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Winter Kiss

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Winter had come to Cradle, as snow covered the ground and the buildings. Snowflakes continued to gently fall from the sky as children tried to catch these unique flakes with their tongues. All were correctly dressed as others were staying inside of their homes to keep warm.

Oliver and Blanc were having black tea while Blanc was eating a freshly baked carrot cake. Oliver looked like he was getting ready to murder the idiot rabbit roommate. Both Harr and Loki were wrapped in blankets to keep warm as a fire was crackling in the fireplace.

The Red Army was dealing with their snow day; Lancelot was snuggling with Shine as the young lion cub purred. Jonah was drinking hot chocolate while Edgar had smuggled some jellybeans and was about to put some in Jonah's soup that was boiling on the stove.

Kyle was drinking again while Zero was making sure that Kyle would sleep it off. Meanwhile, with the Black Army, it seemed that Ray and Fenrir were having a snowball fight. Sirius was pondering about what to make for lunch while Seth was plotting his grand singing scheme.

Luka and Alice the Second were busy snuggling up with blankets around them. The couple was watching the snow fall in Luka's bedroom, on the bed. Alice the Second had her head rested on Luka's shoulder as he wrapped an arm around her waist.

"The snow is quite lovely," Alice the Second had muttered underneath her breath.

Luka glanced down at her and smiled. "Snow is lovely," he started as a light blush appeared on his cheeks. "But, I think you're beautiful."

Alice the Second had glanced up at him, a faint blush was appearing on her cheeks too. She smiled softly and asked, "Really?"

Luka nodded and said, "Yup."

Alice the Second giggled as she lightly kissed his cheek. The blush grew redder on Luka's cheeks. "Thank you," she whispered in his ear as she placed her cheek on his shoulder again.

"You're sweet Luka," she muttered.

Luka could feel his heart beating like a drum. "Can I ask you something?" he asked in a low whisper.

Alice the Second hummed. "Can I kiss you?" his face was completely red with embarrassment.

Alice the Second had removed her head from his shoulder and looked entirely at Luka's face. The smile on her face brightens as she stated, "Of course."

The pair leaned down at each other and lightly kissed each other on the lips, both melting into the kiss.