good! My eyes moved over his torso, that shirt was basically a perfect match. ‘And.. Is it ok?’ he asked doing a funny ballerina twirl making me snap out of my staring. I laughed at his twirl before looking back up at him, meeting his eyes. ‘That shirt was made for you’ I admitted making him laugh along with me.


Even I had to admit that today was going great, no long silences and mostly just casual conversation. He made jokes, I laughed. I tried to make a few jokes and he laughed telling me they were pretty bad, which wasn’t a surprise. We had bought new locks for my windows and were on our way to a small food place, just to grab something to eat before ending the day and going back to Jongdae.

Everything was going great and then I heard someone call out my name. The both of us turned around as I looked around, trying to see who called for me. The voice sounded familiar but I couldn’t quite place it, ‘Hey, over here’ the voice yelled again. Making me sigh and turn to the two girls walking towards us. ‘Oh god’ I sighed, ‘I apologise in advance’ I said to Minseok who just looked confused but before he could ask someone threw their arms around me and pulled me into a hug.

‘Hey honey, how are you? You didn’t text me yesterday after we left’ Anne smiled as Kate pulled me into a hug. Minseok took a small step back from us making Kate look at him. ‘Oh I’m sorry. Hi I’m Kate’ He smiled as the two introduced themselves. He smiled and as he said his name, his phone went off. He probably thanked some people above, before excusing himself and taking a few steps into the other direction, where he could quietly have his call.

‘Oh my god, is that your boyfriend’ Anne smirked at me making me hit her arm. ‘No! He is someone I met at the bar yesterday’ I said making both girls look up in surprise. ‘What really, is he the guy that asked about LuHan? Why are you here with him?’ Kate said looking in Minseok direction. I had told the girls about my encounter with the group and also informed them to not tell anyone about co-workers or Lu in general. ‘He was in front of my door this morning, asking me.. I don’t know.. Out I guess’ I shrugged making both girls grin.

‘And you said yes, nice’ Kate smiled back at me. ‘He’s hot too, so you have my blessing’ Anne smirked making me and Kate sigh deeply, it was always the same with her. ‘What? It’s the truth!’ she exclaimed putting her hands up in defeat. ‘Shut up he’s coming back’ Kate gave her a small shove as she stood straight again, which totally wasn’t suspicious. You could clearly see the smirk Minseok tried to hide as he walked towards us.

‘Hey so that was Jongdae,’ he started as he placed his hand on my back, just like before. The shiver that went down my spine was luckily unnoticeable.. for him. ‘And he said my boss called, so I have to cut our day short’ he explained. ‘But I do still have time to bring you back home, if you want of course’ he offered making me nod, ‘Yeah, that would be great.’

‘Girls, it was lovely meeting you two but I must leave, I do hope to see you some other time’ he said to the two of them, making them laugh and nod in appreciation. They both replied with the same ‘of course’ and goodbyes as we parted out ways. ‘Thank you for saving me from girls talk’ I snickered as I gave Minseok a little shove making him laugh. ‘No problem, I could tell that you were happy when I offered the ride back’ he explained as we walked outside and to my surprise Jongdae was already there leading against the car and he was in the company of two other guys. One of the guys here was also at the bar yesterday, he was the one that laughed at my sassy comment to Minseok.

Jongdae stood up as he smiled at me and walked to the door. ‘M’lady’ he said with a fake accent while opening the door and letting me slide in. ‘Who is that?’ I heard one of the guys say just before Minseok slid in next to me and closed the door. I could almost hear his mental sigh as he knew I had heard them. ‘Sorry, Baekhyun is very.. curious’ he apologised while the other doors opened and Jongdae and other guy sat down in their seats. ‘And he’s stupid too’ the other guy said making Baekhyun, the guy from yesterday, who was still outside lift up his middle finger. ‘I’m Sehun by the way’ he said turning back to look at me and giving me a little wave.

While Jongdae drove off, I saw Baekhyun get on a motorcycle and follow us for a while before turning to go the other way. This time the car ride was mostly quiet, Jongdae had turned on some music and tried to listen to most of it while Sehun tried to change the station. Minseok was looking around, typing on his phone and every now and then we engaged in conversation. There wasn’t an awkward moment in the car but I could tell Minseok watched with what he said around the others, probably trying not to say anything that would make them laugh.


When eventually we reached the bar again Minseok stepped out and walked me back to my door. ‘Hey so, this is probably the awkward part of the conversation. But I’ll try to keep it simple and not so awkward’ he said while walking. ‘Basically, I had fun today and I was hoping we could do it again sometime. To also repay you for the missed dinner.. maybe I could cook for you some time, if you want of course’ he mumbled the last bit as he looked around as we came to a stop at the door. The nose of the car was still visible but Sehun and Jongdae wouldn’t be able to see us, unless if they drove a little ahead.

‘I’d like that’ I smiled at him making him look at me and smile back. ‘Great, I’ll call you’ he said as he waited for a moment before turning to walk away. ‘Minseok?’ I laughed a little making him turn back confused. ‘To call me you do need my phone number right, or will you look it up online?’ He laughed at my comment and ran a hand through his hair, ‘oh yeah, of course. That would make calling you easier’.

He took another step towards me as he held his hand out for me. I reached inside my bag and handed him my phone after unlocking it and going to the ‘add contact’ page. He typed a few things into my phone before sending himself a text with a smiley face. ‘Done, now I also have yours’ he stated handing me back my phone. As he was about to turn away I grabbed his arm and reached forward, planting a small kiss on his cheek. ‘I’ll see you soon’ I gave him a small wink before unlocking my door and walking inside, closing it behind me. As I put my bag on the bar table I let out a small laugh, this was going to be easier than I thought.


Minseok’s POV

‘Did you really forget that you already had her number?’ Sehun groaned as he looked back at me. ‘Yes’ I let out a sigh as I rubbed my head before looking back at the both of them. ‘Dude, even when I gave you her number this morning I told you not to forget’ he continued making me groan. ‘I know Sehun’ I said making him shut up. ‘Well anyway, that was dumb. So is she on to you or..?’  Jongdae asked trailing off.

‘Oh please, she doesn’t realise a thing’ I replied making both boys sigh in relief and turn back forward. ‘Thank god, he will be happy to hear that’ Jongdae spoke making Sehun look at him. ‘Yes he will, he better be’ I mumbled before looking out of the window at the bar.

This was going to be easier than I thought.